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Series 12, Addendum, 1916-1976

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Box: 93, Dates: 1916-1962


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  • Folder: 1, Memorabilia: Clippings, notes, poems, "Some Observations on the British set up-1949," Sinclair Weeks' 1904 report card, circa 1952-1961
  • Folder: 2, Subject: International Cooperation Administration, 1958
  • Folder: 3, Presidential Campaign: "Become Better Acquainted with Richard Nixon", undated
  • Folder: 4, Presidential Campaign: Press Releases, 1960
  • Folder: 5, Presidential Campaign: Miscellaneous newsletters and clippings, 1960
  • Folder: 6, Presidential Campaign: Nixon-Lodge Newsletter, 1960
  • Folder: 7, Presidential Campaign: "Battle Line" Official Publication of the Republican National Committee, 1960
  • Folder: 8, Presidential Campaign: Campaign material re. Communism and Economics, 1960
  • Folder: 9, Jane T. Weeks: Correspondence: Mamie and Dwight Eisenhower, 1952-1957
  • Folder: 10, Jane T. Weeks: Trip to Berlin, 1955
  • Folder: 11, Jane T. Weeks: Correspondence, 1953-1958
  • Folder: 12, Jane T. Weeks: Interview transcript of Mrs. Weeks, 1953
  • Folder: 13, Jane T. Weeks: White House invitations and menus, 1953-1958
  • Folder: 14, Jane T. Weeks: Clippings, undated
  • Folder: 15, Jane T. Weeks: Christmas Cards from the White House, 1954-1956
  • Folder: 16, Jane T. Weeks: Memorabilia, circa 1953-1958
  • Folder: 17, Subject: Budget: United-Carr Fastener Corp. Capital Expenditure with report to director, 1960-1963
  • Folder: 18, Subject: Boston Herald and Traveler Controversy, 1958
  • Folder: 19, Speech: Chapel Talk, May 18, 1944
  • Folder: 20, Correspondence: Personal, 1916-1929

    J.H. Woods; M.S. Weeks; Gene S. Wiley; Morton E. Cobb; Bertram D. Blaisdell; M.J. Williams; M.T. Carney; Francis Boyer; George Stuart; James J. Phelan

  • Folder: 21, Correspondence, 1919-1922

    Eugene Fiset; Willard B. Luther; Henry Cabot Lodge; Joe McGrath

  • Folder: 22, Correspondence , 1923

    Edmund Gilligan; Henry D. Cormerais; C.J. Fowler; William J. Farrell; Levi Libby; B.D. Blaisdell; F.H.M. McKnight; First National Bank of Boston; J.S. Harbord; William E. Horton; Harry E. Bryant; Paul Leland Powers; Roosevelt Club; Henry J. Nichols; J.E.L. McLean; F. Albert Garth; Daniel DeMenocal; Raymond B. Cox; Robert L. OBrien; Thomas W. Miller; Grace Whittemore; Thomas Jackson Barry

  • Folder: 23, Correspondence: Grandfather Dowse to Sinclair Weeks re. Reed and Barton, 1924
  • Folder: 24, Correspondence, 1924-1938

    Henry N. Sweet; Hortense E. Merry; Edmund Gilligan; Henry Cabot Lodge; John W. Martyn; First National Bank of Boston; Alvan T. Fuller; J.R.O. Perkins; Mason M. Patrick; Roosevelt Club; R.M. Washburn; Mrs. George W. Knowlton; John S. Lawrence; Ford Harvey; Clifton H. Dwinnell; Robert H. O'Brien; F.A. Waver; Channing H. Cox; Lawson W. Oakes

  • Folder: 25, Correspondence, 1941-1944

    Wendell L. Willkie; J. Drayton Hastie; R.C. Daniels; John Gosfield; Theodore E. Hedlund; Massachusetts Social Security Association; United States Attorney; United States Department of Agriculture; Earle W. Prout; John Edgar Hoover; John W. Bricker; Richard Reagan

  • Folder: 26, Correspondence: Elizabeth Fyffe on the death of Beatrice D. Weeks, 1945
  • Folder: 27, Correspondence, 1945-1946

    Albert W. Hawkes; Myrna E. Fiske; Lewis H. Brown; Leverett Saltonstall; Raymond L. Buell; B.E. Hutchinson; Maynard Hutchinson; Robert W. Kent; Noel Sargent; Robert A. Taft

  • Folder: 28, Correspondence: Reed and Barton Pension Plans, 1948-1958
  • Folder: 29, Correspondence, 1949

    John W. Hanes; H. Frederick Hagemann; Foundation for Economic Education

  • Folder: 30, Correspondence, 1950-1952

    Thomas E. Dewey; Sherman Adams; Robert A. Taft; Ernest Martin Hopkins; Richard Nixon; Dwight D. Eisenhower; Margaret Chase Smith; Guy George Gabrielson; Henry Cabot Lodge; Harold E. Stassen

  • Folder: 31, Correspondence, 1953

    Thomas E. Stephens; Wes Roberts; Marie Sauer; Grant F. Olsen re. Weak-Einstein Law; J.R. Killian; Julian B. Baird; William H. Ball; John M. Budd; Nomination for Administrator; Russell Rattigan; Donald C. Dayton; Harold Seidenberg; Willis B. York; Charles P. Howard; O.H. Ingram; H.B. McCoy;Thomas C. Murphy; A.D. Welsh; James S. Schramm; William D. Mitchell; Craig R. Sheaffer; James Dempsey; Charles P. Howard; A.D. Welsh; Walter Williams; James C. Worthy; Charles F. Honeywell; Frederick E. Baker

  • Folder: 32, Correspondence, 1954-1955

    Meredith B. Colket; Ralph E. Flanders; Authorization of Official Travel; John Kilcullen; Robert Cutler

  • Folder: 33, Correspondence: How, 1954-1957

    Clarence D. Howe; Laurence B. Howard; Perry W. Howard; Percy S. Howe; Percy B. Howe; Mrs. Ray Howe; Stephen Howe; Robert G. Howlett

  • Folder: 34, Correspondence, 1956-1960

    Nathan M. Pusey; George Humphrey; Paul D. White; Christian A. Herter; Dwight Eisenhower; John L. Hall; Mrs. Thornton Weeks; Kirk Rankin; Mrs. B. Kirk Rankin; Oscar Ivan Pezet; Mrs. Colin H. McIntosh; Conrad Wesselhoeft

  • Folder: 35, Correspondence: Resignation letter, with souvenir booklet, 1958
  • Folder: 36, Correspondence: H. Lyman Armes, 1955-1960
  • Folder: 37, Correspondence, 1964-1969

    Walter Holden; Harry F. Byrd; Nenad D. Popovic; Michael S. Dukakis; Lawrence A. Odlin; Donald M. Fleming; G. Keith Funston; Barry Goldwater; Arthur S. Fleming; C.H. Percy; Dwight Eisenhower; Roger H. Hallowell; Mrs. Carl A. Sylvester; Gerald R. Ford; Benjamin A. Spence; W. Ellery Bright; Gertrude W. Maher; Samuel A. Grives; John W. Weeks

  • Folder: 38, Sinclair Weeks' 70th Birthday Party, 1968
  • Folder: 39, Correspondence, undated

    Edmund Gilligan; First National Bank of Boston; James Baker; Marie

  • Folder: 40, Writings: Trip to Ellwood, Indiana, 1940
  • Folder: 41, Writings: "The Wigglesworth Story," by Lyman Armes with progress report, 1961
  • Folder: 42, Writings: "Remembrance of Sinclair Weeks," by Robert Cutler, 1972, photocopy, undated
  • Folder: 43, Statement: Receipts and Expenditures: Newton High School Athletics Committee, 1923
  • Folder: 44, Miscellaneous: Clippings, notes, poems, memorabilia, 1921-1962
  • Folder: 45, Miscellaneous: Pamphlet, flyers, reports on political subjects incl. communism, economy and war productions, circa 1945

Box: 94, Dates: circa 1976

Galley Proofs: "Inventory of the Papers of Sinclair Weeks," finding aid

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Box: 95, Dates: circa 1950-1969

Printed material: Pamphlets, booklets, clippings, brochures, magazines, programs and memorabilia related to his professional career as a businessmen and politician including speeches by others.

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Box Contents

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