Guide to the Papers of Robert P. Bass, 1849 - 1954Manuscript ML-31

Introduction to the Collection

The papers of Robert P. Bass contain correspondence, personal, professional legal and financial papers, speeches, newspaper clippings, and other documents related to his activities as the N.H. forestry commissioner and governor of New Hampshire. Additional material related to his leadership of the Progressive Party in N.H., his support of Theodore Roosevelt as a presidential candidate in 1912, and his organization of John G. Winant's campaign for governor in 1924, as well as some material on the First World War is also included. H. Styles Bridges, Winston Churchill, Grenville Clark, Ernest Martin Hopkins, Franklin Knox, John Roy McLane, Robert M. LaFollette, Jr., George H. Moses, Gifford Pinchot, Theodore Roosevelt, Charles William Tobey, and John G. Winant are among his correspondents.

Finding Aids