Charles W. Tobey papers, 1917-1953 Rauner Manuscript ML-3

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Series: 1, Correspondence, 1921-1953

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Contains correspondence with constituents and on behalf of constituents, as well as congratulatory (Cum Laude) letters from constituents, in alphabetical and chronological order.

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Series: Correspondence by Subject, 1929-1953

Contains correspondence with constituents and on behalf of constituents organized by Tobey by subject. Subjects covered include the Banking and Currency Committee, Bretton Woods, the US Census, Conscription, the Interstate Commerce Commission and the Committees associated with the Textron Inquiry, TV and Radio Regulations, and Foreign Relations, as well as correspondence related to his three Senate campaigns. Of note is the correspondence related to Tobey's interest in disability regulation related to Multiple Sclerosis and Cancer, as well as his involvement as a member of the Senate Crime Investigating Committee, which investigated organized crime, particularly on the NY waterfront and interstate gambling.

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Series: Speeches and Press Releases, 1928-1953

Contains typescripts of speeches including transcripts of radio talks given by Tobey, as well as research (data) gathered to inform the speeches. Press releases are also included. Of note are the speeches related to his isolationist position in the 1940s, including "What Should Be America's War and Peace Aims?."

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Series: Personal, 1928-1951

Contains personal correspondence with family members including son Charles W. Tobey Jr., Russell B. Tobey, and daughters Louisa and Francella Tobey. Also included is correspondence marked personal by Tobey, condolence letters on the death of his wife Francella Lovett Tobey and some financial information related to his governorship and stock portfolio. Of note is the manuscript for his autobiography.

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Series: Photographs, circa 1929-1947

Contains professional photographs including ones taken at the New Jersey State Chamber of Commerce Dinner in 1940 and a photo album depicting Tobey's visit to St. Louis, Missouri that same year.

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Series: Printed Material, 1917-1951

Contains bills introduced, sponsored and co-sponsored by Tobey, voting records, bulletins, newsletters, pamphlets, reports, maps and addresses related to Tobey's political life. Of note is the musical score for "My Country 'Tis of Thee," by Mildred Ortlip.

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Series: Scrapbooks and Clippings, 1929-1953

Contains scrapbooks, and scrapbook pages with clippings, chronicling Tobey's political career

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Series: Audio Recordings, 1944-1952

Contains audio recordings on LPs and one 16mm reel, including recordings of "Meet the Press," "Mary Margaret McBride," and "American Forum of the Air."

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