Abner Dean papers, 1926 - 1981Manuscript ML-44


Abner Dean was born on March 18, 1910, in New York City. He attended the National Academy of Art in 1927, before entering Dartmouth College from which he graduated in 1931. Dean's artistic career began during his undergraduate years at Dartmouth when he was the first sophomore ever to be elected art editor of the "Jack-O-Lantern" and he won first prize in "College Humor Magazine's" National College Comic Artist competition. He also founded Printer's Devil Press with Frank B. Cornell while still as student in 1930. After graduation, he became a freelance artist and his cartoons began appearing in "Esquire," "Collier's," "The New Yorker," and "Life" magazines. His first book of cartoons "It's A Long Way To Heaven" was published in 1945, followed by "What Am I doing Here" in 1945 and "On The Eighth Day" in 1949. In the 1970's Dean invented an industrial building system assembly and a multilevel folding table. Abner Dean died on June 30, 1982 in New York City.

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