The Papers of Robert A. Mckennan at Dartmouth CollegeML-50

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Mckennan, Robert A.
Title Remainder: Papers. 1925-1969
Dates: 1925-1969
Identification: ML-50

Chronology of Robert Addison McKennan

1903 Born December 20, Helena, Montana, son of Robert S. and
1921 Graduates from Helena High School
1925 Graduates from Dartmouth College [UNK]
1925-1926 Instructor in Citizenship, Dartmouth College
1927-1929 Harvard University-Graduate Study in Anthropology
1928 Marries Catharine Laycock in December
1929 Summer with Walapai Indians, northwestern Arizona
1929-1930 Field research in Alaska, Indians of Upper Tanana River
1930-1934 Instructor sociology, Dartmouth College
1933 Harvard University PhD. (Anthropology)
1933 Summer with Chandalar Kutchin, Alaska
1934-1938 Assistant Professor, Sociology, Dartmouth College
1938-1969 Professor, Dartmouth College
1942-1945 USAAF (Lt. Col.), mostly in Alaska
1958 Summer along Thelon River, Barren Grounds, Canada
1962 Summer in Central Alaska - Healy Lake
1969 Retires

Other Descriptive Data

Robert Addison McKennan

Adjunct Descriptive Data

The papers of Robert A. McKennan, Class of 1925, Professor of Sociology, came to Dartmouth College Library in 1969 after his retirement from a teaching career that spanned four decades, 1925-1969.

His papers, mostly correspondence, detail his teaching career at Dartmouth (sociology and anthropology), his participation in various meetings and conferences, the rise and subsequent demise of the Northern Studies Program, and reveals the progress of his tow manuscripts -- The Upper Tanana Indians (1959) and The Chandalar Kutchin (1965) into published form.

These papers also show the gradual recognition “of anthropology as an independent field of study with its own departmental major.” The Department of Anthropology was established at Dartmouth in 1967.

These papers would prove useful to any researcher interested in one mans life work in his chosen profession.

Major Publications

Dartmouth Services

Alumni Council 1950-1954

Dartmouth College Athletic Association

Various faculty committees: Committee on Educational Planning, Committee on the Library, Nominations, Advisory to the President, Conference with Trustees, Outing Club. (etc.)

SERIES I Sociology and Anthropology Department


Anthropology - Correspondence re: topics

Anthropology staff applicants

History and development of Anthropology major

Development of Anthropology 1

Anthropology 1

Anthropology 1 - Notes by Mary Wesbrook

Anthropology 21

Anthropology 32

Anthropology 35

Anthropology 75F Natwistic movement

Nuclear America 81s

Culture and Personality 81w

Primitive Religion 81w (1963)

Social organization 81a (1964) - 82s (1965)

Poverty 81w (1965)

Ethnography Method 81w (1967)

Ethnohistory 82s

“Anthropology for teachers - Bibliography”

Sociology 1 - Questionnarie 1948

Sociology 1 - Syllabi and helps

Sociology 1 - “Poop” sheets and exams

Sociology - Course elections - Redfield report

Department of Sociology and Anthropology - prposed changes

Calendar and personnel policy

Final lecture - June 5, 1969

Books ordered by R.A. McK

Deans cards

Grade books 1930-1969

Book reviews

SERIES II Correspondence 1938-1969


Correspondence 1938-1954

Correspondence 1954-1960

Correspondence 1960-1966

Osgood, C. B.

Expedition 1962

Arctic Institute Advisory

Tanana Trip

Athopaskan Conference, 1965

Program in Human Ecology (UA)

Alaska, 1966

Alaska, 1967

Japan, 1968

Correspondence (Current) 1969 - A

Correspondence (Current) - B

Correspondence (Current) - C

Correspondence (Current) - D

Correspondence (Current) - F

Correspondence (Current) - G

Correspondence (Current) - H

Correspondence (Current) - J

Correspondence (Current) - K

Correspondence (Current) - L

Correspondence (Current) - Mc

Correspondence (Current) - M

Correspondence (Current) - N

Correspondence (Current) - O

Correspondence (Current) - P

Correspondence (Current) - R

Correspondence (Current) - S

Correspondence (Current) - T

Correspondence (Current) - W

A.A.A. Meeting - Experimental Workshop - Seattle

A.A.A. Meeting 1962

A.A.A. Panel - December 1954

Alaskan Village Consultation Panel 1971-1973

Athlectic Council Correspondence

Chandalar trip 1933

Chandalar Kutchin Monograph

Class of 1925 Correspondence

D.C.A.C. (Hockey)

R.B. - Dixon article

Articles for Encyclopedia Arctica re: Athapaskans

Moscow meetings, 1964

National Science Foundation References

Northern Athapaskan Physical Anthropology

Northeastern Anthropological Association

PhD 1933

re: YUPA #55 Monograph 1958-1959

re: YUPA #55 re: Athapaskan Project

CAPA 1964-1965


SERIES III Articles and manuscripts


Journal of Robert McKennan - Mt. McKinley 1945

Healy Lake, Alaska

Journal of the Chandalar

Mss. of Chandalar Kutchin - Typescript and holograph with revisions

Mss. of The Kutchin - Typescript (carbon copy)

Mss. of Chandalar Kutchin - Typescript

Mss. of Chandalar Kutchin

Photographs - Arctic Village (includes people and artifacts)


Journal of the Upper Tanana Sept. 1929 - June 1930

Upper Tanana - First revision (1941-) 2nd and 3rd Revision (in box)

YUPA #55 Upper Tanana Indians - Notes, typescripts

YUPA #55 Upper Tanana Indians - Galley proofs

YUPA #55 Upper Tanana Indians - Printers Mss.

SERIES IV Northern Studies Program


Northern Studies Program: Description of

Development of Northern Studies Program to 1951

Development of Northern Studies Program to 1951

Development of Northern Studies Program to 1952

Development of Northern Studies Program to 1953

SERIES V Northern Studies Program (cont.)

Development of Northern Studies Program 1954

Northern Studies: Correspondence re: Arctic Seminar

Arctic Seminar - Student reports - Spares

Arctic Seminar - Faculty outline - Spares

Arctic Seminar - Bibliographic aids

Arctic Seminar - W 1960 (Schedule)

Arctic Seminar - Questionnaire at beginning

Arctic Seminar - Questionnaire at Term end 1953

Arctic Seminar - Syllabus and details 1952-1953

Arctic Seminar - Syllabus and details 1953-54

Arctic Seminar - Syllabus and details 1954-55

Arctic Seminar - Syllabus and details 1955-56

Arctic Seminar - Syllabus and details 1956-57

Arctic Seminar - Syllabus and details 1957-58

Arctic Seminar - Syllabus and details 1958-59

Arctic Seminar - Northern Anthropology - Teaching outline

Arctic Seminar - Form sheet for theses

Arctic Seminar - Thesis index

Northern Studies Project: Minutes

The Northern Frontier Studies Project at Dartmouth College

Northern Studies: Appeals to Foundations

Northern Studies: Applications for work

Northern Studies: Arctic Studies Project: U.S. Air Force

Northern Studies: Arctic Institute of N.A.

Northern Studies: Arctic Research Programs

Northern Studies: Budget

Northern Studies: Clippings of Interest


Northern Studies: Correspondence - General

Northern Studies: Correspondence - Mr. Bradley

Northern Studies: Correspondence - Canadian Dept. of Northern Affairs

Northern Studies: Correspondence: re Endorsements

Northern Studies: Correspondence - Dr. Heyl

Northern Studies: Correspondence - Jensen

Northern Studies: Correspondence - Trevor Lloyd

Northern Studies: Correspondence - R.S. Monahan

Northern Studies: Correspondence - Dean Morrison

Northern Studies: Correspondence - David C. Nutt

Northern Studies: Correspondence on Plant

Northern Studies: Correspondence - Stefansson

Northern Studies: Correspondence - Dr. Washburn

Northern Studies: Correspondence - Planning Committee - Advisory Panel

Northern Studies: Correspondence - D.O.C. Cold Weather Program

Northern Studies: Correspondence - Encyclopaedia Arctica

G.M. Day - Mailing list for publications

G.M. Day - Correspondence re: research

Dr. Day's Abenaka Project

Directory of Arctic Anthropologists

Encyclopaedia Arctica

Northern Studies: Minutes re: Encyclopedia Artica

Northern Studies: Experience of personnel

Northern Studies: Fellowships and Graduate Study Possibilities

Correspondence: U.S. Steel Graduate Fellowships

Northern Studies: Hanover Holiday

Northern Studies: International Geophysical Year

Northern Studies: Laboratory (Army Engineers)

Northern Studies: Letters of Recommendation

Northern Studies: Literature in the Field

Northern Studies: Mount Washington Observatory

Northern Studies: Northern Conference (Summer)

Northern Studies: Norwegian Language Study

Northern Studies: Pattee's Caves, N. Salem, N.H.

Northern Studies: Polar Conference

Northern Studies: Marine use of property

Northern Studies: Purchases

Northern Studies: Questionnaire Forms

Northern Studies: Questionnaire 1956

Northern Studies: Student questionnaires 1954

Northern Studies: Committee on Research

Northern Studies: Reports by Graduate Students

Northern Studies: Research projects

Northern Studies: Reynolds Northern Fellowship

Northern Studies: Stefansson Library

Northern Studies: Summer Institute

Northern Studies: Summer employment

Northern Studies: Unique Assets of College

Northern Studies: U.S. Weather Bureau Correspondence

Northern Studies: Visits by outside persons

SERIES VI Charts-Drawings-Maps (oversize)

Upper Tanana Region - map

Charts and drawings (in package)

SERIES VII Publications


Robinson, D. Brief history of South Dakota

Blumenthal, A. The place of the term “culture” in the Social Sciences

Westbrook, M. “A venture into Ethnohistory: The Journals of Rev. V.C. Sim, Pioneer Missionary on the Yukon” from Polar Notes, n. IX, May 1969 pp. 34-45

Stearns, John B. “Epicurus and Lucretius on Love” from The Classical Journal, v. 31, n. 6, March 1936 p. 343-351

McKennan, Robert A. “Athapaskan groups of central Alaska at the time of white contact” from Ethnohistory v. 16, n. 4, Fall 1969 p. 335-343

Panitt, Jeffrey. The Lessons of the Congo. Hanover, N H. Chase Peace Prize Essay, 1965.

In Memoriam - Robert Henry Michelet

Feldmesser, Robert A. The Option: An analysis of an educational innovation.

MacNaughton, William S. Composite Value Patterns in Non-curricular areas of Student life at Dartmouth Interim report on Class of 1965

MacNaughton, William S. Comparative profiles of emergent value patterns in undergraduate life at Dartmouth. A Summary report on selected data from the Class of 1965 study of student activities.

Helgen, Henry M. and Moorman, Harold N. The Class of 1966: Its vocational and educational plans an analysis by major.

Moorman, Harold N. The Class of 1967: Its vocational and educational plans an analysis by major.

Miler, Ralph E. Health report on Kapingamarangi Hanover, N H. 1950

Eranos, the journal of student affairs, v. 1, n. 2, May 1966

Hopkins Committee Report for the Secretary on the Civil Governments of Guam and American Samoa 1947


Athapaskan Conference Papers, 1971


Clark, A. McFadyn


Clark, Donald


Cook, John P. and Robert A. McKennan


Davis, Clark


Gillespie, Beryl


Gillespie, Beryl


Helm, June, et. al.


Honigman, John J.


Howren, Robert

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Krauss, Michael E.

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de Laguna, Frederica

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McClellan, C.

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Morlan, Richard E.

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Noble, William C.

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Osgood, Cornelius

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Savishinsky, Joel S.

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Slobodin, Richard

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Smith, J. G. E.

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