Grenville Clark papers, 1636-1972Manuscript ML-7

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Series 1, Biographical Sketches of Grenville Clark; Notes on Career; Diaries; Trips; Grenville Clark - Fanny Dwight Clark Correspondence, 1879-1967

Contains biographical sketches, articles, notes on Clark's career, diaries, agendas, calendars, newspaper clippings, obituaries, notes on Grenville Clark and Fanny Dwight Clark's deaths, family correspondence, scrapbooks, genealogical research, Harvard Law School material, and trip itineraries from Grenville Clark's travels.

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Series 2, Plattsburg: Military Training Camps Association; Correspondence, Finances, and Publicity, 1914-1963

Contains correspondence, recruiting publicity, financial documents, legislative documents, books, “National Service” magazine articles, publications, photographs and portfolio relating to the Military Training Camps Association.

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Series 3, New York City Bar Associations and American Bar Association; Association of the Bar of the City of New York: Committee Correspondence, 1919-1960

Contains committee correspondence, statements and reports of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York. Committees include the Fund Committee, House Committee, Federal Judges, Bankruptcy Committee, Judiciary Committee, Executive Committee, Constitutional Convention Committee, Committee on Federal Legislation, Nominating Committee, Special Committee on Labor and Social Security Legislation, Special Committee on Public Charges of Violation, Special Committee on the Selection of Judicial Candidates, Committee on Advancement and Coordination of National Defense.

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Series 4, Harvard Corporation, 1817-1956

Contains Harvard Corporation correspondence, administrative dockets and papers, statements of treasurer, financial reports, president’s reports, Harvard Alumni bulletins, directories, catalogues, Harvard Tercentenary material, Harvard Law Review documents, and administrative reports.

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Series 5, National Economy League, 1930-1941

Contains material related to the National Economy League including correspondence, documents and reports from state branches of the organization, publications, articles, petitions, and reports regarding the federal budget, taxation and veteran issues. Also contains transcripts of radio addresses, newspaper clippings and scrapbooks.

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Series 6, Civil Rights Work, 1928-1966

Contains material documenting Grenville Clark’s civil rights work and involvement in the Willard Uphaus Case. This material includes correspondence, jurisdictional statements, court opinions, motions, briefs, statements and clippings.

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Series 7, National Committee for Independent Courts, 1937-1938

Contains correspondence and organization documents that include reports on membership, letters to members, reports of organization meetings, judicial circuits, financial statements and membership cards, bulletins, addresses, statements and pamphlets.

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Series 8, American Bar Association committee on the Bill of Rights, 1937-1970

Contains correspondence and administrative documents of the American Bar Associatino including statements, reports, memorandums and agendas. Also includes transcripts of record, proofs for briefs, memorandum relating to Hague-U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals and Hague-U.S. Supreme Court. Legal cases covered include The West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette, John v. Town of Deerfield, and Minersville School District v. Gobitis. Material on these cases include brief lists, press releases, proofs of Supreme Court briefs, statements, petitions, memorandums, bills, citations, clippings, opinions and addresses. This series also includes Issues of the “Bill of Rights Review” and the “American Bar Association Journal”.

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Series 9, National Emergency Committee of the Military Training Camps Association: Selective service and training act of 1940; Samuel R. Spencer, Jr.; National Defense, 1910-1966

Contains correspondence, committee documents, meeting minutes, financial statements, subscription lists, drafts, statements, interviews, and clippings related to the National Emergency Committee of the Military Training Camps Association, the United States Senate Committee on Military Affairs, the Subversive Activities and Espionage Act and a new test vote in Congress in 1941. This series also contains house and senate hearings and debates, opposition pieces against the Selective Service Act, public opinion pieces, and clippings related to the Selective Service Bill and the Selective Service Act.

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Series 10, National War Service Act, 1940-1950

Contains correspondence, committee documents, agendas, executive board meeting minutes, New York State Finance Committee letters, memos, financial statements, agendas and notes relating to the National War Service Act. Also contains legislative reports, proofs and drafts. Additionally, publicity material such as form letters sent to senators, representatives, and newspaper correspondents, transcripts of speeches, press releases, statements, editorials, articles, lists of members, and reports to the National Council are included.

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Series 11, Citizen's Committee for Universal Military Training, 1941-1951

Contains documents relating to the Citizen's Committee for Universal Military Training including correspondence, committee minutes, organization memberships, financial documents, and publicity that includes newspaper articles, reports, and advertisements.

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Series 12, Harvard Divinity School, 1938-1966

Contains correspondence, press releases, reports, corporation votes, alumni bulletins, agendas, committee notes, financial statements, fund-raising campaign pamphlets, and material relating to Harvard Divinity School and religious teaching at other universities and divinity schools.

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Series 13, World Peace Through World Law, 1934-1971

Contains correspondence and reports related to the Russian Crisis, disarmament and peace conferences, the Institute for International Order, the Parliamentary Group for World Government, the Reynolds Foundation Project, the Special Committee of the American Bar Association and the International and Comparative Law Section of the American Bar Association.

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Series 14, Harvard University - Arnold Arboretum Controversy, 1872-1972

Contains correspondence, annual meeting reports, minutes, association publications, bulletins and financial documents of the Association for the Arnold Arboretum. Of note are the petitions, court reports and briefs relating to the Arnold Arboretum controversy.

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Series 15, First Dublin Conference, 1945-1967

Contains correspondence, memorandums, petitions, proceedings, publicity and press conference material, declaration, lists of invitations, and list of conference attendees documenting the First Dublin Conference, the Princeton Meeting and the Council for Limited World Government.

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Series 16, Ford Foundation, 1951-1964

Contains correspondence, memorandums, statements, proposals, reports, notes and financial documents such as statements, budgets and checks relating to the Ford Foundation’s campaigns for disarmament and peace. Also contains correspondence with numerous organizations including the Academy of Political-Science, the Council on Foreign Relations, the World Government Institute, the Woodrow Wilson Foundation and the World Federation of United Nations Associations.

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Series 17, Negro Problem, 1947-1966

Contains correspondence, clippings, book outlines and chapters of “Unequal Justice Under Law” along with briefs, court orders, motions, affidavits, memorandums, majority and dissenting opinions related to the following court cases: Bailey vs. Patterson, Abernathy vs State of Alabama, John R. Lewis vs. Southern Greyhound Lines, Henry J. Thomas vs. State of Mississippi, Simkins vs. Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital, United States of America vs. John Q. Wood, State of Alabama vs. John Doe, and United States vs. U.S. Klans.

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Series 18, World Law Fund, 1960-1972

Correspondence regarding the World Law Fund.

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Series 19, Second Dublin Conference, 1955-1967

Contains correspondence, invitation lists, lists of participants, meeting plans, drafts of declarations, portfolios, budget projections, press arrangements, agendas, reports of proceedings, and memorandums related to the Second Dublin Conference and the implementation program.

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Series 20, Dublin Affairs, 1911-1966

"Contains correspondence related to Dublin, NH, including the Dublin Lake Public Landing, Oak Hill, real estate taxes, town meetings, Furnace Case, Dublin Associates, Dublin Community Church, water rights, Dublin Lake Club, Dublin Inn Club, Society for the Protection of New Hampshire, and the Association to Protect Mt. Monadnock. Also includes meeting minutes, reports, subscription lists and other material of the Association to Protect Mt. Monadnock. "

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Series 21, G.C. Writings, 1914-1966

Contains Grenville Clark’s writings and proposed writings including arguments, briefs, reports, statements, speeches, reviews, articles and correspondence related to legal subjects, national finances, education, military subjects, civil rights, world peace, and the Dublin Conference. Of note are Clark's writings on the World Federalist Movement, limited world government, disarmament, the United Nations, and correspondence, drafts, translations and reviews of Clark’s book, “World Peace through World Law”.

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Series 22, Citations, Awards, Medals, 1901-1961

Contains correspondence and documents related to Clarks citations, awards and medals that include a nomination for the 1959 Nobel Peace Prize, an American Bar Association Gold Medal, Honorary Degrees from Dartmouth, Princeton and Harvard, a Distinguished Service Medal, a New Hampshire Unitarian Association Medal, a Massachusetts Humane Society Medal, a Roosevelt Memorial Medal, a U.W.F. Publius Award and the Dag Hammarskjold Award.

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Series 23, Personal, 1916-1962

Contains correspondence related to Fanny Dwight Clark Memorial Garden, Dublin Place, Five Maples, Dublin Farm, New Man on Place, Highgate Marsh, Methow Valley, and 216 East 72nd Street and other properties owned by Clark. Also includes correspondence related to the Louisa Hunnewell Clark Wedding, the Bird Club of Long Island and a rowboat theft.

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Series 24, Finances, 1950-1967

Contains Clark family securities, receipted bills, income taxes, bank statements, ledgers, check stubs, family trusts, annuities, estates, brokerage accounts, insurance, social security, wills and financial correspondence.

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Series 25, Miscellaneous, 1922-1967

Later addendum to collection: materials include correspondence related to the Green Vale School, New School for Social Resistance, Justice Hugo Black’s appointment to the Supreme Court, Civilian Military Education Fund, Morgan V. Tennessee Valley Authority, Civilian Conservation Corps, Lucius N. Littauer Foundation, Commonwealth Fund and the Harry Bridges Matter. The series also includes shorthand notes and carbon copies of letters written by Clark’s secretaries G. Maloney and Ruth Wight.

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Series 26, Miscellaneous, 1872-1968

Contains correspondence relating to the change of firm, reports of office finances and lists of clients. Includes various legal cases, briefs and opinions about Marshall Field III, Andrew Carnegie, the Tarafa Bill, the Grace Steamship Company, railroad investments and freight companies. Also contains various copies of the publication, “The Bull” as well as publications of “Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul By Co. Receivership”.

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Series 27, Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1636-1983

Contains miscellaneous correspondence as well as family documents, photographs, and personal correspondence. Also contains certificates and diplomas as well as an array of published material related to Clark’s book, “World Peace Through World Law” and James Daniel’s Readers Digest article, “Grenville Clark and His Plan for Peace”. Also contains newspaper clippings about the Second Dublin Conference.

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