Guide to the Papers of Richard E. Stoiber, 1911 - 2001Manuscript ML-98

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Series 3, Teaching Career, 1938-1999

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Box: 2

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  • Folder: 14, Teaching career, miscellaneous photos., 1938-1976?
  • Folder: 15, Geology 33-Notes, some corrections., 1941
  • Folder: 16, Geology 1, questionnaire., undated
  • Folder: 17, Miscellaneous exams., undated
  • Folder: 18, Miscellaneous items re: Geology Department (Earth Sciences)., undated
  • Folder: 19, Guide Book for New England Intercollegiate Geological Conference, Forty-sixth annual conference., October 1954
  • Folder: 20, Sabbatical to Mexico, teaching at Mexico City University, attendance at 20th International Geological Congress., 1956
  • Folder: 21, Correspondence regarding sabbatical to Mexico., 1956
  • Folder: 22, First trip to Central America., 1962
  • Folder: 23, Correspondence regarding trip to Central America., March 1963
  • Folder: 24, Sabbatical to El Salvador and Guatemala to study mineral content of ores from volcanoes. Field notes, etc., Winter 1964
  • Folder: 25, Field Notes, etc., from trip to Guatemala and El Salvador., Summer 1964
  • Folder: 26, Field notes, etc., from a trip to El Salvador and Guatemala., February 1965
  • Folder: 27, Field notes, etc., from a trip to El Salvador and Guatemala., August 1965
  • Folder: 28, Miscellaneous drafts of requests and reports to NASA., 1965-1966
  • Folder: 29, Field notes, etc., from a trip, called "#7" to Guatemala and Mexico., February 1966
  • Folder: 30, Field notes, correspondence, and report of "Trip #8" to El Salvador and Guatemala, leaving William I. Rose, Jr., a Master's degree candidate, in Guatemala to report on volcanic activity and to take measurements of minerals in gases, etc. See also correspondence from William I. Rose, Jr., Box 3., July 1966
  • Folder: 31, First trip to Central America taking a group of students. Memos for students, correspondence, itinerary, etc. for trip, labelled "#9." Students of Prof. Noye Johnson. Also photos., November 1966
  • Folder: 32, Field notes on trip "#10" to the Caribbean and Central America, specifically Guatemala and Nicaragua, and correspondence related to this trip., 1967?
  • Folder: 33, "Trip #12" to Guatemala and El Salvador. Some notes., July-August 1967
  • Folder: 34, "Trip #13," itinerary, plans, correspondence., November 1967
  • Folder: 35, Report on fumarole temperatures and mineral zones at Izalco Volcano, Guatemala, by members of Geology 66 class., November 1967
  • Folder: 36, "Trip # 14" Stoiber and William I. Rose, Jr. to Guatemala and Nicaragua. Packing list, correspondence. Visits to Momotombo in Nicaragua and Santiaguito in Guatemala., February 1968
  • Folder: 37, "Trip #15" Stoiber and Sam Bonis to Guatemala, Nicaragua and El Salvador. Correspondence, expense report, miscellaneous., July 1968
  • Folder: 38, "Trip # 16" Stoiber and Prof. Noye Johnson and 16 Geology 66 students, to Guatemala, El Salvador. Supply lists, itinerary, Geo 66 quiz, list of students, list of projects to be completed on trip, draft of list of "Volcanoes and hot springs as studied," correspondence. Also, information on Stoiber's attendance at GSA Annual Meeting in Mexico City., November 1968
  • Folder: 39, Report of trip to Nicaragua by 21 Earth Science 66 students, Stoiber and three grad students by Steven Shirey '70. Report tells of climb up Cerro Negro Volcano. Includes map of area studied., December 1970
  • Folder: 40, Sketch of members of 1970 trip to Santiaguito Dome, by Philip Stoiber., 1970
  • Folder: 41, Photos labelled "Stretch 1972," no listing of site., 1972
  • Folder: 42, Sketch and description of "Project Famous," undersea exploration by "ALVIN." Gift of Bill Bryan to Stoiber., 1974
  • Folder: 43, Miscellaneous "Stretch" information., 1972-1984
  • Folder: 44, Miscellaneous descriptions of ore mines, some by Stoiber, some by students., undated
  • Folder: 45, "Resume of Central American Trips," Trip 1 through Trip 6., 1962-1965
  • Folder: 46, Handouts for Stoiber Classes. Master List 2001s-3000- and "Classification of Stoiber stencils" 2001s-2112 as of September 1958. Just titles., September 1958
  • Folder: 47, Handouts for Stoiber classes-actual items by number 2001s-2038s., undated
  • Folder: 48, Handouts for Stoiber classes-actual items by number 2039s-2089s., undated
  • Folder: 49, Handouts for Stoiber classes-actual items by number 2090s-2114s., undated
  • Folder: 50, Handouts for Stoiber classes-actual items by number 2116s-2199., undated
  • Folder: 51, Handouts for Stoiber classes-actual items by number and Master list-2200-2266 "Ore Suites.", undated
  • Folder: 52, Handouts for Stoiber classes-actual items by number and Master list- 2500-2509., undated
  • Folder: 53, Geology Majors Reunion--1974. Includes report on professors, emeriti, and "Rocks" alums., 1974
  • Folder: 54, Geology Majors Reunion, 1984--"Directions in the Earth Sciences** Educational Challenges at Dartmouth**A Gathering to Celebrate the Excellence of Richard E. Stoiber and John B. Lyons," Schedule of events, group photo, clipping, photos of individuals, speakers and guests., April 5-8, 1984
  • Folder: 55, Geology Majors Reunion-- Correspondence., 1994
  • Folder: 56, Letter to RES from Stanley N. Williams announcing that the "Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research" will publish an issue in his honor in 1986., 1986?
  • Folder: 57, "Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research" vol. 33, No. 1-3. Issue dedicated to RES on his 75th birthday. Edited by Stanley N. Williams and Michael J. Carr. Volume signed by authors and former students., August 1987
  • Folder: 58, Stoiber, Richard E., "Mineral, Rock and Fossil Collections at Dartmouth College.", 1988
  • Folder: 59, Stoiber, Richard E., "Sixty Years--Department of Earth Sciences, Dartmouth College.", 1989
  • Folder: 60, Correspondence regarding the naming of Stoiberite, a copper vanadate. Cu5,V2,O10., 1979-1990
  • Folder: 61, Photos of Stoiberite., 1979
  • Folder: 62, Articles from the "Dartmouth Alumni Magazine" re: Geology Department and/or RES., 1959-1997
  • Folder: 63, Salary quotes., 1940-1989
  • Folder: 64, Reports on the Good Samaritan Purse., 1976-1983
  • Folder: 65, Report on the Old Pine Fund., 1993
  • Folder: 66, Correspondence requesting Stoiber be replaced with another volcanologist., 1984
  • Folder: 67, Correspondence to RES -thank you notes for memorial donations. Includes thank you notes re: his donation to the Richard E. Stoiber Fund, established to arrange his papers., 1998-1999
  • Folder: 68, Semester of teaching at University of Hawaii at Hilo, including correspondence., 1988
  • Folder: 69, ILEAD Course, "Volcanoes and their relation to our world." Course schedule, class list, syllabus, book reserves, questionnaires. , 1996
  • Folder: 70, ILEAD Course, "Volcanoes II, what are the scientists researching?" Course schedule, class list, syllabus, book reserves., 1997
  • Folder: 71, ILEAD Course, "Volcanoes II." Course schedule, class list, syllabus, questionnaires, general ILEAD material, miscellaneous., 1998
  • Folder: 72, "Soup Cans Had No Pictures," a memoir, self-published by RES., 1996
  • Folder: 73, List of volcano designs on stamps, Richard E. Stoiber Stamp Collection, not part of "The Papers Of Richard E. Stoiber.", 1986
  • Folder: 74, Miscellaneous articles and correspondence regarding volcano stamps., 1986-1999

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