Guide to the Papers of Richard E. Stoiber, 1911 - 2001Manuscript ML-98

Series List

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Series 1, Personal Information, Family Education, 1911-2001

Contains photographs, diplomas, marriage announcements, and correspondence relating to Professor Stoiber's early years, his family, as well as his time in high school, Dartmouth College, and MIT.

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Series 2, Early Work Experience, 1939-1961

Contains photographs, correspondence, etc., of Stoiber's early work experience in Newfoundland, Colorado and Oklahoma, as well as his service in the US Army during World War II.

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Series 3, Teaching Career, 1938-1999

Contains photographs, correspondence, teaching methods, papers written by undergraduate and graduate students for his courses; foreign trips; course books for "stretches" entitled "Volcanology", 1973-1987; information on his retirement from Dartmouth College, and his retirement teaching, at other schools and for ILEAD.

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Series 4, Volcano Studies, 1925-1999

Contains photographs, student correspondence, slides, published articles, many by his (former) students and colleagues, etc., providing information on primarily Central American volcanoes, but also volcanoes all over the world.

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Series 5, "The Electronic Volcano", 1994-1999

Contains information on the creation and development of the website "The Electronic Volcano", including printouts of various sections, and correspondence regarding use of the site.

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Series 6, General Correspondence, 1940-2000

Contains correspondence mostly unrelated to individual volcanoes.

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Series 7, Published and Unpublished Works, 1937-1998

Contains journal articles, books, manuals, chapters in special volumes, reviews of books, "popular" articles, abstracts of papers, reports of volcanic activity (SEAN reports), memos, reports to private companies, and research notes for classes.

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Series 8, General Photographs, 1950-1995

Contains general dated photos, negatives, early photos, and photo albums, some of volcanoes and some of family trips.

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Series 9, Slides Relating to Volcanoes, Undated

Contains unprocessed slides of mostly Central American volcanoes and others around the world, slides of 3-D signs from all over the world, and slides scanned by Pat Cope and Sam Bonis in 2004, experimenting with methods of preservation and identification.

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Series 10, Maps of Central America, Undated

Contains several large annotated maps housed in a tube.

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Series 11, Physical Items and Realia, 1990 (undated)

Contains some of Stoiber's field equipment, and some awards.

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Series 12, Addendum: Family Notebooks and Diaries, 1956-1991

Contains mostly travel notebooks of Edna H. Stoiber, but also several from Phillip Stoiber and Christine Stoiber.

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Series 14, Addenda, Circa. 1980-1992, undated

Primarily consists Dartmouth 1932 banner, newspaper clippings, personal correspondence, contracts, and photos. documenting his work as a geologist as well as family life.

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