Guide to the Papers of Richard E. Stoiber, 1911 - 2001Manuscript ML-98

Introduction to the Collection

The Papers of Richard E. Stoiber (Dartmouth Class of 1932), 1911-2001 (Bulk 1960-1990), contain books, manuscripts, class lectures, published articles and abstracts, professional and personal correspondence, undergraduate and graduate student papers and research reports, professional and personal photographs, slides, negatives, video tapes and films, annotated maps, and personal realia. The papers document Professor Stoiber's career as a world renowned volcanologist, in particular from the 1960's through the 1990's, as well as his teaching career at Dartmouth College. They also represent aspects and interests of his personal life, such as his years of undergraduate and graduate education at Dartmouth and MIT, respectively, and his hobby of photographing three-dimensional signs seen during his many travels, both nationally and internationally.

Of particular interest in the Stoiber Papers is a letter from Stanley N. Williams, Dartmouth PhD 1983, relating his experiences and survival of the eruption of Galenas Volcano in Colombia in 1993. Also included are numerous papers written by his students during the "stretches", as well as graduate papers and independent research reports. There are also many photographs and negatives of his trips and expeditions to various volcanoes throughout the world, photos of his students and colleagues, and some photos taken by his students at volcanic eruptions in Central America. Professor Stoiber also collected and organized articles of interest concerning volcanoes of a particular country, copied them, and created books for students to use as preparation for spending a term in Central America. These can also be found in his papers. But, perhaps of greatest interest are 15,000 to 20,000 colored slides, mostly of Central American volcanoes, that also include slides of volcanoes found across the world. Slides of three dimensional signs from his travels, a particular hobby of Stoiber's, are found within this group of materials, too. There are also video tapes and several 8-mm films of volcanoes and of students on "stretches" during the 1960's, 1970's and 1980's. A small group of annotated maps of parts of Central America, and personal realia, including items Professor Stoiber used in the field on his many trips to volcanic areas, are also included in the collection.

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