Guide to the Papers of J. W. Brown, 1884 - 2005Manuscript MS-1011

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Series 1, Education, ca. 1932 - 2005

Education includes material related to J. Willcox Brown's education at Tower Hill School (1921-1933), Dartmouth College (1934-1937), Yale Forestry School [YFS] (1939-1941) and the University of Michigan [U. Michigan] (1947-1953). Also includes documents related to his later involvement with those institutions as an alumnus and environmentalist. Types of documents included are correspondence, typescripts, notebooks, index cards, maps, reports, publications, books, informational booklets, class and field notes, course syllabi and teaching materials, college transcripts, undergraduate and graduate term papers, and research material for his Masters' theses.

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Series 2, Working Papers, ca. 1925 – 2005, undated

Working Papers includes correspondence, typescripts, manuscripts, notes, journals, notebooks, cards, index cards, maps, meeting minutes and agenda items, reports, publications, books, informational booklets and leaflets, class and field notes, course syllabi and teaching materials, photographs, awards and certificates, deeds, agreements, resolutions, briefs, contracts, video and sound recordings, financial documents, bills and slips, and some memorabilia items. The series represents JWB's active participation, as a Democrat environmentalist and activist in partnership with his wife Natale L. Brown (NLB), in local and national politics, international cooperation, conservation of natural resources and protection of the environment, civil action, and their community in various areas such as social aid, cultural life, town administration, education, historical preservation, among others. The series includes: two letters from John F. Kennedy to JWB; correspondence with Bill Clinton (some confidential items) and Al Gore; excerpts from JWB's journal; environmental papers, articles, and statements written by JWB; correspondence with the White House regarding environmental issues; material on Dartmouth Outing Club (DOC) and the Intercollegiate Outing Club Association (IOCA); Ravine Lodge materials including photographs and postcards; longhand letter from Dartmouth President Ernest M. Hopkins to JWB (typewritten copy in ‘Dartmouth College Library' file); JWB's memoirs and recollections of New Hampshire; various photographs; material on the Society of American Foresters (SAF) and the International Society of Tropical Foresters; University of New Hampshire (UNH) environmental-related materials; recollections on N.H. lands and history; material related to environmental committees, organizations and associations, such as Public Land Law Review Commission (PLLRC), Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests (SPNHF), Trust for New Hampshire Lands, Audubon Society of NH (ASNH), State Park Associates (SPA), White Mountains National Forest(WMNF), Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC), Merrimack River Watershed Council (MRWC), Squam Lake Association (SLA), Water Supply and Pollution Control Commission (WSPCC), New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission (NEIWPCC), Seacoast Anti-Pollution League (SAPL), and New England Coalition on Nuclear Pollution (NECNP); JWB's materials for his teaching activities in the New England College (NEC) and University of New Hampshire (UNH); various conferences and workshops materials; various maps, of forests, parks, water resources, and field trips related to material across the series; material on various foreign and domestic policy issues; material on Partners of the America (P/A) including a Manatee 1968 post stamp; material on NH Council of World Affairs (CWA – now World Affairs Council of NH or WACNH) & Community Service to International Visitors (COSERV – now National Council for International Visitors, NCIV); material on the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation (NHCF) and other social aid organizations; material on health organizations such as Alliance for the Mentally Ill (AMI), National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI), Concord Alliance for the Mentally Ill (CAMI); materials on Robert Frost Homestead including Dartmouth Library material on Robert Frost and the Robert Frost 10-cent stamp issued in 1974; cultural material, art talks by JWB about White Mountains art, including tape with 1971 lecture at NH Historical Society, and historical items on NH towns; material on community activities in Dunbarton, Concord and Havenwood/Heritage Heights (HHH) retirement community; people files including political figures, environmentalists, activists, people of interest, and friends; JWB's stockholdings and investments, including JWB's real estate broking license (1962); writings, talks, speeches, etc. by JWB, including articles by JWB, press releases and an open letter to Gov. George C. Wallace of Alabama and racial integration published in 1963; personal administration materials, financial documents and statements, slips and bills; personal materials related to family trips, friends, children's' education; CVs, awards and certificates, newspaper clippings and articles on the Browns, including a 1933 publication on Camp Rotherwood, Maine.

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Series 3, Correspondence, 1937-2003, undated

Correspondence includes longhand and typewritten letters, cards, postcards and notes to and from JWB. The series includes: correspondence related to JWB's masters' thesis research; his early forestry career; his relations to Dartmouth College; employment opportunities and referrals; letters of appreciation and thank yous; political, environmental and conservation activities; investments and contributions to institutions and organizations; international visitors; personal interests; and personal relations such as family and friends, including a "get well" drawing by grandson Dan Brown. Some correspondence includes photographs or refers to photographs in series 6.

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Series 4, Journals, 1925, 1942 – 1996, undated

Journals includes JWB's journals and agendas (1950, 1957, 1959, 1961-66, 1968, 1971-1991, 1994, 1996), various notepads, notebooks containing general and forestry notes, bird count notes, pocket political guidelines and a check balance booklet.

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Series 5, Memorabilia, ca. 1931 – 1989, undated

JWB's memorabilia includes certificates, signs, posters, souvenirs, badges, a postage scale, forestry tools, a floppy disk, maps, a newspaper article, photographs, prints and transparency of Mt. Moosilauke painting, the Browns genealogy tree, and a signed petition of recognition to JWB. Items relate to JWB's outdoors, forestry, environmental and political activities, as well as his personal interests, friends, and family information.

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Series 6, Photographs, ca. 1884-1910, 1935-1997, undated

Photographs includes images of JWB at Tower Hill School, Boy Scouts, JWB (and NLB) with political figures and related to JWB's professional life, DOC & IOCA, Dartmouth Class reunions, New England, its people and landscape, portraits of JWB for his political campaigns, the Browns and people in their community and network, their interests in wildlife and art, natural resources, photographic reports, awards ceremonies, and JWB's trip to Russia.

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