Erskine Caldwell papers, 1882 - 2000Manuscript MS-1046

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Erskine Caldwell papers, 1882 - 2000

Call Number:

Manuscript MS-1046

Collection Dates:

1882 - 2000

Size of Collection:

70 boxes (99.75 linear ft.)


Erskine Caldwell (1903-1987), author. The papers contain professional and personal correspondence, typescripts of Caldwell's works, photographs, diaries, financial and legal documents, news clippings, scrapbooks, interviews, publications and publicity material related to his work.

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Introduction to the Collection

The Erskine Caldwell papers contain professional and personal correspondence as well as manuscripts of books, short stories and articles. The papers also contain diaries, royalty statements, contracts, scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, photographs and memorabilia. The collection documents Caldwell's life as a best selling author and includes typescripts and material related to "Tobacco Road," "God's Little Acre," "Journeyman," "Kneel to the Rising Son," "Tragic Ground," "The Sure Hand of God," "Love and Money," "In Search of Bisco," "Afternoons in Mid America" and Caldwell's autobiography "With All My Might." Correspondents include John Steinbeck, Malcolm Cowley, Max Lieber, Julius Weiss, Alvin G. Manuel, Ray McIver, Jimmy Carter and Harvey Klevar. Personal material includes family correspondence with Helen Cushman Caldwell, Virginia Caldwell, William Erskine Caldwell, Ira S. Caldwell, Caroline Bell Caldwell and June Caldwell, as well as diaries, calendars, address books and memorabilia.


Erskine Caldwell was born on December 17, 1903 in Moreland, Georgia. His childhood was spent traveling throughout the South due to his father's itinerant profession as a Presbyterian minister. Eventually the family relocated back to the state of Georgia, a location that would later figure prominently in Caldwell's novels and short stories. On various occasions Caldwell attended Erskine College, University of Virginia, and the University of Pennsylvania, but he left college before receiving a degree. In 1925, Caldwell moved to Atlanta and began work as a reporter for the "Atlantic Journal." He moved to Mount Vernon, Maine in 1926 and it was there that Caldwell wrote his most famous novels "Tobacco Road" and "God's Little Acre." Both works depict the grinding poverty and troubled race-relations of the Deep South during the Great Depression. A prolific writer, Caldwell wrote 25 novels, 150 short stories, twelve nonfiction collections, two autobiographies, and two books for young readers. Caldwell also edited the influential "American Folkways" series, a 28-volume series of books about different regions of the United States. His most celebrated novel, "Tobacco Road," was turned into a play on Broadway that ran for more than seven years, the longest running play on Broadway for its time. After 1941, Caldwell reported from the Soviet Union for "Life" magazine, CBS radio, and the newspaper "PM." He also wrote articles from Mexico and Czechoslovakia for the North American Newspaper Alliance. Caldwell married four times and had four children. His second wife was Margaret Bourke-White, a war photographer for "Life" magazine, with whom he collaborated on "You Have Seen Their Faces" in 1937. In 1984, Caldwell was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Letters. He died on April 11, 1987.

Series, Box & Folder List

Series 1, Correspondence, 1929-1988

Contains professional and personal correspondence with publishing houses and agents in the United States and abroad, as well as correspondence with scholars, academics, and researchers, including correspondence between Caldwell and the "Paris Review." The material documents Caldwell's career as an author. Of note are fan letters, many received in response to a column Caldwell wrote for "Family Weekly" magazine. Other correspondents include Malcolm Cowley, John and Elaine Steinbeck, Edward C. Lathem, Mark Saha, Victor Weybright, Ray McIver, W.A. Sutton, Jimmy Carter and Harvey Klevar. Family members include Jay and Diana Caldwell, Dabney Caldwell, Janet Caldwell and Erskine Caldwell Jr. (Pix).

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Box: 1, Dates: 1929-1942


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Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Caldwell, Erskine (to: Richard Johns, from Pagnay), 1929
  • Folder: 2, Caldwell, Erskine (to: Mr. & Mrs. I. S. Caldwell), 1930
  • Folder: 3, Caldwell, Erskine (to: Richard Johns, from Pagnay), 1930
  • Folder: 4, Caldwell, Erskine (to: Mr. & Mrs. I. S. Caldwell), 1931
  • Folder: 5, Caldwell, Erskine (to: Richard Johns, from Pagnay), 1931
  • Folder: 6, Caldwell, Erskine (to: Richard Johns, from Pagnay), 1932
  • Folder: 6, Caldwell, Erskine (to: Richard Johns, from Pagnay), 1932
  • Folder: 7, Best, Marshall, 1933
  • Folder: 8, Lieber, Maxim, 1933
  • Folder: 9, Caldwell, Caroline Bell, 1934
  • Folder: 10, Carnal, Ruth, 1934
  • Folder: 11, Caldwell, Erskine (to: Kenneth Burke "New Republic"), 1935
  • Folder: 12, Morang, Alfred, 1935
  • Folder: 13, The Dramatist Guild, 1937
  • Folder: 14, Lieber, Maxim, 1937
  • Folder: 15, Letters: Fan, 1937

    Edwin M. Blum, Jed Toggard, Lillian E. Smith, Nathan Arch, Ralph Botsford

  • Folder: 16, Schwartz, H.W., 1937
  • Folder: 17, Letters: Fan, 1938

    Betty Braumsau, C.D. Masters, Franc Wilsory, [unidentified], James Stokely, John S. Mayfield, John P. Tlloye, T. Brennan, C.Y.A., H.F. Kline

  • Folder: 18, Re: "Journeyman", 1938

    Sam Byrd

  • Folder: 19, Publishers, Foreign, 1938

    Brentano's Publishing Company, Ministerstvo Zahranicnich Veci

  • Folder: 20, Duell, Sloan, and Pearce, 1939
  • Folder: 21, Letters: Negative, 1939

    [unidentified], Phillip C. Walker

  • Folder: 22, Letters: Fan, 1940

    Allie Lees, Betty Burgess, Charlie Jansson, Eugene G. Gottschalk, E. Gayle Carter, Farrell McFadden, H.A. Hicks, H. Tatnall Brown, J. Duane Upton, K.E., Laffing [unidentified], Larena Lester, Lois R. Coleman, Olga Reagle, Ralph D. Hartman, Rhoda Lynn, Rodney G. Dakin, Ruth Bloom, Vernon Ahucas, [unidentified], [unidentified], [unidentified], [unidentified], Eloise Cooper Mackey, Frank B. Adair, William T. Freeman

  • Folder: 23, Re:" Jackpot", 1940

    Alfred Morang, Carl Van Doren, Dan Longuell, Duell, Sloan & Pearce, Edwin Corle, Earl Bell, Edna Ferler, Elena Rice, Fannie Hurst, Fran Sullivan, H.L Mencken, Kathrine Brush, Lois Adamic, Manuel Komroff, Margaret Mitchell, Mary Harrison, Mary Margaret, Maurice Thompson, Mildred Zinn, Nieuw Veere, Raymond Gram Swing, Roy Chapman Andrews, Sinclair Lewis, Theodore Dreiser, Waldo Frank, William O'Dwyer, [unidentified], [unidentified], [unidentified], [unidentified], [unidentified]

  • Folder: 24, Publishers, Foreign, 1940

    Direccion General De Informacion, Casa Editrice Valentiono Bompiani & Co.

  • Folder: 25, Re:" Trouble in July", 1940

    Bob Crosby, Carl Van Vechten, Hershon Freeman, John Paschall, Margaret Smith, Neilson Denton, Paul O. Gillis, Sheila May Thorton

  • Folder: 26, A-E, 1941

    B.L. Hauman, Bruce Bliven, Charles and Josephine Duell, Chester Kerr, Earl L. Bell, Emma Caldwell, Ester Tall, Frank Daniel, Harriet Basso, Helen Black, Marion S. Carter, Marion V. Dorn, Majorie Griesser, Mary Vail Andress, Michael Apletin, Noel Busch, Orrin C. Isbell, Philip L. Chai, Richard Erstein, Robert Coles, Sandy Montgomery Campbell, T. Brennan, Whit Burnett, William E. Dodd, [unidentified], [unidentified], [unidentified]

  • Folder: 27, F-J, 1941

    Arnold Gingrich, Bob Hunt, Clayton Jenkins, Frances and Norman Bel Geddes, G. Anthony Francis, Gertrude Fisher, Hershon Freeman, [unidentified] Hicks, James K. Feibleman, Marguerite Tjader Harris, Mary Lawler, Mordecai Gorelik, P.H. Gordon, Ralph D. Hartman, Ralph Ingersoil, Rosemary Hermansader, Sharlie May Simon, Sidney Featherman, , Willard Hougland, W.T. Kimber, [unidentified]

  • Folder: 28, K-O, 1941

    Alfred R. McIntyre, Alfred Morang, Alvin G. Manuel, Angus Cameron, A.T. Whayne, Basil Mimeger, Beatrice Neff, C.R. Everitt, David Lord, D.H. Nicholas, Edna R. Knowles, Joe North, Margaret Marshall, Margaret Mitchell, Norman MacLeod, Orris McCartney, Oscar E. Huse, Peter Prouse, R.C. Montgomery, Stan Lee Kapustka, Stetson Kennedy, Thad Snow, Tom Maloney, [unidentified], [unidentified], [unidentified], [unidentified]

  • Folder: 29, P-T, 1941

    Alfred Stern, Eugenia Rawls, Frederick D. Sharp, George E. Nietzsche, George C. Stoney, Harold Coy, Harry T. Ashworth, Jean Thomas, Jerome Weidman, Jessica Smith, J.W. Godeck, Louise L. Schlosser, Nathan Levin, Ronnie H.J., [unidentified]

  • Folder: 30, U-Z, 1941

    A. Moran, Bud [unidentified], George Wolf, Irita Van Doren, Isabelle T. Wagstaff, John Kadel, Julia Dora, Marjory Collins, Robert Haleh, [unidentified], [unidentified], [unidentified], [unidentified]

  • Folder: 31, "American Folkways": Authors, 1941

    August Derleth, C.A. Pearce, Clarence Webster, Ernest Wright, George Milburn, Harold Preece, Harold Preece, Hugh Mason Wade, Hulbert Footner, Marquis W. Childs, M.L. Reese, Paul Ergle, Wallace Stegner, [unidentified], [unidentified], [unidentified]

  • Folder: 32, "American Folkways": Editor's Notes, 1941

    American Folkways

  • Folder: 33, "American Folkways:" Publishers, 1941

    Charles A. Pearce, Dorothy Harburon, Eleanor Nichols, Jean Thomas, [unidentified]

  • Folder: 34, Columbia Lecture Bureau, 1941

    Glenn L. Bellinger, Iantha Gooch, Isabel R. Scott, Mary Jo Wallace, Ruth Cowan, [unidentified], [unidentified]

  • Folder: 35, Letters: Fan, 1941

    Dorothy Haglage, Dorothy Lildes, Elmer McClain, E. Ording, Frank B. Adair, George C. Shanks, Jno Muirhead, John Faulkner, Laila Faulkner, Marvin Howell, Robert Wilson

  • Folder: 36, Lieber, Max, 1941
  • Folder: 37, Lynn, Rhonda, 1941
  • Folder: 38, Re: " McCall's" Magazine, 1941

    Mrs. Iola Seamer, Mrs. M.C. Stenger, Alfred Wickesberg, Thad Snow, Mrs. L.G. Beales

  • Folder: 39, Re: "Say, Is This the USA", 1941

    Mr. & Mrs. C.W. Claybaugh, Edwin Corle, F. van den Arend, Nathaniel P. Davis, Mr. Fatherly, Mr. La Foon, Ruth Burns,robert Pyle, Augusta White,Theodore H. White

  • Folder: 40, Re: Town Hall Broadcast for NBC, 1941

    Marian S. Carter, Lloyd H. Cox, Miss L. Lasken, Charles A. Hubbard, Llemellyn James, George V. Denny, Jr. John G. Lang. G.E. Manssmann, Bradley E. Stafford, Yone U. Stafford, Don Stewart, Edna Sandgren

  • Folder: 41, A-C, 1942

    William Agar, American Academy of Arts and Letters, American Airlines American Economic Foundation, L.L.B. Angas, Benjamin Appel, Comayah Atuyeh, Audio-Scriptions, inc., Authors' Guild, Authors' League of America, Inc., Carl Baker, F.A. Bartlett Tree Expert Company, V. Bazykin, Earle J. Bernheimer, Kermit J. Berylson, Frank C. Betts, Ltd., Louis Binstock, Martin Birnbaum, Helen Black, The Blue Network, Mark Blitzstein, Alice Dixon Bond, James P. Boyle, William C. Breed, Brentano's, Bob Brown, Louis Bromfield, Louis Bulkley, Hans Burger, Shirley Burke, Jeannette R. Butler, Henry S. Canby, Jol Chamberlain, Jack Conroy, Chemical Bank & Trust Company, Chicago Sun, Citizens Volunteer Corp, Civilian Defense Volunteer Office, Julia Malcott Cockcroft, Henry S. Coffin, Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc., Marc Connelly, Coordinator of Information, Cornell United Religious Work, Council on Books in Wartime, Council on African Affairs, Council for Democracy, Norman Cousins

  • Folder: 42, D-F, 1942

    Gregory Daignault, Department of Motor Vehicles. Dryden Press, Inc., Dramatic Workshop, Mrs. Louis I. Dublin, Brian Boru Dunne, John Macrae, Jr., Elizabeth [unidentified], Alois Englander, Michael Apletin, Ben Field, A.L. Fierst Inc., First Inceptor Command, Francis Typewriter Company,

  • Folder: 43, G-I, 1942

    Bill Geer, Clark H. Getts, Gimbel Brothers, Martin Goldstein, Jules C Goldstone, Sam Grasso Company, Nora Gray, John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, Haddon Craftsmen, Inc., Ragnar W. Hahne, Dorothea Hamilton, Harcourt, Brace, and Company, Inc., Harber & Brothers, W. Wilbur Hatfield, Highlander Folk School, Houghton Mifflin Co., John K. Howard, Hutchinson & Company Publishers, Ltd., Betty Hyde, International Luceum Association

  • Folder: 44, J-L, 1942

    Mary I. Jeffries, June Johnson, Manuel Kemroff, Lucy Kent, Herb Kline, Alfred A. Knopf, Blanche Knopf, W. Colston Leigh, H.H. Lewis, Mort Lewis, The Library of Congress, Little, Brown & Co., Mrs. Maxim Litvinov

  • Folder: 45, M-O, 1942

    Markwell, Al Manuel, Abraham Mandelstam, Samuel Marshak, C.R. Whittington, Harry E. Maule, Metropolitan Library Council, Modern Age Books, Inc., Arthur Mayer & Joseph Burstyn, Frederick Morgan, Municipal Broadcasting System New York, National Concert and Artist Corporation, National Cyclopedia of American Biography, National Institute of Arts and Letters, National Urban League, Richard L. Neuberger, New Masses, North Georgia Review, W. Lee O'Daniel, Sidney P. Osborn, Oviatt's Erwin Piscator, Sophie Pregel-Breyner

  • Folder: 46, P-S, 1942

    Dorothy Parker, Pennsylvania Railroad, University of Pennsylvania, J.M. Patterson, St. Louis Post Dispatch, The Palette Art Co., PM Newspaper, Conrad-Pyle Company, Robert Ramsey, Stanley Rose, Rural Dale Consolidated School, George Rehm, Robert Richards, Marius Risley, Romeike Press Clippings, Robert Rossen, Oscar Ruderman, Harold G. Rugg, Russian War Relief, Inc., Edwin Seaver, Esther Segal, Daniel Shandling, Jack Sher, Simon and Schuster, Inc., Southern New England Telephone Co., A.C. Spectorsky, Department of State, Story and the Story Press, Johannes Steel, Mrs. Donald Ogden Stewart, W.K. Stewart Co., Margeurite Armentrout Strain, Boris Sutchkoff

  • Folder: 47, T-V, 1942

    Camilla Von Kamp, Irita Van Doran, University of Virginia, This Week Magazine, Embassy of Soviet Socialist Republics, M. Tjader Harris, Treasury Department, Mr. Floyd A. Van Loon, Pierre van Paassen, Viking Press, Inc.

  • Folder: 48, W-Z, 1942

    Julius Weiss, Florence Wagner, Office of War Information, Waverly House, Who's Who, Writers-Win-the-War-Congress, Louis Zinn, The Yale Review, Mildred Zinn, WNEW, Writers' War Board, Writers' War Committee

  • Folder: 49, "American Folkways": Authors, 1942

    Louis Bromfield, Gilbert V. Byron, Isabel Hopestill Carter, Mary Ellen Chase, J. Alfred Dinamore, J. Frank Dobie, Richard M. Dorson, Paul Engle, Dorothy Canfield Fisher, Esther Forbes, John T. Frederick, Dorothy Gould, Joseph Henry Jackson, Edith Swain McDermott, George Milburn, Julia Peterkin, Harold Preece, Mabel Thompson Rauch, Sigmund Sameth, Harriet H. Shoen, George Stewart, West Coast Lumbermen's Association, Clarence M. Webster

  • Folder: 50, "American Folkways": General Correspondence, 1942

    Jess Carmack, Richard Chase, John T. Faris, Harold Rugg

  • Folder: 51, "American Folkways": Publishers, 1942

    Charles A. Pearce, Samuel Sloan

  • Folder: 52, Re: Dartmouth College, 1942
  • Folder: 53, Duell, Sloan, and Pearce I, 1942

    Charles A. Pearce, Samuel Sloan

  • Folder: 54, Duell, Sloan, and Pearce II, 1942

    Charles A. Pearce, Samuel Sloan

  • Folder: 55, League of American Writers, 1942

    Vito Maroantonio, Dashiell Hammett, Jane Sherman, Nan Golden, Edwin Berry Bergum

  • Folder: 56, Lee Kendrick Lecture Bureau, 1942

    Anne Berenholz, Paul Evan Ress, Russian War Relief, Inc., American Council on Soviet Relations, Chicago Public Library, John G. Kidd & Son, Inc., W. Colston Leigh, Inc., Lee Keedick

  • Folder: 57, Letters: Fan, 1942

    Charles S. Albert, Thomas K. Bayes, T. Brennan, Sandy M. Campbell, Hirsh S. Cohen, Lucia Edmondson, Dorothy Ellsworth Gildy, Geo. Fraser-Falconer, Charles de Grandcourt, Miles Hart, Ralph d. Hartman, Louise C. Horton, Marvin Howell, Igor Ivan, M. Elise Jenkin, William H. Kisch, Mrs. A.T. Kurgans, Mary Louise Maas, Elmer McClain, Irving McKee, John T. Mendes, Bob Mosely, Mrs. Dill Nance, F.F. Patrick, Jerry Pickard, Thomas G. Proctor, W. Ruda, Lareen Schollenburer, William W. Seward, Polly Stallsmith, George A. Stave, W. Otto Swanson, Mary J. Turner, Mrs. Gladyse Vaughan, Beverly Shaw, George C. Phelps

  • Folder: 58, Lieber, Max, 1942
  • Folder: 59, Manuel-Goldstone, 1942

    New Mexico Publishing Co., Brian Ború Dunne, Jules C. Goldstone, Alvin G. Manuel

  • Folder: 60, Re: Prospective Assistants, 1942

    Edna Falk, Priscilla W. Foster, Allen L. Otten

  • Folder: 61, Re: "Road To Smolensk", 1942

    Chicago Daily News, Great Northern Railway Company, Benn Hall, Helene Caskin, Charlotte Heinber. Mary Margent Milton Lerner, Ruth Vassos, Nieuw Veere, Charlotte Walker

  • Folder: 62, Telegrams/Cables: Sent/Received, 1942

    Harry Behn, Frances & Norman Bel Geddes, Margaret Bourke-White, Louise Bulkley, Hans Burger, Dr. Henry Sloane Coffin, Edward C. Carter, Mrs. James Daugherty, Robert Drew-Bear, Marjorie Griesser Council for Democracy, Albert Hubbel, Kimber Hutchinson and Co. Jos. Th. Joesler, Lee Keedick, Timofei Rokotov, Russian War Relief, Elizabeth Schenk, Jane Sherman, Arche Steele Demitri Tiomkin, Secker Warburg, Ella Winter

  • Folder: 63, Weiss, Julius (Re: Divorce), 1942
  • Folder: 64, A-M, 1943

    Benjamin Appel, Carl Baker, Inc., James Branch Cabell, Helen Caldwell, Robert A. Coile, Chicago & Illinois Midland Railway Co., Homer Croy, Civilian Protection Division, Lowell Thomas, Homer Croy, Emil Dern, Direction, Theodore Dreiser, El Nuevo Mexicano, Inc., E.P. Dutton & Co. Inc., Edna [unidentified], Europa Publications Ltd., Foreign Commission, Union Soviet Writers, Frank M. Flack, Florida State Prison, Jules C. Goldstone, Dorothy Gould, John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, S.J. Guidry Jr., Harcourt, Brace and Company, Inc., Harry Hartman, Henry Holt and Company, Mary S. Jeffries, William F. Kimball, Helen Leighton, Letter, Little, Brown & Co., Maumee Valley Country Day School, Martin Mermelstein, John W. Murphey - Leo B. Keith Building Co., [unidentified]

  • Folder: 65, N-Z, 1943

    National Council of American-Soviet Friendship, National Institute of Arts and Letters, National War Fund, St. Nicholas, Office of War Information, Ohio Penitentiary, E. Ording, Pine Cobble School, Pittsburgh Council of American-Soviet Friendship, Pocket Books Inc., Arthur Upham Pope, Vlad Posner, Provident Mutual Life Insurance Company of Philadelphia, Quarterly Review of Literature, Quebec Committee for Allied Victory, John E. Reed, Bessie Golden Rooks, Romeike Press Clippings, Harold G. Rugg, Russian War Relief, Bennie Schultz, Louis Schwartz, Screen Writers Guild, Inc., Story and the Story Press, Carole Stupell, ltd., Norman Earl Thomson, Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation, Valley National Bank, Vanguard Press, Viking Press Inc., Harriet Von Tobel, Charlotte Walker, Julius Weiss, Eliot White, Vernon Ward, Robert Wilson, The Woman with Woman's Digest, Writers' War Board, Selective Service

  • Folder: 66, American Folkways: Authors, 1943

    Gertrude Atherton, Brown University, Delta Country, John Faulkner, Dorothy Canfield Fisher, Joseph A. Fogarty, Dorothy Gould, Meridel Le Sueur, Philip Lewis, Alvin G. Manuel, George Milburn, Missouri Country, Charles A. Pearce, Ruth Stewart, George W. Walter, Clarence M. Webster

  • Folder: 66, Lieber, Max, 1943
  • Folder: 67, American Folkways: Publishers, 1943

    Charles A. Pearce, Maxim Lieber, Samuel Sloan

  • Folder: 68, Dartmouth College, 1943

    Harold G. Rugg

  • Folder: 69, Duell, Sloan, and Pearce, 1943

    Benn Hall, Charles A. Pearce, Samuel Sloan, University of Arizona

  • Folder: 70, Letters: Fan, 1943

    Ralph Edward Bailey, Warner E. Colerile, Albert Warner Dowling, Robert D. England, Doris Higgins, Harvey C. Jones, Bernice Kapner, John S. Mayfield, Virginia McCoy, E. Ording, M.L. Pearson Jr., Helen L. Potofee, Douglas E. Pratt, Mary M. Reynolds, W.F. Shaw, Egbert J. Sormani, George A. Stave, Lamar Trotti, Charles Westcott, Robert Wilson

Box: 2, Dates: 1944-1948


Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, A-I, 1944

    American Folk Song Society, University of Arizona, Emanie N. Arling, Authors Club, Janet Black, Blanchard & Calhoun Realty Company, Brace and Company, Inc., Dabney Caldwell, F. Meredith Dietz, Roy V. Harris, Ernie Hoberecht, Frederic Babcock, Baile de las Flores, Faith Baldwin, Kendall Banning, Louise Price Bell, Biographical Encyclopedia of the World, Book & Author War Bond Committee, Niven Busch, Cards: Agencies, Individuals, Organizations, Tom Carey, G.G.Carindreau. The Committee on Cultural Relations with Latin America, Inc., Congressional Record, Jack Conroy. Newton H. Crumley, Daily Worker, El Rancho Oucho, Mrs. Emanuel F. Dreyfous, Art Drummet , Mrs. Edward K. Dunham, Kenneth Durant, Hilbert Elson, Jules C. Goldstone, Harcourt, Ralph D. Hartman, M. Louise Haskin, Charles W. Herbert, William Herndon

  • Folder: 2, J-O, 1944

    Mrs. V.T. Jeffries, Sam Levitz, Levy, Minnette Long, The A.N. Marquis Co., Maryland Quarterly, J. Roy McCracken, John W. McCain, Jr., Alfred Morang, Martin Mermelstein, Jess [unidentified], Kenneth E. Nash, The Nation Associates, National Institute of Arts and Letters, Stephen Troy Ochoa, C.B. Oellrick, Old Pueblo Club, Hugh Robert Orr, Frank Partos, S.J. Perelman, Peters Construction Co., Guy Price Co.

  • Folder: 3, R-Z, 1944

    Railway Express Agency, Red Cross, Regional Plan Annual Meeting, Reynal and Hitchcock, Inc., Nick Riggs, Mrs. Martha McDowell Rush, Russian War Relief, Inc., Ruth [unidentified], Isidor Schneider, Scope, Screen Writers Guild, Inc., Ray Shaw, Magazine of Sigma Chi, Southern Women's National Democratic Organization in New York, Inc., Steinheimers, Transcontinental & Western Air, Inc., Treasury Department, Tuscon Little Theatre, Inc., Allen Weatherby, Julius Weiss, D.L. West, West Coast Lumbermen's Association, Marguerite E. Wolfe, Lamar Wren, Writers' War Board

  • Folder: 4, "The Allendale County Citizen", 1944

    Mrs. E.B. McSweeney

  • Folder: 5, "American Folkways": Authors, 1944

    Dr. H.C. Nixon, Mary E.J. Armstrong, Kreigh Collins, Catherine Gabrielson Holst, Dama Langley, Le Seur Meridel, Lauren C. Post, Arthur B. Tourtellot, Duell, Sloan, & Pearce, Inc.

  • Folder: 6, "American Folkways": Publishers, 1944

    Duell, Sloan, & Pearce, Inc., Charles A. Pearce, Vance J. Hoyt, Samuel Sloan

  • Folder: 7, Atheron,Getrude (Re: "American Folkways"), 1944

    Charles A. Pearce, Samuel Sloan, Gertrude Atherton

  • Folder: 8, Caldwell, Dabney, 1944
  • Folder: 9, Caldwell, Ira S., 1944

    Rev. Ira S. Caldwell, Guy G. Moore, W.W. Smoak, I.S. Caldwell, Earl L. Bell, Roger Pinckney, Sr.

  • Folder: 10, Caldwell-Maner Publishing Company, 1944

    Kathleen Maner, Lawton Maner, Chlothilde Martir, Marguerite Crofeet, J. Roy McCracken

  • Folder: 11, Dartmouth College, 1944

    Harold Rugg

  • Folder: 12, Duell, Sloan, and Pearce, 1944

    Duell, Sloan & Pearce, Inc., Charles A. Pearce, Samuel Sloan, Janet Sullivan, Clarence Webster, Benn Hall, Maxim Lieber

  • Folder: 13, Letters: Fan, 1944

    Pfc. D. Gregory, Joy Iver,Fadeyev Apletin Suchkov, Elliot C. Dienes, Moses Joel Eisenberg, Frank M. Flack, William H. French, Harold Gauer, Mrs. B.M. Milligan, Albert Paynes, Charles M. Pool, Mr. W.J. Whitney, Jasper L. Wood

  • Folder: 14, Manuel-Goldstone, 1944

    Jules C. Goldstone, Alvin G. Manuel

  • Folder: 15, Lieber, Max, 1944

    Shirley S. Armstrong, Grace Smith, Vinton Freedley

  • Folder: 16, A-D, 1945

    American Folklore Society, Inc. Julia Cooley Altrocclhie, Michael Apletin, Arizona Daily Star, Arizona War Finance Committee, Associated Press, Authors' League of America, Inc., The Author Meets the Critics, Earl L. Bell, Blanchard & Calhoun Realty Company, Valentino Bompiani & Co., British Information Services, Jess Carmack, Carolina Review, Coindreau, Collier's, Common Ground, Edwin Corle, Thomas Crowell Company, Homer Croy, Donald Day, Drachman-Grant, Henry E. Dunn, Germaine Duran, Durand & Company, Kenneth Durant, [unidentified]

  • Folder: 17, E-L, 1945

    Murrell Edmunds, Will V. Ervin, James Farber, Farrar & Rinehart Inc., Fawcett Publications Incorporated, L.B. Fischer Publishing Corp., Michael Fischer,Pat Oly de Graham, Dorothy W. Gidsou, Iris Grannis, E.J. Halter, Harcourt, Brace and Company, Inc., Edgar B. Henning, Houghton Mifflin Company, Nunnally Johnson, mrs. Dan M. Johnes, Margo Jones, Annagrace Jonjorian, Michael Kanin, Stan Lee Kaputska, William Kinnatly, Jack Kirkland, Egon Erwin Kisch, Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., Homer Kunz, Lewiston Evening Journal, Little Brown & Company, Mickey Loew, Roy H. Long Realty Co.

  • Folder: 18, M-Q, 1945

    J. Roy McCracken, Marjorie [unidentified], F. Lander Moorman, Elanie W. Madlener, Katherine Melton, Alfred Messener, Rudolph Monter, Freda Kirchwey, National Institute of Arts and Letters, James H. Nece, Gertrude Hight, Milton L. Zisowitz, Mrs. Wonter Highoff, Donald F. Hill, Charles A. Pearce

  • Folder: 19, R-Z, 1945

    American Red Cross, South Carolina Magazine, Hotel Senator, Seventeen, Horace Spear, L.A. Romine, American National Red Cross, S.L. Loyd, Albert S. Kaufman, Nick Riggs, The Robert Richter, Abe Robinowitz, Mary S. Rosenberg, James Voulkos, Dick Schweitzer, R.L. Schweitzer, Thomas S. Shaw, Simon and Shuster, Southwest ıook Fair, George A. Stave Paper Company, Story and the Story Press, George A. Stave, Rex Stout, Toni Strassman, Alela May Stuart, Harvey Taylor, Lon Tinkle, Nikolai Tikhonov, Treasury Department, Tuscon Little Theatre, Miguel Perez Turner, David Patrick, Vore Garcia Villa, War Bond Committee, W.R. Wayland, Hutton Webster Jr., Charis Wilson Weston, Lowry C. Wimberly, Victor Wolfson, Eugene J. Woods, Writers' War Board

  • Folder: 20, "American Folkways": Authors, 1945

    H.C. Nixon, R.W. Albright, Julia Cooley Altroceli, Gertrude Atherton, Praris, Nannine Joseph, Carey McWilliams, Gertrude Speenburgh

  • Folder: 21, Caldwell-Maner Publishing Company, 1945

    Lawton Manner, J. Roy McCracken

  • Folder: 22, Caldwell, Mae D., 1945
  • Folder: 23, Caldwell, William, 1945
  • Folder: 24, Dartmouth College, 1945
  • Folder: 25, Duell, Sloan, and Pearce I, 1945

    Benn Hall, Charles A. Pearce, H.C. Nixon, Samuel Sloan, Charles S. Albert, Julia Cooley Altrocchi

  • Folder: 26, Duell, Sloan, and Pearce II, 1945

    George Savage, Elsie Weggan Hauser, Nannine Joseph, Charles A. Pearce, Eleanor Nichols, Carey McWilliams, Jane Vandercook

  • Folder: 27, Letters: Fan, 1945

    Donald J. Thompson, Sgt. Jack Resse, Pamela Moore, E. Harvey Rice, Frank K. Stanlake, Ernest Weber, Clarence Bender, Lillian Stevenson, F. Lander Moorman, Al Wolgast, Linten William Silliker, Hugh Miller Watson, Rev. Joseph L. Vogel

  • Folder: 28, Lieber, Max, 1945

    Lawrence Smith

  • Folder: 29, Manuel, Alvin G. (Manuel-Goldstone), 1945

    Theodore Dreiser, Jules C. Goldstone, Arthur Ripley

  • Folder: 30, Morang, Alfred, 1945
  • Folder: 31, Rabinowitz Family, 1945

    Abe Rabinowitz, Luke M. Goodman, Mrs. Sid C. Border, Lissie Zepor, Mrs. Yale Kalman

  • Folder: 32, Re. "Tragic Ground" (Dramatization), 1945

    John T. A. Ely, Justin Herman, Maxim Lieber, Julius Weiss, Oliver Smith and Schyler Wats, William C. Lengel

  • Folder: 33, Tucson Press Club, 1945

    Don Phillips

  • Folder: 34, A-C, 1946

    Dee Caldwell, Helen Cushman, Mikhail Apletin, George Arms, Associated Magazine Contributors, Inc., Prescott Bush, Henry C .Beck, Valentino Bompiani, J.H. Del Bondio,Catalina Protective Patrol, Gipsy Clarke, M.E. Coindreau, Committee For Action in the Authors Guild, Frank H. Comtois, Will Cleepp, Kenneth E. Crouch, Homer Croy, Current Books, Inc., Frank Creech

  • Folder: 35, D-I, 1946

    Frank Daniel, Donald Day, AR Darns, Encyclopedia Britannica, Darnell & Robertson, Donald Day, Department of State, Kenneth Durant, George R. Farnum, George Ferguson, L.B. Fischer Publishing Corp., Albert B. Franklin, H.C. Gauss, Richard B. Gehman, Mrs. Carl F. Gould, Emmet Gowen, Harper & Brothers Publishers, Ralph D. Hartman, William Herndon, Houghton Mifflin Company, House of Books, Ltd., Intercontinent Corporation, International Mark Twain Society

  • Folder: 36, J-Q, 1946

    John Jamieson, Ely Jacobson, Jess [unidentified], Margo James, Vasili Kazaniev, Stetson Kennedy, Jack Kirkland, W.A. Lufburrow, Hillary H. Magnum, A.N. Marquis Co., Edison Marshall, John R. McCarty, J. Roy McCracken, Bishop Francos J. McConnell, National Institute of Arts and Letters, H.C. Nixon, Howard W. Odum, Pan American Airways System, Robert C. Parnell, Westbrook Pegler, Roger C. Pellaton, The P.E.N., Penguin Books, Inc., Don Phillips, Planned Parenthood, Richard K. Polimer, Alberto Prando

  • Folder: 37, R-Z, 1946

    Ripley-Monster Productions, The Santa Rita Health Club, David Sarvis, Carl Werner Skogholm. R.W. Thomson, The Travelers, Tuscon Little Theater, Tuscon Country Club, Tuscon Press Club, Tuscon Realty and Trust Company, Miguel Pérez Turner, University of Arizona, University of Chicago Quarterly Review, University of Oklahoma Press, United States Army, Ray B. West, Jr., The Office of Who's Who, Kathleen Winsor, Helen Worden Erskine, Writers' Board

  • Folder: 38, Duell, Sloan, and Pearce I, 1946

    Charles A. Pearce, Walter L. Goodwin Jr., M.A. Zoschak, Charles Duell, John G. Chanalis, H.C. Nixon, Jane Vandercook, John Meyer

  • Folder: 39, Duell, Sloan, and Pearce II, 1946

    Charles A. Pearce, A. Grove Day, Donald Day, Charles Duell, Rosalind R. Sharpe, Marshal Maslin, Elliot Arnold

  • Folder: 40, Letters: Fan, 1946

    A.D. Sharter, Harold D. Trevillian, Hubert Foster, Ralph D. Hartman, Mrs. Edward D. Hobbs, H. Kauti, Irving S. Levitt, Paul J. Marmsheimer, José Garcia Villa, Mrs. Susie Walton

  • Folder: 41, Library of Congress, 1946

    Verner W. Clapp

  • Folder: 42, Lieber, Max, 1946

    Valentino Bompiani, Arnoldo Mondadori Editore

  • Folder: 43, Manuel, Alvin G. (Gladstone-Manuel), 1946

    Rudolph Monter, Alvin Maeman

  • Folder: 44, Re: Travel: South America, 1946

    J.B. Smith, Passport Division, Department of State, Maxim Lieber, John F. Muller, L.H. Johnson Jr.

  • Folder: 45, A-C, 1947

    The Arrowhead, Howard Caldwell, American Folk Song Society, Benji Appel, Arizona Airways Inc, Arizona Land Title and Trust Company, Artists Ltd, Henry Charlton Beck, James Bennett, Blackburn Hamilton Company, Boni & Gaer Inc., Brentanos, British Information Services, Letterios Calapai, Dan J. Callahan, Cartier, Bertha E. Chadderdon, Cointizzau, Milton Blau, Elsie Anderson, Coterie Publications, Country Club Estates

  • Folder: 46, D-I, 1947

    Fisk University, Robert Gibbons, Beth & Donald Day, Blanche Decorvet, Hunt Dierderich, Marguerite Harris, Duhamel Carcante, Bernard Shaw, ELK, Clifford Faires, [unidentified], Leon Forer, Paul Friggins, Walter Graebner, Lambert Davis, Romana Herdman, Eldon Hill, Bernardo de Alba, [unidentified]

  • Folder: 47, J-Q, 1947

    Ben Jack, Ely Jacobson, Gunter I. Jacobson, Jean [unidentified], Will Johnson, Villery D. Jones, Kapustkan Magazine, W. Kesinafh, Jack Kirkland, Alfred A. Knopf, Christopher La Farge, Arthur Leuba J.B. Lippincott Company, Literary Corporation of America Mrs. Sara H. Milburn, Alfred Morang, New Masses, Harry H. Oshrin, Anne Merriman Peck, The P.E.N., Penguin Books, Inc., Robert L. Perkin, Leslie Gordon Phillips. Pober [unidentified], Alfred Powers, Una Mae Preston

  • Folder: 48, R-Z, 1947

    Random House, Inc., A.C. Rivoire, Charles Scribner's Sons Publishers, Science of Mind Magazine, William B. Schurmmiel, Cameron Shipp, Simon and Schuster, Inc., Agnes Wright Spring, Story and the Story Press, Rudolf Sturm, Richard Summers, Time Inc., Touchstone, Trilon Record Mfg. Co., Tucson Country Club, United States Marine Corps, University of Arizona, University of New Mexico, University of New Mexico Press, University of Utah

  • Folder: 49, Dartmouth College, 1947
  • Folder: 50, Duell, Sloan, and Pearce I, 1947

    Charles A. Pearce, Lucy Bailey, John Faulkner, G.P. Putnam's Sons, Mary C. Mahoney, Jane Vandercook, Eleanor Nichols, Alfred Powers

  • Folder: 51, Duell, Sloan, and Pearce II, 1947

    Charles A. Pearce

  • Folder: 52, Letters: Fan, 1947

    R.E. Bailey, Richard Baron, Sherwin Berger, Alden Bland, Arthur L. Blue, Kitty Brantley, Charles Dickens, Shelby S. Elam, R. Erskine Kerr, Chain letter, Daniel Charbonnier, Edward Eberhardt, H. Kauti, Alex C. Kowalili, Jack Maszoras, John R. McCarty, Katherine Miller, John Pischbach, Frank M. Plack, Hans Pollan, Grace M. Rago, Hardin S. Ramey, Mrs. Georgia Robinson, Mrs. Mary Rodriguez, Silvia S. Rosnick, Sally Crathern Russell, Robert Salgo, Jack Shellito, Stewart Shorten, Ronald Soderberg, Emma L. Stern, Richard J. Stonesifer, [unidentified]

  • Folder: 53, Library of Congress, 1947

  • Folder: 54, Lieber, Max, 1947
  • Folder: 55, Manuel-Goldstone, 1947
  • Folder: 56, Re: Travel: Info, 1947

    American Express Company, Biltmore Hotel, Department of State, Passport Division, Hyways and Byways Travel Service

  • Folder: 57, A-B, 1948

    Aunt Sallie Author's Guild, Authors League of America Inc., John Alan Appleman, The Argonaut, James Aswell, Academy of Arts and Sciences (International), Leo Adler, Arthur J. Babcock, Wes Balerio, Blackburn-Hamilton Company, Bill Bracai, William B. Bracke, John Alan Appleman, The Argonaut, James Aswell, Academy of Arts and Sciences (International), Leo Adler, George Braziller, Whit Burnett

  • Folder: 58, C-D, 1948

    Clark Carmer, Hodding Carter, M.E. Coindreau, Carter H. Corbrey & Co., Country Club Estates, Daily Worker, Jonathan Daniels, Donald Dwight Davis, Delta Democrat Publishing Company, University of Denver Press, Dodd, Mead & Co., Richard M. Dorson, The Dramatists Guild, Marcel Duhamel, Brian Ború Dunne, Kenneth Durant

  • Folder: 59, E-K, 1948

    El Norte, Sam Eskin, James T. Farrell, Howard Fast, Gerhard Fauth, Fawcett Publications, Inc., Marge and Clyde Flood, Lenk Franuli, Paul Friggens, University of Georgia Pinckney Estes Glantzberg, Owen N. Golden, Clifford Goldsmith, Lloyd Graham, Harry Hanson, Harper & Brothers, Carl Hayden, Ralph N. Hill, Bed Jack, Haler Kross

  • Folder: 60, L-N, 1948

    Jimmie Lederer, Eddie Lewis, J.B. Lippincott Company, Literary Corporation of America, Guido M. Lopez, Macmillian Company, Catherine F. Magee, Frank N. Magill, Marianna Migg, Masses & Mainstream. Vera Fuller Mellsh, Mrs. M.G. McAdams, Mildred [unidentified], University of Missouri, Montgomery Ward, Alfred Morang, Mark Cross Company, National Institute of Arts and Letters, [unidentified]

  • Folder: 61, O-R, 1948

    Dorothy Parker, Ambassador of Poland, Alfred Powers, Oregon State System of Higher Education: Division of Creative Writing and Publishing, Press Features, Jessyca Russell, Nick Riggs, Bessie Golden Rooks

  • Folder: 62, S-Z, 1948

    Ray B. West, Jr., William W. Seward, Jr., Salgo & Co., Saturday Review of Literature, Paul Schwientek, Shel Singer, Sinnott News Co., Soviet Russia Today, Agnes Wright Springs, Norman Steelman, Dick Summers, Time Magazine, John R. Trost, Tuscon Country Club, Tuscon Little Theatre, Inc. Tucson News Agency, Tuscon Press Club, Miguel Pérez Turner, Mary & Dave Wayne, Irma Wiesenborn, Albert N. Williams

  • Folder: 63, Dartmouth College, 1948
  • Folder: 64, Duell, Sloan, and Pearce I, 1948
  • Folder: 65, Duell, Sloan, and Pearce II, 1948
  • Folder: 66, Manuel-Goldstone, 1948
  • Folder: 67, Letters: Fan, 1948

    Adams Anligue-Gefh, John T. Beasley, Suzy Bedlek, Clede Brooks, Mildred Faresso Caldwell, Lois B. Cummings, Mrs. Gaynelle J. Dial, W.J. Eldridge, Thelma J. Graham Eilliott, MW. Espy Jr., Tonis Finkeors Mrs. Maggie Finley, Flora [unidentified], William J. Garneau, John Stuart Groves, John Howarth, Frank. L Hurtley, H. Kanti, Lenny Lind, Mrs. Otto Madlener, Mrs. E.K. Marrow, Mr. & Mrs. E.W. McDonald, Mrs. Barbara Menton, Frank L. Moorman, Homer Robert Munen Andrew J. Pelletier, Richard R. Pomero, Helen Pysorich, W.J. Raipe, Marius Risley, Mrs. George L. Ross, Hyman Simkowitz, Stanislas Standaert Mrs. Russell Taylor, Joseph Vallon, Miss Shirley Vielbauss, Jon Edgar Webb, [unidentified]

  • Folder: 68, Lieber, Max, 1948

Box: 3, Dates: 1948-1951


Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, New American Library, 1948

    Donald Demarest, Helen M. Herman, Kurt Enoch, Mary Kay Bent, Phillip Album, Victor Weybright

  • Folder: 2, Weiss, Julius, 1948

  • Folder: 3, A-D, 1949

    Apache Motors, John Alan Appleman, Elliott Arnold, Jimmy Aswell, Barbara [unidentified], Narcisco Bassols, Valentino Bompiani, William Bracke, Peter Briggs, Ernest Cabat, W.E. Clapp, Maurice E. Coindreau, Edwin Cole, Loraine Coox, Frank Daniel, Jonathan Daniels, Martha Deane Roy P. Drachman, Marcel Duhamel, Kenneth Durant, Peter Heggie, Roman Kwiecien, Frances M. Rodgers, Luise M. Sillcox, [unidentified], [unidentified]

  • Folder: 4, E-L, 1949

    Thelma Jean Elliot, Falcon Press, Fawcett Publications Inc., Fisk University, Roland Gant, A. William Gilliam, Clifford Goldsmith, Lloyd Graham, Virginia Hackenberry, James A. Haddad, Harcourt, Brace and Company, Inc., Ralph D. Hartman, Jirina Haukova, James Hines, Institute of Arts and Letters, International Research Service, A.A. Kalish & Company, Jane Kasinska, Kay [unidentified], Kingswood Films, Inc., Manuel Komroff, Nadia Legland, Literary Corporation of America, Little, Brown & Company, Phyllis Logan, Boaz Long, Lawton [unidentified]

  • Folder: 5, M-P, 1949

    New Liberty, Ray MacDhosh, The Macmillan Company, Frank N. Magill, Louise Marble, Jack Maszoras, Ada P. McCormick, Don Means, Museum of New Mexico, Alfred Morang, Bishop Arthur W. Moulton, Mountain Oyster, Olavi Munkki, National Postal Committee for Books, New Liberty, Jim Newton, Ida Nielsen-Kolding, New York World Telegram, Miriam Pacheu, PEN, Leonard Plato

  • Folder: 6, R-Z, 1949

    Raymond Service, Inc., M.S. Rence, George L. Ross, Rass R. Rath, John J. Saen, Salgo & Co., James H. Sewell, William Sipp, Evelyn R. Slavin, Lenore H. Smith, Owen Stock, Norman Steelman, Victor Stoloff, Robert N. Strauss, Hudson Strode, Syndikat Ceskych Spisovatelu, Genevieve Taggard, United States Pictures, Inc., Tidmarsh Engineering Company, Tuscon Country Club, Tuscon Country Day School, Tuscon Realty and Trust Company, Miguel Perez Turner, University of Arizona, University Club of Tuscon, University of Florida, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Dee Woods

  • Folder: 7, Dartmouth College, 1949
  • Folder: 8, Duell, Sloan, and Pearce, 1949
  • Folder: 9, Letters: Fan, 1949

    Kenneth H. Browne, Anna Callahan, Hugh Cooper, Gaynelle J. Dial, Dorothy M. Dietz, J.A. Dingus, Jr., Virginia Hackenberry, Mrs. George Hall, Ralph D. Hartman, Nathan Henderson, Tom Higgins, Marshall LeR Hood, Arthur Ikstrom, Robert L. Jackson, H. Kauti, Levna Kennedy, Edmund Levine, Roy MacIlrath, René D. Makady, Mrs. Helen Mason, Charles D. Merry, Linfield Miller, Russ Morgan, Guy J. Musetti, William P. Pitler, Ted Powell, Charles W. Rankin, Wilbur L. Robinson, Thomas Schweitzer, W.T. Sherman, Cecile Thomas, J. Cameron Taylor, Robert Waugh, Janet Winn, John B. Woodland, The American Library, Ethel Benjamin, John D. Bingham, Anne Clayton, George Lauderdale, [unidentified], [unidentified], [uniidentified], [unidentified]

  • Folder: 10, Lieber, Max, 1949

  • Folder: 11, Manuel, Alvin G. (Manuel-Gelllar-Baird), 1949
  • Folder: 12, New American Library, 1949

    Phillip Album, Mary Kay Bent, Donald Demarest, Kurt Enoch, Roscoe Fawcett, Helen M. Herman, Edward E. Lewis, Milton Rosenblitt, C. Mildred Thompson, Selena Viess, Victor Weybright

  • Folder: 13, Re: Travel: Europe, 1949

    Agenzia Letteraria Internazionale, Thos. Cook & Son, Inc., Hungarian Author's Association, Roland Grant, The Foreign Service of the United States of America, Forum, Dr. Stanislow Helsztynski, Itinerary of Tour, Lana Kasitsiha Warsraeva, Buechergilde Gutenberg, Librairie Gaillimard, L. Mohrenwitz. Simon Odden, list of purchases abroad, People, Denys Kilham Roberts, Arnot Robertson, Victor Weybright, Society of Authors

  • Folder: 14, Weiss, Julius, 1949
  • Folder: 15, Johnson, June, 1950
  • Folder: 16, A-C, 1950

    Air Force League, American Academy of Arts and Letters, American Institute of Graphic Arts, M. Apletin, Argosy Book Stores, Arizona Daily Star, James Aswell, The Authors Guild of the Authors League of America, Inc., The Author's League of America, Inc., Harry Behn, [unidentified] Biel, Vinita Bledrae, Betty Blum, Bombed [unidentified], Witter Bynner, Harvey Breit, Congregation Beth Abraham, Earl C. Cochran, Country Club Estates, Norman Cousins, Homer Croy, Wilbur Clark, Robert Cantwell, Earl C. Cochran, Edwin Corle, Earl C. Cochran

  • Folder: 17, D-F, 1950

    Harold A. Davis, Beth & Don Day, John Day Company, Inc., Department of State, Douglas Chamber of Congress, Fraser Drew, Marcel Duhamel, Ilya Ehrenbourgh, Beth Fast, Howard Fast, Robert Fish, Esther Forbes, Frances [unidentified], Roulo Papadoimi Trion

  • Folder: 18, G- L, 1950

    New York Herald Tribune, International Mark Twain Society, Librairie Gallimard, Roland Grant, Joel S. Georges, Geyer, Newell & Ganger, Inc., Glover and Clark Inc., A.B. Lent, Gretta [unidentified], Blanche Bowers Henighill, John Stuart Groves, Gunzo Magazine, Haags Cultureel Centrum, Virginia & Cracker Henderson, International Economic Research Bureau, H. Kauti, Freda Kirchwey, Alfred A. Knopf Inc., Manuel Komroff, Gordon Lewis

  • Folder: 19, M-S, 1950

    Bill Maner, Frank N. Magill, Peter Manoney, Jinx Falkenburg McCrary, Carey McWilliams, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures, Ray Middleton, Arthur Miller, Louie Mok, Alfred Morang, Dorothy Morang, The Nation Associates, National Institute of Arts and Letters, New-Story, Old Pueblo Club, Helen Ross, Abram Segal, Robert Sherwood, Southwest Writers Conference, Victor Stoloff, George Swetnam

  • Folder: 20, T- Z, 1950

    Tomorrow Magazine, Robert Taylor, Tucson Country Club, Towncats, Tucson Daily Citizen, Tucson Watercolor Guild Inc., University of Arizona, University of New Mexico, New Mexico Quarterly Review, University of Pennsylvania, University of Rochester Library, Margaretta Van Dyke, The Virginia Spectator, Louie Walter, David G. Watkins, Alec Waugh, Dee Woods, Writer's Digest, Margaret Young, Mildred Zinn

  • Folder: 21, Caldwell, Dee (Dabney), 1950
  • Folder: 22, Caldwell, Janet, 1950
  • Folder: 23, Caldwell, Pix (Erskine Jr.), 1950
  • Folder: 24, Dartmouth College, 1950
  • Folder: 25, Duell, Sloan, and Pearce, 1950
  • Folder: 26, Letters: Fan, 1950

    Ewing C. Baskette, Lyle E. Burroughs, Ken Browne, Louise Bruin, Harold R. Cooper, Jesse Core, Englisch-Amerikanisches Seminar, A.E. Fricke, Lewis H. Furnish, Olga Gertty, Anne Glothlin, John Stuart Groves, Mary Hardin, Bert Hatch, Carl R. Hatfield, H.V. Hopkins, Cena Howard, Josephine Jenkins, H. Kauti, S. Davis Levin, Lars Peterson, M.W. Powers, Casmina Pranckowiak, Beverly Robinson, Lloyd Skoge, Carl H. Tell, R.O Turner, Gary E. Ward, Elizabeth Welborn, Yvonne Moore, Sally Rustz

  • Folder: 27, Lieber, Max, 1950

  • Folder: 28, Maner, Richard, 1950
  • Folder: 29, Manuel, Alvin G. (Manuel-Baird Agency), 1950

  • Folder: 30, New American Library, 1950

    Allan Adams, Phil alburn, Fred Bade, Mary Kay Bent, Donald Demarest, Charles Duell, Kurt Enoch, Helen Herman, Edward Lewis, Jim Layden, Hilda Livingston, Fred Melcher, D.J. Slattery, Danton Walker, Victor Weybrigh, Lucy Woody, [unidentified]

  • Folder: 31, Sweetnam, George (Re: "American Folkways"), 1950
  • Folder: 32, Re:" Trouble in July", 1950

    Norman Steelman

  • Folder: 33, Re: Travel: United States, 1950

    Audri Adams, Phillip Album, George Bonamy, David Cole, John Garvin, John Isard, R.A. Johnson, Joe Koller, Ed Lewis, Warren Morrell, Charles O'Toole, R.F. Schmitt

  • Folder: 34, Weiss, Julius, 1950
  • Folder: 35, A-B, 1951

    Herman Agnes, John Alan Appleman, James Aswell, Manuel Aubrey, Battling-Funk, Harry Behn, Emily Bordignor, Richard Boulton, Tommy Brown, Valentino Bompani, R.A. Freiman, Ernst Erich Noth, Angus Perkerson, herman Ziegner, [unknown], Franklin [unkown]

  • Folder: 36, C-H, 1951

    France C., Teddy C., Ruby S. Chatfield, Walt Coburn, Maurice Coindreau, Coral Casino, Edwin Corle, Jonathan D. Frank Daniel, Martha Deane, Wilbur Clark's Desert Inn, Dial Press, Germaine Duhamel, Helen Worden Erskine, Falcon Press, Ginny Fletcher, Harold Hogan Fuguay, Georgia Writers Association, Glamour, Pinckney Estes Glantzberg, Clifford Goldsmith, John Stuart Groves, Hiram Haydn, Michael Hoffman

  • Folder: 37, I-P, 1951

    Junior League Magazine, William F. Kimball, KPHO Radio, Rhoda Lynn, Sam McCullock, Carey McWilliams, Arnoldo Mondadori, Alfred Morang, Dorothy Morang, Frank & Lee Norris, Norsk Oversetterforening, Old Pueblo Club, Harry H. Oshrin, John A. Owen, Pack Memorial Public Library, Sid Perelman, Phoenix College, Harold Preece

  • Folder: 38, R-Z, 1951

    Random House, Inc., Hope Robertson, Gisela Rosenthal, Saddle and Sirloin Club, Harry Sanford, Rene Sanson, Gustav Van Hemert Schneider, Mark R. Sellers, Oliver C. Sheean, Warren Allen Smith, Tucson Country Club, Tucson Festival Society, United States National Commission for UNESCO, University of Georgia, Eloise Walker, Roy Ward, Zella Rose Ware, David G. Watkins, Alec Waugh, Dee Woods, Frank Lloyd Wright, Hughes Aircraft Company, Yugoslav Information Center, Mildred Zinn, Mary [unidentified]

  • Folder: 39, Almat Publishing Co., 1951

    Kurt Enoch, New American Library, Matthew Huttner, Julius Weiss

  • Folder: 40, Agents: Search, 1951

    Author's Guild, Jack Kirkland, Victor Weybright, Duell, Sloan, & Pearce, Maxim Lieber

  • Folder: 41, Agents: Foreign, 1951

    Falcon Press, Gaston Gallimard, Maxim Lieber, Editora Brasiliense Ltda., Lawrence Pollinger, Duell, Sloan & Pearce

  • Folder: 42, Brown, James O., 1951
  • Folder: 43, Caldwell, Dee (Dabney), 1951
  • Folder: 44, Caldwell, Janet, 1951
  • Folder: 45, Caldwell, Pix (Erskine Jr.), 1951
  • Folder: 46, Re: "Call it Experience", 1951

    Viking Press, Julius Weiss, Frank Daniel, Maxim Lieber, American Airlines, Arizona Daily Star, Duell, Sloan & Pearce

  • Folder: 47, Re:" Courting of Susie Brown", 1951

    Duel, Sloan, & Pearce, Esquire, Harper's Bazaar, Harper's Magazine, Little, Brown & Pearce, David McKay Co.

  • Folder: 48, Dartmouth College, 1951

  • Folder: 49, Duell, Sloan, and Pearce I, 1951

  • Folder: 50, Duell, Sloan, and Pearce II, 1951
  • Folder: 51, Duhamel, Marcel, 1951
  • Folder: 52, Letters: Fan, 1951

    T.W. Ainsworth, Thelma Jean Blythe, W.G. Carr, F. Cerdy, Maribeth Charley, Gloucester Caliman Coxe, Edward Drake, Helen Erskine, Clermont Ferrand, Gloria Frickus, Dorothy Galyean, P. Gehring, M. Goody, W.J. Granberg, Henry Guan Ralpha Hartman, Ben Henry, Lorinne Kinkade, Frank Kykendall, C.J. Leasune, Constance May Leighton, Seymour Levine, Frances Nunn, Paul Pain F.L. Payne, R.E. Richardson, [unidentified] Roark, Viginia Scully, Olivia C. Schean, Anne Shurner, Alice Smith, Henry Squires, John Trainer, Frank Welch, Frank White, Maude Wolfe

  • Folder: 53, Letters: Negative, 1951

    Norma Becker, Nellie Cameras, Irene Cooke, Betty Fletcher, Catherine Francis, Joseph P. Ford, Waverly Hall, Estelle Holleran, Phyllis Kauffmann, Josefine King, Barbara Linari, Ann Loflin, Jay Loulta, Margaret Moale, Mary McManus, Kathleen O'Keefe, Phyllis Parker, Serge Polofsky, Margaret Reardon, Raymond Richards, Doris Shope, Maria Siniawski, Anna Smith, Mary Ann Whitlow, William Wilson, Theresa Winchester, [unidentified]

  • Folder: 54, Lieber, Max, 1951

  • Folder: 55, Maner, Richard, 1951
  • Folder: 56, Manuel, Alvin G. (Manuel-Baird Agency), 1951
  • Folder: 57, New American Library, 1951

    Kurt Enoch, Helena M. Herman, Marc Jaffe, Edward E. Lewis, Hilda Livingston, Arabel J. Porter, Victor Weybright

Box: 4, Dates: 1951-1955


Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Pearn, Dolinger, and Highham, 1951

  • Folder: 2, Phoenix Broadcasting Co, 1951

    John C. Mullins

  • Folder: 3, Shelby, Clarence Levi, 1951
  • Folder: 4, Re: Travel Info, 1951

    Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway Company, Carmel Business Association, F.B. Carter III, Lily A. Center, Thos. Cook & Son, Carl Hayden, Seymour Weiss, Department of State, United States Senate Committee on Appropriations, Hotel Westward Ho, Tour Itinerary

  • Folder: 5, Weiss, Julius, 1951
  • Folder: 6, A-B, 1952

    Alderman Library, American Civil Liberties Union, John Alan Appleman, James Aswell, J. Victor Bate, Marc Barnard, Jack E. Bourke, Jean Bradford

  • Folder: 7, C-H, 1952

    Robert Cartwell, Mary Caldwell, Jean Chapel, René de Chochor, Judith Chase Churchill, James A. Clark, Walt Coburn, Marcel Coindreau, E.P. Dutton & Co., Inc., Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce, Louise Crane, Don Davis, Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Brian Ború Dunne, Claire Illinwood, Falcon Press,Fawcett Publications Inc., Harper & Brothers, Peggy Freydberg, Cliff Goldsmith, John Stuart Groves, Robert F. de Graff, Oscar Hammerstein, Ralph D. Hartman, Harvard Law School Forum, John Hersey

  • Folder: 8, I-P, 1952

    Dick Jackis, J. Frank Johnson, Harnett T. Kane, Marcia Kilborn, Maxine M. Knight, Rhoda Lynn, Maxim Lieber, Rikke & Iris Lie, Lion Books, Norman Macleod, Dick Maner, Veronica Mason, Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Beane, Betty Milburn, Mr. J.B. Mills, Alfred Morang, National League of American Pen Women Phoenix Branch, New American Library, Northwestern University, Pack Memorial Public Library, Sid Perlman, S.J. Perleman, Raymond G. Perkinson, J.S. Pettit, Lawrence Pollinger

  • Folder: 9, Q-Z, 1952

    Ruth C. Quinn, David J. Rosentiel, Salgo & Co., Mary Salmen, Ann St. John, Southwest Writers Conference, Tucson Country Club, Tucson Daily Citizen, Tyson Operating Co., Inc., University of Georgia, University of Virginia, Leo F. Walsh, C.H. Welch, H.W. Wilson Co., Writers Newsletter, Margaret Young

  • Folder: 10, Agents: Foreign, 1952

    William Aspenwall Bradley, James Oliver Brown, Editorial Futuro, Geroge Thomas Folster, Librairie Gallimard, Gleba, Lda., Lena I. Gedin, Michael Hoffman, Kinseido, Heinz Liepman, Erich Linder, Mondadori, Yvonne Muller, Laurence Pollinger, Lawrence Smith, Julius Weiss

  • Folder: 11, Re.: "American Folkways Series", 1952

    Edwin Corle, James Oliver Brown, Stanley Salmen, C. Halliwell Duell,

  • Folder: 12, Brown, James O. I, 1952
  • Folder: 13, Brown, James O. II, 1952
  • Folder: 14, Caldwell, Dee (Dabney), 1952
  • Folder: 15, Caldwell, Janet, 1952
  • Folder: 16, Caldwell, Pix (Erskine Jr.), 1952
  • Folder: 17, Re: "The Complete Stories of Erskine Caldwel", 1952
  • Folder: 18, Dartmouth College, 1952

    Harold G. Rugg, Andre Maximov, Jack Dalton

  • Folder: 19, Duell, Sloan, and Pearce, 1952
  • Folder: 20, Re: Editorial Applicants, 1952

    Louise W. Ambrose, Gladys M. Brasington, Patricia Lee Bashore, Mrs. J.R. Brinkley, Charlotte M. Cardon, Nancy A. Chase, Barbara Conrad, Arlyne Dryer, Mrs. R.M. Duncan, Maria A. Evangelista, Mary Ferro, Elizabeth J. Field, Karraine Fisk, Pauline C. Friedman, Sylvia Gerson, Jill Hagerty, Beryl W. Hamilton, Phyllis Hedeman, Betty Lee Lafferty, Margaret H. Lambert, Zelma Latner, Betty R. Lewis, Faith Magnuson, Gladys Rae Nuttell McKendry, Lois Potter McKeever, Eline W. Mettel, Marie Nelson, Margaret Bramard Peck, Shirley Phillips, Lucille Retter, Annie V. Ross, Miriam Partridge Speck, Martha Standefer, Jean Margaret White, Barbara Wishek, Lee Wright

  • Folder: 21, Re. "God's Little Acre" (Dramatization) , 1952

    Alvin G. Manuel, Jerome B. Golden, Leonardo Plato

  • Folder: 22, Hillman, Alex L., 1952
  • Folder: 23, Letters: Fan, 1952

    Tord Andersson, Rob Amesby, Mr. Bartsch, Noble Crawford, Frank Dawson, Joseph Lawrence De Lancy, Drakesburg Methodist Church, J. Stephen Erdos, Daisy Belle Fitzsimmon's, John Stuart Groves, Richard Hanna, Ralph D. Hartman, Highland Avenue Methodist Guild, Eugene W. Holstein, Mrs. Max D. Ilir, Shirley E. Johnson, Rudolf Kaehler, Vasir Kaut, Constance Leighton, Malcolm Mayhem, Alice McGowan, Rabbi Kurt L. Metzger, Robert Drake Neal, Smith Nelson, Hideo Ohta, Dr. Andrés Gualberto Perez, Cyril M. Schneider, Martin Schulze, Elsa Scott, James M. Wiggins, Don Willfong

  • Folder: 24, Letters: Negative, 1952

    Doris Davis, Nancy Jones, [unidentified]

  • Folder: 25, Little, Brown, & Company, 1952
  • Folder: 26, Manuel-Baird Agency (Manuel, Alvin G.), 1952
  • Folder: 27, Memorandums, 1952
  • Folder: 28, New American Library, 1952

    Victor Weybright, Marc Jaffe, Hilda Livingston

  • Folder: 29, Re: Program Reprinting, 1952

    New American Library, Bernard Geis, John O'Connor

  • Folder: 30, Re: "Tobacco Road" - Film, 1952

    James Oliver Brown, Harry H. Oshrin, Edward E. Colton

  • Folder: 31, Re. "Tragic Ground" (Dramatization), 1952
  • Folder: 32, Re: Travel - Itineraries, 1952
  • Folder: 33, Re. "Trouble in July" (Dramatization), 1952
  • Folder: 34, University of Georgia, 1952

    Caldwell Collection of Books list

  • Folder: 35, Weiss, Julius, 1952
  • Folder: 36, A-D, 1953

    Allan Adams, American Peoples Encyclopedia Yearbook, Tony Archer, James Aswell, Athletics for the Blind Inc., Author's League of America Inc., Whit Burnett, North Callahan, Henry E. Candler, Jean Chapel, Cyril Clemens, Earl C. Cochran, Edwin Corle, Eva Hall Cowgill, Czech Cultural Council in Exile, Frank Daniel, Tamara Dlugo, Duell, Sloan & Pearce, Inc., Marcel Duhamel

  • Folder: 37, E-P, 1953

    Eldridge, Daisy Bille Fitzsimmon's, Dudley Frasier, Georgia Writers Association, Nathaniel Gilbert, Richard E. Goebel, Owen N. Golden, John Stuart Groves, W.A. Haigler, Ralph D. Hartman, Paul Hughes, Industrial Psychology, Inc., John Day Company Inc., League of Women Voters of Tucson, Hubert Lie, Liberal International, Magazine House, Alfred Morang, Newberry Library, Phyllis Grescengo. Phoenix Gazette, Phoenix Press Club, Theodore Pratt

  • Folder: 38, Q-Z, 1953

    Alfred K. Stearn, Joey Starr, University of Georgia, University of California, US Naval Air Station, Colonel C.H. Welch, Margaret Bourke-White, Margaret Young, Marian Young, Ben D. Zevin

  • Folder: 39, Agents: Foreign, 1953

    Agenzia Letteraria Internazionale, William Aspenwall Bradley, James Oliver Brown, Casa Editrice Valentino Bompiani &C., Marcel Duhamel, Falken Forlag, Laurence Pollinger, Pearn, Pollinger & Higham, Ltd., Lawrence Smith

  • Folder: 40, Re."American Folkways", 1953
  • Folder: 41, Brown, James O. I, 1953
  • Folder: 42, Brown, James O. II, 1953
  • Folder: 43, Caldwell, Dee (Dabney), 1953
  • Folder: 44, Caldwell, Janet, 1953
  • Folder: 45, Caldwell, Pix (Erskine Jr.), 1953
  • Folder: 46, Re:" The Complete Stories of Erskine Caldwell", 1953

    Little, Brown & Co.

  • Folder: 47, Dartmouth College, 1953

    Harold G. Rugg, Edward Connery Lathem

  • Folder: 48, Re. "God's Little Acre" (Dramatization) , 1953

    Jerome B. Golden, Alvin G. Manuel, Marcel Duhamel, Diana Hunt

  • Folder: 49, Holiday Film Company, 1953

    Jean Bradfield, John B. Mills, James E. Overpeck

  • Folder: 50, Letters: Fan, 1953

    George W. Allen, Peter Geral Arnovickm Mr. & Mrs. Roy E. Brooks, John Bernard Burke, Milly Burd, L.V. Clackum, Cyril Clemens, Edgar M. Cramford, Drobac V., Mrs. Field, James A. Fox, Richard Gerckin, J. Hammond, Ralph D. Hartman, Eve Higham, Jack Hilton, John C. Hoffmann, John Howarth, Ruth Hunter, K. Imari C. Gwyn Kinsey, Hugh S. Moorhead, Joseph M. Novice, Phyllis Parker, Danny Pelton, Betty A. Pustarfi, Lius Bonito Ribeiro, Mr. Robert H. Rieur, Miss B. Rowley, Erdogan Sakman, Robert Schafroth, Chrio Skarott, Mrs. Robert Spickler, Dr. John J. Stack, Luther Steavesson, L.E. Stephenson, Mrs. W.E. Stewart, A.W. Williams Mrs. John T. Willis

  • Folder: 51, Letters: Negative, 1953

    Mrs. W. Ipsen, C.H. Johnson, Frank A. Taber, Jr.

  • Folder: 52, Little, Brown, & Company, 1953

    James Oliver Brown, Howard Cady, Marion Hunt, Alice T. Foster, Stanley Rose, Stanley Salmen, Edwin Seaver

  • Folder: 53, Re:" Love & Money", 1953

    James Oliver Brown, Stanley Salmen

  • Folder: 54, Manuel, Alvin G. (Manuel-Baird Agency), 1953
  • Folder: 55, New American Library, 1953

    Mrs. Jannie Bartlett, Albert M. Benedict, Kurt Enoch, Roscoe Fawcett, Helen M. Herman, Richard Koenig, Hilda Livingston, Helen Hiell Waller, Theodore Waller, Victor Weybright, Walter Wriggins

  • Folder: 56, Oshrin, Harry H., 1953
  • Folder: 57, Phoenix Broadcasting Company, 1953

    R.W. Dupree, John B. Mills, John C. Mullins, Richard B. Rawls

  • Folder: 58, Phoenix College, 1953

    Louise Fitzgerald

  • Folder: 59, Publishers: Foreign, 1953

    Valentino Bompiani, Anre Woldike Schmith

  • Folder: 60, Sound Seminar, 1953

    George W. Kisker

  • Folder: 61, Re. "Tragic Ground" (Dramatization), 1953

    Sam McCulloch, Marcel Duhamel, Alvin G. Manuel, Paul Nathan, Hilda Livingston

  • Folder: 62, Re: Travel - Plans, 1953

    Valentino Bompiani, Travel Itineraries

  • Folder: 63, Re: "Tobacco Road" - Film, 1953

    Leonard Altobell, Howard Duigo, Tom Hazlitt, Memoranda, Alvin G. Manuel, Charles Nelson, T.C. Rogers

  • Folder: 64, Weiss, Julius, 1953
  • Folder: 65, A-L, 1954

    Air Force, American Broadcasting Company, James Aswell, George W. Blake, James Oliver Brown, Ruth Carnall, Antonio Cedera, Geo W. Chambers, Cyril Clemens, Dial Press, Duell, Sloan & Pearce, Inc., Edela [unidentified], Erskine College, Gazette Telegraph, Georgia Writers Association, Carl Hayden, Dale E. Hutchins, International Publishers, Jack Kelly Gertrude Bryan Leeper, Life Magazine

  • Folder: 66, M-Z, 1954

    Memphis Arena Theatre, Alfred Morang, Dorothy Morang, Naval Relief Air Show, Jane Hudgins, I.J. Chase, Riney B. Salmon, Reedy Talton, Tucson Country Club, Alexander Wiley, United States Senate, Silvio van Rooy, Helen & Victor Weybright, Nicholas Wreden, Albert Zugsmith Corporation

  • Folder: 67, Brown, James O. I, 1954
  • Folder: 68, Brown, James O. II, 1954
  • Folder: 69, Caldwell, June (Johnson), 1954
  • Folder: 70, Dartmouth College, 1954

    Friends of the Dartmouth Library, Edward Connery Lathem, Little, Brown & Company

  • Folder: 71, Duell, Sloan, and Pearce (Re: American Folkways), 1954

    Charles A. Pearce, John Alan Appleman

  • Folder: 72, Falcon Press, 1954

    Laurence Pollinger, James Oliver Brown

  • Folder: 73, Heinemann Ltd. (Re:"For Love & Money"), 1954
  • Folder: 74, Letter: Fan, 1954

    Nelly Binst, Emmett F. Dismuke, Thelma Clarke, Cyril Clemens, Florence B. Crane, Max Crews, Mary L. Davie, Drobac, Dr. Nicoló Falchi, Abbie Fowler, John Stuart Groves, Rabun Gap-Nacoochee Junior Guild, Clara Mae Hightower, Mrs. Warren Hiller, Hisao Imae, Cam Hunt, A. Zambrano Lafon, Chester Mc Donaly, Don L. Mitchell, AP Ivan Mooy, R. Nichol, Marian Parker, Roy Pitts, Brady Forner Prince, Clayton E. Rhodes, Lucile L. Richens, Robert Richter, Roosevelt College, Tangipahoa Parish Library, Max Tauber, Eric P. Thorn, Mike & Angela Vill, William J. Wedge Brown Weber, Mary Wood

  • Folder: 75, Letter: Negative, 1954

    Hugo Higgins, Larry King, A.J. Johnson Jr., Mrs. Maximo Racklay, Grover C. Thompson, Victor Weybright

  • Folder: 76, Little, Brown, & Company, 1954

    Stanley Salmen, Nicholas Wreden, James Oliver Brown

  • Folder: 77, Re: "Love & Money", 1954

    James Oliver Brown, Dorothy R. Dreyfus, Duell, Sloan & Pearce, Little Brown & Company

  • Folder: 78, Manuel, Alvin G. (Manuel-Baird Agency), 1954
  • Folder: 79, Morang, Alfred, 1954
  • Folder: 80, New American Library, 1954

    Al Benedict, Neenah A. Burgess, Helen M. Herman, Marc Jaffe, Jay Tower, Theodore Waller, Victor Weybright

  • Folder: 81, Phoenix Broadcasting Company, 1954

    Richard B. Rawls

  • Folder: 82, Publishers: Foreign, 1954

    Verlag Kurt Desch Munchen, Bengali Publishers, M. de Boissard, Valentino Bompiani, Alberto Mondadori, Martin Schulze

  • Folder: 83, "Tragic Ground": Play 1954, 1954

    Marcel Duhamel, Sam McCulloch

  • Folder: 84, Re: Travel - Plans, 1954

    Itineraries, Frank A. Paget, Julius Weiss

  • Folder: 85, Re: Travel Soviet Union, 1954

    James Oliver Brown, Department of State, Alexander Fadeev, Alvin G. Manuel, Polevoy [unidentified], Stanley Salem, R.B. Shipley, Julius Weiss, Victor Weybright

  • Folder: 86, Re:" Tobacco Road" (Film), 1954

    Mills Ten Eyck, Jr.

  • Folder: 87, Weiss, Julius, 1954
  • Folder: 88, A-H, 1955

    Jean-Pierre Alaux, George Agnew, Air Research and Development Command, Albuquerque Public Library, Arizona Manor, Arizona Public Service Co., Asociacion Nacional de Escritores y Artistas, Rosalind Aswell, S.H. Behrman, Broadcast Music, Inc., Bob Cantwell, Celesforo Fuentes Suárez, A. Chakovsky, Betty Clapp, Pierre Cogny, Edwin Corle, Richard Coulson, Darnell, Holesapple & Spaid, René De Cochoir, David Dempsey, Duell, Sloan & Pearce, Inc., Bee-Bee Dunne, Kristian Dyankov, Forest L. Faulkinbury, Thomas A. Ferris, Elmo Groidanetti, Harry Gustkey, Thelma Hanover, Harcourt, Brace and Company, Inc., Sean [unidentified], Ruth C. [unidentifed]

  • Folder: 89, I-Z, 1955

    Independent News Co, Inc., Ludwig Kunz, Alfred A. Knopf Inc., KTVK, Gordon Lewis, Vivianne Lloyd, Norman Macleod, Tim Maloney, Manhunt Detective Story Monthly, Alfred Morang, John C. Mullins, National Black-Eyed Pea Association of America, Inc., Old Pueblo Club, James E. Overpeck, Phyllis Parker, PEN, Phoenix Public Library, Phoenix Press Club, Ralph Radcliffe, Richard B. Rawls, Distinguished Society of Sir Walter Raleigh, Rinehart, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Ryback Wayne Sandurs, Kathryn Ann Sikorski, Aida Sloan, Jeanine Sloue, Ann St. John, Glenna H. Stiffler, Joseph Stocker, Hudson Strode, Kazumi Sugihara, Dick Sundt, Reedy Talton, Tucson Country Club, Tucson Realty & Trust Co., Gretta Van Dyke, R.B. Wible

Box: 5, Dates: 1955-1958


Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Brown, James O. I, 1955
  • Folder: 2, Brown, James O. II, 1955
  • Folder: 3, Caldwell, Jay, 1955
  • Folder: 4, Caldwell, June (Johnson), 1955
  • Folder: 5, Dartmouth College, 1955

    Edward Connery Lathem, Little, Brown & Company

  • Folder: 6, Fawcett Publications, 1955

    James Oliver Brown, Roscoe Fawcett, William C. Lengel

  • Folder: 7, Fletcher, Virginia, 1955
  • Folder: 8, "Re. "God's Little Acre": Dramatization, 1955

    Marcel Duhamel, Sam McCulloch

  • Folder: 9, Heinemann Ltd. (Walter), 1955
  • Folder: 10, Kimball, William F., 1955
  • Folder: 11, Re: Kiwanis Salad Bowl Queen Judging, 1955

    V.A. Pierce

  • Folder: 12, Letters: Fan, 1955

    Allan Baker Jr., Sergio Bertani, Felipe Jáuregui Castillo, Cyril Clemens, Ida Connolly, Paolo Covth, Floy Fars Jr., Elmo Giordanetti, Dorothy Glasgow, John Stuart Groves, Thomas Healey, Paul W. Keith, Rex Lampman, G.A. Heichble, Maynard Leitschuh, Lidia Lukoshuk, Gretchen Millard, R.C. Mitchell, Jerry Mullins, José Neme, Hans Petersen, Chas F. Samson, Vicky Shelpton, Stephen R. Welch, Johnny Welch, Mrs. Lois A. Wolkey

  • Folder: 13, Little, Brown, & Company, 1955

    Ned Bradford, Stanley Salem, Nicholas Wreden

  • Folder: 14, Manuel, Alvin G. (Manuel-Baird Agency), 1955
  • Folder: 15, New American Library, 1955

    Neenah A. Burgess, Kurt Enoch, J. Louis Motz News Co. Protect America League Inc., Signet Books, Julius Weiss, Victor Weybright

  • Folder: 16, Phoenix Broadcasting Company, 1955

    Dale & Eikner, Lucy Krug, John C. Mullins, Richard B. Rawls

  • Folder: 17, Publishers: Foreign, 1955

    Michael Apletin, Valentino Bompiani, Claasseen Verlag, Kurt Desch, Librairie Gallimard, William Heinemann Ltd., Pearn, Pollinger & Higham, Ltd.

  • Folder: 18, Rice, John A. (Re: Stories), 1955
  • Folder: 19, Weiss, Julius, 1955
  • Folder: 20, Weybright, Victor and Helen, 1955
  • Folder: 21, A-D, 1956

    Anselmo Agustine, American Christian Palestine Committee, American Committee for Liberation, American Czechoslovak Association, Arizona Land Title and Trust Company, Bantam Books Inc., Robert U. Bates, Francis H. Beaugureau, Aksel Berentsen, Allen Boretz, The Daily Californian, West Park Publishing Corp., George Bijur, North Callahan, Land Title & Trust Company, Jess Carmack, Emma Jean Caroland, Chakovsky, S. Chernikova, Committee on the Leaders Program, Conference of Asian Writers, Edwin Corle, Brooks Darlington, René De Cochoir, John E. Drewry, Harry Dooley, Kristian Dyankov

  • Folder: 22, E-L, 1956

    Morris L. Ernst, Joe Finnigan, Drew Fletcher, Virginia [unidentified], V.M. Fletcher, Roland Gant, Jessyca Russell Gaver, Barry Goldwater, Grafisk Forlag, Gump's. Benn Hall, Harper & Brothers, Heller, Ehrman, White & McAuliffe, Verlag Herder, Ed Lewis, Independent News Co., Inc., Judith King, Jack Kirkland, V. Kochetov, Alfred Kreymborg, Reuben Levine, Ed Lewis

  • Folder: 23, M-O, 1956

    John C. Mullins, Anna Mocai, Horace S. Montgomery, Luther Nichols, Osker M. Okazawa, Old Pueblo Club, C.F. Palmer, Pennsylvania State University, Ted Pratt, Press & Union League Club, James Purdy

  • Folder: 24, R-Z, 1956

    Jerry Roz, Jennings, Strouss, Salmon & Trask, Cecil Scott, Warren Allen Smith, Paul Speegle, Alexei Surkov, Joseph Tobak, Vic Thornton, Raija Timari, Today NBC Television, Gilbert Turner, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, United States Information Agency, University of Georgia, Vanguard Press, M. Vermilion, David G. Watkins, Women's Scholarship Association, Wrens Community Center, Phil Yorden, Gertrude Young, Margaret Young

  • Folder: 25, Brown, James O. I, 1956
  • Folder: 26, Brown, James O. II, 1956
  • Folder: 27, Caldwell, Jay, 1956
  • Folder: 28, Caldwell, June (Johnson), 1956
  • Folder: 29, Dartmouth College, 1956

    Edward Connery Lathem, Marcus A. McCorison

  • Folder: 30, Duhamel, Marcel, 1956
  • Folder: 31, Menhoffer, George, 1956
  • Folder: 32, Jennings, Strouss, Salmon & Trask, 1956
  • Folder: 33, Kimball, William F., 1956
  • Folder: 34, Letters: Fan, 1956

    Ko Imai, Gene Jones, Marie Jones, Ibrahim A. Jubaira, Ray McIner, Osker M. Okazawa, Arthur Renobach, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Ryback & Son, Ernest K. Schwartz, Denis J. Winnie

  • Folder: 35, Letters: Negative, 1956

    Carter Cochrum, Lawson E. Garwood

  • Folder: 36, Little, Brown, & Company, 1956

    Katherine Ahearn, Ned Bradford, Jim Brown, Henry Castor, Genevieve Dowgialo, Marcia Marks, Mary Elizabeth Mong, Arthur H. Thronhill, Edwin Seaver

  • Folder: 37, Manuel, Alvin G. (Manuel-Baird Agency), 1956
  • Folder: 38, New American Library, 1956

    Neenah A. Burgess, Kurt Enoch, Helen M. Herman, Marc Jaffe, Edward E. Lewis, Hilda Livingston Lindley, Hal Robinson, Truman M. Talley, Jay Tower, Victor Weybright

  • Folder: 39, Re: People-to-People Program, 1956

    James Oliver Brown, William Faulkner

  • Folder: 40, Re: San Francisco House, 1956

    Ann Dunn, Jean Turner

  • Folder: 41, Re: Westminster Spoken Arts Records, 1956

    James Oliver Brown, Arthur Luce Klein

  • Folder: 42, Re: Travel - Plans, 1956

    Ned Bradford, Don Derbyshire, Kurt Enoch, Lee Frankovich, Jim Porown, Victor Weybright

  • Folder: 43, Weiss, Julius, 1956
  • Folder: 44, A-L, 1957

    Max Albleboss, W.A. Anthony, John Alan Appleman, Jack Barnett, Bruce Barton, Francis H. Beaugureau, John R. Bell, Berlitz School of Languages, Herb Caen, Wesley P. Callender Jr., Jack Castel, Central Florida Book Fair, Geo W. Chambers, N. Chartterji, Jonathan Daniels, Donald Dwight Davis, Pete Davis, T.S. Denison & Company, De Young Museum Society, J.P. Didier, John E. Drewry, Mildred Fish, Robert Fish, Drew Fletcher, Pinckney Estes Glantzberg, Jessyca Russel Graver, Bob Goethals, Golden Gate College, Edwin T. Grandy, Harper & Brothers, Wesley Hartley, George Henhoeffer, The Holiday Hotel, Intro Bulletin, Carlo Izzo, K.I. Jamieson, Jennings, Strouss, Salmon, & Trask, William F. Kimball, Rex Lampman, R.A. Landor, Edward E. Lewis, Gordon Lewis, James F. Light, Bill Ludington

  • Folder: 45, M-Z, 1957

    Macmillian Company, The Madison, C.C. McCalbeam, B.W. Middlebrook, John C. Mullins, National Library Week, Luther Nichols, William Van O'Connor, Pacific Northwest International Writers Conference, Pacific Coast Independent Magazine Wholesalers Association, People-to-People Program, Petofi Circle, Pocket Books, Inc., Radio Free Europe, Allen Schwartz, Edward P. Schwartz, Down Seckorn, William Simpson, Spoken Arts, Inc., Norman Steelman, Stockton Record, Reedy Talton, Jim Truitt, Town & Country, Tucson Boys Band Inc., Jean Turner, University of Georgia, University of Virginia, Nelson Wadsworth, Walter Wenitz, James B. Withrowe, Ted Yates Jr.

  • Folder: 46, Berry, E.L (Re. Army-Navy Club, 1957
  • Folder: 47, Brown, James O. I, 1957
  • Folder: 48, Brown, James O. II, 1957
  • Folder: 49, Brown, James O. III, 1957
  • Folder: 50, Caldwell, June (Johnson), 1957
  • Folder: 51, Dartmouth College, 1957

    Inez M. Kellan, Little, Brown, & Co., Marcus A. McCorison

  • Folder: 52, Re: Publications - Foreign, 1957

    Agence Hoffman, Agenzia Letteraria Internazionale, B. Bergsten, Drucksachen, Marcel Duhamel, Donald S. Klopfer, Les Presses de la Cite, Alberto Mondadori, Sven Nielsen, John Van Bibber, Verlag Kurt Desch, Pan Books Ltd, Pearn, Pollinger & Higham, Ltd., Laurence Pollinger, K. Timari, Viking Press Inc.

  • Folder: 53, Re: Film - "God's Little Acre", 1957

    Addie Addison, Albert Ardmore, Sidney Harmon, Doris Kaler, Ted Loeff, Los Angeles Press Club, Mort Nathanson

  • Folder: 54, Letters: Fan, 1957

    Andrew Abdul Jr., Frank Arrington, Bernard Baker, Ralph Bass Jr., Anne Beatham, Jeanne Marianne Bowley, Paul C. Bruhl, Donn Byrne, Sandy Campbell, Thomas Campbell, Violet Irene Davids, Elling Ellingson, Francisco Garcia, Gene Gatlin, Robert Gilkeson, A. Godunov, John Stuart Groves, Roger Harris, Wesley Hartley, Don Holladay, Frederic A. Honold, Edgar I. Ilosking Jr., James H. Kelley, Mrs. Bernice Lantz, Edwin S. Malone, Mrs. Paul A. Martin, Micheal Milinda, Laura Moehlenkamp, Osker M. Okazawa, Edward E. Orio, Jack J. Perfect, Storn Perinwaew, Edward J. Pope, Jr., E. Savateeva, Jim Schendel, Rudolph Seiden, Marie Lena, H.A. Stitt, Dennis J. Winnie, Earl D. Zachman

  • Folder: 55, Little, Brown, & Company, 1957

    James Oliver Brown, Ned Bradford, Jane Buck, A. Bradlee Emmons, Helen L. Jones, Marcia Marks, Mary Rackliffe, Edwin Seaver, Arthur H. Thornhill

  • Folder: 56, Manuel, Alvin G., 1957
  • Folder: 57, New American Library, 1957

    Jack B. Adams, Morris B. Abram, Ralph Daigh, Kurt Enoch, Susan Gold, Helen M. Herman, Marc Jaffe, Edward E. Lewis, Charles Rogers, Jay Tower, Ulman, Victory Weybright

  • Folder: 58, Re: Travel - Europe, 1957

    Lady Avebury, James Oliver Brown, Golden and Linden Expenses, Agence Hoffman, Hotel George V Expenses, Alice Lewitin, Laurence Pollinger, Itineraries, Signet, Today NBC Television, Victor Weybright

  • Folder: 59, Re: Travel - USA, 1957

    Richard Boyce, Expenses, Itineraries, Jay Tower

  • Folder: 60, Weiss, Julius, 1957
  • Folder: 61, A-H, 1958

    Addie Addison, Anne Frank Memorial Foundation, Michael Apletin, John Alan Appleman, Mrs. James Aswell, Arizona State College, Atlantic Monthly, Author League of America Inc., Clifton Waller Barrett, Myer P. Beck, Harry Behn, Henry Broderick, Herb Caen, John L. Carpenter, Henry G. Castor, Herbert Cerwin, Lillie D. Chaffin, Chakovsky, Carvel Collins, Harry Collins, Leila Connell, Frank Daniel, Donald Dwight Davis, T.S. Denison & Company, Tamara Dlugo, Ann Dunn, Theodore G. Ehrasm, Cliff Evans, Roscoe Faucett, Bob Fish, Sean Flannelly, David D. Galloway, Kollerd Gant, Pinckney Estes Glantzberg, Clifford Goldsmith, Manuel Gomes da Torre, Nancy Gray, Jane Hancock, Mrs. Ken Harmon, Mac Hyman

  • Folder: 62, I-P, 1958

    Mary Jones, The Journal, Stetson Kennedy, League for Industrial Democracy, Ed Lewis, Ann & Gordon Lewis, Art Long, Jo Maietta, Kenneth Manson, Mayo Clinic, McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc., John B. Mills, John C. Mullins, Daniel D. Nern, Luther Nichols, Nursery Foundation of St. Louis, Theodore Pratt, Press & Union League Club, Betty Pustarfi, G.P. Putnam's Sons

  • Folder: 63, Q-Z, 1958

    Kathryn J. Robertson, Romeike Press Clippings, Stuart Morton Boland, San Francisco Unified School District, Beverly Scoble, Seymour Shubin, Adele M. Smith, Sidney Solinger, Gene Sosin, Mrs. James C. Spencer, Theta Sigma Phi, Zika Todorovic, Jean Turner, University of Michigan, University of Virginia Alumni, Valley Writers Council, Pat Walters, Alec Waugh, Women's American O.R.J., World Publishing Company, Thomas F. Wright, Writer's Digest, Philip Yordan

  • Folder: 64, Brown, James O. I, 1958
  • Folder: 65, Brown, James O. II, 1958
  • Folder: 66, Brown, James O. III, 1958

Box: 6, Dates: 1958-1960


Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Caldwell, June (Johnson), 1958
  • Folder: 2, Re: Erskine Caldwell Birthday, 1958

    Montgomery Adertine, John Van Bibber, Jim Brown, Herb Carr, John Carr, Caroline and Hayden [unidentified], Jay Caldwell, Harold Chamberline, Dorothy [unidentified], Harry Donenfield, Drew Fletcher, B. Golden, Betty Kraber, Father Moffett, Mother Moffett, Helen and Julius Weiss

  • Folder: 3, Dartmouth College, 1958

    Edward Lathem, Marcus McCorison

  • Folder: 4, Re: Film - "God's Little Acre", 1958

    Associated-Rediffusion Limited, Myer P. Beck, James Brown Associates, Contessa Bompiani, British Broadcasting Corporation, Fayer, Doris Kaler, Murray Lafayette, Edward E. Lewis, Roger H. Lewis, Ted Loeff, National Broadcasting Company, Inc., Pan Books, Inc., Pavia Agency, Romeike Press Clippings, Ross McElroy Productions, Inc., Edward P. Schwartz, Herbert T. Silverberg, United Artists Corp., Victor Weybright

  • Folder: 5, Golden, Owen N., 1958
  • Folder: 6, Laurence Pollinger Limited, 1958
  • Folder: 7, Letters: Fan, 1958

    A+D Tavern, Lisa Anne Barber, Arthur F. Bell, Mrs. Lois Bisbee Samuel A. Bogea, John Boland, James Oliver Brown, John Cadogan, Dwight Chapin, Mary Jane Clove, Mrs. BR. Cooke, James Crain, Carlyle Cross, I. Dunn, Harold Emery, Tony Farinella, George J. Frend, Ray Grakes, Marjorie Lee Hewell, Willard B. Horton, Pearl Bell Jones, Margaret Keiter, Radly Kess, KMLA Broadcasting Corporation, Elizabeth La Dow, Mrs. Edwin B. Lancaster, Loretto Heights College, Leon Arnold Muler, Mitsuyasu Nakashiba, Angel María Ortiz, Farn Periesaus, Giorgio Polacco, Mrs. Fred Powell, Kathryn J. Robertson, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Ryback, Ernest K. Schwartz, Mrs. Lloyd Shields, Mrs. Lenore Silber, Juanita Smith, Sidney Solenger, David J. Stone, Paige Sweeten, H. Walker Taylor, Jr., F. Tyree, Stanley E. Waits, Robert Whittemore

  • Folder: 8, Letters: Negative, 1958

    Mrs. A.C. Glascock, B.W. Huididlebook, C.M. Sherrer

  • Folder: 9, Little, Brown & Company, 1958

    Ned Bradford, James Oliver Brown, Mary Radcliffe, Clare Smith, Arthur H. Thornhill, Walker Cowen, Karol Kavanagh

  • Folder: 10, Re: Lost Stories, 1958

    James Brown Associates, Blanche Prichard McCrum, Victor Weybright, Walter Wriggins

  • Folder: 11, Manuel, Alvin G. Agency, 1958

  • Folder: 12, Re: National Library Week, 1958

    Jamet Baldwin

  • Folder: 13, New American Library, 1958

    Jack B. Adams, Theodore G. Ehrsam, Susan Gold, Helen M. Herman, Marc Jaffe, Jay Tower, Victor Weybright

  • Folder: 14, Publishers: Foreign, 1958

    Agence Hoffman, Lorenzo Batallan, Valentino Bompiani, A. Chakovsky, Marcel Duhamel, George Day, John Dettmer, William Heinemann, Ltd., Iskry Publishing House, James Michie, Roland Grant, Arnoldo Mondadori, Pan Books Ltd., United States Information Agency

  • Folder: 15, Re: Southern Writers Conference, 1958

    John Van Bibber, John E. Drewry, E.R. Watson, Victor Weybright, University of Georgia

  • Folder: 16, Re: Travel: Europe, 1958

    Valentino Bompiani, Tom Curtiss, Victor G. Churchill, Don Derbyshire, PAN Books Ltd., Clarence A.E. Paget, Seymour Poe, United Artists, R. Vernon-Hunt, Ted [unidentified], Vincent's African Safari's Ltd.

  • Folder: 17, Re: Travel: United States, 1958
  • Folder: 18, Weiss, Julius, 1958
  • Folder: 19, A-I, 1959

    Alice [unidentified], Michael Apletin, John Alan Appleman, Helen arnold, Charles Aughtry, Tom Barbour, Taylor Barr, C. Walker Barrett, Myer Beck, Harry Behn, Sallie Bell, Henry Broderick, Howard Brown, Art Buchwald, Herb Caen, Bud Buderus-von-Carlshausen, Henry Castor, Edward Clark, Herbert Clish, Carvel Collins, Dawn Taylor, Newton Crumley, Tom Curtiss, Frank Daniel, Deanna David, Frank Quinn, Don Derbysphine, Mario Domingues, Ed Dowling, John Drewery, Marcel Duhamel, McKee Dunn, Duffy Edwards, MIlls ten Eyck, Larston Farrar, Andrew Fletcher, Bob Goethals, Vivia Haffer, George Hettleman, George Henhoeffer, William Jovanovich, Charles Lee, Susan Margulies, Barney Rosset, George Taylor, Stuart Ward

  • Folder: 20, J-Q, 1959

    C. Jain, Chris Karamichos, E.B. Kennedy, Stetson Kennedym M. Ker-Higgins, KPIX, KQED Show, KCBS, Stephen Levin, Sylvia & Edward Lewis, Edward E. Lewis, Gordon Lewis, Literary Gazette Leontyev, Ted Loeff, Leonard Lyons, Grace Macouillard, Mary Maner, Derrick Mason, Ward S. Miller, Thomas B. Morgan, National Book Awards, National Broadcasting Company, National Library for the Blind, New Directions, Lawrence M. Noble, Northern California Booksellers Association, Oxford University American Association, Pan American World Airways System, Peabody Museum, Press & Union League Club, Promoting Enduring Peace, Inc., Publishers' Adclub, Betty Pustarfi

  • Folder: 21, R-Z, 1959

    Kitty Voorhis Raisor, Arnold Reuben Jr., Humberto M. Rodriguez, Savoy, Susie Scholy, Edwin Seaver, Michail Sholokov, Herbert T. Silverberg, Simon & Schuster, Inc., Jason Smith, Eugenie Soderberg, Elaine Steinbeck, Sylvia & Gaza Strala, Hudson Strode, Theta Sigma Phi, Carol Thirer, Trans World Airlines, Inc., Unesco Publications Center, United Air Lines, United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary, University of Redlands, University of Southern California, University of Virginia, Viking Press Inc, Gwen Walkup, Marion G. Walkup, Alec Waugh, John C. Willey

  • Folder: 22, Agents: Foreign, 1959

    Agenzia Letteraria Internazionale, E.C. Memo, Gallimard, Societe de Gens de Lettres de France, Victor Gollancz, Ltd., Robert Harben, Hugh Heinemann, Leonhardt, Juan Moncunill, Mohrbooks, Laurence Pollinger, James Brown Associates, Inc., Clique Limited, Charles E. Tuttle Co.

  • Folder: 23, Re: The American Academy of Arts and Letters, 1959
  • Folder: 24, Brown, James O. I, 1959
  • Folder: 25, Brown, James O. II, 1959
  • Folder: 26, Brown, James O. III, 1959
  • Folder: 27, Caldwell, Dee (Dabney), 1959
  • Folder: 28, Caldwell, Janet (Gooding), 1959
  • Folder: 29, Caldwell, June (Johnson), 1959
  • Folder: 30, Caldwell, Pix (Erskine Jr.), 1959
  • Folder: 31, Re: "Claudell Einglish", 1959
  • Folder: 32, Dartmouth College, 1959

    Edward Connery Lathem

  • Folder: 33, Erskine College, 1959

    John Densmore Smith

  • Folder: 34, Letters: Fan, 1959

    Rene Auville, Bernard Baker, B.J. Balcar, Ingle Barr, Antonin Borna, Walter B. Bullock, Noel Ivan Burton, Floe Coolidge, Nancy Dewy, Michael Dorn, Michael Dorn, Gladys Giancarald, Marjorie Greene, Maude Miller Greer, George Head, Kitty H.R., Jack Jones, Irvin Kerlan, Phyllis Kegen, Taigook Kim, Andra Litum, Popauy Lvolv, Ludwig Lyncker, John Mccarthy, Howard Manisch, Chas E. Manning, Arley Moore, Angelus Nascimento, David Nolan, Edward Oppenheim, Gary Lee Pelton, Doris Pollack, Florence Poinst, Helen Q [unidentified], Niels Randkaer, Bill Rorick, J. Scarborough, Takayuki Shibata, Memduha Soyilgon, H.F. Spea, Floyel Strech, Leslie Titcomb, Leslie Thorpe, David Tyree, Wim Van Gansbeke, Stanley Walt

  • Folder: 35, Letters: Negative, 1959

    Consoto, B.W. Middlebrook

  • Folder: 36, Little, Brown, & Company, 1959

    Ned Bradford, Charles B. Blanchard, Jim Brown, William Chleboun, Michael Z. Hobson, Helen L. Jones, Karol Kavanagh, Mary Rackkliffe, Edwin Seaver, Arthur H. Thornhill

  • Folder: 37, Manuel, Alvin G., 1959
  • Folder: 38, New American Library, 1959

    Jack B. Adams, Arabel J. Porter, Jay Tower, Victor Weybright

  • Folder: 39, Re: Publishers: Foreign, 1959

    ABC Television Ltd., Michail Apletin,A/S Bookman, A. Chakovsky, S. Dangulov, Dilia: Czechoslovak Theatrical and Literary Society, Euricio N. Fernandes, William Heinemann Ltd., The Hellenic-American Union, Kindler Verlag, Librairie Gallimard, Livraria Bertrand, J.M. Meulenhoff, Mohrbooks, Arnoldo Mondadori Editore, National Library for the Blind, Obunsha Company Ltd, PAN Books Ltd, Plaza & Janés, S.A., Laurence Pollinger Ltd, Portugália Editora Lda, Kindler Verlag, Rowohlt Taschenbuch Verlag, Royal National Institute for the Blind, Svetová Literatura, Charles E. Tuttle Company, Verlag Kurt Desch Munchen

  • Folder: 40, The Raven Society at the University of Virginia 1959, 1959
  • Folder: 41, Re: "Tobacco Road" - Arbitration, 1959

    American Arbitration Association, James Brown Associates Inc.,

  • Folder: 42, Re: Travel: Europe, 1959

    Travel Itineraries, Addresses, Florida Reservations, Jack B. Adams

  • Folder: 43, United States Information Agency, 1959

    U.S. Information Agency, The Foreign Service of the United States of America, United States Department of State

  • Folder: 44, Weiss & Bronston, 1959
  • Folder: 45, A-H, 1960

    Roscoe & Elizbeth [unidentified], Bettie [unidentified], Addenbrooke, David & Nusia Afflebaum, American Airlines, Betty Beaugureau, Francis Beaugureau, Harry Behn, Melvin M. Belli, Shelley Berman, Niven Busch, Luther Burbank, Jerry Bundsen, Art Buchwald, John Brown, Herb Caen, Bob Curran, "Celebrities Cookbook", Maurice M. Chanis, Chas Pfizer & Co. Inc., Walter E. Clapp, Morrill Cody, Carvel Collins, Committee of Arts, Letters and Sciences for John F. Kennedy, Concept, Barnaby Conrad, Leo M.F. Corvin, Don S. Cory, Coward-McCann, Inc., Kyle Crichton, Newt Crumley, Mr. & Mr. Newton Crumley, Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Worth Daniels Mrs. Jack L. Davies, Frank Daniels, Mario Delgado, Don Debyshire, F.A. de Mordes Mrs. Ambrose Nevin Diehl, Doris & John Eacret, Edward MacDowell Assoication, Inc., Rev. Edwin E. Egan, M.S., Electrolux Corporation, Paul S. Eriksson, Drew Fletcher, Elaine Freers, Frida, Elmo Giordanetti, Herbert Gold, Jack Goldstein, Grolier, Rust Hills, Edwin T. Grandy's, Hansen & Peterman

  • Folder: 46, J-Q, 1960

    Japan P.E.N. Club, Julian Messner, Inc., J.B. Lippincott Co., Mrs. Arthur J. Kates, Kents Hill School, Jack Kirkland, KPIX, Ed Lewis, A. Kuppeh, Ted Loeff, Mary Maner, William Maner, Peter Michelmor, G.E. McGavran, Ron Miller, Barbary Murry, Kiyoko Mishikawa, Ohio State University, Peabody Museum, PEN, Playboy, James E. Overpeck, Pravda, Press & Union League Club, Betty Pustarfi, James Putnam, G.P. Putnam's Sons, Quote and Unquote

  • Folder: 47, R-Z, 1960

    Tony Raslpn, Henry Romeike, Inc., Edmond Ronaky, Angelo Sabella, San Francisco Lecture Series, W.A. Singer, Francis E. Skipp, Elizabeth Stephen, Jay W. Stevens, N. Tatsunnokuchi, Time, Charles E. Tuttle Company, Gwen Walkup, David G. Watkins, Weiss & Bronston, Whitney Museum of American Art, William Morrow & Co., Writer's Digest, Yaba Academy

  • Folder: 48, Agents/Publishers: England, 1960

    Robert Harben, William Heinemann, PAN Books Ltd, Laurence Pollinger Limited

  • Folder: 49, Agents/Publishers: Japan, 1960

    Charles E. Tuttle Co., Kenkyusha Publishing Co. Ltd

  • Folder: 50, Agents/Publishers: Portugal, 1960

    Euricio N. Fernandes, Portugália Editora, Lda.

  • Folder: 51, Agents/Publishers: USSR, 1960

    Frieda [unidentified], S. Dangulov

  • Folder: 52, Agents/Publishers: Yugoslavia, 1960

    M. Stojanovic,Ljerka Radovic, Zika Todorovic

  • Folder: 53, Agents/Publishers: Other Foreign, 1960

    Agenzia Letteraria Internazionale, Budapest Municipal Library,Carlota Frahm, Lena I. Gedin, James Oliver Brown, Charlotte Lazlo, Librarie Gallimard, Mohrbrooks Literary Agency, Plaza & Janes, S.A.

  • Folder: 54, Brown, James O. I, 1960
  • Folder: 55, Brown, James O. II, 1960
  • Folder: 56, Caldwell, Dabney (Dee), 1960
  • Folder: 57, Caldwell, Janet, 1960
  • Folder: 58, Caldwell, Jay (J.E.), 1960
  • Folder: 59, Caldwell, Pix (Erskine Jr.), 1960

Box: 7, Dates: 1960-1962


Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Caldwell, June J., 1960
  • Folder: 2, Dartmouth College, 1960

    Edward Connery Lathem, William B. Meredith, Georgia Milovsoroff, Elizabeth M. Sherrard

  • Folder: 3, Farrar, Straus, & Cudahy, Inc., 1960

    James Oliver Brown, Robert Giroux, Roger W. Strauss Jr.

  • Folder: 4, Lakeview High School, 1960

    David W. Beggs

  • Folder: 5, Letters: Fan, 1960

    Max Ammann, M.C. Aimes, Bernard Baker, B.K. Bakshi, David W. Beggs, Patti Caesar, Jack F. Case, Enrique Moreno Castillo, Moon Kil Cang, Claude M. Chatt, Gerald R. Cunningham, Linda M. Davis, Tamara Delugo, Albert Fenton, Fran Flapan, Gene Fowler, Bernice Jones, Jack L. Jones, Richard A. Jones, Beatrice Kay, John Kirton, Hineyim Kowbuyik, Clarence Ledford, Ralph M. Livingsong, John Mebane, Gladys H. Montagne-Lawrence, L.S. Nailor, Bent Petersen, B.J. Ross, Gumian Rosmood, Erik Rye, Frans Samsaw, Laura de Jesus Saruva, Eddie Sousa, William W. Stanhope, Willis Van Nosdall, Geoffry White

  • Folder: 6, Letters: Negative, 1960

    Bil Mack

  • Folder: 7, Little, Brown, & Company, 1960

    Larned G. Bradford, Deborah A. Dunning, Karol Kavanagh, Elizabeth Marden, Mary Rackliffe, Arthur H. Thornhill

  • Folder: 8, Manuel, Alvin G., 1960
  • Folder: 9, New American Library, 1960

    Jack B. Adams, Kurt Enoch, Walter Freeman, Helen M. Herman, Truman M. Talley, Jay Tower, Victor Weybright

  • Folder: 10, The Raven Society of University of Virginia, 1960

    Phillip J. Walker

  • Folder: 11, Re: Winter Olympic Games (VII), 1960

    C.H. Becker, Dee Caldwell, Press & Union League Club

  • Folder: 12, Steinbeck, Elaine & John, 1960
  • Folder: 13, Re: "Tobacco Road" (Off-Broadway), 1960

    Edette Borell, James Oliver Brown, Irvin Dorfman, Jack Kirkland, Jane Randall

  • Folder: 14, United States Information Service, 1960

    Morrill Cody, United States Foreign Service

  • Folder: 15, University of Nevada, 1960

    Charlton G. Laird

  • Folder: 16, A-D, 1961

    American Merchant Marine Library Association, Angel Island Publications Inc., Atlanta Journal, Louis W. Ballou, Ingle Barr, Harry Behm, Sallie Bell, Belskaya, Lorrise & Sally Bett, Brooklyn College, Whit Burnett, Niven Busch, Herb Caen, Chakovsky Inolit, Chilton Company, Chris [unidentified], Cyril Clemens, Carvel Collins, Barnaby Conrad, Contact, George Newnes & C. Arthur Pearson Ltd., Mrs. Hyman Cohen, Coward-McCann Inc., Tom Curtiss, Frank Daniel, Jonathan Daniels, Francis X. Deale, Mrs. Ambrose Diehl, Ann Dunn

  • Folder: 17, E-L, 1961

    Bob Ellison, Erskine College, Euphemism Literary Society, Charger Euish, Evergreen Review Inc., Drew Fletcher, Charles Fontaine, Lee Frankovich, Virginia Frere, Betty Furness, Owen N. Golden, Clarence Gohdes, Bobo Guccione, Harper & Brothers, Harvard University, Harvard College Library, Atcheson L. Hench, Rust Hills, Bill Holden, Elizabeth Holden, Hotel Pierre, House of Books, Kaname Imanaga, Charles G. Inglish, Iron Pot Restaurant, Roy Jansen, Lakeview High School, Edward Lewis, Ted Loeff, Lynn Farnol Group, Leonard Lyons

  • Folder: 18, M-P, 1961

    Mary Alastair Macdonald, Mary Maner, Frederick Manfred, Marron Montgomery, Jim Moran, Albert Mordell, John C. Mullins, William F. Naughton, Jr., New York Public Library, Novosti Press Agency, Kiyoko Nushikawa, William Peden, PEN, Katalin Peter, Dene Petitclerc, Phoenix Press Club, Playboy, Fred H. Potter, Fred Powledge

  • Folder: 19, Q-Z, 1961

    Radio Budapest, Harold A. Robinson, Carrie Mononig Robinson, Bill Ryan, Kenneth Saunders, Walter Landor, Virginia Firenze, Scott Newhall, San Francisco Chronicle, San Franscisco International Film Festival, Roy O. Scholz, Edward P. Schwartz, Jerome S. Siegel, Charles D. Silverberg, Andre Sirois, Kathleen Stephens, Lindy Stone, Susie [unidentified], Thos. Cook & Son, University of Virginia, USSR Writers Union, Vanguard Press, Inc., Wallace [unidentified], Warner Bros. Pictures Inc., William Morrow & Company, Inc, Writer's Digest, Rabindra Centenary Celebration Sub-Committee

  • Folder: 20, Agents/Publishers: Demark, 1961

    James Brown, Grafisk Forlag, Jul Hansen, Alberto Kappenberger, Edith Kilerich, Ida Klerk, Kelvin Lindemann, Carl Werner Stogholm

  • Folder: 21, Agents/Publishers: England, 1961

    William Heinemann Ltd, PAN Books, PEN, Laurence Pollinger Limited

  • Folder: 22, Agents/Publishers: Finland, 1961

    Finnish-American Society, Lena I. Gedin United States Information Agency

  • Folder: 23, Agents/Publishers: France, 1961

    Finnish-American Society, Lena I. Gedin United States Information Agency, Center Culturel Americain, André Strauss, William Aspenwal Bradley, Marcel Duhamel, Pen Club, Bernard Rosier, Annelie L. Ullian, Victor Weybright

  • Folder: 24, Agents/Publishers: Germany, 1961

    Virginia Caldwell, Erich Kupfer, Klaus Kupfer, Erich Luth, David W. Smith, Mohrbooks Zurich

  • Folder: 25, Agents/Publishers: Holland, 1961

    James Oliver Brown, Virginia Caldwell, J.M. Meulenhoff

  • Folder: 26, Agents/Publishers: Italy, 1961

    Agenzia Letteraria Internazionale, Valentino Bompiani, Alberto Mondadori

  • Folder: 27, Agents/Publishers: Norway, 1961

    James Brown, Virginia Caldwell, Carlota Frahm, Gyldendal Norsk Forlag

  • Folder: 28, Agents/Publishers: Sweden, 1961

    Bo Beskow, Virginia Caldwell, Lena I. Gedin, Importbokhandeln, PEN, B. Wahlstroms Bokforlag

  • Folder: 29, Agents/Publishers: Yugoslavia, 1961

    Banque Nationale, Bosiljka Krajacic, Virginia Caldwell, Jugoslovenska Autorska Agencija, Ljerka Radovic

  • Folder: 30, Agents/Publishers: Other Foreign, 1961

    Jack B. Adams, Bar-David Literary Agency, Czytelnik Publishers, S. Dangoulov, Editorial Hermes S.A., L. Fernandez, Livros do Brasil Limitada, Narodna Kultura, Ostrowski, Portugália Editora Lda., Elena R., Helen Romanova, Szymanska

  • Folder: 31, Agnes Scott College, 1961

    Wallace M. Alston, Margret G. Trotter

  • Folder: 32, Brown, James O. I, 1961
  • Folder: 33, Brown, James O. II, 1961
  • Folder: 34, Caldwell, Dabney (Dee), 1961
  • Folder: 35, Caldwell, Janet, 1961
  • Folder: 36, Caldwell, Jay (J.E.), 1961
  • Folder: 37, Caldwell, June J., 1961
  • Folder: 38, Caldwell, Pix (Erskine Jr.), 1961
  • Folder: 39, Caldwell, Virginia (Moffett Fletcher), 1961
  • Folder: 40, Dartmouth College, 1961

    Edward Connery Lathem, Georgia Milovsoroff, Richard W. Morin, Elizabeth M. Sherrard Herbert F. West, Victor Weybright

  • Folder: 41, Farrar, Straus, & Cudahy, Inc., 1961

    James Oliver Brown, Lynn Caine, John Farrar, Robert Giroux, Margaret Sheffield, Roger W. Straus Jr., H.D. Vursell

  • Folder: 42, Re: "God's Little Acre" - Play, 1961

    Ben F. Conway, Don M. Dickinson, Pinckney Estes Glantzberg, Frances Goforth, Alvin G. Manuel

  • Folder: 43, Re: Lectures/TV Appearance, 1961

    Abby Brown, Cynthia Coulson, Lawrence R. Dawson Jr., Pineywoods Writers' Conference, Minnette Ker-Higgins, Robert Northshield, Holly Simonds, Roger w. Straus Jr., Texas Joint English Committee, University of California, University of Missouri, University of Southern California

  • Folder: 44, Letters: Fan, 1961

    Michael Anderson, Monique Bach, Kazimierz Bielecki, Nillei Playee Boyce, Poul Christensen, Horst Cizek, Ed Combs, Kenneth E. Crouch, Joe Dague Jr., M. Dawd, Richard DeVan, Dusan Djokic, Fausto Vaz Dos Santos, Elling Elingson, Miclaela Galantz, Jerome Bues, William B. Hamby, Merfroe Hansen, Nellie Harrison, A.S. Hodges, Tore Johansen, John Marshall High School, E. Kue, Deutsch Ladislau, Ginette Lumalé, Martha Melum, J.M. Muller, Alexander Nahas, John D. Ogden, Michael Pinchbeck, Pinchney, T. Roy Pitts, Virgilio A. Planas, Colleen H. Polton, Dick Rainer, Betty Rooker, David E. Ross, Renato Saggiori, Gebs Saleuof, Francis St. C. Sauser, Joseph Shapiro, Peter B. Shikes, Jacqueline Stephens, Doug Studholme, Joseph C. Sadbeck, Zeprgen Sghist, Jean Tigar, Milos Ullilinkovic, Willis Van Needall, Audrey Weiss, Kent Wheeler, Thomas R. Wilson

  • Folder: 45, Letters: Negative, 1961

    Association of Scandinavian Women, Frances S. Hazelet,

  • Folder: 46, Little, Brown, & Company, 1961

    Sylvia N. Berman, Charles B. Blanchard, Ned Bradford, James Oliver Brown, Arthur H. Thornhill

  • Folder: 47, Manuel, Alvin G. (Agency), 1961
  • Folder: 48, Re: McIver, Ray "That Rising Sun", 1961
  • Folder: 49, New American Library, 1961

    J. Bradley Cumings, Helen H. Lawkins, Arabel J. Porter, Dorothy L. Shereff, Jay Tower, Victor Weybright

  • Folder: 50, Re: Travel, 1961
  • Folder: 51, Steinbeck, Elaine & John, 1961
  • Folder: 52, United States Information Agency, 1961

    Morrill Cody, George D. Henry, Frank J. Lewland, Robert W. Lindvall

  • Folder: 53, Weiss & Bronston, 1961

    Eugene Schuster

  • Folder: 54, A-D , 1962

    Stan A., Mel Alpern, John Alan Appleman, Authors Guild Bulletin [Marjorie Hillis Roulston], Barringer Hotel [Ray Campbell], Belli, Ashe & Gerry [Claudia Waggoner], Sallie Bell, Melvin M. Belli, Harvey Breit, Henry Brockerick, Art Buchwald, Hans D. Buchwald, Whit & Hallie Burnett, Mrs. Nivon Busche, Herb Caen, Cyril Clemens, Jane Cody, Collier Books [Harin Quist], Contact[Bill Ryan], James Graham Cook, Don S. Cory, Carlyle Cross, Fran Crumley, Newt Crumley, The Daily Progress [Gladys Reckley], Frank Daniel, Jonathan Daniels, Dramatists Guild [David Levine]

  • Folder: 55, E-L, 1962

    Erskine College [E.A. Sloan], Howard Erskine & Joseph Hayes, Nori Evans, Louis Filler, Alla T. Ford, W. Lionel Fraser, [unidentified], Betty Furness, Gale Research Company [ James Etheridge], Dorothy [unidentified] Gillian, Owen N Golden, Grove Press Inc. [Barney Rosset], Marrijane Hayes, Frieda Helen, Atcheson Hench, Rust Hills, Ernie Hutter, Jamers Brown Associates [ James Oliver Brown] and William M. Jones, Julian Messner, Inc. Publishers [Lora Orrmont], Yashar Kemal, Jack Kirkland, Ed Lewis, Life [Jane Duvall Alexander, Barbara Barrett], Wallace W. Littell

  • Folder: 56, M-R, 1962

    Marguerite [unidentified], Edith Beam Mayes, C C McCollum, McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc. [Sonia Levinthal], McIntosh and Otis, Inc. [ Elizabeth R. Otis], Cecil Mills, John B. Mills, Jim and Kay Moran, Dolores Morin, John C. Mullins, Luther Nichols, Terrence O'Flaherty, Bill Peden, The P.E.N. [James Putnam], Tran Phong, Bill Pinchot, Fred Powledge, National Leader [Donald Denton], Aili Ravila, KPHO Radio and Television [Richard Rawls], Mr. and Mrs. Gustaf L. Rehngren, Paul R. Reynolds & Son [Paul R. Reynolds], Riverside Hotel [Lona M. Grove], Roy and Susie [unidentified]

  • Folder: 57, S-Z, 1962

    San Francisco International Film Festival [George Christopher Mayor of San Francisco], Edward Schwartz,Henry and Ludmilla Shapiro, Jerome Siegel, Herbert T. Silverberg Law Offices (Irene A. Irwin),Simon and Schuster Inc. (Leon Shimkin), Fernanda Sotsass Pivano, Milton Sperling, Robert Paul Spielman, Spoken Arts Inc. [Arthur Luce Klein], Jay W. Stevens, Gregory Smith,The Suns [Jane Putnam], Treasury Department, Teachers' Retirement System of Georgia, [unidentified],University of Nevada [David Heron],University of Virginia [John Cook Wyllie, Louise Savage, William H. Runge], Louis Untermeyer, U.S. Information Agency [Morill Cody, Wallace W. Littell, Evelyn Eisenstadt, Stan G. Barsky], Bill Walsh, Warwick Hotel [Thomas Q. Lempertz], Armitage Watkins, David G. Watkins, Alec Waugh,William Morrow & Company Inc. [John C. Willey]

  • Folder: 58, Agents/Publishers: Demark, 1962

    A/S Bookman [Lise Telling], Grafisk Forlag [Vivi Berendt]

  • Folder: 59, Agents/Publishers: England, 1962

    William Heinemann Ltd [John, Bill Holden, A. Dwye Evans], A. Dwye Evans,The New English Library [ E. Maxwell- Arnot], Pan Books [Clarence]

  • Folder: 60, Agents/Publishers: France, 1962

    William Aspenwall Bradley [Mrs. W.A. Bradley, unidentified], Editions Gallimard [ unidentified]

  • Folder: 61, Agents/Publishers: Italy, 1962

    Agenzia Letteraria Internazionale [ unidentified], Casa Editrice Valentino Bompiani & C. [Valentino Bompiani], Alberto Mondadori

  • Folder: 62, Agents/Publishers: Poland, 1962

    Adam Ostrowski, Iena Szymanska, Zofia Wisniewska,

  • Folder: 63, Agents/Publishers: USSR, 1962

    "Foreign Literature" Magazine [ A. Chakovsky, S. Dangulov], V. Shatskov, B.Beknazar-Yuzbashev

  • Folder: 64, Agents/Publishers: Other Foreign, 1962

    Robert Harben, Fovarosi Szabo Ervin Konyvtar, Radio Budapest [ Adras Tardos], Editorial Hermes, S.A. [Antonio Lopez Rivero], Livraria Bertrand S.A.R.L. [Unidentified], Lena I. Gedin, Tran Phong, Lerke Radovic

  • Folder: 65, Attorneys, 1962

    [Unidentified], Heller, Ehrman, White & McAuliffe [ Richard Guggenhime, Charles Clifford, Lawrence C. Baker], Jennings Strouss, Salmon & Trask [ Riney Salmon], Weiss & Bronston [Julius Weiss, Eugene Schuster]

  • Folder: 66, Brown, James O., 1962
  • Folder: 67, Caldwell, Dabney (Dee), 1962
  • Folder: 68, Caldwell, Janet, 1962
  • Folder: 69, Caldwell, Jay, 1962
  • Folder: 70, Caldwell, June J., 1962
  • Folder: 71, Caldwell, Pix (Erskine Jr.), 1962
  • Folder: 72, Cy Donner Enterprises, 1962
  • Folder: 73, Dartmouth College Trip, 1962

    Edward Connery Lathem, Elizbeth M. Sherrard, Georgia Milovsoroff, Herbert West, New England Surgical Society [M. Dawson Tyson], Severn Duvall, Hitchcock Clinic [M.Dawson Tyson, E.M. Andrews], Equinox House and Villas, Jean Tyson, Richard. W Morin

  • Folder: 74, Farrar, Straus, & Cudahy, Inc., 1962

    Roger W. Straus, Jr., John Peck, University of Virginia [William Peden], The New American Library [Victor Weybright]

  • Folder: 75, Fletcher, Drew, 1962
  • Folder: 76, Harvard College (for Jay Caldwell), 1962

    Fred L. Glimp, Mildred Powell, James H. Case III

  • Folder: 77, Re: Jay Caldwell & Drew Fletcher - Europe Travel, 1962

    Thos. Cook & Son Inc. [ Louise Gallager]

  • Folder: 78, Re: "Jenny By Nature" - Motion Picture Rights, 1962

    Al Manuel, George Jessel

  • Folder: 79, Re: Lectures and Appearances, 1962

    KNX CBS Radio Pacific Network [Ace Diamond], CBS News [Cynthia Coulson], Colorado State University [Lawrence R. Dawson, Jr., Lewis Thomas], Commonwealth of Virginia [Louis G. Locke], Florida Theatre Conference [Sam Malphurs], Betty Furness [Marcia Morehead], KPFK [ Ruth Hirschman], KNXT News [Maury Green], New American Library [Abby Brown], Ralph Potts, Pineywoods Writers' Conference [ Elma Heard], University of California [ Rosalind Loring], University of Southern California [ Herman Harvey], University of Virginia [ John Cook Wyllie, Donald M. MacKay]

  • Folder: 80, Letters: Fan, 1962

    Anne Marie Abadie, Jonathn Allan, Myra Ammons, Edgewater High School [Thomas Areskog], Jacob Bacal, Ingle Barr, David Battan, Kenneth Bell,National Women's Committee of Brandeis University [Ailene R. Scott], Selma Broughton, Rodney G. Dakin, Luis [unidentified], George L. Emery, The English-American Library of Nice [Theodore N. Bessunger], Esther F. Everett, John H. Fine, Albert Fenton, Harold Fogelman,Friends of C. Burr Artz Library [Annabel Lundgren], Jerry Glenn, Graf-Engelbert-Oberschule Boehum, David Green Jr.,Wojciech Gut, Gerald Greenspan, W.L. Harvey, House of Flowers, Ambroziehicz Htadystah, Katherine O. Jarrell, Robert Johann, Junior League of Little Rock [Jean H. Wiels], Junior Woman's Club of Ligonier, Pennsylvania [Mary Lou Dunbery], Marc Kessler, Bob Kirk, Jo Leslie, Suzanne Lewis, Steven R. Mattis, John Mebane, Dan Montemarano, W.R. Moop, Jr., Jan Pazola, Joseph Peikes, Mark M. Piers, Sofia Przybylska, Bill Sanders, Colonel Louis L. Schlosser, Jr., Lester Schreyer, Norman Scovionivk, H. G. Seymour, Joseph Shapiro, Peter B. Shikes, Thurman Shortridge, L.F. Smith, Ilene Spencer, Robert P. Spielman, Genevieve Claire Sullivan, Robert Sutorius, Louis Teplitsky, Louis Thompson, Sheila Anne Thompson, Josephine Voigt, [unidentified]

  • Folder: 81, Little, Brown, & Company, 1962

    Arthur H. Thornhill, Charlie B. Blanchard, Stanley Hart, Charlotte M. Wheatley, Sally Carroll, Larned Bradford, Elizabeth Marden

  • Folder: 82, Manuel, Alvin G. - Agency, 1962

    Al Manuel, Charles Silverberg, Thomas McNulty, Ted Loeff

  • Folder: 83, McIver, Ray, 1962
  • Folder: 84, New American Library I, 1962

    Victor Weybright, Dorothy L. Shereff, Davis Crippen, Jay Tower, Andrew Fletcher, Carol Passavant, George M. McCorkle, Kurt Enoch, Jack B. Adams, Abby Brown

  • Folder: 85, New American Library II, 1962

    Victor Weybright, George M. McCorkle, James Brown, Robert Wohlforth, Abby Brown, Raymond F DeVoe, Kurt Enoch, Jay Tower, Dorothy L. Shereff, Truman M. Talley (Mac), Jack B. Adams, Sylvia B. Richmond, Davis Crippen

Box: 8, Dates: 1962-1964


Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Pollinger, Laurence, 1962
  • Folder: 2, Saha, Mark, 1962
  • Folder: 3, Steinbeck, Elaine & John, 1962
  • Folder: 4, Re: Travel, 1962

    Ilona Paczkowvska, Bronislaw Zielinski, Adam Ostrowski, Laurence Pollinger, American Express Company, Hotel Frankfurter Hof [A. Wachs], Jeppesen & Co. [Joseph D. Harrington], New American Library [Victor Weybright], Thos. Cook & Son [Louise Gallager]

  • Folder: 5, Williams, Annie Laurie, 1962
  • Folder: 6, Untermeyer, Louis (Re: Moder Masters Books for Children), 1962
  • Folder: 7, A-F, 1963

    [Unidentified], [unidentified], The Foreign Service of the United States of America [Stanley B. Alpern], Benjamin Appel, Harry Behn, Joseph W. Bennington Henry Broderick, Abby Brown, John Brown, Hans D. Buchwald, Story Magazine [ Whit Burnett], Niven Busch [ unidentified], John J. Byrne, Herb Caen, Vic Bergeron, Mrs. Caine, Mid-Carolina High School, Dorothy Cash, Collier Books [Bruno Fischer], Massachussetts Institute of Technology [ Carvel Collins], Contrast [Tibor R. Machan, Gregory Smith], Country Club Estates, Inc., Carlyle Cross, Jonathan Daniels,Cy Donner Productions, Dwye, Dyankov [Yonka Kristian], WSB Radio and Television [ Elmo Ellis], Erskine College [J. M. Lesesne], Fact Magazine [Raphael Paganelli], San Jose State College [ Louis Filler], "Foreign Literature" Magazine [S. Dangoulov], Daniel James, Frere, Leonard V. Fulton, San Francisco Chronicle [ Charles E. Downie]

  • Folder: 8, G-L, 1963

    Pinckney Estes Glantzberg, Frances Goforth, Grove Press, inc. [Barney Rosset], Sherry Hackett, Marrijane Hayes, University of Virginia [ Atcheson L. Hench], George Henhoeffer, Hitchcock Clinic, Houghs Neck Congregational Church [ LeRoy L. Rounseville, Jr.], House of Flowers, Ernie Hutter, Beth Fagenstorm,Investments Management Corporation [James H. Stroman], [unidentified], MJ, William V. Kirkpatrick, Kim Gaul-Kwan, Murry Lafayette, Billy Latham, Staney Lazarus, Leonard [unidentified], Anne Lewis, Ed Lewis,Lester Linsk, Nancy Lingley

  • Folder: 9, M-R, 1963

    Devere W. McGuffin,Tibor R. Machan, Mary Maner, Marguerite,G.E. McGavran [ Charin Wakefield], Ramon Montero, Kay Moran, Anne Morin, Dolores Morin, Motor Trend [Michael Lamm], Mullins Broadcasting Company [John C. Mullins], Mitsubishi [Oscar M. Okazawa], Arthur Orrmont, Margaret Parton, Alicia Patterson, University of Missouri [William Peden],Ed and Janice Pine,Kazimierz Piotrowski, Playboy [ Hugh M. Hefner, A.C. Spectorsky, Sheldon Wax], Betty Pustarfi, G. P. Putnam's Sons [Dolly Davis], Duska Todorovic Radovic, Aili Pavila, Helen Romanova, Romeike Press Clippings [ Richard R. Burt], Marion Rubenstein

  • Folder: 10, S-Z, 1963

    Mark Saha, San Francisco Chronicle [Abe Mellinkoff, Charles Downie, Gordon Pates], San Francisco Copywriter's Club [ Robert Pritikin], San Francisco Examiner [Mildred Schroeder, Kathleen Doyle], City and County of San Francisco [Irving Levin], Edward Schwartz, Betty Sheriana, Earl [Unidentified], Charles D. Silverberg, Simon and Schuster, inc. [Anne Tiffany, Kerstin Larsson, Henry W. Simon], Elaine Steinbeck, Stephen F. Austin State College [ R.W. Steen], Kathleen Stephens, Stork Club [ Thomas R. Wendelken], The Sun [ Gene Robertson], Alexandrov Alexey Surkov, Syracuse University [Martin H. Bush], Connie T., Taiyo [Kenichi Tanigawa], Andrew Turnbull, TV Guide [ Merrill Panitt], University of Texas Press [ J.E. Weems], University of Virginia Library [John Cook Wylllie, Neal B. Thornton,{unidentified] Walkup, Hollywood News Features [ Brandon E. Weeks], WHER [Dotty Abbott], The White House [ M. Tawken], William Morrow & Company, Inc. [ John Shinn], Howard Wilson, Glenway Wiscott, Bronislaw Zielinski

  • Folder: 11, Agents/Publishers: England, 1963

    William Heinemann Ltd [Bill Holden, Charles S. Pick, unidentified, John,], National Library for the Blind [W.A. Munford]

  • Folder: 12, Agents/Publishers: Italy, 1963

    Linder AG [ Rene de Chocor, Erich Linder], Agenzia Letteraria Internazionale [ unidentified], Casa Editrice Valentino Bompiani & C. [Valentino Bompiani], Alberto Mondadori, New American Library [ David Brown, Al Manuel], La Redazione [ Giuliana Broggi]

  • Folder: 13, Agents/Publishers: USSR, 1963

    Belskaya Literary Gazette,"Foreign Literature" Magazine [ S. Dangulov, B. Ryurikov], "Friendly Soviet Writers", Izdatelstva [Pavel Chuvikov], USSR Writers Union [ Helen Romanova]

  • Folder: 14, Agents/Publishers: Yugoslavia, 1963

    Ljerka Radovic, Jugoslovenska Autorska Agencija [ B. Simic]

  • Folder: 15, Agents/Publishers: Other, 1963

    Bulgaria: Kristian Dynkov, Ivo N. Garvalov, France: Mrs. William Aspenwall Bradley, La Guilde du Livre [M. Bernasconi], Germany: Kindler Verlag GMBH Munchen [Dr. Wendelberger], Kurt Desch, Holland: Meulenhoff & Co. [ John R. Meulenhoff], Pakistan: West Pakistan Writers' Guild, Poland: Spoldzielnia Wydawnicza Czytelnik [Irena Szymanska], Portugal: Eurico Fernandes, Livros Do Brasil [ Antonio De Souza-Pinto], Romania: Luceafarul [ Ilie Purcaru, Dragos Vranceanu],Secolul20 [Marcel Breslasu]

  • Folder: 16, Attorneys (Re: June, mostly), 1963

    Owen N. Golden, Heller, Ehrman, White & McAuliffe [ Richard Guggenhime, ], Jennings, Strouss, Salmon & Trask [ Nicholas Udall, Riney B. Salmon, ], Rosenthal, Cook & Green [ Louis W. Cook,], Silverberg and Rosen [Ronald S. Rosen, Charles D. Silverberg], Weiss & Bronston [Julius Weiss, Eugene Schuster, Irwin M. Rosenthal

  • Folder: 17, Belli, Melvin (Bio), 1963
  • Folder: 18, Brown, James Oliver, 1963
  • Folder: 19, Caldwell, Dabney (Dee), 1963
  • Folder: 20, Caldwell, E. P. (Pix), 1963
  • Folder: 21, Caldwell, Janet (Gooding), 1963
  • Folder: 22, Caldwell, J. E. (Jay), 1963
  • Folder: 23, Caldwell, June (Johnson), 1963
  • Folder: 24, Re: Dartmouth College 1963, 1963

    Lindmark - Booksellers, Syracuse University [ Martin H. Bush], Dartmouth College [Betty Sherrard, Edward C. Lathem,]

  • Folder: 25, Farrar, Straus, & Cudahy, Inc., 1963

    Roger W. Straus, Jr., Paula Diamond, David McCullough, H.D. Vursell, Eric Ambler, Margaret Sheffield

  • Folder: 26, "God's Little Acre" (Play), 1963

    James L. Henrick, Al Manuel

  • Folder: 27, Interviews, 1963

    Contra Costa Times [Howard H. Crook,], The Press & Union League Club [S.L.Chandler], Rome Daily American [Maggi Vaughan], San Francisco Examiner [ Lisa Hobbs], The Sun-Reporter [ Gene Robertson], United Press International [ Don Thackrey]

  • Folder: 28, Lectures, 1963

    Baylor University [ E. Hudson Long], Columbia University [John R. Humphreys], Concord's Little Theater [ John J. O'Donnell], Farrar, Straus & Company, Inc. [Roger W. Straus, Jr.] ,Colston Leigh Inc [William Colston Leigh], Friends of San Francisco Public Library [Bernice Biggs], Johns Hopkins University [ William Katz], Pineywoods Writers' Conference [ Elma Heard], University of Michigan Union [ Raymond Rusnak, Edward A. Mehler], Valley Writers Council [ Hal M. Rogers]

  • Folder: 29, Letters: Fan, 1963

    Frank H. Barkin, David Battan, Frank Braden, Ethel M. Chandler, Dottore Bonaventura Cipolletta, Professor Georges Cuibus, Thomas Dewey, Ann Epstein, Ida Friebova, John Holmes Gleason, Peter Gotte, Piotr Gucka, W. L. Harvey, James Hermanson,Young-Hack Jang, Edward Johnson, Wayne Joiner, Junior League of Denver [ Virginia N. Muse], Kappa Kappa Kappa [ Ann Mueessel], Rolf Kuster, Billy Lester, Gary B. Levine, Lolli Maria Luisa, Steven Mattis, Jenna L McClam, Paul H. North, Jr., Nuqoosh [ Mohammed Tufail], Stephen Palestrant, Carlos C Pearl, Wendell P. Perkins, Donald R. Phillips, Dr. Gisela Pira, Arthur Plumb, Harriet A. Rissett, Ivan Salik, Helunnd Schlacke, Moyie C. Stormer, Duncan Teague, Elyane Teze, H. Venrooy, Ruth M. Voight, Mrs. P.A. Webster, Hollywood News Features [Brandon W. Weeks], Charles Wolfe, Reedy Talton, [unidentified]

  • Folder: 30, Little, Brown, & Company, 1963

    Sally Carroll, Stanley Hart

  • Folder: 31, Manuel, Alvin G., 1963
  • Folder: 32, McIntosh and Otis, Inc, 1963

    Elizabeth Otis, Rust Hills, Roger W. Straus, Jr., Victor Weybright, Frank DeBlois, Jim Brown, Shirley Fisher, Eugene Schuster, David Newman

  • Folder: 33, McIver, Ray, 1963
  • Folder: 34, New American Library Jan-May, 1963

    Truman M. Talley, Victor Weybright, Abby Brown, Michael Cohn, Indian University [Bernard B. Perry], Thomas J. Davis, III, Little, Brown and Company [Larned G. Bradford], Rachel Loperena, Dorothy L. Shereff, Jack B. Adams, David Brown, Jay Tower, University of Texas Press [J.E. Weems, Frank H. Wardlaw, Harry Ranson], "Foreign Literature" [Pavel Chuvikov]

  • Folder: 35, New American Library June-Dec, 1963

    David Brown, Victor Weybright, University of Texas Press [J.E. Weems], Dorothy L. Shereff, Baylor University [ E. Hudson Long], Jay Tower, "Foreign Literature" [Pavel Chuvikov], Jack B. Adams, Thomas J. Davis, III, Joan Flower, James Oliver Brown, Richard Koenig, R.E. Shiffer

  • Folder: 36, Newsday: Re: Travel Series, 1963

    Virginia Pasley, Elizabeth Otis, William J. Woestendiek, Alan Hathway, David R. George

  • Folder: 37, Pollinger, Laurence, 1963
  • Folder: 38, Social Security Administration, 1963

    Morgan Shea

  • Folder: 39, Radio & Appearances, 1963

    James Oliver Brown, Virginia Billings, Fletcher Richards, Calkins & Holden, inc. [ Earl Shorris,], University of Southern California [Herman Harvey, ], KNXT [Leon Drew], New American Library [ Abby Brown, Jay Tower], Metropolitan Broadcasting [ Paul Noble]

  • Folder: 40, Re: Travel: Foreign, 1963

    KLM Royal Dutch Airlines [Kon Erenprais], American Express Company [ Antonio A. Sobral],Thos. Cook & Son [Louise Gallagher], Austria: Peter Nidetzky, Bulgaria: Legation of the United States of America [ Eugenie Anderson,], Kristian Dyankov, Narodna Kultura [ Dr. Pelin Velkov, Dimiter Dobrev], Germany: Hans D. Buchwald, William Heinemann LTD Publishers [Charles S. Pick,], Jeppeson & Co GmbH [ Jospeh D. Harrington], Kindler Verlag [Dr. Wendelberger], New American Library [ Victor Weybright, Jack B. Adams], Dr. Fritz J. Raddatz, Rowohlt Verlag GMBH [Fritz J. Raddatz], USSR: Grigorj Alexandrov, Alexander B. Chakovsky, Pavel Chuvikov, Alexandros Vasilievich, American Express, Luxe, Yugoslavia: Edmund Alexaner Bator, Radisaw LJ. Dokic, D. Zivojinovic, Mr. and Mrs. Sol Schinder

  • Folder: 41, Re: Travel: USA, 1963

    New American Library [Jay Tower], The Press & Union League Club [Lin Root], Florida: Azure Tides {A.W. Stevens], Hertz Corporation

  • Folder: 42, United States Information Service, 1963

    Herbert Morales, Morrill Cody, Evelyn Eisenstadt, Marjorie F. Ferguson, William A. Lovegrove, M. Elizabeth McNaull

  • Folder: 43, United States State Department, 1963

    Virginia Orem, James Riddleberger, Madeleine H. Russell, Phillips, Roberts, Reinhardt, Rocher, Wharton

  • Folder: 44, Williams, Annie Laurie, 1963
  • Folder: 45, A-M, 1964

    American Express [Antonio A. Sobral], Americans Seeking Knowledge [Peter F. Paul], Arizona Daily Star [Skip], John J. Ascuaga, Azure Tides [A.W. Stevens, Zoe Storer], John F. Baldwin, Bab Beaugureau, Mr. Bein, Sallie Bell, Belli, Ashe and Gerry [Marvin Belli], Boston University [ Howard Gotlieb], Brooklyn College [A.S. Einsenstadt], Art Buchwald, Patrick G. Buter, Herb Caen, Campbell-Ewald Company [King Harris], Jack Carney, Citizens for Goldwater, Carvel Collins, Tom Conroy, Corriere Del Popolo [Bernard Averbuch], Crystal Shores [John Knorpp], D.C. Heath and Company [Eleanor Morris], Anne B. Collins, [unidentified], Lee Frankovich, Alexander Frere, Trish & Andy G., Pinckney Glantzberg, Shirley Ann Grau, Ralph E. Grier, Norman Grimes, Harrah's [Gene Evans], Marrijane Hayes, Atcheson L. Hench, Ray Henderson, L. Rust Hills, International Platform Association [ Dan Tyler Moore], Jack Kirkland, Edward Kuhn, Jr., Library of Congress [David C. Mearns], Lousal's [Louise], Macfadden-Bartell Corporation [Herbert M. Gussack], Mary Maner, [unidentified], Ray McIver, Walter J. Minton, Ivan Mogull, Kristian Dyankov

  • Folder: 46, L-Z, 1964

    Newsday [Joseph Patterson Albright], June O'Connell, June O'Shea, Don Overall, Overseas Press Club of America, inc. [Barrett McGurn, The People's Korea [Ro Zai Ho], Phoenix Press Club [Julian De Vries], Population Policy Panel [Hugh Moore], Post Office Department [ John D. Swygert, Raymond R. Holmquist (signed J. F. Lynch in his place)], San Francisco Copywriter's Club [ Robert Pritikin], "Quote" and Unquote [ Chas. E. Manning], Dusanka Todorovic Radovic, Morris Renek, Edward G. Robinson, Moniqe Michelle Rothman, Mark Saha, St. Negis, Pierre Salinger, San Francisco Chronicle, John F. Shelley, Roy O. Scholz, Eddie Schwartz, Edward Shott, Roger Smith, Kathlene Stephens, Marjorie Stern, Joanie and Bill, William E. Thorne, Stanleigh Arnold, University of New Hampshire, [Gilbert B. Davenport],University of Virginia [John Cook Wyllie], Maggi Vaughn, Mary Watkins, Max Weatherly, Victor Weybright, Helen Weybright, WHER [Dotty Abbott], The White House [Juanita D. Roberts], The World Publishing Company [ William S. Chisholm], Young Women's Christian Association [Lillian Hunt], Milivoj Catipovic

  • Folder: 47, Agents/Publishers: Foreign, 1964

    Bulgaria: V. Iltchev, Kristian Dynkov, Narodna Kultura [ Dr. Pelin Velkov], Czechoslovakia: Dilia [Ing. Z. Piskac], Engalnd: William Heinemann LTD [Bill Holden, William Heinemann], [unidentified], France: Editions Gallimard [Michael Mohrt], Germany: Droemer Knaur, Italy: Valentino Bompiani, Poland: Kazimierz Piotrowski, Tygodnik Kulturalny [Feliks Starzec], Portugal: Ulisseia [Judite Soeiro], RSSR: Foreign Literature Publishing House [Pavel Chuvikov], Literary Gazette [Natllublish], Helen Romanova, Elena R., Yugoslavia: Ljerka Radovic

  • Folder: 48, Alumni Fun TV, 1964

    John A. Aaron, Mary Homi, Nancy Cammarota, University of Virginia [Paul Saunier, Jr., Edgar F. Shannon, Jr.], American Cyanamid Company [Warren Highman]

  • Folder: 49, Articles: Comments, 1964

    Associated Press [Bob Thomas], George Brazillier, Governor Pat Brown, Tony Bubka, David McKay Company, Inc. [Carolyn Anthony], Harvard University [Michael Fabre], Foreign Literature [ B. Rurikov], North Carolina Weslyan College [Gerald M. Garmon], G.P. Putnam's Sons [Pearl Goodwin, Peter Israel], Harcourt, Brace & World, Inc. [Hilda L. Lindley], Houghton Mifflin Company [Anne Ford], Julian Messner, Inc. [Kathyn G. Messner], James Magarian, Jack Micheline, Nation [ Carey McWilliams], New York Times Book Review [Raymond Walters, Jr.], Poway High School [James L. Olivero, Leroy Acebedo], The Psychological Corporation [George K. Bennett], Karen Ristau,Jack Schulman, James H. Stroman, Syracuse Unversity [Catherine P. Ponatowski],Time and Tide [ Ernest Kay]

  • Folder: 50, Attorney, 1964

    Jennings, Strouss, Salmon & Trask [ Nicholas Udall, Riney B. Salmon,], Silverberg and Rosen [Ronald S. Rosen, Charles D. Silverberg], Weiss & Bronston [Julius Weiss, Eugene Schuster]

  • Folder: 51, Brown, Jim, 1964
  • Folder: 52, Caldwell, Dabney (Dee), 1964
  • Folder: 53, Caldwell, Janet (Gooding), 1964
  • Folder: 54, Caldwell, Jay (J.E.), 1964
  • Folder: 55, Caldwell, June (Johnson), 1964
  • Folder: 56, Caldwell, Pix, 1964
  • Folder: 57, Dartmouth College, 1964

    Betty Sherrard, Edward Lathem, Dolores Morin, Georgia Milovsoroff

  • Folder: 58, Farrar, Straus, & Cudahy, Inc., 1964

    Roger W. Straus, Jr., Dotty Abbott, Margaret Sheffield, John Cook Wyllie, Lynn Caine, Robert Wohlforth, Peace Corps [Samuel F. Yette}, Dolly Guinther, Peggy Miller, Sarosca Farm [Jonathan], John Peck

  • Folder: 59, "Future of the American Negro", 1964

    George S. Schuyler, McIntosh and Otis, Inc. [Elizabeth R. Otis,], The Devin-Adair Company [Devin A. Garrity]

  • Folder: 60, Interviews, 1964

    Armed Forces Radio Service The Alaska Network [Sergeant Walter Mohnsen], Dotty Abbott, Mrs. A. Maier, The Miami Herald [John D. Pennekamp,], The Montreal Review [Allen Geller], Roy A. Newquist, Morris Renek, The Sun-Reporter [Gene Robertson]

  • Folder: 61, King, Dr. Martin Luther (Jr.), 1964
  • Folder: 62, Lectures, 1964

    Marjorie M. Bitker, Edward T. Breathitt, Forth Worth Public Library [Ruth Ann McKinney], Friends of the San Francisco Public library [ Bernice P. Biggs], Mary Baldwin College [Samuel R. Spencer, Jr., Marshall Moore Brice,], La Biennale Di Venezia Mostra Internazionale D'arte Cinematografica [Luigi Chiarini], Hall of Education New York World's Fair [Nathan Dechter], North Carolina Wesleyan College [ Gerald M. Garmon], Ralph Bushnell Potts, San Francisco Shakespeare Festival [Diane B. Mayer], Edward P. Schwartz, Syracuse University [ Martin H. Bush]

  • Folder: 63, Letters: Fan, 1964

    Jon Allan, Leonard Aronowitz, Ann Shaw Barnes, David Battan, Hartmut Brands, Dan M. Brenner, Selma Braughton, Ronald Edward Burgess, Clover M. Burnett, Duhard Calow, Gary Carroll, Jon Carroll, Maxine Carter, Youmg-Hack Chang, Tom Conroy, Meinrad Diethelm, Ivan Duda, Carolyn Dunnavan, John Farnsway, Irene Fernanda, Joseph Halton, Kim & Min Hua, Gwynne Hughes, Park Sung-Hun, USIS Library [Nina Ihsama], Donald Koor, Wally Little, Albert Lolio, Renald Blusick, Barbara McAffee, R.F. McMiller, James Mechem, Richard Mueller,Johann Mulert, Ray E. Myers, Sr. Jerry Nadel, Stuart Oderman, Richard Odren, C.S. Pantsachiv, Doris Rooney, Rolando Pieraccini, Thomas R. Pitts, Paul Prather, Niels Randkaer, Harold Rinehamer, Hans Roest, Erich Royston Feluier, Shinko Sayeki, Dan Streetman, Jack Thompson, A. Lee Traverse

  • Folder: 64, Letters: Negative, 1964

    Greg Kurth, Maria Middleman, Earl R. Stewart

  • Folder: 65, Lewis, Edwards, 1964
  • Folder: 66, Little, Brown, & Company, 1964

    Anthony Hirsch, Arthur Thornhill, Robert H. Davison, Alice T. Foster, George A. Hall, Ann Shankland, Elizabeth Marden, Michael Cohn

  • Folder: 67, Manuel. Alvin G., 1964
  • Folder: 68, McIntosh & Otis, 1964

    Elizabeth Otis, Charles R. Byrne, Nancy Cox, Marion Irving, John Appleton, Harold Hayes, Shirley Fisher

  • Folder: 69, New American Library, 1964

    Robert Harben, Victor Weybright, Dorothy L. Shereff, Jay Tower, Lou Fusco, Maxim Lieber, Louise Azzato, Mchael Cohn, David Brown, Ruth Bomel, Lesley Pares, Charles C. Neighbors, Jack B. Adams

Box: 9, Dates: 1964-1968


Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Pollinger, Laurence, 1964
  • Folder: 2, Practical Jokes, 1964

    James Oliver Brown, Sol Leventhal, Edward Kuhn, R. Ellis Norman, Roger W. Straus, Jr.

  • Folder: 3, Saha, Mark, 1964
  • Folder: 4, Pustarfi, Betty, 1964
  • Folder: 5, Steinbeck, Elaine and John, 1964
  • Folder: 6, W. Colston Leigh, Inc., 1964

    Ed Watkins, William Colston Leigh, Roger, Shirley Bird Perry, David Fawcett, Eugene Schuster, Signe Anderson, Carl Sandburg, Helen B. Wilkin

  • Folder: 7, Weiss, Julius, 1964
  • Folder: 8, Williams, Annie Laurie, 1964
  • Folder: 9, A-F, 1965

    [unidentified], Sidney Wallach, Cornelia and Waller, Azure Tides Hotel [A.W. Stevens], Harvey, Ingle Barr, Betty W. Beaugureau, Alice Behn, Melvin Belli, Ralph Thompson, Henry Broderick, James Oliver Brown, John and Simone Brown, Art Buchwald, Niven Busch, Irina and Barry, Betty Pustarfi, C. Mordock, R. C. Ginglen, Walter E. Clapp, Cyril Clemens, Nathan Cohn, Carvel Collins, Arvin P. Trevvett, Tom Conroy, Louis Cook, Fran Crumley, John Knorpp, Tom Curtiss, Frank Daniel, Jonathan Daniels, Donald Dwight Davis, Department of State [Madeleine H. Russell], Martin Dibner, Dick

  • Folder: 10, E-K, 1965

    Emmie [unidentified],Emory University [David E. Estes], Kurt Enoch, Erskine College [ J. M. Lesesne, William S. Liming], Farrar, Straus and Giroux, Inc. [Roger W. Straus, Jr., Dolly Guinther], Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bryant Fitch, Beu & Curt Flood, Rlizabeth R. Earle, Gordon E. French, David Garber, Sam Giammona, Pinckney, Antoni Gronowicz, Marrijane Hayes, George Henhoffer, Joanie and Bill Holden, Ana Lou Hondrum, Kelly [unidentified], Whitford Kelly, St. Mary's College [ Neal King], Kir-ban Enterprises, Inc. [William Kirkpatrick, B.E. Bryant, Mr. and Mrs. Stan Leister], George Knight, KQED TV Auction [Marianne Barton], Natalia Krassin

  • Folder: 11, L-P, 1965

    Lillie B. Lamar, Leonard [unidentified], Leslie [unidentified], Edward E. Lewis, Los Angeles Times [Robert R. Kirsch], Lousal's [Lou], Arthur Magill, Louton Maner, Virgina Maner, Mary Baldwin College [ Samuel R. Spencer, Jr., John B. Daffin], MacFadden-Bartell Corporation [Herbert Gussack], Mrs. Rex Leverl Metz, Mid-Carolina High School, Dick and Dolores Morin, Mrs. Stanley F. Musial, Nettie Nahmias, The Noonday Bookshop [Eleanor], Thomas and Don Overall, Charles A. Peace, William Peden, Mary Pepys, Polly Phillips, Piedmont Airlines [Don Britt], Betty Pustarfi

  • Folder: 12, Q-Z, 1965

    Morris Renek, Howard Richardson, Jane and Edward G. Robinson, Mark Saha, Hotel Sahara [Alex J. Shoofey], Roy O. Scholz, Edward P. Schwartz, Paul A. Slattery, Roger Smith, Madeia Soelik, South African Crisis and American Action [Miriam Makeba, Harry Belafonte], Elaine Steinbeck, Kathleen Stephens, Roger W. Straus, Jr., Ten Just Men [Lidensey Ferrell, Joseph M. Lawson], Thos. Cook & Son [ J. R. Edwards], Connie Townsend, Leopold Tyrmand, University of California [Mark Schorer], Poughkeepsie Journal [Dick Wager], Victor Weybright, The White House [Jack Valenti], Consul General of Yugoslavia

  • Folder: 13, Agents: Foreign, 1965

    Agence Hoffman, Kazimierz Piotrowski, Ljerka Radovic

  • Folder: 14, Alumni Fun TV, 1965

    Warren Highman, John A. Aaron, W. G. Malcolm, Anne Lawne, John Cleary

  • Folder: 15, Articles, Intros, and Comments, 1965

    Agricultural History Society [James H. Shideler], Plasti-line inc. [ Harry W. Brooks], The Detroit Free Press [Louis Cook], Claremont Journal of Political Economy [Richard Simon], Corcoran Department of History [Edwin Coover], Professor Georges Cuibus, Chris Eckl, Esquire [Evan S. Forgelman], Larston D. Farrar, Harper & Row Publishers [Genevieve Young], Rust Hills, The Houston Chronicle [ Van Hetherly, Thomas W. Huntington, The Literary Gazette [O. Prudkov], Marvin E. Mengeling, New York Times [Gerald Walker], Christina Ohlson, University of Pennsylvania [Eric Ross], G. P. Putnam's Sons [Peter Israel], Timothy L. Reagan, Recordak Corporation [W. K. Pedersen], San Francisco Public Library [Carl W. Stern], George S. Schuyler, Simon and Schuster, Inc. [Henry W. Simon], K. Stortenbecker, Taplinger Publisher Co., Inc. [Andrea Smargon], Tulsa Daily World [ Dale Speer], University of Delaware [L. T. Dickson], University of Minnesota [David P. Campbell], Rex Wiggins, Writer's Forum [ Sylvia Keelan]

  • Folder: 16, Attorneys, 1965

    Heller, Ehrman, White & McAuliffe [Dick Guggenhime], Law Offices of Evo De Concini [Dino De Concini], Jennings Strouss, Salmon & Trask [Nicholas Udall, Riney Salmon,] , Silverberg and Rosen [Charles D. Silverberg, Ronald S. Rosen,], Alvin Manuel, Stanley Rothenberg, J. Forester Taylor, Weiss & Bronston [Julius Weiss, Eugene Schuster]

  • Folder: 17, Caldwell, Dabney, 1965
  • Folder: 18, Caldwell, Janet, 1965
  • Folder: 19, Caldwell, Pix, 1965
  • Folder: 20, Copyrights, 1965

    New American Library [Dorothy L. Shereff,], Weiss & Bronston [Eugene Schuster]

  • Folder: 21, Dartmouth College, 1965

    Edward Connery Lathem, Georgia Milovsoroff, Elizbeth M. Sherrard

  • Folder: 22, Re: "The Deer At Our House", 1965

    The MacMillan Company [Sandra Lewis, Ida Slater Ballard, Gerald J. Gross, Jacqueline A. Clark], Weiss & Brontson [Eugene Schuster, Julius Weiss,], Collier Books [ Carolyn Trager]

  • Folder: 23, Income tax information (Letters-Statements in Financial File), 1965

    Little, Brown and Company [ George A. Hall,], Harvey Breit, Weiss & Bronston [ Julius Weiss], Riney Salmon, Dartmouth College [ Edward Connery Latham]

  • Folder: 24, "In Search of Bisco", 1965

    Farrar, Straus and Grioux, inc. [Dolly Guinther, Roger W. Straus, Jr., Joan Thayer, John Peck, Robert Giroux,], Tatiana A. Kudryavsteva

  • Folder: 25, "In the Shadow of the Steeple", 1965

    Farrar, Straus and Grioux, inc. [Roger W. Straus, Jr.]

  • Folder: 26, Lectures/Interviews, 1965

    Monique Benoit, Ruth Bomel, Columbia Basin College [James D. Fredlund,], Farrar, Straus and Giroux, inc. [ Dolly Guinther, Joan Thayer, Madeline Duane, ], The Noonday Bookshop [ Eleanor L. Fletcher], Iskusstvo Kino [Jan Berenzitzky,], Walter Kaufmann, Los Angeles Times [ Robert R. Kirsch], Mary BaldwinCollege [Marshall M. Brice, Samuel R. Sencer, Jr.], The New American Library [Ruth Bomel, Jay Tower], The P.E.N. [Lewis Galantiere], Western Michigan University [John R. Phillips], Ralph Bushnell Potts, Public Relations Counselors, inc. [ Tom Conroy,], State University College [ Richard Hyse], Student Association of Western Michigan University [Roger W. Buchholtz], Alexey Surkov, Mary-Alice Styron, University of Arkansas School of Law [Charles N. Carnes], Jefferson Chapter Virginia Council on Human Relations [ Neil Matlins], Robin White

  • Folder: 27, Letters: Fan, 1965

    A. Abdul, Thomas E. Albro, Susan Altieri, Judith A. Anderson, Oskar Angelus, Steven G. Barnett, Marshall E. Bean, John C. Beatty, Kent Carthey, Ulrich Bliesener, Irene M. Brocato, Shirley Browne, M. R. Button, Joe Leigh Camp, Maryrose Campbell, Beta Theta Pi [Oreste D'Arconte], John P. Davis, Lou Denison, A.C. Erbstoeszer, Diana Fayard, J. Ferntree, Joseph A. Fogerty, Sarah French, Zachary Gitlin, Peter R. Gotte, Jack Graves, John Halvorson, David Harding, Brice Harris, Wilie L. Hill, Jr., Jeff Jackson, Steve Kading, Elliott Kellogg, William J. Luetge, William F. Martin, A.R. Medsken, Connie Myers, Judy Michan, Theresa Mulholland, Charles R. Nelson Jr., Dan Nelson, Carol Ann Occhiogrosso, Albert Parker, Marian Parker, Col. Warren E. Payne, Jay Pearlman, Murray C. Penn, Roy Pitts, Stuart Oderman, Niels Randkaer, Tina Rogers, Victor M. Rogers, Seattle Public Library [ Willard O. Young], United Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. [Rev. Clarence Levi Shelby], Sinai Temple Sisterhood [Mrs. Saul Ganz], F.M. Timoney, Daniel B. Van Campen Jr., The White House [ Jack Valenti], Maurice J. Wilcox, Lonnie L. Willis, Lolurta Youngblood, The Associated Press [ Chris Eckl]

  • Folder: 28, Letters: Negative, 1965

    Susan [unidentified], Mrs. George B. Tullidge

  • Folder: 29, Little, Brown, & Company, 1965

    Arhur H. Thornhill, Michael Cohn,Stanley Hart, Jay Williams, Elizabeth Marden

  • Folder: 30, Manuel, Alvin G., 1965
  • Folder: 31, McIntosh & Otis, 1965

    Elizabeth Otis, Cecelia Smith, Eugene Schuster, Louis Untermeyer, Shirley Fisher, Milton Greenstein, Margaret White, Eugene Fodor

  • Folder: 32, McIver, Ray ("The Black and White Stories"), 1965
  • Folder: 33, New American Library, 1965

    Victor Weybright, Dorothy L. Shereff, Jay Tower, Adele Dahlberg, Ruth Bomel, Timothy Selders, Jack B. Adams, Ed Kuhn, Raymond DeVoe, Joseph D. Harris, Davis Crippen, Andrew Fletcher, Carol Passavant, George M. McCorkle, Kurt Enoch, Jack B. Adams, Abby Brown

  • Folder: 34, Recipes, 1965

    Jeannine Greenlee, Handy-Cap Horizons [ Martha Prichard, Dorothy S. Axsom, Pauline Micono,]

  • Folder: 35, Re: Travel, 1965

    Thos. Cook & Son, Arnoldo Mondadori Editore [Alberto Mondadori], Farrar, Straus & Giroux [ Roger W. Straus, Jr., Joan Thayer, ], New American Library [ Victor Weybright, Edward Kuhn, Jay Tower, Jack B. Adams], Times Mirror Company [Kurt Enoch], Cue Ventures [ Charles A. Pearce]

  • Folder: 36, University of Virginia, 1965

    Atcheson Hence, John Cook Wyllie, Janet L. Sketchley, W.G. Malcolm, John Coleman, Waller Townsend, Connie Townsend

  • Folder: 37, Williams, Annie Laurie, Inc., 1965
  • Folder: 38, W. Colston Leigh, Inc., 1965

    Arlene Parker,W. Colston Leigh, Patricia C. Freeman, Lavoisier Lamar, Helen B. Wilkin, Ruth L. Brittin, Jeannette Befame, Beatrice R. Grant, Ed Watkins, Richard Hyse, Kent R. Carthey, William M. Fox, Signe Anderson

  • Folder: 39, A-D, 1966

    Ambassador Hotel [ Lawrence J. Boyle, Baud Beaugureau, Brooks Brothers Clothing [ Roy Stohldrier],Henry Broderick Inc., Random House, Inc. [Steven David Price], James Brown Associates, Inc. [Helen Brann], Edna Bruggman, John C. Bruno, Jr., Niven Terence Busch, San Francisco Chronicle [Herbert Caen], Caesar's Palace [Marion H. King], Joel Climenhaga, Contemporary Authors, Crissy [James Crissey], 3M Company [Dean Crumley], Secretary of State of Georgia [Frank Daniel], Donald Dwight Davis, John F. Isard, Department of State [Madeline H. Russell], Nelson Doubleday

  • Folder: 40, E-L, 1966

    Elizabeth [Unidentified], Dorothy Emmett, Patsy Ruth French, Frances Goforth, Lucia Harvey, Lila Heather, Ernest Hemingway Memorial Fund Committee [Lloyd R. Arnold], Hertz Corporation [Jospeh F. Lynch], Doubleday & Company, Inc. [Julie Hone], Kurt Enoch, Warner Hutchison, W. Earle Jackson, Evangeline Kelly,Neal King, Jack Kirkland, Mary Barber, Howard Kravetz, Wang Lan, Gordon Lee, Tina Louise, Leonard Lyons

  • Folder: 41, M-P, 1966

    Ralph McGill, Grace, Mary Maner, Marjorie [unidentified], Mary Baldwin College [John B. Daffin,], Ray McIver, Marion Stevens, Ivan Mogull, Joseph R. Moss, Mullins Broadcasting Company [John C. Mullins], Joseph Clarence Musto, National Institute of Arts and Letters [ Leon Edel], Oakland Tribune [Stephen Still], Nina Pavlakis, Peter V. Paxton, Bill Peden, Gladys F. Piper, Fernanda Sottsass Pivano, Betty Pustarfi, Wild Bill Pustafi

  • Folder: 42, Q-Z, 1966

    Ljerka Radovic, Ramada [Evelyn Harrison], Marris Renek, Sally and Mister, San Hose State College [Robert D. Clark], Roy O. Scholz, Edward P. Scwartz, Roger Smith, Boyd Eugene Taylor, Hudson Slaeds, Susie, Buford A. Thompson, Connie Townsend, Waller Townsend, The Triton [Jay Saphier], Tulsa Daily World [Dale Speer],University of Missouri Press [ Robert L. Morris,], University of Virginia Library [John Cook Wyllie], Vacu-blast Company, Inc., Who's Who, Anne Laurie Williams, Inc. [Lucile Sullivan, Annie Laurie,], Bud [unidentified]

  • Folder: 43, Agent/Publishers: Foreign, 1966

    William Heinemann Ltd [Bill Holden, Roland Gant,], Kindler [Dr. Wendelberger], Casa Editrice Valentino Bompiani & C. [ Valentino Bompiani,], Alberto Mondadori, George Banyasz, Laupol, Laurence Pollinger Limited [ [unidentified]], Irena Szymanska, P.E.N. [Jan Parandowski,], Foreign Literature [B. Ryurikov], Prudkov, Helen Romanova, Georges Ivasco

  • Folder: 44, Articles, Introductions and Comments, 1966

    American Studies Research Program [Marshall W. Fishwick], Arts in Society [Edward L. Kamarck, Caryl B. Bentley], Gyula Batari, Cahiers du Cinema [Claude Ollier], Board of Education of the City of New York [Evelyn B. Byrne], Roger W. Straus, Jr., Foreign Literature [B-Rurikov], Phyllis Hankins, J.B. Lippincott Company [Jonathan Walton], Lancashire County Council [G. D. Williams], Yale University [Jay Martin], Mobil Travel Guide [Marion Stevens], Kathryn Murray, P.E.N. Club [Jan Parandowski], VIP The Playboy Club Magazine [Frank Brady], The Press & Union League Club [Jack W. Lauck], Russian Digest, George Scott, Dale Speer, Toy Manufacturers of The U.S.A., Inc. [Frank Gavitt], Tulsa Daily World [Dale Speer], University of Minnesota [David P. Campbell], Diana Proeschel

  • Folder: 45, Attorneys, 1966

    Silverberg and Rosen [ Charles D. Silverberg, Ronald S. Rosen], Weiss & Bronston [Eugene Schuster, Julius Weiss] Little, Brown and Company [Arthur H. Thornhill, Elizabeth Marden,], Donald S. Klopfer

  • Folder: 46, Caldwell, Dabney and Nancy, 1966
  • Folder: 47, Caldwell, June (Remarriage), 1966
  • Folder: 48, Dartmouth College, 1966

    Dolores Morin, Edward Connery Latham, The Hanover Inn [James T. McFate], Peter Michael Rainey, Georgia T. Milovsoroff, Claire Packard, Herb West

  • Folder: 49, Re: "The Deer At Our Hous"e, 1966

    Collier Books [Carolyn Trager], Edward P. Schwartz, Weiss & Bronston [Eugene Schuster, Julius Weiss,]

  • Folder: 50, Farrar, Straus & Giroux, Inc., 1966

    Roger W. Straus, Jr., Choice [Mary E. Poole], Elizabeth Nichols, Hotel Edgemere [Eli M. Millen], Pocket Books [Eugene J. Prakapas]

  • Folder: 51, "God's Little Acre", 1966

    Silverberg and Rosen [ Charles D. Silverberg], United Artists Corporation [Herbert T. Schottenfeld], Alvin G. Manuel

  • Folder: 52, Golden, Owen, 1966
  • Folder: 53, Re: Greeting Cards, 1966

    Elsa and Alexander Yankov, Kristen McGary, Surendra P. Singh, Lisa, Gene, Marti Montero, Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Leya, Jay, [unidentified]

  • Folder: 54, "In the Shadow of the Steeple", 1966

    Doubleday & Company, Inc. [Luther Nichols, Alexander Liepa], Farrar, Straus and Giroux [Robert Wohlforth], William Heinemann Ltd [Roland Gant], Little, Brown and Company [Larned G. Bradford], McIntosh and Otis, Inc. [Elizabeth Otis, ], NAL [Robert A. Gutwillig], G.P. Putnam's Sons [Harvey Ginsberg], Laurence Pollinger, Eugene Schuster, N.M. Viney

  • Folder: 55, Interviews, 1966

    Gary Beaumont, Alan Lelchuk,Vinton I. Mader, NAL [Ruth Bomel, ], Per Se [Robin White,], Oakland Tribune [Jeff Morgan], St. Mary's College [Dennis Kelly], Southwest Airline [ Lucy Thomas], Michael Dale Speer

  • Folder: 56, Lectures, 1966

    Columbia University [J.R. Humphreys], Culver Stockton College [Joel Climenhaga], Embassy of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics [ L. Zaitsev,], Illinois Teachers College [Jeanne Daly], Indiana University [ William R. Aho, Lester Wolfson], Wesleyan University [Mary Daehler Smith], Pacific Northwest Writers Conference [W. Gordon Mauermann], Pasadena City College [L. Herman Smith], The Sreveport Times [Norman Richardson], Stanislaus State College [Tom Archer],University of Chicago [Martha Saxton], University of Missouri [Bill Peden, Julie Hollingsworth,], Western Illinois University [L.H. Horton,Jr.,]

  • Folder: 57, Letters: Fan, 1966

    David Battan, Marshall E. Bean, Jean Bonnel, Maryrose C. Campbell, Jack Cleary, Hirsh Cohen, Leia Connolly, Leisure World [Tom Conroy], "Cracker", Marion Criswell, Frank A. Dickson, Meinrad Diethelm, Bill Dunmore, A.C. Erbstoeszer, John Farrar, Eli M. Millen, James MacKerracher, I.E. Salisbury, J. Ferntree, William Galway, Georgia Center for Continuing Education [Hugh B. Masters, M. P. Montesani], Immanuel Lutheran Church [Erwin A. Gerken], Ralph A. [unidentified], Mrs. R. W. Hill, Donald Koos, Marim D. Kubanek, Lancaster and Lancaster Architects [Mrs. Edwin B. Lancaster], Miss Linda Lehman, Halina I. Graiyne, Jillian A. Leurs, Bill Leutge, Mrs. Ted Magnam, Daniel Illavcus, Ben Mason, Emil Mosslinger, Richard Odren, Rev. Paul J. Moriarty, The Salvation Army [ Dick Hall], Harold David Smith, Climmon Solomon, Rev. A. Stanislav, Mobil Travel Guide [ Marion Stevens], Sven Erik Tackmark, Nancy Lou Taylor, Keith K. Walsh, Wisdom [Leon Gutterman], Fonice Trobaugh Wright

  • Folder: 58, Lewis, Ed, 1966
  • Folder: 59, Little, Brown, & Company, 1966

    Arthur H. Thornhill, George A. Hall, Elizabeth Marden, Robert G. Davis, Harry Houghton

  • Folder: 60, Manuel, Alvin G. (Biography), 1966
  • Folder: 61, McIntosh & Otis, 1966

    Elizabeth Otis, Marion Irving, Margaret White, Farrar, Straus & Giroux, Little, Brown and Company, Family Weekly, Esquire

  • Folder: 62, New American Library, 1966

    Robert A. Gutwillig, Jack B. Adams, George McCorkle, Dorothy L. Shereff, Michael Cohn, Edward Kuhn, Jr., Jay Tower, Anne Lewis,

  • Folder: 63, W. Colston Leigh, Inc., 1966

    Sylvia Motichka, Helen B. Wilkin, The Shreveport Times [Norman Richardson], Helen H. Buckley, Beatrice R. Grant, William Colston Leigh, Ed Watkins, Patricia Freeman

  • Folder: 64, Weybright, Victor, 1966
  • Folder: 65, "Writing in America" (Correspondence), 1966

    Phaedra Publishers, Inc. [Ocsar de Liso], Weiss and Bronston [Eugene Schuster], McIntosh & Otis [Elizabeth Otis], University of Missouri [William Peden]

  • Folder: 66, A-L, 1967

    Alyce and Jerry, Fawcett Publications Incorporated [Jack B. Adams], Ben Appel, Behavioral Science Associates [Elizabeth R. Miller], Sally Bett, Henry Broderick, Herb Caen, Carvel Collins, Rossmoor [Tom Conroy], KPIX 5 [Barry Corten], Frank Daniel, Harriet and Don Davis, Dorothy and John Emmett, Tom Finney, Georgia Center for Continuing Education, Grace, Maridel Hepburn Graut, John R. Harrison, Joseph Hayes, Mac, George Henhoeffer, Earle Hill, Doubleday & Company, inc., Judson Press [Patricia Gruteke], Ed Lathem, Gordon M. Lee, Edward E. Lewis, Little, Brown and Company [Arthur Thornhill], NAL [Edward T. Chase], New York Post [Leonard Lyons]

  • Folder: 67, M-Z, 1967

    John D. MacDonald, Forrest H. Macmullen, Columbia University [Frank MacShane], Governor Maddox, P.E.N. Club [Laszlo Kery], Ray McIver, Rita McKay, Jeanne Meiswinkel, Mullins Broadcasting Company [John C. Mullins], Municipal Court [Roy L. Chiesa], Robert J. Norwine, Per Se [Robin White], Gladys F. Piper, Edward Pohlman, Betty Pustarfi, Wild Bill Pustarfi, William J. Raggio, Eugenia Rawls, Anthony and Barbara Ricciardi, D + A, Dan Rowan, Roy O. Scholz, Edward P. Schwartz, Paul Slattery, Barbie Stanton, Redding S. Sugg, Jr., Ted [unidentified], B.A. Thompson, Donald A. Trainum, Viking Press inc [Judith Rose], Gwen Walkup, Keith L. Ware, Alice Catt Armstrong, Jimmy A. Wren, Acting Consul General of Yugoslavia, Jack Zucker

  • Folder: 68, Articles, Interviews, and Comments, 1967

    Arts in Society [Monkia Jensen], The Authors Guild, Inc. [Elizabeth Janeway], Babson Institute [Jack Zucker], Ball State University [ William A. Sutton], John D. Buchanan, Evelyn B. Byrne, Campbell-Ewald Company [Bob Pritikin], Columbia University [Frank S. MacShane], Family Weekly [Robert J. Fitzgibbon], Florida Quarterly [James E. Campbell], Irego Press [Mrs. Jack Rubert], Ray Jansen, Originations [Richard Johns], Chris Jones, Leslie Jones, Egee Bell, The Library of Congress [John C. Broderick], Jean-Jacques Brochier, Eugen Marian, Marion Stevens, Per Se [Robin White, Samuel Moffat], David Madden, B.A. Thompson, Russell Trainer, UCLA Associated Students Speakers Program [Arthur Levine], University of Virgina Magazine [Richard C. Payne], Helen K. Wallace, Brenda Wilkinson, The World Publishing Company [Madeline Magzis]

  • Folder: 69, Caldwell, Dabney (Dee) & K'iah, 1967
  • Folder: 70, Caldwell, Jay, 1967
  • Folder: 71, Caldwell, Janet (Gooding), 1967
  • Folder: 72, Caldwell, Pix (Erskine, Jr.), 1967
  • Folder: 73, Dartmouth College, 1967

    John C. Broderick, Lawrence Salomon, Peter Michael Rainey, Edward Connery Latham

  • Folder: 74, Farrar, Straus & Giroux, Inc., 1967

    University of Washington [Thomas J. Pressly], Roger W. Straus,Jr., Judith Gies, Jacques Larus-Langlois

  • Folder: 75, Letters: Fan, 1967

    Frank Adamucci, Jr., Stephen Arcus, Ingle Barr, Marshall E. Bean, Muriel Vernon Bean, Lloyd Becken, Book Bank USA [Sidney Kluger], F. Bricault, Peter Buckingham, Stephen W. Bumball, Harry L. Burnett, Evelyn B. Byrnes, Paul K. Carr, Charles Contu, George Cotkin, William Crotty, Barbara Davis, Lelia di Benedetto, Vincet E. Edmunds, Edward M. Evers, J. Ferntree, John N. Firca, Kathryn B. Foster, Joseph J. Fricelli, Jerry Granat, Mrs. J. Gurney, James Havel, Earle Hill, Dickerman Hollister, Jr., Joseph Honyotski, Miss Dona M. Houck, Sadie T. Ingersall, Talbert Kanigher, Nobuaki Kozaki, Lydia Lachenschmidt, Pauline Lefevre, Art Blum, W. Luetge, Frederic Mae Arthur, Vicki Martin, Kimberly Ann Martin, R. Matseke, Eve Barry McKuer, Bernice McMuller, Barry A. Nalven, Betty Ortkiese, Marian Parker, Rolando Pieraccini, L. Raul, Carroll Hart, A. J. Silhanek, E. Smith, Henri Temerson,Donald A. Trainum, West Akron Lions Club [Howard Eckstein], Irvine S. Ingram, Maurice J. Wilcox, Stephen J. Williams

  • Folder: 76, Letters: Negative, 1967

    A. W. Hayman, Anne Taber

  • Folder: 77, McItosh & Otis, 1967

    Elizabeth Otis

  • Folder: 78, Pike, J.T. (Ordinary - Coweta,GA), 1967
  • Folder: 79, Silverberg & Rosen ("God's Little Acre"), 1967

    Charles D. Silverberg, Sydney Kiwitt, Stephen R. Langenthal

  • Folder: 80, Speer, David, 1967
  • Folder: 81, Weybright & Talley (Deep South), 1967

    Truman M. Talley, Victor Weybright, Eugene Schuster

  • Folder: 82, A-D, 1968

    [unidentified], Alameda County Heart Association, Hilda Banker, Helen Barton, Asbury Bedenbaugh, The Belleview Biltmore [Marie S. Day], Belli, Ashe, Ellison, Choulos, Cone & Harper [Lou Ashe, Melvin M. Belli], Sally Bett, Crown Publishers, Inc. [Millen Brand], First National Bank of Dunedin [Charles Branson], Henry Broderick, Art Buchwald, Jerry Bundsen, Niven Busch, Herb Caen, Cellar Restaurant [John Bennett], Bill Cody, Irina H. Corten, Mrs. Newton Hunt Crumley, Donald Dwight Davis, Tamara Dhigopolska

  • Folder: 83, E-I, 1968

    O.B. Emerson, Dorothy and John Emmett, Esquire Magazine, Roscoe Kent Fawcett, Jane Flowerdew, Bert D. Gilden, Herbert Gold, Marjorie and Randolph Hale, Virginia Hamilton Real Estate, Inc. [Virginia Hamilton], Hardee, Ott & Hamilton [C. J. Hardee], Francis J. Harrison, Carroll Hart, George Henhoeffer, A. E. Hotcher, International Platform Association [Dan Tyler Moore]

  • Folder: 84, J-P, 1968

    Joanie, June Johnson, Jack Kirkland, Kim Knudsen, Dorothy and John, Louis Macouillard, Dick Maner, Mary Maner, Emory University [Frank Manley], Mary & Barney, Syracuse University Library [John S. Mayfield], Al McDonald, Ray McIver, Alice McKenzie, Mobil Travel Guide [Marion Stevens], John C. Mullins, Oklahoma City University [John F. Olson, Dolphus Whitten, Jr.], P.E.N. [Betsy Cenedelle], Per Se inc. [Robin White], The Pierre [Charles A. Choquet], Betty Pustarfi

  • Folder: 85, Q-Z, 1968

    Woody V. Register, William A. Reuben, Ruth Roman, Mai Tai Sing, Dan and Adriana Rowan, Mark Saha, Sandy Book Store [Fred C. Korosy], Roy O. Scholz, Edward P. Schwartz, The New Your Times Book Review [Randolph Hogan], W. F. Shaw, Dorothy L . Shereff, Virginia Sorensen, Southern Methodist University [Burnet M. Hobgood], Elaine Steinbeck, Hudson Strode, University of California, Berkeley [Gleb Struve], Ball State University [William A. Sutton],Waller Townsend, Tulsa Daily World [Dale], United States Senate [George A. Smathers],University of Oregon [Edward Kemp], Mrs. L. B. Waldhall, West Valley Joint juior College District [William H. Deal], John C. Willey, United Renat All [ Pauline Williams], Embassy of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics [L. Zaitsev]

  • Folder: 86, Agents/Publishers: Foreign, 1968

    Helen Brann, J. Marty, Claude Gallimard, Nichole Bourgeois, Gerda Dehnke, Valentino Bompiani, Arnoldo Mondadori, Charles E. Tuttle, Tom Fagan, [unidentified],Kazimierz Piotrowski, Irena Szymanska, Eurico Fernandez, I. Comsa, John, Bill, Yvonne Moore, Prudkov, Alla Petrikovskaya, A. Kaduk

  • Folder: 87, Articles, Interviews & Comments, introductions, 1968

    Art blum [Bob Stickel], Atlanta [William W. Winn], Crown Publishers, inc. [Millen Brand], Dennis Brian, John D. Buchanan, Nobuyuki Kondo, Dartmouth College [ Bill and Kenny], Fortune [Arthur M. Louis], Gale Research Company [Louise Dratler], Kansas State College [ Norman E. Tanis], Patricia T. Levine, Robert L. Mann, St. Petersburg Times [ Roland Page], Shenandoah [James Boatwright], The Tampa Tribune [ Jack McClintock], Rhea Thompson, Russell Trainer, University of Virginia Magazine [Donald B. Lewis], Jark R. Williams, Pauline Williams, Writers' Literary Agency [Sarah B. Dona]

  • Folder: 88, Caldwell, Dabney and Nancy, 1968
  • Folder: 89, Caldwell, Janet (Gooding), 1968

Box: 10, Dates: 1968-1970


Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Caldwell, Jay, 1968
  • Folder: 2, Caldwell, Pix & Dorothy, 1968
  • Folder: 3, Daniel, Frank, 1968
  • Folder: 4, Dartmouth College, 1968

    Mac, Edward Connery Latham, Walter W. Wright, Claire Packard, William B. Meredith, Peter Michael Rainey, W. Colston Leigh, inc. [Beatrice R. Grant, William Colston Leigh], Adelaqdie B. Lockhart, Margery H. Small, Errol Hill, John C. Bruno, George H. Colton

  • Folder: 5, "Deep South", 1968

    The American Rationalist [Kay Vining], Weybright and Talley Publishers [Truman M. Talley], The Anniston Star [Edel Y. Ayers], Antiquarian Bookman [Mary Ann O'Brian Malkin], The Book Shelf [John R. Mckenzie], The H. R. Huntting Company, Inc. [S. Gordon Ferguson], C.K. Boeschenstein, Midstream [Deena A. Forman], Presbyterian Book Store [Verita Barnett], Psychology today [J.B. Finerty], Henry W. Gray School of Journalism [ John E. Drewry,]

  • Folder: 6, Farrar, Straus, & Giroux, Inc. (Paperback Publishers), 1968

    Roger W. Straus, Jr., Elizabeth P. Nichols, North Carolina State Library [Elaine Von Oesen], Samuel Kam,

  • Folder: 7, Lectures, 1968

    Ball State University [William A. Sutton, Alice W. Nichols, Dorothy K. Shinkle], Cecil Beach, Julia Cooley Altrocchi, Clark, Nelson Ltd. [Chuck], Dartmouth College [Jay Shaffer], The Dartmouth Film Society, Chas. J. Fendig, Miami Public Library [Helga H. Eason], Newberry-Saluda Regional Library [Mary Catherine Tanner], Southeastern Library Association [Cecil Beach, Cora Paul Bomar], Starr Commonwealth for Boys [L. K. Brendtro], The University of Connecticut [ Jon Seelye], University of Missouri [William Peden], William Colston Leigh, inc. [Helen B. Wilkin, Patricia Freeman, Beatrice Grant, Howard E. Hill, William Colston Leigh, Nancy Boshoven]

  • Folder: 8, Letters: Fan, 1968

    Al Abrams, Frank Adamucci, Jr., Sandy Adelman, Eugene Allen, Stephen Arcus, Charles Bartlett, David Battan, Marshall E. Bean, Virginia Beadsley,Willam Berinstein, [unidentified], Patricia Booth, J. T. Braswell, Richard Buffam, Stephen W. Bumball, Jenifer Chislett, Mrs. B.B. Cook, Kenneth E. Crouch, Miami Public Library [Helga H. Eason], Jmes Furner, Jack Goldman, Kenneth E. Griffith, Mrs. John A. Gurney, Jerome Guss, Marta Hayes, James Hermanson, Marijane Holgate, Emily Hosme, Hans-Jorg Huber, Curtis Iddings Jr., C. Brett Ingram, Roy Jansen, Helen Virginia Johnston, Ronald Keener, Lydia Lachenschmidt, Geo. P. Lane, W. Luetge, Teresa Madden, Daniel Marcus, John Mask, Len Middleton, James J. Miles, Mrs. Florence Muney, Hoke Norris, Roger O'Connor, Willard Ott, Till Riechelmann, Donald E. Robinson, J.L. Saumagne, Terry Scheller, Charles and Patty Searle, Daphne Shambler, Esther B. Shelton, F. Spitzing, Maria R. Stone, John R. Sturgul, Raymond Trent, Mrs. E B Waddell, Lennie L. Willis, Melvin B. Yoken, Linda Zedaker, Mrs. Ottilie Zollner

  • Folder: 9, Letters: Negative, 1968

    Mrs. William Irvine Harshaw, The Miami Herald [Lawrence R. Thompson]

  • Folder: 10, Letters: Sympathy, 1968

    Emma Mae Colcook, Dr. William Augustus Anthony, Dabney Caldwell, June Caldwell, Pinchney Glantzberg, Helen Lannigan, Alfred W. Maner, Promise and Walter Moffett, Marion and Stanley, Erskine College [Joseph Wightman], Mrs. Corrie K. Wren

  • Folder: 11, Ed, Lewis, 1968
  • Folder: 12, Little, Brown, & Company, 1968

    Arthur H. Thornhill, Oscar DeLiso, Nancy C. Kane, Rose Ann Stargardter, Larned G. Bradford,

  • Folder: 13, McIntosh & Otis, 1968

    Elizabeth Otis, Margaret White, Jack Zucker, W.L. Wardell, Malle Nadel

  • Folder: 14, New American Library, 1968

    Marcia Seligson, Dorothy L. Sherreff, Robert A. Gutwillig, Jay Tower, P.E. Leddy, Mary Tierney, Lorrie Lewis, Lea G. Forsman

  • Folder: 15, Saha, Mark, 1968
  • Folder: 16, Speer, David, 1968
  • Folder: 17, Weiss, Bronston & Rosenthal, 1968

    Julius Weiss, Eugene Schuster, C.J. Hardee, Ronald S. Rosen, Richard Guggenhime

  • Folder: 18, Weybright, Victor, 1968
  • Folder: 19, Williams, Annie Laurie, 1968
  • Folder: 20, A-H, 1969

    American International Underwriters [Mr. Magarick], Anne [unidentified], The Authors Guild, Inc. [Stuart W. Little], H. Barton, James Oliver Brown, Nina G. Brown, John C. Bruno, Jr., Herb Caen, Carline, Barbara and Walter, Mr. and mrs. Barry A. Corten, Yadya Corvin, Robert Cowperthwaite, Fran Crumley, Donald Dwight Davis, [unidentified], David E. Estes, Roscoe and Elizabeth Fawcett, Edwin Frost, Gale research Company [Jim Henry], Georgia Writers Associantion, Inc. [Gladys M. Massey], John Simon Guggenhime Memorial Foundation [Gordon N. Ray], Buddy and Sherry Hackett, Virginia Hamilton, Fan Harrison, The Hayes, University of Virginia [Atcheson L. Hench], Holiday Dinner Theater of Tampa [Jerry Schwartz], Sally and Huffie Huffman

  • Folder: 21, I-O, 1969

    Ralph Ingersoll, Junior Service League of Dunedin, Inc. [Rosalind R. Glisson, Ruth Bessmer], Nancy Richland, Edward Connery Latham, Adelaide B. Lockhart, Kajsa Lundquist, John and Dorothy MacDonald, Forrest H. MacMullen, Mary Maner, Jack McClintock, Ray McIver, Miami Herald [John D. Pennekamp], I. Lloyd Michaels, Mobil Travel Guide [Marion Stevens], Modern Language Association of America [ Matthew J. Bruccoli], The Nation [Carey McWilliams], The National Register of Prominent Americans, Miral Michalowska

  • Folder: 22, P-Z, 1969

    Paul and Sylvia, Ted & Julie Pohlman, Betty Pustarfi, Ljerka Radovic, Morris Renek, Frida Ritter, Mark Saha, Savoy Hotel London [ B. H. Griffin, Paolo Contarini], Dr. Roy Scholz, Edward P. Schwartz, Tulsa Daily World [Dale Speer], Lisa Strait, Elaine Steinbeck, William A. Sutton, Mr. and Mrs. William Magill Thompson, H. W. Weybright, Robin White, John C. Willey, Writer's Digest [ Sandra Smythe]

  • Folder: 23, Agents/Publishers: Foreign, 1969

    England: Raleigh Trevelyan, Miss Lonsdale-Cooper, William Holden, John W. Dettmer, Holland: William Bloemena, Italy: Erich Linder, Giuliana Broggi, Minny R. Pivovenue, Valentino Bompiani, Mariapia Vecchi, Japan: Nobuyuki Kondo, Norway: Carlota Frahm, Harold Grieg, Bra Bocker [Rolf Janson ], Casey, Romania: Maria Costache, Sweden: Bo Wahlstrom, Gunnar Dahl, Adam Helms, Lisbet Ekberg, Silja Stromberg, USSR: S. Dangoulov, A. Kaduk, Vadim Yatsenko

  • Folder: 24, Articles, Interviews & Comments, 1969

    Alan D. Haas Press Features [Alan D. Haas], Atlanta [ William W. Winn,], The Authors Guild, Inc. [Stuart W. Little], B. J. Burnett, Family Weekly [Robert J. Fitzgibbon], Government Affairs Institute [David E. Baker], Illinois Central College [Karl K. Taylor], Internationaler Pressedienst [Gerda Dehnke], James E. Kibler, Jr., Mobil Travel Guide [ Marion Stevens], The Nation [Carey McWilliams, Jane Boicourt], New World Review [Jessica Smith],Anne Rogovin, Parade [Jack Harrison Pollack], Playboy [A.C. Spectorsky], Morris Renek, S.A. Belzer, Zofia Soiolowska-Cholewka, Sheila Sharpe, Walter Snow, Soviet Literature, Lars Helander, Whit Burnett, Joseph W. Allen

  • Folder: 25, Attorneys, 1969

    Hardee, Ott & Hamilton [C. J. Hardee, Jr.], Silverberg, Rosen & Leon [Charles D. Silverberg], Ponderosa Realty [James A. McCourry], Weiss, Bronston & Rosenthal [Julius Weiss, Eugene Schuster], Little Brown And Company [Arthur Thornhill], McIntosh & Otis [Elizabeth Otis]

  • Folder: 26, Caldwell, Dabney & Nancy, 1969
  • Folder: 27, Caldwell, Janet (Gooding), 1969
  • Folder: 28, Caldwell, J.E. & Diana, 1969
  • Folder: 29, Caldwell, Pix & Dorothy, 1969
  • Folder: 30, Daniel, Frank, 1969
  • Folder: 31, Dartmouth College, 1969

    Edward Connery Lathem, Jane Martin, Claire Packard, Walter W. Wright

  • Folder: 32, "Family Weekly", 1969

    Robert J. Fitzgibbon

  • Folder: 33, Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1969

    Roger W. Straus, Jr.

  • Folder: 34, Fawcett Productions, 1969

    Phyllis White, Ralph Daigh, Jack B. Adams, Roger Fawcett

  • Folder: 35, Lectures, 1969

    Lyceum Council [L. T. Moore], East Texas State University [Roger L. Brooks], Georgia Writers Association, Inc [Gladys M. Massey,], Howard Johnson's Motor Lodge [Harold O. Anderson], Josephine Martin, Marvin Lebowitz, University of Connecticut [John Seelye], Vietnam Moratorium Committee [Susan Werbe], W. Colston Leigh, Inc. [Helen B. Wilkin], Mimi Stone, United States Information Service [ Robin W, Winks], Writers' Weekend School Ltd. [Athelstan Ridgeway]

  • Folder: 36, Letters: Fan, 1969

    Mr. A, Paul Altman, Stephen J. Antosy, Charles Bartlett, Marshall E. Bean, Jon Bracker, John Buchanan, Roland Camio, Jack Cleary, Mrs. Bruce Cramer, Harry Crews, Kenneth E. Crouch, Allen L. Dayton, Dr. John Dickey, Lany Diefenbach, Mary W. Drajew, James O. Dunning, Samuel Eliwe, Embassy of the United States of America [Phillip K. Crowe], Major Watt Espy, Jr., Jean Gauld, J. Norman Gosney, Elizabeth L. Haprian, Gary Herbek, Beth Hermanson, Valerie Jean Hess, Michael Hyman, John Jackson, Herman Kuaust, Lydia Lachenichmidt, Mikhail Landor, Neale Lanigan, Harris Lentz III, William J. Luetge, Pat Magarick, Guy P. Magaro, Richard F. McFadden, Gary J. McMaster, James D. Mils, Eleonora Montemagno, Florence Muney, Douglas C. Platt, John Alley, Frank S. Robinson, Zofia Soidowska-Cholewka, Randall Salas, Dorris K. Shade, William Shaffer, Mark Smith, Walter Snow, Scott Stone, Fumio Tanaka, Bettey Greenblait, Don Tracy, James Tueffel, Gordon S. Turner, Theresa Veneline, Russell G. Waldeman, Herb Wetenkamp, Boyce Wideman, Stephen J. Williams, Andrew Writ, Margot B. Logan, Dorothy R. Shushan

  • Folder: 37, Lewis, Edward & Sy, 1969
  • Folder: 38, Little, Brown & Company, 1969

    Larned Bradford, Eleanor Gitlin, Arthur Thornhill, Anne Wigglesworth, Ralph Woodward

  • Folder: 39, McIntosh & Otis, 1969

    Elizabeth Otis, George A. Glay, Bernice Lindenbaum, Vic Ames, Margaret White, William E. Dennen, Richard Johns, Dorothy Markinko, Sidney B. Miller, Dimiter Petrov

  • Folder: 40, New American Library, 1969

    Jay Tower, Sidney B. Kramer, Edward L. Butler, Lois Shapiro, Gay Nilson, Lea G. Forsman, Marvin Lebowitz, Michi Kobi, Alicia Jones, Rosalind Wolf

  • Folder: 41, Rowan, Adriana and Dan, 1969
  • Folder: 42, Saha, Mark, 1969
  • Folder: 43, Re: Travel, 1969

    Embassy of the United States of America in Netherlands [Margaret Walker, Patricia G. van Delden], Embassy of the United States of America in Norway [William Astill, Ella Griffiths Ormhaug], Embassy of the United States of America in Sweden [Robert D. Plotkin], Foreign Service of the United States of America [ [Francis Y. Savage, Marshall W. S. Swan], United States Information Service [William F. Demyer, Juliet C. Antunes, Hal Howland, Ernest G. Land, Robin W. Weeks], Savoy Hotel London [B. H. Griffin, Paolo Contarini]

  • Folder: 44, Weybright & Talley, 1969

    Victor Weybright,Truman Talley, Elizabeth R. Otis

  • Folder: 45, Williams, Annie Laurie, 1969
  • Folder: 46, A-E, 1970

    American Academy of Arts and Letters [Felicia Geffen], The Authors Guild, Inc. [Leon Edel, Peter Hegie], Helen Barton, Francis H. Beaugureau, Bernice, James Oliver Brown, Jerry Bundsen, Herb Caen, Cyril Clemens, Contemporary Novelists of the English Language [James Vinson], Malcolm Cowley, Fran Crumley, Debby Dahlem, Franz Daniel, Donald D. Davis, Joan Dickerson, Jen [unidentified], M. G. Brataas, James Eckman, Dorothy & John Emmett, Executive House Arizonian [Bill Pullen]

  • Folder: 47, F-L, 1970

    Roscoe and Elizabeth Fawcett, Fawcett World Library [Phyllis White, Ralph Daigh], Friends of Tarpon Springs [Josephine Martin], Betty and Harry Gelt, Owen N. Golden, Dianne H., Hardee, Ott & Hamilton [C. J. Hardee, Jr.], Julie Harwell, Sandy Harwell, Marrijane and Joe Hayes, George Henhoeffer, Colonel David Hood, Sally and Huffie Huffman, Indian Council for Cultural Relations [ Inam Rahman], Joanie and Bill, Janie, Mrs. Irvin Entel, Mrs. Floyd Glissson, Ade Kahn Associates [Ade Kahn], Kings Castle Hotel and Casino [ Nathan S. Jacobson], Henry Kokojan, [unidentified], Harolds [Art], Kajsa Lundquist, Adelaide Lockhart

  • Folder: 48, M-R, 1970

    William J. Mack, F. MacMullen, Mary Maner, Mary Margaret, Ray McIver, Alice McKenie, Howard W. Miller, Steven M. Mera, Niarvic, National Society of Arts and Letters, North American University [Alv Dan Youngberg], Ilga Pakalns, Edward Connery Latham, Ralph-Eleanor Peterson, Ted Pohlman, Betty Pustarfi, Roy Ramy, Reader's Digest [Elizabeth Thole], Alice White Reeves, Morris Renek, Edward G. Robinson

  • Folder: 49, S-Z, 1970

    Lorraine S., Sophia Soidowska-Cholewka, St. James Press [A. G. Seaton], Samuel French, Inc. [Charlie K., Dianne Kelly], Roy O. Scholz, Edward P. Schwartz, Edgar Finley Shannon, Jr., Cybill Shepherd, Tulsa Daily World [Dale Speer], Elaine Steinbeck, Hudson Strode, Suncoaster [Richard L. Canary], Susie [unidentified], Connie Townsend, KBUZ [Hal Starr], United Nations Day World History [Dorothy L. Schneider], University of Virginia [Janet L. Sketchley, Bernard P. Chamberlain], Walter Van Tilburg Clark, Waller, The Walkers, Alec Waugh, Gil Whitton, Carrie K. Wren

  • Folder: 50, Attorneys, 1970

    Colton, Fernbach, Weissberg & Yamin [Lori Wagner], Silverberg, Rosen & Leon [Charles D. Silverberg,], Weiss Bronston Rosenthal & Heller [Eugene Schuster], Title Insurance and Trust Company [Agnes Mitchell]

  • Folder: 51, Caldwell, Dabney, 1970
  • Folder: 52, Caldwell, Janet (Gooding), 1970
  • Folder: 53, Caldwell, Jay and Diana, 1970
  • Folder: 54, Caldwell, Pix, 1970
  • Folder: 55, Dartmouth College, 1970

    Walter White, Betty Latham, Adelaide Lockhart, Edward Connery Latham, Bill Sutton, Carol Moffatt, David R. Godine, Ilga Pakalns, Alvin Manuel, Rhona Salzman, Claire Packard, Eliza Cocroft, Stanley W. Brown

  • Folder: 56, Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1970

    Roger W. Straus, Jr.

  • Folder: 57, Interviews, Comments, and Comments, 1970

    Actors Theatre of Louisville [Trish Pugh, Jon Jory], Alhambra Dinner Theatre [Marcy Ballis], Edward Conley, Harriet Blacker, Joseph North, Ann Harris, Koichi Kirihata, Alice McKenzie, Marion Stevens, Steven M. Mera, Bayne Freeland, Zofia Sadowska-Cholewka, Dorothy Hite Claybourne, Beatrice Lodermeier, James W. Lee, Richard Sale, Bill Winn

  • Folder: 58, Lectures & Appearances, 1970

    Berkeley College of Yale University [Robert Triffin], Fred C. Korosy, K.R. Shepard, Stephen A. Kallis, Walter J. Auburn, David E. Estes, Family Weekly [Morton Frank], Robin Winks,Writers Weekend School, Writers School of Great Britain, UCLA Associated Students Speakers Program [Bob Elias], Grace Rolfe, University of South Florida, Vsaldosta State College [Raymond Cook]

  • Folder: 59, Letters: Fan (A-L), 1970

    Al Abrams, Ellen R. Anderson, Rob Arsenault, Phillip Barr, Marshall E. Bean, Paul Behling, Michael L. Brantley, Roger L. Brooks, John D. Buchanan, Emily Burlin, Brenda Caldwell, John L. Casey, Gary Christiansen, John Choates, Robert Colbert, Earl Collins, Rosemary Courtney, Eberhard R. Dall'Asta, Bob C. Davis, Allen L. Dayton, Mienrad Diethelm, Bess Golden Dunster, J. Ferntree, Helen Flansburg, Art and Tom Forman, Gene Fricks, James Furner, Mrs. Monica Baird, Dorothy Haddock, Bill Hagemaner, Mrs. George Hamlin, Roger Harris, William G. Harris, James M. Harvey, Donn Hecht, Curtis Iddings, Jr., Mary Morse Jameson, Gerasimos Kanelopulos, Leo Kieve, Jack Knott, Joseph Kover, Matko Krizanac, Lydia Lachenschmidt, Neale Lanigan, Gerard Leman, David N. Lewis, William Light, Quielt R. Lohonge, William J. Luetge

  • Folder: 60, Letters: Fan (M-Z), 1970

    Teresa Madden, Claire Freiburger, Gene Maresca, Walter McDaniel, Ethel McLean, Dan Montemarano, Maureen Mooney, Alberto Murillo B., Narodna Mladezh [Gantcho Savov], Stuart Oderman, Donald Olcese, Mrs. Alan Rosenberg, E.H. Sparks, Horst Riedel, Vera Roberts, Ruth G. Rogers, Martin Roogna, Sally Russell, Harold L. Sanger, William A. Sutton, Costin Nastac, Arthur Shackman, William Shaffer, Merv Slotwick, Ethel Smith, Larry W. Smith, Jack Smullen, William Stanhope, Gwen Stern, H. Walker Tayor, Jr., Henri Temerson, J. F. Gross, Mr. and Mrs. Earl C. Stemple, Arthur H. Van Voris (1844 Floridian Bank Note), Ralph Velich, Paul T. Vickers, Jovica M. Vuckovic, Philip R. Wolff, Opal Woodhouse

  • Folder: 61, Letters: Negative, 1970

    Dorothy H. West

  • Folder: 62, Lewis, Ed, 1970
  • Folder: 63, Little, Brown, & Company, 1970

    Arthur H. Thornhill, Arthur H. Thorhill, Jr., Eleanor Gitlin, Henry O. Houghton, Jr., Julius Weiss, Ada A. Anderson, Eliza Cocroft, Larned G. Bradford

  • Folder: 64, Manuel, Alvin, 1970
  • Folder: 65, McIntosh & Otis, 1970

    Elizabeth Otis, John Geagan, Margaret White, Dorothy Markinko, Don Anderson, Shirley Fisher

  • Folder: 66, New American Library, 1970

    Edward T. Chase, Marvin Lebowitz, Linda Gould, Sidney B. Kramer, Mrs. Gay Nilson, Edward L. Butler, Susan Lewis, Paul Bertness, Paul Urrutia, James O'Shea Wade

  • Folder: 67, Notes: Personal, 1970
  • Folder: 68, Pakaun, Inga (Biography), 1970
  • Folder: 69, Pollinger, Laurence, Ltd, 1970

    Yvonne Muller, Laurence Pollinger, Michael Motley, Gerald J. Pollinger, Denis Flack

  • Folder: 70, Publishers: Foreign, 1970

    N. Federenko, Konstantin Chugnov, A. Kaduk, Kajsa Lunquist, Kazimierz Piotrowski

  • Folder: 71, Rowan, Dan and Adriana, 1970
  • Folder: 72, Silverberg, Rosen & Leon, 1970

    Charles D. Silverberg

  • Folder: 73, Sutton, W.A. (Biography, Jan-Apr), 1970
  • Folder: 74, Sutton, W.A. (Biography, May-Aug), 1970
  • Folder: 75, Re: Travel, 1970

    Hotels [William N. Jennison, Russ Lang, Forrest Mac Mullen,], John C. Bruno, Jr., Malcolm Cowley, Edmund Pendergast, Edward Connery Latham, Henry O. Houghton, Jr., James Eckman, Janice Horsman, Elizabeth Otis, Edward L. Butler

  • Folder: 76, Weiss, Julius, 1970
  • Folder: 77, Weybright & Talley, 1970

    Victor Weybright, Truman M. Talley,

  • Folder: 78, Williams, Annie Laurie, 1970

Box: 11, Dates: 1971-1972


Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, A-E, 1971

    American Airlines Inc., American Biographical Institute [J. T. Vickers], American Cancer Society [E. O'Halloran], American Federatin of Television and Radio Artists [Neil Sullivan, Lee Warren], American Relief for Poland [E. A. Bar], The Authors Guild, Inc. [Peter Heggie], Beacon Press [Roberta Fitzsimmons], Alice Behn, Betty and Eddy, The Blue Book, Mrs. Roger B. White, Budd W. Boyer, John D. Buchanan, Herb Caen, Elward M. Caldwell, Lucia Caldwell, Celebrity Information and Research Service Inc. [Earl Blackwell], Dion Chene, Citizens Against Legalized Murder [Douglas B. Lyons], Clipper Club [Julia Cook], Mr. & Mrs. R. Colbert, Raymond D. Crisp, Fran Crumley, Frank Daniel, David, Don Davis, The Dramatists Guild, Inc., [David E. LeVine], Manuel and Germaine Duhamel, James Eckman, Dorothy Emmett, Emory University [David E. Estes]

  • Folder: 2, F-L, 1971

    Farrar, Straus and Grioux, inc. [Roger W. Straus, Jr., Peggy Miller,], Roscoe Fawcett, Ben Field, Florida State University [ Richard G. Fallon], Jean Gauld, GE [Noby Almand], Harry Golden, William M. Goza, Abel Green, VH, Bruce Hashing, Joe Hayes, Frank Hecht, Ray Henderson, Hilton Inn of Tulsa [Mary Thetford], Mevadene Holmes, Huffie Huffman, John Cates, George Kenman,Inernational Platform Association, Joanie, Jon Jory, Nacny Kirkland, Fujisato Spitajima, Larry Horak

  • Folder: 3, M-P, 1971

    Mary Maner, Mayo Clinic [Llewelyn P. Howell], Willa & Ray McIver, Alice McKenzie, Brian McKay, Sarah McKinzey, Methodist College [Samuel J. Womack], Walter C. Moffett, The National Register of Prominent Americans, The National Society of Arts and Letters, New York University, Ilga Pakalns, P.E.N. [Kirsten Michalski], Personalities of the South [J.T. Vickers], The Prosperity Cemetery Associantion, Betty Pustarfi

  • Folder: 4, Q-Z, 1971

    Peggy, Morris Renek, Roy and Susie, St. James Press [James Vinson], Douglas Reid Sasser, Edward P. Schwartz, Edward J. Seibert A.I. A. Architect P. A. [Tim], Paul L. Seitz, Vincent Sheen, Paul A. Slattery, Howard Smith, Dale Speer, Ralph Stephens. Mrs. Patrick Martin, Gene Rainbolt, Jr., Univeresity of Virginia [Janet L. Sketchley], Gwen Walkup, Beverly Watson, Who's Who in Europe?, Boyce Wideman,Annie Laurie Williams, Inc. [Pamela Barnes], Lonise Teobaugh Wright

  • Folder: 5, Agents/Publishers: Foreign, 1971

    Agencia Literaria Carmen Balcells [Nieves Escudero], Alianza Editorial[Artigasabe], A. K., Arnoldo Mondadori [Giorgio Mondadori], Bochforlaget Naur Och Kultur, Emanuela Bompiani, Loam [unidentified], [unidentified], Nikolai Fedorenko, Kodansha, LTD. [Kigoshi Koji]

  • Folder: 6, Agents: Theatrical, 1971

    Adams, Ray & Rosenberg [Richard A. Ray], FCA Agency, Inc. [Frank Cooper], New Mexico State University [Warner Hutchison], Joel W. Schenker, Mrs. Jack Kirkland, Paul Leserman, Brian McKay, Al Manuel, Rastar Productions, Inc., Samuel French, Inc., Annie Laurie Williams, Inc.

  • Folder: 7, Attorneys, 1971

    Silverberg, Rosen & Leon [Charles D. Silverberg, Joel Behr, Ronald S. Rosen, Weiss Bronson Rosenthal Heller & Schwartzman [Julius Weiss, Eugene Schuster

  • Folder: 8, Caldwell, Janet (Gooding), 1971
  • Folder: 9, Caldwell, Jay, 1971
  • Folder: 10, Caldwell, Pix, 1971
  • Folder: 11, Celebrity Cookbook, 1971

    Jacquelyn Overman

  • Folder: 12, Dartmouth College, 1971

    Edward Connery Lathem, Jane Martin, Claire Packard, Walter W. Wright, Adelaide Lockhart, Richard Morin, Stanley Brown

  • Folder: 13, Hoyle & Rowan, 1971

    Arthur Hoyle, Harry Robin, Dan Rowan

  • Folder: 14, "In Search of Bisco": Film, 1971

    Harry Robin, Arthur Hoyle, Dan Rowan

  • Folder: 15, Interviews: Articles, Comments, Introductions, 1971

    The Author Speaks [Roy Hubbard], A.M.Belline, Cyril Clemens, Actor Cordell Jr, Richard S. Fetters, Illinois State University [Raymond Crisp], Millen Brand, William B. Decker, Family Weekly [Morton Frank], Mary Albertazzi, Alan D. Haas, San Francisco State College [Phil Brian Johnson],F. Kitajima, Ted M. Levine, Donald Feitel, Mississippi Oral History Program [S.P. Gwin], Mobil Travel Guide [ Steven M. Mera],Pat Parnell, Reader's Digest [Helen Duncan, Elizabeth Thole],William Stott, Viking Press [ Barbara Burn], Stephen Wright, YWCA [Andree M. Holdon]

  • Folder: 16, Lectures: Invitations, 1971

    Florida State Prison [J. L. Charles], Vivian A. Lutz, Bill Goldhurst,UCLA Associated Students Speakers Program [Gabe Elias], Young Harris College [Douglas Reid Sasser]

  • Folder: 17, Letters: Fan, 1971

    Robert K. Archer, Sig Armitage, Barbara J. Barnes, Bruce Baron, Marshall E. Bean, Wilmer Douglas Bentley, Jeff Berger, Byron H. Blackford, George A. Boland, Bill Breseman, Norman Cales, Sandy Carpenter, Jim Clifton, Bobby Colbert, Dan Collins, John Conlon, Jerald Copenhaven,Bryer Crossett, George Crocter, Allen Dayton, Francisco Osario de Calheiros, Richard Diamond, Larry Diefenbach, Vincent E. Edmunds, Harry Feldman, Art and Tom Forman, Tommy Fox, Joseph J. Fricelli, Freda Gold, Elizabeth L. Haprian, Wesley M. Hasden,Bill Hayes, Heidi, Anne Karinski, F. Kitajima, Matko Krizanac,Chatko Krizandc,Knights of Pythias [David M. Mason], Jack Knott, Joseph Koyer, Diane Kowalski, Lydia Lachenschmidt, Magyar Laszlo, Sidney B. Lee, William Light, W.J. Luetge, Mohammad Mankad, Gary Klozl, H.J. McKinzey, Mary Ann Mitchell, noriko, Stuart Oderman, Henryk Ostrowski, Mike Palmer, Joan Peterson, Y. Quirey, Al Ramirez, Michael J. Robuck,Thomas N. Rockefeller,Sally, R.J.Schultz, Patty A.Searle, A. Shakman, Fred Shaw, Grady Sheffield, Bonnnie Amilauski, Ethel Smith, Barry Solmon, Richard Speiser, Mariola Strozykieiwcz, Greg Taylor, Andy Wist, Edward L. Wolff, Michael Wolfson, Melvin B. Yoken

  • Folder: 18, Letters: Negative, 1971

    Katherine M. Clark

  • Folder: 19, Lewis, Ed & Sylvia, 1971
  • Folder: 20, McIntosh & Otis, 1971

    Elizabeth Otis, Margaret White, Frances Perle, Shirley Fisher

  • Folder: 21, New American Library, 1971

    Edward L. Butler, Linda Dermer, Sidney Kramer, Paul N. Bertness, Susan Lewis, Robert Earle Haynie, Katharine Kidde, Judy Weber

  • Folder: 22, Pollinger, Laurence Ltd, 1971

    Gerald J. Pollinger,Laurence Pollinger, Yvonne Muller, Michael Motley, Rosemary Gould

  • Folder: 23, Real Estate, 1971

    Virginia Caldwell, Richard F. Hovorka, George F. Drury, Rod Gillis, Merlyn Hedleston, Mildred Jergins, Margaret Keller, Charles Knudsen, Albert D. Scerbo, Agnes Marsh, Paul G. Peterman, William F. Palmer, Marilyn L. Holcombe, Robb E. Swingley, Everard S. Taylor,Bill J Davis, Mrs. E. H. Williamson, Jerry Wigley

  • Folder: 24, Rowan, Adriana, 1971
  • Folder: 25, Saha, Mark, 1971
  • Folder: 26, Silverberg & Rosen, 1971

    Mark Saha, Dan Rowan, Charles D. Silverberg

  • Folder: 27, Re: Travel: World Tour, 1971

    Carmen Balcells, Erich Linder, Piero Cecchini, Valentino Bompiani, Chou En-lai, Kenneth J. Day, H. K. Brown, Edward J. Findlay, Warren Obluck, Howard F. Smith, Liv Arnesen, Yukiko Moriyasu, Joanna Fletcher, Raleigh Trevelyan, Victor Morrison, Kyoko Michishita, Kazimierz Piotrowski, Matos, Eurico Fernandes, Sam'l Steinman, Charles Tuttle

  • Folder: 28, Weybright & Talley, 1971

    Victor Weybright, Denise Bergquist, Truman M. Talley

  • Folder: 29, World Publshing, 1971

    James O'Shea Wade

  • Folder: 30, A-H, 1972

    The Authors Guild, Inc. [Stuart W. Little], Peter Heggie, Herb Caen, Lucia and Jim Caldwell, Vibeke Cartelli, George W. Chambers, Morrill Cody, David McDowell, Frank Daniel, Donald Dwight Davis, John Dorschner, Thomas Frier, Jim Eckman, Frederic Dnnay, Dorothy nd John Emmett, David Estes, Roger W. Straus, Jr., Roscoe and Elizabeth Fawcett, Jim Fisher, John Gilroy, William Goldhurst, Shirley Ann Grau, Gene M. Gressley, M. Guini, Jeanette Hale, C. J. Hardee, Robert Hartman, Sally Huffman

  • Folder: 31, I-P, 1972

    The International Portrait Gallery [Carol Weston], Fred C. Korosy, Jennings Lang, Edward E. Lewis, Library of Congress, Mary Maner, Majestic Pictures [Al Manuel], Ray McIver, Alice McKenzie, Joseph Mitchell, National Social Directory, Pablo Neruda, Noriko, Park and Roche Establishment [Peter Bellew], Reiko Parnez, Paul, Pablo Picasso, Proteus [Cathy Gatling], Betty Pustarfi, Eric Moon, Yasuko and Tom Mori, Lillian

  • Folder: 32, Q-Z, 1972

    Carles Reiko, Rochester Post-Bulletin, Samuel Roen, Mark Saha, Roy O. Scholz, Edward P. Schwartz, Elaine Steinbeck, Gertrude Chase, Syracuse University Library Associates [Arsine Schmavonian], Theatre Company of Ann Arbor, Elizabeth Thole, University of Tulsa, Janet L. Sketchley

  • Folder: 33, Agents: Foreign, 1972

    Agenzia Letteraria Internazionale [ unidentified], Rene and Adelaide de Chochor, Hisashi Kanekatsu, Michelle Lapautre, Charles D. Silverberg, Maria Teresa Ilidio Matos, Tom Mori

  • Folder: 34, Attorneys, 1972

    C. J. Hardee, Charles D. Silverberg, Julius Weiss, Nancy Kirkland

  • Folder: 35, Caldwell, Dabney, 1972
  • Folder: 36, Caldwell, Janet (Gooding), 1972
  • Folder: 37, Caldwell, Jay, 1972
  • Folder: 38, Caldwell, Pix, 1972
  • Folder: 39, Cannes Film Festival, 1972

    Charlotte D. Glenn, Jerry Bauer, Robin Livio, Carlton Hotel, Jane Cody, Tom Curtiss, J Duhamel, Maurice Bessy, Chiristiane Guespin,Michelle Lapautre, Erich Linder, Claudette Etemad-Moghadam, Marie Tadie,Victor Weybright

  • Folder: 40, Dartmouth College, 1972

    Edward Connery Lathem, Claire Packard, Walter W. Wright, Adelaide Lockhart, Dianne Harwell, Stanley Brown

  • Folder: 41, Erskine College, 1972

    Joseph Wightman

  • Folder: 42, Eschholz, Paul (Bibliography), 1972
  • Folder: 43, Fawcett Publishing, 1972

    Phyllis White Langer, Mollie E. Miller

  • Folder: 44, Fourth International Book Festival - Nice, 1972

    Erich Linder,Piero Cecchini, Valentino Bompiani, Michelle Lapautre

  • Folder: 45, Interviews, Articles, Comments & Introductions, 1972

    The Aces [Ira G. Corn], Michel Bandry, Clearwater Public Library [Fred C. Korosy, Elliott Hardaway], Crown Publishers [David McDowell], De La Salle High School [ V. Hentz], The Dial Press [ William B. Decker, Joyce Engelson], John Dorschner, The Dougls Enterprise [Thomas H. Frier], Family Weekly [Mort Persky], Le Figaro Litteraire [Claude Baigneres], Bob Gilbert, Warren Hutchison, Gail Kuhl, Larry King, Hisashi Kanekatsu, Mobil Travel Guide [ Steven M. Mera], Starling Lawrence, Peregrine Publishers, Inc. [Gibbs M. Smith], Playboy Enterpirses, Inc. [ Michael Laurence], North Texas State University [Richard Sale], University of South Florida [James W. Silver], Trinity Hall [Anthony Swerling], The University of Vermont [Alfred F. Rosa, Paul A. Eschholz], [unidentified]

  • Folder: 46, Lectures, 1972

    Cyril Clemens, Dena Snodgrass, Georgia Center for Continuing Education [Chuck Bowen, Hill Bermont], Georgia Southern College [Richard Harwell, Ric Mandes, Claude Felton, Floyd M. Cammack], William Goldhurst

  • Folder: 47, Letters: Fan, 1972

    Al Abrams, Nordau Chapter of Hadassah in Hamilton Ontario [Mrs. Murray Adelman], Robert F. Allen, Jr., Sara Allen, Nancy Austin, Steve Barnett, Marshall Bean, Margaret A. Bennett, Bruce W. Berger, Ken Bilz, Frank Blode, George A. Boland, Mrs. Jack Wiersma, Ken Brehm, John Buchanan, Frederick Casoni, Mr. and Mrs. R. Colbert, Earl Collins, John Conlon, John R. Edwards, Josephine Finnegan, Keith Reginald Foster, Tom Fox, Edward Garbowski, David B. Gioina,Edgar Henning, Morgan Hill, Hank Houston, Ben Ivry, A. R. Jaffray, Glena Lee Jason, Betty Glenn Kemp, Jack Kmott, Ed Lahart, Ed Lasky, Murray Leibowitz, Daniel F. Lewandowski, Susan G. Long, Bill Luetge, Larry Lustgarten, Teresa Madden, Joene Marty, Henry Gershwin Mazlen, Jane L. McCullough, Reinhold Metz, Noel Hertzgog, Jack W. R. Mills, Mary Anne Mitchell, Jan Mastowski, Harry Nadley, Patrick Newport, David Nicolaou, Patricia Oprocha, Gareth L. Pawlowski,Wayne Perlmutter, David M. Putchard, Jr., C.E. Miller, Nancy and Ronnie Rogers,Jim Richards, Donna Sadlier, Zofia Sadowska, Harold L. Sanger, Ronald Savich, Jim Schneider, Antoine G. Sipp, Larry D. Smith, Barry Solomon, B. H. Southwell, Mrs. Richard Speiser, Marie Swartz, Joseph Taliencio, Dean S. Veremakis, Daisy T. Wadford, Ben Weisinger, Herb Wetenkamp, Jr., Hans Wobbe, Wolf Wobbe, Melvin B. Yoken

  • Folder: 48, Little, Brown & Company, 1972

    Kathleen Golden, Henry O. Houghton, Jr.

  • Folder: 49, McIntosh & Otis, 1972

    Elizabeth Otis, Margaret White

  • Folder: 50, McIver, Ray, 1972
  • Folder: 51, New American Library, 1972

    Gay Nilson, Edward L. Butler, Edward T. Chase

  • Folder: 52, Notes: Personal, 1972
  • Folder: 53, Pollinger, Laurence, Ltd, 1972

    Yvonne Muller, Rosemary Gould, Raleigh Trevelyan, Laurence Pollinger, Michael Motley, Gerald J. Pollinger

  • Folder: 54, Publishers: Foreign, 1972

    Emanuela Bompiani, Valentino Bompiani, [unidentified] Duhamel, [Unidentified], Kristian Dyankov, [unidentified],Teiichiro Kosakai, Fujisato Kitajima, [unidentified], Georges Lucas, [unidentified] Lucas, Aurelio Pellicano, [unidentified], Kosta Tsonev, Sergio Fernandes, Ljerka Radovic, Fusako Shumuta, [unidentified], K. Suzuky, Charles E. Tuttle

  • Folder: 55, Rowan, Adriana, 1972
  • Folder: 56, Saha, Mark, 1972
  • Folder: 57, Samuel, French, Inc, 1972

    Charles Vann, Nancy Kirkland, Haila Stoddard, Jerome Edwards, Jack Walsh

  • Folder: 58, Silverberg, Charles, 1972
  • Folder: 59, Student Theses and Reports, 1972

    Enzo Belletti, A. Scott Berg, Clarence A. Bina, Antje Curilla, Warner Hutchison, Betty Glenn Kemp, James E. Devlin,David Allen Lebis, Susan C. Long, Virginia T. Mealy, Adele Rossi

  • Folder: 60, Sutton, Williams A. (Biography), 1972
  • Folder: 61, Re: Travel, 1972

    Jugoslovenska Autorska Agencija [Verica Dargicevic], United States Information Agency [ Ruth Hetzlein, Robert D. Barton], Ljerka Radovic, Foreign Literature [Konstantin Chugnov, Savva Dangulov], Aeroflot, NLT Writer's Union, Institue of Cultural Relations Budapest [ Maria Korosy], Dilia[ G. Burnum], Spoldzielnia Wydawnicza "Czytelnik" [Eugeniusz Nickiewicz, Dr. Ludwik Kasinski, Irena Szymanska], Panstwowy Instytut Wydawniczy [Andrzej Wasilewski, Jan Koprowski, Stanislaw Bebenek], Laurence Pollinger Limited [Yvonne Muller, Laurence Pollinger], James Oliver Brown, Kazimierz Piotrowski, Department of State [Guy E. Coriden, Richard A. Dwyer], Embassy of the United States of America [William H. Pugh], Ioan Comsa

  • Folder: 62, Weybright & Talley, 1972

    Truman Talley, Victor Weybright, William Sutton, Philip K. Crowe, Carlotta Frahm, Georges Lucas

Box: 12, Dates: 1973


Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, A-D, 1973

    Allendale [ Mrs. S. J. Wilson], Allaince Theater Company [David Bishop], American Academy of Arts and Letters [ Felicia Geffen, John Hersey], American Airlines [John B. Andersen], Nancy Anderson, Associated Marketing Enterprises [Alfred McVay], The Atlanta Journal [Andrew Sparks], The Author's Guild, Inc. [Peter Heggie], Waller Barrett, Helen Barton, Beaugureau, Alice Behn, Charles Leaston Bell, Linore Bimpas, Bob [unidentified], James Oliver Brown, Dr. Bruemmer [Barbara McGinnis], John Charles Bruno, Jerry Bundsen, Mary, Lucia and Jim Caldwell, William Jennings Bryan Dorn, George W. Chambers, Morril Cody, Philip K. Crowe, Fran Crumley, Frank Daniel, Jonathan Daniels, Don Davis, Dianne [unidentified]

  • Folder: 2, E-H, 1973

    James Eckman, O. B. Emerson, Dorothy & John Emmett, Emory University [David Estes], Ralph Falk, Farrar, Straus & Giroux, inc. [Roger W. Straus, Jr.], Elizabeth Fawcett, Midred and Bob Fish, Frieda, B. Gay, William Goldhurst, Helen and Jim Groendyk, Stephen L. Schlesinger, Hadassah [Edith Barish], Kenneth Hari, Ernie Harwell, Atcheson Hench, Ray Henderson, George Henhoeffer, Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles [R. I. Sirman], Micki Hobson, L. P. Howell, Zeia Huffman, Helen Hurst

  • Folder: 3, I-P, 1973

    International Portrait Gallery [ Roy Hubbard], Dana McCormick Jarvis, Kendall, James Kibler, Kim, Sidney Kramer, Jill Krementz, Va. L. L., LaVirle and Frank, Lillian, Mary Maner, Diana Masterson, Dowdy and John McDonald, Ray McIver, Alice McKenzie, Bernice McMullen, Tom M. MacKenzie, Albert Abraham Michelson, Steven Mera, Clayton and Vivian Mudd, David Nalle, Rhoda & Luther Nichols, Robert Payne, Virgil Stafanesue-Draganesti

  • Folder: 4, Q-Z, 1973

    The Regency Hotel [ Jacques P. Camus], [unidentified], Peggy and Jack Rutledge, Paul Sample, Sarco Westerns International [Zev Braun], Rex Schepp, Roy Scholz, Edward Schwartz, Cathie Seeley, Fronig von Duela, Cameron Snow, Southern Regional Council Inc. [George H. Esser, Pat Watters], Dale Speer, Elaine Steinbeck, Haila Stoddard, Hudson Strode, Susie [unidentified], Kelly and Ed Swineford, Syracuse University Library Associates [ Arsine Schmavonian], University Of Southern Mississippi [William D. McCain], James O'Shea Wade, Gwen Walkup, Roy Watson, Alec Waugh, Dorothy Wegner, Art and Renee Wesighans, John Hall Wheelock, White Oak Presbyterian Church [ Shirley Hunter], Who's Who, The Wilhelm School [Marilyn Wilhelm], Wisdom Hall of Fame [Leon Gutterman, World Congress of Poets [Tin-wen Chung, Amado M. Yuzon], Carnie R. Wren, Dr. Melvin B. Yoken

  • Folder: 5, Agents/Publishers: Foreign, 1973

    Agencia Literaria Carmen Balcells [Carmen Balcells], Agenzia Letteraria Internazionale [Erich Linder], V. Dragicevic, Hisao Aoki, [unidentified], Ioam Chimet, Sheila Colton,Mario Delgrado, Dilia,Tanya Kudriangenda,Stefan Fartounov, [unidentified], Grigory M. Lev, Fran Lockoni, Miriam, Julia Kada, Miklos Vojda, Irena Lason,Kazimierz Piotrowski, V. Ozerov, Ljerka Radovic, Charles E. Tuttle, [unidentified]

  • Folder: 6, Behive Press, 1973

    Mills Lane IV, Julius Weiss, Henry O. Houghton, Jr.

  • Folder: 7, Caldwell, Dabney, 1973
  • Folder: 8, Caldwell, Janet (Gooding), 1973
  • Folder: 9, Caldwell, Jay, 1973
  • Folder: 10, Caldwell, Pix, 1973
  • Folder: 11, Caldwell, Virginia, 1973
  • Folder: 12, Dartmouth College, 1973

    Claire Packard, Walter W. Wright, Edward Connery Latham, Angela Rinaldi, Adelaide Lockhart, Dolores Morin, Gordon T. H. Wallace

  • Folder: 13, "Family Weekly", 1973

    Mort Persky

  • Folder: 14, "Family Weekly": Alabama, 1973

    Helen Hayes, E. J. Chenault, Charles L. Gay, Mary Lois Dial, Robin Mangino, Rosalie Reynolds, Mrs. Charles C. Hall Jr., William C. Helfer, Mary George Jordan Waite, Fred G. Schell, Ed Rigdon, Mrs. James E. White, Cecil V. Austin, Helen Sheppard, Fred Couch, Jr., [unidentified], Geraldine L. Chancy, Tom Roan, Mrs. Mack Gregory, Grace Liddigton, Marlene M. Kastner, Mrs. C. L. Lankford, M. Howard Thomas, Margaret S. Gilbert, Betty L. Martin, Herbert K. Atwell, Christine Eatmore, Nellie R. Lattimer, Frank H. Akers

  • Folder: 15, "Family Weekly": Alaska, 1973

    Marguerite Lillard, Dr. Jay Caldwell, George Bristow, Irine Barbie, Kathleen Wilson, Linda Simpson, Marjorie Munden, E. O. Bracken, Clyde W. Lovel, Tom and Paula Swanson, Bob Swanson, Billy J. Casey, Palmer Peterson, Mary Elkins, Charles Forselles, M. Barton, Ala M. Hughes, Madeline Harrison, Ada Shuldberg, K. Mell

  • Folder: 16, "Family Weekly": Arizona, 1973

    Lillian Thomas, Hazel B. Lowgan, Jodi Yates, Johnny and Dora Miller, Floyd A. Johnson, Arabel Lipdike, Sheryll Heltzel, Ada G. Halloway, E. J. Salemme, Arlene Richardson, Ronald Bowser, Clayton and Ival Lane, William M. Manlin, Eliza Marie Carr, M. A. Zeller, Jule Ward, Dave and Sally Feese, Evelyn M. Howard, Mary Allard

  • Folder: 17, "Family Weekly": Arkansas, 1973

    Jerry Allen, Malcolm Smith, Onita Kirksey, Dr. Arlis F. Conner, Henry J. Burnett, S. Price, Mrs. Leo Faccin, M.O., Mrs. Tommy Connell, Mrs. Don Sullivan, Mrs. Eschol Terry, Frances M. Atkins, Mrs. Frank L. Brown, Mrs. S. Ham, Alleine Blacklock, Alice Griffith, Mrs. James A Todd, Alma Wesson, Beverly Lacey, Geraldine Hargis, Mrs. Jim R. Yeager, Nellie Rechey, Evona E. Weeks, Blanche Woodcock, Reba S. Newby, Oter L. Moore, Icie L. Matthews, Warner Emmons, Mrs. A. L. King, Joni Darrish, [unidentified], George Holtrey, Bette Warden, Wm. L. Bunch, Jr., Lousie Geiger, Milton Nobles, Mrs. J. E. Bradley, Jean Rosamond, Rodney Vomer, Mrs. Carl Burnett, Marcile Dillard, Dorothy Ballenger, Junita Clark, Edith Garrish, Lola Joiner, Wm D. Shipp, Jr., B. Keswick Bulkley, Dr. Verea Mack, Wesley Floyd, Sarah Fitzjarrald, Mr. and Mrs.Stuart Irman, Frances and Harve Linroth, Mrs. H. T. Ball, Clover B. Gibson, Pearl Gibbs, Clayton Gagnie, Mrs. Boots Runion

  • Folder: 18, "Family Weekly": Canada, 1973

    Thelma Shanley, Jalue Selah, Mma Elliott

  • Folder: 19, Family Weekly: California I, 1973

    Elizabeth Dowell, Ruth J. Frapwell, Johan Musple, L. M. Fitzgerald, Dee Summer, Vern and Leonard Moors, Brenda Herndon, Elizabeth J. Huffine, Carole Bauer, Mary Lou Boyd, Hazel C. Dewees, Edith Moore Roderick, Charlotte Rose, Lillian Pilate, Marjorie Buchlong, Jackie Olivier, Rhea L. Hanson, Andrea R. Tadlock, James C. Sornes, Marilyn Rafferty, Willliam Muttina, Collerra Pickett, Ellen C. Mahoney, Willia Rowle, Dorothy Sarnecky, Annette, Renee Marson, Gail Conrad, China Lee, Mrs. Otto H. Baul, Mrs. Wm. RL. Conrow, Marcelean P. Jackson, E. S., Marie Billups,Gloria Sierra, Ernice Rettig, Mrs. Robert Ingalls, Esther Allen, Raymond K. Stivers, Fay L. Perry, Miss Robinson, Clay Witteker, Lillian B. Mansell, Lori Blackbas, [unidentified], Ingrid Thornes, Rose T. Marris, Harriet Winters, Mrs. Martin J. Levine, Arlyne Smith, Laurel Dugan, Marion Anderson, Mrs. David Tipton, Mrs. Terrel Fields, Linda Harrington, Alberta Tolson Smith, Monica Wrobel, Tony and Virginia, Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Troy, Betty Ebright, Katie Whillhite, [unidentified], [unidentified], Peggy Audice, Suzanne Miotti, Mrs. Dilbert Woole, Shannon Vickers, Cindy Collier, Lou and Jane Thurman, Gina Urbani, Wm Regan, L. H. Terrell, Ryland Kelley, Bert Maze, Peggy Kirkpatrick, Gloria Shewbart, Eve Golden, B. J. Haseman

  • Folder: 20, "Family Weekly": California II, 1973

    May Dimmick, Herbert W. Harwood, Burnett B. Beach, Joe Conley, Theresa Zuloaga, Carolyn E. Hart, Beth Hasford Stauffer, Dorothy H. Kaiser, James B. Walsh, Laura Bernard, Danny Lee Thorpe, Evalyn S. Flint, Maxine Sutton, Mrs. L. Cook, Ed Pearson, Avery Simons,John Cowart, L. R. Good, Elaine Healey, Virginia Weyenberg, Rita Berry, Melanie Fletcher-Howell, Bernie C. Lanefill, Les and Olive Bookless, Sheila Simmons, Olga Librese Cream, Randall Robinson, Marguerite Caldwell Jones, Byron King, E. G. Brockman, Cleo Rae Comer, Cat Dane, Eddie, Haazel P. Wall, Russ and Carol Smith, Hazel Porter, Belle, Charles G. Massie, Karen Webster,Margaret O. Richardson, Gwen Cunningham, John H. Haha, Mrs. Clifford Blue, Donald Kerrey, Margaret, Dana Scott, Winifred C. Clark, Rae H. Kromer, John Milo Erwin, Donna Karasek, Dorothy E. Kelly, Marjorie Olsen, Fern Fergusen, Carolyn Shiner, Diane Downs, Steven Owens, Ann M. Gorhis, Frank Mattina, Bernice Jessop, Findley Larson

  • Folder: 21, "Family Weekly": California III, 1973

    Annette Calvin, Marjorie January, Jeanne Meaniker, Dorothy von Wain, Hanity Winters, Linda O'Riley, Mary J. Griffin, Paul Dean, Marilyn J. Shapnek, Ethel Greenwood, Marie-Walter Davis, Nancy Pittman, Richard De Pont, H. A. Anderson, Betty m. Waters, Florence Duerr, W. B. O'Branson, W. E. Cunningham, Helen Gregor, Charles H. Mackmore, Lillie M. Shapro,Lenore Hollaway, Betty Zehnder, J. W. Vansickle, Iola Brooks, Dee L. Thome, The Sorensen's, Jimm Stewart, Beverly McGee, Theo. E. Border, Albert H. Chobanian, Dandi Grahlmann, I. M. Suchomel, Miriam L. Manley, Julie Rose, Pat Davis, David Hales, Md. Gardner, Bertha Richey, Darline M. Daniel, Elaine M. Cox, NM Roll, Liz Sublitt, Herbert Pfennig, Alice Doner,Thelma Hall Quast, Ralph Bell, Gordon and Priscilla Maloche, Clara Arvie, Eileen Stewart, Roseanne Bean, Justin A. Mace, Margo Grabus, Geneve A. Davis, Don Kenyon, The Dukes, Miriam Jones, Clara E. Richards, Hallie C. Booker, John A. Tish Gillespie, Hazel Hiberly

  • Folder: 22, "Family Weekly": California IV, 1973

    Donald A. Cook, Arthur Weissman, Ina Draper Defoe, John R. Hetherington, Lionel E. Burnett, Connie Immell Vega, Connie Vega, Majorie White, Roberta L. Hart, Anvil Bar Ranch [Elmo L .Butte], Lavelle, Christine Stinters, Eleanor Kasperiet, Mary L. Little, Sally Code, William Thacker, Jamie Clarko, Jenny Adair, Western Properties Real Esate Brokers [Girvan Higginson], Katherine Willeford, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Boyd, Mrs. Paul Moormat, Robert L. Lloyd, Clara Dean Gemmet, Mr. and Mrs. William Trusty, Mrs. Alden Trailor, Lybrand P. Smith, Robin Brown, Lelia Conley, Jane Peals, Bonita Knight, Helen Harlan, Arthur A. Bolender, Robert H. Ware, A. C. Johansson, Carol G. Wiss, Ms. Marjorie Moretta, Loritten, Mrs. May Adams, Mr.and Mrs. Kenneth C. Warner, Jr., Bill and Sue Regan, Mrs. Delbert Woods, Lynne Hidselrose, Roy L . Wilson L. Lewel, Mrs. Chase, Roberta Sims, Paul M. Bourns, Mollei Marriss, Smiley Bengtson, Marian A. Slama, Fran Robun, Doc Butler, Standley Paint Store [C. R. Standley, City of San Buenaventura

  • Folder: 23, "Family Weekly": California V, 1973

    Mrs. A. V. Reed, C. R. Standley, Sophie Gary

  • Folder: 24, "Family Weekly": Colorado, 1973

    Virginia H. McBride, Mrs. Pat Shearer, Stephen Damm, Gerald Allen, Mr. and Mrs. Donald E Leist, Heather Hajek, Mrs. Thelina A Somers, Kirk Coy, Hazel Ottman, Gary Parker, H. Neal Embry, Vince Marions, The Rawhide Company [Kenneth H. Barber], Bob and Mary Valdez, Mrs. Homer Hughs, United Fund of Pueblo County Colorado [Joe M. Wood], Francis M. Starbuck, Ed Carpenter, Mr. and Mrs Cass and Susie Poole, Robert G. Golden, L.W. Laceky, Dorothy Walradt, Paula Bush, Nancy Marzuola Scarborough, Jeff Goddard, Mr. Ronald Collette, Mrs. Isabel Luttrell, John B. Foulgas [?], Mrs. Stanley (Thea) Adler, Mrs. John Trucks, Gerald M Allen, Mr. Koruegay, Bertha Vandruff, Warren and Edith Lampehire, Mrs. Phyllis Wigington, Irene Tekovich, Martha P. Anderson, Shirley Lyons, Jean M. Campbell, Regal Realty [Maudie Leach], Carl Hughes, Rita R. Bowers, Sherrey Watt, George Daly, Unidentifed, Myra Phaneuf, Margaret Inskeep, Mrs. Ernest Neuman [?], Bob Nilliams, United Bank of Colorado Springs [Mary Jean Levy], (Mrs. D.C.) Florence Gillette Malcouronne

  • Folder: 25, "Family Weekly": Connecticut, 1973

    Helen F. {Mrs. Phillip C.) Bancroft, Mrs. Joan B. Drury, Victor J. Scalzo, Richard DiMauro, Jeannie Chambers, Mary T. McGrath, Michael S. Kirk, Corinne B. Dulac, Mrs. J. Santarsio [?], Jaes M. Bardis, Mrs. Joseph S. Lazzaro, Mrs. Peter Karamidao, Ruth Littleton, Mrs. Joseph Hayes, Ronald J. Raines, Jeannette Colemon [?], Margaret O. Wilson, Myrtle Engleking, Nancy Farrell, Esther F. Kivic, F. A. Foote, Dorothea Shields, Mim and Bill Sensenbrenner, Gene Popa, Gloria K Weimann, Leo F. Carroll, Lewis J Finch Real Estate [John Maggio], Riverview Realty, Inc [Michael W. Tomasso]

  • Folder: 26, "Family Weekl"y: Delaware, 1973

    Deborah A. Battaglino, Mrs. Howard E. Parker, Getrude G Edwards, Flora Hooper, Margaret H. Kelly, Mrs. Kathi Refosco, Robert E. Walsh

  • Folder: 27, "Family Weekly": Florida I, 1973

    Tim Cross, Ralph W. First, June Blanchard, George Franklyn, Gladys W Commel, Mrs. Elizabeth H. Bragg, Daniel J. Stockwell, Mrs. Ethel H. Knobel, Mrs. Ellison {?], Mrs. Arthur Van Hunburg, Robert E. Depue, Edith D. Haskell, Alice A. Johnson, Mrs. Marion H. Furbeck, Eileen M. Cassidy, Mrs. L. H. Blankenhagen, Hazel E. Bridges Miller, June Smith, Margaret A. Murray, Mrs. James (Elizabeth) Britton, Lisa Mattias, Marcella (Mrs. Robert) Umbarger, I. E. Thomas, Ruth Wyland, Mrs. Dorothy Tharon[?], Rosalie E. Rogner, Mrs. Benno (Sari) Lipton, Arthur J. Arnold, Yvonne Odell, Colorguard Studio, Joseph W. Lucas, Lynn Pearlman, Shirley R Foldoe, Claire W. Craft, June Woodbridge, Mr. Howard W. French, Mrs. Nadine Lee, Mrs. Retha Mullins, Mrs. Michael Boulger, Charles J Hall, unidentified, Mrs. Mary Ware, Mrs. Edgar E. Rupard, Mrs. Muriel Mooney, Mrs. Lester Wolfe, Anne Schultz, John R. Harrison, Mrs. Raymond E. Phillips, Gladys M. Kemble, Mrs. Pauline Stafford, Miss Sherrell Sutton, Mrs. James S. Judson, Jerry Lipman, R. D. Bickentoffe, Caroline Carter, Ruth C. Hopping, Gordon G. Dexter, Julian Bloodworth, Mrs. Laurent E. Genest, Mark Jules, Virginia Hamilton Real Estate, Mr. and Mrs. Billy Gee, J. R. Wagner, Muriel Jewett, Urban L. Lillard, Florence P. Barrett, Jim Grosvenor, Mrs. Ernest Wreman [?], Mrs. Kathryn L Erdmann, Betty Walton, Walter M. Greaves, Mrs. Roy Schneider, J. Walker Martin, Dr. E. G. Darbo, Mrs. Erma Cappo, Lester Jeeters

  • Folder: 28, "Family Weekly": Florida II, 1973

    Willie Peagues, unidentified, Erle Battelle, Paula Mariette, Bill and Ellen Goldhurst, Preston E. Beck, Harry L. Sheffield, Shirley Russell, Vincent Meyer, Marian Chaplin, C. B Pat Cloninger, Laurence P. Morse, Mrs. John Batman, Mrs. David Clay, Heather Lodge[Alison McGavern, John Stroupe, J. O. Evans Jr., Sibyl Stitzel, Ruth E. Bardsley, Mrs. Reba Fussell, Adele F. Smith, Bill and Dorie Brobst, Mrs Ruth [?], Cliz A. Jones, Muriel Clarke, Mrs. Ardiel Breland, Madeline Schmierer, Eileen M. Cassidy, William M .Mackenzie, R. J and Mitti e Dees, R. Verost, Ada A. Rodgers, Mr. and Mrs. William H. Hohman, Ecological Education Centers of America, Inc. [Mary Santos]

  • Folder: 29, "Family Weekly": Georgia, 1973

    Lorane H. Minis, Wesley Willis, Mrs. W. G. Whitter, Mrs. Franks M. Allen, Victor [?], Rosemary W. Johnston, Marie B. Pannal, Mrs. Robert Minnick Cannon, Lilla M. Peters, Mrs. Charles S. Rockwell Jr., F. C Came, Jack and Jane [?], Mrs. Louise Herb, Betty [?], Helen Polly Hall, unidenified, unidentified, Real Estate Marketing Inc. [Bob Lewis, Jr.], unidentified, Arlean and Wilmer Stewart, Mary R. O Brien, Ruby Larey, Barlana Carter, Merle Norman Cosmetic Studio [Mrs. J. H. Keels], William Hart, Mrs. Ed Childree, Mrs. Warren Griffin, Marie Dawson, Paul P. Preseoet, Lucile Mashburn, Ivey and Company of Athens, Inc.[Bill Kelly], Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Tilley, Mrs. W. T. Skelton, Mrs. Inez Burke, Nelli Fox, Joanne B. McCallum, Helen Rumkk (Mrs. Charles), H. Shirah, Agnes Haley, Mrs. Betty Turner, Mrs. [Willie?] Foster, Helen Wartel [?], Alene (Mrs. Frank) Kaylor

  • Folder: 30, "Family Weekly": Idaho, 1973

    Mrs. Lohris Weisl, Mrs. Ephraim Thomas, Mrs. Elaine Piper, Lee A. Brown, Geogrgia Kluender, Floyde Viola Loomis, Ruby Hammond, J. Floyd Weber, Mrs. P. U. Riegle, Mrs. P Clark, Mr. and Mrs. William Sloan, Action Realty [Elmer Broomhall], Mr. and Mrs. Warren Epps, Renee Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. John W. Watson, Ruth Huff, Irene Harris, Bruce and Nancy Grant, Betty Schlectic, Kristine Priest, Lester and Annie Jones, Mrs. Lornie Mareum [?], Gwen E. Norton, Colleen Ourada, Mrs. Marilyn Myler, Linda Wilson, John and Dot Challis, Mrs. Dick Overfield, Ralph Martin, Esther Barnes, Elizabeth Anne Edwards, unidentified, S.H. Berry, Rick Munson, William A. Moser, Mrs. Coleman Watkins, Dorothy Hiers, Jackie and Sulo Wuori, Mrs. C. C. Geisinger

  • Folder: 31, "Family Weekly": Ilinois, 1973

    Kay and Wally Siebsh [?], Mrs. Mary Prunty, Grace and Harold Menefer, Mrs. J.W. Shotts, Mrs. Tom Margetich, Olivette L Dietrick, E. W. Bonnet, Jamie Lindenberg, Edith (Mrs. Milton) Kuffel Smith, Qair[?] Wachlin, Alvah Hargis, Mrs. Laveine (Helen) Anderson, Mrs. Vada Stone (a widow), Christina M. Stewart, Gweneth Walker, Mr. and Mrs. James Cherry, Molly Michel, Ethel (Mrs. Samuel) W. Silver, Wanda Frye, Hot Springs Village [Richard Workman/ Mrs P.], Miss Diane Beier, Mrs. Ruth Junk, Dorothy McCord, June Baylies, Margaret A Hildreth, Lacy & Edna Haney, Mrs. John Danosky, Mabel P Choutier, Rosemary and LeRoy Collman, Jennie Roper, Mrs. Lois Harvey, Kathy Harig, Mrs. Lucille Linsey [?], Shiela Kramer, Joe M. Miner, Holly King, Edward F Brinks, Barbara Wills, Ray D. Triffet, M. Leffler [?], Mrs. J William Meara, James E. Meyer, Williard G. Huffman, Mrs. Corma Jane Taylor, Martha Dillard, Mrs. Helen B. Smith, Theresa Thonrborough, Mrs. Sharon Shaw, Kathy Lynn Conlin, Betty Coak, Mary A. Torrance, Homesick for Virginia, Mrs. Arthur (Lois) Heuer, Sherri Muttelberg, Hewey and Wanda Hop. Mrs. Charles J Heintz, Olivette L. Dietrick, Sarah (Mrs. Carl) Allinson, Mississippi Valley Structural Steel [James W. Liddell], Mrs. Lila Imig

  • Folder: 32, "Family Weeky": Indiana, 1973

    Harold Slosson [?], Roberta Ripley, Judy York, Mrs. John Spain and Hazel Spain, Mrs. M. More, C.U. Cook [?], Thula Burch, Eleanor Richardson McAlpen, Ike James E Crabb, Ruth Buckleur, Mrs. Walter J. Clements, Jr., unidentified, Thomas Parsons, Mrs. Connie Grimes, Ida Good, Mrs. James W. Haupert, Headquarters 101st Airborne Division [Mrs. A.H. Coate], Dorothy Stroud, Mrs. (Martha) Realtor Grogg, Mrs. Dewey Hatsfield, W.M. Hebert, Mary Louise Rowlette, Mary Lamb, Rosemary Sprague, Mary (Mrs. Thurman Maurer), Mary Russell

  • Folder: 33, "Family Weekly": Iowa, 1973

    Matt Nisas, Mrs. Karen Decker, Dorothy Hiers, Mrs. William Lembke, Mrs. Rhoda Sumner, Mrs. Edith Sealman, Mercedes F. Burke, Jack and Lynne Irwin, Mrs. Tom Penne, Dorothy Hiers

Box: 13, Dates: 1973


Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, "Family Weekly": Kansas, 1973

    Jennifer Ostrom, Phyllis Wiley, Elizabeth Cochran, Janice Higgins, Mrs. Elmer Rust, Mary Erskine Gray (Mrs. Rollin L Gray), Everett and Berna Willis, Kathryn Seely, Marilyn Mynatt, Mr. and Mrs. Alex Bruce, Theresa Aills [?], George Calvert, unidentified, Regina Reese, Gay Beth Bowman, Lloyd and Lyne Dixon, Elsie M. Newell, Sarah Ruth Earlywine (Mrs. Ray), Velma Lowry, Vi Daniel, Allan Hibbard, Vera M. Brooks

  • Folder: 2, "Family Weekl"y: Kentucky, 1973

    Mrs. Nellie and Hughes, Carol Farms, Elma Pease, Mrs. Leroy Reynolds, The Meadons, Mrs. Jimmy Nelson, Mrs. Laura Baird, Mrs. Cecil Harrison, La Societe des 40 Hommes et 8 Chevaux (Hoyt C. Marshall), Shirley Holland

  • Folder: 3, "Family Weekly": Louisiana, 1973

    Mrs. Christine Brewer, Gerald Goudens [?], Catherine D. Conerly, Lamar Boulet, Mrs. Mary Lou Selman, unidentified, Alclen J. Broussard, Mrs. George (Dot) Abraham, W. R. Thomas, Mrs. Harlene R. Rainbolt, Barbara B. Lawson, Eva M. Busknell, Genelle Brounard, Mrs. O. M. McKenzie, Jr., The Henry C Perret Family [Peggy], Mary Jo Hughes, Cathy Cummings and Marcia Haydel, Sherryl Fichepont [?], Dexter and Ruby Sargent, Lois Gelatt, Mrs. Malcolm (Jenny) A. Broussard, Jr., Ivan J. Reaney [?]

  • Folder: 4, "Family Weekly": Maine, 1973

    John Jediny, Mrs. Elmer C. Sawtelle, Mrs. William A. Murray, Kenneth LaFlamme, Mrs. Chris (Rita) Long, Mrs. Jaimee [?] L. Kugler, Barsha [?] Kay Laugh, Doris W. Pratt, Mrs N. Nestor, Barbara C. Moulton, Alice Rutigliano, Mary Dover, Harriote H. Sampson, Marry Bennett, Jenni M. Bubar, Violet R. Tripp, Mrs. Guy Carter, V. J. Crandlemire, Susan Wither [?], Darlene McLaughlin, Maine Rural Youth Corps (Mike Donahue)

  • Folder: 5, "Family Weekly": Maryland, 1973

    Randy S. Whetstone, Mrs. Hazel Hall, Ms. Willie Long, Mrs. Ruth B. Bradford, Isabelle N. Redden, Evelyn Richardson, Nanna and Poppop [?] Hiett, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Haenftling, Mrs. Millie Va. Cosner, Louise N. White, Mrs. Bertha Willet, Anna and Newton Carey, Boots Jarman, Mrs. Frank Jarman, Dailee [?] B. Usiltou [?], Jack D. Draker, Pam [?] Wiborn [?], unidentified

  • Folder: 6, "Family Weekly": Massachusettes, 1973

    Helen Marie More, Nancy Gilbertson, Mrs. Carole Dawes, Fleuritta [?] Plowman, Arthur G., Ruth Hussy, unidentified, Ruth Maurer

  • Folder: 7, "Family Weekly": Mexico, 1973

    Raphael Greno

  • Folder: 8, "Family Weekly": Michigan, 1973

    Joseph C. Mechano, J. Harrington, Alfred D. Pilon Jr., Jane Roberts Zale, Mrs. John L. Faher, Mrs. Leonard Vaughan, Helen A. Morran [?], Mrs. William Denton, Ginny Maul, Saginaw Valley College [John R. Broadfoot], Mrs. R. Frederick Becker, Mrs. Weldon Noye, Maynard E. Morgan, Sandy Berg, Kevin Pratt, Mrs. Donald C. Pelz, Wanda VanLeeuwen, Mrs. Steve Kadlolistky, Pauline C. Heuser, Karl Olin, Archie Black, Ms. Joann Louise Morrice, Florence Armbrusther [?], B. Frances, Mrs. Sidney Hicks, John Knooihuisen, Julie Harwell, Carl V. Keen, Mrs. Warren Petoskey, Adella Nattress, Mrs. K. S. Williams, Collins Realty, Inc. [Marguerite Hill], Mr. and Mr. Thomas E. Randall, Mrs. Marilyn Hughey, Mrs. Lawrence h. F. Frank, Mrs. June K. Pringle, Jules [?] Andrejcyak, Mrs. J. R. Griffith, Ada Whitwill, Anne L Katy, Earl, Beulah B. Marvil, Mrs. Cleo Harper, Mrs. Doris L. Carlice, Mrs. D. Leonard, Joan Gould, Connie Mazzuilin [?], Mrs. Edith Oshier, Grandma Pearl Tirrell, Grace L. & J. Vernon Sheap, Ernest Jack Sharpe, King and Company, Carroll M. Smith, Mrs. Hart (Ruth) Stamm, Dorothy Tolman, Herbert Weis, Ann Bonar, Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Wansten, Jay and Beth Hall, Wesley Blundell, Marry Ann Jeenes, Mrs. Ralph Holland, Mrs. Gene Gloner, Sam Story Sands Rach [Sam Story], Flory & Jeen Gainer [?]

  • Folder: 9, "Family Weekl"y: Minnesota, 1973

    Barbara A. Gadow, Eugene R. Burt, Kathy Speight, Mrs. Won R Hoppe, RoAnna Matheson, Mrs. Helmer Mosenden, Grace Pribyl, Sharon Kruesel, Mrs. Harry Bauer Sr., Janice Hansgen, Mrs. Leo M. Schneider, Major and Mrs. David J. Bayle, Mrs. B. Ingram, Mrs. Gertrue Rakauskas, Mr. and Mrs. George Abnet, Eveleyn and Vir Olson, B.J. Haseman

  • Folder: 10, "Family Weekly": Mississippi, 1973

    Edgar A. Stephens, Hank Levi, Ruby W. McEwen, R.C. Holcomb, William L. Shoemaker, Mr. Frick, Chenny [?] Pugh, Paul Duval, Kay Stephens, Helen A. King, Mrs. Edith Goodhall, Martha Lenoir, Pete Martinez, Sixto X. Heman, Mrs. Billy R. Jenkins, E. O. Gordon, Paul McEwan, Mamie Leonette, Lorena H. Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. Ken Rogers, Jean Williford, Miss Eva McGarry, Mrs. Gary E. Harkey, Mrs. T. A. Impy, Mrs. Louise Moore, Mrs. Grody "Reed" Rainey, Emma [?] Pusset [?], Mrs. Michael McFarland, Marilyn Janus, Mr. Jack Frich, Mrs. Sybil [?] Dass, Kristy, Kathy Ford, Kitty Boutwell, Kitty Boutwell, Virginia Sullivan, Mrs. Gloria Different

  • Folder: 11, "Family Weekly": Missouri, 1973

    Commerce Bank of Hannibal [Mrs. Jo Rupp] Elaine M. Aber, Mrs. O. O. Graves, Walter and Malissa Baker, Cowgill Realty Company [Bill Cowgill], Opal Bourke, Mrs. Ernest C. Kneckler, State Fair Community College [ William C. Hopkins], Mary Edythe Gore, David H. Jackson, (Mrs. H) Ruther Hendrick, Mrs. Frances Fenton, Mary E. Minder, Bertha Soter, Mr. and Mrs W. S. Baker

  • Folder: 12, "Family Weekly": Montana, 1973

    Shirley L. Luehrsen, Wanda Harris, Lillian S Hanson, Nita Diebel {Mrs. Thad Diebel]. Ron Ellis, Doris Fulkuson, Mrs. Alice Sluys, Joey Rosette, Jr., Mrs. Allen Whitten, Janet Maddex, Collette LeFebvre, Irene (Mrs. Lyle R.) Flesch, Diana DeSmet, Maud L Morrison, Lisa Conger

  • Folder: 13, "Family Weekly": Multiple Locations, 1973

    The Circus Kingdom [ L. David Harris], Mrs. Elsie Maroney, Mrs. Ethel Lowe, Theodosia Gardner

  • Folder: 14, "Family Weekly": Nebraska, 1973

    Mrs. Jake Leis Jr, B. Morris, Mrs. (Josephine) E.M. Hohlfeld, Mr. and Mrs Eldon and Elaine Lepp

  • Folder: 15, "Family Weekly": Nevada, 1973

    J. Douglad Sparks, Gary McCarthy, Al Shay, Mrs. Thomas D. Martin, Mrs. Thelma Cobb, Sue Hutchings, Carmen DiPiazza, Mrs. Frank R. Kooutz, Mary E. Whittemore, Larry A. Henderson, Loren Reichert, Muriel Bailey Koralin, George A. Jayne, Eloise K. Robbins, Mrs. Virginia C. Quirk, Marion Piccioni, The Depharts, Mrs. D. J. Lunini, Beverly Levinson, Katheryn Royer Atz, Herbert H. Hinze, Maxine Jones, Tommye Tomlinson, Mrs. Foster F. Sowers, Joyce Beckett, Mrs. Kenneth L. (Lillian) McMalen, Larry L. Stephens, Meadow Valley Estates [ T. W. Holmgren], Bill Burrell, Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Crampton, Michael Schaefer, Raymond J. Marshalk, Sr., Curt Wilson, Mrs. Dorothy (Bartek) Jesnick, Dixie Cincotte

  • Folder: 16, "Family Weekly": New Hampshire, 1973

    Mrs. Barkara Pom, Carl J. Bugbee, Mrs. Lee Ferdinands, Hampshire House of Real Estate [David Stanghellini], Paula Arsenault, unidentified, Mrs. E.J. Nallett, Madeleine Fuller, Mr. and Mrs Geo. W. Holt, Rose Labrie

  • Folder: 17, "Family Weekly": New Jersey, 1973

    Helen Heupel, Mrs. Mary Jane Reither, Mary Joan Venesco, Mrs. Kenneth McSherry, Mrs. Julia Gregoria, M.N. Puttock, Mrs. Mary Womelsday, Mrs. Phyllis Martin, Helen Lees, Hazel Probsk, Mrs. Helen Huggan, Mrs. Dorothy Oakes, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Farrell, Mrs. A. M. Maron, Mildred Hanshaw, Elsie Baker, Mrs. M. Kaplan, Mildred Fox, Lucie J. Becker, Gloria and Emil Bongiovanni, Miss Barbara Ann Holmes, Florence Haitsch, Ernest Briggs, Jr., Armida Devore, Wm. M. Cornwell, Mrs. Matilda P. Miller, Mrs. Ellen Reyes, Hazel M. Paddock, Ducane [?] Sowry, Mrs. Ada Sehwart, Joyce Petak, Fred De Vrincentis [?], Anonymous, Helen Josifek, Mrs. J. A. DeVine, Mrs. Ruth Giuliani, Liel Sontag, Leslie R. Breese, Mrs. Lester R. Olson, Maryette Charlton, Mrs. M. J. Maier, Bette Dvorak, Mrs. Claire D. Bennett, Eulalie L. Steward, Mrs. Nancy Bennett, Elaine Hoffman, G. Heflich, A,. V. Ellis, Levitz Real Estate and Insurance [ Abe Levitz], Mrs. Hedde Mattke, Mrs. J. H. Isney, Mrs. Donald P. Timmons

  • Folder: 18, "Family Weekly": New Mexico, 1973

    C. A. Buchanan, Mrs. Ruth M. Spratte, Henry E. Jablonski, Mrs. Paul Eshelman, Mrs. Lynne Buchen, John S. Zumwalt, Nancy M. J. Daughtry, Dr. H. M. "Farme" Farmehill, Virginia Anderson, Rita C. Pena, Hubert Gledwell [?], Mrs. Carter Ford, Ernestine Mumerief [?], George Marques, Mrs. Andy Anderson, Mrs. Sanchia Lemme, R.E.W., Floyd E. Camp, Dana D. Durand, Elizabeth Martinez, Mutual Life Insurance Company [Kay and Clayton Boddy], Security National Bank of Roswell [Harry W. Birrell], Roswell State Bank [Harry J. Bruckelmeyer], Meredith Mayo, A.H. Warren, Esteele Rouse, Herbert G. Solberg, Will Leonard, Walter W. Taylor, Jack Stephenson, Myrtle M. Graves, Mrs. Gary Burden, unidentified, Juanita Potter, Eunice Stevenson, Barbara Marge, Mrs. Paul Gibson, Elizabeth Rowell, Rusty, Frank Eliot McCulloch, Mrs. John R. Vidal, Roswell chamber of Development and Commerce [Cheryl Ringheimer], Security National Bank of Roswell [Harry W. Birrell], Jeanna L. Trujillo, Norma Hamlin, Jack Stephenson

  • Folder: 19, "Family Weekly": New York, 1973

    Terru Gackstatter, Mildred Wass, Mrs. Edwin L. Howard, Frankie, Patricia Alberta Powell Bauer, Gladys Kranker, Mrs. A Gouldebury, Barbara Schultz, M. M. Misner, Catherine and John Jobior [?], Frances Lintor, M. Karen Walker, Mrs. Willian J. Powers Jr., Helen Z. Battistoni Ltd [ Carolyn L. DiMauro], Dick and George's Service Station [?], R. C. Pritchard, Valerie Chiasera, Mrs. Frank Smith, Abraham L Banner, Mrs. Estelle Henik, Annette Maree Pritchard, Marvin W. Copp, Jane L. Gordon, Richard Healy, Ralph, Mrs. William F. Harmon, Marjorie M. Ferguson, Mary Young, Mary Allen, Edith Morey, Ethel L. S. Alfond, Ferrusi Real Estate Company Inc. [Gerda McCarthy], Shirley Dombroski, Mrs. Betty St. Denny Jones, Mrs. Brian Leach, Fred A. Stock, Queensbury Hotel and Motor Inn [J. Louis Barnett), Josephine C. Jackson, Mrs. Evelyn Saunders, Mr. and Mrs. "Jack" Hockenbrought, Gilbert C. Nourse [?], Gertrude Krause, Mrs. Jack C. (Nina) Joyner, Mrs. Ruth S. Thomas, Ross W. Tolbert, E. H. Hawkins, Dorothy Hunt, Mrs. Anne Ostasy, Mrs. Raymond Newhouse

  • Folder: 20, "Family Weekly": North Carolina, 1973

    Mrs. Julia Hewter, Estelle Hults, Mrs. Mary B. Lancaster, Otis W. Hope, Rhone, Russ Fritz, "A Devoted Reader of Family Weekly", Jack and Margil Dibb, Mrs. Zelia P. Short, Rosalia Gonzalez Burke, Miss Elizabeth Clay, Euginia (Genia) T. Gerth, Keith C. Nash, Jr., James A. Chambler, Renee Hill, Phyllis Farmer, Mrs. Sam F. Hiser, Marion Chase Cook, Mrs. Harvey S. Browne IV, Carol, Rachel Grubb, V. C. Crowell, Kathrin (Kappy) Sides, Nellie Mahaley Boyle, Mrs. Seth A. Perry, Mr. Sally Fonest [?], Mrs. Downey J. Booth, Claytee [?] W. Spier [?], A Reader of "Family Weekly", Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Houser, Mrs. O. N. Yergan, Debbie Gross, Edna Isen Lour [?], Catherine Ellington Jr., Brenda Poole, Jay and Debby Howell, Laurence T. Bradford, Mr. Oris Ellington, Melinda Jester, Joyce R. Cox, B. O. Creekmore, Mrs. S. W. Aenold, Elsil Winner, Otter L. Johnson, C. Lee Byed [?], George C. Lawing, Jr., Helen L. Hines, Mrs. Judith P. Sorrell, Mrs. Helen C. Garrett, Alma Guthrie, Jo Dickson, M. M. Way, Jr., Eugene Vins, Elizabeth J. Allred, Mrs. Carolyn T. Lampron, Charles J. Harris

  • Folder: 21, "Family Weekly": North Dakota, 1973

    Elvina J. Ruettell, Deborah Porter, Mrs. Timothy D. Sweeney

  • Folder: 22, "Family Weekly": Ohio, 1973

    Mrs. Daniel Bonar, Mrs. Ophelia Colllins, Oscar O. Raberding, Hazel Dennis, Ruby E. Thompson, Lolita Church, Mrs. Hazel L. Means, Bernice Huffman, Mrs. Russel North, [unidentified], Elizabeh Maginniss, Wanda Richardson, Roberta S. Rogers, Lenace M. Kennedy, Martha A. Weaver, Martha Branham, R. Anne Baker, Mrs. Marry Russell, Mrs. Elleanor Kahoun, Ralph Avery Sr., Mrs. Paul L. Jorayer Donna Clements, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Pritchard, Pauline Kintz, Betty Whitmire, Mrs. Margaret Barrick, Shirley Slade, Dorothea King, Mrs. Roger (Lois) McCartney, Mrs. George (Edith) Endle, Myra Boyer, Florence Crilley, Margaret Rose, Mrs. Fornia Hughes, Mr. and Mrs. Paul L Stein, Mrs. Roboert E Mapes, Barbara Cornelison, Dara L. Bowman, Margaret Bazarth, Mr. Douglas Dupler [?], Mrs. Rev. Gerald Claypool, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Quinn, Mrs J. Davis, First Alliance Church of the Christian and MIssionary Alliance [Pastor William E. Allen], Donald O. Mack, Kenneth Barker, Harry D. Wright, Connie Hess, Elston Lumber Company [L.B. Snediker], Mrs. Lawrence Huber, Fern A. Edwards, Lydia Newman, Mrs. Edward (Frances) Ricker, Agatha Rollison, Jim Burdett, Richard Brooks, Christine Salapach [?], Mrs. Larilyn Pabrau, Oscar R. Miller, Naomia & Robinson Phillips, Mrs. M. T. Epling, Sr.,Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Cates

  • Folder: 23, "Family Weekly": Oklahoma, 1973

    Mrs. Deb Chisolm, Floyd W. Jaylon, M. J. Schwartz, Gail Wesberry, Mrs. Perir [?], William Blake

  • Folder: 24, "Family Weekly": Oregon, 1973

    Shuler and Grace Bland, Delila F. Hamilton, Kenneth E. Hendricks, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Hoag, Anita L. Graham, Lou Hughes [?], Mrs. Keith Sherwood, Ms. Agnes Allen, Mrs. Evalyn M. Parks, Melvin L. Davis, Mrs. Nina M. Chandler, Mrs. Wallina E. Hedges, Mrs. W. R. Loosley, Genevieve (Mrs. R. S.) Ashenberner, William Powell, Mrs. Martha E. Fish, Karen Johnson, Mrs. C.G. Brecht, Marilee Miller, unidentified, Coral Edwards, Janice Adams, Mrs. Clyde Bole, Mr. and Mrs. H. Fletcher Baker, Pauline Swain, Norman Holcomb, Mrs. Lillian Napieu [?], Kathy Pinard, Lisa Adams, Ruth Steinkamp, William Powell, The Ralph Burt Family, Dave Whittle, Your Bonanza Friends, Molly A. Gonzales, Mrs. Ruby Roos, Shirley Day, Baker Or. Resident (Mrs.), Mary Cavanaugh, Wanda Daager, Mrs. Belma Wall, Mrs. Sullivan, Susan, Jill Berning, Mrs. Thomas J. Word, Carrol N. White, Shelly Foran, Mrs. Kay Reitinger, Mrs. Milton Kephart, R. Gertenrich, Walter Uhlman [?], Mrs. Marvin Kliewer, Floyd and Jennie Perry, Mark Saint John, Dora E. Rinne, M. Dowding, Marian Basler Mullen, Jessi P. Royse, Uncle Zeke, Mrs. Len James, Joan Deloretto, Crown Properties [Joseph Diekemper], C. R. Barnes Jr., Mrs. Kale Ruth, Milton and Vicky Bragg, Bess M. Christian, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Garrick

  • Folder: 25, "Family Weekly": Pennsylvania I, 1973

    Jack Baum, Mrs. Valerra Haas, Gretchen H. Idaas, Marjorie M. Fleth, John E. Davis, Hilda E. Weaver, Muriel H. Lindhome, Reed Dixon, C. L. Roderick, The Neureiters, Anna M. Temple, Wanda Krishisky, Hellen V. Shelly [?], Warren R. Smith, Jr., Mrs. N. Kevin Leher, Margaret O'Leary, Roxie, George J. Soffer, Francis J. White, Mrs. Paul Himmelherge, Unidentified, Mrs. Yvonne Lowe, Ronnie & Judi & Amy & Abby, J. W. [?] Bricka, Bonnie Seckrist, Evelyn A. Goss, Mrs. Willard Mullen, Charlotte M. Rettew, Mrs. Roger Dawning, Mr. and Mrs. H.E. Reilly, Mrs. A. Brillhart, Mrs. Oscar Hanson, Irene Dernchak, Mary Ann Arase, Alma T. Payck, Mamie, Shelly Prendergast, Erma Ressler, Ethel T. Pressel

  • Folder: 26, "Family Weekly": Pennsylvania II, 1973

    Mrs. Edw. A. Magalski, Lenore Sweitzer, Harold and Esther M. McConley, Mrs. Bee Cooper, Lynne Abbey, Tracey Martin, Owen W. Haines, Carol A. Miller, Mrs. Jane A. Kennedy. Frances O'Donnell, Alice M. Poeth, Mrs. Lester S. Keefer, Donna Kochel, Mr. and Mrs. John F. Vitale, E. O. Gordon, Mandy Hopper, Mrs. Kelly B. Bagley, Mrs. Joanne Tibbs, Marlin Evans, Robert E. Fleming, Mrs. Roay Vandermsk {?}

  • Folder: 27, "Family Weekly": Rhode Island, 1973

    Martha Gilles

  • Folder: 28, "Family Weekly": South Carolina, 1973

    Bobbie, Connie Neelon, Cynthia L. Gilchrist, Miss Madeleine Sophie Gary, Janet Sanders, Mrs. Elliott Baumrind, Nichols & Nichols [Mrs. Fred K. Nichols], Mrs. BD Williams, Mrs. Frances Bonner, Mrs. Lucille Hile, Peg Brady, Anne Woods, Integon [Hoyt O. Prince], Mrs. Paul Caldwell Gibson, Charles and Doris Pressler, The Blackwell [?], Mrs. Laura Madden, Mrs. Mavis Pruitt, Victoria Shelpton, Mrs. J.K. Robertson, Mrs. Ann Simmons, M. E. Crawford, Warren Gentry

  • Folder: 29, "Family Weekly": South Dakota, 1973

    Louise De Leon, Mrs. Mary Schmitz, Charles H. Hoffman, The Orville Halls, S. R., Kathy Tarrant, Mrs. George J. Sader[?] , Ruth, Virginia Staikoff, Mrs. H. D. Buckingham, Carl A. Cadwell, Mary E. Brady, Lisa Jarvi, H. H. Hunt, Mae Corbin, Barbara Karinen, Lisa Bossert, Holiday Inn of Brookings [A Dakota hunting guide of many famous people], Loree Coy

  • Folder: 30, "Family Weekly": Tennessee, 1973

    E. B. Parker, Eleanor Odom, Eula F. Coalston, Susan Allison, Mrs. Alvie Virginia Peters, Minerva E. Hathaway, Minerva E. Hathaway, Bill Schultz, Alice Crawford, Mrs. Willie N. Garland, Mrs. Julia Morris, Mrs. Charles Lewis Jr. Mrs. Elsie Barber, Mrs. Glenda Driver, Katie Abbot, Louise F. Rogers, Chris Caldwell, Mrs. Patricia Lawrence, Wayne County Tennessee, Goldia Scott, Mrs. Jack E. Jones, J. H. Watkins, Fair-Way Reaty Company [Wm. C. Gray], Mrs. Bess McCoy, Miss Shirley [?] Lannhert, Mary Svedres, Elleen C. Curtis, Carolyn Reed, Leo. E. Zimmerman, Vetty [?] Grangus, Mrs. Bill Burris, Sue Ellen Blaney, Grace O. Coleman, Carolyn M. Windham, G. Catreel [?], Mrs. Carrie Robinson Duke, Mrs. Dulaney McKinney Virginia, Ralph D. Jones, Mrs. Calvin Kirkpatrick, J. E. Barker, Mary Jane Bovender, Kathryn Abernathy Realtor and Associates [unidentified], Frank Hermes

  • Folder: 31, "Family Weekly": Texas I, 1973

    Dugney Hauger Haffey, Margaret Martin, The University of Texas of the Permian Basin [Ted Harwood], Charles Ochoa, Claire R. Morgan, Geary L. Camp, Bob Booth, Juan Jose Luis Federico Rodolf, Orlene Jordan, Mrs. Dixie Engle, Mrs. W. D. Johnson, Mrs. Ben L. Crook, Howard H. Clark, Datty Margon, Bob McCoy, Glynnis Cantrell, Grace Drekes, Verdle Seward, unidentified, Rev. Mrs. Gauline Bullock, Mrs. James L Moores, Mrs. Rosalie Doyle, A. P. Blakley, Laura Beker, Mrs. T. M. McBrayer, Sharon L. Pesek, A Friend, Eilee Dalton Miskimen, Mrs. Herbert Drefke, Mrs. Don L. Pope, Geraldine Hickenson, Mrs. James E. Ramsey, Helen M. Stearns, Mrs. Alex Stevens, Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Isaak, Elizabeth Siebenaler, Margaret Frase, Venus Herndon, Mrs. W. C. Haley, Mrs. Delton Wade, Ashley Mixon, Rufe O'Keefe, L.E. Adams

  • Folder: 32, "Family Weekly": Texas II, 1973

    Claude B Davis, Alma Hollie, Mrs. J. E. Cooper, Mrs. Lila Pitner, Oreta J. Schultz, Mabel Cogan, Bob Vestal, Bill Dotson, Melinda Blaze, Mrs. Lillie Dickson, [unidentified], Charlie Brown, Judy Dickey, Arlene Johnson, Elaine Ward, Mitzi Heim, Mrs. A. H. Caldwell, Loraine Lykins, David R. Flores, Daniel O. LaRo, Donna Griffin, Mrs. Billy E. Schmidt, Tony Hooten, Toni Sparkman, Sara Schindler, Mr. and Mrs. Morris S. Winkle, Adeline W. Rosprim and O. A. Rosprum, Ed Phelps, Paul McHargue, D., Mrs. T. R. Keahey, Mrs. Bates Cross, Mrs. Clarence Blish, Bill Sheridan, Mike Jackson, Doris Goolsby, Mrs. A. Witkowski, Mrs. Loma K. Webb, Mrs. B. E. Russell

  • Folder: 33, "Family Weekly": Texas III, 1973

    Citizens First National Bank of Tyler [Frank Kitchens, Jr.], Baker Lucas, Margie Fitzgeralnd, Ben Fitzgerald, BBB Red Barhman Ranch [Ben Fitzgerald], John B. Mills, Dolph Briscoe, James H. Stewart, Jr., Mrs. Delton Wade, R.B. (Ritchey) Baker, Mrs. Jack Karg, Dolly Howard, Helen James, Mrs. Londa Reville, A. M. Foster, Mrs. Lowell Brannon, Miss Bess Oliver, Ellen Nelson, William O. Davis, Mrs. F. C. Herndon, C. Cantrell, H.B. Lalley, Mrs. Simpson, Nellie Dunavant, Mrs. C. D. Brame, Rene Solis, Mr. and Mrs. Will Nichols, Mrs. Octavio E. Garcia, Martha Anderson, Sharleen Formby, Pawnee Martin, Mrs. Farris M. Wilson, Marty and Tom Harper, Ruth Kirsh, Ashley Mixon, Norma Wilton, Louis A. Breck

  • Folder: 34, "Family Weekly": Texas IV, 1973

    Walter M. Daggett, Dorothy Robertson, Ellen Nelson, Mrs. J. P. Nelson, Mrs. Wilson Crawford, Betty Culpepper, Jack Alexander, Inc. [R.M. and Kathy West], B. D. Varner, The Port Arthur News [Grove[?] Foote], Jimmy Clifford, Molly Hawion[?], Marilyn Bean, Marietta Head, Venice L. Halmer, Evelyn Nitsch, Mrs. J. M. Scarborough, Mrs. Norma Jean Burchill, Mae and Harry Warren, Mrs. Marx Andrews, Jip Patterson, B. D. Trice, Roberta P. Sauders, Elaine Ellis, W. E. Holden, Mrs. James H. Hodges, Helen Morrison Counett, Marie Jerrell, Lee Blocker, Mrs. Fred Brymer, Alice W. Stuart, John B. Milils, Jackie Pruett, Elaise Anderson Wilson, Walter M. Dagget, Else Gabriel, O. Bernard Williams

  • Folder: 35, "Family Weekly": Texas V, 1973

    Coleman Bennett, Mildred P. Seiler, Nancy Parker, Hazel S. Wilhem, Mr. Juan E. Pesina, Regenia B. Shepperd, Arthur W. C. Barth. Ivy Ola Wren, Mary Pryer, Hilda Prado, Margaret A. Miller, Lee Fletcher, Ron Newman, Nathan Alterman, Ron Hughes, Billy Metcalf. Jack and Nina Joyner, George Ramey, Mamie Colwell, Cecilia Heinrich, Dee Gaard, J. M. Burnett, Leslie Chappell, Marilyn and Ken McInnish, H. J. Bonnstetter, Kathy M. Shamhln, R. A. Haberman, Alma L. Palmer

  • Folder: 36, "Family Weekly": Vermont, 1973

    Lla Sawicky, Herbert Bates, Barbara Clark Miller, Franklin Lisnou

  • Folder: 37, "Family Weekly": Utah, 1973

    Mrs. Jack (Bea) Crisfield, Simon Benson, Victor Drabble, John Quinlam, Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Campbell, Grandma Maria, Daid Stuart, Virginia Besser, Elden Orson J. Stark, Mr. and Mrs. T. Earl Allsop, Mrs. L. J. Card

  • Folder: 38, "Family Weekly": Virginia I, 1973

    George West Diehl, Carol V. Titmus, Virginia Burnett, Mrs. E. Sherman Toms, Virginia S. Barford, Mary Wolr(?), Betty Jehmitt, Betty Draper, Jay Salrron (?), Mrs. Baihara Hardin, Mrs. James L. Stinens, H. I. and Leah C. Jaffe, Arthur W. Casi Sr., Joseph M. Shercell, Mrs A. D. Helen Kayly, Myrtle Haggarty, Hazel Hayer, Kathryn Turner, Mrs. William H. Smith (Mary), Barbara L. Swofford, Catherin Marshall, Mrs. Owen P. McCaren, Nina M. Belote, Mrs. William Page Williams, Mrs. Cornelia W. Fauver, R. I. Abingdan (?), Mixon M. Darracott, William T. Stevens, James E. Light, Polly P. McGavock, Patricia Chamhat (?)

  • Folder: 39, "Family Weekly": Virginia II, 1973

    Mrs. Ernest L. Caldwell, Sarah Girdow White, Ernest Lilly, Raul Shirey, A. L. Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne LaForce, James B. Anderson, Sam A. Warlick, Mrs. Nelson, Mrs. Milton Jeilieu, Pauline Douglas, Florence Harris, Lily M. Blanton, Mrs. Evid M. Dross, June Tomlin, Georgette Contant, Mrs. W. H. Peerman, Mrs. Rusller Earl Sr., Mrs. Elliot Smith, Cathy Allen, Milldrid Wright, William A. McClung, Mrs. Melanie H. Sours, P. Dugger, Etta B. amd Thomas A. Lawrence, Mrs. Adele Edward and Mrs. Eleanor Buchana, Zachary Taylor, Grace Lumba, Mrs. E. P. Harris, Mrs. Bryant, Mrs. [Bett] Douglas Barrow, Ms. Eula Clarkston, Mrs. [Ruth] W. Jerome Peterson, James S. Wamsley, Mrs. Harry L. Jareis [?], Kenneth E. Crouch, Susan F. Doby, Stewart McReynolds, Vicot Smith

  • Folder: 40, "Family Weekly": Washington, 1973

    Robert W. Dano, Harold Whitaker, Lila Witt Locati, Helen Channel, Jan and Penny Kielpinsky, Janeta Hancock, Shirley Nelsen, Mom H. Payne, Barbara Redwing, Mrs. [Tina] Emil Dutt, Mrs. John W. Tellinghuisen, Trudy White, Margaret Ralston, Bruce Wells, Joan K. Raese, Dorothy Wilhelm, Beth and Dave Jenne, Loris Koch, Mrs. L. P. Yates, Vee Harchas, George Pappas, Jean McPherson, Mary Overturf, Elizabeth Allen Osborne, David Haydon, Iris Myers, Frances Dugger, Ron C. Stevens, Margaret H. Larson, Mrs. Maurice eB. Read, Mrs. Joyce Bellman, Oscar Schamhost, Effie Kuh, Herschel Yates, Caroline H. Fowler, Kenneth Bugman, Ruth Harmer[(?], Marian E. Sapp, Lucille Reede, Nina Tibha [?], Cliff Jensen, Lisa Charvet, Donna Musick, Vern Forsberg, Erik Krauss, Mrs (Frances) Bob Pearce, Mrs. Brooks, Roberta Broom, Gisella D. Brown, Mrs. Stanley Carl, Mrs. L. Carlton, Mrs. Gaynor Buntain, Lori Brown, J. Kuje, Velma Cozutto, Henry Broderick, Carol Thoreson, Evelyn Loeber, M. G. Robinson, Mrs. Don Horner, Mrs. Gaynor Buntain

  • Folder: 41, "Family Weekly": West Virginia, 1973

    William B. Bailey. Jane Froat, Mrs. Fanary, Anna Marie Hornick, Mrs. Victor Law, Margaret B. Reed, Viola Scott, Garnet Carter, Kristy Metz, Thelma Jackson, Mrs. Jeff Hansen, Mrs. Leua Caldwell Lilly, Mrs. L. A. Yartin [?], Hilda M. Russell, Mrs. Brady Vetter Jr.., (unknown), Marian H. McQuade, Mrs. Kenneth L. Shultz, Dorothy A. McLaughlin, Thelma Jackson, Thelma Jackson, Ted Hawood, Helen Rudd Beckett, Larry Lawson, A. Beauchamp Smith, Mrs. Curtis Bailey, Lulu Brinegar, Clarice E. Landie, Stephen D. Tanner, Albert Raines, Ginger Blymyer, Marian M. Quade

  • Folder: 42, "Family Weekly": Wisconsin, 1973

    Robert W. Swain, Judy Whiteside, Carl Kruger, Lasch, Mrs. Harvery Neuman, Mrs. LaVern J. Kirschbaum, Mrs. Joe Vecchie, Max J. Barelka, Arold Kotthe, Frances J. Hoey, Lee H. Cranstons, Dan P. Nivennay, John L. Fournier, Bill Arnold, Beatrice M. Jansen, Jerry Sauer, Mrs. Arnold Meyer, Mrs. Lawrence Springer, Ruth Lorenz, Lloyd and Jeanette Totmez, Mrs. Spencer Stell, Mrs. Merlin Vandenplas, Norma Elizabeth Kurtz, Mrs. Clarence Moericke, James Dictz, Roberta Bailey

  • Folder: 43, "Family Weekly": Wyoming, 1973

    Kathy Hendrickson, Kieth Buss, Freida and Roger Dent, Thomas B. McMahon, Mrs. Walter Berry, Chet Hurtley, Mrs. Earl Riesland, Mrs. Steve P. Tomich, Mrs. A. J. Benta, Helen Carmine, Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Chapman, Grace A. Latham, Betty Warthington, A. Marlene Nelson, Helen McNew, Lara Mercer, Hazel [unknown last name], Mrs. Paul R. Curtin, Albert P. Mann, Rupert Conrad, Geroldine Sill, Judy Murphy, Ruth Reisenwever

Box: 14, Dates: 1973


Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Re: Introduction, Articles, Comments, Interviews , 1973

    Don Rhodes, Mike Pride, David McDowell, Millen Brand, David McDowell, Millen Brand, Thomas Fleming, Kenneth Hari, Hilde Marx, Orley B. Caudill, Steven M. Mera, Susan Kalmus, Carey McWilliams, Edward [?], Jessica Smith, Alden Whitman, Zofia I. Jerzy Kluz, Anne Wurfel, Normaa R. Soderberg, Pat Watters, George Sullivan, Alden Whitman, Paul Frumkin, Alice Hornbaker

  • Folder: 2, Re: Lectures , 1973

    Thomas H. Frier, Joseph Wightman, Erskine College Comencement Program, Mead Rogers, Arline Haufler, William C. Hazer, Roy O. Scholz. Mikko Juva, Jim Silver

  • Folder: 3, Letters: Fan , 1973

    Abby [unknown last name], Ronald Alden, Robert F. Allen Jr., Mrs. Edward Paeltz, Joe Balmer, Mary H. Barr, Mrs. Mryna Lefko, Ken Bilz, Ken Bohaty, Andrew J. Borders, Ron Brown, John Buchanan, Mrs. W. Budrou, Mrs. Albert Burdette , Patricia Burkett, Winston Salem, Michael Caldwell, Patricia Caldwell, Louis J. Capozi, Sally Scott, Jonathan Carroll, Paul Cassidy, Cyril Clemens, Marilyn Cachran, Mary Cochrane, Hirsh Cohen, Earl Collins, Rosemary Courtney, Mrs. Winifred Speawr, C. B. Davis, Robert Elderkin, Donald Dean Kick, Tommy Fox, Carl Gessner, Gene M. Gressley, Harvey M. Haber, Dorothy Haddot, Ruth Bishop Heiser, Rosalie H. Held, Larry A. Henderson, Patricia Hirsekorn, Colin Huggett, Ben Ivry, Anna Katona, Richard M. Key, Samuel S. Kloda, Jack Knott, Sturle Kojen, Joseph Kover, Emeric Kurtz, Ed Lasky, Raymond Lawing, David Lawrence, Harris Lentz, Michael Levin, Margaret Bennett, Christine Limberg, Annie Lubin, Hilde Marx, Monroe Mendoza, Charles W. Myra [?], Jan Wostowski, Harry Nadley, Gill R. Nelson, [?] Olsen, Kenneth Ostlund, W. E. Overall, Kevin Palestino, Roy Jansen, Jackie Pruett, John Raushenberger, Ray F. Reed, Michael J. Robuck, Marek Rudnicki, Yale L. Saffro, Jon Siegel, Rev. Garrard A. Haubrich, David Schulson, [?], Rick Sinchak, Carn Werner Skogholm, Merv Slotnick, Barbara Smith, William W. Stanhope, Saguaro Starr, Jerry Stephenson, Margot Steyer, Chester Sullivan, Johnny Tolbert, Claes-Goran Uggla, Richard Verost, Doug Voegler, Gil Williams, Virginia Wind, Matthew A. Woolf, August Stindberg, Herb Yellin, Laurel Shapiro, Melvin B. Yoken

  • Folder: 4, Lewis, Ed , 1973

    Ed Lewis

  • Folder: 5, Little, Brown & Company , 1973

    Wendy Hawkes, Kathleen Golden, Henry O. Houghton Jr. George A. Hall, Wendy Hawkes

  • Folder: 6, Macintosh & Otis , 1973

    Elizabeth R. Otis, Truman M. Talley, Henry O. Houghton, Margaret White

  • Folder: 7, New American Library , 1973

    Margaret M. Ternes, Elaine Geiger, Walter Pitkin, Angela Rinaldi, Jean Read, Edward L. Butler

  • Folder: 8, Publisher: Foreign , 1973

    Hisao Aoki, [unidentified], The Comas, Kristian and Liliana Dyankou, Helen Frieda, John st. John [?], Stephane Fartounov, Raleigh Trevelyan, Radu Lupan, Mohamad Mankad, Mira Michalowska, Dr. Aurelio Pellicano, David Nalle, Kazimierz Piotrowski, Boris Polevoy, Laupoll [?], Tanya Porfureva, Ljerka Radovic, Savva Dangulov, Sylvia [?], Mrs. C. E. Tuttle

  • Folder: 9, Radović, Ljerka , 1973
  • Folder: 10, Rowan, Adriana & Dan , 1973

    Mose Laves, Adriana and Dan Rowan

  • Folder: 11, Saha, Mark , 1973

    Virginia Caldwell

  • Folder: 12, Samuel French, Inc. , 1973

    Charles Vann, Samuel French, Robert Butler, Mark Saha, Reedy Talton, Charles R. Van Nostrand, Haila Stoddard, R. Eastman Dow

  • Folder: 13, Student Theses & Reports, 1973

    Russell Boxley, Reinhard Wright, James E. Devlin, Fujisato Kitajima, Hiroshi Otawara

  • Folder: 14, Sutton, Bill (Re: Biography), 1973

    William Sutton, Bernard Perry, Truman M. Talley, Joseph Wightman

  • Folder: 15, Travel: Erskine College, 1973

    Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Heller, Bob Baron, Kristian Dyankov, The Embassy of the Hungarian People's Republic Consular Section, Cornelius C. Walsh, Stefan P. Munsing, Embassy Helsinki, Richard J. Gilbert, Christopher Snow, John J. Shippe, Barbara Kinzer, Ron Leepan, László Kéry, Jan Parandowski, Aili Rairla, A. Kappenberger, Kosta Tzonev, Nelson O. Chipchin, Thomas J. Sinclair, Christopher Snow, Robert D. Barton

  • Folder: 16, Travel: United States, 1973

    Lisa Kay, Micki Hobson, Margaret M. Ternes, Frank Daniel, Ben W. Forston, Dick and Cheryl Drost, Dick Drost, Mary Maner, Ray McIver, Don Rhodes, Rosemary K. Bowers

  • Folder: 17, Weiss, Rosenthal, Heller, & Schwartzman, 1973

    Julius Weiss, William MacKenzie

  • Folder: 18, Wey Bright & Talley, 1973

    Victor Weybright

Box: 15, Dates: 1974-1975


Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, A-D, 1974

    Ashley Buck, Actor's Guild of Parkersburg Inc., American Academy of Arts and Letters, Alice Behn, Elliot S. Blair, Ella Robinson Bode, Warren N. Boes, James Oliver Brown, Art Buchwald, Jean and Ed Butler, Mary-Jean Butler, Herb Caen, Lucia and Harvey Caldwell, Calvin Clyde, Morril Cody, Carvel Collins, Betty Cook, Malcolm and Muriel Cowley, Malcolm Cowley, Dallas Theater Center, Paul Baker, Donald Dwight Davis, Dayton Hudon Booksellers

  • Folder: 2, E-H, 1974

    Frances [unkown last], David E. Estes, Elizabeth Fawcett, Robert Fish, Ben Fitzgerald, Bettie Godlen, Owen N. Golden, William Goldhurst, Ginny H. Danne Harwell, Jeanne Harwell, Mr. and Mrs. William Harwell Jr., Lulu Harwell, Joe [unkown last], Hisao Aoki, Micki and Kent Hobson, Ed Howell, Sally Huffman, Zelia Huffman

  • Folder: 3, I-P, 1974

    Betsy Nolan, International Famous Agency, Kahler Hotel, Kenneth and Gloria [unknown last], Stanley Kimmel, Frieda [unknown last], Ginny and Scott Lake, Edward and Elizabeth Lathem, Adelaide Lockhart, New York Post, Mrs. John D. MacDonald, Scott MacDonald, Mary Maner, University of California Irvine, Jay Martin, Jean Martin, S. A. McCatty, Kenneth John McCracken, Ray McIver, John B. Mills, M. O. Nelsen, Tom Osettlon, P. E. N. American Center, Paul A. Slattery, Harold Peterson, Betty Pustarfi

  • Folder: 4, Q-Z, 1974

    Harry Usher, Raphael Soyer, Owen J. Reamer, Marris Renek, Luida Rudolph, Robert M. Franklin, Albert W. Daub, Roy O. Scholz, Edward P. Schwartz, Edward E. Lewis, [unknown first] Snavs, Mary Specht, Dale Speer, Waller, Roy Watson, The World Who's Who of Authors, The Wilhelm School, Lou Woodbury

  • Folder: 5, Attorneys, 1974

    Raphael, Searles, Vischi, Scher, Glover, and D'Elia Firm, Charles D. Silverberg, Harris Sluyter, Michael D. Daniels, Julius Weiss, June Caldwell Martin

  • Folder: 6, Beehive Press, 1974

    Mills Lane

  • Folder: 7, Caldwell, Dabney, 1974

    Dee, Kiah, Nancy, Adam and Leah [last names unknown]

  • Folder: 8, Caldwell, Janet (Gooding), 1974
  • Folder: 9, Caldwell, Jay, 1974
  • Folder: 10, Caldwell, Pix and Dorothy, 1974
  • Folder: 11, Daniel, Frank, 1974
  • Folder: 12, Close, Virginia, 1974
  • Folder: 13, Dartmouth College, 1974

    Dartmouth College Library, John Elroy, Walter W. Wright, Ed and Betty Lathem, Adelaide and Rosie Lockhart, Virginia L. Close

  • Folder: 14, "Family Weekly", 1974

    Mort Persky, Gloria Brier, Bonnie Borden, Ben Fitzgerald, Elizabeth Nearhoof, Joel D. Tiaden [?]

  • Folder: 15, "Get Well" Lectures, 1974

    Becy Appel, Melvin M. Belli, Andrew Borders, Mrs. Blanche Browing, Mark E. Brown, Nunzio Casantini, Gran Crumley, Ann McKee Dunn, Judith Filtness, Madeline Sophie Gary, Father Edward of Salesian Missions, Nancy, Kinhland [?], Hank and Arlen O'Brien, Judith, Schreiber, Arthur O. Shackman, Eileen Steinbeck, Marguerite Armentioul Stram [?], Walt Tanchu, Don Thackney, Joan Ulmer, Dorothy Wegner, Bill Winn

  • Folder: 16, Hartwell, Janie, 1974
  • Folder: 17, Lewis, Ed, 1974
  • Folder: 18, Little, Brown & Company, 1974

    James H. Silberman, Kathleen Golden, Virginia M. Caldwell, Laura J. Spidle

  • Folder: 19, Mayo Clinic, 1974

    Jim Eckman, Kathy Welch, W. Spencer Payne, L. P. Howell, Edmund C. Burke, Richard E. Weeks, R. S. Fontana

  • Folder: 20, McIntosh & Otis, 1974

    Elizabeth R. Otis, Margaret White, A. J. Palmerio, Elizabeth Thole, S. Phelps Platt, Frederick Louis Richardson Jr., Shirley Fisher, Eve Nelson, Mrs. Otis Kiser

  • Folder: 21, New American Library, 1974

    Margaret M. Ternes, Edward Butler, Elaine L. Vogel, Robert Earle Haynie, Elaine Geiger, Angela Rinaldi, Linda Solomon

  • Folder: 22, Personal Notes, 1974

    Stanley Kramer, Virginia Caldwell

  • Folder: 23, Pollinger, Laurence, Ltd, 1974

    Laurence Pollinger, Yvonne Muller, Rosemary Gould, Alan Brooke, Murray Pollinger

  • Folder: 24, Rowan, Adriana & Dan, 1974

    Dan Rowan, Adrianna Rowan, Tom Rowan

  • Folder: 25, Saha, Mark, 1974
  • Folder: 26, Samuel, French, Inc., 1974

    Samuel French, Charles R. Vann, Pierre LaTour, Dallas Theater Center

  • Folder: 27, Silverberg & Rosen (RE: In search of BISCO - film), 1974

    Harry Robin, Arthur L. Hoyle, Litz & Usher, Charles D. Silverberg, Harris Sluyter, Harry Robin

  • Folder: 28, Stoddard, Halia (Tobacco Road Musical), 1974
  • Folder: 29, Sutton, William A. (Biography), 1974

    Mrs. T. Beatrice Holland

  • Folder: 30, Re: Travel, 1974

    Dallas Theater Center, Paul Baker, The National Institute of Arts and Letters, Joseph Mitchell. Jacques P. Camus, Anthony Franzone

  • Folder: 31, Weybright & Talley, 1974

    Victor Weybright, Mr. Truman Talley

  • Folder: 32, A-D, 1974

    Admiral Real Estate, The American Academy of Arts and Letters, Erika A. Anderson, Associate Reformed Presbyterian Chruch, The Authors Guild, Inc., Jim & Jean Barton, Alice Belin, Benefic Press, Wilmer Douglas Bentley, Roger L. Brooks, Mary Cobb Bug, Hallie Burnett, Herb Caen, Martin Caldwell, Cyril Clemens, Carvel Collins, Malcolm Cowley, Ambassador Phillip K. Crowe, Frank Daniel, Jonathan Daniels, Harriet and Don Davie, Stephen Deane, Virginia L. Close

  • Folder: 33, E-L, 1975

    Earl May Seed & Nursery, The American Journal of Pornography, Tim Erksine, O. B. Emerson, John Emnmet, David E. Estes, Gloria Brier, Maura Neeham, Mort Persky, Robert Fish, Ben Fitzgerald, Margie Fitzgerald, Leonard & Edwin Frost, Mike & Jason Gray, H. L. Davis, Owen Golden, Bill and Ella Goldhurst, Ernie Howell, Mrs. A. P. Herald, Amplus Howard, Arthur Hoyle, Huffie and Sally Huffman, Fujisato Kitajima, Harvey Klevar, Laura Spidle

  • Folder: 34, M-P, 1975

    Dorothy and John D. McDonald, Forrest H. MacMullen, Grace Macouillard, Mary and Dick Maner, Virginia M. Caldwell, Jack McClintock, Kenneth John McCracken, Ginnie McPlvaine, Ray Melver, Alice McKenzie, Steven M. Mera, Kathy and Clayton Moran, Ralph Nader, James Michener, Richard Marcus, Phillip Terzian, Jessica Smith, Walter Hoffman, Gilbert E. Busch, John Dunavent, Colette Thomas

  • Folder: 35, Q-Z, 1975

    Frank Ramey, Don Rhodes, Thomas Patrick Rowan, Elena Ruttman, Mark Saha, Roy and Susie Satonz, Susie Scholz, Eddie Seltwurtz, Margaret M. Ternes, Dorothy L. Shereff, Paul A. Slattery, Mrs. Clyde W. Slocum, Jan Van Nostrand, James Wade, Alec Waugh, Kate F. Wheelan, The Wilhelm School, Calder Willingham, Connie K. Wren, Elena Zahova

  • Folder: 36, Agents: Theatrical, 1975

    Brdiget Aschenberg, Al Manuel, Samuel French, Inc., Charles R. Vann, Frank Leary, Charles R. Van Nostrand, Linda Kelly, The Great American Film Factory, Evarts Ziegler, Candace Lake, Ziegler Associates

  • Folder: 37, Attorneys, 1975

    Silverberg, Rosen & Leon, Charles D. Silverberg, William P. Jacobson, Litz & Usher, Harry L. Usher, Weiss Rosenthal Heller & Schwartzman, Julius Weiss, M. Michael Cleary

  • Folder: 38, Beehive Press, 1975

    Mills Lane

  • Folder: 39, Brown, James Oliver, 1975
  • Folder: 40, Caldwell, Dabney (+Nancy), 1975
  • Folder: 41, Caldwell, Janet (Gooding), 1975
  • Folder: 42, Caldwell, Jay + Diana, 1975
  • Folder: 43, Caldwell, Pix, 1975
  • Folder: 44, Caldwell, Virginia, 1975
  • Folder: 45, Copyrights, 1975

    Ruth C. Rogin, Jessica Smith

  • Folder: 46, Dartmouth College, 1975

    Dartmouth College Library, Edward Connery Lathem, Walter W. Wright, Hopkins Center, Matthew Wysocki, Richard Morin, Adelaid Lockhart, Virginia L. Close, Claire Packard

  • Folder: 47, Fawcett, Roscoe & Elizabeth, 1975
  • Folder: 48, Insurance , 1975

    Robert D. Berlin, Jacobs-Fendig, Inc General Insurance, Chas. J. Fendig, Chas. H. Jacobs

  • Folder: 49, Interviews, Articles, Comments & Introductions, 1975

    Jonathan D. Allan, Arno Press Inc., Elizabeth Otis, Sylvia D. Blake, Boy's Life magazine, Stanley Pashko, Ernest Gasperik, Boy Scouts of America, Indiana State University, John Brady, The Courier Journal of the Louisville Times, Mats Dahlberg, Thomas Humber, John Dudds, Georgia Southern College, William Leigh Godshalk, University of Cincinatti, Michael L. O'Keeffe, B. C. Hall Jr., Kitty Benedict, Charles Haslam, Paul Hirshhorn, Ade Kahn, Koichi Kirihata, Richard L. Lindell, Glenda McCrary, University of Missouri-Kansas City, Ronald Reimers, A. W. Renker, James Vinson, St. James Press Ltd., Richard N. HAyton, Spindrift Press, Dagmar Suniarova, Harry Freeman, Alan D. Williams, The viking Press Inc. Publishers, Sally Ellis, Tony Buttitta, James O'Shea Wade, David McKay Company, Ralph L. Woods, Athelstan Ridgway

  • Folder: 50, Interview, Articles, Comments II, 1975

    Michael Bandry, Anthony King, Cyril Clemens, Montrew Dunham, Rhodes Dreifus, Wesley S. Hartley, Harold A. Hudson, Mara Jervese, Oleg Prudkov, Jay Martin, Alice McKenzie, Timothy Patterson, Karl-Friedrich Schulze, Jessica Smith, John Blumenthal, Madame S. Reveillas, Charles Sinks, John Milton, George Sullivan, M. Zebrowski

  • Folder: 51, Klevar, Harvey, 1975
  • Folder: 51, LaPautre, Michelle, 1975
  • Folder: 52, Lectures, 1975

    Calder Willingham, Phinizy Spalding, Ralph H. Stephens, Dorothy G. Fitz Patrick, Mary Louise Foriebele, Larry M. Sutton, Robert David Thompson, Harriet Slaughter, Eric Zell, Melvin B. Yoken, Dick Drost, Daniel Stern, James A. Parrish

  • Folder: 53, Letters: Fan, 1975

    Al Abrams, Maria D. Aldreds, John Alan Appleman, Bridget Aschenberg, Nancy Austin, Mrs. Susan M. Baccino, Joe Balmer, Mr. Marshall E. BeanBellmore Jewish Center, Wilmer Douglas Bentley, Wilmer Bentley, Susanna Bloch, Penny Bonet, Rex Boomer, Roger L. Brooks, Jim Broohsio, P. J. Brosmith, John Buchanan, Ashley Buck, Hirsh Cohen, Earl Colbus, Beth Costello, Beth Costello, Eddie Cunnigham, Curative Workshop of Greenbay, Carl E. Cuthrel, Dennis Daniels, Norman Daniels, Gonzalo Sebastian de Erice, Rosalie H. Held, Delton Dodds, Marie Dooney, Edward Eddington, Jim Erlick, Cindy Felice, MaryLou Fischer, Karl - Heinz Fleitmann, Gary Forseth, Mary Galante, Selwyn C. Gamble, Richard Gardner, Bill Godward, Mary Ann Clark, Kenneth Green, Stanley Griffin, Stan, Jerri & Stanley Griffin,Gerome Guss, Elinore Hadgom, Richard Harrington, Clay Harrison, Kevin Haverloch, Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Heller Sr. Sesquicentennial P.T.A. Auction Committee, Harold A. Hudson, Theodore S. Hunt Jr., Mark Hutchison, Mr. & Mrs. James J. Ickes, Nina Ingargiola, Mrs. Lee Shapiro, Mike Keza, Bill King, Sharon Keiazek, Ray Lane, Denis Lederman, Harris Lentz III, David Lilly, Johnnie Johnson, Rosemary [?], Larry Lustgarten, Heather MacMullen, John Mauda, Elizabeth V. Marshall, John D. Mason, Hellen Miller, J. Miles, Laura E. Duncan, Vinvent Miscione, Gil Moody, Linda Moody, John A. Morgan, Florence Murray, Harry Nadley, Harold E. Nalven, Marjorie Hunter, Raja Orlovc, Harry Porrzult [?]. Larry Pinwert, Jammu Pradesh, J. Lynn Pruet, A. W. Renker, Danny Rentz, Frank Reysen Jr., Dick Ryan, Virginia Polhill Saxon, Leonard C. Schroe, Irwin M. Schuett, David Schulson, John Seyton, John E. Sexton, Bill Shuler, Kenneth Skulski, David Smith, Peter de Wolf Smith, Harry Sparks, Arnold Stebbins, Tim Stewart, Mrs. John Stroud, Mr. & Mrs. Ira Strouse, Randall W. Sutherland, Joe J. Albercio, Brian Tolzmann, John Turner, Richard Van Alstine, Ed. M. Wartz, Janice Walsh, Evelyn Wasserstrom, Roy Watson, The Kahler Corporation, Renee Wesigham, Gill Whitton, Warner Winter, Mel B. Yoken

  • Folder: 54, Letters Fan II, 1975

    Al Abrams, Jerry Allen, Hisao Aoki, Bill Ashton, Frederich G. Bean, Leonard Schweitzer, Gerd Biesweig, Edward N. Bomsey, Mrs. Ruth Allen Bond, Dan M. Brenner, Jack M. Bridges, Roger L. Brooks, Mark E. Brown, Ken Browne, O. D. Bush, Billy Butts, David Carlson, Fred Casoni, Susan Sypa, Hirsh Cohen, Monica Coulten, J Dmiles, Ray Dent, Rosalie H. Held, Olivetter L. Dietrick, Hubertus Dittmar, Bob Dudley, Esther Louise Dungan, Tony R. Duty, Nancy G. Durxbury, Christine Eatman, William Edwards, Marilyn Fischer, Darlene Fox, Bessie Frank, Madeleine Sophie Gary, Carl Gessner, Jack Goldman, Steve Goldstein, Tom Grafton, Stanley E. Griffin, Antoni Gvonouis [?], Henny Koesterich, Grace G. Hansen, Kevin Haverlock, Richard N. Hayton, Christ A. Helm, Ruth Hoff, Jerry Harton, Thelma Jackson, W. L. Godshalk, Lee Shapiro, Jacob Kisner, Joy Kritzer, Muriel Kwistkoski, Peggy Lankford, Craig Leddy, Douglas Lederman, R. Lewis,, Bill Luetge, William L. Maresh, E. Marvin, Thomas R. McCann, M. J. McAmara [?], C. E. Miller, Mark Minguillon, Gil Moody, Adam Morgan, Leon Moritz, Mrs. M. Moritz, David L. Morse, Florence Mancy, Harry Nadley, Theodore R. Nathan, Bobo Roberts, Susan Colbert, Mr. Joel K. Perdelwitz, Margaret E. Pursley, Marguerite G. Reddick, Roy Theed. Bob Rockendorf, Len Rosenthal, Lisa Rosenthal, N. Saccomani, David Schulson, Robert Seeley, Autard [?] and Robert Glagwash [?]. Mrs. Ervini Y Rodin, Peter D, Mary Specht, G. Statler, Steve strelka, W. W. Sutphin, Booker Teague, Terry T. Tobin, Mrs. Terry T. Tobin, Oliver Tucker, Neagu Udroiu [?], Mrs. Schumaann's kindergarten class, Andy Vank, Daisy T. Wadford, Cool M. Waf, Venna Halterlerm, William L. S;earden, Evelyn Wasser, Clifford wells, Jim Wesson, Herb Wetenkamp Jr., Jimmie White, G. Marshall Whitton Jr., Mary Wilkins, Gil Williams, Herb Yellin, Mrs. Lee Shapiro

  • Folder: 55, Lewis, Ed, 1975
  • Folder: 56, Litz & Usher (RE: "In seearch of Bisco"), 1975

    Harry L. Usher, Margaret White, William P. Jacobson, Julius Weiss

  • Folder: 57, MacDonald, Scott (Biography), 1975
  • Folder: 58, Mayo Clinic, 1975

    Rochester Methodist Hospital, Kathy Welch, R. S. Fontana, David R. Sanderson, W. Spencer Payne, James Eckman, Richard E. Weeks, David R. Sanderson

  • Folder: 59, McIntosh & Otis, 1975

    Elizabeth R. Otis, Margaret White, Greenwood Press [Sandra Soderberg], Little Brown and Company [Henry O. Houghton Jr., Harley Marshall, Dodd, Mead, & Company [S. Phelps Platt Jr., Tricia Grantz

  • Folder: 60, New American Library, 1975

    NAL Times Mirror [Robert Earle Haynie], Rhoda F. Gamson, Edward L. Butler, Carvel Collins, Jane Heller

  • Folder: 61, Pollinger, Laurence, Ltd, 1975

    Yvonne Muller, James Brown Associates (James Oliver Brown, Laurence Pollinger], Murray Pollinger, Laurence Pollinger Limited, Rosemary Gould, Denzil De Silva

  • Folder: 62, Publishers: Foreign, 1975

    Hisao Aoki, Bo Wahlström, Iordan Chimet, Círculo de leitores, LDA., Stefan Furtounov, Fujisato Kitajima, Barbara Przybylowska, Panstwowy Instytut Wydawniczy [ Andrzej Wasilewski, Carey Piotrowski, Kazimierz Piotrowski, Ljerka Radovic, Charles E. Tuttle, Charles and Reiko Tuttle, N. Fedorenko, Elena Zahova, Krzysztof Zarzecki

  • Folder: 63, "Sacrilege of Alan Kent", 1975

    Marcel Duhamel, Jacques Boncompain

  • Folder: 64, Saha, Mark, 1975
  • Folder: 65, Rowan, Adriana & Dan, 1975
  • Folder: 66, Silverberg, Rosen & Leon (RE: "In Search of Bisco"), 1975

    Charles D. Silverberg, William P. Jacobson, Harry L. Usher, J. Michael Cleary

  • Folder: 67, Sutton, William A. (Biography), 1975

    Clarence I. Holte

  • Folder: 68, Re: Travel - Florida, 1975

    Howard J. Millman, Mrs. Bettilu Lewis, S.C. Hastie, Jean Harrington

  • Folder: 69, RE: Travel - Georgia, 1975

    Don Rhodes, Deribrooks Inc., Cinema Showcase, Atlanta University Department of Public Relations, Augusta Chronicle, Augusta College Office of Pubc Information, Atlanta Constitution, Carousel WRDW-TV, Ms. Eleanor Clift, Dr. Paul Hunter, Mr. Gene Moore, New York Times, People, "Today in Georgia" WSB-TVMr. Bruce B. Bakke, WBS-TV Atlanta, WJBF-TV Augusta, WRDW-TV North Augusta, WSB MerryGo-Round Atlanta, Emory University Special Collections Library, Emory University Community Educational Service

  • Folder: 70, RE: Travel - Hotels, 1975

    The Beverly Hilton, Fairmont Colony Square Hotel, Hotel FORUM, The Regency Hotel

  • Folder: 71, RE: Travel - Poland 1975, 1975

    Ewa Joanna Broch, Zycia Kwiat, Lot Polish Airlines, "Poland" Magazine, Polish Embassy, Trans World Airlines, Panstwowy Instytut Wydawniczy

  • Folder: 72, RE: Travel - Texas, 1975

    Alley Theatre, Bob Feingold, Ben Lednicky, Barbara Wright

  • Folder: 73, Weybright & Talley, 1975

Box: 16, Dates: 1976-1977


Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, A-D, 1976

    Jenny Adaivis, Jack and Andre Adaivis, Nicholai Ekland Adler, The American Academy of Arts and Letters and The National Institute of Arts and Letters, Waller and Connie Barret, Jim Barton, Alice Behn, Valentino Bompiano, James Oliver Brown, John Charles Bruno, Mary Cobb Bugg, Mary-Jean and Ed Butler, Herb Caen, Hayes Caldwell, G. H. Caldwell, Cyril Clemens, jimmy Carter, Mrs. George W. Chambers, Mark Twain Journal, Morrill Cody, Edward E. Colton (The Dramatist Guild), Malcolm Cowley, Jeanice Cress, Rosemary Sauer Cushman and Charles Elwood Small Jr., Frank Daniel, Jonathan Daniels, Darcel Duhamel, Liliana, Kristian & Eula Dyankov

  • Folder: 2, E-H, 1975

    Jim Eckman, John Emmet, Kurt Enoch, David E. Estes (Emory Unversity), Helen Sawyer Farnsworth, Roscoe & Elizabeth Fawcett, Mildred Fish, Ken Gillarpie, Bettie Golden, Owen N. Golden Jr., Bill Goldhurst, Mrs. Franklin T. Greene II, Oh, Virginia Hamilton Real Estates, Inc., Evelyn Hardee, Harrah's Hotels and Casinos, Bill, Diane & Susannah Harwell, Marrijane Hayes, MarriJane & Joe Hayes, Hotel Elysee, Hotel Inter-Continental London, Lin Howard, Elena Howell, Arthur Hoyle, Sally Huffman

  • Folder: 3, I-P, 1976

    Jaim Jerry [?], Joanie, Kendal [last?], F. Kitajima, The Klings, Michelle LaPautre, The Library of Congress, Ralph Geoffrey Newman, Betsy Nolan Public Relations, Inc., Union Plaza hotel/Casino, Noriko Machata, June Caldwell Martin, Richard E. Weeks, Gene McDaniel, Polly P. McGavock, Ron McIver, Alice McKenzie, Margaret M. Mills, Helen F. Neild, [?] and Casey Piotrowski, Kathryn Hall Proby

  • Folder: 4, R-Z, 1976

    Salishan Lodge, Susie Scholz, Mrs. Roy. O. Scholz, Mae and Eddie Schwartz, Eddie Schwartz, Charles D. Silverberg, Charles Sinks, South Atlantic Modern Language Association, Rebecca & Raphael Soyer, Phinizy & Margie Spaulding, Paul Speegle, J. Dean Speer, J.J. Franklin, Margaret Ternes, Jeane Till, Sofia [?], Charles and Reiko Tuttle, University of Florida, University of Virginia Library, Kate F. W., James O. Wade, Mrs. Roy Watson, The Kahler Corporation, Alec Waugh, Val Webb Gallery, Connie K. Wren, Kathy Minton, Wisdom Hall of Fame

  • Folder: 5, Agents: Foreign, 1976

    A/S Bookman Literary Agency, Editions Fasquelle, Editions Mondiales, Agenzia Letteraria Internazionale, Erich Linder,Michelle LaPautre, Maeght Editeur, Laurence Pollinger Limited, Yvonne Muller, D.E. de Silva, Gerald Pollinger, William Heinemann Pubisheres

  • Folder: 6, Calder, Sandy, 1976
  • Folder: 7, Caldwell, Dabney, 1976
  • Folder: 8, Caldwell, Erskine, 1976

    Letter to his Executors, Saul Bellow, Manuel Pearly, Sandy Calder

  • Folder: 9, Caldwell, Janet (Gooding), 1976
  • Folder: 10, Caldwell, Jay & Diana, 1976

  • Folder: 11, Caldwell, Pix, 1976
  • Folder: 12, Carter, Jimmy, 1976
  • Folder: 13, Dartmouth College, 1976

    Edward Connery Lathem, Walter W. Wright, Clare Packard, Richard Morin

  • Folder: 14, Interviews, Articles, Comments & Introductions, 1976

    john Suchower, Erskine Caldwell, E. S. Strother, Michel Bandry, Gene Moore, Patricia Grantz, Tom De Moss, Matrin Dreyer, Kathryn Klassen, Roger Brooks, Peter Israel, Nick Ellison, Harvey Klevar, Ted Levine, Stan Major, Al Burt, Murry Nelson, Norma Spector, Lilyana Stephanova, Douglas Powell, Jerry Rector, Hursty Richey, edward Rutmayer, Walter E. Orthwein, Betsy Nolan, Roy Simmonds, June Skilton Smith, Paul Fenchak, Laura V. Monti, Gh. Vehedy, James O. Wade

  • Folder: 15, Lectures, 1976

    Robert N. Rue, Georgia A. Newman, John Belcher, Elene Whitton, Raymond Schneider, Kurt Eric Youngstrom

  • Folder: 16, Letters: Fan A-G, 1976

    J. Edwin Litman, Clifford J. Albricter, Robert F. Allen Jr., Stewart Allen, Van D. Alston, Michael J. Amenta, Paul P. Appel, James B. Ashcroft, Lionel Aucoin, Nancy Austin, Art Backstrom, Martha G. Bagby, David A. Ball, Lee Ballew, John A. Barnes, Margaret Anne Barnes, Michael Beasley, Joan W. BeBeau, Marcelina Bennett, Fred C. Benetto Jr., Wilmer Douglas Bentley, Wilhelm Bettelheim, David Bianco, Harry J. Bier Jr., Henry A. Bursa, Franklin L. Bodin, Rita Bonet, Andrew Borders, Ben B. Braude, Roger L. Brooks, Susan Brown, John Buchanon, Ashley Buck, Billy Butts, Harrie E. Carpenter, Rob Chambers, Lena Childress, Bobby Colbert, Hester P. Collier, Lynne Compagnone, Dennis Cooper, Jenny Cote, Jonathan Cross, Eugene Curtis, Dennis E. Daniels, Sylvia Davis, Wayne Dennis, James E. Devlin, Robert Dixon, Larry Donohue, Linda Ryan Ellis, Paul Farmer, Cliff Feldman, Charlotte Fish, C. W. Fishbaugh, Mark Flurschutz, Merle B. Foreman, Alan Fox, Tommy G. Fox, Carol Frazier, Joseph J. Fricelli, Marvin Fuchs, Larry F. Gatpandan, Selwyn C. Gamble, Blondell P. Garrett, Clair M. Muller, Bruce Gould, Bill Grant, R. J. Grant, Chas H. Gunzolus, Jerome Grass

  • Folder: 17, Letters: Fan H-L, 1976

    George Haessler, Bob Hagedorn, R. C. Hallberg, Cynthia C. Henry, Larry Hancher, L. Milton Hankins, Paul Hanley, K. Hanowski, Bobby Harris, Julie Havel, Rosalie H. Held, Lester Hettick (?), John C. Hicks, Margery Himes, Wendy Hire and Wendy Weikle, H. P. Hofs, James O. Holmlund, Stefan Furtounov, Olinka Hrdy, Gregg Hubbard, Albert Gattnell Hunnicutt, Harold A. Hudson, Albert Ianuale, Sister Margaret-Mary and Sister Mary, Margaret Jakubczyk, Donn Jennings, Jan Johansson, Peter Johnson, Steve Juscik, Juanita, Andrea Kadish, Ruth Fon Fleur, Mildred Keeler, Bill King, Kouichi Kirihata, Anton Knudsen, Jack Kofoed, T. Klingopolsn (?), Elliot F. Kraemer, James Lassi, Douglas Lederman, Henry E. Lee, Hareo Iervase (?), Silvio Leuci, James ton Levendoshi (?), Pierre Lopez, Larry Lustgarten

  • Folder: 18, Letters: Fan M-L, 1976

    D. J. Mitts (?), L. Lee, V. E. Moody, Barbara L. Merkel, Mohammad Mawkad, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Maynard, Johanna Megyeri, Ruth Miles, Gil Moody, Jan Mostowski, H. G. Boyd, Kevin Nagle, Louis Degen, Rebecca Newth, Clara Cook O'Barski, Lucy D. Ogden, Hazel Osterhouse, William E. Overall, A. B. Palmer, Kirsten Michalski, Rolando Pieraccini, Mark Rathbone, David S. Ray, Ronald Rayman, Hese Rellami (?), Danny Reutz, William Reynolds Jr., General Ricardos, Helen L. Richardson, Leonard Rosenthal, Marek Rudnicki, Lonnie Sacks, Larry Sanders, Maria Sanzard, David Schultz, Maria Scott, Jon Scott, Robert Shafins, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Shaler, Jerry K. Shriver, Roy S. Simmonds, Carl Werner Skogholm, David S. Ray, Gloria Smith, Robert A. Smith, William Slarr (?), Howard J. Stack, James T. Stafford, Rose Stipek, Arthur Sutton, Leo Sylvor, Robert Teaney, Mary Thompson, Mary Lowber Tiers, Lorena Tipton, John Titsworth, Rosemary Todaro, Severino Tremsuin (?), Ralph Velich, Jane Voight, Jacqueline J. Wagner, Rachel Walker, Raymond E. Ward, Joseph F. Wassong, Norval Welch, Valerie Wheeler, Brad Wilde, Victoria Warragul (?), E. V. Wright, Jack Kneebone and John Bickerstaff, Rod Jameson (?), Mike Zebniak, John H. Zollner

  • Folder: 19, Letters: Pan, 1976

    Clyde Wood

  • Folder: 20, Lewis, Ed, 1976

    Guaranty Deed with Sand from Ed Lewis, notes from Ed Lewis, invitation to D!ck Drost's Naked City

  • Folder: 21, MacDonald, Scott (Biography), 1976
  • Folder: 22, McIntosh & Otis, 1976

    Mrs. Otis Kiser, Elizabet R. Otis, Margaret White, Winthrop M. Hodges

  • Folder: 23, National Book Awards, 1976

    Joan Cunliffe, Harrison E. Salisbury, George P. Elliot, Orville Prescott

  • Folder: 24, Re: Personal Notes, 1976

    E. Caldwell, Georgia Bay

  • Folder: 25, Publishers: Foreign, 1976

    Maria Jakubowska, Shura and Jo (?), Franca and Pierre, Ghislaine de Montalembert, Fujisato, Hisashi Kanekatsu, Friedi Lang, Claude Gallimard, Kresey and Daisy (?), Comissao de Trabalhadores, Savva Dangulov, Marie Tadie, Danuta Szczuka

  • Folder: 26, Publishers: US, 1976

    Mills Lane IV, S. Phelps Platt Jr., Kay E. Radtke, Jonathan Dodd, Laura J. Spidle, Winthrop M. Hodges, Jane Heller, Ed Butler, Robert Earle Haynie, M. Richey

  • Folder: 27, Rowan, Adriana, 1976

    Adriana Rowan, Proposed investment portfolio - Mrs. Rowan, Marine Meadows Skillets

  • Folder: 28, Samuel, French, Inc., 1976

    Jan and Charlie, Bridget Aschenberg, M. Elizabethe McNaull, Charlie, Translator's Agreement, Charles R. Vann, Jerome B. Lurie, Leon Embry, Jack Koenig, Gregory W. Stoots

  • Folder: 29, Silverberg, Charles (re: "In Search of Bisco"), 1976

    Ready Talton

  • Folder: 30, Sutton, William A. (Biography), 1976
  • Folder: 31, Re: Travel, 1976
  • Folder: 32, University of Georgia, 1976

    Richard Harwell

  • Folder: 33, Weybright, Victor, 1976
  • Folder: 34, A-D, 1977

    Karin Deming, Richard Donnelly, Joe De Rogatis, Sharon Griggins, Jerry Adali, Oscar Mahlon Jr., John Brooks, John Hersey, Jeanne B. Ruthie, Walter Barret, Bev Beam, Wilmer Douglas Bentley, Betsy (?), Barbara Brown, Lee Burge, Caen (?), Hayes Caldwell, Joy Chute, Jimmy Carter, Cyril Clemens, (Kendall, Ragan, Meta & Caleman), Malcolm Cowley, Frank Daniel, Jonathan Daniels, Marcel Duhamel, Ann Glennon, Joanne Dunn, M.K.Anderson

  • Folder: 35, E-H, 1977

    Jim Eckman, Kurt Enoch, Tom (?), Riscove(?) & Elizabeth Fawcett, Dean Blackwell, Ben Fitzgerald, Duff Gilfond, Bettie Golden, Bill Goldhaust, Ginny H. (?), Candice Pearce, Ernie Harwell, (Bill, Dianne, Susannah, and Kathleen Harwell), Lulu(?) Harwell, Rick Harwell, Mr and Mrs William E. Harwell Jr., Charles Haslam, George Henhoeffer, Frohe Weihnachten(?), Krassin Himmirsky, Edna and Glenn Howell, Sally Huffman, Cheryle and Donalad Hulme, Hubert Humphrey, Michelle Lapautre

  • Folder: 36, I-R, 1977

    Dimiter Inkiow, Jo and Rob (?), Joanie (?), Jill Krementz, S. Lind, Adelaide Lockhart, Scott MacDonald, Pearly (?), David McDowell, Ray McLver, Adis McKenzie, John B. Mils, George Mitchell, Katy and Jimmy (?), Doloreo(?) Morin, Betsy Nolan, R.H. and M.J.(?), Hellole and Kesey Piotrowski (?), Mort Perksy, Earl Pregler, Lierley Radovic(?), Timothy Randall, Seoux Ruthie (?), mr and Mrs John Buckwalter Rutledge, "spacy" (?)

  • Folder: 37, S-Z, 1977

    Mark Saha, Beverly J. Beam, Sally and Diek(?), Louise(?), Roy O. Scholz, Edward Schwartz, John and Nancy(?), Charles Links, Wallace Stegner, Del M. Paste, Marge Ternes, Henry and Jeanne Terrie, MGMCOMP (?), Connie Townsend, Jerry Klein, Joan Crane, John Updike, Warren (?), Val Webb, Victor Weybright, James b. Teing(?), Marilyn Thilhelm, Corrie Wren, Matthew Wysocki, Dr Alexander Yankov, Margaret Walsh, Florence Schwitzer, Hayes Caldwell, Truman Talle

  • Folder: 38, Agents: Foreign, 1977

    Michelle Lapautre, Enrich Linder, Societe Genraleagnce AF St Dominique

  • Folder: 39, Agents: Theatrical, 1977

    John Holtvedt, Bridget Aschenberg, Nancy Kirkland, Pearly Manuel(?), Douglas Graham, Kenneth Ott, Charles D Silverberg, Jim(?). Reedy Talton, Stephen Cotler, Charles Vann, Martha Scott, Kieth Cowling, Martin Beekman

  • Folder: 40, Brown, James Oliver, 1977
  • Folder: 41, Caldwell, Dabney, 1977
  • Folder: 42, Caldwell, Janet (Gooding), 1977
  • Folder: 43, Caldwell, Jay, 1977
  • Folder: 44, Caldwell, Pix, 1977
  • Folder: 45, Dartmouth College, 1977

    Walter W. Wright, Edward Connery Lathem, Leonard M. Rieser, Frank Daniel

  • Folder: 46, Greeting Cards, 1977
  • Folder: 47, Interviews, Articles, Comments & Introductions, 1977

    Jon Allan, James Morgan, Peter Heggie, Carl Breihan, Roy Campbell, Elizabeth Crotty, Giordano De Biasio, Lynn Fuller, Samuel Vaughan, Anita Summer, Konstantin Chugaunov, Frances Gray, Bob Grizzard, Gary Harmon, Lynne McRherson, Gyorgy Gera, D.G. Kehl, Jacques Dupin, Betsy(?), Walter Orthwein, Tom Redden, Richard Wilde, Harrison Smith, Savva Dangulov, B. Afanasyev, Owen Spann, A. Roy (?), Pirkko- Lisssa Stahl, Andrew Mills, Panteley Zarev, Michael Andre, Alexander Yankov

  • Folder: 48, Klevar, Harvey (Biography), 1977

    James F. Mathias

  • Folder: 49, Kling Family, 1977

    Joan, Richard Kling, Brian, Matthew Kling, Elise Kling, Melanie Kling

  • Folder: 50, Lectures, 1977

    John Belcher, Hurwitch, Jim de Revere Jr., Bonnie Wise, Raymond J. Schneider

  • Folder: 51, Letter: Fan, 1977

    Al Abrams, Gerald M. Allen, Margaret Anne Barnes, Marshall E. Bean, Edward Benson, Francesco Bentini, Thomas A. Bentley, Wilmer Bentley, Joao Bernardino Borges de Sa, Ethel and Carl Biechon, Hal Borden, Richard Cannito, Harrie E. Carpenter, Winona Chilcatt, Paul Christen, George Crowton, Eugene Curtis, Lloyd DeRamus, Ray Isbell, Bill Edwards, Sylvia Elliott, Timothy Foster, Joe Fox, Trent Gaites, Selwyn C. Gamble, Giovanni Genga, Aileen Glover, Sue Ground, Erika Grunstad, Will Jackson, Rev. and Mrs. S. Jackson, Donn Jennings, Jeffrey Jennings, Jan Juracka, Jack Knott, Ales Kolodrubec, Richard C. Laade, Jane Levine, S. Lind, Phyllis Litherland, Bill Lietge, Bill Maresh, Ann Markin, Renata Mattioli, R. E. McGrundy (?), Billye McIver, Robert Middleton, Jan Mostowski, Dale Mott, Mark Myers, Jim Ogilvie, Marilyn Pearson, Margie Persson, Roland Phelps, Jakie Pruett, Clint Pucker, John B. Quisenberry, Lloyd Ramsey, David S. Ray, Ronald Rayman, Danny Rentz (?), Emerson Rutherford, Merv Slotnick, David Smith, Madeleine Sophie, George Suddath, Bliss Thorne, Doug Voegler, Keith Wagner, David Wood, Wim Wuyts, Gunny Yawn, Harry Zinn Jr.

  • Folder: 52, Lewis, Ed, 1977
  • Folder: 53, McIntosh & Otis, 1977

    Mrs. Otis Kiser, Barbara Brown, Margaret White, Shirley Fisher, Harrison Smith, M. Pepper (?), Julie Fallowfield, Bill

  • Folder: 54, National Book Awards, 1977

    George P. Elliot, Joan Cunliffe, Martha Cataldo, Margaret Homeyer, Orville Prescott

  • Folder: 55, Pembroke, 1977

    Charles Tuttle, Victor Dalmas, Norman McLeod, Mills Lane, Bill Amunption (?), Malcom Cowley, Richard Harwell, Victor Weybright, Jonathan Daniels, Harvey Klevar, John Seelye, Scott MacDonald, Kenneth Burke, Millie Bried (?), Henry Terrie, Bill Peder

  • Folder: 56, Re: Personal Notes, 1977
  • Folder: 57, Pollinger, Laurence, Ltd., 1977

    Yvonne Muller, Lawrence Smith, John Bay, M. Pepper, Will Wyatt, John Petherbridge, D. E. de Silva, Kathy Ivanovich (?), Michelle Lapautre

  • Folder: 58, Publishers: Foreign, 1977

    Joan and Puica Comn (?), Germaine du Hamel, Isabel Monteagudo, Anatoly Kaduk, S. Kesler (?), Jacqueline Fitgar (?), Jean Fremon, Gile Radovic (?)

  • Folder: 59, Publishers: US, 1977

    Mills Lane, Van Jones Martin, Edward Butler, Robert Haynie, Joe De Rogatis, Robert Willingham, E. Brooks Goddard, Susan Peterson, Margaret Richey

  • Folder: 60, Rowan, Adriana, 1977
  • Folder: 61, Saha, Mark, 1977
  • Folder: 62, Silverberg, Charles, 1977
  • Folder: 63, Student Theses & Reports, 1977

    Michael Beasley, Laura Castiglioni, Elizabeth Crotty, David Culbert, Kenneth Ott, Vasilya, Rahimova

  • Folder: 64, Sutton, William A. (Biography), 1977
  • Folder: 65, University of Georgia, 1977

    Ralph Stephens, Robert Willingham (skeet), Phinizy Spalding, Richaed Harwell, John C. Belcher, Charles Eidsvik

  • Folder: 66, Weybright, Victor, 1977

Box: 17, Dates: 1978-1979


Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, A-C, 1978

    R. L. Crandall, Margaret Awhill (?), George W. Waters, Waller and Cornie Barrett, Francis Beaugureau, Martha Bialkin, Gail Borden, Carl Breihan, Aerelle Bruno (?), John Bruno, Ed Butler, Hayes Caldwell, Ralph Chesse, Deborah Clayton, Cyril Clemens, Malcolm Cowley, Muriel Cowley

  • Folder: 2, D-G, 1978

    John (?), Fran Dale, Frank Daniel, Jonathan Daniels, Don Davis, Peter Dawson, Giordano De Biasio (?), Rene de Chocher, Betty Douglas, Marilyn Desser, Lynn Fuller, Edward Hummet (?), David LeVine, Frances Eckman, Jim Eckman, John Emmett, Maya Enoch, David Estes, Helen Sawyer, Frank Lytton, Roscoe and Elizabeth Fawcett, Cathy Fawcett, Shirley Fisher, Owen Golden

  • Folder: 3, H-L, 1978

    VA Hamilton, Lulu and Ernie Harkwell, Joseph Hayes, Jules Heller, Herbert Henry, Llew Howell (?), Edna Howell, Eugene Ehrlich, Huffy Huffman, Sally Huffman, Hughes, Darline Sandoval, John Irsfeld, Ray Isbell, Jerry, Joe (?), Kendall, Stetson Kennedy, Elizabeth Kiser, Betty Lathem

  • Folder: 4, M-P, 1978

    Reed Mack, Phyllis Mack, Grace Macouillard, Pearly Manuel, Janice Williams, Jeanne Martin, Josephine Martin, Ray McIver, Alice McKenzie, Barbara McFeldis, Pam Manser, William M(?), John Mills, Delores and Dick Morin, Anne Morin, Jim Murray, Nikola Nikolov, Ken Ott, Guy Own (?), Bill Pedan (?), Harold and Keisey Piotrowski, B. Pustarfi, Kiyoko Nishikawa

  • Folder: 5, Q-Z, 1978

    Marti Montero, Gene Cavallero Jr., Vasilya Rahimona, Jacques Camus, Douglas Sasser, Patricia Keim, Roy Scholz, Susie Scholz, Edward Schwartz, Ernie Harwell, Herb Caen, John and Jody Sparks, Kelly Swineford, Elaine Steinbeck, Bill Sutton, Ed Sweeney, George McDaniel, Connie Townsend, Gilbert Sullivan, Joan Crane, Dorothy and Hal Wegner, Victor Weybright, Dolores Bridges, Betty Britto, Marilyn Wilhelm, Helga Wilson, Leon Gutterman, Corrie Wren

  • Folder: 6, Agents: Foreign, 1978

    Michelle LaPautre, Lawrence Smith, Erich Linder, Denzil de Silva, Yvonne (?), Gerald Pollinger, Ljerka Radovic, Tom Mori and Charles Tuttle

  • Folder: 7, Agents: Theatrical, 1978

    Mark Saha, Charles R. Vann, Kenneth Ott, Noel L. Silverman, Jack Carroll

  • Folder: 8, Agents: USA, 1978

    James Brown, James Borwn Associates, Inc., Jim (?), Isabel Monteagudo, Stewart Richardson, Alan Williams, S. Phelps Platt Jr., Richard Huttner, Shirley Fisher, Priscilla McGuirt, Sherry Sussman, Betty Britto

  • Folder: 9, Attorneys, 1978

    Edward Colton, J. Forester Taylor, Charles Silverberg, Reedy Talton, Gary Hendler, Julius Weiss

  • Folder: 10, Caldwell, Dabney, 1978
  • Folder: 11, Caldwell, Janet (Gooding), 1978
  • Folder: 12, Caldwell, Jay, 1978
  • Folder: 13, Caldwell, Pix, 1978
  • Folder: 14, Dartmouth College, 1978

    Edward Connery Lathem, Claire Packard, Walter W. Wright

  • Folder: 15, Greeting Cards, 1978

    Rainer(?), Shana and Mo(?), Mary(?), Jeanne and Henrry Debbie(?), Hayden, Robin, and Scott, Carvel Collins, John and Nancy Shippe, Dottie and Cyndy Bates

  • Folder: 16, Hudson, Eileen & John, 1978
  • Folder: 17, Interviews, Articles, Comments & Introductions, 1978

    John (?), Sig Crothy(?), Ben Farley, St. Furtounov, Jos. A. Johnson, Andrew Kapociunas, Gene Moore, Winston Skinner, Gerald W. Gillette, William F. Ryan, Roy Simmonds, Chitta Sinha, Patrick Smith, Savva Dangulov, Sherry Sussman, Karen Tortorella, Michael Andre, Mary Ellen Donovan, Susan Williams

  • Folder: 18, Klevar, Harvey (Biography), 1978
  • Folder: 19, Kling Family, 1978

    R.A. Kling, Brian Kling, Elise Kling, Joan Kling, Melanie Kling, Dick Kling,

  • Folder: 20, Lectures, 1978

    Owen Lee, Alk. Yannopquloc and Galateia Saranti, Daniel Pearlman, Paul Freehan, Joanne Pejot

  • Folder: 21, Letters: Fan, 1978

    Harvey Abrams, Mauride Ashbury, Joao Bernardno, Tommie Bodenstein, Annie Bridge, Ashley Buck, Curtis Chambers, Marilyn Cochian, Dayton Randall(?), Sally Davis, Floyd DeRamer, Margaret DeVore, Elizabeth Adams Elliot, Selwyn Gamble, Madeleine Sophie Gary, Giovanni Geega (?), Noel Goldblatt, Eston Griffin, Herbert Griffin, Bujune Handle (?), Gundel Haerdle, Larry Hancher, Paul Hanley, Rosalie Held, Jeffrey Herewdy (?), Ethel Lleywyn, Ronnie Jandt, Mats Johansson and Hans-Ake Hansson, Stan Kosinski, Ernst Kullik, Barry Leeds, Ray Long, Herbert Maneval, Gwen McGilberry, V. E. Moody, Jan Mostowski, Dale Mott, Haywood Moxley, Patti Mulford, Mrs. Keith Parsell, Jacques Pechon, Dan Robb, Mary Roberts, Eugene Robinson, Richard Roper, Jimmy Rosenbloom, Bernard Roth, Beth Rubin, Rosalyn Sacks, Lonnie Sacks, Maria Sanzaro, Carol Shapiro, Merv Slotnick, Linda Smith, Irving Solomon, Ashim Roy, Brian Tolzmann, David Vollette, Daisy Wadford, Roy Watson, David Wood

  • Folder: 22, Lewis, Ed, 1978

    Ed Lewis, Samuel Silver, Charles DeLauer

  • Folder: 23, MacDonald (Biography), 1978

    Scott Macdonald, Richard Layman

  • Folder: 24, Mayo Clinic, 1978

    R. S. Fontana, Sue Olive, G. Thomas Spigel, David Sanderson, David Williams, Robert Waller, Richard Weeks, Kevin Molloy

  • Folder: 25, "Pembroke" Magazine, 1978

    Malcolm Cowley, Guy Owen, Jay Mark (?), Warren French, Michel Bandry, Robert Brinkmeyer, Giordano De Biasio, Victor Dalmas, Noel Bragin (?), David Pugh, Sylvia Cook, James Dickey, Herb Caen, Bill Peden, Victor Weybright, Kazimierz Piotrowski, Mary Chambers, O. B. Emerson, Bo Walstrom, Philip Melling

  • Folder: 26, Re: Personal Notes, 1978
  • Folder: 27, Publishers: Foreign, 1978

    Michel Bandry, Bo Wahlstrom, Iulis and Ioan Comra (?), Pierre Belfond, Claude Gallimard, Stefan Furtounov, Kazus Ueda (?), Fujisato Kitajima, Svetoslav Kolev, Rainer Heumann, Barbara Przybylowska, Boris Polevoy, Valentina Jacque, Lilyana Stephanova, Charles Tuttle

  • Folder: 28, Publishers: US, 1978

    Van Jones Martin, Mills Lane, Betty Lichner, Robert O'Brien, Ann Farrell, Mary Bruce, Larned Bradford, Kit Crocker, Christine Michalowski, Susan Peterson, Edward Butler, Alan Kaufman, Robert Haynie, Jack Fitzgerald, Margaret Rickey, Howard Charles, Ann Twombly

  • Folder: 29, Rosenberg, Lee, 1978

    Charles Silverberg, Lee Rosenberg

  • Folder: 30, Rowan, Adriana, 1978
  • Folder: 31, Saha, Mark, 1978

    Virginia Caldwell

  • Folder: 32, Re: 75th birthday invitations/RSVPs, 1978

    Waller Barrett, Jay, Siena, Twila, Mailo, Jimmy Carter, Virginia Caldwell, Herb Caen

  • Folder: 33, Re: 75th Birthday (Erskine Caldwell), 1978

    Frank Daniel, Acad Pantelei Zarev, Lulu and Ernie Harwell, Frieda Helen, Isabelle Salisbury, Mark Saha, Ed and Evangeline Swineford, Bittei and Divan (?), Mills Lane, Phinizy Spalding, UGA rare books and manuscripts staff, Reed Mack, Eddie Schwartz, George Macovescu, Skeet, Ed Lewis, fred Davison, J. J. Rabun, Hunter Bell, Kazimierz Piotrowski, Joao Bernardino, Ballsler Blundg? (?), Candice Pearce, Ethel and Carl Breikan, Dorothy, Rick, Marcon, Lillian and Walt, Drew, Sandy, and Brian

  • Folder: 34, Silverberg, Charles, 1978

    Charles D. Silverberg, Gary Hendler, Suzanne Kollitz, Harry Usher, Reedy Talton

  • Folder: 35, Student Theses & Reports, 1978

    Jill Banerian, Elizabeth Crotty, David Culbert, Eswold Hemforth (?), Ram Uppuluri, Tina May Walton

  • Folder: 36, Swinefield, Kelley & Ed, 1978

    Kelly and Ed Swineford

  • Folder: 37, Re: Travel - Charlottesville, 1978

    Walter Barrett

  • Folder: 38, Re: Travel - Guatemala, 1978

    John Belcher, Leland Cross, Dorothy Fflug, Jim de Revere, John Cheever, Ed Butler, Dee Caldwell, Bob Haynie, Jacques Camus

  • Folder: 39, Re: Travel - Santo Domingo, 1978

    John Belcher, Timothy Randall, Helen Hughes, Rick Cox

  • Folder: 40, University of Georgia, 1978

    Richard Harwell, Fred Davison, Roger Howell, Waller Barrett, Phinizy Spalding, John Belcher, Faye Head

  • Folder: 41, A-G, 1979

    Gloria, Ellen Ermshar, Charlee, David E. Hayis, Mary and Caldwell (?), Karin Deming, Liz Crotty, Mary Chambers, David, Heather and Caitlin, The Demmings (?), Agnes, Erich and Dennis Linder, Meta and Coleman Brown, Pat Alzer, Jeanne B. OB, Shelley, Sarah and Rachel Berman, Peter Blume, Van Ellen Bradley, Aeres Bruno (?), Ed Butler, Herb Caen, Hayes Caldwell, Cyril Clemens, Malcolm Cowley, Muriel Cowley, Tom Curtiss, Frank Daniel, Jonathan Daniels, Lynn Fuller, horst Dziura, Jim Eckman, John Emmett, Roscoe and Elizabeh Fawcett, Mildred Fish, Mary Semans, Bill Goldhurst, Robert Redford, Don and Eleanor Goley

  • Folder: 42, H-P, 1979

    Michelle and Rene Lapautre, Lucia and Harvey, Ruth Hoffman (?), Lyubomir Levchev, Jan and Charlie, Promise (?), Maryjane Hayes, Edna and Llew Howell, Nancy, James Moran, Krassin Himmersky, Hugh Moorhead, Eddie Schwartz, Eileen Hudson, Jan, James Merola (?),Connielle Marley (?), VH, Dianne Harwell, Lula Harwell, Ernie Harwell, Joseph Hayes, Helen and Jim, George and Bess Henhoeffer, Horst Dziura, Julie, Elaine Horwitch, Huffman, Sally Huffman, John and Nancy, Ade Kahn, Brian Kling, Joan Kling, Sidney Sluff(??), Reed and Phyllis Mack, Heather MacMillan, Randall Evans, Marjane Walcott, Mary Marshall, Ray McIver, Ernest Kay, Bob Mills, Elizabeth Kiser, Ken and Kimberley Ott, Raymond Pack, Pansy, Jakie Pruett, Betty Pustarfi

  • Folder: 43, Q-Z, 1979

    Betty P., the Rutledges, Henry and Jeanne Terrie, Jody, Cary, Mary & Craig, Sally, Holly Delaney (?), Selwyn Gamble, Stoyan Qhulev, Aunt Stella, Rebecca and Raphael Soyer, The Pussycat, Gary (?), Sally and Huffy, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ostricker, Rory Wagner, Richard Weeks, Daniel Starer, William Ryan, Beverly Beam, Carole Vernier, The Savoy London, John Scanlan, Roy Scholz, Susie Scholz, Jerrye Champion, Eddie Schwartz, Lonnie Sillman, John Dodds, Isaac Singer, John Smith, Pat Smith, Raphael Soyer: A Birthday Celebration, Jody Sparks, Cary Sparks, Evelyn Stevens, Bill Sutton, Karen Marie Tortorella, Wally Townsend, Ken Ueno (?), University of Tulsa, Warren, Roy Watson, Dolores Bridges, Charlie and Dick Wilbur, Marilyn Wilhelm, Corrie Wren, John Brady (Writer's Digest), Jadya (?)

  • Folder: 44, Agents: Foreign, 1979

    Kenny Bradley, Michelle Lepautre, Guy Buchet, Erich Linder, Ilidio da Fonseca Matos, Rainer Heumann, Yvonne Muller, D. E. de Silva, M. Pepper, Rosemary Gould, Ljerka Radovic, Erwina Godfrey, Ann Warnford-Davis

  • Folder: 45, Agents/Publishers: Theatrical, 1979

    Jack Carroll, Patricia Prince, Kent Paul, James Jones, Ken Ott, Stephen Rothman, Terri Miller, Mark Saha, Charles Vann, Michael Wallach, Charles Silverberg, Arthur Hoyle, Writer's Guilt 1979 Directory

  • Folder: 46, Agents: U.S., 1979

    Mrs. W. A. Bradley, Jim Brown, Shirley Fisher, H. J. Charles, Jr., Ronald Hoag, Norman Zeter, Frances Perle

  • Folder: 47, Caldwell, Dabney, 1979
  • Folder: 48, Caldwell, Janet (Gooding), 1979
  • Folder: 49, Caldwell, Jay, 1979
  • Folder: 50, Caldwell, Pix, 1979
  • Folder: 51, Caldwell, Virginia, 1979
  • Folder: 52, Canter for the Study of Southern Culture, 1979

    Bill Ferris

  • Folder: 53, Dartmouth College, 1979

    Ed Lathem, Walter Wright

  • Folder: 54, Fletcher, Drew & Sandy, 1979
  • Folder: 55, Golden, Owen W., 1979

    Bettie Golden

  • Folder: 56, Hudson Family, 1979

    Eileen Hudson

  • Folder: 57, Interviews Artists, Comments, & Introductions, 1979

    Steve Chapple, Michel Fabre, Hugh Ford, Gaby Stuart, Greg Gatenby, Joe Hayes, Susan Horton, Ade Kahn, William Lyles, Jeff, John Norbutt, John Dodds, Robert Snyder, K. Ueno, Walt Wiggins

  • Folder: 58, Klevar, Harvey (Biography), 1979
  • Folder: 59, Re: Lectures, 1979

    Joseph Johnson

  • Folder: 60, Letters: Fan, 1979

    Dot Seugnt (?), Randall Durkin, Hisao Aoki, Joe Balmer, Larry Baton (?), David Battan, Mrs. Sterling Battis, Marshall Bean, Francesco Bentini, Thomas Bentley, Millard Billings, Mrs. Peter Blume, Ed Bomsey, Joao Bernardino Borges, Newton Brand, Edward Cabral, Michael Carowitz, Melvin Cagle, Margaret Catenaccio, Matt Davis, Hazel Dorman, Timothy Foster, Chip Freundt, Bill Fritsch, Ann Sutton, Selwyn Gamble, Giovanni Genga, Joseph Goldberg, Larry Hancher, Lee Hayman, Raymond Gledhill, Barry Hewelt, Robert Hicks, Irene Hughes, Michael Jay (?), Anne Justiss, Laszlo Magyar, Herb Maneral (?), David Marcus, Bruce McGuffin, Erich Menke, Dan Montemarano, Jan Mostowski, Charles Murphy, Tony Musso, Alexander Nahas, Harriet Oliveri, Eva Osers (?), William and Patrick Paddison, Lee Eaton, Evelyn Pharp, Monica Pirtle, Klaus-Otto Rond, Bernard Rod, Irwin Schwitt (?), Charles Searle, Pat Searle, J. Alvin Shaw, Pat Silverwood, Roger Stavis, Bill Stice, (?), Bunny Summers, Sycarl Sussman, Ronny Townsend, Vera Vuckovic, G. J. Weinberger, Ronnie Wilson, David Piscitelli, Wolfgang Windhausen, Mrs. John Wright, Jim Wright, Mark Zashin

  • Folder: 61, Lewis, Ed, 1979

    Harvey Klevar

  • Folder: 62, MacDonald, Scott Biography, 1979

Box: 18, Dates: 1979-1981


Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Mayo Clinic, 1979

    Mrs. Jane Lantz, Richard E. Weeks, M.D., James H. Dobyns, M.D., Robert S. Fontana, M. D., Robert R. Waller, M. D., David R. Sanderson, M. D., David E. Williams, M.D.

  • Folder: 2, RE: Pembroke Magazine, 1979

    Victor Dalmas

  • Folder: 3, Publishers Foreign, 1979

    G. Stoeva, J. Pierre, Germaine, J. P. Turbergue, Pierre Belfond, Michel Fabre, Krassin Himmirsky, Aoki Hisao, Stefan Furtounov, I. Makarieva, J. Bouchkova, Ken, Lyubomir Levchev, Michael Joseph, Kazimierz Piotrowski, Josip Proic, H. J. Charles, Jr., Hristo Pelitev, Savva Dangulov, Donna Sturm, Pantelei Zarev, [?]

  • Folder: 4, Publishers - United States, 1979

    Mills Lane, S. Phelps Platt, Jr., Douglas O. Logan, Priscilla J. McGuirt, Sarah Fader, Edward L. Butler, Harvey Klevar, Robert Earle Haynie, Herb Schnall, Susan Peterson, Florence M. Pierce

  • Folder: 5, Saha, Mark, 1979
  • Folder: 6, Rowan, Adriana, 1979
  • Folder: 7, RE: Student Reports & Thesis , 1979

    Michel Bandry, Elizabeth A. Crotty, Giordano de Biasio, Jim East, Hugh Ford, William Goldhurst, Ronald W. Hoag, Jay Neugebroen, Jakie L. Pruett, Seth Ribner, Robert E. Snyder, George W. Owens

  • Folder: 8, Silverberg, Charles, 1979
  • Folder: 9, Re: Travel-Information, 1979

    Margaret Mills, John Cheever, Barnaby Conrad, Claire Packard, Pierre Belfond, Michel Fabre, Maria Teresa, Ilidio de Fonseca Matos, Erich Linder, Scott McDonald, Ken Ott, Ljerka Radovic, Charles Eidsvik, Charlie Vann, Jacques P. Camus

  • Folder: 10, University of Georgia, 1979

    Charles Eidsvik, Rick Harwell, Skeet, Rayburn S. Moore, Robert Buffington, Selena Gardner, Karen Orchard, Ernie Harwell

  • Folder: 11, University of Virginia, 1979

    Gilbert J. Sullivan, Anthony Litvak, C. Waller Barrett, Julius P. Barclay, Edmunda H. Vestey, Edmund Berkeley, Jr., Joanne Trent, May Duane Harper

  • Folder: 12, Weiss, Julius, 1979
  • Folder: 13, A - D , 1980

    Saul Bodwell, Melanie, Victor, Pansey, Yadya Corvin, Michel Bandry, Peter Buckley, Pat Olyec [?], Arthur E. Clark, Jr., An Smith [?], Mel Angle, the Arizona State Library Association, Hans J. Boldt, Blanche Babt [?], Mrs. Phillip Barer, Waller and Cornie Barrett, Jo and Rob Barry, Beaugureau, William L. Lazarus, Rayan [?] Brown, Kendall Brown, Rayan, John C. Bruno, Mary-Jean and Ed Butler, Hayes Caldwell, M. D., [?], Tobie Glucker, Jim Barnes, Joy Chute, Cyril Clemens, Zeb B. Conley, Jr., Barnaby Conrad, Penny Gordon, Mary Ellen Crason, Fran, Victor Dalmas, Jonathan Daniels, Ms. Lynn Fuller, John Doherty, Richard Dokey, [?]

  • Folder: 14, E-H, 1980

    Joyce Gardiner, R. W. Hoag, Jim Eckman, [?] and John Emmet, Hellen and Jerry Farnsworth, Roger [?] and Elizabeth Fawcett, Jack Fitzgerald, Bettie and Owen Golden, Jr., Larry Parr, Bill S. Goldhurst, Lulu and Ernie Harwell, Richard Harwell, Tarrijane and Joe Hayes, Mr. Krassin Himmirsky, Sallie and Hoffie Huffman, Helen H. Hughes, Camille and Mike Marley, Charles and Gene McDaniel, Ken and Kimberly Ott, Fujisato Kitajima B. E. Leach, Naftali Nottman

  • Folder: 15, I-O, 1980

    Camille and Mike Marley, Charles and Gene McDaniel, Ken and Kimberly Ott, B. E. Leach, Naftali Nottman, Marti Montero, Jim, Elizabeth, Terry Kraft, Warren L., Mary Manning, Lyubomir Levchev, William Meredith, Jillian and Walt and Gretchen and King, Linda and Tom, B. Hay Littell, Mac, H. Scott MacMullen, Marion Manuel, Ray and Willa Mcluer [?], Cozie Dias, John B. Mills, Judith A. Mercer, Dennis Lynch, Mary Calder Rower, Santa Barbara Writers Conference, Teaching Tools Company [Karen Messana], Florence Fleishman, Yvonne Laurence Pollinger, Sally

  • Folder: 16, P-Z, 1980

    Nevena Yovov, S. Zhulev, W. W. Wright, Edwin P. Voss, Alec Waugh, Roger White, Marilyn Wilhelm, Marilyn E. Wilhelm, Wade Van Dore, John F. Anderson, The Associates of the University of Virginia Library, Eric A. Litvak, The University of Virginia Alumni Association [Gilbert J. Sullivan], Connie Townsend, John N. Simons, M.D., Jody Sparks, Susie Scholz, Ronald Pincus, Bell Pustarfi, T. W. Phillips II, PEN [Betty Spears, Executive Producer], Pan Am Clipper Club [Leif C. Vaernet, Manager], Robert G. Stewart, Little America [Robin Strunk], Phyllis and Reed MacMullen, Patrick D. Smith, Rick B. Gag [?], Elizabeth Welker, Audrey Pentridge, Pustarfi

  • Folder: 17, Agents: Foreign, 1980

    Michelle Lapautre, Erich Linder, D. E. de Silva, Laurence Pollinger Limited [Yvonne Muller], [?], Gerald Pollinger, Ernest Stesica, Mr. Brynjolfur Bjarnason

  • Folder: 18, Agents: Theatrical, 1980

    Miss Candace Lake, Mrs. Alvin G. Manuel, Ken Ott, The Pasadena Playhouse [Stephen Rothman], Mark Saha, Jan and Charlie Van Nostrand, Samuel French, Inc. [Charles R. Vann], Richmond Crinkley, David O. Thomas, James Brown Associates, Inc. [Kim [?]], Antonio de Souza-Pinto

  • Folder: 19, Agents: U.S., 1980

    McIntosh and Otis, Inc. [Shirley Fisher], Mrs. Elizabeth Otis Kiser, McIntosh and Otis, Inc. [Patricia S. Myrer], McIntosh and Otis, Inc. [Frances Perle]

  • Folder: 20, American Academy of Arts and Letters, 1980

    American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters [Margaret M. Mills], American Academy and Insitute of Arts and Letters [Casindania P. Eaton]

  • Folder: 21, American Book Awards, 1980

    PEN American Center [Karen Kennerly], The American Book Awards [Joan Cunliffe], Marlene Scheurmann, The American Book Awards [Charles S. Haslam], The American Books Awards [Joan Cunliffe], TABA [Ronald Busch, Co-Chairman, Franklyn L. Rodgers, Co-Chairman]

  • Folder: 22, Caldwell, Dabney, 1980
  • Folder: 23, Caldwell, Erskine Birthday, 1980

    Mary-Jean and Ed Butler, Roscoe and Elizabeth Fawcett, Bettie and Owen Golden, Huler [?] and Ernie [?] Harwell, Polly [?] and Huffie Huffman, Idaro [?] Klevar, Jillian and Walt, Pearly Manuel [?], J. Larry Gulley, I, Elizabeth Welker

  • Folder: 24, Caldwell, Pix, 1980
  • Folder: 25, Caldwell, Janet, 1980
  • Folder: 26, Caldwell, Jay, 1980
  • Folder: 27, Dartmouth College, 1980

    Betty, Myrtie C. Lathem, Edward Connery Lathem, Mr. Edward E. Lewis, Walter W. Wright, Robert B. Graham, Jr., John G. Kemeny, Margaret A. Otto, Stanley W. Brown

  • Folder: 28, Greeting Cards, 1980

    Marilyn Wilhelm, Shea [?] and family, Lia, Caesar, and Melia Chulos, Bill and Ellen Goldhurst [?], Jody, Ed Sweeney, Bill, Danne, Kathleen, and Clarissa, Mauds [?] and Curley [?], Sarah and Shelley Berman, VA. Hamilton, Owl [?], Susan Doug, Aunt Stella, Alyce and Jerry, Jill Phillips, Al and Marti Montero, Edna and Llew Howell, John, Wilmer, Coleman, Meta, Tad, Kathey, Ragan, and Kendall, The Candace Jake Offier [?], Promise [?], Willa and Ray

  • Folder: 29, Hartwell, Rick (RE: Short Story Catalog), 1980
  • Folder: 30, Hudson Family, 1980

    Eileen and John Hudson

  • Folder: 31, RE: Interviews, Artists, Comments, 1980

    The Atlanta Constitution [Robert Lamb], Barbara H. Weinstein & Associates [Barbara H. Weinstein], The Book of Predictions [Kristine Johnson, Associate Editor], Steve Chapple, Yoshio Takahashi, Delacorte Press [Susan Flato], Fort Lauderdale News [Ann Frank], Joseph Hayes, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill [Ronald W. Hoag and Elizabeth Pell Broadwell], House of Humour and Satire [Stefan Furtounov and Todor Dinov], The Lyricist [Mab Segrest], The Royal Orleans [Ronald Pincus, Vice President and General Manger], Mark Morrow, Jill M. Phillips, Red and Black [Denise Nealey], Soviet Literature [Savva Dangulov], St. James [James Vinson], The Student [Paula A. Dale], University of Southern Mississppi [Jac Tharpe], The University of Mississippi Center for the Study of Souther Culture [William Ferris, Director]

  • Folder: 32, Klevar, Harvey (RE: Biography), 1980

    Harvey Klevar, Scott MacDonald, Mark Saha, Marjorie Currey, Robert Penn Warren, Erskine College [(Miss Lucky Anne McCluer, Registrar]

  • Folder: 33, Kling Family, 1980

    Joan Kling, Melanie Kling, Matt Kling

  • Folder: 34, Letters: Fan A-H, 1980

    Robert F. Allen, Jr., American Academy and Institue of Arts and Letters [Casindania P. Eaton, Librarian], Owens-Illinois [Don Amos], Parker Anderson, Antic Hay Books (Don D. Stine), Jean-Marc Bakkaert, Mrs. Marjorie E. Battis, Ruth L. Bauer [?], (Miss) M. Bean, Jeffery Benziger, Cindi Jones, Art Cuelho, Douglas Boccardo, Joao Borges Sa, Newton G. Brand, Jr., Ethel and Carl Breihon [?], Mr. and Mrs. Jim Britton, Bill Brumbaugh, Virginia Buck, Terrence Burke, Torbtorn Carlson, Harry D. Cooper, Dr. L Robey Crowe, Edgar Daniels, Gerald Dawe, Matt Davis, Marcie Dodson-Yarnell, Richard Dokey, John Derman, Raymond J. Doyle, Jr., Garth Duncan, Mr. Ron Fischer, James Flowers, Barry Fortson, Jerry Frasier, Bill Fritsch, Frederick Fussell, Selwyn C. Gamble, gemeenelijke openbare bbliotheek heemstede [Hans Krol (director), Mrs. Levere [?] Goldberg, Elliott H. Grabine, Harley J. Hammerman, MD., Mr. Flemming Hedborg, Flemming Hedborg, Brian Herzog, The Home and School Association of the Southbury Training School [Lucie A. Richards (Chairman)], Bob Hemminger

  • Folder: 35, Letters: Fan I-Z, 1980

    E. M. Iddings, Ronnie Jandt, Jewish Community Centers of South Florida [Mrs. Laurel Shapiro], Svante Karstrom, William Keeler [?], J. Morgan Kellum M. D., Steven Keyser, Svetoslav Kolev, Joe Kraus, David O. Lawrence, Joe Layton, Larry Lustgarten, Tom Manan, Larry Marshall, Nora Winston, James Merola, Vassar Miller and Helen Williams, Mike Minor, Steve Mitchell, Dan Montemarano, Robert Moore, Mr. Jan Mostowski, North Shore Jewish Center [Harriet Messer], Naftali Nottman, Jane O'Connell, Nancy Orr, William Paddison, Pawtucket Public Library [Lawrence A. Eaton, Director], William M. Perry, Frank D. Phillips, Christian Pickler, Lindsey Pitt, Michael Reiter, M. F. Roberts, Rev. Wayne Robinette, Martine Rubin, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital [Sandy Lawrence], Saxton B. Little Free Librar Inc. [Friends of the Saxton B. Little Library], Hans Gunther Schulz, Ed Sexton, Cheri Shaffer, Alvin Shaw, Bill Silverwood, Tom Solecki, Antic Hay Books [D.D. Stine], Roger Strout, W. J. Taylor, Kerri Verdeck, Ken Vincent, Steven Vimig [?], Max Wilk, Henry Williams, Dennis Wood, Luchezer [?] Yelenkov

  • Folder: 36, Lewis, Ed & Sylvia, 1980
  • Folder: 37, MacDonald, Scott, 1980
  • Folder: 38, Mayo Clinic, 1980

    Mayo Clinic [Robert S. Fontana, M. D., David R. Sanderson, M. D., David E. Williams, M.D., Miss Julie Kohlmeyer, The Kahler Hotel [the manager]

  • Folder: 39, RE: Medical Information, 1980

    William B. Parsons, Jr., MD., Philip D. Windrow, M.D.

  • Folder: 40, RE: Personal Notes, 1980

    The Jamison Galleries [Zeb B. Conley, Jr., Director], Sotheby Parke Bernet, Inc. [Lissa Nickerson], Betty Peterson, Knitcraft Corporation [Nancy Aldinger], Ray Manley's Indian Lands, Cummings Studio Candies, Vergie Behrens, The Arizona Republic [John Doherty: Editorial Research], Kenneth Q. Berger, Wong Associates, Joe and Lili Wong, Bachman's, Joe Hayes, Rokie Bernstein, Shea P. Haddell, Henry Mozesson, Zeb B. Conley, Jr., Pat Gandara, Jean Pierre Turbergue, Ann Simmons, Nicholas Pottar, Martha Rounds Slimnastics, Los Llanos Bookstore, Ed's Sparkling Windows [Ed Montoya], United Airlines [Jim Ashby], Tiovivo [Dave & Kathy Mapes], Mae Edward, Scottsdale Typewriter Co. [Bob and Grace], Betty Peterson, Dr. Stuart Litvak, Mrs. Phillip Barer, Feldukrais [?], The Stone Cutters

  • Folder: 41, Publishers: Foreign, 1980

    Casa Editrice Valentino Bompiani & C. [Accounting Dept.], Germaine Duhamel, Ceaua [?] Gallivan [?], Hisao Aoki, House of Humour and Satire [Stefan Furtounov], Michael Joseph Royalty Statement [Michael Joseph], Fujisato Kitajima, Kazimierz Piotrowski, Ljerluz [?] Radovic, Milan, Soviet Literature [Savva Dangulov], J. P. Tubergue [?], Tuttle Antiquiarian Books, Inc. [Charles E. Tuttle], Ken

  • Folder: 42, Publishers: U.S., 1980

    The Beehive Press [Mills Lane IV], The Franklin Library [Diane Shapiro and Peter L. Wilkie, Series Editor], Little, Brown and Company [Carol C. Hennessey, Royalty Department and Cynthia Reed, Coordinator Trade Permissions], Ms. Susan Peterson, NAL Times Mirror [Susan Peterson, Director Subsidiary Rights], The New American Library, Inc., The University of Georgia Press [Selena Gardner, Marketing and Ralph H. Stephens, Director and Paul Zimmer, Director and Robert Buffington, General Editor and Jean Sue Johnson and Joanne Whitfield, Editorial Assistant]

  • Folder: 43, Rowan, Adriana, 1980
  • Folder: 44, Saha, Mark, 1980
  • Folder: 45, Schwartz, Ed & Mae, 1980
  • Folder: 46, Silverberg, Charles I, 1980

    Tony Ludwig, Silverberg, Rosen, Lon and BEHR Attorneys at Law [Charles D. Silverberg and Judith l. Mazzarella, Secretary to David D. West], Fine and Stieglitz Attorneys at Law [Nathan Stieglitz], Colton, Weissberg, Hartnick & Yamin, Counselors at Law [Edward E. Colton], Fine and Stieglitz Attorneys at Law [Nathan Stieglitz], The People of the State of New York [Robert M. Reasson [?]], Colton, Weissberg, Hartnick & Yamin, Counsellors at Law [Edward E. Colton]

  • Folder: 47, Silverberg, Charles II, 1980

    The Law Firm of Silverberg, Rosen, Leon & Behr [Steven Katz, Susan J. Helms, Nina B. Zolt, Penelope Glass, Richard E. Robinson, Richard S. Ross], Harry Essex, Creative Artists Agency, Inc. [Tony Ludwig], Fine and Stieglitz [Nathan Stieglitz], Tony Ludwig, Phil Yordan

  • Folder: 48, Student Theses & Deports, 1980

    Michel Bandry, Katherine Caldwell, Donald D. Celender, Ph.D., Robert E. Snyder, Dorothy A. Stracher, Beverly Thompson, Elizabeth Walker, Pat Walter

  • Folder: 49, Re: Travel, 1980

    Inn of the Governors, American Express Travel Service, Little America, Alamos Resort Hotel, The Registry Resort, The Inn at McCormick Ranch, Carefree Inn & Resort, Shuttle Jack, Little America, American Airlines, Sarasota-Longboat Key Holiday Inn & Holidome, Washington State Ferries, Purchase Privilege Program, Radisson Scottsdale, Westwood Marquis

  • Folder: 50, University of Georgia, 1980

    Richard Barksdale Harwell, Robert (Skat) M. Willingham, Julius P. Barclay, Julius Weiss

  • Folder: 51, Weiss, Rosenthal & Schwartzman, 1980

    Julius Weiss

  • Folder: 52, A-D, 1981

    June Allen, American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters [Margaret M. Mills, Executive Director], American Book Awards, Arizona State Library Association [Jerrye G. Champion, President, Public Libraries Division], Valentino Bompiani, Dimitar Botschew, Elena Bradvarova, John C. Bruno, Vivian, Jeanne Bumpas, Jeanne Chapin, Cyril Clemens, Mrs. Malcolm Cowley, Fran Crumley, Donald Dwight Davis, Souhwest Plastic Surgeons [John N. Simons, M.D.], Connie Dumas, Jan and Charlie, International Creative Management [Bridget Aschenberg], Sal M. Buttaci, Victor Dalmas, C. Brown, Jr., Verto [?] Caen, Donald Dwight Davis

  • Folder: 53, E-H, 1981

    Dot [?} and John Emmett, Ellen Ermshar, Emory University [David E. Estes, Head, Special Collections], Mrs. Lester Fedick, Riscoe & Elizabeth Fawcett, Elizabeth Fawcett, Bettie Golden, Johnie Sue Silvertooth and Owen Golden, Jr. Ralph Golden, James G. Groendyk, Ernie Harwell, Tarijane [?] Hayes, Krassin Himmirsky, Edna and Drew [?] Howell, Sally and Huffy [?] Huffman, Edward E. Lewis, John Fincher, Karl Malden

  • Folder: 54, I-P, 1981

    Edward E. Lewis, Reverend Elton Jones, Sylvia Lewis, Northwestern state College of Louisana [Joe Johnson], Ambassador Lhulev, Pic & B. Gay Littell, Forrest MacMullen, Peter and Susan Buckley, Utica College of Syracuse University [Scott McDonald], Ray and Willa Mcluer, Barbara Pyne, Dan Montemarano, The Nation Institute [Ann Marie Cunningham, Project Director, American Writers Congress], Dave Stillion, The President, The Press Club of San Francisco, Jody and Cary, Zofia Bystryzycha, Betty Pustarfi, Joanne, Naftali Nottman, M.D., Nicholas Potter, Ade Kahn, Mrs. Walter C. Moffett, Marc Chagall, Art Long, Embassy of the People's Republic of Bulgaria [Krassin Himmirsky], Camille Marley, Christian Pichler Schuler, Fuji Kitajima

  • Folder: 55, R-Z, 1981

    Edward P. Shwartz, Jimmy Sheldon, Charles Silverberg, Charles Sinks and Mary Beth, Jody Sparks, Lyubomir Levchev, Western Humor and irony Membership [Don L. F. Nilsen, Chair], Skeet Willingham, Mr. Josef Hen, Elsa & Alexander Yankova, The Scorpio Press, The Ambassador of Yugoslavia [Budimir Loncar], Renee, Ken and Kimberly Ott, Elizabeth Welker, Jac Tharpe, O'Meara Gallery, Ltd., [Jean M. Williams, Director], Haddel, University of the Pacific [Ted], Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Emmett, Gwen, Val Webb, Mrs. Patrick W. Robinson, Phyllis Stambaugh, Shea Waddell, Salley, Elaine Steinbeck, Jody Sparks, Renee Wesighan

  • Folder: 56, RE: Academic Theses, 1981

    Edwin T. Arnold, James East, Anne Edwards, Nick Evangelista, B. von Haller Gilmer, Vicki Goldberg, Joe A. Johnson, Vasilya Rahimova, Ben Townsend

  • Folder: 57, Agents: Foreign, 1981

    Linder Ag [Paul Fritz], Agenzia Letteraria Internazionale [Erich Linder]

  • Folder: 58, Agents-United States, 1981

    James Brown Associates, Inc. [James Oliver Brown], Curtis Brown Associates, Ltd. [James Oliver Brown, President], Curtin Brown, Ltd. [Maureen Walters], Dartmouth College [Edward Connery Lathem, Woodward Fellow], McIntosh and Otis, Inc. [Patricia S. Myrer], Mrs. Otis Kiser, Edward Lanthem, Silverberg, Rosen, Leon & Behr [Charles D. Silverberg], Clause [?] Horton, McIntosh and Otis, Inc. [Frances Perle], Dodd Mead & Company [Frances La Salle, Secretary], McIntosh and Otis, Inc. [Julie Fallowfield], McIntosh and Otis, Inc. [ Gary L. Baim and Mark Saha], McIntosh and Otis, Inc. [Julie Fallowfield], Laurence Pollinger Limited [Yvonne]

  • Folder: 59, Caldwell, Janet, 1981
  • Folder: 60, Caldwell, Jay, 1981

Box: 19, Dates: 1981-1982


Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Caldwell, Pix (& Dorothy), 1981
  • Folder: 2, Dartmouth College, 1981

    Edward Connery Lathem, Dartmouth College Library (Stanley W. Brown)

  • Folder: 3, Re: Erskine & Virginia Anniversary, 1981
  • Folder: 4, Re: Erskine's Birthday, 1981
  • Folder: 5, Re: Greeting Cards, 1981
  • Folder: 6, Hartwell, Richard, 1981
  • Folder: 7, RE: Interviews, Articles, Comments, 1981

    Atlanta Constitution [Robert Lamb], Michael Bandry, Do-It-Yourself Bestseller [Jerry Biederman], Duquesne University [Patricia French], Jerry Hunter Free-Lance Writer [Jerry Hunter], Lne Star Review [Wiliam McDonald], The Lyricist Department of English Campbell University [advisor to The Lyricist magazine, name illegible], MacMullen, Mark Morrow, Univesity of Charleston [William Plumley], Charles Sinks, William Morrow & Company Publishers [Lawrence Hughes], University of Missouri-Rolla [Douglas Wixson]

  • Folder: 8, Japanese Erskine Caldwell Literary Society, 1981

    Names of representatives of the Japan E. Caldwel literary society, Hisao Aoki, Fujisato Kitajima, Shoji Sagara, Charles E. Tuttle Co. [Tom Mori]

  • Folder: 9, Klevar, Harvey, 1981

    Joyce Carol Oates

  • Folder: 10, Kling Family, 1981

    Brian Kling, Joan Kling

  • Folder: 11, LaPautre, Michelle, 1981
  • Folder: 12, Letters: Fan, 1981

    Jean Marie Allauze, Bernard Aubin, Mark A. Baker, Muriel Bean, Tom Bentley, Laura Blauer, Nick Boggs, Michael Bonine, Ethel & Carl W. Breihan, Norman Bruce Caldwell, Mary C. Bryan, Kim Crawford, Norman Daniels, Matt Davis, Kenny Deas, Senior Patrol Leader, George M. Dudley, David Duncan, Nick Evangelista, Lonnie E. Evans, Robert A. Flynn, Tom & Kerri Fox, Jerry Frasier, Professor Joseph Goldberg, Mildred Gump, Kerri Harris, Ron Hendricks, Lita Hornick, Arnold Ivener, Kouichi Kirihata, Ulrich Kolvenbach, Marston C. Leonard, Professor of History, Tracy Lewis, Kay Lopez, Jennifer Marley, Larry Marshall, David Martin, James Merola, Ruth Miles, Brenda Kaiser, Dan Montemarano, Vearl Moody, Newnan-Coweta Historical Society, Inc. [Herb Bridges], Naftali Nottman, Paul B. Ott, Stefan Petersson [?], The University of Charleston [William Plumley, PH.D., President Emeritus, Mountain State Press], Bill Rowe, University of California, Los Angeles [Greg Ross], Shoji Sagara, Kurt Schimmelpfennig, Patty Searle, John Sexton, Alan J. Singler, Herbert Slojewski, Sanford J. Smoller, Susan Strassburger, Dave Sunde, Alan R. Swearingen, Herbert Thompson, Roge Thornton, Herbert [?] Trenzel [?], Pat Wagner, Jim Cendras [?], Morgyn John Williams, Buzz Wilson, Mel Yoken

  • Folder: 13, Mayo Clinic, 1981

    Mayo Lung Project [R. S. Fontana, M.D., D. R. Sanderson, M.D., D. E. Williams, M.D.], Richard E. Weeks, M. D., The Kahler Hotel [Kevin Molloy, Manager]

  • Folder: 14, Memberships, 1981

    The Authors Guild, Inc., The Dramatists Guild, TWA Ambassadors Club, Pen American Center, Introductory Card to United Airlines, First Interstate Bancard, The Ruff Times, First National Bank of Arizona

  • Folder: 15, Pollinger, Laurence (Limited), 1981

    Yvonne, Rosemary Gold, Gerald Pollinger, D. E. de Silva

  • Folder: 16, Publishers: Foreign & U.S., 1981

    Theatrical and Literary Agency, McIntosh & Otis, Ed Butler, Kazimierz Piotrowski, Ljerka Radovic

  • Folder: 17, Rowan, Adriana, 1981
  • Folder: 18, Rowan, Adriana, 1981
  • Folder: 19, Saha, Mark, 1981
  • Folder: 20, Silverberg, Charles, 1981
  • Folder: 21, Theater/Screen/ TV, 1981

    The Zanuck Brown Company [David Brown], Ken Ott, Paramuse Artists [Patricia Fearl, Ass't to Shirle Bernstein], Mark Saha, Charles R. Van Nostrand, Samuel French, Inc. [Samuel French], Samuel French, Inc. [Ronald Rainier], Charles R. Van Nostrand, David O. Thomas, Phil Jordan, Gary Baim, Richard E. Marks

  • Folder: 22, Re: Travel: 1981, 1981

    American Express Travel Service

  • Folder: 23, University of Georgia, 1981

    University of Georgia Libraries [Robert M. Willingham, Jr., Acting Assistant Director for Special Collections]

  • Folder: 24, University of Virginia, 1981

    University of Virginia Library [Julius P. Barclay, Curator of Rare Books, Harold E. Graves, Edmund Berkeley, Jr., Curator of Manuscripts, Ray W. Frantz, Jr., University Librarian], Waller and Cornelia Barret, The Associates of the University of Virginia Library

  • Folder: 25, Julius Weiss, 1981

    Spengle Carlson Gubar Brodsky & Rosenthal [Julius Weiss]

  • Folder: 26, A-E, 1982

    Academy-Institute, Hisao Aoki, Arizona State University Centennial Commission [J. Russel Nelson, President], Arizona Authors' Association [Irene Laune, Executive Secretary], Govenor Babbit, Waller and Cornelia Barrett, Hunter Bell, Ethel and Carl Buihan, Jim Breyley, Jeanne and Don Chapin, Cyril Clemens, William Y., Bartlett H., Robert L., and Edward A. Cooper, Malcolm Cowley, Fran Crumley, Fran Dole, Victor Dalmas, Mrs. Donald Dwight Davis, De La Favas [?], Don Derbyshire, Dough and Karin Deming, Roy P. Drachman, Jeremiah Williamson, John Emmett, Kurt Enoch, The Erotic Art Book Society, David E. Estes, Lonnie Evans, Larry Day, Hayes Caldwell, M. D., Mrs. Peter Blume, Miyoko Aomi [?], Bill and Stephanie Dickerson, Barbara, Louise Ellen D., Curtis Brown Associates, LTD. [James Oliver Brown, President], Fran Dole, Nikky Dumas

  • Folder: 27, F-H, 1982

    Roscoe and Elizabeth Fawcett, Mrs. Roscoe K. Fawcett, Audre and Jack, Kenneth Fulton, Owen and Bettie Golden, William Goldhurst, Lulu and Ernie Harwell, Rick Harwell, Marrijane Hayes, George and Bess Henhoffer, Krassin Himmirsky, Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden [Carol Parsons, Public Information Specialist], Mrs. Llewelyn P. Howell, Sally Huffman, Marianne Hughes, Shea P. Haddell, Margaret M. Gannon

  • Folder: 28, I-S, 1982

    Embassy of People's Republic of Bulgaria [E. Kirilov], Fuji Kitajima, Mias Lane, Mrs. Edward Connery Lathem, Sylvia Lewis, Lillian and Walt, Art and Ruth Long, Reed and Phyllis Mack, Heather MacMuller, Bananza Seniors, Dick Maner, Marilyn, Utica College of Syracuse University [Scott McDonald], Ray McIver, Fred A. Sowder, Mort Persky, Arizona State University [J. Russel Nelson, President], Kiyako & Masami Nishikawa, The Nordic Shops, North Carolina State University at Raleigh [Wendy Cayne Moses, Photo Copy Service, D.H. Hill Library, North Carolina State University], Overseas Press Club of America, Inc. [S. Goryachim Privetom], PEN American Center [Karen Kennerly, Executive Director], Gary Lee Puckett, Jose Rafael Tafur Palomares, Mrs. Roy O. Scholz, Edward P. Schwartz, John Shippe, Sonja and Bill Smith, Sanford V. Smollen, J. Sparks, Mrs. Roland Sunblad, Ed and Kelley Swineford, Kenneth Ott, Michelle LaPautre, Raphael Soyer, Alice McKenzie, Naftali Nottman, M.D., N. Nottman, M. D., Kazimierz Piotrowski, Kelley, Roy and Ben, Jan Mostowski, The University of Charleston [William Plumley, PhD.], Jillian and Walt, Jerri Stone, Joan M. Kling, Joann Johnson, Stella Salisbury, Billie Jo, Deborah Tomlinson

  • Folder: 29, T-Z, 1982

    Deborah Tomlinson, The Town of Paradise Valley, In the Magistrate Court of the Town of Paradise Valley [Lucille Mezzatesta, Court Clerk], Union of Bulgarian Writers [President of the Bulgarian Writers' Union], Union Plaza Hotel and Casino [R. O. Cannon], The University of Virginia Club of Phoenix [Jack Wilson], Charles R. Van Nostrand, The University of Tokyo [Toshio Watanabe], Masako and Frank Watanabe, Dick Wilbur, Mrs. Robert T. Woodbury, Lonnie Wren, Corrie K. Wren, Virginia Whitney, Saguaro Match Cover Club [Helen Ward, Secretary]

  • Folder: 30, Agents & Publishers: Foreign, 1982

    Yugoslav Authors' Agency, Michel Bandry, Hisao Aoki, B Wahlstroms Bokforlag AB [Bo Wahlstrom], Bompiani, Inostranaya Literatura [Nicolai Fedorenko, Chief Editor], Ilido de Fonseca Matos [Seidio Malm], Fuji Kitajima, Jacqueline Romana, Michelle LaPautre, The Valley National Bank of Arizona [Donald E. Ruff, Vice President], Gruppo Editoriale Fabbri-Bompiani, Sonzogno, Etas S.P.A. [Accounting Department], Agenzia Letteraria Internazionale [Erich Linder], Tuttle-Mori Agency, Inc. [Tom Mori], Wanda and Kasey Piotrowski, Laurence Pollinger Limited [Gerald Pollinger and Anne Garwood, Rights Manager], Ljerka Radovic, Lile Radovic, Charles E. Tuttle Co., Inc., Yohan Western Publications Distribution Agency [Masahiro Frank Watanabe],

  • Folder: 31, Agents: U.S., 1982

    Curtis Brown, Ltd. [Maureen Walters and James Oliver Brown, President], American Audio Prose Library [Kay Bonetti, Project Director], Vearl Moody, Gary Lee Puckett, Ray McIver, McIntosh and Otis, Inc. [Julie Fallowfield], Hallie Burnett, Dodd, Mead & Company, Inc. [Jonathan Dodd], McIntosh and Otis, Inc. [Patricia Myrer]

  • Folder: 32, Agents/Publishers - United States, 1982

    The Do-It-Yourself Bestseller [Tom Silberkleit and Jerry Biederman], The Georgia Review [Stanley W. Linderg and Charlotte W. Mealor, Business Manager], Little Brown and Company [Arthur H. Thornhill, Jr. and John M. C. Maclaurin and George A. Hall], Angela Rinaldi, Executive Producer, Angela Misciagna, NAL Times Mirror [Gregory Mowery and Angela Rinaldi, Executive Editor and William Grose], Palaemon Press Limited [Stuart Wright]

  • Folder: 33, Caldwell, Dabney, 1982
  • Folder: 34, Caldwell, Pix, 1982
  • Folder: 35, Caldwell, Janet, 1982
  • Folder: 36, Caldwell, Jay, 1982
  • Folder: 37, RE: Christmas Cards, 1982

    Jan and Charlie, Ann Dunn, Aunt Stella, Lindley and Dee, Billie Jo and Rob, Edward Connery Lathem and Elizabeth French Lathem, Susan and Doug Wartzok, Marilyn and everyone at the Wilhelm Schole, Svetoslav Kolev, Elena, Mandy and Wes, John Ship and Betty Linda Robyn, Mary Rower, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Holland, Ron Hoag, William Douglas Bentley, Wilmer Douglas Bentley, Ginna and William Maner, Ednas and Llew Howell, Aunt Laurie, Bill, Danne, Susannah, Kathleen, and Clarissa Harwell, E. T. J., Libby Broadwell, Joan, Dick, and family, Kelly and Ed, Julius Weiss, Wild Betty, Don and Eleanor Joley, John, Dana, and Jennifer Hudson

  • Folder: 38, Cards: Membership & Credit, 1982

    Western Savings, The Dramatists Guild, Nautilus Fitness Center, The Author's Guild, Inc., Ramada Hotel Casino

  • Folder: 39, Dartmouth College, 1982

    Dean of Libraries and Librarian of the College Emertius [Edward Connery Lathem, Woodward Fellow], Nancy K. Nakano, Secretary to Mr. Lathem, Stanley W. Brown, Chief of Special Collections

  • Folder: 40, RE: Erskine's Birthday, 1982

    Nancy Engebretson, Mary-Jean and Ed Butler, Lillian and Walt, Jan and Charlie Van Nostrand, Jo and Bob Barry, Ray McIver, Reed and Phyllis Mack, Promise Moffett, Elizabeth Fawcett, Harv Klevar, Sally Huffman, Rick Harwell, The Klings, Mark Saha, The Fletchers, Hisao Aoki

  • Folder: 41, Erskine Caldwell Day (Phoenix), 1982

    Hayes Caldwell, M.D., Vivian Case, Valley National Bank of Arizona, Valerie Derry, Hanna-Kirsti Koch Liteary Agency [Eilif Koch], NAL Times Mirror [Angela Misciagna, Administrative Assistant, Publicity Department], Dodd, Mead & Company, Inc. [Allen Klots], Mrs. Robert Ormond Case, KAET Channel 8, Arizona State University [David M. DeBarger, Exectuvie Producer], Phoenix Home/Garden [Maire Simington], Barbara Yost

  • Folder: 42, Erskine Caldwell Society, 1982

    Mrs. Bob Huffman, The Phoenix Gazette, Jo Ann Johnson, Public Information Officer, Hisao Aoki, Peggy Smith

  • Folder: 43, RE: Interviews, Articles, & Comments , 1982

    Appalachian State university [Edwin T. Arnold], The Atlanta Constitution [Robert Lamb], Atlanta Historical Society [Mrs. Ann Woodall, Editor], Mark Baker, Michel Bandry, Irv Broughton, Jonathan Close, Savva Dangulov, Richard Dokey, Elite [Ellie Schultz, Publisher/Editor], Nikolai Federenko, C. Fleming, Inostrannaya Literature [Nikolai Fedorenko, Editor-in-Chief], Vicki Goldberg, B.C Hall, Ron Hoag, Libby Broadwell, Jerry Hunter, Northeastern Illinois University [Hugh S. Moorhead], University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, [Marcia Pankake], Random House, Inc. [Anne Freedgood], Story Press [Richard Meade, Editor], Southern Quarterly [Jac Tharpe], David John Turner, The University of Charleston [William Plumley, Ph.D.], The Phoenix Gazette [Barbara Yost]

  • Folder: 44, Klevar, Harvey, 1982
  • Folder: 45, Kling Family, 1982

    Brian Kling, Joan Kling, Dick Kling, Elise Kling

  • Folder: 46, Letters: Fan, 1982

    All American Week End [Mr. Kerry Teverbaugh, Vice President/Production], Bogdan Antonescu, Mr. Hector Argente, Gerd Bachmann, Neil Benton, Roger Bertoia, Annie Gachon, Renee, Klaus J. Birkner, Klaus J. Birkner, Caren Buichon [?], Jim Britton, William Butts, Stephen Cawley, Larry Crabtree, Russ Ludvig [?], Art Cuehlo, Al Cutler, Richard Duncan, Betty Dupps, Andrew M. Eschen, Lonnie Evans, J. J. Fleeg, Adrian Faigin, Jerry Frasier, Guy Frazer, Mr. Selwyn C. Gamble, Arnold Gates, R. L. Genoni, Bob Gerber, Jospeh Goldberg, Markku Haapala, L. C. Harpe, O.D., Fred W. Heedt, Bob Hemminger, Joe T. Holloway, Mrs. William T. Howard, James C. Thomson, John Jensen, Jewish Community Centers of South Florida [Mrs. Laurel Shapiro, President, Y-Women], Gene F. Johnson, Alice Jones, Annelie Kagey, Alvin Carl Kentz, Harold Laflamme, Billy Lester, Tina Maneval, Larry Marshall, Chuck McKeen, Martin McPherson, Len Mikulich, Miss Ruth Miles, Alyssa Miller, Robert Moore, Dan Montemarano, Stephen Monteiro, Jan Mowstowski, A. Delone Muse, Jr., M.D., Naftali Nottman, M. D., Mark S. Orr, Miguel M. Palos, Norma Phipps, Roland Pieraccini, David J. Ramirez, Horst Rauch, Ray J. Reed, Danny Rentz, Michael Reiter, Dorothea M. Rolls, William C. Rorick, Ed Sailers, Robert Searle, Irene A. Starr, Larry Sterling, John Summers, Barbara Feel, Mrs. Linda Ryan Ellis, Deborah Vomlinson, Peter Vogel, Pat Wagner, The Henry Mellish parent Staff Association, Arthur Winter, Gerald D. Wilson, Jake Withers, Jake Withers, Paul N. Wright

  • Folder: 47, Letters: Negative, 1982

    Jodalek Momboboree

  • Folder: 48, Medical Information, 1982

    B Isaak, Mrs. Nancy Putnam, William H. Reick, M.D., R.S. Fontana, M.D., D. R. Sanderson, M.D., D. E. Williams, M.D., Empire State Ambulance Service, Inc. [Archie L. Gresham, General Manager], William B. Parsons Jr., M.D.

  • Folder: 49, Rowan, Adriana I, 1982
  • Folder: 50, Rowan, Adriana II, 1982
  • Folder: 51, Rowan, Adriana (Van Ball & Gooygn) III, 1982
  • Folder: 52, Saha, Mark, 1982
  • Folder: 53, Spengler, Carlson, Gobar, Brodsky & Rosenthal, 1982

    Jennings, Strouss, & Salmon [Richard L. Lassen], The Law firm of Silverberg, Rose, Leon & Behr [Susan J. Helms, Steven G. Wolff, and Douglas P. Snyder], Julius Weiss, Carla J. Tiller

  • Folder: 54, RE: Travel-Information, 1982

    Tokugawa family, Hisao Aoki, Domo Arigato Gozaimasu, Masako Watanabe, Sinuka, Hisao Aoki, Miyoko Aomi, Yoshi Inoue, Kenkyusha Limited Publishers [Kazuo Ueda, Editorial Director], Fujisato Kitajima, Tom Mori, Masami Nishikawa, Shoji Sagara, Shoji Sagara, Mr. Akira Saotome, Mr. Akira Saotome, Charles E. Tuttle Co., Inc. [Charles Tuttle], Yohan Western Publications Distribution Agency [Mashario Frank Watanabe], American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters [Margaret M. Mills, Executive Director and John Updike, Secretary of the Academy], Ms. Goldberg, Vicki Goldberg, Lindley Stuart Hanson, Patricia Myrer, University of Minnesota [Austin J. McLean, Curator, Special Collections & Rare Books], The Playwright's Lab [Christopher D. Kirkland, Artistic Director], Nancy Whitlock, Kevin Molloy, The Kahler Hotel [Kevin Molloy]

Box: 20, Dates: 1982-1984


Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, RE: TV, Theater, Film Projects, 1982

    Jack Carroll, Richmond Crinkley, Mark Saha, Gary L. Baim, Samuel French, Inc. [Ronald Rainier, Auditing Department], University of Georgia, Department of Drama [Charles Eidsvik], Ziggler, Diskant, Inc. [Richard E. Marks]

  • Folder: 2, University of Georgia, 1982

    Robert M. Willingham, Jr., Acting Assistant Director for Special Collections, Skeet, Robert M. Willingham, Jr., Acting Assistant Director for Special Collections, Mary Ellen Brooks, Rare Books Bibliographer

  • Folder: 3, University of Virginia, 1982

    University of Virginia Library [Julius P. Barclay, Curator of Rare Books]

  • Folder: 4, A-D, 1983

    Agenzia Letteraria Internazionale [Luigi Bernabo], Wes, Mandy, Tally and Arthur, Riccardo Catola, American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters [Margaret M. Mills], Arizona State University [Jules Heller, Director, ASU Cenetennial Commission, Artistic Arborist, Inc., Jakob Assgeirsson, The Belli Family, Betty, Lynda Belle Black, Florida National Bank [David E. Black, President], Stephanie Boldt, Monsieur et Madame Max Serruys, Van Allen Bradley, John C. Bruno, Mary Jane and Ed Butler, Renee, Hayes Caldwell, Vivian Case, Clarence Kennedy Gallery [Sherry Lassiter, Director, Barry Savenor, Curator], Malcom Cowley, Donald Dwight Davis, Harriet and Dan Davis, M.D. Desser, Billie Jo Donovan, Roy P. Drachman, Germaine Duhamel, Ellen Huisman, Connie Dumas, David D. Dulaney, M. D.

  • Folder: 5, E-H, 1983

    Jim Eckman, Ralph Ellison (photocopy), Dot and Johnson Emmet, Peggy Smith and Bob Huffman, Roscoe and Elizabeth Fawcett, The Fletchers, Kenneth Fulton, W. Bill Goldhurst, Peter M. Grant, Jr., Clark Kimball, the Harwells, Joe Hayes, Marijane Hayes, Rob and Billie Joe, the Hemingways, Arnold Herstand, President, Edna Howell, Bob and Sally Huffman, Vicki Goldberg, Colleen Fleming

  • Folder: 6, I-N, 1983

    The Jardiniere, Betty and Ormond Jones, Joseph the Provider [Ralph B. Sipper], KAET8 Phoenix [David M. DeBarger, Executive Producer], Carla [?] Kimball, Fuji Kitajima, Bob Lamb, Ken Latsch, Mel and Donna Lavine, Lillian and Walt, Anna Martgrove, Kris McGary, Ray Mcluer, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities [Austin J.McLean, Special Collections], Alice-Leone Moats, Society for the Multiply Handicapped of Tasmania Incorporated [Jan Blizzard, Fundraising Officer], Southern Methodist University [Jack Myers], The Betsy Nolan Group, Fuji Kitajima, Kiyoko, Wallace W. Littell, Em McElderry, June Kluge

  • Folder: 7, O-Z, 1983

    Stephen V. O'Meara, Mort Persky and Derick J. Daniels, University of Charleston [William Plumley], Congress of the United States House of Representatives [Eldon Rudd, Member of Congress], Peggy and Jack Rutledge, William S. Rutti, M. D., LTD., Barbra Bride, Salishan Lodge [Mary Arnstad, Assistant Manager], Ralph Sears, Roy O. Scholz, M. D., Edward Sigmund, Edward Schwartz, Max Shapiro, Inc., Bob and Maire Simington, Treedom [Charles Sinks], William Jay Smith, Susan and Doug, The Univeresity of Virginia Club of Phoenix [Jack Wilson, President], University of Virginia [Jean L. Rayburn, Dean of Admissions], Charlie Leavell, Jan Van Nostrand, Shea Waddell, Rory Wagner, Masahiro and Masako Watanabe, Roy and Ben Watson, Who's Who in America [Paul M. Bralower, Research Managing Editor], Corrie Wren, Stuart Wright, Naftali Nottman, M.D., Virginia Hamilton, Martin Tucker, Mrs. W.J. Wren, Caroline F. Schimmel, Vivian Case

  • Folder: 8, Re: Academy of Arts & Letters Nomination, 1983

    Ministre de la Culture [Jack Lang]

  • Folder: 9, Agent/Publishers: Foreign, 1983

    Hatanodai Shinagawa-Ku, Michel Bandry, B Wahlstroms Bokforlag AB [Bo Wahlstrom], Gruppo Editoriale Fabbri Bompiani, Sonzogno, Etas S.P.A. [Reita Chiaramello], Krajowa Agencja Wydawnicza [Dobroslaw Kobielski, Director, Editor-in-Chief], Jacqueline Romana, Michelle LaPautre, Roland Pierraccini, Wanda Pietrowska, Gerald Pollinger, Laurence Pollinger Limited [Yvonne and Denzil de Silva], Ryszard Ciszewski

  • Folder: 10, Agent/Publishers: Theatrical, 1983

    Kenneth Ott, Samuel French, Inc. Charles Van Nostrand, Lazarow, Rettig, Sundel & Jaffe [Albert A. Rettig], Ziegler, Diskant, Inc. [Richard E. Marks], Rene de Chochor, Dodd, Mead, & Company, Inc. [Ellen Krack, Permissions]

  • Folder: 11, Agent/Publishers: US, 1983

    Dodd, Mead, & Company, Inc. [Jonathan Dodd], Tony M., Dutton News [Jean Rawitt], Gale Research Company [Dedria Bryfonski], McIntosh and Otis, Inc. [Patricia Myrer], Gale Research Company [Brenda Marshall, Assistant to Dedria Bryfonski, Office of the Associate Editorial Director], McIntosh and Otis, Inc. [Julie Fallowfield], Tony Myrer, Chuck Perry, Ray McIver, Peachtree Publishers, Ltd. [Chuck Perry, Executive Editor], Patricia S. Myrer, Frances Perle, William R. Grose, Robert Earle Haynie, Open Places [Eleanor M. Bender and Nancy Walker], W. W. Norton & Company

  • Folder: 12, Botein, Hays, Skylan, Herzburg, 1983

    Victor J. Rocco, Irwin M. Rosenthal and Andrew Dave, Julius Weiss

  • Folder: 13, Brown, James Oliver, 1983

    Maxim Lieber, Julius Weiss, Esq.

  • Folder: 14, Caldwell, Pix, 1983
  • Folder: 15, Caldwell, Janet, 1983
  • Folder: 16, Caldwell, Jay, 1983
  • Folder: 17, Carter, Jimmy, 1983
  • Folder: 18, CIA File, 1983

    The University of South Florida [Dr. Robert E. Snyder, Assistant Professor, American Studies], Larry R. Strawderman, Information and Privacy Coordinator, Mr. Alexander Chakovsky, Michail Apletin, Professor Boris S. Nikiforov, Mr. Savva Dangulov, Helen Romanova

  • Folder: 19, Dartmouth College, 1983

    Dartmouth Collee Library [Stanley W. Brown, Chief of Special Collections], James Oliver Brown, Margreta A. Mesics, Assistant to the Director of Admissions, Ed Lathem

  • Folder: 20, Erskine Caldwell Birthday Cards, 1983
  • Folder: 21, Erskine Caldwell Birthday Book I, 1983
  • Folder: 22, Erskine Caldwell Birthday Book II, 1983
  • Folder: 23, Erskine Caldwell Birthday Book III, 1983
  • Folder: 24, Klevar, Biography, 1983
  • Folder: 25, Interviews, Articles, & Comments, 1983

    Christian Wooten Allen, American Audio Prose Library [Kay Bonetti, Project Director], Jakob F. Asgeirsson, Mark Baker, Duncun A. Bruce, Center for the Study of Contemporary Belief [Phillip L. Berman, M.T.S.], Contemporary Americans, Inc. [Ralph Rucci, President], Louis de Martin and Associates [Louis de Martin], Erskine College [Benjamin W. Farley], Kathy Fiorillo, Vicki Goldberg, Jodie Elliott Hansen, Mrs. Jodie Elliott Hansen, Hendricks Publishing [Ronald Fay Hendricks], Ron Hoag and Libby Broadwell, CBS News [Mel Lavine], Anna Martynova, Mark Morrow, Lew Powell, Lakeside Record American [Anne Neville], Harry Redl Photographer [Sherry], The God Letters [Paul Rifkin], St. Martin's Press, Incorporated [Joyce Engelson, Editor-in-Chief], Christian College [Adaline Selvaraj], Louise Shivers, Ben Townsend

  • Folder: 26, Lectures, 1983

    Southern Methodist University [Jack Myers, Associate Professor of English and Lisa Dobey, Chair, Robert W. Oram, Director, Central University Libraries, Doug Bruce, Anne Early, Janet Foote], Southern Oregon State College [Natale A. Sicuro, President and Gary L. Prickett, Dean of Development and College Relations], Texas Tech University [Paul Dixon, Professor and Chairperson, Educational Psychology

  • Folder: 27, Letters: Fan A-I, 1983

    Hector Argente, Travis H. Aldous, American Civil Liberties Union [Pat Waterston, Development Director], Robert F. Allen Jr., Jon Allan, Carl W. Breihan, Bill Van Buskiok, Rose E. Burckhardt, Stanley D. Banash, Carl W. Breihan, Joe Bilovecky, Peter Bollen, Bill Butts, Wyman R. Blacksher, Sr., Helen Bruin, Shirley Barrett, Karsten Bosicke, Wilmer Douglas Bentley, Serena Bonanno, Bobby Caldwell, Karen Chin, Alexandre de Medici, Kathy Dempsey, H. O. Davis, Julia Erin Duncan, Robert E. Fatherley, Janice Falina, Elliot H Fisher, Kenneth Fulton, Sharon W. Fleming, Foundation for Better Mental Healthy [Robert L. Huffman, Director of Development], Tom and Kerri Fox, Brock University, Region Niagra [John Flint], Jerry Frasier, Gary M. Gribble, Martin Gockel, Joe T. Holloway, Margery Himes, Donald Harrell, Mrs. Margaret Havey, Kerri Harris, Daryl Henry

  • Folder: 28, Letters: Fan J-Z, 1983

    Steve Juscik, Alan Jozwiak, Unnur Jorundsdottir, Ray Kester, Joel M. Kulukuku, Eberhard Kienert, Gerard Leman, Hermann Lesch, Hermann Lehnhoff, "Z" Lipsky, Bob Lowe, Alan Jay Lerner, David J. Lister, Honey Ann Lewis, Mr. Jan S. Mostowski, Richard Maxwell, Dan Montemarano, Howard Moliff, Jane Mendoza, Stewart B. Milstein, Alyssa Miller, Ron Posnack, Stephen Monteiro, Gaye McCabe, William Maldoy, Jay McCale, Jane Mendoza, Jeannie Moore, Alyssa Miller, Julia Erin Duncan, Don Nunnally, Naftali Nottman, Northland Public Library [Laura Shelley, Director], David Nottman, William E. Overall, Judith Otto, Dan Pope, Ken Parsons, Hardy Price, Lothar Panhans, Lucille Page, George H. Quinby, Thorsten Regel, Dorothea Rolls, Jack Rudloe, Dennis Schuetz, Saryl Schwartz, Lillian S. Selig, Adaline Selvaraj, Daphne Shambler, Josephine Walker Reel Simpson, Charles Silverston, Mary Powers Sloan, Diane Stevenson, Refika Suna, Sy Sussman, Mike Terry, Peter James Therrien, Deborah Vanlinson, L. N. Varon, Anthony von Schilling, Mrs. Jean M. Warren, Ken Westhassel, Arthur Winter, Hokuse Gakuen College [Yorifumi Yaguchi], Ashland Hills Inn [Hans J. Boldt, General Manager and Bev Beam Administrative Assistant], Allan Adams, Drew Fletcher, Lorraine Peterson, Charles A. Peterson, Patty and Allan Adams, The Friends of the Library [Terrell Barton, President]

  • Folder: 29, Mayo Clinic, 1983
  • Folder: 30, Rowan, Adriana, 1983
  • Folder: 31, Saha, Mark, 1983
  • Folder: 32, Re: Travel: Ashland, Oregon, 1983
  • Folder: 33, Re: Travel: France, 1983

    Journees Mondial de l'Ecrivain [Lionel Chouchan], Michelle LaPautre, Roy and Sally

  • Folder: 34, Re: Travel: New York, NY, 1983

    American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters [Margaret M. Mills, Executive Director and Gunther Schuller, Secretary of the Academy]

  • Folder: 35, Re. Travel General, 1983
  • Folder: 36, University of Virginia, 1983
  • Folder: 37, University of Georgia, 1983
  • Folder: 38, Weiss, Julius, 1983
  • Folder: 39, Wrens High School, 1983

    Kenneth Brown, Sharon Brown, Greg Clement, LoRenzo Daniel, Howard L. DeBalle, Deana Evans, Juanita Gaines, Melissa Gilpen, Gregory Goodson

  • Folder: 40, Wrens High School Gift I, 1983
  • Folder: 41, Wrens High School Gift II, 1983
  • Folder: 42, A-B, 1984

    American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters [Margaret Mills], Arizona Quarterly [Albert F. Gegenheimer], Arizona State University [Rudy H. Turk], Shelley Besmars,Babette, Fred Bonnie, Ethel and Carl W. Breihan, Peter Blume, Rose R. Burckhardt, John C.D. Bruno

  • Folder: 43, C-D, 1984

    Consulate General, Milan, Italy, Malcolm Cowley, Doxsee Food Corp. [Martin L. Buckman], Connie Dumas, Lori Desser, Joanne and Lew Dunn, Robert W. Dano

  • Folder: 44, E-L, 1984

    Dot and John, Bob Hufman, Joseph Hayes, Lulu Harwell, Patricia Lamb, Jennifer Jones, Clarak Kimball, Art Long, Amy Freeman Lee, Richard Eberhart, Harold E. Graves

  • Folder: 45, M-P, 1984

    Janice Muirhgad, Lillian Ostrucker, Ray McIver, Betsy Nolan, Walter T. Ostricker, PEN American Center [Karen Kennerly}, Walter Ostrucker, Gayle Matzen, National Medal for Literature, Barbara Perlman, Kiyoko Niahikawa, K. Phillipova, Richard Morin, The Missouri Review[Bill]

  • Folder: 46, Q-S, 1984

    Isabelle Sallsbury, Raphael Soyer, Roy O. Scholz, Church of Scientology [Pamela Lancaster-Johnson], William Smith, Morris Renek, Jan S. M, Mostowski

  • Folder: 47, T-Z, 1984

    Writer's Digest [Rose Adkins], Corrie Wren, Who's Who, Marylin Wilhelm, University of Minnesota [Marcia Pankake], Marge and Jim Ternes

  • Folder: 48, Agents: Foreign, 1984

    Wanda Piotrowska, Roland Pieraccini, Miyoko Aomi, Lubomir Jurik, Fuji Kitayima, Kalina, K. Clemar, Jacob F. Asgeirsson, Rene, Frieda Lurie, Foreign Commission Soviet Writers, Ray, Peachtree Publishers [Chuck Perry], Stuart Wright Publisher, Svetoslav Kolev

  • Folder: 49, Agents: Theatrical, 1984

    Shirley Bernstein, Charles R. Van Nostrand, The Dramatist Guild [Ronald Sandberg], Arvin Brown, Karl Ott, Joan Wile, James F. Hatcher, Haila Stoddard, Matthew Witten, Edgar Rosenbloom, Patricia Fearl, International Creative Management [Bridget Aschenberg]

  • Folder: 50, American Academy & Institute, 1984

    Margaret M. Mills, Arnold Herstand, Peter de Vries, John Hersey, Rob Selden

  • Folder: 51, American Audio Prose Library, 1984

    Kay Bonetti

  • Folder: 52, Birmingham Southern College, 1984

    Lora T. Terry, Edwin Arnold, Neal R. Bert, Hubert A. Grissom, Fred Bonnie

  • Folder: 53, Brown, James Oliver, 1984
  • Folder: 54, Bulgaria Writer's Conference , 1984

    Lyubomir Levchev, Krassin Himmirsky, Diana M. Richards, Paula A. Ignatov, Lilayana Stephanova, Matti Rinne

  • Folder: 55, Caldwell, Dorothy, 1984
  • Folder: 56, Caldwell, Janet, 1984

Box: 21, Dates: 1984-1985


Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Caldwell, Jay, 1984
  • Folder: 2, Christmas Cards, 1984
  • Folder: 3, Dartmouth College, 1984

    Edward Connery Lathem, Stanley W. Brown, Philip N. Cronenwett, David T. McLaughlin

  • Folder: 4, Birthday Cards for 81st, 1984
  • Folder: 5, Fawcett, Roscoe, 1984
  • Folder: 6, Fletcher, Drew & Sandy, 1984
  • Folder: 7, Gale Research Company, 1984

    Dedria Bryfonski, V.R. Bohm,

  • Folder: 8, Golden, Owen W., 1984
  • Folder: 8, Greeting cards, 1984
  • Folder: 10, Interview/Comments Request, 1984

    Vicky Goldberg, Lynne Olson, Lubos Jurik, Atlanta Journal [ Tom Bennett], Goodlife [Marilyn Staats], Charles Hayes, Hillside Books [Peter Bollen], Stokely Moore, Myron W. House, House of Humor and Satire [Stephan Furtounov}, Maggie Wilson, Goodlife [Gene-Gabriel Moore], John Mort, Phoenix Gazette [Barbsara Yost], Kathy Fiorillo, Dean Stewart, Jean Francois Fogel, Tomlin J. Fields, Mark Morrow, Pineapple Press [June Cussen], Mark Childress

  • Folder: 11, Karsh, Yousef, 1984
  • Folder: 12, Klevar, Harvey, 1984
  • Folder: 13, LaPautre, Michelle, 1984
  • Folder: 14, Lectures, 1984
  • Folder: 15, Fan Letters, 1984
  • Folder: 16, Long Wharf Theater, 1984

    Kathy O'Boyle, Marta Mellinger, Janice Muirhead

  • Folder: 17, McIntosh and Otis, Inc., 1984
  • Folder: 18, Mayo Clinic, 1984
  • Folder: 19, Peachtree Publishers, Ltd., 1984
  • Folder: 20, Pollinger, Laurence, Ltd., 1984
  • Folder: 21, Saha, Mark (Re: EC/MBW Story for Film), 1984
  • Folder: 22, SOSC (Southern Oregon State College) Museum of Art, 1984

    Florence Schneider, Gary L. Prickett, Bob Alston

  • Folder: 23, University of Georgia, 1984

    Robert M. Willingham, Stanley W. Lindberg, Richard B. Harwell

  • Folder: 24, University of Virginia, 1984

    Julius P. Barclay

  • Folder: 25, Wrens Centennial, Inc,, 1984

    Angela Fleming Rogers, Carolyn M. Zeigler, Coleen LaFlavor Fleming, Corrie Wren

  • Folder: 26, A-D, 1985

    Niven Busch, John C.D. Bruno, Biography International, Edward L. Butler, Ethel and Carl Brihan, Olive Dunn, Mrs. Peter Blume, American Airlines, Babette, Angelica Bradley, Jack B. Adams, Germaine Duhamel, Hayes and Margaret Caldwell, Deanna Durbin David, Ruda Dauphin, Brett Karen Desser, Mrs. Malcolm Cowley, Victor Dalmas, Karen Deming, Nancy Dunn, John Evand Burke, Jerzey Bogdanienko

  • Folder: 27, E-P, 1985

    Maide Harper, Suzanne Clark Falk, Lulu Harwell, Edna and Lew, Ernie Harwell, Dot and John, O.B. Emerson, Julie Harwell, Joseph Hayes, Elizabeth Harris, William Goldhurst, Richard B. Harwell, Pic and Helen Littell, Clark Kimball, Mark Morrow, Kristen McGary, Richard Morin, Betty Pustafi, Press Club, Elaine Koster, Ray McIver, PEN American Center, K. Philipova, Jim Eckman

  • Folder: 28, Q-Z, 1985

    Jacqueline Rogers, Alde Ray, James C. Thomson, Frank L. Snell, Margot and Fred Schulz, Corrie Wren, Mitchell Wright, Embassy of the Polish People's Republic, Embassy of the People's Republic of Bulgaria, The Writers Directory, Robert B. Wilhelm, Who's Who in American Journalism, Dick Wilbur, Lucille MacPherson, Ernest L. Sacket

  • Folder: 29, Agents: Theatrical, 1985

    Charles R. Van Nostrand, Ken Ott, Haila Stoddard, Richard Vath, Nancy Kirkland, Shirley Bernstein, Edgar Rosenblum, Janice Muirhead, Peter D. Cook, Douglas Brown Thompson

  • Folder: 30, American Academy & Institute of Arts and Letters, 1985

    Margaret M. Mills, Jean Fremon, Hortense Calisher, Lydia Kaim, Nancy Johnson, Michelle F. Muziko, Gunther Schuller

  • Folder: 31, Arizona Heart Institute, 1985
  • Folder: 32, Brown, James Oliver, 1985
  • Folder: 33, Caldwell, Dabney, 1985
  • Folder: 34, Caldwell, Janet, 1985
  • Folder: 35, Caldwell, Jay, 1985
  • Folder: 36, Caldwell, Pix, 1985
  • Folder: 37, Re. Chicken Curry Caldwell, 1985
  • Folder: 38, Christmas Cards, 1985
  • Folder: 39, Darmouth College, 1985

    Edward Connery Lathem, Stanley W. Brown, Philip N. Cronenwett

  • Folder: 40, Birthday Cards 82nd, 1985
  • Folder: 41, Fawcett, Roscoe and Elizabeth, 1985
  • Folder: 42, Fletcher, Drew & Sandy, 1985
  • Folder: 43, Get Well Soon Cards, 1985
  • Folder: 44, Golden, Owen W., 1985
  • Folder: 45, Hotel Reservations, 1985
  • Folder: 46, Re. Interviews, 1985

    Kay Bonetti, Vicki Goldberg, Jim Walters, Peter Michielsen, Celia Simon-Ross, Mark Morrow, Lynne Olson, Edwin T. Arnold, Joshua Rubenstein, Wayne Radzminski, Peter Bollen, Robert D. Loomis, Carlton A. Baker, James Charlton, Howard Cady, Harvey Ginsberg, Allen H. Peacock, Fred Hobson, O.B. Emerson, Douglas C. Wixson

  • Folder: 47, Klevar, Harvey, 1985
  • Folder: 48, LaPautre, Michelle, 1985
  • Folder: 49, Re. Lecture Invitations, 1985

    Andrzej Dobrzynski, Morgan Fitz, Edward Malayan

  • Folder: 50, Fan Letters, 1985
  • Folder: 51, Mayo Clinic, 1985
  • Folder: 52, McIntosh and Otis, Inc., 1985
  • Folder: 53, Peachtree Publishers, Ltd., 1985
  • Folder: 54, Pollinger, Laurence, Ltd, 1985
  • Folder: 55, Publishers & Agents: Foreign, 1985

    Roland Pieraccini, Jean Fremon, Fancisco Lyon de Castro, Fuji Kitayima, Georgy Yordanov, Daniel Kirkpatrick, Lucien Leitess, Stuart Wright, Valentino Bompiani, S. Zhulev, Lyubomir Levchev

  • Folder: 56, "Roots in Georgia: A Literary Symposium", 1985
  • Folder: 57, Saha, Mark, 1985
  • Folder: 58, University of Georgia, 1985

    Malcolm L. Call, Robert M. Willingham, Stanley W. Lindberg, Charley Eidsvik, Edwin T. Arnold, Stephen Corey

  • Folder: 59, University of Virginia, 1985

    Julius P. Barclay, Robert M. O'Neil, Jack Wilson

  • Folder: 60, Wright, Stuart (publisher), 1985
  • Folder: 61, The Schneider Museum of Art, 1985
  • Folder: 62, Re. Writer in Residence (DeKalb, Georgia), 1985

    Jean Fuller, Doris Bryant, Robert Overstreet, Barbara Loar, Mary Beth Sapp, Joy Manget, Edward Lathem, William G. Baum, Carol Fisk, Ronald E. Benson, Charles Elliott

  • Folder: 63, Re. Writer in Residence (Fitzgerald, Georgia), 1985

    Guy D. Pfeiffer, Lorre Resch, Carl O. Heffington, Corawayne Wright

  • Folder: 64, A-D, 1985

    Art Buchwald, Babbette and Dick, Mrs. Peter Blume, Ethel and Carl Bruhan, Edward L. Butler, John C.D. Bruno, Kay Bonetti, Fred Bonnie, Maria Theresa Caen, Betsy Clark, Ruda Dauphin, Nancy Barker, Peter E. Dawson, Celebrity Cuisine, Victor Dalmas, Mr. and Mrs. David Dulaney, Jean Biggers, Jody Cascade

  • Folder: 65, E-P, 1985

    Joseph Hayes, Mrs. Llewelyn P. Howell, Sharon Howell, John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Fondation, Group of Contemporary Music [Michael Leavitt], Gary and Sandy Harwell, Virginia Hamilton, Tomlin J. Fields, Colleen Fleming, Owen N. Golden, Beverlee Kieran, Francis R. Loetterle, Fuji Kitajima, Dorothy MacDonald, K. Phillipova, Virginia O' Connor, Ed and Virginia Morgan, "Duke' MacMullen, Kevin McIlvoy, Marriot [Steven Redkoles], Betsy Nolan, Ken Ott, PEN American Center, J. Paul Ouellet, Embassy of the Polish People's Republic [Zdzislaw Ludwiczak], Stattis Orphanos, Ellen and Bill Goldhurst, Lulu Harwell

  • Folder: 66, Q-Z, 1985

    William J. Smith, Wallace Stegner, John Sampson, Mary and Howard Rowes, Susie Scholz, Isabelle Sallisbury, Sparkling Pool Cleaning Service, John Sampson, Harrison Salisbury, Cary Sparks, St. Regis-Sheraton [Peter W. Tischman], John T. Smith, Joanna Rowan, Richard Taylor Scholz, Mary Calder Rowes, John N. Simons, Peter Taylor, University of Missouri [James McKinley], Connie Townsend, Rory Wagner, Corrie Wren, Whos's Who in America, Mr. and Mrs. Stulty, Robert P. Warren, Dorothea Rolls

  • Folder: 67, Agents: Foreign, 1985

    Iulidio Matos, Wanda Piotrowska, Rolando Pieraccini, Fuji Kitajima, Pierre Belfond, Miyoko Ooni, Ljerkor Radovic, Wang JinLing, Adrie Maeght, Krassin Himmirsky, Stefan Furounov

Box: 22, Dates: 1986-1987


Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, American Academy & Institute of Art & Letters, 1986

    John Hollander, John Kenneth Galbraith, Stanley Kunitz, Arthur Schlesinger Jr., Margaret M. Mills

  • Folder: 2, Brown, James Oliver, 1986
  • Folder: 3, Caldwell, Janet , 1986
  • Folder: 4, Caldwell, Jay, 1986
  • Folder: 5, Caldwell, Dabney, 1986
  • Folder: 6, Caldwell, Pix, 1986
  • Folder: 7, Caldwell, Virginia, 1986
  • Folder: 8, Christmas Cards I, 1986
  • Folder: 9, Christmas Cards II, 1986
  • Folder: 10, Dartmouth College, 1986

    Philip N. Cronenwett, Stanley W. Brown, Edward Connery Lathem

  • Folder: 11, Birthday Cards 83rd, 1986
  • Folder: 12, Fawcett, Roscoe and Elizabeth, 1986
  • Folder: 13, Fletcher, Drew, 1986
  • Folder: 14, Georgia Endowment for the Humanities, 1986

    Jean Gulley, Ronald E. Benson

  • Folder: 15, Get Well Soon Cards, 1986
  • Folder: 16, Hudson, Aileen, 1986
  • Folder: 17, Regarding articles, interviews, reports on organizations, 1986

    American Atheist [R. Murray-O'Hair], American Audio Prose Library [Kay Bonetti], Millicent V. Hay, Arizona Historical Society [Andrew E. Masich], Michel Bandry, Fred Bonnie, Center for the Study of Centemporary Belief [ Philip L. Berman], Georgia Trust [Camille W. Yow], Vicki Goldberg, Wang Jinling, Susanne Lorenzo Literary Agency, Michigan Quarterly Review [ Nicholas Delbanco], Maine Writers & Publisher Alliance [Mark Melnicove], Steve Oney,PEN American Center [Norman Mailer], Poetry Center [Shelley Mason], Halina Auderska, Pulitzer Peace [Jerry Biederman], Valerie Sayers, Southern California Anthology [Adrienne Subotnik], Stathis Orphanos

  • Folder: 18, Regarding articles, interviews, reports on universities, 1986

    Appalachian State University [Edwin Arnold], Brown University [Hasrry McKinley Williams, Emory University [Billy Howard], Georgia Institute of Technology [B. Eugene Griessman], University of Alabama [Fred Hobson], University of New Mexico [Charles Hayes]

  • Folder: 19, Klevar, Harvey, 1986
  • Folder: 20, Kling Family, 1986
  • Folder: 21, La Pautre, Michelle, 1986
  • Folder: 22, Letter: Fan, 1986
  • Folder: 23, Leuchen, Lyumonir, 1986
  • Folder: 24, Re. Marquis' Who's Who, Inc., 1986
  • Folder: 25, Mayo Clinic, 1986
  • Folder: 26, McIntosh & Otis, 1986
  • Folder: 27, Peachtree Publishers, Ltd., 1986
  • Folder: 28, Pollinger, Laurence, Ltd, 1986
  • Folder: 29, Saha, Mark, 1986
  • Folder: 30, Schneider Museum of Art, 1986
  • Folder: 31, Schultz, Susie, 1986
  • Folder: 32, Silverberg, Rosen, Leon & Behr, 1986
  • Folder: 33, University of Georgia, 1986

    Thomas E. Camden, Robert M. Willingham

  • Folder: 34, University of Virginia, 1986

    Julius P. Barclay, Miles J. Varn

  • Folder: 35, Unnamed, 1986
  • Folder: 36, Van Norstand, Charles, 1986
  • Folder: 37, A-D, 1987

    Ethel and Carl W. Breihan, Peter Blume, American Cancer Society [Ken Crawford, Lynne Nash], Jane Adams, Catherine Berge, Filan Dole, Coach Leatherware [Deborah Puya], Mary Chute Smith, Vivian Ells Case, Germaine Duhamel, Billy Joe Donovan, Harriet Davis, Thomas L. Bonn, Nicholas Delbanco, Ellis Arnall

  • Folder: 38, E-H, 1987

    John Hersey, Hospice of the Valley, Vicki Goldberg, Frank Hecht, Ernie Harwell, Wes Hasden, Edna Howell, Huggins Shoes, Richard B. Harwell, Bess Henhoeffer, Lulu Harwell, Mary Hood, Georgia Institute of Technology, Jean C. Gulley, Ron Hoag, Michael Gray, Carl O. Heffington

  • Folder: 39, I-Z, 1987

    Jean Loetterle, Sally Lilienthal, Lorrie Kelly, R.C. Little, Alice Lyon McKenzie, Walter Nash, John D. MacDonald, John R. Payne, Marianne Thomasson, Newnan Times Herald [W. Winston Skinner], Dorothy Mac Donald, Stanley Marcus, Thomas Patrick Rowan, Elaine Steinbeck, Society of Johrei, Robert L. Sommerville, Isabella Salisbury, Reuben R. Roach, Town of Paradise Valley, Who's Who in America, Corrie Wren, Joanne B. Trent, Lyubomir Levchev, Richard F. Wilkinson, Anne-Marie Simond, Lierka Radovic, Betty B. Ross

  • Folder: 40, Agents/Publishers, 1987

    Charles R. Van Nostrand, Michel Bandry, Fuji Kitajima, Miyoko Aomi, Lyubomir Levchev

  • Folder: 41, American Academy & Institute of Arts and Letters, 1987

    Margaret M. Mills

  • Folder: 42, Attorneys, 1987

    Richard L. Lassen

  • Folder: 43, Brown, James Oliver, 1987
  • Folder: 44, Credit and Membership Cards, 1987
  • Folder: 45, Caldwell, Dabney, 1987
  • Folder: 46, Caldwell, Janet, 1987
  • Folder: 47, Caldwell, Jay, 1987
  • Folder: 48, Caldwell, Pix, 1987
  • Folder: 49, Darmouth College, 1987

    Edward Connery Lathem, Stanley W. Brown, Philip N. Cronenwett, James O. Freedman, David T. McLaughlin

  • Folder: 50, Georgia Endowment for the Humanities, 1987
  • Folder: 51, Golden, Owen W., 1987
  • Folder: 52, Hospice, 1987
  • Folder: 53, Howell, Ernie, 1987
  • Folder: 54, Insurance: All Kinds, 1987
  • Folder: 55, Regarding articles, interviews, reports and comments, 1987

    Sally Lilienthal, Thomas L. Bonn, John Leslie, C. Anthony Wainwright, Lisa Wagner, Bill Peck, Kay Bonetti, Fred Bonnie, Robert Lamb, Deirdre Donahue, Bill Butts, Charles Trueheart, Center for the Study of Contemporary Belief [Phillip], Hugh S. Moorhead, B. Eugene Griessman, Fred Hobson, Chip Arnold, Andrew Benson

  • Folder: 56, Klevar, Harvey, 1987
  • Folder: 57, La Pautre, Michelle, 1987
  • Folder: 58, Lectures, 1987

    Ohoopee Regional Library [Barbara Eidson], Grigori Baklanov

Box: 23, Dates: 1987-1988


Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Letters: Fan, 1987
  • Folder: 2, Mayo Clinic, 1987
  • Folder: 3, McIntosh & Otis, 1987
  • Folder: 4, New American Library, 1987
  • Folder: 5, Peachtree Publishers, Ltd, 1987
  • Folder: 6, Personal Notes, 1987
  • Folder: 7, Pollinger, Laurence, Ltd, 1987
  • Folder: 8, Real Estate, 1987
  • Folder: 9, Saha, Mark, 1987
  • Folder: 10, Schneider Museum of Art, 1987
  • Folder: 11, Social Security Administration, 1987
  • Folder: 12, Travel Information, 1987
  • Folder: 13, University of Virginia, 1987
  • Folder: 14, Correspondence, 1988
  • Folder: 15, Correspondence, undated
  • Folder: 16, Special Envlopes, undated
  • Folder: 17, Valentine's from Virginia, undated

Series 2, Manuscripts , 1930-2000

Contains typescripts, computer print outs and photocopies of books, short stories, articles and book reviews by Erskine Caldwell and others, including "Tobacco Road," "God's Little Acre," "Journeyman," "Kneel to the Rising Son," "Tragic Ground," "The Sure Hand of God," "Love and Money," "In Search of Bisco," "Afternoons in Mid America" and Caldwell's autobiography "With All My Might."

Access Restrictions


Box: 24, Dates: 1942-1973

Manuscripts by Erskine Caldwell

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1 , "All Night Long," Chapters 1-8 (Publishers Mss Corrections: EC & Duell, Sloan, & Pierce) , 1942
  • Folder: 2 , "All Night Long," Chapters 9-15 (Publishers Mss Corrections: EC & Duell, Sloan, & Pierce) , 1942
  • Folder: 3 , "All Night Long," Chapters 16-End (Publishers Mss Corrections: EC & Duell, Sloan, & Pierce) , 1942
  • Folder: 4 , "All Night Long," Chapters 1-8 (Final Mss Corrections with Inserts, EC Correspondence, Dedication & Front Material) , 1942
  • Folder: 5 , "All Night Long," Chapters 9-End (Final Mss Corrections with Inserts, EC Correspondence, Dedication & Front Material) , 1942
  • Folder: 6 , "All Out on the Road to Smolensk," 1st Draft with EC Correspondence: Chapters 1-7 , 1942
  • Folder: 7 , "All Out on the Road to Smolensk," 1st Draft with EC Correspondence: Chapters 8-End , 1942
  • Folder: 8 , "All Out on the Road to Smolensk," Publishers Mss Corrections: Chapters 1-5 , 1942
  • Folder: 9 , "All Out on the Road to Smolensk," Publishers Mss Corrections: Chapters 6-12 , 1942
  • Folder: 10 , "All Out on the Road to Smolensk," Publishers Mss Corrections: Chapters 12-End , 1942
  • Folder: 11 , "All Out on the Road to Smolensk," Inserts (4 Typed Pages) , 1942
  • Folder: 12 , "American Folkways," Regional Notes: A-M , 1941-1957
  • Folder: 13 , "American Folkways," Regional Notes: N-Z , 1941-1957
  • Folder: 14 , "Annette," Printer's Mss with Corrections: Parts 1 & 2 , 1973
  • Folder: 15 , "Annette," Printer's Mss with Corrections: Parts 3 & 4 , 1973
  • Folder: 16 , "Annette," Printer's Mss with Corrections: Parts 5 & End , 1973
  • Folder: 17 , "Annette," Xerox of Printer's Mss with Corrections: Parts 1 & 2 , 1973
  • Folder: 18 , "Annette," Xerox of Printer's Mss with Corrections: Parts 3 & 4 , 1973
  • Folder: 19 , "Annette," Xerox of Printer's Mss with Corrections: Parts 5 & End , 1973
  • Folder: 20 , "Around About America," 1st Draft: Corrections, Contents & Preface , 1964
  • Folder: 21 , "Around About America," 2nd Draft: Parts 1-13 , 1964
  • Folder: 22 , "Around About America," 2nd Draft: Parts 14-End , 1964
  • Folder: 23 , "Around About America," Printer's Mss with Corrections: Parts 1-15 , 1942
  • Folder: 24 , "Around About America," Printer's Mss with Corrections: Parts 16-End , 1942
  • Folder: 25 , "Around About America," Notes: Central Region (Bossier City, Louisiana) , 1964
  • Folder: 26 , "Around About America," Notes: Central Region (St. Paul, Minnesota-MacAuster College) , 1964
  • Folder: 27 , "Around About America," Notes: Central Region (Nacogdoches, TX-Pinewoods Writers' Conference) , 1964
  • Folder: 28 , "Around About America," Notes: Central Region (Memphis, Tennessee-All-Girl Radio) , 1964
  • Folder: 29 , "Around About America," Notes: Central Region (South Dakota-Hutterites) , 1964
  • Folder: 30 , "Around About America," Notes: Eastern Region (Long Island, NY) , 1964
  • Folder: 31 , "Around About America," Notes: Eastern Region (St. Johnsbury, Vermont) , 1964
  • Folder: 32 , "Around About America," Notes: Eastern Region (West Virginia-Coal) , 1964
  • Folder: 33 , "Around About America," Notes: Pacific Region (California-Boarder Towns) , 1964
  • Folder: 34 , "Around About America," Notes: Pacific Region (Nevada) , 1964
  • Folder: 35 , "Around About America," Notes: Pacific Region (Burns County, Oregon) , 1964
  • Folder: 36 , "Around About America," Notes: Pacific Region (Limon, Colorado) , 1964
  • Folder: 37 , "Around About America," Notes: Rocky Mountain Region (New Mexico-Land Sales) , 1964
  • Folder: 38 , "Around About America," Notes: Southwest Retirement Communities , 1964
  • Folder: 39 , "Around About America," Notes: Newsday , 1964
  • Folder: 40 , "Around About America," Notes: Travel Plans , 1964
  • Folder: 41 , "Around About America," Notes: Xerox of Original Newstories , 1964
  • Folder: 42 , Erskine Caldwell "Autobiography" (Copy 4) , 1978

Box: 25, Dates: 1951-1958

Manuscripts by Erskine Caldwell

Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1 , "Call It Experience," 1st Draft with Corrections: Chapters 1-9 with Front Matter & Preface , 1951
  • Folder: 2 , "Call It Experience," 1st Draft with Corrections: Chapters 10-End , 1951
  • Folder: 3 , "Call It Experience," 2nd Draft with Corrections: Chapters 1-9 with Front Matter, Preface, & Contents , 1951
  • Folder: 4 , "Call It Experience," 2nd Draft with Corrections: Chapters 10-End , 1951
  • Folder: 5 , "Call It Experience," Printer's Mss: Part I with Front Matter, Preface, & Contents , 1951
  • Folder: 6 , "Call It Experience," Printer's Mss: Part II , 1951
  • Folder: 7 , "Call It Experience," Printer's Mss: Part III , 1951
  • Folder: 8 , "Call It Experience," Gallery Proofs , 1951
  • Folder: 9 , "Call It Experience," Page Proofs , 1951
  • Folder: 10 , "Certain Women," 1st Draft with Corrections: Books 1-3 , 1957
  • Folder: 11 , "Certain Women," 1st Draft with Corrections: Books 4-End , 1957
  • Folder: 12 , "Certain Women," 2nd Draft with Corrections: Books 1-3 , 1957
  • Folder: 13 , "Certain Women," 2nd Draft with Corrections: Books 4-End , 1957
  • Folder: 14 , "Certain Women," Copy of Final Draft: Books 1 & 2 , 1957
  • Folder: 15 , "Certain Women," Copy of Final Draft: 3-5 , 1957
  • Folder: 16 , "Certain Women," Copy of Final Draft: Books 6-End , 1957
  • Folder: 17 , "Certain Women," Final Mss: 1-2 , 1957
  • Folder: 18 , "Certain Women," Final Mss: 3-5 , 1957
  • Folder: 19 , "Certain Women," Final Mss: Books 6-End , 1957
  • Folder: 20 , "Certain Women," Printer Mss: Books 1 & 2 , 1957
  • Folder: 21 , "Certain Women," Printer Mss: Books 3-5 , 1957
  • Folder: 22 , "Certain Women," Printer Mss: Books 6-End , 1957
  • Folder: 23 , "Claudelle Inglish," 1st Draft with Corrections: Chapters 1-6 , 1958
  • Folder: 24 , "Claudelle Inglish," 1st Draft with Corrections: Chapters 7-End , 1958
  • Folder: 25 , "Claudelle Inglish," 3rd Draft with Corrections: Chapters 1-5 , 1958
  • Folder: 26 , "Claudelle Inglish," 3rd Draft with Corrections: Chapters 6-End , 1958
  • Folder: 27 , "Claudelle Inglish," Printer's Mss: Chapters 1-4 , 1958
  • Folder: 28 , "Claudelle Inglish," Printer's Mss: Chapters 5-7 , 1958
  • Folder: 29 , "Claudelle Inglish," Printer's Mss: Chapters 8-End , 1958

Box: 26, Dates: 1952-1971

Manuscripts by Erskine Caldwell

Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1 , "Close to Home," Printer's Mss: Chapter 1-7 , 1962
  • Folder: 2 , "Close to Home," Printer's Mss: Chapter 8-15 , 1962
  • Folder: 3 , "Close to Home," Printer's Mss: Chapter 16-End , 1962
  • Folder: 4 , "Close to Home," Page Proofs with Corrections , 1962
  • Folder: 5 , "Close to Home," Gallery Proofs with Corrections , 1962
  • Folder: 6 , "Close to Home," Xerox of Final Draft: Chapter 1-8 , 1962
  • Folder: 7 , "Close to Home," Xerox of Final Draft: Chapter 9-14 , 1962
  • Folder: 8 , "Close to Home," Xerox of Final Draft: Chapter 15-End , 1962
  • Folder: 9 , "Courting of Suzie Brown," Printer's Mss: Front Material , 1952
  • Folder: 10 , "Courting of Suzie Brown," Printer's Mss: "The Courting of Suzie Brown" (1st Printing-1941) , 1952
  • Folder: 11 , "Courting of Suzie Brown," Printer's Mss: "Summer Accident" (1st Printing-1933) , 1952
  • Folder: 12 , "Courting of Suzie Brown," Printer's Mss: "The Sick Horse" (1st Printing-1934) , 1952
  • Folder: 13 , "Courting of Suzie Brown," Printer's Mss: "Back on the Road" (1st Printing- "Metropolis "1934) , 1952
  • Folder: 14 , "Courting of Suzie Brown," Printer's Mss: "Here and Today" (1st Printing- "Harper's Bazaar" 1937) , 1952
  • Folder: 15 , "Courting of Suzie Brown," Printer's Mss: "Balm of Gilead" (1st Printing- "Story" 1939) , 1952
  • Folder: 16 , "Courting of Suzie Brown," Printer's Mss: "The People vs. Abe Lathan, Colored" , 1952
  • Folder: 17 , "Courting of Suzie Brown," Printer's Mss: "Big Buck , 1952
  • Folder: 18 , "Courting of Suzie Brown," Printer's Mss: "Handy" , 1952
  • Folder: 19 , "Courting of Suzie Brown," Printer's Mss: "The Day the Presidential Candidate Came to Cuidad Tamaulipas" (1st Printing-1940) , 1952
  • Folder: 20 , "Courting of Suzie Brown," Printer's Mss: "An Evening in Nuevo Leon" (1st Printing-1940) , 1952
  • Folder: 21 , "Courting of Suzie Brown," Printer's Mss: "Uncle Jeff" , 1952
  • Folder: 22 , "Courting of Suzie Brown," Printer's Mss: "The Mid Winter's Guest" (1st Printing- "Story" 1932) , 1952
  • Folder: 23 , "Courting of Suzie Brown," Printer's Mss: "The End of Christy Tucker" , 1952
  • Folder: 24 , "Courting of Suzie Brown," Printer's Mss: "Thunderstorm" , 1952
  • Folder: 25 , "Courting of Suzie Brown," Printer's Mss: "Squire Dinwiddy" (1st Printing-1941) , 1952
  • Folder: 26 , "Courting of Suzie Brown," Printer's Mss: "The Windfall" (1st Printing-1942) , 1952
  • Folder: 27 , "Deep South," 1st Draft with Corrections: Part II, "Deep South" , 1968
  • Folder: 28 , "Deep South," Revised Copy (In the Shadow of the Steeple as Part I, "Deep South"): Chapter 1-7 , 1968
  • Folder: 29 , "Deep South," Revised Copy (In the Shadow of the Steeple as Part I, "Deep South"): Chapter 8-End , 1968
  • Folder: 30 , "Deep South," Printers Mss (In the Shadow of the Steeple as Part I, "Deep South"): Chapter 1-6 with Front Matter and Letter From British 1st Publisher , 1968
  • Folder: 31 , "Deep South," Printers Mss (In the Shadow of the Steeple as Part I, "Deep South"): Chapter 7-End , 1968
  • Folder: 32 , "Deep South," Printers Mss , 1968
  • Folder: 33 , "Deep South," Gallery Proofs , 1968
  • Folder: 34 , "Deep South," Page Proofs: Copy #1 , 1968
  • Folder: 35 , "Deep South," Page Proofs: Copy #2 , 1968
  • Folder: 36 , "Deep South/ In the Shadow of the Steeple," Front Matter Proofs: Copy , 1968
  • Folder: 37 , "Deep South," Notes: Alabama , 1968
  • Folder: 38 , "Deep South," Notes: Georgia , 1968
  • Folder: 39 , "Deep South," Notes: Kentucky , 1968
  • Folder: 40 , "Deep South," Notes: Mississippi , 1968
  • Folder: 41 , "Deep South," Notes: North Carolina , 1968
  • Folder: 42 , "Deep South," Notes: South Carolina , 1968
  • Folder: 43 , "Deep South," Notes: Tennessee , 1968
  • Folder: 44 , "Earnshaw Neighborhood," 1st Draft with Corrections , 1971
  • Folder: 45 , "Earnshaw Neighborhood," 2nd Draft with Corrections: Chapter 1-9 , 1971
  • Folder: 46 , "Earnshaw Neighborhood," 2nd Draft with Corrections: Chapter 10-End , 1971
  • Folder: 47 , "Earnshaw Neighborhood," Printer's Mss: Chapter 1-5 , 1971
  • Folder: 48 , "Earnshaw Neighborhood," Printer's Mss: Chapter 6-10 , 1971
  • Folder: 49 , "Earnshaw Neighborhood," Printer's Mss: Chapter 11-End , 1971
  • Folder: 50 , "Earnshaw Neighborhood," Page Proofs (Author's Copy): Chapter 1-7 , 1971
  • Folder: 51 , "Earnshaw Neighborhood," Page Proofs (Author's Copy): Chapter 8-End , 1971

Box: 27, Dates: 1933-1966

Manuscripts by Erskine Caldwell

Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1 , "Episode in Palmetto," Printer's Mss: Chapter 1-4 , 1950
  • Folder: 2 , "Episode in Palmetto," Printer's Mss: Chapter 5-7 , 1950
  • Folder: 3 , "Episode in Palmetto," Printer's Mss: Chapter 8-End , 1950
  • Folder: 4 , "Episode in Palmetto," Signed Typescript of Chapter 2 "Romantically Inclined" , 1950
  • Folder: 5 , "Episode in Palmetto," Signed Page Proofs with Front Matter , 1950
  • Folder: 6 , "Episode in Palmetto," Signed Page, galley proofs , 1950
  • Folder: 7 , "Georgia Boy," 1st Draft with Corrections: Chapter 2, 8, 10, 11, & 13 , 1943
  • Folder: 8 , "Georgia Boy," Unpublished Original 1st Draft ("Handsome Brown's Troublesome Twin" , 1943
  • Folder: 9 , "Georgia Boy," Printer's Mss: Chapter 1-7 , 1943
  • Folder: 10 , "Georgia Boy," Printer's Mss: Chapter 7-End , 1943
  • Folder: 11 , "God's Little Acre," Printer's Mss: Chapter 1-7 , 1933
  • Folder: 12 , "God's Little Acre," Printer's Mss: Chapter 8-13 , 1933
  • Folder: 13 , "God's Little Acre," Printer's Mss: Chapter 14-End , 1933
  • Folder: 14 , "Gretta," Printer's Mss: Part I and Front Matter , 1955
  • Folder: 15 , "Gretta," Printer's Mss: Part II (Chapter 1-3) , 1955
  • Folder: 16 , "Gretta," Printer's Mss: Part II (Chapter 4-10) , 1955
  • Folder: 17 , "Gretta," Printer's Mss: Part II (Chapter 11 and 12) , 1955
  • Folder: 18 , "Gretta," Printer's Mss: Part III , 1955
  • Folder: 19 , "Gulf Coast Stories," 1st Draft with Corrections: "Vick Shore and The Good of the Game" , 1956
  • Folder: 20 , "Gulf Coast Stories," 1st Draft with Corrections: "In memory of Judith Courtwright" , 1956
  • Folder: 21 , "Gulf Coast Stories," 1st Draft with Corrections: "Advice About Women" , 1956
  • Folder: 22 , "Gulf Coast Stories," 1st Draft with Corrections: "Bud Perry's First Wife" , 1956
  • Folder: 23 , "Gulf Coast Stories," 1st Draft with Corrections: "The Last Anniversary" , 1956
  • Folder: 24 , "Gulf Coast Stories," 1st Draft with Corrections: "Letters in the Mail" , 1956
  • Folder: 25 , "Gulf Coast Stories," 1st Draft with Corrections: "The Fifteenth Summer" , 1956
  • Folder: 26 , "Gulf Coast Stories," 1st Draft with Corrections: "Girl on the Radio" , 1956
  • Folder: 27 , "Gulf Coast Stories," 1st Draft with Corrections: "The Pride of Miss Stella Sibley" , 1956
  • Folder: 28 , "Gulf Coast Stories," 1st Draft with Corrections: "Miss Paddleford" , 1956
  • Folder: 29 , "Gulf Coast Stories," 1st Draft with Corrections: "Clyde Bickle and Dora" , 1956
  • Folder: 30 , "Gulf Coast Stories," 1st Draft with Corrections: "A Little Candy for Tessie" , 1956
  • Folder: 31 , "Gulf Coast Stories," 1st Draft with Corrections: "Hat on the Bedpost" , 1956
  • Folder: 32 , "Gulf Coast Stories," 1st Draft with Corrections: "The Shooting of Judge Price" , 1956
  • Folder: 33 , "Gulf Coast Stories," Final Typescript: "Vick Shore and The Good of the Game" , 1956
  • Folder: 34 , "Gulf Coast Stories," Final Typescript: "The Last Anniversary" , 1956
  • Folder: 35 , "Gulf Coast Stories," Final Typescript: "Letters in the Mail" , 1956
  • Folder: 36 , "Gulf Coast Stories," Final Typescript: "Girl on the Road" , 1956
  • Folder: 37 , "Gulf Coast Stories," Final Typescript: "Miss Paddleford" , 1956
  • Folder: 38 , "Gulf Coast Stories," Final Typescript: "Cylde Bickle and Dora" , 1956
  • Folder: 39 , "Gulf Coast Stories," Final Typescript: "A Little Candy for Tessie" , 1956
  • Folder: 40 , "Gulf Coast Stories," Printer's Mss with Front Material: "Soquotes," "Kathy," "Vick Shore and the Good of the Game," "A Gift for Sue," "Girl with Figurines" , 1956
  • Folder: 41 , "Gulf Coast Stories," Printer's Mss: "Memento," "To the Chaparral," "In the Memory of Judith Cartwright," "Advice About Women" , 1956
  • Folder: 42 , "Gulf Coast Stories," Printer's Mss: "Her Name was Amelie," "Bud Perry's 1st Wife," "The Last Anniversary," "Letters in the Mail," , 1956
  • Folder: 43 , "Gulf Coast Stories," Printer's Mss: "The Pride of Miss Stella," "Miss Paddleford," "Clyde Bickle and Dora," "A Little Candy for Tessie," "Hat on the Bedpost," The Shooting of Judge Price" , 1956
  • Folder: 44 , "House in Uplands, A," 1st Draft: Chapters 1-6 , 1946
  • Folder: 45 , "House in Uplands, A," 1st Draft: Chapters 7-End , 1946
  • Folder: 46 , "House in Uplands, A," 2nd Draft with Correction: Chapters 1-6 , 1946
  • Folder: 47 , "House in Uplands, A," 2nd Draft with Correction: Chapters 7-End , 1946
  • Folder: 48 , "House in Uplands, A," Printer's Mss: Chapters 1-6 , 1946
  • Folder: 49 , "House in Uplands, A," Printer's Mss: Chapters 7-13 , 1946
  • Folder: 50 , "House in Uplands, A," Printer's Mss: Chapters 14-End , 1946
  • Folder: 51 , "House in Uplands, A," Final Typescript: Chapters 1-9 , 1946
  • Folder: 52 , "House in Uplands, A," Final Typescript: Chapters 10-End , 1946
  • Folder: 53 , "In the Shadow of the Steeple," British Edition (Loose Leaf with Hard Cover) , 1966
  • Folder: 54 , "In Search of Bisco," 1st Draft with Correction: Chapter 1-8 , 1965
  • Folder: 55 , "In Search of Bisco," 1st Draft with Correction: Chapter 9-End , 1965
  • Folder: 56 , "In Search of Bisco," 1st Draft: Inserts, New Conclusion , 1965

Box: 28, Dates: 1940-1965

Manuscripts by Erskine Caldwell

Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1 , "In Search of Bisco," Printer's Mss: Chapter 1-5 , 1965
  • Folder: 2 , "In Search of Bisco," Printer's Mss: Chapter 6-11 , 1965
  • Folder: 3 , "In Search of Bisco," Printer's Mss: Chapter 12-End , 1965
  • Folder: 4 , "In Search of Bisco," Notes: Alabama , 1965
  • Folder: 5 , "In Search of Bisco," Notes: Arkansas , 1965
  • Folder: 6 , "In Search of Bisco," Notes: General-Definitions , 1965
  • Folder: 7 , "In Search of Bisco," Notes: General-Ideas , 1965
  • Folder: 8 , "In Search of Bisco," Notes: General-Plans , 1965
  • Folder: 9 , "In Search of Bisco," Notes: Georgia , 1965
  • Folder: 10 , "In Search of Bisco," Notes: Louisiana , 1965
  • Folder: 11 , "In Search of Bisco," Notes: Mississippi , 1965
  • Folder: 12 , "In Search of Bisco," Notes: South Carolina , 1965
  • Folder: 13 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss: Table of Contents , 1940
  • Folder: 14 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "Meddlesome Jack" , 1940
  • Folder: 15 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "The Medicine Man" , 1940
  • Folder: 16 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "August Afternoon" , 1940
  • Folder: 17 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "Horse Thief" , 1940
  • Folder: 18 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "The Negro in the Well" (1st Printing-"Atlantic Monthly" 1935) , 1940
  • Folder: 19 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "Mama's Little Girl" (1st Printing-"Contact" 1932) , 1940
  • Folder: 20 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "Honeymoon" , 1940
  • Folder: 21 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "Rachel" (1st Printing-"Autumn" 1931) , 1940
  • Folder: 22 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "A Day's Wooing" (1st Printing-"Redbook" 1935) , 1940
  • Folder: 23 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "Warm River" (1st Printing-"Pagany" 1935) , 1940
  • Folder: 24 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "Snacker" , 1940
  • Folder: 25 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "Crown Fire" (1st Printing-"Lion & Crown" 1933) , 1940
  • Folder: 26 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "Where the Girls Were Different" , 1940
  • Folder: 27 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "The Strawberry Season" , 1940
  • Folder: 28 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "The Visitor" , 1940
  • Folder: 29 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "The First Autumn" (1st Printing-"Pagany" 1932) , 1940
  • Folder: 30 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "It Happened Like This" , 1940
  • Folder: 31 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "The Walnut Hunt" , 1940
  • Folder: 32 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "The Indian Summer" (1st Printing-"Story" 1932) , 1940
  • Folder: 33 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "My Old Man" , 1940
  • Folder: 34 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "Blue Boy" (1st Printing-"Anvil" 1935) , 1940
  • Folder: 35 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "The End of Christy Tucker" , 1940
  • Folder: 36 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "The Growing Season" , 1940
  • Folder: 37 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "Slow Death" (1st Printing-"New Masses" 1933) , 1940
  • Folder: 38 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "A Knife to Cut the Cornbread With" (1st Printing-"Direction" 1938) , 1940
  • Folder: 39 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "Daughter" (1st Printing-"Anvil" 1933) , 1940
  • Folder: 40 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "The People vs. Abe Lathan, Colored" , 1940
  • Folder: 41 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "Man & Woman" , 1940
  • Folder: 42 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "Wild Flowers" , 1940
  • Folder: 43 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "Masses of Men" (1st Printing-"Story" 1933) , 1940
  • Folder: 44 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "The Rumor" , 1940
  • Folder: 45 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "The Automobile That Wouldn't Run" (1st Printing-"Hound & Horn" 1930) , 1940
  • Folder: 46 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "Midsummer Passion" (1st Printing-"Transition" 1929) , 1940
  • Folder: 47 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "Balm of Gilead" (1st Printing-"Story" 1939) , 1940
  • Folder: 48 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "The Midwinter Guest" (1st Printing-"Story" 1932) , 1940
  • Folder: 49 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "A Very Late Spring" (1st Printing-"Scribner's" 1930) , 1940
  • Folder: 50 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "The Mating of Majorie" (1st Printing-"Scribner's" 1930) , 1940
  • Folder: 51 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "An Autumn Courtship" (1st Printing-"This Quarter" 1931) , 1940
  • Folder: 52 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "Printing the Well" , 1940
  • Folder: 53 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "Over the Green Mountain" (1st Printing-"Contract" 1932) , 1940
  • Folder: 54 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "The Grass Fire" , 1940
  • Folder: 55 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "10,000 Blueberry Crates" , 1940
  • Folder: 56 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "John the Indian & George Hopkins" , 1940
  • Folder: 57 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "The Corduroy Pants" (1st Printing-"Scribner's" 1931) , 1940
  • Folder: 58 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "A Country Full of Swedes" (1st Printing-"The Yale Review" 1933) , 1940
  • Folder: 59 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "The Dream" , 1940
  • Folder: 60 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "The Lonely Day" , 1940
  • Folder: 61 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "Evelyn & The Rest of Us" , 1940
  • Folder: 62 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "The Picture" (1st Printing-"New English Weekly" 1932) , 1940
  • Folder: 63 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "The Man Who Looked Like Himself" (1st Printing-"A. M. Mercury" 1933) , 1940
  • Folder: 64 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "The People's Choice" , 1940
  • Folder: 65 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "Hamrick's Polar Bear" (1st Printing-"Redbook") , 1940
  • Folder: 66 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "The Shooting" (1st Printing-"Scribner's" 1935) , 1940
  • Folder: 67 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "A Swell-Looking Girl" , 1940
  • Folder: 68 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "Fly in the Coffin" (1st Printing-"Pictorial" 1936) , 1940
  • Folder: 69 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "Dorothy" , 1940
  • Folder: 70 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "The Girl Ellen" , 1940
  • Folder: 71 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "Martha Jean" (1st Printing-"Esquire" 1935) , 1940
  • Folder: 72 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "Return to Lavina" (1st Printing-"Esquire" 1935) , 1940
  • Folder: 73 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "After-Image" (1st Printing-"Pagany" 1932) , 1940
  • Folder: 74 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "A Small Day" , 1940
  • Folder: 75 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "Carnival" (1st Printing-"Pictorial" 1936) , 1940

Box: 29, Dates: 1940-1961

Manuscripts by Erskine Caldwell

Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "New Cabin" (1st Printing-"College Humor" 1936) , 1940
  • Folder: 2 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "Uncle Jeff" , 1940
  • Folder: 3 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "Big Buck" , 1940
  • Folder: 4 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "Saturday Afternoon" (1st Printing-"Nativity" 1930) , 1940
  • Folder: 5 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "Savannah River Pay Day" , 1940
  • Folder: 6 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "Runaway" , 1940
  • Folder: 7 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "Handy" (Written UK 1938) , 1940
  • Folder: 8 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "Nine Dollars Worth of Mumble" , 1940
  • Folder: 9 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "Candy-Man Beechen" , 1940
  • Folder: 10 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "Yellow Girl" (1st Printing-"Story" 1933) , 1940
  • Folder: 11 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "Maud Island" (1st Printing-"Brooklyn Daily Eagle" 1934) , 1940
  • Folder: 12 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "We Are Looking At You, Agnes" (1st Printing-"Clay" 1931-2) , 1940
  • Folder: 13 , "Jackpot," Printer's Mss with Intro and Corrections: "Kneel To the Rising Sun" (1st Printing-"Scribner's" 1935) , 1940
  • Folder: 14 , "Jackpot," File Order for Gallery and Page Proofs , 1940
  • Folder: 15 , "Jackpot," Gallery Proofs with Corrections: "Meddlesome Jack" - "Horsethief" , 1940
  • Folder: 16 , "Jackpot," Gallery Proofs with Corrections: "Horsethief" - "Warm River" , 1940
  • Folder: 17 , "Jackpot," Gallery Proofs with Corrections: "Warm River" - "The First Autumn" , 1940
  • Folder: 18 , "Jackpot," Gallery Proofs with Corrections: "The First Autumn" - "The Growing Season" , 1940
  • Folder: 19 , "Jackpot," Gallery Proofs with Corrections: "The Growing Season" - "Wild Flowers" , 1940
  • Folder: 20 , "Jackpot," Gallery Proofs with Corrections: "Wild Flowers" - "The Midwinter Guest" , 1940
  • Folder: 21 , "Jackpot," Gallery Proofs with Corrections: "A Very Late Spring" - "10,000 Blueberry Crates" , 1940
  • Folder: 22 , "Jackpot," Gallery Proofs with Corrections: "10,000 Blueberry Crates" - "The People's Choice" , 1940
  • Folder: 23 , "Jackpot," Gallery Proofs with Corrections: "The People's Choice" - "The Girl Ellen" , 1940
  • Folder: 24 , "Jackpot," Gallery Proofs with Corrections: "The Girl Ellen" - "Uncle Jeff" , 1940
  • Folder: 25 , "Jackpot," Gallery Proofs with Corrections: "Uncle Jeff" - "Handy" , 1940
  • Folder: 26 , "Jackpot," Gallery Proofs with Corrections: "Handy" - "Yellow Girl" , 1940
  • Folder: 27 , "Jackpot," Gallery Proofs with Corrections: "Yellow Girl" - "Kneel to the Rising Sun" , 1940
  • Folder: 28 , "Jackpot," Page Proofs with Corrections: "Meddlesome Jack" - "The Negro in the Well , 1940
  • Folder: 29 , "Jackpot," Page Proofs with Corrections: "Mama's Little Girl" - "Snacker" , 1940
  • Folder: 30 , "Jackpot," Page Proofs with Corrections: "Snacker" - "Indian Summer" , 1940
  • Folder: 31 , "Jackpot," Page Proofs with Corrections: "My Old Man" - "Slow Death" , 1940
  • Folder: 32 , "Jackpot," Page Proofs with Corrections: "Slow Death" - "The Rumor" , 1940
  • Folder: 33 , "Jackpot," Page Proofs with Corrections: "The Rumor" - "An Autumn Courtship" , 1940
  • Folder: 34 , "Jackpot," Page Proofs with Corrections: "Priming the Well" - "The Corduroy" , 1940
  • Folder: 35 , "Jackpot," Page Proofs with Corrections: "The Corduroy" - "The People's Choice" , 1940
  • Folder: 36 , "Jackpot," Page Proofs with Corrections: "The People's Choice" - "The Girl Ellen" , 1940
  • Folder: 37 , "Jackpot," Page Proofs with Corrections: "The Girl Ellen" - "Uncle Jeff" , 1940
  • Folder: 38 , "Jackpot," Page Proofs with Corrections: "Big Buck" - "Nine Dollars Worth of Mumble" , 1940
  • Folder: 39 , "Jackpot," Page Proofs with Corrections: "Nine Dollars Worth of Mumble" - "Kneel to the Rising Sun" , 1940
  • Folder: 40 , "Jenny By Nature," First Draft with Corrections: Chapters 1-5 and Front Matter , 1961
  • Folder: 41 , "Jenny By Nature," First Draft with Corrections: Chapters 6-10 , 1961
  • Folder: 42 , "Jenny By Nature," First Draft with Corrections: Chapters 11-End , 1961
  • Folder: 43 , "Jenny By Nature," Printer's Mss: Chapters 1-5 , 1961
  • Folder: 44 , "Jenny By Nature," Printer's Mss: Chapters 6-10 , 1961
  • Folder: 45 , "Jenny By Nature," Printer's Mss: Chapters 11-End , 1961

Box: 30, Dates: 1935-1952

Manuscripts by Erskine Caldwell

Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1 , "Journeyman," Page Proofs with Corrections: Chapters 1-7 , 1935
  • Folder: 2 , "Journeyman," Page Proofs with Corrections: Chapters 8-12 , 1935
  • Folder: 3 , "Journeyman," Page Proofs with Corrections: Chapters 12-End , 1935
  • Folder: 4 , "Journeyman," Page Proofs: Chapters 1-7 , 1935
  • Folder: 5 , "Journeyman," Page Proofs: Chapters 8-12 , 1935
  • Folder: 6 , "Journeyman," Page Proofs: Chapters 12- End , 1935
  • Folder: 7 , "Journeyman," Page Proofs: Chapters 1-10 , 1935
  • Folder: 8 , "Journeyman," Page Proofs: Chapters 11-End , 1935
  • Folder: 9 , "Journeyman," Incomplete Page Proofs: Pages 57-104 , 1935
  • Folder: 10 , "Journeyman," Incomplete Page Proofs: Pages 9-20, 129-140, 177-188, 213-224 , 1935
  • Folder: 11 , "Journeyman," Front Matter , 1935
  • Folder: 12 , "Journeyman," Printers Mss with Corrections: Chapter 1-7 , 1935
  • Folder: 13 , "Journeyman," Printers Mss with Corrections: Chapter 8-13 , 1935
  • Folder: 14 , "Journeyman," Printers Mss with Corrections: Chapter 14-End , 1935
  • Folder: 15 , "A Lamp For Nightfall," First Draft with Corrections: Chapter 18 (incomplete) , 1952
  • Folder: 16 , "A Lamp For Nightfall," First Draft with Corrections: Chapter 19 (incomplete) , 1952
  • Folder: 17 , "A Lamp For Nightfall," First Draft with Corrections: Chapter 20 (incomplete) , 1952
  • Folder: 18 , "A Lamp For Nightfall," First Draft with Corrections: Chapter 21 (incomplete) , 1952
  • Folder: 19 , "A Lamp For Nightfall," First Draft with Corrections: Chapter 22 (incomplete) , 1952
  • Folder: 20 , "A Lamp For Nightfall," Typescript: Chapter 1-5 , 1952
  • Folder: 21 , "A Lamp For Nightfall," Typescript: Chapter 6-13 , 1952
  • Folder: 22 , "A Lamp For Nightfall," Typescript: Chapter 14-22 (End) , 1952
  • Folder: 23 , "A Lamp For Nightfall," Mimeograph Typescript: Chapters 1-7 , 1952
  • Folder: 24 , "A Lamp For Nightfall," Mimeograph Typescript: Chapters 8-14 , 1952
  • Folder: 25 , "A Lamp For Nightfall," Mimeograph Typescript: Chapters 15-22 (End) , 1952
  • Folder: 26 , "A Lamp For Nightfall," Printer's Mss: Chapters 1-4 , 1952
  • Folder: 27 , "A Lamp For Nightfall," Printer's Mss: Chapters 5-9 , 1952
  • Folder: 28 , "A Lamp For Nightfall," Printer's Mss: Chapters 10-14 , 1952
  • Folder: 29 , "A Lamp For Nightfall," Printer's Mss: Chapters 14 - End , 1952
  • Folder: 30 , "The Last Night of Summer," First Draft with corrections: Part 1-5 , 1963
  • Folder: 31 , "The Last Night of Summer," First Draft with corrections: Part 5-10 , 1963
  • Folder: 32 , "The Last Night of Summer," Printer's Mss: Parts 1-3 with Front Material , 1963
  • Folder: 33 , "The Last Night of Summer," Printer's Mss: Parts 4-6 , 1963
  • Folder: 34 , "The Last Night of Summer," Printer's Mss: Parts 7 -End , 1963
  • Folder: 35 , "Love and Money," First Draft with Corrections: Chapters 1-8 , 1954
  • Folder: 36 , "Love and Money," First Draft with Corrections: Chapters 9- End , 1954
  • Folder: 37 , "Love and Money," Second Draft with Corrections: Chapters 1-7 , 1954
  • Folder: 38 , "Love and Money," Second Draft with Corrections: Chapters 8-End , 1954
  • Folder: 39 , "Love and Money," Printer's Mss: Chapter 1-6 , 1954
  • Folder: 40 , "Love and Money," Printer's Mss: Chapter 7-11 , 1954
  • Folder: 41 , "Love and Money," Printer's Mss: Chapter 12-End , 1954

Box: 31, Dates: 1930-1967

Manuscripts by Erskine Caldwell

Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1 , "Miss Mama Aimee," First Draft with Corrections: Chapters 1-5 , 1967
  • Folder: 2 , "Miss Mama Aimee," First Draft with Corrections: Chapters 6-9 , 1967
  • Folder: 3 , "Miss Mama Aimee," Second Draft with Corrections: Chapters 1-5 , 1967
  • Folder: 4 , "Miss Mama Aimee," Second Draft with Corrections: Chapters 6-10 , 1967
  • Folder: 5 , "Miss Mama Aimee," Third Draft with Corrections: Chapters 1-9 , 1967
  • Folder: 6 , "Miss Mama Aimee," Third Draft with Corrections: Chapters 10-19 , 1967
  • Folder: 7 , "Miss Mama Aimee," Printer's Mss: Front Matter , 1967
  • Folder: 8 , "Miss Mama Aimee," Printer's Mss: Chapters 1-6 , 1967
  • Folder: 9 , "Miss Mama Aimee," Printer's Mss: Chapters 7-12 , 1967
  • Folder: 10 , "Miss Mama Aimee," Printer's Mss: Chapters 13-End , 1967
  • Folder: 11 , "Moscow Under Fire," Broadcast Typescripts with Corrections: 31 June - 17 July , 1941
  • Folder: 12 , "Moscow Under Fire," Broadcast Typescripts with Corrections: 18 July - 3 Aug , 1941
  • Folder: 13 , "Moscow Under Fire," Broadcast Typescripts with Corrections: 4 Aug - 1 Oct , 1941
  • Folder: 14 , "Moscow Under Fire," Final Typescripts: 26 June - 25 July , 1941
  • Folder: 15 , "Moscow Under Fire," Final Typescripts: 26 July - 1 September , 1941
  • Folder: 16 , "North of the Danube," Final Typescripts , 1939
  • Folder: 17 , "North of the Danube," Front Matter: Content, Model Pages, Quotations List , 1939
  • Folder: 18 , "North of the Danube," Front Matter: Lists of Illustrations, Captions , 1939
  • Folder: 19 , "North of the Danube," Gallery Proofs , 1939
  • Folder: 20 , "North of the Danube," Set #1 Page Proofs with Corrections: Chapters 1-5 , 1939
  • Folder: 21 , "North of the Danube," Set #1 Page Proofs with Corrections: Chapters 6-8 , 1939
  • Folder: 22 , "North of the Danube," Set #2 Page Proofs , 1939
  • Folder: 23 , "North of the Danube," Setting Proofs: Chapter 1, Front Matter Only , 1939
  • Folder: 24 , "North of the Danube," Set #1 Photo Proofs , 1939
  • Folder: 25 , "Place Called Esterville, A," First Draft with Corrections: Part I , 1949
  • Folder: 26 , "Place Called Esterville, A," First Draft with Corrections: Part II , 1949
  • Folder: 27 , "Place Called Esterville, A," First Draft with Corrections: Part III , 1949
  • Folder: 28 , "Place Called Esterville, A," Second Draft with Corrections: Part I , 1949
  • Folder: 29 , "Place Called Esterville, A," Second Draft with Corrections: Part II , 1949
  • Folder: 30 , "Place Called Esterville, A," Second Draft with Corrections: Part III , 1949
  • Folder: 31 , "Place Called Esterville, A," Printer's Mss: Part I, Front Matter , 1949
  • Folder: 32 , "Place Called Esterville, A," Printer's Mss: Part II , 1949
  • Folder: 33 , "Place Called Esterville, A," Printer's Mss: Part III , 1949
  • Folder: 34 , "Poor Fool," Mimeograph Typescript with Corrections , 1930
  • Folder: 35 , "Sacrilege of Alan Kent, The," Xerox Copy of Chapter 2 , 1936
  • Folder: 36 , "Say, Is This the USA," Earlier/Incomplete Typescript (New Beginning Added) , 1941
  • Folder: 37 , "Say, Is This the USA," Later Typescript with Corrections , 1941
  • Folder: 38 , "Say, Is This the USA," Final Typescript , 1941
  • Folder: 39 , "Say, Is This the USA," Photo Captions , 1941
  • Folder: 40 , "Some American People," First Draft of Part II , 1941
  • Folder: 41 , "Some American People," Typescript (with Original Title, "The American Version"): Parts I-XII , 1941
  • Folder: 42 , "Some American People," Typescript (with Original Title, "The American Version"): Parts XIII-XXIV , 1941

Box: 32, Dates: 1932-1969

Manuscripts by Erskine Caldwell

Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1 , "Southways," Page Proofs , 1938
  • Folder: 2 , "Southways," Set #2 Page Proofs; "A Small Day," "The Negro in the Well," "Nine Dollars Worth of Mumble," "Carnival," "Hamrick's Polar Bear," "Snacker" , 1938
  • Folder: 3 , "Southways," Set #2 Page Proofs; "The Fly in the Coffin," "Uncle Henry's Love Nest," "Return to Lavinia," "New Cabin," "The Sunfield" , 1938
  • Folder: 4 , "Southways," Set #2 Page Proofs; "The Night My Old Man Came Home," "Runaway," "Return to Lavinia," "A Knife to Cut the Cornbread with," "Wild Flowers," "Man & Woman" , 1938
  • Folder: 5 , "Southways," Gallery Proofs , 1938
  • Folder: 6 , "Southways," Front Matter , 1938
  • Folder: 7 , "Southways," Printer's Mss: "A Small Day" and Front Matter , 1938
  • Folder: 8 , "Southways," Printer's Mss: "The Negro in the Well" (First Printing-"Atlantic" 1935) , 1938
  • Folder: 9 , "Southways," Printer's Mss: "Nine Dollars Worth of Mumble" , 1938
  • Folder: 10 , "Southways," Printer's Mss: "Carnival" (First Printing-"Pictorial" 1936) , 1938
  • Folder: 11 , "Southways," Printer's Mss: "Snacker" , 1938
  • Folder: 12 , "Southways," Printer's Mss: "Hamrick's Polar Bear" , 1938
  • Folder: 13 , "Southways," Printer's Mss: "The Fly in the Coffin" (First Printing-"Pictorial" 1936) , 1938s
  • Folder: 14 , "Southways," Printer's Mss: "Uncle Henry's Love Nest" , 1938
  • Folder: 15 , "Southways," Printer's Mss: "Return to Lavinia" (First Printing-"Esquire" 1936) , 1938
  • Folder: 16 , "Southways," Printer's Mss: "New Cabin" (First Printing-"College Humor" 1936) , 1938
  • Folder: 17 , "Southways," Printer's Mss: "The Sunfield" , 1938
  • Folder: 18 , "Southways," Printer's Mss: "The Night My Old Man Came Home" , 1938
  • Folder: 19 , "Southways," Printer's Mss: "Runaway" , 1938
  • Folder: 20 , "Southways," Printer's Mss: "A Knife to Cut the Cornbread with" (First Printed-"Direction" 1938) , 1938
  • Folder: 21 , "Southways," Printer's Mss: "Wildflowers" , 1938
  • Folder: 22 , "Southways," Printer's Mss: "Man & Woman" (First Printed-"New Yorker") , 1938
  • Folder: 23 , "Summertime Island," First Draft with Corrections: Chapter 1-5 , 1968
  • Folder: 24 , "Summertime Island," First Draft with Corrections: Chapter 6-End , 1968
  • Folder: 25 , "Sure Hand of God, The": First Draft with Corrections: Chapters 1-9 , 1947
  • Folder: 26 , "Sure Hand of God, The": First Draft with Corrections: Chapters 10-End , 1947
  • Folder: 27 , "Sure Hand of God, The": Second Draft: Chapters 1-9 , 1947
  • Folder: 28 , "Sure Hand of God, The": Second Draft: Chapters 10-End , 1947
  • Folder: 29 , "This Very Earth," Printer's Mss with Corrections: Chapters 1-6 , 1948
  • Folder: 30 , "This Very Earth," Printer's Mss with Corrections: Chapters 7-12 , 1948
  • Folder: 31 , "This Very Earth," Printer's Mss with Corrections: Chapters 13-End , 1948
  • Folder: 32 , "Three By Caldwell," Setting Copy for Front Matter , 1960
  • Folder: 33 , "Tragic Ground," Printer's Mss: Chapters 1-6 , 1944
  • Folder: 34 , "Tragic Ground," Printer's Mss: Chapters 7-11 , 1944
  • Folder: 35 , "Tragic Ground," Printer's Mss: Chapters 12-Ed , 1944
  • Folder: 36 , "Tobacco Road," Second Draft with Corrections: Chapters 1-6, Front Matter , 1932
  • Folder: 37 , "Tobacco Road," Second Draft with Corrections: Chapters 7-13 , 1932
  • Folder: 38 , "Tobacco Road," Second Draft with Corrections: Chapters 14-End , 1932
  • Folder: 39 , "Trouble in July," Printer's Mss with Corrections: Chapters 1-5 , 1940
  • Folder: 40 , "Trouble in July," Printer's Mss with Corrections: Chapters 6-12 , 1940
  • Folder: 41 , "Trouble in July," Printer's Mss with Corrections: Chapters 13-End , 1940
  • Folder: 42 , "Weather Shelter, The," Printer's Mss with Corrections: Chapters 1-6, Front Matter , 1969
  • Folder: 43 , "Weather Shelter, The," Printer's Mss with Corrections: Chapters 7-End , 1969
  • Folder: 44 , "Weather Shelter, The," First Draft with Corrections: Chapters 1-5, Front Matter , 1969
  • Folder: 45 , "Weather Shelter, The," First Draft with Corrections: Chapters 6-End , 1969
  • Folder: 46 , "Weather Shelter, The," Printer's Mss with Corrections: Chapters 10-End , 1969
  • Folder: 47 , "Year of Living, A," Unpublished Manuscript: Chapter 1 , Undated

Box: 33, Dates: 1937-1959

Manuscripts by Erskine Caldwell

Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1 , "A Year of Living," pp. 1-191, photocopy , undated
  • Folder: 2 , "A Year of Living," pp. 1-290, photocopy , undated
  • Folder: 3 , "You Have Seen Their Faces," Printer's Mss (Text Only): Parts 1-3 , 1937
  • Folder: 4 , "You Have Seen Their Faces," Printer's Mss (Text Only): Parts 4-End , 1937
  • Folder: 5 , "You Have Seen Their Faces," Printer's Mss: Photo Captions , 1937
  • Folder: 6 , "You Have Seen Their Faces," Galley Proofs: Set I , 1937
  • Folder: 7 , "You Have Seen Their Faces," Galley Proofs: Set II , 1937
  • Folder: 8 , "You Have Seen Their Faces," Galley Proofs: Set III , 1937
  • Folder: 9 , "You Have Seen Their Faces," Galley Proofs: Photo Captions, Sets I, II, III , 1937
  • Folder: 10 , "You Have Seen Their Faces," Galley Proofs: Margaret Burke-White's "Notes on Photos" , 1937
  • Folder: 11 , "You Have Seen Their Faces," Page Proofs: No Photos , 1937
  • Folder: 12 , "You Have Seen Their Faces," Page Proofs: Pages 1-111 with Photo Proofs , 1937
  • Folder: 13 , "You Have Seen Their Faces," Page Proofs: Pages 111-End with Photo Proofs , 1937
  • Folder: 14 , "You Have Seen Their Faces," Front Matter , 1937
  • Folder: 15 , You" Have Seen Their Faces," Plate Proofs: Photo Set I , 1937
  • Folder: 16 , "You Have Seen Their Faces," Plate Proofs: Photo Set II , 1937
  • Folder: 17 , "You Have Seen Their Faces," Plate Proofs: Photo Set III , 1937
  • Folder: 18 , "You Have Seen Their Faces," Plate Proofs: Photo Final Set , 1937
  • Folder: 19 , "When You Think of Me," Final Tss with EC Corrections: Part I "The Stories" with Front Matter , 1959
  • Folder: 20 , "When You Think of Me," Final Tss with EC Corrections: Part II "American Sketches" , 1959
  • Folder: 21 , "When You Think of Me," Final Tss with EC Corrections: Part III "Czechoslovakian Sketches" , 1959
  • Folder: 22 , "When You Think of Me," Final Tss with EC Corrections: Part IV "When You Think of Me" , 1959
  • Folder: 23 , "When You Think of Me," First Draft , 1959
  • Folder: 24 , "When You Think of Me," Printer's Tss: Part I "The Stories" with Front Matter , 1959
  • Folder: 25 , "When You Think of Me," Printer's Tss: Part II "American Sketches" , 1959
  • Folder: 26 , "When You Think of Me," Printer's Tss: Part III "Czechoslovakian Sketches" , 1959
  • Folder: 27 , "When You Think of Me," Printer's Tss: Part IV "When You Think of Me" , 1959
  • Folder: 28 , "With All My Might," original version, Tss , undated
  • Folder: 29 , "With All My Might," original version, Tss , undated
  • Folder: 30 , "With All My Might," original version, Tss , undated
  • Folder: 31 , "With All My Might," First draft with corrections , undated
  • Folder: 32 , "With All My Might," First draft with corrections , undated
  • Folder: 33 , "With All My Might," First draft with corrections , undated

Box: 34, Dates: 1941-1970

Manuscripts by Erskine Caldwell

Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1 , "With All My Might," Uncorrected House Copy , undated
  • Folder: 2 , "With All My Might," Uncorrected House Copy , undated
  • Folder: 3 , "With All My Might," Uncorrected House Copy , undated
  • Folder: 4 , "With All My Might," loose pages and notes , undated
  • Folder: 5 , "A Day's Wooing," typescript (Mss 001260), undated
  • Folder: 6 , "Afternoons in Mid-America," photocopy , undated
  • Folder: 7 , "Afternoons in Mid-America," typescript with corrections (1 of 2 ) , undated
  • Folder: 8 , "Afternoons in Mid-America," typescript with corrections (2 of 2), undated
  • Folder: 9 , "Annette," photocopy , undated
  • Folder: 10 , "A Professional Other Woman," typescript , undated
  • Folder: 11 , "The Artists," typescript , undated
  • Folder: 12 , "Autobiography," photocopy , undated
  • Folder: 13 , "An Autumn Courtship," typescript , undated
  • Folder: 14 , "Autumn Hill," photocopy , undated
  • Folder: 15 , "The Automobile That Wouldn't Run," typescript (Mss 930590), 1930
  • Folder: 16 , "Baseball," article for "Sports Illustrated," with correspondence , 1970
  • Folder: 17 , "The Big Wolf and the Little Dog," a story for Janet Caldwell, unpublished, photocopy , undated
  • Folder: 18 , " The Biltman Story," typescript , undated
  • Folder: 19 , "Blue Boy," typescript , 1935
  • Folder: 20 , "The Bogus Ones," typescript, unpublished , undated
  • Folder: 21 , "Christmas in Russia," typescript with letter from Alice Dixon Bond (Mss 942607.1), 1942
  • Folder: 22 , "City of Deep Anger," photocopy , 1941
  • Folder: 23 , Article on Contemporary American Literature for "Chicago Sun" , 1942
  • Folder: 24 , "Crossing Kansas," unpublished, photocopy , undated
  • Folder: 25 , "Country Full of Swedes," typescript , circa 1961
  • Folder: 26 , "The Deer at our House," typescript , undated
  • Folder: 27 , Article on Defense Saving Program/Treasury Department, typescript , 1942
  • Folder: 28 , "The Dog Who Wants to Swim Like a Fish," typescript , undated
  • Folder: 29 , "Fiesta in the Desert," photocopy , undated
  • Folder: 30 , "The Flatlands," unpublished, photocopy , undated
  • Folder: 31 , "The Flatlands (If Only to Remember)," typescript, unpublished , undated
  • Folder: 32 , "If Only to Remember the Flatlands," unpublished, photocopy , undated
  • Folder: 33 , "The Fried Chicken Route," for "Family Weekly," typescript , 1969
  • Folder: 34 , "The Future of the American Negro," First Draft , 1965
  • Folder: 35 , "The Future of the American Negro," Second and Third Drafts , 1965
  • Folder: 36 , Notebook: "The Mosquito Spring," L.O.G. , undated

Box: 35, Dates: 1937-1969

Manuscripts by Erskine Caldwell

Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1 , "God's Little Acre," screenplay treatment with letter to Matthew J. Bruccoli , 1969
  • Folder: 2 , "God's Little Acre," screenplay treatment , undated
  • Folder: 3 , "Grant Street Boys," treatment , 1943
  • Folder: 4 , "Here and Today," for "Harper's Bazaar," typescript (Mss 001817), 1937
  • Folder: 5 , "The Home Front," for "This Week," typescript , 1942
  • Folder: 6 , "Kathyanne and the Piggy Bank," typescript , undated
  • Folder: 7 , "The Light," typescript (Mss 001818), undated
  • Folder: 8 , "Look Homeward, Angel," typescript, first draft , undated
  • Folder: 9 , "Look Homeward, Angel," screenplay, first draft, based on a novel by Thomas Wolfe, shooting script , undated
  • Folder: 10 , "Look Homeward, Angel," screenplay, first draft, based on a novel by Thomas Wolfe , undated
  • Folder: 11 , "Mission to Moscow," treatment, first draft , 1942
  • Folder: 12 , "Mission to Moscow," screenplay, first draft , undated
  • Folder: 13 , "Mister Mittens and Johnny Mittens," typescript , undated
  • Folder: 14 , "Moly Cottontail," typescript , 1958
  • Folder: 15 , "My Old Man," typescript , undated
  • Folder: 16 , "Nine Dollars Worth of Mumble," in "Southways," , 1938
  • Folder: 17 , "The Night of the Flood," unfinished , undated
  • Folder: 18 , "The Papa-A Play in One Act," typescript , undated
  • Folder: 19 , "Point Hope Christmas, 1972," photocopy , undated
  • Folder: 20 , Several articles on Russia, typescripts , undated
  • Folder: 21 , "Scrup, an adaptation of Snacker," typescript , undated
  • Folder: 22 , "The Shooting," typescript , undated
  • Folder: 23 , "Stranger on the Highway," screenplay , 1943
  • Folder: 24 , "The Strong Man of Maxcatan-A Comedy in Two Acts," unpublished, typescript , undated
  • Folder: 25 , "The Strong Man of Maxcatan-A Musical Comedy in Two Acts," unpublished, typescript , undated
  • Folder: 26 , "Torpedo Squadron 8," screenplay , undated
  • Folder: 27 , "Tobacco Road," typescript , undated
  • Folder: 28 , "Uncle Moses' Love Nest," inn "Southways," typescript (Mss 001814), undated
  • Folder: 29 , Unfinished short story, typescript , undated
  • Folder: 30 , Untitled short story, typescript , undated
  • Folder: 31 , Untitled article, photocopy , undated
  • Folder: 32 , "Viva! Viva! - A Musical Comedy in Two Acts," typescript , undated
  • Folder: 33 , "What Editors Want," typescript (Mss 931476), 1931
  • Folder: 34 , "When You Think of Me," motion picture story idea, typescript , undated
  • Folder: 35 , "Where the Girls are Different," typescript (Mss 001261), undated
  • Folder: 36 , "The Young Days of Newspapering," unpublished, photocopy , undated
  • Folder: 37 , Article or speech for Council of Democracy , 1942
  • Folder: 38 , Articles on the South's sharecroppers, 1935, photocopy , undated
  • Folder: 39 , Miscellaneous short stories, typescripts , circa 1949
  • Folder: 40 , Introductions and prefaces, typescripts , circa 1949-1951
  • Folder: 41 , Miscellaneous articles and essays, typescripts , 1955-1959
  • Folder: 42 , Essays on writing and addresses to universities and colleges, typescripts , circa 1958
  • Folder: 43 , Lectures and essays delivered in Georgia, typescripts , circa 1963
  • Folder: 44 , Articles, essays and introductions, typescripts , 1963-1969
  • Folder: 45 , Articles, prefaces, and essays, typescripts , 1972-1979
  • Folder: 46 , Articles, essays and introductions, typescripts , 1083-1986
  • Folder: 47 , Articles, essays and introductions, typescripts , undated
  • Folder: 48 , Miscellaneous fragments of Caldwell's writings , undated
  • Folder: 49 , Other writings by Caldwell, photocopies , undated
  • Folder: 50 , "The Art, Craft and Personality of Writing," in "The Texas Quarterly , 1964
  • Folder: 51 , "Warm River," from "We are the Living," 1933, photocopy , 1968
  • Folder: 52 , Article for N.A.L. requested by Jay Tower , 1957

Box: 36, Dates: 1941-1988

Manuscripts by Erskine Caldwell

Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1 , Book Reviews by Erskine Caldwell , circa 1932-1961
  • Folder: 2 , "Talk," workshop, Addresses by Erskine Caldwell , undated
  • Folder: 3 , Poems written by Caldwell in Maine , undated
  • Folder: 4 , Synopses of Caldwell's writings, photocopies , undated
  • Folder: 5 , Notes on a story for "McCall's" regarding farming in the Midwest, typescript , 1941
  • Folder: 6 , Speech: Fifth International Writer's Meeting with newspaper in Turkish , 1984
  • Folder: 7 , Radio Announcement by Erskine Caldwell for United States Treasury , undated
  • Folder: 8 , Lectures: Harvard , 1952
  • Folder: 9 , Interviews: Miscellaneous interview transcripts , 1955-1987
  • Folder: 10 , Interviews: "The Writer Speaks," interview by The New American Library, transcript , 1962
  • Folder: 11 , Interviews: Erskine Caldwell interviewed by William Aydelott and Christopher R. Brewster, transcript , 1973
  • Folder: 12 , Interviews: Michael Bandry interview with Erskine Caldwell, University of Nice, transcript , 1975
  • Folder: 13 , Interviews: Broadwell & Hoag interview with Erskine Caldwell, transcript , 1980
  • Folder: 14 , Interviews: Interview with Erskine Caldwell by Edwin T. Arnold, transcript , 1986
  • Folder: 15 , Interviews: Interview conducted by Edwin T. Arnold for "Argosy" , 1986
  • Folder: 16 , Interviews: Interview with Virginia Caldwell by Edwin T. Arnold, transcript , 1988
  • Folder: 17 , Dove Audio Presents "God's Little Acre," by Erskine Caldwell, transcript, abridged by Julie Price , 1995
  • Folder: 18 , Interviews: Interview for the "Georgia Review," transcript , undated
  • Folder: 19 , Interviews: "An Interview with Erskine Caldwell ," by Bill Peck, transcript , undated
  • Folder: 20 , Interviews with Helen Caldwell Cushman, transcript , 1977
  • Folder: 21 , Flash cards for talk by Erskine Caldwell on Soviet Union , undated
  • Folder: 22 , Manuscript: "Writing in America (Collection of Caldwell speeches), typescript with corrections , undated
  • Folder: 23 , Galleys: Collection of Short Stories by Erskine Caldwell (1 of 8) , undated
  • Folder: 24 , Galleys: Collection of Short Stories by Erskine Caldwell (2 of 8) , undated
  • Folder: 25 , Galleys: Collection of Short Stories by Erskine Caldwell (3 of 8) , undated
  • Folder: 26 , Galleys: Collection of Short Stories by Erskine Caldwell (4 of 8) , undated
  • Folder: 27 , Galleys: Collection of Short Stories by Erskine Caldwell (5 of 8) , undated
  • Folder: 28 , Galleys: Collection of Short Stories by Erskine Caldwell (6 of 8) , undated
  • Folder: 29 , Galleys: Collection of Short Stories by Erskine Caldwell (7 of 8) , undated
  • Folder: 30 , Galleys: Collection of Short Stories by Erskine Caldwell (8 of 8) , undated

Box: 37, Dates: 1942-1992

Manuscripts by Erskine Caldwell

Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1 , Galleys: "Afternoons in Mid America" (1 of 2) , 1976
  • Folder: 2 , Galleys: "Afternoons in Mid America" (2 of 2) , 1976
  • Folder: 3 , Pencil Sketches by Caldwell depicting landscapes and Native Americans in Mississippi, Arkansas, Missouri, Minnesota, Iowa, South Dakota, Nebraska and Kansas , undated
  • Folder: 4 , Bio: Typescript by Ronald Wesley Hoag , 1982
  • Folder: 5 , Manuscript: "Russia at War," radio talk , 1942
  • Folder: 6 , Miscellaneous memorabilia, catalogues, envelopes , circa 1992
  • Folder: 7 , Short Stories by Erskine Caldwell, photocopies , undated
  • Folder: 8 , Content pages and inventories of Caldwell's works , undated
  • Folder: 9 , Galley: "How to Live Like an Author" , 1959

Box: 38, Dates: 1933-2000

Manuscripts by Others

Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1 , "God's Little Acre," by Marcel Duhamel from the novel by Erskine Caldwell , 1954
  • Folder: 2 , "God's Little Acre - A Three Act Play," by Marcel Duhamel from the novel by Erskine Caldwell , undated
  • Folder: 3 , "God's Little Acre - A Three Act Play," by Marcel Duhamel from the novel by Erskine Caldwell , undated
  • Folder: 4 , "God's Little Acre - A Three Act Play," by Marcel Duhamel from the novel by Erskine Caldwell, de Vogel version , undated
  • Folder: 5 , "God's Little Acre - A Three Act Play," by Howard Richardson and Frances Goforth based on a novel by Erskine Caldwell , 1961
  • Folder: 6 , "God's Little Acre - A Three Act Play," by Howard Richardson and Frances Goforth based on a novel by Erskine Caldwell , 1963
  • Folder: 7 , "God's Little Acre - A Three Act Play," by Howard Richardson and Frances Goforth based on a novel by Erskine Caldwell , undated
  • Folder: 8 , "God's Little Acre - A Play," by Emjo Basshe based on a novel by Erskine Caldwell , 1935
  • Folder: 9 , "God's Little Acre - A Play," by Emjo Basshe based on a novel by Erskine Caldwell , 1935
  • Folder: 10 , "God's Little Acre - A Play with Music," by Alvin G. Manuel based on a novel by Erskine Caldwell , 1974
  • Folder: 11 , "Roughshod," treatment by Harry Behn, original story by Erskine Caldwell , 1933
  • Folder: 12 , "Poor Fool," screenplay by Brian McKay from the novel by Erskine Caldwell , 1971
  • Folder: 13 , "Storyteller: A Life of Erskine Caldwell," by C.J. Stevens (1of 3) , circa 2000
  • Folder: 14 , "Storyteller: A Life of Erskine Caldwell," by C.J. Stevens (2of 3) , circa 2000
  • Folder: 15 , "Storyteller: A Life of Erskine Caldwell," by C.J. Stevens (3of 3) , circa 2000
  • Folder: 16 , "Jeeter - A Musical based on "Tobacco Road," by Dan Elliot, Joan Wile, Haila Stoddard, Jom Campbell , undated
  • Folder: 17 , "Tobacco Road," by Haila Stoddard, adapted from a novel by Erskine Caldwell , undated
  • Folder: 18 , "Tobacco Road - A Musical," by Haila Stoddard, based on a novel by Erskine Caldwell, with letter from Samuel French (2002) , 1974-2002
  • Folder: 19 , "Tobacco Road," screenplay by Jack Kirkland based on a novel by Erskine Caldwell, with program , 1984
  • Folder: 20 , "In Defense of Himself: Selected Letters by Erskine Caldwell, 1929-1955," by Robert L. McDonald (1 of 2) , 199
  • Folder: 21 , "In Defense of Himself: Selected Letters by Erskine Caldwell, 1929-1955," by Robert L. McDonald (2 of 2) , 1994
  • Folder: 22 , "Selected Letters of Erskine Caldwell, 1929-1955," by Robert L. McDonald (1 of 3) , undated
  • Folder: 23 , "Selected Letters of Erskine Caldwell, 1929-1955," by Robert L. McDonald (2 of 3) , undated
  • Folder: 24 , "Selected Letters of Erskine Caldwell, 1929-1955," by Robert L. McDonald (3 of 3) , undated
  • Folder: 25 , "My Old Man's Balling Machine," A Play by Jack Patrick based Erskine Caldwell's "Georgia Boy" Script 1 , undated
  • Folder: 26 , "The Aggravating Goats," A Play by Jack Patrick based Erskine Caldwell's "Georgia Boy" Script 2 , undated
  • Folder: 27 , "My Old Man's Balling Machine," and "The Aggravating Goats," teleplay by Jack Patrick adapted from "Georgia Boy," by Erskine Caldwell , undated
  • Folder: 28 , "My Old Man's Balling Machine," and "The Aggravating Goats," teleplay by Jack Patrick adapted from "Georgia Boy," by Erskine Caldwell , undated

Box: 39, Dates: 1944-1981

Manuscripts by Others

Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1 , "Who is Afraid the Jeeter Lesters," by Giordano de Biasio, circa 1978, photocopy , undated
  • Folder: 2 , "Literary Criticism: A Soviet Critic on Erskine Caldwell," translated by Vladimir Talmy, 1963, photocopy , undated
  • Folder: 3 , "Caldwell's Characters: Why don't they leave," by Robert Cantwell, reprint , 1957
  • Folder: 4 , "A Letter from the Georgia Collection," Universities of Georgia Libraries , 1977
  • Folder: 5 , "Erskine Caldwell - The Writer of Short Stories," by Ivan Kashin, in Russian with translation , 1941
  • Folder: 6 , "Erskine Caldwell: His Life, His Work, His Genius," by Bill Yaman, 1997, photocopy , undated
  • Folder: 7 , Tribute to Erskine Caldwell, photocopy , undated
  • Folder: 8 , "Application and the Artist: Erskine Caldwell," by Michael Dorn , 1958
  • Folder: 9 , "Tragic Ground Trouble in July," introduction by Calder Willingham, 1978, photocopy , undated
  • Folder: 10 , "American Earth, 1903-1937," by Mark Saha, adapted from a short story by Erskine Caldwell , undated
  • Folder: 11 , "Certain Women - A Screen Adaptation," by Mark Saha based on a story by Erskine Caldwell , undated
  • Folder: 12 , Book of Poems by Krassin Himmirsky , 1981
  • Folder: 13 , "The Time of Our Lives," by Mark Saha and Gary L. Baim , 1988
  • Folder: 14 , "Portrait of an Outsider - Biography of Jim Aswell," by Joe Johnson with letter from Erskine Caldwell , 1981
  • Folder: 15 , "Citizen of the World," original story for film by Piero Tellini , 1948
  • Folder: 16 , "Journeyman," adapted for the stage by John M. Bay, based on a book by Erskine Caldwell , undated
  • Folder: 17 , "Journeyman - A Play in Three Acts," adapted by Alfred Hayes and Leon Alexander , undated
  • Folder: 18 , "Trouble in July," by Owen Steele , undated
  • Folder: 19 , "The Sure Hand of God - A Play," by Minnie Danzas and Marcel Duhamel from the novel by Erskine Caldwell , undated
  • Folder: 20 , "The Sure Hand of God - A Play," by Minnie Danzas and Marcel Duhamel from the novel by Erskine Caldwell , undated
  • Folder: 21 , "The Sure Hand of God - A Play," by Minnie Danzas and Marcel Duhamel from the novel by Erskine Caldwell , undated
  • Folder: 22 , "Kneel to the Rising Sun," by Ray McIver, based on a short story by Erskine Caldwell , undated
  • Folder: 23 , "Novels and Short Stories," edited with a preface by I.A. Kashkin, translated from the Russian by Robert Lewis , 1956
  • Folder: 24 , Review of Erskine Caldwell in Warsaw, translated from "Rzeczpospolita" , 1949
  • Folder: 25 , "Erskine Caldwell," by Henry Seidel Canby , 1944
  • Folder: 26 , Introductions by others to Caldwell books , circa 1961
  • Folder: 27 , "An Evening with Erskine Caldwell - Four Plays by Ray McIver based on short stories by Erskine Caldwell , undated
  • Folder: 28 , "The Ballad of Candy Man Beecham," by Ray McIver based on a short story by Erskine Caldwell , undated
  • Folder: 29 , "The Fly in the Coffin," by Ray McIver based on a short story by Erskine Caldwell , undated
  • Folder: 30 , "August Afternoon - A One Act Play," by Ray McIver based on a short story by Erskine Caldwell , undated
  • Folder: 31 , "The Craftsmanship of Erskine Caldwell's Realistic Short Story," by Anatoly A. Kaduk, 1978, photocopy , undated
  • Folder: 32 , "Erskine Caldwell's Real and Fictional Women," by Harry L. Klevar , undated
  • Folder: 33 , Paper on Erskine Caldwell by Frank Daniel for "Atlanta," 1968, photocopy , undated
  • Folder: 34 , "Erskine Caldwell," Keiwa College, Japan, reprint , 1985
  • Folder: 35 , "Caldwell at Dartmouth," by Henry Terrie , undated
  • Folder: 36 , "Tobacco Road" project, preliminary proposal by Kenneth Ott, 1978, photocopy , undated
  • Folder: 37 , Miscellaneous adaptations of Erskine Caldwell's writings , 1949-1984
  • Folder: 38 , Reviews by others of Erskine Caldwell's writings , undated
  • Folder: 39 , Miscellaneous writings about Erskine Caldwell by others , undated
  • Folder: 40 , "Daughter," by Peter Martin, based on a story by Erskine Caldwell , undated
  • Folder: 41 , "Some Things Holy in a Godforsaken Land," by Harry Klevar , 1980
  • Folder: 42 , Bio of Erskine Caldwell for "Encyclopedia of World Literature in the 20th Century" , 1980
  • Folder: 43 , "The American Man of Letters - A Literary Fable," by Betty Pistarfi, 1964, photocopy , undated
  • Folder: 44 , "Erskine Caldwell - A Biographical Sketch," by Donald R. Noble , circa 1978
  • Folder: 45 , "Erskine Caldwell - A Bibliography," compiled Richard Harwell, James A. Taylor Jr., Thomas F. Deitz , 1980
  • Folder: 46 , "Erskine Caldwell - A Bibliography in Japan, 1932-1981," in Japanese , undated
  • Folder: 47 , "Tribute to Erskine Caldwell," by John Hersey, 1987, photocopy , undated
  • Folder: 48 , "Toward a Reconsideration of Erskine Caldwell," by Joan Peterson, thesis , undated
  • Folder: 49 , "The Letters of Erskine Caldwell and Margaret Bourke-White," by William L. Howard , undated
  • Folder: 50 , "Georgia Boy," by Robert Cantwell , 1961
  • Folder: 51 , "Oedipus Complex of Erskine Caldwell," by Kaname Imanaga , 1961
  • Folder: 52 , Reviews and papers on "Tobacco Road" , 1965-1980
  • Folder: 53 , Notes for film treatment of "In Search of Bisco," by Arthur Hoyle and Harry Robin , 1971
  • Folder: 54 , Papers on Erskine Caldwell by Scott MacDonald , 1974-1977
  • Folder: 55 , "Erskine Caldwell's Journeyman: Comedy as Redemption," by Henry Terrie , circa 1978
  • Folder: 56 , Student critiques of "Tobacco Road," Arkansas Technical University , 1981
  • Folder: 57 , "A Study of Erskine Caldwell (V)," by Miyoko Aomi , 1989
  • Folder: 58 , "Recollection of Erskine Caldwell-A Georgia Hero," by Fujisato Kitajima , 2002
  • Folder: 59 , On Erskine Caldwell in Portuguese and English , 1959

Box: 40, Dates: 1970-1979

Writings and correspondence: William A. Sutton

Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1 , Correspondence regarding biography of Erskine Caldwell , 1970
  • Folder: 2 , Chronology of Erskine Caldwell, 1848-1945 by William A. Sutton , 1970
  • Folder: 3 , Chronology of Erskine Caldwell, 1848-1945 by William A. Sutton , 1970
  • Folder: 4 , William A Sutton Biography of Erskine Caldwell, chapter 2 , 1971
  • Folder: 5 , William A Sutton Biography of Erskine Caldwell, chapter 5 , 1971
  • Folder: 6 , William A Sutton Biography of Erskine Caldwell, chapter 6 , 1971
  • Folder: 7 , William A Sutton Biography of Erskine Caldwell, chapter 7 , 1971
  • Folder: 8 , William A Sutton Biography of Erskine Caldwell, chapter 8 , 1971
  • Folder: 9 , Correspondence regarding biography of Erskine Caldwell , 1971
  • Folder: 10 , Correspondence regarding biography of Erskine Caldwell , 1971
  • Folder: 11 , Correspondence regarding biography of Erskine Caldwell , 1971
  • Folder: 12 , Research material regarding biography of Erskine Caldwell , 1971
  • Folder: 13 , "Georgia on his Mind," by William A. Sutton , 1972
  • Folder: 14 , "The Bogus Ones," by William A. Sutton, photocopy , undated
  • Folder: 15 , "The Sacredly Profane and Profanely Sacred: Flanney...," by H. L. Klevar , 1970
  • Folder: 16 , Essay on Caldwell in "Svetski Pisci Vasi Ucitelji" , 1979

Series 3, Financials, 1935-1997

Contains royalty statements, box office statements, receipts, bills, vouchers, expense accounts, travel documents, insurance and tax documents, real estate and medical documents, account books, ledgers and bank statements, as well as some correspondence related to Caldwell's finances. The material documents the financial aspects of Caldwell's life.

Access Restrictions


Box: 41, Dates: 1935-1969

Financial documents

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Statements and receipts, 1935
  • Folder: 2, Statements and receipts, some in French and Czech, 1937-1940
  • Folder: 3, Authors League of America: Dues and Revenues, 1939-1941
  • Folder: 4, Statements and receipts, 1941
  • Folder: 5, Expenses: Julia Weiss with correspondence, 1942
  • Folder: 6, Statements and receipts, 1942
  • Folder: 7, Statements and receipts, 1942
  • Folder: 8, Expenses: Household, 1943
  • Folder: 9, Expenses: Personal, 1943
  • Folder: 10, Expenses: Professional, 1943
  • Folder: 11, Expenses: Telephone Bills, 1943
  • Folder: 12, Expenses: Automobile, 1943
  • Folder: 13, Statements and receipts, 1943
  • Folder: 14, Correspondence, 1944
  • Folder: 15, Income Vouchers, 1944
  • Folder: 16, Statements and receipts, 1944
  • Folder: 17, Insurance, 1944-1949
  • Folder: 18, Expenses, 1945
  • Folder: 19, Expenses, 1947-1949
  • Folder: 20, Expenses: Professional, 1946
  • Folder: 21, Expenses: Personal, 1946
  • Folder: 22, Expenses: Telephone and Telegraph, 1946
  • Folder: 23, Expenses: Household, 1946
  • Folder: 24, Expenses: Automobiles, 1946
  • Folder: 25, Expenses: Arizona-Phoenix Electric Company, 1946
  • Folder: 26, Expenses: Insurance, 1947
  • Folder: 27, Expenses: Personal, 1947
  • Folder: 28, Expenses: Household, 1947
  • Folder: 29, Expenses: Professional, 1947
  • Folder: 30, Correspondence: Caldwell-Maner Publishing Company, 1947
  • Folder: 31, Expenses: Automobiles, 1947
  • Folder: 32, Expenses: Insurance, 1948-1960
  • Folder: 33, Expenses: Personal, 1948
  • Folder: 34, Expenses: Household, 1948
  • Folder: 35, Expenses: Statements and receipts, 1948
  • Folder: 36, Expenses: Statements and receipts, 1952
  • Folder: 37, KPEO Lawsuit, 1954
  • Folder: 38, Expenses: Statements and receipts, 1956
  • Folder: 39, Correspondence: Olympic Winter Games, 1959
  • Folder: 40, Expenses: Home Entertainment, 1963
  • Folder: 41, Expenses: Personal, 1963
  • Folder: 42, Expenses: Household, 1963
  • Folder: 43, Expensed: Automobile, 1963
  • Folder: 44, Statements and receipts, 1963-1964
  • Folder: 45, Social Security, 1963-1967
  • Folder: 46, Statements and receipts, 1968
  • Folder: 47, Statements and receipts, 1969
  • Folder: 48, Expenses: Garden, 1969

Box: 42, Dates: 1936-1989

Financial documents

Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Expenses: Foreign Currency, 1973-1984
  • Folder: 2, Expenses: Insurance, 1970
  • Folder: 3, Expenses: Credit Cards, 1976
  • Folder: 4, Expenses: Entertainment with photograph, 1977
  • Folder: 5, Expenses: Insurance, 1980
  • Folder: 6, Expenses: Janet Caldwell Gooding, 1981
  • Folder: 7, Expenses: Home Entertainment, 1982
  • Folder: 8, Expenses: Credit Cards, 1983
  • Folder: 9, Expenses: Professional, 1983
  • Folder: 10, Expenses: Entertainment, 1983
  • Folder: 11, Membership cards, 1986
  • Folder: 12, Statements and receipts: Miscellaneous, 1936-1989
  • Folder: 13, Taxes, 1950-1970
  • Folder: 14, Income Tax, 1960
  • Folder: 15, Income Tax, 1962
  • Folder: 16, Taxes, 1965
  • Folder: 17, Income Tax, 1966
  • Folder: 18, Income Tax, 1983
  • Folder: 19, US and State Income Tax Returns, 1964-1974
  • Folder: 20, US and State Income Tax Returns, 1979-1983
  • Folder: 21, Taxes: Correspondence with Owen N. Golden, 1983

Box: 43, Dates: 1941-1981

Expenses: Travel

Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Travel, 1941
  • Folder: 2, Travel, 1942
  • Folder: 3, Travel, 1942
  • Folder: 4, Travel, 1948-1952
  • Folder: 5, Travel, 1960
  • Folder: 6, Travel: Eastern Trip, May, 1960
  • Folder: 7, Travel: Europe, 1961
  • Folder: 8, Travel, 1961
  • Folder: 9, Travel, 1962
  • Folder: 10, Travel: Europe, 1962
  • Folder: 11, Travel, 1962
  • Folder: 12, Travel, 1964
  • Folder: 13, Travel, 1965
  • Folder: 14, Travel, 1966
  • Folder: 15, Travel: Lectures, 1967
  • Folder: 16, Travel, 1967
  • Folder: 17, Travel, 1968
  • Folder: 18, Travel, 1970
  • Folder: 19, Travel: California/Nevada, 1971
  • Folder: 20, Travel: Eastern Europe, 1973
  • Folder: 21, Travel: Poland, 1973
  • Folder: 22, Travel: Department of State, 1973
  • Folder: 23, Travel: Europe, 1976
  • Folder: 24, Travel, 1976
  • Folder: 25, Travel: Alaska, 1979
  • Folder: 26, Travel: Europe II, 1979
  • Folder: 27, Travel: Poland, 1981

Box: 44, Dates: 1941-1986

Expenses: Travel, Real Estate, Medical

Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Travel: University of Virginia, 1981
  • Folder: 2, Travel: Santa Fe, 1981
  • Folder: 3, Travel: New York, 1981
  • Folder: 4, Travel: Las Vegas and Los Angeles, 1981
  • Folder: 5, Travel: Hawaii, 1981
  • Folder: 6, Travel: Ashland and Northwest, 1981
  • Folder: 7, Travel: Northwest, 1981
  • Folder: 8, Travel, 1982
  • Folder: 9, Travel, 1984
  • Folder: 10, Travel: American Academy and University of Georgia, 1985
  • Folder: 11, Travel: Ashland and San Francisco, 1985
  • Folder: 12, Travel: De Kalb, Georgia, 1985
  • Folder: 13, Travel: Fitzgerald, 1985
  • Folder: 14, Travel, 1985
  • Folder: 15, Travel: Mayo Clinic, 1986
  • Folder: 16, Travel: New York and Florida, 1986
  • Folder: 17, Travel: Bulgaria, 1986
  • Folder: 18, Travel: France, 1986
  • Folder: 19, Travel: Florida, 1986
  • Folder: 20, Travel, 1986
  • Folder: 21, Real Estate: Insurance and taxes, 1941-1942
  • Folder: 22, Real Estate: Tucson House, 1942
  • Folder: 23, Real Estate: El Encanto residence, 1946
  • Folder: 24, Real Estate: El Encanto residence, 1948
  • Folder: 25, Real Estate: El Encanto residence, 1949
  • Folder: 26, Real Estate: Catalina FTHLS residence, 1946
  • Folder: 27, Real Estate, 1948
  • Folder: 28, Real Estate: La Paz Property, 1951
  • Folder: 29, Real Estate, 1952
  • Folder: 30, Real Estate, 1952-1954
  • Folder: 31, Real Estate, 1955
  • Folder: 32, Real Estate: Arizona/Tucson properties, 1955
  • Folder: 33, Real Estate, 1956
  • Folder: 34, Real Estate, 1967
  • Folder: 35, Real Estate, 1967-1970
  • Folder: 36, Real Estate, 1969
  • Folder: 37, Real Estate, 1972
  • Folder: 38, Real Estate, 1973
  • Folder: 39, Real Estate, 1975
  • Folder: 40, Real Estate, 19778
  • Folder: 41, Real Estate: Scottsdale Home, 1977
  • Folder: 42, Real Estate, 1978
  • Folder: 43, Real Estate, 1986
  • Folder: 44, Real Estate: Incline Village, 1961
  • Folder: 45, Real Estate: Incline Village, 1962
  • Folder: 46, Real Estate: Incline Village, 1968
  • Folder: 47, Real Estate: Incline Village, 1970
  • Folder: 48, Permanent Portfolio Fund, 1986-1987
  • Folder: 49, Medical, 1963
  • Folder: 50, Medical: Mrs. I.S. Caldwell, 1963
  • Folder: 51, Medical: Mayo Clinic Medical Information, 1976
  • Folder: 52, Medical: Mayo Clinic Medical Information, 1978
  • Folder: 53, Medical: Mayo Clinic Medical Information, 1980
  • Folder: 54, Medical: Mayo Clinic, 1982
  • Folder: 55, Medical, 1982
  • Folder: 56, Medical: May Clinic Medical Information, 1984
  • Folder: 57, Medical: Blue Cross and Blue Shield, 1984
  • Folder: 58, Medical, 1986
  • Folder: 59, Medical: Medicare, 1986
  • Folder: 60, Medical, 1986
  • Folder: 61, Medical: Mayo Clinic, 1986
  • Folder: 62, Medical: Medicare, 1987
  • Folder: 63, Medical: Blue Cross and Blue Shield, 1987
  • Folder: 64, Medical, 1987
  • Folder: 65, Medical, 1987

Box: 45, Dates: 1950-1997

Account Books

Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Account Book (June Caldwell, bookkeeper), 1950
  • Folder: 2, Account Book (VMC, bookkeeper), 1958
  • Folder: 3, Account Book, 1974
  • Folder: 4, Account Book, 1975
  • Folder: 5, Account Book, 1976
  • Folder: 6, Account Book, 1977
  • Folder: 7, Account Book, 1978
  • Folder: 8, Account Book, 1979
  • Folder: 9, Account Book, 1982
  • Folder: 10, Account Book, 1983
  • Folder: 11, Account Book (Erskine and Virginia Caldwell), 1984
  • Folder: 12, Account Book (Erskine and Virginia Caldwell), 1985
  • Folder: 13, Record Book of Mileage, 1985
  • Folder: 14, Account Book (Erskine and Virginia Caldwell), 1986
  • Folder: 15, Account Book (Erskine and Virginia Caldwell), 1987
  • Folder: 16, Account Book (Virginia Caldwell), 1988
  • Folder: 17, Account Book (Virginia Caldwell), 1989
  • Folder: 18, Account Book (Virginia Caldwell), 1991
  • Folder: 19, Account Book (Virginia Caldwell), 1992
  • Folder: 20, Account Book (Virginia Caldwell), 1993
  • Folder: 21, Account Book (Virginia Caldwell), 1994
  • Folder: 22, Account Book (Virginia Caldwell), 1995
  • Folder: 23, Account Book (Virginia Caldwell), 1996
  • Folder: 24, Account Book (Virginia Caldwell), 1997

Box: 46, Dates: 1939-1985

Expense Ledgers

Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Ledger: Domestic Record of Sales, 1939-1959
  • Folder: 2, Ledger: Foreign Record of Sales, circa 1940-1947
  • Folder: 3, Ledger: Domestic Records of Sales, circa 1942-1955
  • Folder: 4, Ledger: Foreign Sale, A-Mc, circa 1943-1959
  • Folder: 5, Ledger: Foreign Sale Mc-Z, circa 1943-1959
  • Folder: 6, Ledger, 1946
  • Folder: 7, Ledger, 1962
  • Folder: 8, Ledger, 1976
  • Folder: 9, Ledger, 1980
  • Folder: 10, Ledger, 1981
  • Folder: 11, Ledger, 1985

Box: 47, Dates: 1935-1987

Bank Statements

Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, First National Granite Bank, 1935
  • Folder: 2, Savings Accounts, 1981
  • Folder: 3, Savings Account, 1982
  • Folder: 4, Valley National Bank of Arizona, 1985
  • Folder: 5, Valley National Bank of Arizona, 1985
  • Folder: 6, Valley National Bank of Arizona, 1985
  • Folder: 7, First Interstate Bank of Arizona, 1985
  • Folder: 8, First Interstate Bank of Arizona, 1985
  • Folder: 9, Valley National Bank of Arizona, 1986
  • Folder: 10, Valley National Bank of Arizona, 1986
  • Folder: 11, First Interstate Bank of Arizona, 1986
  • Folder: 12, First Interstate Bank of Arizona, 1986
  • Folder: 13, First Interstate Bank of Arizona, 1986
  • Folder: 14, Savings Account, 1987
  • Folder: 15, Bank Deposits, 1987
  • Folder: 16, Bank Account: Foreign, 1952
  • Folder: 17, Bank Account: Foreign, 1987

Box: 48, Dates: 1936-1989

Royalty Statements

Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Bulgaria, 1961
  • Folder: 2, Czecheslovakia, 1947-1975
  • Folder: 3, Denmark, 1945-1968
  • Folder: 4, England, 1968-1988
  • Folder: 5, Finland, 1947-1977
  • Folder: 6, France, 1948-1989
  • Folder: 7, Germany, 1948-1989
  • Folder: 8, Hungary, 1948-1979
  • Folder: 9, Italy, 1945-1986
  • Folder: 10, Japan, 1950-1990
  • Folder: 11, Netherlands, 1960-1978
  • Folder: 12, Norway, 1949-1982
  • Folder: 13, Portugal, 1947-1981
  • Folder: 14, Poland, 1949-1974
  • Folder: 15, Spain, 1944-1986
  • Folder: 16, Sweden, 1947-1988
  • Folder: 17, Accounts: "God Little Acres's", 1958
  • Folder: 18, Little Brown & Company, 1960-1991
  • Folder: 19, Open Market, 1960-1969
  • Folder: 20, Domestic, 1964-1990
  • Folder: 21, "Last Night of Summer," "Close to Home," Worldwide, NAL, 1966-1979
  • Folder: 22, Domestic Reprints NAL, 1966-1989
  • Folder: 23, Weybright and Talley, 1968-1969
  • Folder: 24, New American Library, NAL , 1965
  • Folder: 25, Laurence Pollinger, 1970
  • Folder: 26, Alvin G. Manuel, United Artists Corp., 1972
  • Folder: 27, Miscellaneous statements, 1974-1979
  • Folder: 28, Miscellaneous statements, domestic, 1989
  • Folder: 29, Miscellaneous statements, 1960-1967
  • Folder: 30, United Artists Corporation, 1965
  • Folder: 31, Ernest Pollinger, 1983-1987
  • Folder: 32, Miscellaneous statements, 1984
  • Folder: 33, Miscellaneous statements, 1971-1975
  • Folder: 34, Anthologies, 1991
  • Folder: 35, Box Office Statements: "Tobacco Road", 1936
  • Folder: 36, Box Office Statements: "Tobacco Road", 1937
  • Folder: 41, Box Office Statements: "Tobacco Road", 1941

Box: 49, Dates: 1941-1977

Royalty Statements and Financials

Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Royalty Statements: Box Office Statements: "Tobacco Road", 1941
  • Folder: 2, Royalty Statements: Box Office Statements: "Tobacco Road", 1942
  • Folder: 3, Royalty Statements: Box Office Statements: "Tobacco Road", 1943
  • Folder: 4, Royalty Statements: Box Office Statements: "Tobacco Road", 1943
  • Folder: 5, Royalty Statements: Box Office Statements: "Tobacco Road", 1944
  • Folder: 6, Royalty Statements: Box Office Statements: "Tobacco Road", 1945
  • Folder: 7, Box Office Statements: "Tobacco Road", 1946
  • Folder: 8, Box Office Statements: "Tobacco Road", 1947
  • Folder: 9, Box Office Statements: "Tobacco Road," MCA Management, 1949
  • Folder: 10, Royalty Statements: Box Office Statements: "Tobacco Road", 1950-1974
  • Folder: 11, Royalty Statements: "Tobacco Road", 1951
  • Folder: 12, Royalty Statements: Stock Company Royalty: "Tobacco Road", 1951
  • Folder: 13, Royalty Statements: Motion Picture Statement of Income: "Tobacco Road", 1960-1977
  • Folder: 14, Royalty Statements: Samuel French: "Tobacco Road", 1970-1989
  • Folder: 15, Financials: Correspondence regarding Catalina Broadcasting Company, 1946
  • Folder: 16, Financials: Correspondence regarding Catalina Broadcasting Company, 1947
  • Folder: 17, Financials: Correspondence regarding Catalina Broadcasting Company with statements, 1949
  • Folder: 18, Financials: Correspondence regarding Catalina Broadcasting Company with statements, 1950
  • Folder: 19, Financials: Correspondence regarding Catalina Broadcasting Company with statements, 1951
  • Folder: 20, Financials: Correspondence regarding Catalina Broadcasting Company with statements, 1952
  • Folder: 21, Financials: Correspondence regarding Catalina Broadcasting Company with statements, 1953
  • Folder: 22, Financials: Correspondence regarding Catalina Broadcasting Company with statements, 1954
  • Folder: 23, Financials: Correspondence regarding Catalina Broadcasting Company with statements, 1955
  • Folder: 24, Financials: Correspondence regarding Catalina Broadcasting Company with statements, 1956
  • Folder: 25, Financials: Phoenix Broadcasting Company, 1950
  • Folder: 26, Financials: Phoenix Broadcasting Company, 1952
  • Folder: 27, Financials: Accounts, 1959
  • Folder: 28, Financials: Accounts, 1960
  • Folder: 29, Financials: Book Sales, 1933-1967

Series 4, Personal, 1882-1990

Contains family correspondence, diaries, calendars, address books and memorabilia, including material related to the Crosby family genealogy, as well as awards. Corespondents include Helen Cushman Caldwell, William Erskine Caldwell, Ira S. Caldwell, Caroline Bell Caldwell and June Caldwell.

Access Restrictions


Box: 50, Dates: 1936-1990

Personal, Calendar, Guest and Address books

Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Personal: Power of Attorney, Pix's Birth Certificate, Trust Fund documents, divorce papers: June Johnson Caldwell, Erskine Caldwell's Lat Will and Testament (1984), circa 1942-1984
  • Folder: 2, Personal: Passports, 1936-1984
  • Folder: 3, Personal: Christmas and Birthday Lists, circa 1966-1969
  • Folder: 4, Personal: Change of Address Form, 1977
  • Folder: 5, Personal: Tobacco Products Liability Project: Correspondence, 1987
  • Folder: 6, Virginia Caldwell Real Estate transactions, 1990
  • Folder: 7, Personal: Ephemera and Notes, circa 1965-1986
  • Folder: 8, Personal: Letter from Erskine Caldwell to his parents re. wanting to win a Pulitzer, 1930, photocopy, undated
  • Folder: 9, Personal: Biographical material for promotional purposes, undated
  • Folder: 10, Personal: Items kept by Caldwell under glass top of his desk, undated
  • Folder: 11, Personal: List of personal property of Virginia Caldwell, undated
  • Folder: 12, Personal: Pen and ink sketches, undated
  • Folder: 13, Personal: Pencil sketches, undated
  • Folder: 14, Appointment Book, 1957
  • Folder: 15, Appointment Book, 1958
  • Folder: 16, Appointment Book, 1959
  • Folder: 17, Appointment Book, 1959
  • Folder: 18, Appointment Book, 1960
  • Folder: 19, Appointment Book, 1961
  • Folder: 20, Calendar, 1979
  • Folder: 21, Calendar, 1980
  • Folder: 22, Calendar, 1981
  • Folder: 23, Calendar, 1982
  • Folder: 24, Calendar, 1983
  • Folder: 25, Calendar, 1984
  • Folder: 26, Calendar, 1985
  • Folder: 27, Calendar, 1986
  • Folder: 28, Appointment Calendar, 1986
  • Folder: 29, Calendar, 1987
  • Folder: 30, Guest Book, 1981-1987
  • Folder: 31, Address Book, undated
  • Folder: 32, Address Book, undated
  • Folder: 33, Address Book, undated

Box: 51, Dates: 1958-1973


Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Diary, 1958
  • Folder: 2, Diary, 1959
  • Folder: 3, Diary, 1960
  • Folder: 4, Diary, 1961
  • Folder: 5, Diary, 1962
  • Folder: 6, Diary, 1963
  • Folder: 7, Diary, 1964
  • Folder: 8, Diary, 1965
  • Folder: 9, Diary, 1966
  • Folder: 10, Diary, 1967
  • Folder: 11, Diary: "Winter in Residence", 1968
  • Folder: 12, Diary, 1968
  • Folder: 13, Diary, 1969
  • Folder: 14, Diary, 1970
  • Folder: 15, Diary, 1971
  • Folder: 16, Diary, 1972
  • Folder: 17, Diary, 1973

Box: 52, Dates: 1974-1987


Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Diary, 1974
  • Folder: 2, Diary, 1975
  • Folder: 3, Diary, 1976
  • Folder: 4, Diary, 1977
  • Folder: 5, Diary, 1978
  • Folder: 6, Diary, 1979
  • Folder: 7, Diary, 1980
  • Folder: 8, Diary, 1981
  • Folder: 9, Diary, 1982
  • Folder: 10, Diary, 1983
  • Folder: 11, Diary, 1984
  • Folder: 12, Diary, 1985
  • Folder: 13, Diary, 1986
  • Folder: 14, Diary, 1987

Box: 53, Dates: 1882-1967

Family correspondence

Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Guidebook for sermons "Manual of Forms," belonging to Ira S. Caldwell, 1882
  • Folder: 2, Ephemera: Ira S. and Helen Bell Caldwell, 1919-1950
  • Folder: 3, Correspondence: William Erskine Caldwell to Lillie E. Vetter, 1901
  • Folder: 4, Wedding announcement certificate: Carrie Preston to Ira S. Caldwell, 1901
  • Folder: 5, Correspondence: Ira S. and Caroline Caldwell, 1899-1952
  • Folder: 6, Correspondence: Postcard from Erskine Caldwell to his grandmother, 1910
  • Folder: 7, Correspondence: Erskine Caldwell miscellaneous, 1959-1960
  • Folder: 8, Correspondence: Caroline Caldwell with financials, circa 1948-1960
  • Folder: 9, Correspondence: Caroline Caldwell from grandchildren, 1952-1960
  • Folder: 10, Correspondence: Caroline Caldwell from Virginia Caldwell, 1957-1959
  • Folder: 11, Correspondence: Caroline Caldwell from Erskine Caldwell, 1952-1958
  • Folder: 12, Correspondence: Caroline Caldwell from Virginia Caldwell, 1959-1960
  • Folder: 13, Correspondence: Caroline Caldwell from Erskine and Caroline Caldwell, 1961
  • Folder: 14, Correspondence: Caroline Caldwell from Erskine and Caroline Caldwell, 1962
  • Folder: 15, Correspondence: Caroline Caldwell from Erskine and Caroline Caldwell, 1963
  • Folder: 16, Correspondence: Caroline Caldwell from Erskine and Caroline Caldwell, 1964
  • Folder: 17, Correspondence: Caroline Caldwell from Erskine and Caroline Caldwell, 1965
  • Folder: 18, Correspondence: Caroline Caldwell from Erskine and Caroline Caldwell, 1966
  • Folder: 19, Correspondence: Caroline Caldwell from Erskine and Caroline Caldwell, 1967
  • Folder: 20, Correspondence: Erskine Caldwell to Caroline Caldwell, 1952-1954
  • Folder: 21, Correspondence: Erskine Caldwell to Ira S. Caldwell with photograph, 1954
  • Folder: 22, Correspondence: Erskine Caldwell to Caroline Caldwell, 1959-1960
  • Folder: 23, "Various Veracious Verses," by Caroline Bell Caldwell, typescript, undated
  • Folder: 24, "A Recollection by Caroline Bell Caldwell," typescript and notes, undated
  • Folder: 25, Notebook belonging to Caroline Caldwell, undated
  • Folder: 26, Correspondence: June Caldwell, 1946
  • Folder: 27, Correspondence: June Caldwell, 1948
  • Folder: 28, Correspondence: June Caldwell re. travel book, 1949
  • Folder: 29, Correspondence: June Caldwell, 1949
  • Folder: 30, Correspondence: June Caldwell, 1951
  • Folder: 31, Correspondence: June Caldwell, A-C, 1952
  • Folder: 32, Correspondence: June Caldwell, D-Z, 1952
  • Folder: 33, Correspondence: June Caldwell with letters from Erskine Caldwell, 1953

Box: 54, Dates: 1933-1989

Family correspondence and other material

Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Correspondence: Helen Caldwell, 1933-1938
  • Folder: 2, Correspondence: Helen Caldwell from Erskine Caldwell, 1932
  • Folder: 3, Correspondence: Helen Caldwell from Erskine Caldwell, January-May 1933
  • Folder: 4, Correspondence: Helen Caldwell from Erskine Caldwell, June-December 1933
  • Folder: 5, Correspondence: Helen Caldwell from Erskine Caldwell, 1934
  • Folder: 6, Correspondence: Helen Caldwell from Erskine Caldwell, 1935
  • Folder: 7, Correspondence: Helen Caldwell from Erskine Caldwell, 1936
  • Folder: 8, Correspondence: Helen Caldwell from Erskine Caldwell, 1937-1938
  • Folder: 9, Divorce papers Helen Caldwell, 1938
  • Folder: 10, Correspondence: Helen (Cushman) Caldwell, 1944
  • Folder: 11, Correspondence: Helen Caldwell, undated
  • Folder: 12, Correspondence: Helen (Lieber) re. Vicking Press, 1933
  • Folder: 13, Correspondence: Helen Caldwell, 1937
  • Folder: 14, "An Evaluation of Exceptional Students in the Transitional Center Plan…," by Diana Scott Breyley Caldwell, thesis, 1971, photocopy, undated
  • Folder: 15, "Margaret Bourke-White as Seen From the Perspective of Selected Photographs, Writings and Associates," by Elizabeth Ann Croty, thesis, 1970
  • Folder: 16, Books by Erskine Caldwell "in our library", undated
  • Folder: 17, The Bat Mitzvah of Lori Helene Dresser with sketch by Erskine Caldwell, 1984
  • Folder: 18, Ancestry of Withers Family compiled by Mrs. J.T. Crockford, undated
  • Folder: 19, Kurt Enoch memorial booklets, 1965-1982
  • Folder: 20, Erskine Caldwell and Georgia scrapbook pages, undated
  • Folder: 21, Crosby Family genealogy, circa 1934-1936
  • Folder: 22, "Youth of Belgrade," with picture of Caldwells, 1978
  • Folder: 23, Miscellaneous correspondence, circa 1982-1989
  • Folder: 24, "Tracking Wrens," Centennial of Wrens, Georgia, 1984

Box: 55, Dates: circa 1984-1986

Memorabilia: Awards: Pocket Books Inc.: One Million Copy Club and Two Million Copy Club; Grand Master Award (1984); Caroline Caldwell's Bible with notes; Box of medals and awards domestic and foreign; Lung x-ray, 1986

Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • There is no folder listing for this box.

Box: 56, Dates: circa 1981-1990

Memorabilia: Two bound books with mementos and congratulations in celebrations of Erskine Caldwell's 80th birthday, 1983; Framed needlepoint by Virginia Caldwell for Erskine Caldwell on Valentines Day 1981; Phoenix Press Club: Life Member Certificate (framed), The Press and Union League Club (framed), Alumni Association University of Virginia (framed;) Two needlepoint items; Framed photo; "Georgia Chronicles: Fulfilling The Promise," book, 1990

Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • There is no folder listing for this box.

Series 5, Legal, 1929-1999

Contains legal documents including contracts for publications, film and theater projects, agents foreign and domestic and copyright agreements, as well as real estate transactions.

Access Restrictions


Box: 57, Dates: 1929-1976


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Index of Contracts and Agreements, undated
  • Folder: 2, Contracts, 1929-1935
  • Folder: 3, Contracts, 1940-1943
  • Folder: 4, Contracts, 1946
  • Folder: 5, Contracts, 1947
  • Folder: 6, Contracts, 1948-1949
  • Folder: 7, Contracts, 1952-1955
  • Folder: 8, Contracts, 1961-1965
  • Folder: 9, Contracts: Lectures, 1965-1969
  • Folder: 10, Contracts, 1971-1975
  • Folder: 11, Contracts, 1977-1979
  • Folder: 12, Contracts, 1986
  • Folder: 13, Contracts: 20th Century Fox, 1943
  • Folder: 14, Contracts: Option Contract for Catalina Broadcasting Company, 1946
  • Folder: 15, Contracts: Dual, Sloane and Pearce, 1939-1952
  • Folder: 16, Contracts: Farrar and Strauss, 1963-1965
  • Folder: 17, Contracts: William Heineman Ltd., 1958-1959
  • Folder: 18, Contracts: William Heineman Ltd., 1961-1965
  • Folder: 19, Contracts: Hillman Periodicals, 1952-1953
  • Folder: 20, Contracts: Little Brown and Company, 1952-1959
  • Folder: 21, Contracts: Little Brown and Company, 1960-1969
  • Folder: 22, Contracts: The New American Library (NAL), 1950-1953
  • Folder: 23, Contracts: The New American Library (NAL), 1955-1959
  • Folder: 24, Contracts: The New American Library (NAL), 1960-1969
  • Folder: 25, Contracts: Open Market Rights, 1957
  • Folder: 26, Contracts: Pearn, Pollinger and Higham Ltd., 1951-1958
  • Folder: 27, Contracts: Laurence Pollinger, 1960-1969
  • Folder: 28, Contracts: German publishers, 1940-1960
  • Folder: 29, Contracts: Swiss publishers, 1946-1960
  • Folder: 30, Contracts: International contracts, 1955-1959
  • Folder: 31, Contracts: International contracts, 1960-1963
  • Folder: 32, Contracts: Italian publishers, 1975-1976
  • Folder: 33, Contracts: Copyrights, 1955-1956
  • Folder: 34, Contracts: Copyrights, 1960-1965
  • Folder: 35, Contracts: Copyrights, 1974
  • Folder: 36, Arbitration agreement between Jack Kirkland and Caldwell vs. Leonard Altobell, 1959
  • Folder: 37, Fragments of contracts, undated
  • Folder: 38, Supplemental Provisions Recommended the The Dramatists Guild, undated
  • Folder: 39, Caldwell-Maner Publishing Company, 1944

Box: 58, Dates: 1932-1999


Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Re. lawsuit with Harry Essex over "The Sure Hand of God", circa 1960
  • Folder: 2, Contracts: "God's Little Acre," with correspondence, 1957-1965
  • Folder: 3, Contract: "Claudelle English," Warner Brothers Pictures, 1958
  • Folder: 4, Contract: "The Sure Hand of God," play, 1961-1966
  • Folder: 5, Option Agreement "In Search of Bisco", 1975-1978
  • Folder: 6, Contract: "The Bastard", 1981
  • Folder: 7, Contracts: "Trouble in July," with correspondence, 1940-1959
  • Folder: 8, Contracts: "Tobacco Road", 1932-1956
  • Folder: 9, Contracts: "Tobacco Road," (1932) with photocopies and letter from Virginia Caldwell, 1999
  • Folder: 10, Contracts: "Tobacco Road," with correspondence and royalty statements, 1951-1953
  • Folder: 11, Contracts: "Tobacco Road," with correspondence and royalty statements, 1951-1953
  • Folder: 12, Contracts: "Tobacco Road", 1972-1973
  • Folder: 13, Contract: Loan to University of Virginia Library, 1976
  • Folder: 14, Harry H. Oshren will, 1957, photocopy, undated
  • Folder: 15, Real Estate, 1960-1965
  • Folder: 16, Miscellaneous: McIntosh and Otis, University of Alabama, Birmingham, Paramuse Artists Associates, 1984-1999
  • Folder: 17, Copyright Certificate for "In Search of Bisco", 1965-1973

Series 6, Scrapbooks and Clippings, 1931-2000

Contains scrapbooks with clippings related to Caldwell's publications and performances of his works. Individual clippings as well as clippings collected by the Romeike Press Clipping Bureau are also included. Of note are a variety of clippings of his short stories from men's magazines of the 1950s and 1960s, including "Male," "Stag Annual," Playboy," Esquire," "Swank," and "Duke," the short-lived magazine for the African-American male. The series also includes some printed publicity material and several cookbooks with recipes submitted by public figures, including Caldwell.

Access Restrictions


Box: 59, Dates: 1931-1936


Box Contents

  • There is no folder listing for this box.

Box: 60, Dates: 1936-1940


Box Contents

  • There is no folder listing for this box.

Box: 61, Dates: 1940-1941


Box Contents

  • There is no folder listing for this box.

Box: 62, Dates: 1942-1946


Box Contents

  • There is no folder listing for this box.

Box: 63, Dates: 1930-1999


Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Clippings, 1930-1936
  • Folder: 2, Clippings, 1939
  • Folder: 3, Clippings, 1940
  • Folder: 4, Clippings: "PM", 1941
  • Folder: 5, Clippings: Magazines, 1941-1962
  • Folder: 6, Clippings, 1942
  • Folder: 7, Clippings, 1943-1947
  • Folder: 8, Clippings, 1948
  • Folder: 9, Clippings, 1949
  • Folder: 10, Clippings, 1950
  • Folder: 11, Clippings: "Call It Experience", 1951
  • Folder: 12, Clippings, 1951
  • Folder: 13, Clippings: "Nine Shots", 1951
  • Folder: 14, Clippings: "The Courting of Susie Brown", 1951
  • Folder: 15, Clippings: "A Lamp for Nightfall", 1951
  • Folder: 16, Clippings, 1952
  • Folder: 17, Clippings: "Tobacco Road," Vancouver, 1953
  • Folder: 18, Clippings, 1953
  • Folder: 19, Clippings: "Tobacco Road, play, 27 January 1954
  • Folder: 20, Clippings, 1954
  • Folder: 21, Clippings, 1955
  • Folder: 22, Clippings, 1956
  • Folder: 23, Clippings, 1957
  • Folder: 24, Clippings, 1958
  • Folder: 25, Clippings, 1959
  • Folder: 26, Clippings, 1960
  • Folder: 27, Clippings, 1961
  • Folder: 28, Clippings, 1962
  • Folder: 29, Clippings, 1964-1965
  • Folder: 30, Clippings, 1966
  • Folder: 31, Clippings, 1967
  • Folder: 32, Clippings: "Deep South", 1968
  • Folder: 33, Clippings: Regarding cooking and living in Scottsdale, Arizona, 1970s
  • Folder: 34, Clippings, 1970-1975
  • Folder: 35, Clippings, 1976-1979
  • Folder: 36, Clippings, 1984-1987
  • Folder: 37, Clippings, 1990
  • Folder: 38, Clippings, 1991
  • Folder: 39, Clippings, 1998
  • Folder: 40, Clippings, 1999

Box: 64, Dates: 1934-1983


Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Romeike Press Clipping Bureau, 1934-1938
  • Folder: 2, Romeike Press Clipping Bureau, March-June 1948
  • Folder: 3, Romeike Press Clipping Bureau, July-September 1948
  • Folder: 4, Romeike Press Clipping Bureau, October-November 1948
  • Folder: 5, Romeike Press Clipping Bureau, Decermber 1948-January 1949
  • Folder: 6, Romeike Press Clipping Bureau, February-March 1949
  • Folder: 7, Romeike Press Clipping Bureau, April-June 1949
  • Folder: 8, Romeike Press Clipping Bureau, June 1949
  • Folder: 9, Romeike Press Clipping Bureau, Julky-August 1949
  • Folder: 10, Romeike Press Clipping Bureau, September-December 1949
  • Folder: 11, Romeike Press Clipping Bureau, undated
  • Folder: 12, Foreign Press including Sweden, Germany, Finland, Norway, Denmark, France, Yugoslavia, Holland, England and Italy, 1942-1984
  • Folder: 13, Review: "Jackpot," by Otis Fergusen, 1941
  • Folder: 14, Review: "In the Shadow of the Steeple", 1961
  • Folder: 15, Review: " Jenny by Nature", 1961
  • Folder: 16, Review: "Around About America", 1964
  • Folder: 17, Review: "Deep South", 1968-1982
  • Folder: 18, Review: "The Earnshaw Neighborhood", 1971
  • Folder: 19, Review: "Annette", 1973
  • Folder: 20, Review: "Afternoon in Mid-America", 1976-1977
  • Folder: 21, Review: "Stories of Life No. 35", 1983

Box: 65, Dates: 1940-1997

Clippings and Publications

Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Clippings: "Town and Country," "Stag," "Coronet," "Harper's Magazine, "Esquire", 1940-1942
  • Folder: 2, Clippings: "Redbook", 1943
  • Folder: 3, Publication: "Tragic Ground," first installment of novel in Japanese magazine, 1950
  • Folder: 4, Clippings: "Swank," "Cavalier," "Duke," "Esquire," "Nugget," "Gent," "The Dude", 1953-1957
  • Folder: 5, Clippings: "Lillipad," "Manhunt," "Esquire", 1954-1965
  • Folder: 6, Clippings: "Escapade", 1955-1956
  • Folder: 7, Clippings: "Playboy", 1955-1956
  • Folder: 8, Publication: "Cavalier", June-August 1957
  • Folder: 9, Publication: "Cavalier", September-December 1957
  • Folder: 10, Publication: "The Journal," "The Atlantic," "Sports Illustrated", 1958
  • Folder: 11, Publication: "Argosy", 1958
  • Folder: 12, Publication: "Writer's Yearbook," interview with Erskine Caldwell, 1960
  • Folder: 13, Publication: "Words Man Ship-The Theory, Practice and Rewards of -," paper read by Erskine Caldwell, 1961
  • Folder: 14, Clippings: "Today", 1961-1963
  • Folder: 15, Clippings: "Contrast", 1963
  • Folder: 16, Clippings: International magazines, 1963-1969
  • Folder: 17, Publication: "Aspects," North Carolina Wesleyan College, 1964
  • Folder: 18, Clippings: "Man's," "Male," "Men," and "Stag Annual", 1964-1967
  • Folder: 19, Clippings: "Cavalier", 1964-1967
  • Folder: 20, Clippings: "Family Weekly", 1967-1975
  • Folder: 21, Publication: "Hommage A Erskine Caldwell," in "Journees mondiales de le criviain", circa 1974
  • Folder: 22, Publication: "Erskine Caldwell at 80," by Marylin Dorn Staats in "Goodlife", 1985
  • Folder: 23, Publication: "American Photographer", 1986
  • Folder: 24, Clippings, 1988-1993
  • Folder: 25, Publication: "Kneel at Sunrise," in Polish, 1993
  • Folder: 26, Clippings, 1994
  • Folder: 27, Clippings, 1997
  • Folder: 28, Clippings, undated
  • Folder: 29, Publication: "God's Littered Acre," by Ira Wallach in "Trump" Magazine (spoof), undated
  • Folder: 30, Publication: "Along Tobacco Road," libretto, undated
  • Folder: 31, Publications: Miscellaneous clippings, leaflets, brochures, circa 1982-1987
  • Folder: 32, Publicity: "God's Little Acre" movie advertisement, undated
  • Folder: 33, Publication: "The South of Erskine Caldwell is Photographed by Margaret Bourke-White," in "Life" Magazine, 1937

Box: 66, Dates: 1965-2003

Printed Material

Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, "Favorite Dishes of Famous People", 1965
  • Folder: 2, "The Celebrity Cookbook-Favorite Recipes from the Famous", 1978
  • Folder: 3, "Celebrity Chicken-600 Recipes from Famous People", 1987
  • Folder: 4, "Mama's Cooking-Celebrities Remember Mama's Best Recipe", 1988
  • Folder: 5, "Cooking with Southern Celebrities", 1992
  • Folder: 6, "Sack of Turnips at Dinner on the Grounds", 2000
  • Folder: 7, Erskine Caldwell Printing History, 1960
  • Folder: 8, Books out of print, Little Brown and Company, 1973
  • Folder: 9, Listings related to University of Georgia, 1978-1979
  • Folder: 10, Playbill: "Jenny Toute Nue," Centre Dramatique du Nord-Pas-de-Calais, undated
  • Folder: 11, Publicity: "Tobacco Road," Academy Festival Theatre, Chicago, undated
  • Folder: 12, Publicity: "God's Little Acre", undated
  • Folder: 13, Publicity: "The Sure Hand of God", undated
  • Folder: 14, Publicity: Book covers, and synopsis of Erskine Caldwell's works, undated
  • Folder: 15, Publicity: Book Covers, undated
  • Folder: 16, Publicity: Farrar-Shaws press releases, undated
  • Folder: 17, Publicity: "Around About the World", undated
  • Folder: 18, Publicity: "What Shall It Be?" Uncle Remus Library, undated
  • Folder: 19, Publicity: "American Folkways", circa 1941-1954
  • Folder: 20, Publicity: "Tobacco Road", undated
  • Folder: 21, Publicity: "Tobacco Road," 50th Anniversary Revival and Salute, undated
  • Folder: 22, Lecture itinerary for W. Colston Leigh, undated
  • Folder: 23, Publication: "The Atlanta Historical Journal" with Japanese translation, 1982-1983
  • Folder: 24, Exhibition: American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters, 1985
  • Folder: 25, University of Georgia Press-Books for Spring, 1996
  • Folder: 26, Publication: "The Art Affair," Schneiderr Museum of Art, 2003
  • Folder: 27, Letterheads: The Erskine Caldwell Literary Society, undated

Box: 67, Dates: circa 1961-1992

Oversize: Posters for talks given by Caldwell as well as a French poster for "Jenny Toute Nue," and an announcement for "Tobacco Road" from Beehive Press; Display material from an exhibit about Erskine Caldwell, November 1961; Drawing for "The Deer at Our House," by Ben Wohlberg with letter, 1966; Portfolio with eleven ink drawings by Macouillard, mounted; Ink sketches by Birger Lundquist, 1947; Twenty-one pencil drawings for "In Search of Bisco," by Virginia Caldwell; Six pencil drawings for "In Search of Bisco," by Virginia Caldwell, not used, with letter, 1964; A pencil sketch for "A House in the Uplands"; Two pencil caricature of Erskine and Virginia Caldwell; Certificate awarded to Erskine Caldwell by France "Commandeur De L'Ordre Des Arts Et Des Lettres," 1983; Program for "Tobacco Road" theatrical production with James Barton, with letter from Edward H. Collins, 1992

Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • There is no folder listing for this box.

Series 7, Photographs, 1920s-1987

Contains family photographs as well as photographs of Erskine and Virginia Caldwell at a variety of events, including a photo album of their trip to Bulgaria (1973) and of Caldwell's trip to Warsaw, Poland (1981). Erskine Caldwell's last photograph taken before his death and photographs of his birthplace in White Oaks, Georgia are also included.

Access Restrictions


Box: 68, Dates: 1920s-1987


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Ira Silvester Caldwell, football team, Erskine College (In frame), undated
  • Folder: 2, ra Silvester Caldwell, football team, Erskine College, undated
  • Folder: 3, Erskine Caldwell early years, 1920s-1930s
  • Folder: 4, Ersline Caldwell, 1935-1985
  • Folder: 5, Helen Caldwell, circa 1940
  • Folder: 6, Dabney Caldwell and family, 1942-1982
  • Folder: 7, U.S.N. Train-Homer Croy, 1946
  • Folder: 8, Portraits of Erskine Caldwell, circa 1947-1988
  • Folder: 9, Janet Caldwell Gooding and family, 1952-1985
  • Folder: 10, Erskine Caldwell in Milano, Italy, February 1953
  • Folder: 11, Jay and Diana Caldwell, circa 1965-1976
  • Folder: 12, Erskine and Virginia Caldwell, 1972-1982
  • Folder: 13, Erskine and Virginia Caldwell at Tyler, Texas, 1973
  • Folder: 14, Christmas Cards, 1974-1982
  • Folder: 15, Thumbnail snapshots of theater production, Masquer Theater, University of Montana, November 1976
  • Folder: 16, Erskine Caldwell's Home Library, Dunedin, Florida, 1976
  • Folder: 17, Photos of Erskine Caldwell by Steve Hilber, 1977
  • Folder: 18, Photos of Erskine Caldwell by Van Jones Martin, 1977
  • Folder: 19, Japan Association of the Study of Erskine Caldwell, 1981
  • Folder: 20, Erskine Caldwell with Jack Hamingway and Mrs. Scott, 1981
  • Folder: 21, Erskine Caldwell in Warsaw, Poland, 1981
  • Folder: 22, Erskine and Virginia Caldwell at DeKalb Library, Georgia, 1986
  • Folder: 23, Erskine Caldwelll's last photographs, March 19, 1987
  • Folder: 24, Erskine Caldwell's birthplace in White Oaks, Georgia, circa 1987
  • Folder: 25, Maile and Twila Caldwell, 1973-1974
  • Folder: 26, Maile and Twila Caldwell, 1975-1976
  • Folder: 27, Photo Album: Caldwell family, circa 1953-1980s
  • Folder: 28, Erskine Caldwell with Governor Bruce Babitt, undated
  • Folder: 29, Erskine Caldwell with Literary Society Committee, Phoenix, Arizona, undated
  • Folder: 30, Photographs of Erskine and Virginia Caldwell taken by Stathis Orphanos, undated
  • Folder: 31, Paramount Theater, Aurora, Illinois, undated
  • Folder: 32, Erskine Caldwell on scrapbook pages, undated
  • Folder: 33, Virginia Caldwell, miscellaneous, circa 1933-1950
  • Folder: 34, Miscellaneous people, not relatives, undated
  • Folder: 35, Miscellaneous: Snapshots of Erskine with family and friends; friends; "Our African Daisis"; Flower Arrangement, Japan, circa 1935-1986

Box: 69, Dates: circa 1973-1980

Photographs: Oversized: Ira S. Caldwell, football team; Erskine Caldwell portrait, 1971; Erskine Caldwell remembered portrait, 1978; Erskine Caldwell photos by Mark Morrow, 1980; Erskine Caldwell remembered portrait with Virginia Caldwell, 1978; Paper copies of photographs of Erskine and Virginia Caldwell; Photo Album: Erskine and Virginia Caldwell in Sophia, Bulgaria, 1973

Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • There is no folder listing for this box.

Series 8, Media, circa 1981-1985

Contains a variety of media with interviews, as well as radio and television programs with and about Caldwell.

Access Restrictions


Box: 70, Dates: circa 1981-1985

Audio and Visual Media: U-Matic Cassette Tape: Interview with Erskine Caldwell on "Sunday Morning," February 6, 1983; U-Matic Cassette Tape: "In Search of Caldwell's Georgia," made by the Drama Department of the University of Georgia, undated; VHS Cassette Tape with three Caldwell programs from Fitzgerald-Ben Hill County Library, Georgia, undated; VHS Cassette Tape: Wrens Centennial Highlight, undated; Two 5 inch Reel-to Reels: Erskine Caldwell Interview recorded by Boyd Lewis WABE, Atlanta, Georgia, circa 1985; Five Audio Cassette Tapes: Erskine Caldwell at Sophia Writer's Conference in Sophia, Bulgaria, 1984; Southwind # 146, WABE, Atlanta, 1985; Ernie Hartwell, Cooperstown, 1981; Haila Stoddard's Musical "Tobacco Road"; Floppy Disk: Erskine Caldwell Correspondence, undated

Box Contents

  • There is no folder listing for this box.

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