Guide to the Papers of Sanborn C. Brown, circa 1818 - circa 1982Manuscript MS-1064

Introduction to the Collection

The Papers of Sanborn C. Brown contains information related to his tenure as professor of physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as well as his scientific publications, research material for his book on Count Rumford, and the study of science. The papers include foreign and domestic correspondence, including correspondence with Senator John F. Kennedy from 1958; notes; 19th and 20th century books on physics, in particular those related to plasma physics and nuclear thermodynamics; journal publications; academic papers; presentations; speeches; reviews; financial information; color drawings and audio reels with some of his speeches, as well as a typed copy of his 1962 biography of Count Rumford entitled Benjamin Thompson - His Life and Times. Of note are a fragile copy of the book Memoirs of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences Vol. IV Part I (1818) and three rectangular wooden boxes with glass slides of drawings and writings related to the study of physics.

The collection also contains documents relating to Rev. Francis Brown's involvement with Dartmouth College in the 19th century, including original copies of catalogues and pamphlets. Among the Reverend's effects are a brown bag with letters of introduction and calling cards, some with wax seal dated 1838-1841, an original travel document given to Louise R. Brown by the Secretary of State dated May 15, 1895, notebooks with handwritten entries 1839, 1847, several original copies of "A Continuation of the Narrative of the Indian Charity School" by Eleazar Wheelock D.D. printed in the year 1773, 1775, 1765 and "A Plain and Faithful Narrative of the Original Design, Rise, Progress and present State of the Indian Charity School" by Eleazar Wheelock dated 1763.

The collection also contains 19th century documents related to Samuel Gilman Brown.

Finding Aids