Guide to the Papers of Marcelle R. Perry, 1782 - 2008Manuscript MS-1067

Introduction to the Collection

The papers of Marcelle R. Perry (MRP) contain letters from Perry to her parents, written in French, from 1926 to 1973 as well as summaries of the letters written in English. In addition, the collection contains non-family correspondence of MRP and others (including artist Boardman Robinson) written between Europe and the United States during World War II.

Also included is a manuscript of MRP's autobiography, entitled "To My Children," written between the ages of 78 and 90, documenting her family life in France, her transition to America, her professional work as a teacher, and the birth and development of her children.

Further, the collection contains assorted family materials, which accrued with MRP; including, school records of MRP's son Robert Perry; a manuscript (in French and subsequently translated into English by MRP) of the autobiography of MRP's father, Jean-Jacques Robert (1873-1959,) an educational administrator in France, and a autobiography, written by Perry's daughter Joan Snell, entitled "Recreating a Life". Joan Snell was a member of the class of 1973 at Dartmouth College – the first class to graduate women.

Rounding out the collection are personal effects including a passport, customs declarations, diplomas, photographs, a marriage certificate, and published articles. These materials document her marriage to Chester Dwight Perry and her subsequent entrance into the United States as a non-quota immigrant.

Lastly, the collection contains deeds and property transfer documents from the 1780's. The documents pertain to property in Perigueux, France belonging to Etienne Dumas a relative of MRB.

Finding Aids