Guide to the Papers of James Goldstone, 1958 - 1997Manuscript MS-1073


James Goldstone born June 8, 1931 in Los Angeles, CA graduated Dartmouth College with a BA in English Literature in 1953. He continued his education at Bennington College from which he graduated with an MA in Drama in 1959. After college he entered show business as a writer, director, and producer as well as a film editor. His film projects included the motion picture "Winning" with Paul Newman, "Rollercoaster" with George Segal, and "Brother John" with Sidney Poitier. He also directed 150 episodes of television including the pilot episode of the original "Star Trek". As a stage director he worked on a variety of plays including "The Trial of Ezra Pound" and "Homeward Bound". He also wrote several screenplays for motion pictures and TV. On an administrative level he was on the Board of Directors of the DGA (Director's Guild of America), Director of the Executive Committee of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Board of Governors of the Academy of Television Arts and Science, President of the Bennington Arts Council, and board member of the Vermont Film Commission. He died on November 5, 1999 at the age of 68 of cancer.

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