Guide to the Papers of Elizabeth J. Jackson, 1832 - 1870Manuscript MS-1106

Introduction to the Collection

The papers of Elizabeth Jackson consist of correspondence, legal documents, a deed, receipts, credit notes, title bonds, land surveys, a scrapbook, and invitations. The correspondence is both to and from Nathaniel Taylor Jackson, his wife Lizzie J. Jackson, James Henry, and Lizzie's father, John F. Henry; all based in Tennessee. The correspondence is largely composed of love letters between Lizzie Jackson in Louisville, Tennessee and her husband N. T. Jackson in Jonesboro, Tennessee, as well as Lizzie's letters to her family documenting daily affairs. The papers also document the business of Samuel Henry and Son, both in Philadelphia and Baltimore. Additionally the papers include a speech by Nathaniel T. Jackson on "The influence of Puritanism in Molding the American Character" and a bill filed in 1866 on the sale of the Jackson farm to pay off the debts of the Jackson Estate upon Nathaniel T. Jackson's death. Of note is a bill of the sale for 10 slaves to John F. Henry.

Finding Aids