Guide to the Papers of Benjamin Greenleaf, 1807 - 1865Manuscript MS-1108

Introduction to the Collection

Contains correspondence, essays, a last will and testament, valedictory speeches, stereo view card, estate account book and 12 pp. of a "Cherokee Almanac" from 1861. Family concerns are displayed through correspondence from Greenleaf's father, Caleb, to his son at Dartmouth as well as letters Greenleaf and his wife Lucretia wrote their daughter Lydia Sykes. Other correspondence to Greenleaf concerns his publications and scholarship related to mathematics. Also included are writings of Benjamin Greenleaf from assignments at Dartmouth College and miscellaneous documents and related to the life of Benjamin Greenleaf and his wife Lucretia, including her father's (Col. James Kimball) estate account book.

Finding Aids