George C. Singer collection on Thomas J. Wise, 1851-1999 Rauner Manuscript MS-1111

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Series: 2, Addendum, 1959-1993

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Box: 2, 1959-1993

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Box: 2

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Correspondence between George Singer and Maurice Pariser regarding T.J. Wise, 1959-1960
  • Folder: 2, Correspondence between George Singer and Oswald Doughty regarding sale of T.J. Wise letters., 1960-1992
  • Folder: 3, Bibliographical notes on T.J. Wise, 1962-1983
  • Folder: 4, Correspondence between George Singer and John Mayfield regarding Swinburn letters., 1960-1981
  • Folder: 5, Excerpt from "A Word From The Navy" by Swinburne, photocopy with invoice from Ashley Book Company., 1988
  • Folder: 6, "A Collection of Manuscript Material Relating to Wilfred Partington's Book on Thomas J. Wise" (correspondence and clippings), photocopies, 1939-1951., 1980
  • Folder: 7, Bibliographical information on "Letters from John Rushkin to William Ward," with correspondence between George Singer and Robert Liska., 1983
  • Folder: 8, "John Ruskin's Letters to William Ward" by William C. Ward (1922), photocopy, "The Works of John Ruskin" edited by E.T. Cook and Alexander Wedderburn (1909), photocopy; "Letters from John Ruskin to Wiiliam Ward" edited by Thomas J. Wise (1893) photocopy of MS and galley proof, 1979
  • Folder: 9, Bibliography of Shelley Society Publications, Undated
  • Folder: 10, Bibliographical notes and book reviews relating to Elisabeth Barrett Browning., Undated
  • Folder: 11, Book reviews, correspondence and invoices regarding the Wise Forman forgeries related to "An Enquiry into the Nature of Certain Nineteenth Century Pamphlets" by John Carter and Graham Pollard (1934), 1983-1984
  • Folder: 12, Typescript and correspondence regarding "A Unique Copy of 'The Runaway Bride' (Elisabeth Barret Browning)" by George Singer., 1960-1962
  • Folder: 13, Bibliography of George Elliot, 1983
  • Folder: 14, Bibliography and correspondence regarding George Barrow, 1989
  • Folder: 15, Clippings "The Forging of Manuscripts" by Wilfred Parrington (1931), photocopy, " New Light on Christopher Smart" by Stuart Piggott (1929, photocopy., Undated
  • Folder: 16, "Sister Helen" by Dante G. Rossetti (1857), photocopy with bibliography and invoices., 1985
  • Folder: 17, "Idylls of the Hearth [Tennyson] -Wise's Forgery of 'Enoch Arden'" by Fannie E. Ratchford ( 1941), photocopy, with clippings (1934), bibliographies and correspondence., 1961-1963
  • Folder: 18, Correspondence between George Singer and David Klappholz with photocopies of T.J. Wise letters., 1993
  • Folder: 19, "A Collection of Material About Thomas J. Wise and His Forgeries," with bibliography, clippings, Undated
  • Folder: 20, Correspondence and Wilsey Rare Book catalogue regarding "Sheepfolds.", 1962
  • Folder: 21, "The Not-So-Gentle Art of Puffing: Willima G. Kingsland and Thomas J. Wise" by Lyle H. Kendall, Jr. (1968), photocopy and other photocopied articles from periodicals., Undated

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