Gordon Day papers, 1942 - 2012Manuscript MS-1117

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Series 1, Odanak ethnographic research, circa 1960-1980

Contains ethnographic research related to the Odanak, Quebec Abenaki settlement.

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Series 2, Addendum, 1942-1993

The addendum to the papers of Gordon Day consist of addresses, writings, correspondence and article reprints on the subject of the Abenaki, Algonquin and Iroquois native American tribes. Research material, with an emphasis on the Abenaki language, including vocabulary lists and extensive field notes are also included. The addendum also contains black and white photographs of the Abenaki at Odanak, Quebec and photographs of Abenaki artifacts, as well as four audio reels with Iroquois language demonstrations, as well as other audio recordings relating to the Iroquois.

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Series 3, Abenaki language audio recordings, 1956-2006

Reel-to-reel audio tapes of Abenaki language, including vocabulary, intonation, stories, legends, songs, prayers, place names, and oral histories recorded by Gordon Day around 1956. The series also includes audio of Stephen Laurent's 1957 reading of Chief Joseph Laurent's "The New Familiar Abenakis and English Dialogues", published in 1884.

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