Guide to the John F. Marion Collection of Count Rumford, 1814 - 1979Rumford MS-1122

Introduction to the Collection

The John F. Marion Collection of Count Rumford contains materials related to Count Rumford (1753-1814), his daughter Countess Rumford (Sarah Thompson, 1774-1852) and her ward Emma Gannell Burgum (1874-1923.) Includes research notes by John Marion on Count Rumford and Countess Rumford; including magazine articles, clippings, correspondence, genealogical materials, lantern slides, photographs, and negatives; a book, "The Life of Rumford"; typescript copies of Countess Rumford's correspondence and diary entries, pencil sketches and engravings related to Count Rumford. Also included is manuscript material related to Emma Burgum, as well as an original manuscript of the Countess's "Memoirs of a Lady", poetry, newspaper clippings and an oversized Rumford family tree.

Finding Aids