Guide to the Papers of Dexter Martin, circa 1980 - 1995Manuscript MS-1134

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Box: 1, Dates: 1980s-1995

Contains photocopies of typescripts and articles as well as reprints of pamphlets including "Asking God to Cheat in Sports," "Jesus' Mistreatment of a Mother and her Sick Child...," "The Bible God's Tolerance of Adultery," "Maybe We Need a Better God," "Out! Out!", "Why Jesus Isn't God," "Was God at Pearl Harbor?", "A Freethinker's Criticisms of the Lord's Prayer," "Sex and Clinton's Inauguration," "The Childishness of Everybody's Favorite Psalm," "The Illusion of Being Born Again," "Is God Against Incest?", "If your Bride Doesn't Bleed, She Should be Stoned to Death," "Christian Ignorance About Christ," "The Nothingness of Holy Communion," "That Cute Little Cross," "Do the Male Genitals Prove There is a God?", "Those Voyeuristic Christian Deities," and two bound first and second edition copies of pamphlet "Outrageous! Blasphemous! Excellent!"; correspondence and book ads from magazines and periodicals.

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