Thomas Kurtz papers, 1954-2002Rauner Manuscript MS-1144

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Series: BASIC Computer Language, 1964-2002

Contains software and hardware manuals, correspondence, academic papers, clippings, punched tape and punched cards, programming calculations, reports, memoranda and other documents related to the creation of the computer language BASIC by Thomas E. Kurtz and John G. Kemeny, and the establishing of national and international standards via the American National Standards Institute, the European Computer Manufacturing Association and other entities.

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Series: Computation Center, 1956-2000

Contains procedure manuals, correspondence, memoranda, project reports, coding sheets, compiler manuals and newsletters related to the establishment of the Kiewit Computation Center at Dartmouth College. Projects include "Project Impress," "COMPUTE" and the Dartmouth Mathematics Project." Newsletters include the "POOL Newsletter."

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Series: Dartmouth Time Sharing System, 1961-1984

Contains software, hardware and procedure manuals, memoranda, correspondence, user's guides, operator manuals, academic papers, brochures and flow charts related to the creation of the Dartmouth Time-Sharing System by Thomas E. Kurtz and John G. Kemeny.

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Series: Teaching, 1954-1984

Contains syllabi, exams, student project descriptions, lecture notes, and assignments related Thomas E, Kurtz' teaching of computer science, mathematics and the computer language BASIC at Dartmouth College.

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