Thomas Kurtz papers, 1954-2002Rauner Manuscript MS-1144

Introduction to the Collection

The papers of Thomas E. Kurtz contain correspondence, project notes, memos, newsletters, software, hardware and procedure manuals, academic papers, curricula, presentation notes, programming calculations, textbooks, IBM punched cards, punched tape with various programs as well as journals and periodicals. The material chronicles Kurtz's development, with John G. Kemeny, of the first user-friendly computer language BASIC and subsequently the Dartmouth Time Sharing System (DTSS), the first successful large-scale computer sharing system. Lecture notes, transparencies, assignments and exams related to his teaching of BASIC and computer science at Dartmouth College are also included. In order to facilitate the teaching of computer science both Kemeny and Kurtz were instrumental in establishing the Kiewit Computation Center at Dartmouth and material related to its evolution can also be found here.

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