Guide to the Ralph E. and William W. Becker Collection of American Political Campaign Materials, 1840 - 1972Manuscript MS-1147

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Series 1, 19th century Printed Political Matter, 1840-1952

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Box: 1, Dates: 1840-1952

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Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, "The Log Cabin" Newspaper; "New York Tribune" Newspaper, 1840-1858
  • Folder: 2, "Death of Harrison, April 4 A. D. 1841" Print published by N. Currier; George B. McClellan Chicago Platform Anti-War Campaign Poster (1864); Henry Clay & T Frelinghuysen "Grand National Whig Banner" Broadside for the 1844 Presidential Election, published by N. Currier (imperfect copy); John C. Fremont & Wm. L. Dayton "Grand National Republican Banner" Broadside for the 1856 Presidential Election published by N. Currier; Gen. John C. Fremont & Gen. John Cochrane "Grand Banner of the Radical Democracy" Broadside for the 1864 Presidential Election, published by Currier & Ives; "Grants Great March" song sheet published by R. A. Saalfield (1872); "Blaine & Logan Songster" songbook (1884); "This is One Thousand Dollars" bill from the Greenback Party (1876-1884); "Lincoln Campaign Songster" songbook (1864); "Traveller's Association Fifth Banquet at The New Eagle, Concord, NH" ribbon with menu on additional ribbon (1890), 1841-1884
  • Folder: 3, "Harper's Weekly" Political cartoons, 1868-1876
  • Folder: 4, "Puck" Political magazine, 1881
  • Folder: 5, "Judge" Political magazine, 1888
  • Folder: 6, Political ballots, 1888-1968
  • Folder: 7, Harrison-Morton Portrait Paper Balloon Lantern, circa 1888
  • Folder: 8, "Happy Landin' With Landon-The Official Republican Campaign Song" by Jack Stern and Sid Cain, sheet music (1936); "March to the White House" by Chas. K. Harris, sheet music (1936); "On With Eisenhower" by Louise Graeser, sheet music (1936); "Mamie" by Jimmie Dodd, sheet music (1952); Tickets with ticket stubs, Democratic National Convention, Philadelphia, June 1936, 1936-1952

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