Guide to the Papers of Robin Robinson, 1888 - 2000Manuscript MS-1151


Robin Robinson was born May 11, 1903, in Clinton, Connecticut. He graduated from Dartmouth College in 1924, and went on to Harvard University on a George E. Chamberlain Fellowship. He earned his AM from Harvard in 1925, and his Ph.D. in 1929, both in mathematics. From 1926-1927 he was a mathematics instructor at Harvard, and the following year studied at the University of Hamburg. He returned to Dartmouth College as a mathematics instructor in 1928, rose to professor in 1942, served as the chairman for the mathematics department from 1934-1947, and chairman of the division of sciences from 1951-1955. Specializing in non-euclidean differential geometry, he published a number of articles and bibliographies as well as the book "Analytic Geometry" (1949) and "New Directions in Mathematics" (1962), co-edited with John G. Kemeny. In 1947, he created the Robinson Reunion Plan, copyrighted as Dartmouth Reunion Plan, which is still in use at Dartmouth and other institutions. He was director of Dartmouth's Great Issues course from 1954-1956, and worked as a college registrar from 1956-1968. He retired from Dartmouth College in 1981. Throughout his life Robinson had a passionate interest in music. He played tympani for the Hanover Society Orchestra from 1943-1962, and composed several sonatas and pieces of chamber music. He also had a collection of music that formed the basis of his weekly radio programs on local stations that began in 1955, and aired until the time of his death. Since 1997 until his death, Robinson was the holder of the Hanover, NH Boston Post Cane. Robinson died March 3, 2002 in Hanover.

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