Charles Hitchcock papers, 1875-1904 Rauner Manuscript MS-1160


Charles Henry Hitchcock was born in 1836. He served as New Hampshire State Geologist from 1868 to 1878 and taught at Dartmouth College from 1868 to 1908, holding the Hall Professorship of Geology and Mineralogy. Hitchcock's survey produced a three volume work, "The Geology of New Hampshire" (1874-1878) and the folio, "Atlas accompanying the report on the geology of New Hampshire." The maps in the atlas comprise the first detailed, comprehensive map of the bedrock and surficial geology of the state. In addition to geology, he contributed to a wide range of fields including fieldwork in paleontology, bedrock and glaciology, economic geology, and volcanology. Charles Hitchcock died in 1919.

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