Guide to the Papers of Walter Backofen, circa 1991 - 2002Manuscript MS-1172


Walter Backofen was born in Connecticut on December 8, 1925. He attended MIT and enlisted in the US Navy in 1943. In February of 1946 he graduated from MIT with an ensign's commission and a bachelor's degree in metallurgy. Backofen returned to MIT the following fall, and received his doctorate there in the Department of Metallurgy, where he taught for 25 years before retiring in 1975. On sabbatical at Dartmouth College, Backofen wrote "The Fundamentals of Deformation Processing". With the help of his wife he started Hill Farm, where they raised apples, blueberries and Christmas trees. The two also founded the Lord Timothy Dexter Press, which was devoted to exploring new Hampshire History. Backofen died in December of 2007.

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