Guide to the Papers of The Hunt Family, 1754 - 1941Manuscript MS-1173


Ebenezer Hunt was born in Northampton, Massachusetts in 1744 and died in 1820. He and his son David (1773 - 1837) were both physicians.

Seth Hunt, son of David Hunt and grandson of Ebenezer Hunt, was born in Northampton, Massachusetts, on July 28, 1814. He married Juliet Briggs of Keene, New Hampshire on October 2, 1838. Seth Hunt was an outspoken abolitionist and his house at 115 Bridge Street in Northampton served as a way station on the Underground Railroad. He was an active member of the Free Congregational Society of Florence, a radical religious group in the vicinity of Northampton. He wrote extensively for local newspapers on a variety of progressive subjects including abolition, temperance, vegetarianism, and vaccination. Among his notable correspondents were Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry Ward Beecher, Horace Greeley, and William Lloyd Garrison. A key developer of the Connecticut River Railroad, Seth Hunt served as the corporation's treasurer. He died on July 3, 1893.

Frank Hunt Burt, grandson of Seth Hunt, was born in Northampton, Massachusetts on November 9, 1861. He was the official stenographer for the Superior Courts of Plymouth County and Norfolk County, Massachusetts. His father, Henry M. Burt, founded "Among the Clouds," a daily newspaper printed at the summit of Mount Washington, in 1877. Frank Burt published several guides to the White Mountains, including "Mount Washington: A Handbook for Travelers" in 1904.

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