Marysa Navarro papers, 1933-2009 Rauner Manuscript MS-1174

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Series: 3, Audi-Visual Material and Memorabilia, 1992-2003

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Box: 2, circa 1991-2003

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VHS tapes: "La verdadera leyenda del Subcommandante Marcos" (1995); "Marlui Minranda: The Peoples and Cultures of the Brazilian Amazon" (2003); "The Garden of Forking Paths" rough cut; "Miracles are not Enough" rough cut (1992); "Heart of the Matter" PBS (1994); Dartmouth Graduation (1995); Janelle Ruley Fellowship (2000); U-Matic Broadcast Video Tape: Interview with Marysa Navarro (1992); Audio Cassette Tapes: "Fala Mulher" Sexta Felpia Da Baixao, Delegacia De Mulheres; Madres 4; Two T-Shirts: "Women of Dartmouth," "Pyro Feminism"

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