Robert Frost collection, 1866-1996 Rauner Frost Manuscript MS-1178

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Series: 15, Audio/Film, 1944-1980

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Box: 33, LP recordings, 1944-1958

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LP recordings

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Lecture at Dartmouth Hall, Dartmouth College, 1944-05-09

    2 copies

  • Folder: 2, Robert Frost Lecture/Reading, Dartmouth College (also CD use and master), 1947

    "Come in", "The road not taken", "The gift outright", "For Columbus day", "The courage to be you", The bearer of evil tidings", "A drumlin woodchuck", "The yellow bird", "Why wait for science", "Departmental", "Birches", "Spring pools", "Desert places", "Pacific", "An old man's winter night", "Reluctance", "One step backward taken", "Closed for good"

    Digitized: ms1178-0049; ms1178-0050

    formerly Frost Phonodisc 1353

  • Folder: 3, Robert Frost Dinner - Amherst College, 1954-03-26
  • Folder: 4, Dartmouth College Commencement, 1954-05
  • Folder: 5, Robert Frost - Speech, Dartmouth College, 1954-12-15

    Digitized: ; ms1178-0030-0033

  • Folder: 6, Robert Frost at Webster Hall, Dartmouth College, 1955-12

    Introduction by President John S. Dickey

    Digitized: ms1178-0034, 0035; 0084, 0085

  • Folder: 7, Speeches at Presentation of Frost Bust, Dartmouth College, 1956-09-26

    Digitized: ms1178-0036, 0086, 0043

  • Folder: 9, Freshman Lecture, Dartmouth College, 1958
  • Folder: 10, Robert Frost: Reading to the Public., 1958-11-19

    Digitized: ms-1178-0037, 0038, 0039, 0087, 0088

  • Folder: 8, Appearance on TV program: "Wide, Wide World", 1957

Box: 34, LP recordings, 1960-1962

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LP recordings

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Robert Frost: Reading to the Public, Webster Hall, Dartmouth College, 1960-01-19
  • Folder: 2, Robert Frost Interview by Edward Connery Lathem concerning Dartmouth College., 1962

    Digitized: ms1178-0044-0048, 0094-0098

  • Folder: 3, Reading of Poems. From the national Council of Teachers, undated

Box: 35, Reel to reel audio, 1954-1962

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Reel to reel audio

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Singing of two of Robert Frost's poems : Stopping by woods on a snowy evening [and] the pasture., 1961

    "Tape recording of the 6th grades of school no. 1- Public School of Fort Lee, N.J., made March 1961 in the classroom, under the direction of the music teacher, Mrs. L. A. D'Emidio." [Formerly 1306]

  • Folder: 2, Two piano concerts., 1960

    "Recorded as it was being composed at piano by Alfred Sevigny, May 6, 1960." [Formerly Phono tape 1304]

  • Folder: 3, Robert Frost at Trinity College, Hartford, Conn., 1962

    [Reel 1] An interview with Robert Frost.--[Reel 2] Frost lecture at Trinity.--[Reel 3] Frost lecture at Trinity, part II. [Formerly Phono Tape 1296]

  • Folder: 4, Robert Frost reading "A masque of reason.", 1962

    Recorded October 31, 1962 at 35 Brewster St. Cambridge, MA in the presence of Kaye Morrison and Edward Connery Lathem. [Formerly Phono tape 1293]

  • Folder: 5, Robert Frost's 80th birthday dinner, Amherst College., 1954

    Recorded on March 26, 1954. [Formerly Phono tape 1272]

  • Folder: 6, Robert Frost at Choate, April 29, 1962, 1962

    Poems read by author, plus a mention of his appointment as Consultant in poetry at the Library of Congress. [Formerly Phono tape 1297]

Box: 36, Reel to reel audio, 1956-1962

Reel to reel audio

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Robert Frost interviewed by Edward Connery Lathem., 1961

    Ed Lathem interviews Robert Frost; in 3 parts: discussion on Dartmouth career, early poems, and New England life as Lawrence, Mass., pupil and teacher; development after college; life as father and renowned poet. [Formerly Phono tape 1299]

  • Folder: 2, Library of Congress Poetry Festival, 1962

    3 parts of the program relative to Robert Frost. [Formerly Phono tape 1291]

  • Folder: 3, Franklin V. Schumaker student report, 1962

    Schumacher reads Frost poem, The road not taken, and gives a general critique. September 1962. [Formerly Phono tape 1309]

  • Folder: 4, The gift outright : read by 1st graders at Landon School, Washington, D.C., 1961

    Tape recording sent to Robert Frost from Mrs. Jeanne Johnson, Washington, D.C., Feb. 16, 1961. [Formerly Phono tape 1305]

  • Folder: 5, Commencement exercise, Manheim Township High School, Neffsville, Pa., 1961

    Commencement address; graduating class invited Mr. Frost to attend and are refused in letter from Frost; program includes reading of Frost poems, A lover's quarrel with the world, Stopping by woods on a snowy evening, Mending wall, Fire and ice, Departmental, The road not taken, and Chose something like a star. [Formerly Phono tape 1307]

  • Folder: 6, Dedication of the Robert L. Frost High School, Lawrence, Mass., 1962

    Speakers include James F. Hennessey, Supt. of Schools, Warren Ashley, architect, John J. Buckley, mayor, Beatrice Delaney, principal, and George Mayer, senior, plus Robert Frost. Recorded on January 7, 1962. [Formerly Phono tape 1289]

  • Folder: 7, Honorary degree - Dr. Robert L. Frost, University of Miami, 1961

    Robert Frost honored; George E. Whitten, trustee, presents degree. January 31, 1961. [Formerly Phono tape 1310]

  • Folder: 8, Presentation by Robert Frost at the University of Michigan., 1962

    April 2, 1962. [Formerly Phono tape 1172]

  • Folder: 9, [Critics choice : Robert Frost at 85], 1956

    Meredith Young narrates; Frost reads Great misgiving and the Objection to being stepped on; many speak of Frost, among them critic Mark van Doren and Lawrance Thompson, a Frost biographer. Recorded 3/23/1956. [Formerly Phono tape 1302]

Box: 37, Reel to reel audio, 1950-1962

Reel to reel audio

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, A tribute to William Wordsworth., 1950-04-20

    Lecture delivered at Cornell University. [Formerly Phono tape 1321]

  • Folder: 2, Choate Library dedication, 1962-05-05

    Andrew Mellon wing of the Choate Library dedicated by Paul Mellon; Robert Frost speaks. [Formerly Phono tape 1298]

  • Folder: 3, Robert Frost reading at Princeton University, 1956-12-05
  • Folder: 4, "Robert Frost's visit to Isreal", 1961-04-02

    From NBC News' Chet Huntley Reporting television program

  • Folder: 5, Robert Frost poetry set to music., 1961

    Recorded by Dr. Norman Bloom, Palisade, New Jersey. Includes: October, My November Guest, Good Hours, Stopping by the Woods. [Formerly Phono tape 1311]

  • Folder: 6, Robert Frost with Beatrice Ward and T.S. Eliot, London, 1957-06-11

    Frost is honored in London; Beatrice Ward narrates; T.S. Eliot introduces Frost; Frost recites poetry and recounts the story of his life. Reproduced from 7 inch reel tape recording. [Formerly Phono tape 1281]

Box: 38, Reel to reel audio, 1946-1970

Reel to reel audio

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Oration delivered by the Public Orator's Deputy (the Principal of Jesus College, Oxford) in a convocation held on 4 June 1957. Citation Honoring Robert Frost., 1957

    [Formerly Phonodisc 1083]

  • Folder: 2, Address given by Robert Frost to the students of Eastern Montana College of Education in Billings, Montana, 1952-06
  • Folder: 3, Project 63, item 15: Portrait of Robert Frost I, 1962-08

    Biography of the literary career of Robert Frost. Narrated by Robert Christie. Produced for Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

  • Folder: 4, Conversation with Frost at Crow Island, MA, 1955

    [Possibly with Edward Hyde Cox]

  • Folder: 5, Robert Frost reads at a joint meeting of the Chesapeake Chapter of the American Studies Association and the Folger Library Seminars., 1959-03-31
  • Folder: 6, Colby College Commencement, 1956-06-11
  • Folder: 7, Edward Connery Lathem interviews Robert Frost, undated
  • Folder: 8, Robert Frost and Dr. Douglas Southall Freeman: WRNL Richmond, Va., 1946

    Frost agrees to participate in his friend's regular feature on radio station WRNL. He says that this is the first time he has knowingly appeared on the radio and recites his Mending wall and Stopping by woods on a snowy evening. The 7 min., 10 sec. segment is repeated 5 times on the tape. Recorded from the home of Dr. Freeman in Richmond, VA.

  • Folder: 9, Lawrance Thompson speaks on Robert Frost, 1970-01-21

Box: 39, Reel to reel audio, 1963-1980

Reel to reel audio

Box Contents

  • Folder: 4, Robert Frost, a lover's quarrel with the world : a Dartmouth seminar at the Hanover Inn., 1980

    Proceedings of a seminar given in April 1980, including lectures by Professors Alan Gaylord, Donald Pease, and Harold Bond. [Formerly phono tape 1316]

  • Folder: 3, "Nat's recording of Robert Frost program on television the night after his death.", 1963-01-29
  • Folder: 2, Ceremonies in Derry, New Hampshire, relating to issuance of Robert Frost stamp, 1974-03-26

    Recorded from "proceedings of the morning and afternoon session of the Robert Frost First Day issue ceremonies" Dedication to Derry, N.H. and Robert Frost on the 100th birthday of the poet; U.S. postal service honors Frost with commemorative stamp; speakers include John Sloan Dickey, among others. [Formerly Phono tape 1300 and 1301]

  • Folder: 5, Edward Hyde Cox notes on Robert Frost done after Frost's death in 1963., 1963
  • Folder: 1, Prefessor Lawrance Thompson of Princeton, designated official biographer of Frost, Speaking on Frost, undated
  • Folder: 6, Ceremonies at Ripton Methodist Church, Ripton, VT dedicating a Robert Frost marker, 1964-08-20
  • Folder: 7, The life and work of poet Robert Frost - WKBW Buffalo, NY, 1963-02-14
  • Folder: 8, Reminiscences of Robert Frost by Robert Holden, 1967

Box: 40, 16mm film of the Robert Lee Frost School dedication in Lawrence, MA, 1962

16mm film of the Robert Lee Frost School dedication in Lawrence, MA

Box: 41, 1962

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Frost speaking in 105 Dartmouth Hall, 1962-04-20

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