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Robert Frost collection, 1866-1996Rauner Frost Manuscript MS-1178

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Robert Frost collection

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Rauner Frost Manuscript MS-1178

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Size of Collection:

52 Linear Feet, (41 containers)


Robert Frost (1874-1963), poet. The collection documents Frost's career as a poet and speaker as well as his friendships and family life. The bulk of the collection is made up of personal and professional correspondence, manuscript notebooks, and drafts and fair copies of Frost’s poetry, plays, and prose.

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The materials represented in this guide may be accessed through the Rauner Special Collections Library at Dartmouth College. Rauner Library is located in Webster Hall. The materials must be used on-site and may not leave Rauner Library.

Rauner Special Collections Library is open to the public and in most cases no appointment is necessary. The exception is in the case of materials stored off site for which there may be a delay of up to 48 hours in retrieval. Please consult the Access to Collection statement below or contact Rauner Reference.

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Conditions Governing Use

Permission from Dartmouth College required for publication or reproduction.

Introduction to the Collection

The Robert Frost collection contains correspondence, manuscripts, typescripts, galley proofs, legal and financial documents, appointment and engagement calendars, and ephemera of the American poet Robert Frost, as well as some correspondence and manuscript writings about Frost and individual issues of periodicals in which Frost’s poetry was published. The bulk of the collection is made up of incoming personal and professional correspondence, more than forty manuscript notebooks as well as drafts and fair copies of Frost’s poetry, plays, and prose. Legal and financial papers, appointment calendars, and printed ephemera, as well as writings about Frost by those who knew him, provide context for the poet’s literary work. Issues of periodicals document the first appearances of Frost’s poetry in print.

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Robert Frost (1874-1963). Poet. Born in San Francisco, Robert Frost lived the majority of his life in New England. After his father’s death in 1885, Frost moved with his mother and sister to Lawrence, Massachusetts, where in 1892 he was co-valedictorian of Lawrence High School. Frost shared the title with Elinor Miriam White, whom he married in 1895. They had six children: Eliot (1896-1904, died of cholera), Lesley Frost Ballantine (1899-1983), Carol (1902-1940, committed suicide), Irma (1903-1967, institutionalized for mental illness from 1947), Marjorie (1905-1934, died of complications from childbirth), and Elinor Bettina (1907, died three days after birth). Frost matriculated at Dartmouth as a member of the class of 1896, but left the college before the end of his first term. He attended Harvard University from 1897-1899 but also left without completing his degree. In 1900 Frost moved his family to a farm near Derry, New Hampshire. While living in Derry, Frost taught at Pinkerton Academy and at Plymouth Normal School, a teachers’ college. Frost, discouraged with farming, moved his family to England in 1912. In England, Frost met writers including Ezra Pound and Edward Thomas, who would become Frost’s closest friend until Thomas’ death in 1917 at the Battle of Arras. Frost’s first published poem, “My Butterfly. An Elegy,” appeared in the New York Independent in 1894, but it was not until 1913 that his first book of poetry, A Boy’s Will, was published by David Nutt in London. North of Boston followed in 1914 and was published in the United States by Henry Holt. Returning to the U.S. in 1915 to escape the outbreak of World War I, Frost moved with his family to a farm in Franconia, New Hampshire, and was received in literary circles as a major new poet. New Hampshire, published in 1923, won the first of Frost’s four Pulitzer prizes for poetry. Frost accepted a teaching position at the Amherst College in 1916 and remained a frequent visitor to the campus until his death. He also taught at the University of Michigan from 1921 to 1927. Frost taught at Dartmouth College as a Ticknor Fellow from 1943 to 1949 and regularly appeared as speaker in the college's Great Issues lecture series from 1947 to 1962. Frost traveled extensively, maintaining a busy schedule of speaking engagements at colleges and other institutions across the country. In 1920, Frost bought a farm in South Shaftsbury, Vermont, where he spent many summers while teaching at the Bread Loaf School of English in nearby Middlebury, Vermont. He wintered in South Miami, Florida beginning in 1940 and also maintained an apartment in Cambridge, Massachusetts. After his wife Elinor’s death in 1938, Frost asked Kathleen “Kay” Morrison to act as his secretary. Kay remained an employee and a close friend of Frost until his death. Frost traveled to England and Ireland in 1957, as well as to England, Greece, and Israel in 1961. On a state-sponsored visit to Russia in 1962, he met with Nikita Khrushchev. Frost was appointed Poetry Consultant to the Library of Congress in 1958 and spoke at the inauguration of president John F. Kennedy in 1961. Robert Frost died on January 29, 1963 at the age of 89.

Series, Box & Folder List

Series: 1, Correspondence, 1866-1982, bulk 1912-1963

Access Restrictions


Contains incoming and outgoing correspondence of Robert Frost and his secretary Kathleen "Kay" Morrison; incoming correspondence from members of Robert Frost’s family; correspondence between Frost’s extended family members and others; correspondence about Robert Frost; and greeting cards sent to Robert Frost.

Box: 1, 1912-1964

Access Restrictions


Box: 1

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, General Correspondence: Abb-Abe, 1916-1963

    Beatrice Abbott, C.D. Abbott, Charles Abbott, Claude Colleer Abbott, Edith A. Abbott, Elzie Abbott, Harald W. Abbott, Kenneth M. Abbott, Lysla I. Abbott, Catherine Abercrombie

  • Folder: 2, General Correspondence: Abercrombie, Lascelles, 1914-1961

    Lascelles Abercrombie

  • Folder: 3, General Correspondence: Abe-Ada, 1930-1959

    Elton Abernathy, Elizabeth Abolin, Albert J. Abrams, Alan Abrams, Nancy Abrams, Carl W. Ackerman, Valentine Ackland, Elbridge L. Adams, Evelyn P. Adams, Faye Carr Adams, Frank T. Adams Jr.

  • Folder: 4, General Correspondence: Adams, Frederick, 1935-1963

    Frederick B. Adams Jr.

  • Folder: 5, General Correspondence: Ada-Ada, 1934-1963

    Helen Adams, J. Dinsmore Adams, J. Donald Adams, James Truslow Adams, Janis Adams, Mrs. John R. Adams, Leonie Adams, Mary Adams, Phoebe Adams, Raymond Adams

  • Folder: 6, General Correspondence: Adams, Sherman, 1953-1958

    Sherman Adams

  • Folder: 7, General Correspondence: Ada-Ake, 1913-1963

    Margot R. Adamson, Alice A. Adanalian, St. John Adcock, Seymour Adelman, O.C. Aderhold, Elmer Adler, Tom Affinito, James Agee, Anna Agnelli, Joseph P. Agnello, Donald C. Agnew, Janet M. Agnew, Marjorie L. Agnew, Mary V. Ahern, Arthur Murray Aibinder, George D. Aiken, Conrad Aiken, Lillian M. Ainsworth, Isabel Sarvis Aird, Gertrude M. Aitchison, Lillian Akel, John E. Aker

  • Folder: 8, General Correspondence: Alb-Ald, 1913-1963

    John Albanese, Russell Alberts, Sydney S. Alberts, Jane Albright, Virginia E. Albright, Ahmed Al-Dairy et. al., K.R. Alden, William E. Alderman, Richard Aldington, Anne Winslow Crane Aldrich, Elizabeth Aldrich, Jonathan Aldrich, Nelson W. Aldrich, Rose Edmund Aldrich, Richard Aldridge

  • Folder: 9, General Correspondence: Ale-All, 1921-1963

    B.W. Alexander, Maxwell Aley, Ann Allen, Caroline Allen, Cay Allen, Chester A. Allen, David G. Allen, Dorothy S. Allen, George V. Allen, George W. Allen

  • Folder: 10, General Correspondence: Allen, Hervey, 1930-1964

    Hervey Allen

  • Folder: 11, General Correspondence: All-Als, 1930-1962

    James G. Allen, Mary Emma Allen, Robert E. Allen, Robert L. Allen, Walton C. Allen, Frederick S. Allis, Mary Allison, Oliver Alstorm, Robert F. Almy, James Alper, Briton Alsop, Mrs. Norman J. Alstad, Linda Sue Alsop

  • Folder: 12, General Correspondence: Alston, Wallace, 1951-1962

    Wallace Alston

  • Folder: 13, General Correspondence: Ame-Anc, 1946-1962

    American Library Service, Dorothy Ames, Elizabeth Ames, Mary Amra, Mary Frances Edmunds, Karin Wittekind, Theodore S. Amussen [Holt], Esther Amstutz, Ernest F. Amy, Lord Ancaster

  • Folder: 14, General Correspondence: And-And, 1937-1963

    Edna Anderson, Elam J. Anderson, George K. Anderson, Gregory Anderson, Holger W. Anderson, Jeanne A. Anderson, Katherine Anderson, Keith Anderson, Lee Anderson, Ruth Stark, Lester E. Anderson, Lucille Anderson, Lynn Anderson, Margaret Bartlett Anderson, Pauline Anderson, W.L. Anderson

  • Folder: 15, General Correspondence: And-Ang, 1935-1963

    F. Wiliam Andres, Charles Andrews, Chester C. Andrews, Faith Andrews, Edward Andrews, Max H. Andrews, Siri Andrews [Holt], Ruth O. Angel, Sister Angela S.N.D., L. Gertrude Angell, Richard S. Angell, Arden Angst, Margery Bursley Angst, W.S. Angus

  • Folder: 16, General Correspondence: Ant-Arm, 1928-1962

    Joseph Anthony, Sister M. Anthony, Edith V. Antunes, Shichinosuke Anzai, Olive V. Applegate, Roberta Applegate, Jerome W. Archer, Ruth Archer, Th. M. Ariaans, Mary Arlile, Anobel Armour, George Arms

  • Folder: 17, General Correspondence: Armstrong, A. J., 1932-1951

    A. J. Armstrong

  • Folder: 18, General Correspondence: Arm-Arv, 1935-1962

    Francis G. Armstrong, Howard E. Armstrong, Kay Armstrong, Lula Cutting Armstrong, Peter W. Armstrong, Phyllis E. Armstrong, Howard V. Jones, Stuart P. Armstrong, Rene Arnaud, James E. Arnay, Minna Maria Arnheim, Jerry Arnholt, Gerald L. Arnholt, Frances Arnold, Mrs. J.C. Arnold, Margaret Arnold, Marjorie Arnold, Norman Arnold, Thurman Arnold, Leonard Aronowitz, John Arthos, Anthony Artino, Michael S. Artist, Lloyd A. Arvidson

  • Folder: 19, General Correspondence: Asc-Asw, 1938-1962

    Ludwig Lewisohn Asch, Lee Ash, Bradford Harrison III, B.F. Ashe, Clayton Ashley, Clinton N. Ashley, Karin Ashley, Judy Ashman, Jane Seligson, Nora Ashman, Laurence P. Ashmead, Russell P. Askue, Robert B. Asprey, Frederick A. Aston, Edward C. Aswell

  • Folder: 20, General Correspondence: Atc-Aye, 1927-1962

    Rudolph P. Atcon, John Atherton, John D. Atkins Jr., David Atkinson, Geoffroy Atkinson, Robert C. Atmore, Wayne Attoe, C.C. Auchincloss, Lionel Aucoin, Don Augsburger, Robert B. Auld, Mr. Auronowitz, Audrey Auslander, Joseph Auslander, Edith T. Avey, R. Olive Ayer, H.M. Ayres, Robert W. Ayers

  • Folder: 21, General Correspondence: Baa-Bai, 1928-1963

    Wilmer H. Baatz, James T. Babb, Corinne Babbit, Lewis Babbit, Dora D. Babbitt, Frank L. Babbott, Lyndon Babcock, R.W. Babcock, Monique Bach, Fabian Bachrach, Carolyn Bacon, Edward A. Bacon, Helen Bacon, Leonard Bacon, Martha J. Bacon, Patty Bacon, Richard G. Badger, Rose Badger, Kathy Badowski, Karl Baehr, Joel Bagage, Joseph E. Baggs, Stephen Bagnall, Natalie Bagnardi, Ginny Bailes, Billie Gay Bailey, Bob Bailey, Charles R. Bailey, Frank E. Bailey, Herbert S. Bailey Jr., Suzanne Bailey

  • Folder: 22, General Correspondence: Baily, Harold James, 1930-1963

    Harold James Baily

  • Folder: 23, General Correspondence: Bai-Bal, 1930-1962

    Donald Bain, Read Bain, Bertie Baird, Jane Baird, Theodore Baird, Carl W. Baisch, Earl C. Baity, John Bakeless, A.G. Baker, Carlos Baker, Mrs. Davis Baker, Elliott Baker, Frances Baker, Franklin Baker, Howard Baker, James V. Baker, Karle W. Baker, Nettie Baker, Ray S. Baker, R.C. Bald, Letitia Baldrige, Grace Davidson Baldwin, Wes Baleria, Gertrude Ball, Ben Ballantine, William Ballantine

  • Folder: 24, General Correspondence: Bal-Bar, 1932-1962

    Jenny Ballou, Robert O. Ballou, Katherine Banks, Lou Bannerman, Priscilla A. Barb, C.L. Barber, W.P. Orrick, Florence H. Barber, Dorothy Barclay, Julius P. Barclay, Dennis Bardens, Jack Barefield, Addison Barker, Athalia Barker, Shirley Barker, Victor Barnaba, Eva O'Brien Barndollar, Elizabeth Barnes, John W. Barnes, Edith Barnes, Sylvan Barnet, Bernice Barnett, Beryl Barr, Ingle Barr, James A. Barr

  • Folder: 25, General Correspondence: Bar-Bar, 1928-1963

    Stringfellow Barr, Barre Times, Edwin J. Barrett, Clifton Waller Barrett, George B. Barrett, Laurence Barrett, Marion H. Barrett, Mary Ellin Barrett, Maud Ann Barrett, Robert E. Barrett Jr., Alberta Barringer, Rick Barry

  • Folder: 26, General Correspondence: Bar-Bar, 1935-1959

    William F. Bartholome, Donald Bartlett, Elizabeth Bartlett, Florence Barteltt, John H. Bartlett

  • Folder: 27, General Correspondence: Bartlett, John T. Jr., 1913-1945

    John T. Bartlett Jr.

  • Folder: 28, General Correspondence: Bar-Bas, 1931-1962

    Margaret Bartlett, Phyllis Bartlett, Robert M. Bartlett, Michael W. Bartos, A.P. Baruah, Amrit Baruah, Jacques Barzun, Agustin Basave, W. Radford Bascome Jr., Brasilian Literary Association

  • Folder: 29, General Correspondence: Basler, Roy P., 1953-1963

    Roy P. Basler, Robert D. McMillen

  • Folder: 30, General Correspondence: Bas-Bea, 1914-1963

    William W. Bass, T.D. Seymour Bassett, A.B. Batalden, Bronson Batchelor, Katherine Lee Bates, Masefield Bates, Effie G. Bathurst, David Battan, Blanca Batteau, Wayne Batteau, Hanna M. Battell, Nancy Baty, Lillie M. Bauer, William F. Bauer, Frederick L. Baumann, Curtis Baxter, Sylvester Baxter, Ronald C. Bauer, Jennie M. Boyle, George R. Boyle, William D. Bayley, Louis Henderson Bayliss, Doris Bayliss, Max Baym, Dora Beach

  • Folder: 31, General Correspondence: Beach, Joseph Warren, 1915-1958

    Joseph Warren Beach

  • Folder: 32, General Correspondence: Bea-Bec, 1915-1963

    Julius E. Beal, Betty Bealey, S.C. Beard Jr., Grace Beaton, Jerome Beatty Jr., Josephine Powell Beaty, Kathryn Beauchamp, Carol Beba, Mrs. Rowland E. Bebo, James Michael Bebo, Jennie T. Beck, Everette Sigler, Dick Lawson, Lloyd Richter, Hugo E. Beck, Joe Beck, Katharine Beck, Virginia E. Beck, Warren Beck, Elizabeth S. Beckwish

  • Folder: 33, General Correspondence: Bee-Bem, 1932-1963

    Frank J. Beebee, W.J. Beecher, Max Beerbohm, Hugh Beeson Jr., David W. Beggs, E. Gordon Beggs, George E. Bein, Joseph Beloin, Oscar W. Behrens, Alice M. Belcher, A.T. Belknap, Robert Beloof, Grace M. Belt, Florence Louise Bemis

  • Folder: 34, General Correspondence: Ben-Ber, 1916-1962

    David Ben-Gurion, Elizabeth Ann Bender, A.L. Benedict, Robert P. Benedict, Frances Rose Benet, Laura Benet, Stephen Vincent Benet, William Rose Benet, Ernest Benn Limited, France J. Bennethum, Carter Bennett, Clara Bennett, George Bennett, Mildred R. Bennett, Leroy James Benoit, Benney Benson, Harold W. Bentley, Ruth Evans Benz, Roberta Bereswill, Gary Berger, Oscar Berger, Esther Berkow, Leonard Berkowitz, Ethel G. Berl, Barbara Z. Berlin, David Berman, Ted Bermingham, Milton E. Bernet

  • Folder: 35, General Correspondence: Bernheimer, Earle Jerome, 1935-1942

    Earle Jerome Bernheimer

  • Folder: 36, General Correspondence: Bernheimer, Earle Jerome, 1943-1946

    Earle Jerome Bernheimer

  • Folder: 37, General Correspondence: Bernheimer, Earle Jerome, 1947-1958

    Earle Jerome Bernheimer

  • Folder: 38, General Correspondence: Ber-Bil, 1932-1963

    Morris H. Bernstein, Rebecca Thurman Bernstein, Stanley Bernstein, Annabel Berry, Betta Berti, Robert Berueffy, Marshall Best, Deborah Bethell, W.R. Bett, Michael Beer, Beveridge, Leura Dorothy Bevis, Richard Frederick Beyer, William Beyer, Katherine Chapin Biddle, Nancy J. Bierds, L. Sherrill Bigelow, Robert C. Bigelow, Margaret Biggs, E. Gordon Bill, L.A. Bill

  • Folder: 39, General Correspondence: Bil-Bis, 1913-1963

    Charlotte Billings, Chester R. Billings, S. Jason Billings, Francis W. Bilodeau, Elizabeth Biltcliffe, G.W. Bingham, Mary Frances Bingham, Millicent Todd Bingham, Robert Bingham, Ted Bingham, Lawrence Binyon, Betty Bird, Grace E. Bird, Remsen D. Bird, Shirley Bird, George D. Birkoff, Asher J. Birnbaum, Martin Birnbaum, A. Allyn Bishop, D.W. Bishop, Elizabeth Bishop, Florence J. Bishop, John Bishop, Joseph P. Bishop

  • Folder: 40, General Correspondence: Bis-Bla, 1928-1963

    Merrill Bishop, Neysa Grace Bissell, John Bisson, W.C. Bixby, Seelye Bixler, Fred W. Bizel, Fred L. Black, John Black, Alice P. Blackington, Alexander Blackburn, David Blackman, Jeanne Blackford, Mrs. Howard Lane Blackwell, John Blackwell, Harry Blair, Marian Blair, Robert Dike Blair, Catharine D. Blaisdell

  • Folder: 41, General Correspondence: Bla-Blu, 1912-1963

    Ruth Blake, Harold H. Blanchard, John Blanchard, Bertha A. Blanchet, George Blanchet, Peter P. Bland, Sarah Gibson Blanding, Edna M. Blank, Sheldon H. Blank, Frederika Blankner, A.J. Blanton, Ruth Simpson Blanton, Marjorie M. Blatchford, Sidney Blau, Teddy Bleck, Marius Blesi, Irene Mercy Blessing, William Bissett, Maxine Block, Warren P. Blodgett, Nancy Blotch, Charlotte Blount, Arthur L. Blue, Barbara Blum, Frances E. Blum

  • Folder: 42, General Correspondence: Blumenthal, Joseph, 1929-1962

    Joseph Blumenthal

  • Folder: 43, General Correspondence: Blu-Bon, 1931-1963

    Katharine Blunt, Myrtle H. Boazman, Carl Bode, Eugene Boe, Margie Boehmer, John R. Boettiger, Charles Boewe, Louise Bogan, Grace L. Bogardus, Jesse P. Bogue, Elaine Bohn, Robert H. Bohn, Mildred Boie, Ahmed Bokhari, Theophilus E.M. Boll, Bollingen Prize Committee, Charles G. Bolte, Mary L. Boney, Amy Bonner, Ethel Bonner

Box: 2, 1912-1965

Access Restrictions


Box: 2

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, General Correspondence: Boo-Bor, 1936-1963

    H. Barbara Boone, Philip W. Bonsal, Woodrow Boone, John A. Booras, Robert P. Booth, Lois Booth, Edmund H. Booth, Philip E. Booth, Phoebe B. Booth, Vincent Ravi Booth, Arthur R. Borden Jr., Eunice Merton Bordner, Robert Bordner, Lois Borland, Marily H. Bornales, Victor H. Borsodi, Mark Bortman

  • Folder: 2, General Correspondence: Bos-Bou, 1935-1962

    Boston Globe Newspaper, Boston Middlebury Alumnae Association, Ronald Boswell, Frederick A. Bosworth, Raymond F. Bosworth, Joseph McG. Bottkol, Mollie Ruth Bottoms, Elisabeth K. Bourcier, Virginia D. Bourne, Archibald L. Bouton, Caroline M. Bouton

  • Folder: 3, General Correspondence: Bow-Boy, 1930-1962

    Edwin T. Bowden, Ruth C. Bowden, Howard R. Bowen, Catherine Drinker Bowen, Robert O. Bowen, Stirling Bowen, Warren Bower, Isaiah Bowman, Richard Bowman, Lydia C. Bowne, Isadore Bowser, Louis H. Boyar, Benjamin Boyce, Thomas K. Boyce, Julian P. Boyd, Margaret E. Boyd, Vivian Boyd, Ellen Boyer, James J. Boyle, Kay Boyle, Besse Boynton, Percy H. Boynton

  • Folder: 4, General Correspondence: Bra-Bra, 1923-1963

    Gerald Warner Brace, Jon Bracker, Jeffrey R. Brackett, Russell D. Brackett, Mary W. Brackett, Walter I. Bradbury [Holt], Gamaliel Bradford, Helen F. Bradford, Mary Rose Bradford, Carol Bradley, Phillips Bradley, Rebecca Bradley, Sam Bradley, Mary Palmer Bradstreet, Lucy Whitmer Bragdon, George Brager, Addison Ross Bragg, Thomas Brahan

  • Folder: 5, General Correspondence: Braithwaite, William Stanley, 1915-1959

    William Stanley Braithwaite

  • Folder: 6, General Correspondence: Bra-Bra, 1929-1962

    C.D. Brakeley, Berton Brayley [Holt], Ann Bramhall, Houston Branch, Anna Hempstead Branch, Barbara Brand, Winnifred Brand, Florence M. Brandt, Joseph A. Brandt [Holt], Gertrude E. Branon, Mrs. Branson, June Bratton, Jacob M. Braude, Albert Braun, V.H. Brawley, Neville Braybrooke

  • Folder: 7, General Correspondence: Bre-Bre, 1939-1963

    J.H. Breakenridge, Kenneth E. Bredford, Robert T. Breed, Howard Breeding, Janelle Breeland, George B. Breen, Richard H. Breen, Francis Breidenbach, Harvey Breit, Dean Brelis, Percy O. Brewer

  • Folder: 8, General Correspondence: Brickell, Herschel, 1928-1948

    Herschel Brickell [Holt]

  • Folder: 9, General Correspondence: Bri-Bri, 1927-1960

    LaReta Bricker, Mr. Bridges, M.M. Bridges, Robert Bridges, Ronald Bridges, Geoffrey Bridson, J.D.M. Brierley, Briggs & Briggs, Ellis Briggs, Ernest Briggs, Henry R. Brigham, Anna Bright, Richard Brill, Virginia Brimhall, John M. Brinnin, Edward N. Bristol [Holt], Herbert S. Bristol [Holt]

  • Folder: 10, General Correspondence: Bri-Bro, 1931-1963

    Laurence V. Britt, John R. Britton, Joseph H. Britton, Ralph D. Britton, Bowden Broadwater, Para Lee Brock, Thomas P. Brockway, Louis Bromfield, Dorothy Dunbar Bromley, Harry D. Brookby, Walter E. Brooker, Chester K. Brooks, Elizabeth Brooks, Cleanth Brooks, Helen Brooks, Richard Brooks

  • Folder: 11, General Correspondence: Brooks, Van Wyck, 1921-1960

    Van Wyck Brooks

  • Folder: 12, General Correspondence: Bro-Bro, 1934-1952

    Margaret Broomell, Thomas D'A. Brophy

  • Folder: 13, General Correspondence: Broughton, Philip S., 1944-1963

    Philip S. Broughton, Ann Broughton

  • Folder: 14, General Correspondence: Brower, Reuben (Ben), 1933-1963

    Reuben (Ben) Brower

  • Folder: 15, General Correspondence: Bro-Bro, 1912-1962

    William Brower, Alice Brown, Alan Willard Brown, Charles R. Browne, Curtis Brown, E.E. Brown, Eleanor G. Brown, Harry A. Brown, Forman Brown, Francis Brown, Gene M. Brown, H.A. Brown, H. Glenn Brown, Herbert Brown, James M. Brown, Joe Brown, John L. Brown

  • Folder: 16, General Correspondence: Bro-Bro, 1928-1963

    Kenneth I. Brown, Kirtley Brown, Margaret J.E. Brown, Marion D. Brown, Mary C. Brown, Mildred Frost Brown, Nina Brown, Mrs. Ronald D. Brown, Sharon Brown, Stuart Gerry Brown, Wolstan Crocker Brown, W.R. Brown, Warren Brown

  • Folder: 17, General Correspondence: Bro-Bry, 1915-1963

    Anita Browne, Emily Browne, George H. Browne, Kenneth Browne, Amanda Brownell, Katharine Browning, Donald G. Brownlow, Lauren E. Brubaker Jr., George Bruce, Hannah Bruce, Mary-Elizabeth Bruce, Paul H. Buck, Peggy Bruce, Thomas B. Bruce, R.C. Brummer, Robert P. Brundage, Ruth E. Brune, John Gilland Brunini, Paul H. Bruns, Brunsman, J. Peter Brunswick, Jack Bryan, Richard Bryan, Gordon W. Bryant, Margarethe Bryant

  • Folder: 18, General Correspondence: Buc-Bue, 1940-1962

    Scott Buchanan, Thompson R. Buchanan, Bernard R. Buck, Frederica L. Buck, Pearl S. Buck, Gloria Buckley, Jerome H. Buckley, John J. Buckley, Bill Buckley [Holt], Ann Buckwalter, John Buechler, C. Frederich Buechner, Marian S. Buehler

  • Folder: 19, General Correspondence: Bui-Bul, 1935-1963

    R.D. Builter, Morgan G. Bulkeley III, Gertrude C. Bull

  • Folder: 20, General Correspondence: Bullock, Marie (Mrs. Hugh), 1934-1963

    Marie Bullock

  • Folder: 21, General Correspondence: Bun-Bur, 1915-1963

    Molly H. Myles Bundy, Johanne P. Bunevith, Eldo F. Bunge, Bill Dempsey, Ivan L. Bunnell, Marta Bunton, Valery Burati, Mr. Burby, Virginia Burd, Jean Burden, Carl Burell, Dorothy Burgess, J.R. Burgess Jr., John A. Burgess, Robert T. Burcaw, Frederick Burkhardt, Nancy W. Burden, Frances Burhoe, Winslow P. Burhoe, Claire B. Burke, Virginia Burkey, A.L. Burkholder, Boris Burkov, Patsy Burks, Charles C. Burlingham, Peter Burmeister

  • Folder: 22, General Correspondence: Burnett, Whit, 1936-1950

    Whit Burnett

  • Folder: 23, General Correspondence: Bur-Bur, 1933-1963

    A. Eliot Burnham, Philip Burham, Philip E. Burnham Jr., Gerald P. Burns, Margaret Burns, Vincent Burns, Lydia Burnshaw

  • Folder: 24, General Correspondence: Burnshaw, Stanley, 1934-1962

    Stanley Burnshaw [Holt]

  • Folder: 25, General Correspondence: Bur-Bus, 1928-1963

    Jane Burnside, William S. Burrage, Lyle E. Burroughs, Helen Burrows, Joseph A. Bursley, Myrle Burteh, Roberts H. Burton, Robert Burton, Jose Buscaglia, Hazel Bush, Douglas Bush, Lyle Bush, Monroe Bush, Robert G. Bush III, William M. Bush, Marjorie C. Bush-Brown, Edwin A. Busse, Effie B. Collins, Gene Bustard

  • Folder: 26, General Correspondence: But-Byl, 1932-1962

    Margaret Butcher, Anna Land Butler, Ed Butler, Myrna B. Butler, Nicholas M. Butler, Pierce Butler, Mary Holdsworth Butt, Alice D. Butterfield, Charles Edwin Butterfield, Frances W. Butterfield, Robin Butterfield, Truman L. Butterfield, Victor Butterfield, Martin Buxbaum, Claiton S. Buxton, Janice C. Buys, Edna Hanley Byers, Janice Byington, William Byler

  • Folder: 27, General Correspondence: Bynner, Witter, 1930-1958

    Witter Bynner

  • Folder: 28, General Correspondence: Byr-Byr, 1947-1951

    John D. Byrd, Dora Byron

  • Folder: 29, General Correspondence: Cab-Cam, 1916-1963

    Kathleen B. Cabell, Richard C. Cabot, Charles H. Cadigan, Marguerite Caetani, Cairns, Huntington Cairns, Ted Calder, Carolyn Call, J.H. Caldwell, Nathan G. Caldwell, Robert G. Caldwell, Mary Callahan, Vincent F. Callahan, Staunton Calvert, Donald C. Cameron, Ruth E. Cameron, Jim Camp, Cleopatra Campbell, Ellen L. Campbell, Dorcas Campell, Francis E. Campbell, Gladys Campbell

  • Folder: 30, General Correspondence: Campbell, James, 1949-1958

    James B. Campbell

  • Folder: 31, General Correspondence: Cam-Can, 1928-1963

    John A. Campbell, Oscar James Campbell, Patricia Campbell, Ruth E. Campbell, Sandy Montgomery Campbell, Henry S. Canby, Marion G. Canby, Bernard Candib, M. Candler, Melville H. Cane, Curtis Canfield, Lewis L. Cantor

  • Folder: 32, General Correspondence: Cap-Car, 1935-1962

    Jonathan Cape, Maguelonne Car, Basil Carberry, Lillian A. Card, Benjamin N. Cardozo, Mary T. Carlile, Eric W. Carlson, Jean Carlisle, Leonard Carmichael, Mitchell C. Carmichael, Gertrude Carnovsky, Chalmer J. Carothers, J. Edward Carothers, Margaret Carpenter, Minnie C. Carr, Paul O. Carr, Frederick W. Carr, Robert K. Carr, Eugene Carroll, Lillian Oliver Carroll, Paul Carroll, Frank Carruth, Ellen Carruthers, Al Carter, Everett Carter, Harriett W. Carter, Laura Carter, Robert F. Carter, Ruth Carter, Ercole Cartotto, Helen R. Cartwright, Virginia Caruthers

  • Folder: 33, General Correspondence: Cas-Cau, 1915-1962

    Everett Case, Francis Case, Josephine Y. Case, Leland D. Case, Maurine Case, Lorenzo D. Case, Alfredo Casey, Mary H. Cassidy, Linda Castle, C.A. Castle, H. Paul Castleberry, Waddill Catchings, Garth Cate, Dorothy Cathell, Willa Cather, Anna Belle Catoir, Netta Sue Caudill

  • Folder: 34, General Correspondence: Cec-Cha, 1932-1963

    Giovanni Cecchetti, Sister Mary Cecilia, Bennett A. Cerf, C.C. Certain, James E. Chace, Judi Chaffee, M.C. Chagla, William Chait, Amiya Chakravarty, Dorothy B. Challman

  • Folder: 35, General Correspondence: Chalmers, Gordon, 1930-1955

    Gordon Chalmers

  • Folder: 36, General Correspondence: Chalmers, Roberta (Rob), 1944-1958

    Roberta Chalmers

  • Folder: 37, General Correspondence: Chalmers, Roberta (Rob), 1959-1963

    Roberta Chalmers

  • Folder: 38, General Correspondence: Cha-Cha, 1928-1963

    Stephen Chalmers, Charles S. Chamberlain, Diane Chamberlain, Edward T. Chamberlain Jr., Mrs. J.M. Chambers, Joe Chambliss, Jacques Chambrun, Richard L. Champlin, Gerald Chan Sieg, Lane Chandler, Zilpha E. Chandler, Siang-mei Chang, Elsa Chapin, Henry Chapin, Paula Chapin

  • Folder: 39, General Correspondence: Chapin, James, 1917-1961

    James Chapin

  • Folder: 40, General Correspondence: Cha-Cha, 1926-1962

    Marjorie Chapin, Mary Chapin, George Chaplin, George Chapman, Ruth Chapman, Joe Mitchell Chapple, Norma Charest, Dorothy Charland, Buchanan Charles, Sylvie F. Charrot, Dorothea Chase, Gertrude Chase, Helen D. Chase, Herman Chase, John C. Chase, Lewis Chase, Louise Chase, P. Adele Chase, Robert Chase, William Chase, Sey Chassler, N. Chatterji, M. Adolphus Cheek Jr., Mary Ashby Cheek, Nancy Chen

  • Folder: 41, General Correspondence: Cherne, Leo, 1959-1963

    Leo Cherne

  • Folder: 42, General Correspondence: Che-Chu, 1930-1965

    Bernard Cherrick, Sargent Child, Erskine B. Childers, Tsai-ching Song, Clark Chism, John Chiu, Sarah Choklar, Foh Chou, C.B. Christesen, Carolyn Christensen, Charles Christensen, Francis Christensen, E.M. Christie, L.H. [Holt], Christie, Henry E., Christman, W.W. Christman, Sister Mary Christopher, Thomas C. Chubb, Vivian M. Chubb, Richard Church, Alice C. Churchill

  • Folder: 43, General Correspondence: Ciardi, John, 1956-1962

    John Ciardi

  • Folder: 44, General Correspondence: Cic-Cla, 1940-1961

    Marion Ciccia, O.E. Cihlar, Cincinnati MacDowell Society, Dixie Clairue, Robert Clancy, Elsie Ripley Clapp, Janet N. Clapp, Margaret Clapp, Verner W. Clapp

  • Folder: 45, General Correspondence: Cla-Cla, 1928-1963

    Blair Clark, Fanny Clark, Bill Clark, Gladys Clark, Grenville Clark, Henry C. Clark, Herald R. Clark, Jenny Clark, Joseph S. Clark, Josh Clark, Joshua B. Clark, Lester Clark, Lois Clark, M.D. Clark, Mae Knight Clark, Marguerite Dixon Clark, L.M. Clark, Neil M. Clark, Noel Clark, Orton L. Clark

  • Folder: 46, General Correspondence: Cla-Cla, 1929-1963

    Rachel Clark, Ronald J. Clark, Sylvia Clark, Thomas Clark, Walter Clark, William S. Clark, Angus W. Clarke Jr., George Herbert Clarke, Charles Clay

  • Folder: 47, General Correspondence: Cle-Clu, 1928-1962

    Abbee K. Cleaveland, Dorothy Cleaveland, Joanne B. Clegg, Sarah Cleghorn, John Fisher, Dorothy Fisher, Cyril Clemens, Marie Louise Clemens, Florence Clement, Deloris Cline, Ethel Ellis Cline, W.B. Shubrick Clymer, Albert Close, Elsie Clough, Vida S. Clough, M.D. Clubb

  • Folder: 48, General Correspondence: Coa-Coh, 1931-1963

    Oral S. Coad, Janet J.S. Coan, Walter J. Coates, W. Montague Cobb, Stanwood Cobb, Scribner Cobb, Leila Coburn, Gerald Cock, M. Estes Cocke, Grant Code, Thomas H. Coe Jr., Glen Coffield, G. Martin Coffin, Robert P.T. Coffin, Edward M. Coffin, George R. Coffman, Mabel B. Coggon, Corwin Coggon, Coghill, Arthur A. Cohen, Barbara A. Cohen, Herschel Cohen, Jay Cohen, Mildred Cohen, Philip Cohen, Warren Cohen, George Cohn Jr., Charles W. Cole, Leonie Cohn

Box: 3, 1912-1963

Access Restrictions


Box: 3

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, General Correspondence: Cohn, Louis, 1940-1953

    Louis Henry Cohn, Margie Cohn

  • Folder: 2, General Correspondence: Coh-Col, 1915-1963

    Margie Cohn, Katharine Coit, Warren E. Colburn, Carrie Smith Colby, Stoddard B. Colby, Elmer D. Colcord, Lincoln Colcord, Lucile Colcord

  • Folder: 3, General Correspondence: Cole, Charles W., 1947-1961

    Charles W. Cole

  • Folder: 4, General Correspondence: Col-Col, 1937-1963

    Kitty Cole, William Carey Cole, Carroll D. Coleman, Elliott Coleman, F. Jerry Coleman, James S. Coles, Martha Coles, Mary Colfelt, H. Bacon Collamore

  • Folder: 5, General Correspondence: Col-Com, 1934-1963

    L.E.D. Collier, Virginia Rollwage Collier, Arthur Collins, C.J. Collins, DWane R. Collins, Edith D. Collins, L. John Collins, Canon Collins, Phil D. Collins, Betty Colson, Jessie P. Colson, Ceribesse Colt, Mary M. Colum, Padraic Colum, Frederick A. Colwell, Grace P. Comans, Rebeca Colwell, Antonio Comas, Gladys Ewing Combes

  • Folder: 6, General Correspondence: Com-Con, 1934-1961

    Mary Come, William Comette, Evan Commager, Grace R. Conant, Isabel Fiske Conant, James B. Conant, Mabel L. Conant, Joseph Condell, Peyton Conger, Ed Congleton, Groff Conklin, Sue Conley, Florence D. Conlon, Shirley A. Conner

  • Folder: 7, General Correspondence: Con-Con, 1916-1963

    Charles J. Connick, Tadhg J. Connolloy, Jane Connor, William Connor, Nan Connors, Adrienne Conrad

  • Folder: 8, General Correspondence: Conrad, Lawrence, 1928-1938

    Lawrence H. Conrad

  • Folder: 9, General Correspondence: Con-Coo, 1933-1963

    David K. Conroy, Sister Miriam Consilia, Harold M. Constantian, A.L. Cook, Alice Rice Cook, Charles H. Cook Jr., Clair M. Cook, Edward John Cook, Donald B. Cook, Henry J. Dubester, Luella B. Cook, Nita Cook, Raymond M. Cook

  • Folder: 10, General Correspondence: Cook, Reginald L. (Doc), 1932-1963

    Reginald (Doc) L. Cook, Nita Cook

  • Folder: 11, General Correspondence: Coo-Coo, 1928-1960

    Thomas R. Cook, Mrs. William R. Cook, Arthur L. Cooke, Sally Cooledge, Mary Cooley, Catherine Coolidge, Cora Helen Coolidge, Harold J. Coolidge Jr., Miriam Coombs, Eleanor T. Cooney, Arthur G. Coons, George Cooper, Cooper and Melin, Barbara Coote

  • Folder: 12, General Correspondence: Cop-Cor, 1932-1963

    Aaron Copland, C.T. Copeland, Jim Copeland, Lewis Copeland, A.E. Coppard, Hugh Corbett [Holt], Peter Corbett, Herman Corbiere, Harold H. Corbin Jr., Kate Corbin

  • Folder: 13, General Correspondence: Cor-Cou, 1914-1962

    Hugh Corbett [Holt], James N. Corbridge Jr., Fay L. Corey, Jane Corleth, John C. Cornelius, Roberta D. Cornelius, Howard McKinley Corning, Nancy Cornwall, Gerald F. Corrigan, Mary Y. Cosley, Anne M. Costello, Harvey Cote, Jane M. Cotner, E.L. Cotton, Estelle W. Cotton, Robert Coucill, E.R. Coulson, Helen Coulter, Harold Courlander, John Cournos, Herbert R. Coursen Jr., Margaret Cousins

  • Folder: 14, General Correspondence: Cow-Cox, 1933-1963

    T.R. Coward, Roy W. Cowden, Katharine Cowler, Walter R. Cowles, Malcolm Cowley, W.H. Cowley, Alice Cox, Arthur Macy Cox, Bette R. Cox, Cynthia Cox

  • Folder: 15, General Correspondence: Cox, Edward Hyde, 1940-1944

    Edward Hyde Cox

  • Folder: 16, General Correspondence: Cox, Edward Hyde, 1945-1949

    Edward Hyde Cox

  • Folder: 17, General Correspondence: Cox, Edward Hyde, 1950-1954

    Edward Hyde Cox

  • Folder: 18, General Correspondence: Cox, Edward Hyde, 1955-1961

    Edward Hyde Cox

  • Folder: 19, General Correspondence: Cox-Cox, 1948-1961

    George Cox, James Cox, Mabel Cox, Naomi Cox, Oscar Cox

  • Folder: 20, General Correspondence: Cox, Sidney, 1912-1914

    Sidney Cox

  • Folder: 21, General Correspondence: Cox, Sidney, 1915

    Sidney Cox

  • Folder: 22, General Correspondence: Cox, Sidney, 1916-1920

    Sidney Cox

  • Folder: 23, General Correspondence: Cox, Sidney, 1921-1926

    Sidney Cox

  • Folder: 24, General Correspondence: Cox, Sidney, 1926-1928

    Sidney Cox

  • Folder: 25, General Correspondence: Cox, Sidney, 1928-1932

    Sidney Cox

  • Folder: 26, General Correspondence: Cox, Sidney, 1933-1937

    Sidney Cox

  • Folder: 27, General Correspondence: Cox, Sidney, 1938-1945

    Sidney Cox, William Sloane, Wilson Follett

  • Folder: 28, General Correspondence: Cox, Sidney, 1946-1954

    Sidney Cox

  • Folder: 29, General Correspondence: Cox-Cra, 1931-1962

    Terence Cox, Virginia B. Cox, William J. Cox, William Coyle, Anne Siewers Coyne, Tess M. Crager, John B. Crahan Jr., David R. Craig, G. Armour Craig, George Craig, W.C. Craig Jr., W.O. Cralle, G.W. Cram, Gaston J. Cramer, Richard D. Cramer, Edward A. Crane, Florence B. Crane, Robert C. Crane, Leota Cranes, Frank P. Crasto Jr., T. Peter Craven, William Craven, S. Peak Crawford, Al Cray

  • Folder: 30, General Correspondence: Cre-Cro, 1915-1962

    Warren Creel, Albert Crews, Walter Crewson, Andrew Crichton, John H. Crider, John Crocker, Lionel Crocker, Julie Crofoot, Robert Croft, Barbara K. Cromwell, Robert E. Cronin, George H. Crosbie Jr., E.A. Cross, Elizabeth Olive Cross, Dorothy E. Cross, Eunice Cross, Jane W. Cross, Neal Cross, Wilbur L. Cross

  • Folder: 31, General Correspondence: Cro-Cus, 1928-1963

    Charles E. Crossland, George D. Crothers, Russel Crouse, Elisabeth Crowe, Milton Crowell, Bonnie R. Crown, Jim Crowner, Winifred Stafford Crum, Paul Cubeta, Larry Culmer, Carlton Culmsee, John Culnan, Anne Cumings, Pierce Cumings, Laurence A. Cummings, Richard O. Cummings, Virginia Kent Cummins, Dick Cunningham, Rosemary Cunningham, Frederic S. Cushing [Holt], James F. Cusick

  • Folder: 32, General Correspondence: Cur-Cyp, 1933-1963

    Richard D. Currier, Mabel E. Curtis, Charlie Curtis, Dori Curtis, Frances W. Curtis, Julian Curtis, Richard Curtis, Henry Darcy Curwen, Norman E. Cusack, Earl L. Cushman, Everett E. Cushman, Frank Cushwa, Elizabeth Cushwa, James F. Cusick, Margaret Cuthbert, Elliott C. Cutler, Mildred Cutler, Ronald J. Cutler, Cutter, Mary Jane Cutting, Olga W. Cutting, Stanley Cypher

  • Folder: 33, General Correspondence: Da-Dal, 1929-1958

    Clarence D. Da Silva, J. McBride Dabbs, Vaughan Dabney, Athern P. Daggett, Mary A. Daggett, Martha Daikeler, Timothy Dailey, A. Hazard Dakin, Rodney G. Dakin, George N. Dale, Richard J. Daley, Bogomir Dalma, C. Daly [Holt], George Daly, Tom Daly

  • Folder: 34, General Correspondence: Dam-Dav, 1915-1963

    Bertha Damon, S. Foster Damon, Walter Damrosch, Robert Dana, Cindy Dane, Frank A. Danforth, Dangoulov, Leon Daniel, Kate Daniels, Lolee Daniels, M.L. Daniels, Edwin G. Dannettel, Scotti D'Arcy, Charles K. Darling, Millard S. Darling, Samuel H. Daroff, Mrs. Darrah, Whitney Darrow, Sudhi Ranjan Das, Alfred Dashiell, Max F. Daskam, Vincent F. Daues, Mike Fields, Bethia Daughenbaugh

  • Folder: 35, General Correspondence: Davids, Corinne, 1947-1963

    Corinne Davids

  • Folder: 36, General Correspondence: Davidson, Donald, 1943-1963

    Donald Davidson

  • Folder: 37, General Correspondence: Dav-Dav, 1943-1962

    Frank Davidson, Geoffrey Davidson, Gustav Davidson, Loren K. Davidson, Maxime Davidson

  • Folder: 38, General Correspondence: Davidson, Edward (Ted), 1926-1963

    Edward Davidson (Ted)

  • Folder: 39, General Correspondence: Dav-Dav, 1932-1963

    Alice E. Davies, George William Davies Jr., Ruth Davies, Carlos Davila, Allan Davis, Anne Davis, Arthur Davis Jr., Betty Davis, Earle Davis, Elizabeth Guy Davis, Frank Davis, Fremen M. Davis, Gertrude Davis, Hallie Flanagan Davis, Harry Davis, Helen Bayley Davis, Hope Davis, Hubert Davis, J. Leonard Davis, Joan V. Davis, Joe Davis, Lambert Davis, Mildred Davis, Richard H. Davis, Robert Gorham Davis, Ruth Helen Davis, Ruby Davis, Natalie Davison, Peter H. Davison

  • Folder: 40, General Correspondence: Dav-De, 1928-1963

    Wilfred Davison, Ralph Davol, Grace S. Dawson, Lawrence R. Dawson Jr., Peter Dawson, Robert Dawson, Bob Dawson, Charlotte S. Day, Copelin R. Day, Cyrus Day, Sarah Jane Day, C. Day-Lewis, Cecile de Bauke, Mrs. Robert De Butts, Juan F. de Cardenas, Jeff De Hart, Walter de Hoog, C. Coulter De Klyn, Elfrida de la Mare, Richard de la Mare

  • Folder: 41, General Correspondence: De-Dea, 1927-1963

    Walter J. de la Mare, Eleanor de Laguna, Antonio Emerico de Menezes, Harry de Metropolis, Agnes de Mille, Barbara de Revere, Richard de Rochemont, Sister Mary De Saleo, Anne Marie De Samarjay, Antoinette De Stephano, Leo de Vera, A.M. de Vries, Susan De Vries, Tom Deamore, David W. Dean, Leonard F. Dean

  • Folder: 42, General Correspondence: Dea-Den, 1933-1963

    H.B. Dearman, William P. Deary, Kendall B. DeBevoise, Clarence R. Decker, Shelley Delfin, Asarel Degani, E. Hubert Deines, Eugene L. Delafield, Beatrice V. Delaney, Lucile K. Delano, Del Deforge, Caroline Delteil, Catherine E. DeLuca, Robert DeMaria, Lee B. Dembart, Helmut L. Demel, Louise A. D'Emidio, Bill C. Dempsey, Jacqueline Denizard

  • Folder: 43, General Correspondence: Den-Deu, 1931-1962

    Charles Addison Denny II, R. Denney, Ben Dennis, J.Laney Dennis, W. Landon Dennison, Robert F. Denny, Alan Denson, George Derby, S.R. Derby, Peter Winn, Marie Derham, Milo G. Derham, August Derleth, Peter D. Desmond, Thomas C. Desmond, Babette Deutsch, Margaret Deutsch

  • Folder: 44, General Correspondence: Dev-Dic, 1935-1962

    Anne-Marie Deval, Wilbur Devendorf, Joe Dever, Frederick Devereux, Bernard DeVoto, Virginia M. deVries, Robert M. Dewey, Leslie Taylor Dewing, Michael Di Capua, Betty Jane Di Giacomo, Albert Di Pippo, Earl J. Dias, Alice M. Dickey, Chris Dickey, Frank G. Dickey

  • Folder: 45, General Correspondence: Dickey, John Sloan, 1945-1963

    John Sloan Dickey

  • Folder: 46, General Correspondence: Dic-Div, 1925-1963

    E. Porter Dickinson, Harlyn Dickinson, Patric Dickinson, Flora L. Diebert, Emma Pope Dieckmann, Henry Dierkes, William M. Dietel, Robert M. Diggs, Caroline A. Dill, Irving Dillard, J.D. Dillingham, Louise Bulkley Dillingham, James E. Dillon, John P. Dillon, Bettina Dilworth, John Dimoff, Josef C. Dine, Grace Dingee, Margaret Criswell Disert, Bob Dishon, Ruth Diston, Lowell Russell Ditzen, Mike Dively

Box: 4, 1915-1963

Access Restrictions


Box: 4

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, General Correspondence: Dob-Dom, 1928-1962

    Byron Dobell, Beatrice T. Dobie, Anatole Dobrynin, Alan Dodd, Edward H. Dodd Jr., Harold Willis Dodds, Loring Dodd, Marion E. Dodd, Richard E. Dodd, Harold Dodds, Elise Dodge, Lee Wilson Dods, Catherine D. Doe, Carl O. Doerner, Mrs. Dolan, N.H. Dole, John Dollard, Louis E. Dollarhide, Helen D. Dolotta, Hal Domincovich

  • Folder: 2, General Correspondence: Don-Doo, 1933-1962

    Wade Donahoe, Francis J. Donahue, William C. Donahue Jr., B.R. Donaldson, Peter Donchian, Paul H. Doney, Elizabeth Donnald, Jan Donnelly, Alan Donovan, Francoise Dony, G.F. Dooher, Malcolm W. Dooley, Maud W. Doolittle

  • Folder: 3, General Correspondence: Dor-Dow, 1933-1963

    Robert F. Dorbacker, Elsa Dorfman, W.J. Dornuf, John M. Dorsey, Mary Dorsey, Jacob Dorskind, Robert L. Dothard, Henrietta Wheeler Dotson, George Doty, Everett Douglas, Marjory Douglas, Paul H. Douglas, Marvin A. Miller, Thomas E. Douglass, Mildred Dow, Robert W. Dowling, Elsie P. Downing, Genevra Downs

  • Folder: 4, General Correspondence: Doy-Dru, 1932-1963

    Diana Doyle, John Robert Doyle Jr., Virginia Dragon, Dorothy M. Drake, Hal Draper, John W. Draper, Elizabeth Drew, Fraser Drew, Helen Drew, John E. Drewry, Trudy Drucker, Paula Druckman, John Drummond, Leon A. Drury Jr., Michael Drury

  • Folder: 5, General Correspondence: Du-Dum, 1929-1963

    Arnoldo du Chene, Julia Cesar Borges Duarte, James A Dubacey, Henry J. Dubester, Pauline Bass Dubner, Mrs. Myron C. Dudley, Katherine Dudley, Louise Dudley, Joy V. Dueland, James Duff, Mary Duffie, Marjorie Sullivan Duffy, Frances Dugan, Irene M. Duggan, Margarita McKee Dulac, Carrie Dulakis, Benjamin Alfred Dumm

  • Folder: 6, General Correspondence: Dun-Dzi, 1929-1963

    William R. Dunbar, Raymond Duncan, Joseph Dunn, Sarah Dunning, Jean E. Dunnington, Frederick W. Dupee, Marcella M. duPont, Stanwood Cobb, Lawrence N. Durgin, Henriette Durham, Roy Durham, Univeristy of Durham, Mary B. Duryee, Mary Ballard Duryee, Ilse Dusoir, Beulah V. Duvall, Rita Duyer, Mildred Jones, Kenneth B. Murdock, Webb Dycus, Eleanor Dye, Walter A. Dyer, Nathan Dykeman, Mattie M. Dykes, Bol. Dzikowski, Henry W. Dziulikowski

  • Folder: 7, General Correspondence: Eam-Eas, 1938-1963

    Edward William Eames, Margaret W. Earle, Laurel Earle, Mrs. Thorpe W. Earley, Aurelia Habekosh, Lucius Eastman, Emily Easton, Elaine Eastwood

  • Folder: 8, General Correspondence: Eaton, Charles Edward, 1939-1960

    Charles Edward Eaton

  • Folder: 9, General Correspondence: Eat-Edm, 1915-1963

    Dorothy Burnham Eaton, Mrs. Horace A. Eaton, Ernest T. Eaton, Horace A. Eaton, Walter Prichard Eaton, Richard Eberhart, Roland Fred Eberhart, Galen Eberl, J. Wilgus Eberle, Polly Eby, Robert P. Eckert Jr., Agnes Eckhardt, Demetre Economides, Catherine LeMaster Eckrich, Jean T. Eddy, Virginia P. Eddy, William W. Edel, Henry A. Edgar, Martha Edgar, Bob Edge, Irwin Edman, Walter D. Edmonds, William B. Edmonds, Merritt A. Edson, Charles Edmundson

  • Folder: 10, General Correspondence: Edwards, A.C., 1947-1951

    Alfred C. Edwards [Holt], Cecile T. Daly [Holt]

  • Folder: 11, General Correspondence: Edwards, A.C., 1951-1962

    Alfred C. Edwards [Holt], Cecile T. Daly [Holt], Raymond M. Cook, Vic Flack

  • Folder: 12, General Correspondence: Edw-Ehl, 1928-1962

    Donald Earl Edwards, Eleanor Edwards, Jack Edwards, Jeannette S. Edwards, John H. Edwards, Walter Edwards, Mary Alice Edwards, John R. Effinger, Peter Ehlers

  • Folder: 13, General Correspondence: Ehlhardt, George B., 1938-1959

    George B. Ehlhardt

  • Folder: 14, General Correspondence: Ehr-Eis, 1949-1963

    Isaac Ehrenreich, George Edward Ehrlich, John O. Eidson, Millicent Eifler, Richard Eigner, Anne F. Einselen, Elizabeth Eiselen, Nat B. Eisenberg, L.R. Eisenhart

  • Folder: 15, General Correspondence: Eisenhower, Dwight D., 1958-1960

    Dwight D. Eisenhower

  • Folder: 16, General Correspondence: Eis-Ell, 1934-1961

    Milton Eisenhower, Evelyn Eisenstadt, Elliot W. Eisner, Peter Eisner, Stanley Elam, Mother Mary Eleanor, T.S. Eliot, William Eldridge, Sister Angela Elizabeth, E.M. Eller, F.C. Ellert, Joseph Langland, Fritz Ellert, Anna Lee Elliott, Alma Elliott, C.C. Elliott

  • Folder: 17, General Correspondence: Elliott, G. Roy, 1926-1963

    George Roy Elliott

  • Folder: 18, General Correspondence: Ell-Eng, 1929-1962

    Marjorie Elliott, Patsy Elliott, W.Y. Elliott, Frances Ellis, George A. Ellis, Milton Ellis, Dick Ellmann, Richard Ellsworth, William Ellyson Jr., Jocelyn Elphick, C.A. Elvejohn, Dora Mae Elwain, Gertrude Ely, Alice Emerson, George E. Emery, Juan Ramon Emerey, Gertrude Emerson, Jud Emerson, Burton Emmett, Ruth Engdahl, Stephanie Engel, Lois Engelman

  • Folder: 19, General Correspondence: Engle, Paul, 1938-1962

    Paul Engle, Sherman W. Spear, Larry Walcoff, Howard S. Greenlee

  • Folder: 20, General Correspondence: Eng-Eys, 1937-1962

    Donald B. Engley, Raymond English, Mrs. W. Perry Epes, Anne Erickson, Katherine Erickson, Bob Ernst, Helen Worden Erskine, Doris Nell Erwin, Jane Baker Esparza, J. Manuel Espinosa, Sister Mary Esther, Claris M. Etscheid, Ed Eubanks, Sister Mary Eucharista, Ethelyn Evans, John C. Evans, L. Evans, Lawrence Evans, Luther H. Evans, Luther H. Evans, Helen Everett, Paul E. Everett Jr., Lillian Everts, G.A. Ewing, Peter Eyre, Frank Eyre, William H. Eyster

  • Folder: 21, General Correspondence: Fab-Fai, 1929-1962

    Warren Faber, Frank D. Fackenthal, James Facos, Clifton Fadiman, Don Faerber, Joan Heiner Fagan, Z. Fahnestock, Karol Fahnestock, Frances Fahy, David Fairchild, Rosann B. Fairchild, Johnson E. Fairchild, Marian Fairchild, Margaret Fairley

  • Folder: 22, General Correspondence: Fal-Far, 1926-1962

    Helen Falaguerra, Max Falk, Richard Falk, E.H. Fallon Sr., Jerome A. Fallon, John S. Fallon, Robet D. Faner, Norma Farber, James E. Farley, Sara Farley, William J. Farma, Alvirda Farmer, Farmers Co-operative Fire Insurance, Dana L. Farnsworth, John Farrar

  • Folder: 23, General Correspondence: Far-Fay, 1933-1962

    Aileen M. Farrell, J.D. Farrington Jr., Anthony Faso, Rosalie S. Fasola, Frederick G. Fassett Jr., Dian Fassey, Paul Fatout, Dean Fausett, Frederic E. Faverty, Florence S. Fawcett, Novice G. Fawcett, Henry H. Faxon, Margaret L. Fayer

  • Folder: 24, General Correspondence: Fea-Fen, 1939-1963

    John Fearon, William Feather, Raymond Norman Fedje, Charles E. Feinberg, Lenore Frank, George J. Felder, Grace Felgar, Clay Felker, Sarah Jane Feltham, Mrs. Russell Fender, Frank E. Fenner, Keith J. Fennimore, Albert Fenton

  • Folder: 25, General Correspondence: Fer-Feu, 1928-1962

    Carolie Ferguson, J. Cecil Ferguson, DeLancey Ferguson, Milton J. Ferguson, Zach Ferguson, Gilbert Frenandes, Helen Ferril, Thomas Hornsby Ferril, Lincoln Ferris, Frances Marie Ferriter, Ronald Mansfield Ferry, Naomi Fershtman, Diana E. Fetter, Jacob Feuerring

  • Folder: 26, General Correspondence: Fie-Fis, 1915-1962

    Julia Fiebeger, Barbara Field, Constance Field, Julie Field, Jerome Field, W.L.W. Field, Alfred Fields, Louise Fike, Ernst Filsinger, Sara Teasdale Filsinger, Charles W. Finch, John Finch, Joseph Findley, Fineman, Irving Fineman, Louis Finkelstein, Leonard F. Finkler Jr., Katy Finley, Betty Kay Finn, Grace Frost Finn, Mary Finnegan, Florence Fiore, Don Firenze, Maurice Firuski, John Fischbach, Madeline Fischer

  • Folder: 27, General Correspondence: Fisher, Dorothy Canfield, 1916-1953

    Dorothy Canfield Fisher

  • Folder: 28, General Correspondence: Fis-Fit, 1930-1963

    Gertrude Fisher, Jerry Fisher, Kenneth Fisher, Terry Fisher, Thelma H. Fisher, Theodore Fisher, Mrs. William W. Fisher, Carole Fishstein, Earl Fisk, Irving Fiske, Dudley Fitts, Catherine E. Fitzpatrick, Frank G. Fitzpatrick, Gerald R. FitzPatrick, Sally Fitzpatrick

  • Folder: 29, General Correspondence: Flaccus, William Kimball, 1930-1958

    William Kimball Flaccus

  • Folder: 30, General Correspondence: Fla-Fla, 1946-1962

    Frank M. Flack, A.M. Flager, Mildred B. Flagg, Francis G. Falherty, Robert Bryan Flanary

  • Folder: 31, General Correspondence: Flanders, Helen Hartness, 1933-1962

    Helen Hartness Flanders, Ralph E. Flanders

  • Folder: 32, General Correspondence: Flanders, Ralph, 1950-1963

    Ralph E. Flanders

  • Folder: 33, General Correspondence: Fla-Fle, 1938-1962

    Phillip C. Flayderman, Robert D. Fleischner, John Fleming, Arthur S. Fleming, Bramwell Fletcher, John Fletcher

  • Folder: 34, General Correspondence: Flint, Frank S., 1913-1962

    Frank S. Flint

  • Folder: 35, General Correspondence: Fli-Fly, 1915-1963

    F. Cudworth Flint, K.A. Floder, Antonio Carillo Flores, Eugenio Florit, Fitzgerald Flournoy, J. Howard Flower, Milton E. Flower, Doris Flowers [Holt], S. Shimamori, R.L. Flowers, Dorothy E. Flynn, John Flynn

  • Folder: 36, General Correspondence: Fob-Fol, 1929-1962

    Edith Fobes, Joe Fobes, Lillian Foehrenbach, John D. Foerster, Norman Foerster [Holt], Walter F. Fogg, Sigmund Fogler, John J. Foley, Wilson Follett

  • Folder: 37, General Correspondence: Fol-Fos, 1915-1962

    Elizabeth K. Folsom, Priscilla Folsom, Elva Harman Fondersmith, Elizabeth Fontaine, Eleanor Foote, Edward W. Fores, Ethel Forbes, Henry Stone Forbes, J.D. Forbes, Bernice Forbush, Anne Ford, Helen A. Ford, Henry Ford, James Ford, C.J. Fordyce, Mrs. George Forrest, Esse Forrester-O'Brien, E.M. Forster, Betty Foster

  • Folder: 38, General Correspondence: Foster, Charles H., 1932-1940

    Charles H. Foster

  • Folder: 39, General Correspondence: Foster, Charles H., 1940-1963

    Charles H. Foster

  • Folder: 40, General Correspondence: Fos-Fox, 1928-1962

    Greta B. Foster, Madeline B. Foster, Thomas Foster, Mary Fowler, William P. Fowler, Alan Fox, Edward B. Fox, Eileen Fox

  • Folder: 41, General Correspondence: Fox, Frederic, 1959-1963

    Frederic Fox

  • Folder: 42, General Correspondence: Fox-Fra, 1929-1963

    Ruth G. Fox, Vail Foy, Barry Frame, Chuck Eckert, Agnes B. Francis, Brother G. Francis, Mrs. Lee Masten Francis, Robert Francis, Thomas Edward Francis, Larry Frank, Lee Frank, Susan Frank, Waldo Frank, Lloyd Frankenberg, Felix Frankfurter, Ross Franklyn, C. Peter Frantz

  • Folder: 43, General Correspondence: Fra-Fre, 1928-1963

    Marvin J. Fraser, Pearle I. Fraser, Ernest D. Frawley, William A. Frayer, Alice Frazer, Olin H. Frazer, Katharine Frazier, William F. Frazier, Jan Freasier, Alma Littrell, Adaline A. Freeland, Douglas Southall Freeman, Edward Freeman, John Freeman, Marilla W. Freeman, Maurice Freeman, Stephen A. Freeman, Jose Freire, Bryant Morey French, Hannah D. French, Hollis S. French, Paul C. French, Vernon M. French, Horst Frenz, Eugene M. Frese, Peggy J. Fretz, Anne S. Frey

  • Folder: 44, General Correspondence: Fri-Fro, 1928-1963

    Kimon Friar, Betty Friedman, John Friedman, Leslie H. Friedman, Claude Friedmann, A.M. Friedson, Fred W. Friendly, C. A. Fries, Louis D. Frihling, Elizabeth Frink, Barbara Fritz, Louis Froelick, Robet Froman, Bayta Fromm, D.A. Fineman

  • Folder: 45, General Correspondence: Fro-Fro, 1933-1963

    Agathe Frost, Angus B. Frost, Christine E. G. Frost, Corinne C. Frost, Dorothy M. Frost, Dwight W. Frost, Frances Frost, Frederic G. Frost, Jack Frost, James F. Frost, Jean Wilson Frost, John Eldridge Frost, Jos. Wm. P. Frost, Leroy L. Frost, Lowell C. Frost, Nicholas Frost, Paul Frost, Ralph W. Frost, Robert Frost, Robin Frost, Robinson C. Frost, Russell Frost, Stella Frost, W.A. Frost, William Frost

  • Folder: 46, General Correspondence: Fry-Fur, 1936-1962

    Burton Frye, Virginia Frye, Roland M. Frye, Lucy Dickinson Fryxell, John Cushing Fuess, Ethel Romig Fuller, John H. Fuller, Leonard V. Fulton, S. Funaroff, Cornelia B. Furbish, Foster Furccola, Dorothy Furgeson

Box: 5, 1913-1964

Access Restrictions


Box: 5

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, General Correspondence: Gab-Gar, 1913-1962

    Joseph Gabriele, Walter E. Gaby, Frances C. Gage, Ruth Gagliardo, William Gahagan, Crosby Gaige, Robert Gaines, Gainesville High School, Archibald V. Galbraith, Chester O. Gale Jr., Saul Galin, Roy A. Gallant, Lidia Gallico, Richard H. Gallot, Marjorie Gabin, Alberta Bergh Gamble, E. Marguerite Gane, Ruth J. Gannon, Robert N. Ganz, Raffael Ganz, Fred M. Garber, Fabian Garcia, Robert E. Gard, Waitstill Gardella, Isabella Gardner, Mary Gardner, Royal J. Gardner, Henry A. Garfield

  • Folder: 2, General Correspondence: Garland, Hamlin, 1915-1936

    Hamlin Garland

  • Folder: 3, General Correspondence: Gar-Gay, 1929-1961

    Lloyd K. Garrison, Edward B. Garside, J.F. Garvin, Jill Gary, John Gassner, Edwin W. Gaston Jr., Arnold F. Gates, Josephine N. Gauntt, Robert Taylor Gaus, Robert M. Gay, John W. Gaynor, Priscilla Gaynor, Robert E. Tehan Jr.

  • Folder: 4, General Correspondence: Gef-Gib, 1932-1963

    Felicia Geffen, Richard Gehman, Carl E. Gehring, P. Gehring, Marcella Geissman, Thomas Gelehrter, Elizabeth D. Gelvin, Alice Gentry, Wilmer Gentry, Sister Mary George, Antony Gerharz, Russell Gerould, Eleanor Gerry, W.H. Gerry, Isaac Gershman, Everett L. Getchell, J.E. Gethyn-Jones, Gretchen A. Gettel, Raymond Gettinger, Brewster Ghiselin, Lynwood Giacomini, Frank G. Giamboy, O.R. Gibbons, Paul T. Gibbs

  • Folder: 5, General Correspondence: Gibson, Wilfrid, 1912-1940

    Wilfrid Gibson

  • Folder: 6, General Correspondence: Gib-Gil, 1937-1962

    William Gibson, Arthur F. Giddings, Harry D. Gideonse, Jeanne Giegler, Edna Giesen, August Giffers, Edgar Gilbert, O.M. Gilbert, Jack Gilchrist, Marie Gilchrist, Dorothy Gildy, Shirley Giles

  • Folder: 7, General Correspondence: Gil-Git, 1935-1961

    Duff Gilfond, M.E. Gilfond, W.A. Gilfry, Don Gillis, Paul McBride Gillis, Howard B. Gilman, Diane Gilmore, Joseph Gilmore, Richard Gimbel, Arnold Gingrich, Ralph Ginzburg, Susan Gitlitz, Philip Gittelman

  • Folder: 8, General Correspondence: Gla-Gob, 1926-1962

    Douglas Glass, Everett Glass, Sara Glass, Dick Glassman, Robert Glaubinger, Harold W. Gleason Jr., Mary A. Gleason, Lance Glen, Charles L. Glenn Jr., Elliot Glicker, Bea Glickman, H.W. Glockler, Elanor C. Glomp, Mary L. Gloster, Joseph C. Gluck, Nelson Glueck, Erna Gobel, Esther Gobrecht

  • Folder: 9, General Correspondence: God-Goo, 1913-1963

    Harold C. Goddard, Grace M. Godin, Gladys Goebel, Clarence Gohdes, Ruth Goldberger, Lilliain Goldblatt, Annette Goldman, Wera Goldman, Emma P. Goldsmith, Madeline Golem, Tissie Goodell, Mary Goodfellow, Herbert F. Goodrich, Ralph W. Goodrich

  • Folder: 10, General Correspondence: Goo-Gor, 1913-1961

    Ruth Goodman, Wilbur C. Goodson, Mary Goodwillie, Chas. A. Goodwin, E.A. Goodwin, Harry Goodwin, Lilah Goodwin, Richard N. Goodwin, Robert E. Goodwin, Rufus Stockton Goodwin, Barbara Lee Gordimer, George Gordon, Mrs. Harry H. Gordon, Jane Gordon, Jean Gordon, Richard M. Gordon, Paul Gorman, Carmen Gorsky, Ronald W. Gorton

  • Folder: 11, General Correspondence: Gos-Gra, 1928-1964

    Beatrice Gosford, Glenn Gosling [Holt], Thomas F. Gossett, Jack S. Gottlieb, Laurence M. Gould, Ellen Gould, Jean Gould, Kenneth M. Gould, Raphael Gould, P.B. Gove, Phyllis Grace, Abbie Graham, Elliott Graham, Wayne Graham, Orville F. Grahame, Roberta M. Grahame, James M. Grainger, Iris Grannis, Isabel Fiske Grant, Joy R. Grant, Kermit Grant, Priscilla A. Grant, Patricia Gravallese, Louis Graves

  • Folder: 12, General Correspondence: Graves, Robert, 1924-1962

    Robert Graves

  • Folder: 13, General Correspondence: Gra-Gre, 1936-1960

    Ansel E. Gray, Austin K. Gray, Clifton D. Gray, Harold E. Gray, Adele Greeff

  • Folder: 14, General Correspondence: Green, Charles R., 1929-1942

    Charles R. Green

  • Folder: 15, General Correspondence: Green, Charles R., 1943-1963

    Charles R. Green

  • Folder: 16, General Correspondence: Gre-Gre, 1913-1962

    Elizabeth Green, J. Milo Green, M. Green, Maureen Green, Nancy Green, Paul Green, Robert Green, C. Sylvester Green, Richard Greenbaum, Jerome D. Greene, Joseph I. Greene, Marc T. Greene, Mary V. Greene

  • Folder: 17, General Correspondence: Gre-Gre, 1932-1962

    Mildred Greenfield, David Greenhood, H.V. Greenough, Ruth Greenough, Ferris Greenslet, Cornelius Greenway, William Cabell Greet, Garland Greever, Cay Gregg, Hugh Gregg, William W. Gregg, H.T. Gregory, Russell C. Gregory, Wanda Greineisen, Parry E. Gresham, Lennox Grey

  • Folder: 18, General Correspondence: Gri-Gru, 1930-1963

    Mrs. S.H. Griffin, Anne Wall Griffin, Ethel Grigsby, Joseph J. Grillo, Willard M. Grimes, Jenny B. Grinnell, Peter S. Grinnell, Jane Griswold, Joan Grober, Pauline Groetz, Ellie Grose, Minot Grose, Beatrice Gross, Edwin O. Grover, Kathryn Ainsworth Grover, John Stuart Groves, Marion Nash Groves, Verna Grubbs, Sue Grundy

  • Folder: 19, General Correspondence: Gua-Gwy, 1930-1963

    Anthony Guarco, Lena Guay, Albert J. Guerard, J. Alfred Guest, Charles W. Cole, Erika Guetermann, Bernard Guillemin, Arthur Guiterman, Sven M. Gundersen, M. Agnella Gunn, Alfred Gurley, Kathleen Gurner, L.S. Gurney, Ruth Gussman, A.B. Guthrie Jr., Barbara Gutowsky, Leon Gutterman, James Gutmann, Roma Guy, Julia Guzman-Baldiviess, Frederick L. Gwynn

  • Folder: 20, General Correspondence: Haa-Hag, 1936-1963

    Jeffrey H. Haas, Robert K. Hass, William Haas, Ralph A. Habas, Norman Hackett, Auraham Hadas, R.E. Hadingham, Marjorie Hadley, Egbert Hadley, Philip Hadley, Charles Haenes, Margaret Haferd, Chet Hagan, Hermann Hagedorn, Harry Hager

  • Folder: 21, General Correspondence: Hag-Hai, 1928-1962

    Jack W. Hagstrom, Ellen Hague, Robert Haiduke, Gordon S. Haight, Dorothy Haines, J. Robin Haines

  • Folder: 22, General Correspondence: Haines, John W. (Jack), 1914-1952

    John W. Haines (Jack), Daniel George

  • Folder: 23, General Correspondence: Hal-Hal, 1916-1963

    Sinai Halberstam, R.M. Halder, Edna M. Hale, Nancy Hale, Sumner A. Haley, Clarissa Hall, Donald Hall, Edward T. Hall, Elmore C. Hall, Ethel E. Hall, Gertrude Hall, Joyce C. Hall, L. Wallace Hall, Mary-Lou E. Hall, Serena Goss Hall, Thomas W. Hall Jr., Kay Halle, Dorothy M. Haller, Alice Halliday, Jean Hallin, Klaus Halm

  • Folder: 24, General Correspondence: Ham-Han, 1935-1960

    Roswell G. Ham, Thomas C. Ham, Elizabeth Hamilton, Franklin Hamilton, Arthur T. Hamlin, Elizabeth Hamlin, Anne Hammes, Dag Hammarskjold, R.F. Hammatt, Borgny Hammer, Jane Hammond, Helen Hammond, Mason Hammond, Ronald T. Hammond

  • Folder: 25, General Correspondence: Han-Har, 1915-1962

    C. Michael Hancher, Ben E. Hancock, Deanie Hancock, Walker Hancock, Geoffrey Handley-Taylor, Irene Hane, Leigh Hanes, James Holly Hanford, J.H. Hanford, Edna Ruth Hanley, Archie Hanna, A.J. Hanna, E. Arthur Hannay, Dieter Hannemann, Edward Hannon, Paul Hannon, Charles L. Hanson, Lowell K. Hanson, J.O. Hanson Jr., Jane Harbaugh, John Harburg

  • Folder: 26, General Correspondence: Harcourt, Alfred, 1915-1954

    Alfred Harcourt [Holt], W. Heinemann [Holt]

  • Folder: 27, General Correspondence: Har-Har, 1930-1963

    Walter Hard Jr., Ellen Hardgrove, Wendell Harding, Audobon L. Hardy, Evelyn Hardy, Irene Hardy, Jerome S. Hardy, Warren J. Hardy, Montgomery Hare, Mathias P. Harjoin, C.H. Harding, M.D. Harker, Avraham Harman, Robert H. Harner, Baldwin Harper, Carolyna Harper, David Harper, Earl E. Harper, Donald Harrington, Elsie Harrington, Evans Harrington, Maud E. Harrington, Mildred Harrington, Naomi Harrington, V.C. Harrington, Julia F. Harris, Lois L. Harris, Mark Harris, Paul C. Harris Jr., Ray Baker Harris, Roger Harris, William E. Harris, Mrs. William H. Harris Sr., Gilbert Harrison, Henry Harrison

  • Folder: 28, General Correspondence: Har-Har, 1916-1961

    Carroll Hart, Joseph Hart, Lawrence Hart, Lucile Hart, Rupert Hart-Davis, Huntington Hartford Foundation, John Vincent, Marcia Hartford, Virginia Hartley, Wesley Hartley, G. Hartman, Wayne M. Hartwell, Thomas Hartzell, Harvard College, Dorothy Dudley Harvey, Hilda Harvey, John Harvey, Shirley Harvey

  • Folder: 29, General Correspondence: Harvey, Vera, 1932-1963

    Vera Harvey

  • Folder: 30, General Correspondence: Har-Hat, 1923-1962

    Richard A. Harvill, Mrs. Earl Harwood, Michael Harwood, T.W. Harwood, Reginald Berti Haselden, Nelson Haskell, Kay Hasselbusch, Wiliam C. Hassler, Pam Hastings, Isabelle Hasty, Iris R. Killingsworth, Benton L. Hatch, Harlan Hatcher, W. Wilbur Hatfield [Holt], Donald Wing Hathaway, Ruth G. Hathaway

  • Folder: 31, General Correspondence: Hav-Haz, 1913-1963

    Paul Swain Havens, Curtis W. Haug, Margaret Gilbert Haven, Gladys J. Harvey, Hugh A. Gunderson, Walter Havinghurst, Barbara Hawkins, Louise I. Hawkins, Lucy G. Hawkins, Mary M. Hawkins, Olive Hawley, John G. Hawthorne, Christina A. Hay, John W. Hayden, Robert L. Hayden, Hiram Haydn, E.W. Hayes, Susan Hayes Ward, Floyd Hayford, Harrison Hayford, James Hayford, Alfred Hayhurst Jr., Florence E. Haynes, French Haynes, Patrick Hayes, Robert Hazel, Jean Hazlett, Henry Hazlitt

  • Folder: 32, General Correspondence: Hea-Hea, 1932-1962

    Allen D. Heacock, G.F. Head, Joseph G. Healey, Arthur K.D. Healy, G.V. Healey, Eugene Healy [Holt], Elma Heard, Marguerite Heaney, James Hearst, Monroe Heath, Mary Townsend Heathcote, Bernard Heatherley

  • Folder: 33, General Correspondence: Hec-Hel, 1933-1962

    Hanna Hechinger, August Heckscher, E. Moodie Heddle, Charlotte Hedin, U.P. Hedrick, Carolyn G. Heilbrun, Charles E. Heilmann, Frederic Heimberger, Carol Heimburg, Richard H. Heindel, James H. Heineman, Donald Held, Henri Hell

  • Folder: 34, General Correspondence: Hem-Hep, 1934-1963

    Dan Hemenway, Mark M. Hemenway, Beulah T. Henderson, Douglas C. Henderson, Gregory Henderson, Martha Henderson, Robert Henderson, Lucy Henderson, Cynthia Hendricks, Virginia Hendricks, Walter Hendricks, Joseph A. Henehan, Faye Hennebury, James F. Hennessey, Kay Hendry, Sister M. Henrietta, Herman Henry, Ruth Henry, Henry Hold and Company, Francis H. Henshaw, Arthur Hepner

  • Folder: 35, General Correspondence: Her-Hey, 1925-1962

    Lilian Herbert, Marion Herbert, Martha Herbert, Willis Herbert, John R. Herman, S.G. Herman, Lucille Hermansen, Dan Herr, Edward Herrill, Elizabeth B. Herring, Pendleton Herring, H.W. Herrington, William H. Powers, Jean Hersey, Miriam B. Herwig, John D. Herzog, Thomas B. Hess, Harry Carl Heuschkel, Horace W. Hewlett, Edythe Heyman [Holt], Ken Heyman, L.D. Frihling, Cornelis Ceyn, DuBose Heyward, Terrence Heywood

  • Folder: 36, General Correspondence: Hib-Hig, 1934-1961

    Anne Hibbard, Elda L. Hibbard, George W. Hibbitt, Jean H. Hickey, Jeanne B. Hickey, Peter Hickinbotham, Catharine L. Hicks, Doris E. Hicks, Janet Higdon, Dorothy Higgins, Leeta Higgins, Marie Higgins, Mae D. Hightower

  • Folder: 37, General Correspondence: Hil-Hil, 1939-1962

    Helen-Anne Hilker, Hallete Hill, Herbert W. Hill, Howard O. Hill, Ralph N. Hill, Rebecca Kittridge Hill, Patricia-Anne Hillman, Tyrus Hillway

  • Folder: 38, General Correspondence: Hillyer, Robert, 1934-1961

    Robert Hillyer, Oliver Gogarty

  • Folder: 39, General Correspondence: Hin-Hjo, 1932-1963

    Florence M. Hinchman, Walter J. Hinchman, A. Hinden, Mike Hinden, Happy Hindley, Milton Hindus, Flora Ward Hineline, John F. Hines, Sarah H. Hines, Karl Hnilicka, Robert Hinkelman, Carmelita Hinton, William Hinton, Carl E. Hirsch, Alice Hirsch, Alison Hirschberg, Joan Elliott Hirschberg, Roy Hirshburg, John S. Hirschoff, Thomas B. Hitchcock, Sinclair Hitchings, Ivy M. Hixson, Nettie Hjort

  • Folder: 40, General Correspondence: Hoa-Hod, 1934-1963

    William Christian Hoad, George A. Hoar, Frances Hoare, Janet Treat Hobbs, Evelyn Hobson, Henry W. Hobson, Irma E. Hochstein, Richard Hocking, William Ernest Hocking, Marie A. Hodge, Frances L. Hodges, O. Lee Hodgkins

Box: 6, 1913-1963

Access Restrictions


Box: 6

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, General Correspondence: Hodgson, Hugh, 1944-1963

    Hugh Hodgson

  • Folder: 2, General Correspondence: Hod-Hol, 1913-1963

    Ralph Hodgson, Edward Hodnett, Augusta L. Hoeing, Hubert H. Hoeltje, Frances Carol Hoey, Philip Hofer, Dan G. Hoffman, Jay K. Hoffman, Milton Hoffman, Minna Bonner Hoffman, Henry Hoffman, Juan Luis Hogan, Nellie Hogan, William Hogan, Charles P. Hogarth, Violet M. Hohl, George B. Holbrook, Arthur John Holden Jr., Elizabeth Holden, John S. Holden, John T. Holden

  • Folder: 3, General Correspondence: Holden, Raymond P., 1921-1963

    Raymond P. Holden

  • Folder: 4, General Correspondence: Hol-Hol, 1926-1960

    Sprague Holden, Robert P. Holdsworth, Henry F. Holland, W. Roy Holleman, Mary P. Holleran, Ingrid Holliday, John A. Holliday, Elizabeth Hollister Frost, Paul Hollister, Johan Holm, George E. Holman, Harriet R. Holman, Mary V. Holman, Clara L. Holmes, Dorris Kirk Holmes

  • Folder: 5, General Correspondence: Holmes, John, 1935-1962

    John Holmes

  • Folder: 6, General Correspondence: Hol-Hop, 1914-1962

    S.H. Holmes, Susan P. Holmes, Lloyd B. Holsapple, Florence T. Holt, Hamilton Holt, Gerald Holton, George C. Homans, Paul Honister, Peter Hoos, B.W. Hopkins

  • Folder: 7, General Correspondence: Hopkins, Ernest M., 1933-1945

    Ernest M. Hopkins

  • Folder: 8, General Correspondence: Hop-Hot, 1932-1963

    Margaret L. Hopkins, Marguerite S. Hopkins, Margaret B. Hopkins, Vivian C. Hopkins, John Hopkinson, Carita Hopper, Jon Hopper, W.H. Hopton, Theodore Hopwood, Louis L. Horen, Rhoda Lee Horn, Dorothy Horne, Mrs. Elmer M. Horn, Edward V. Horne, Harry Horner, Donald H. Horton, Everett J. Horton, Judie Horowitz, Jane Hoskins, Nancy Hoskins, N.L. Hotaling, Leslie Hotson, Mary Hotson

  • Folder: 9, General Correspondence: Hou-Hoy, 1915-1963

    Maybelle Houghton, James W. Hourdequin, Frank J. House, R.B. House, Theresse Houde, Carol Hovious, Donald C. Howard, Elizabeth Jane Howard, G. Wren Howard, Milda Howard, Michael Howard, Milford W. Howard, Samuel A. Howard Jr., Alice Howe, Lavinia Howe, M.A. DeWolfe Howe, Mark Howe, Parkman D. Howe, William T.H. Howe, A.C. Howell, C.M. Howell, Frances K. Howell, Aurelia Dora Howells, Mrs. Arthur Howes, Martin K. Howes, Robert G. Howes, Harold E. Howland, Duncan Howlett, Josephine Howse, Mildred Haykal, Elizabeth S. Hoyt, Helen Hoyt

  • Folder: 10, General Correspondence: Hro-Hud, 1935-1962

    John A. Hrones, Barbara Hubbard, Earl Hubbard, LeRoy W. Hubbard, George Hubbard, Jay B. Hubbell, Bess Huber, Kenneth Huber, Miriam Huber, Patricia Lee Hubert, William Hudnut Jr., Arthur Palmer Hudson, Eileen Hudson, Lester B. Hudson, Manley O. Hudson, Richard Hudson

  • Folder: 11, General Correspondence: Hue-Hun, 1929-1962

    C.V. Huenemann, Frances L. Hueston, Helene Huff, Russell J. Huff, William Gordon Huff, Earl Huffor, Bertram L. Hughes, Edward J. Hughes, Grace K. Hughes, Robert Hughes, Harry Hull, Robert Hully, T.E. Hulme, A.H. Humble, Norma Humphrey, Rolfe Humphries, Maurel Hunkins, Anna Carleton Hunt, Caroline Hunt, Elmer Munson Hunt, George Hunt, Helen Allen Hunt, Mrs. Ralph W.E. Hunt Sr.

  • Folder: 12, General Correspondence: Hun-Hyl, 1928-1961

    Edith Hunter, B.B.C. Hunter, Richard Hunter, Anne Huntley, J.L. Huntington, Keith Huntress, Lydia A. Hurd, John J. Hurley, Leonard B. Hurley, Hilda Davis Hurlbutt, Wendy Hurst, Francis S. Hutchins, William J. Hutchins, Frank Hutchins, A. H. Hutchinson, C.A. Hutchinson, Genevieve Hutchison, C.F. Huth, Charles Hutt, Bernard L. Hyink, L. Gordon Hyle

  • Folder: 13, General Correspondence: Ich-Ing, 1932-1962

    Tadao Ichiki, James M. Idema, E. Vera Idol, Joseph Il Vento, Bill Iler, Pamela Ilott, Mildred D. Ingalls, Charles Inge, Dorothy Ingling, Clark Inglis, J.L. Ingraham

  • Folder: 14, General Correspondence: Inm-Iwa, 1940-1962

    Evelyn Inman, Leonard Inskip, Elizabeth Isaacs, Cathy Isherwood, Robert A. Israel, Hsieh Itzen, Mary Iwanonkiw

  • Folder: 15, General Correspondence: Jab-Jac, 1939-1962

    J., L. Jablonska, Ann F. Jablonski, P.M. Jack, Eleanor Jackson, Gardner Jackson, Marcella Jackson, Robert Jackson, Schuyler Jackson, William A. Jackson

  • Folder: 16, General Correspondence: Jac-Jar, 1933-1962

    Beatrice Hunter, Lotte Jacobi, Albert C. Jacobs, John L. Jacobs, E.W. Jacobson, Josephine Jacobsen, Hubert Jakubovsky, B.K. James, E.O. James, Lynne James, Marshall Jamison, Peter Janetos, Janney, Alexander Janta, Adeline E. Janz, Leta D. Jaquis, Jeannine Jarboe, Murilo Jardim

  • Folder: 17, General Correspondence: Jar-Jen, 1928-1963

    Randall Jarrell, Will Jarvis, Marjorie Javan, Martin Jay, Twylla Jeffrey, Henry I. Jehan Jr., Alan Jenkins, Brooks Jenkins, Edwin Jenkins, Alice L. Jenkins, John Jenkins, Mary Jenkins, Rose Jenkins, A.N. Jenks, Mary Harley Jenks, Adeline M. Jenney, Alice Jennings, Blandford Jennings, Lon Jennings, George F. Irwin, Estelle Schumacher, Rose Bernstein, Jane Jennings

  • Folder: 18, General Correspondence: Jen-Joh, 1939-1963

    Keith Jennison [Holt], Arthur E. Jensen, Jackie Jensen, Margaret Jensen, Jeffin, Elise Jerard, Sister Mary Jeremy, Elly Joel, Tore Johansen, A.E. Johnson, Ruth Johnson

  • Folder: 19, General Correspondence: Joh-Joh, 1930-1962

    Alvin Johnson, Alma Johnson, Arthur E. Johnson, Bob Johnson, Burges Johnson

  • Folder: 20, General Correspondence: Joh-Joh, 1917-1963

    Mrs. Carrie L. Johnson (Pinky), Catherine T. Johnson, Clifton Johnson, Corinne Johnson, Don Johnson, Edgar Johnson, Edith W. Johnson, Eldon L. Johnson, Frances Smith Johnson, Geoffrey Johnson, Herbert G. Johnson, James Weldon Johnson, Joseph B. Johnson, Jed Johnson Jr., Josephine Johnson, Juanita Johnson, Lady Bird Johnson, Laura Johnson, Laura Johnson, Martha Sherwood Johnson, Ralph R. Johnson, Robert L. Johnson, Robert V. Johnson, Nicholas Butler, Stanley Johnson, Vance Johnson, Verva E. Johnson, Victor-Maida Johnson

  • Folder: 21, General Correspondence: Joh-Jon, 1940-1963

    Carolyn E. Johnston, Dennis Johnston, Emma L. Johnston, G. Burke Johnston, Laban Thomas Johnston, Lillian B. Johnston, J. Donald Johnston, Wallace Johnston, Florence Joiner, David A. Jonah

  • Folder: 22, General Correspondence: Jon-Jon, 1915-1963

    Anne Jones, Bessie Jones, Howard Jones, Cyril H. Jones, Edith Jones, Elliott Jones, Freeman Todd, Eleanor Dwight Jones, Frank Jones, Frederick L. Jones, Howard V. Jones, Mrs. J.P. Jones, Lewellyn Jones, Louise Seymour Jones, Marshall H. Jones, Maude E. Jones, Pat Jones, Renee Jones, Serena Frances Jones, Virgil L. Jones, Virginia Jones

  • Folder: 23, General Correspondence: Jor-Jus, 1932-1963

    D.W. Jordan, Lloyd P. Jordan, Chas. E. Jordan, Helen Jordan, Katherine M. Jordan, Paul A. Jorgensen, Sister Mary Josephine, Ray Josephs, Clifford Josephson, Hannah Josephson, Ruth E. Joyal, S. Joyce, Cynthia Judah, Henry F. Jumper Jr., C.G. Jung, Don Junkins, Florence Just, Mace Justice, Mary Justman

  • Folder: 24, General Correspondence: Kab-Kam, 1933-1962

    Fredoon Kabraji, Roberta Kaemlein, Aaron Kahan, Hannah Kahn, Joan Kahn, Roger Kahn, Alfred Kaiser, Joannis Kalogiannis, Mostafa Kamel, Arnold H. Kamiat

  • Folder: 25, General Correspondence: Kan-Kat, 1931-1963

    Ruth Kane, Maurice Kane, George H. Kanouse, S. Karageorgiaslou, Girish R. Karnad, Florence Karpin, Ivan Kashkeen, Frederick Kates, Arthur S. Kash, Ely Katz, Estelle L. Katz, Menke Katz

  • Folder: 26, General Correspondence: Kau-Kaz, 1935-1959

    Brenda Kaufmann, Donald T. Kauffman, Enit Kaufman, Gloria Kaufman, Alice Kauser, H. Kauti (George H. Van Nosdall), Mary Kavaner, Arthur Kay, Guy W. Kay, S.A. Kaye, Alfred Kazin

  • Folder: 27, General Correspondence: Ked-Kee, 1933-1961

    James Keddie, Frances A. Keef, Mabel Hazlett Keep, Frances A. Keegan, Sue Keegan, Jack Keenan, Katharine Keene, Barnaby C. Keeney, Susan Dorothea Keeney, Robert Keesey

  • Folder: 28, General Correspondence: Kei-Kel, 1928-1960

    Joseph Joel Keith, Inez M. Kellam, Eliza Kellas, David N. Keller, Paul W. Keller, Hubert Kelley, Marjorie Kelley, Katharine A. Kellock, Betty Kellogg, Edith Kellogg, Elizabeth Hosmer Kellogg, Domnall Forrest Kelly, Horace J. Kelly, John Kelly, Margaret W. Kelly, Mary Ann Kelly

  • Folder: 29, General Correspondence: Kem-Ken, 1948-1962

    Audrey Lord Kemp, Lorena E. Kemp, Louis Kemp, John M. Kemper, Pauline Kempton, George M. Kendall, Robert E. Kendall, Alexander Kendrick, Susan Kendrick, Samuel Kenin, Marietta Kennard, Frank Kennedy

  • Folder: 30, General Correspondence: Kennedy, John F., 1959-1962

    John F. Kennedy

  • Folder: 31, General Correspondence: Ken-Ken, 1914-1963

    K.J. Kennedy, Luella M. Kennedy, Marion Kennedy, Patrick J. Kennedy School, Robert F. Kennedy, Bob Kennedy, Ethel Kennedy, Rose Kennedy, Lee Kennett, Donald Kenney, Beresford Kenning, Herbert A. Kenny, C.P. Kent, Rockwell Kent

  • Folder: 32, General Correspondence: Keo-Kha, 1934-1963

    Andrew Keogh, Derek Keogh, Douglas Kerin, Irwin Kerlan, E. S. Wells Kerr, Eleanor Kerr, Clark Kerr, Eleanor Kersey, Maurits Kesnar, Merrill M. Kessler, Roland Ketchum, Frederick Kettner, Fenton Keyes, Nawin Khanduri

  • Folder: 33, General Correspondence: Kig-Kim, 1927-1961

    Katherine Kiggins, Clyde S. Kilby, John V. Kilby, Francis P. Kilcoyne, Elizabeth Parks Killian, Kenton Kilmer, Carroll Kilpatrick, Lucile Kimble, Robert B. Kimble, Stanley Kimmel, Jay Kimmelman Jr., Janet Kimpston

  • Folder: 34, General Correspondence: Kin-Kin, 1932-1961

    Basil King, Edward C. King, C. Harold King, Don King, Harold King, Helen King, J.L. King, Margaret P. King (Peg), Marian King, Stanley King

  • Folder: 35, General Correspondence: Kin-Kin, 1939-1963

    Thomas V. King, Bob Kingsley, Wisner Kinne, Galway Kinnell, John A. Kinneman, Arthur F. Kinney, Harriette L. Kinney, Paul Kinney

  • Folder: 36, General Correspondence: Kin-Kit, 1928-1962

    Alice Kinsey, Barbara Kinsey, Floyd G. Kinsley, Arthur Kinsolving, Sally B. Kinsolving, Torrey Kipp, Susan Kirby, Freida Kirchwey, Ruth S. Kirk, Jessie Kirke, C.C. Kirkpatrick, Sammie Kirkpatrick, Shipachev Kashkin Kislova, G.B. Kistiakowsky, Caroline Kittell, Louise Kittell, Harry C. Kittredge

  • Folder: 37, General Correspondence: Kje-Kno, 1932-1963

    Earl S. Kjer, Arthur Luce Klein, Max M. Kleinbaum, Elizabeth M. Klemm, C. Benton Kline Jr., Kathryn E. Klingman, Joanne Klinner, Donald S. Klopfer, Bernard J. Klug, Emilie Klyczek, Betty Knapp, Eric Knight, Harry W. Knight, L.C. Knights, Bruce Knight, Myrtle Knight, Norman Knight, Roger Kniss, Roger Knoebber, Alfred A. Knopf Jr., Allen M. Knowles, Richard Knowles, Wm. F. Knox

  • Folder: 38, General Correspondence: Kob-Koh, 1938-1962

    Albert Koblitz, Fred Koch Jr., Peter Koegel, Carl W. Koerper, Charlotte Kohler, Dayton M. Kohler, John S. Van E. Kohn

  • Folder: 39, General Correspondence: Koh-Koy, 1938-1963

    Walter Kohrs, Kirk Kolod, William Kolodney, R. Kolvoord, Gloria M. Konig, Farona Konopak, L. Konopak, Milton R. Konvitz, I. Kopler, Ruth P. Kopp, Bela Kornitzer, Kenneth Koyen, William Kozlenko

  • Folder: 40, General Correspondence: Kra-Kra, 1940-1963

    Lillie Kramer, Marcel D. Kramer, Miriam H. Kramer, Marguerite Arthur Kramm, Judith E. Kranes, J. Grant Kranim, Philip Krapp, Otto F. Kraushaar, Elizabeth D. Kray, Sidney Lowenberg, Louise Kreile

  • Folder: 41, General Correspondence: Kre-Kro, 1915-1963

    Lee Kreinheder, Milton E. Krents, Rosemary Kress, Alfred Kreymborg, K.R. Kripalani, Stanley Krippner, Paul Oscar Kristeller, Henrik Krogius, Ernest Kroll

  • Folder: 42, General Correspondence: Kruschev, Nikita (Khrushchev), 1962

    Nikita Kruschev (Khrushchev)

  • Folder: 43, General Correspondence: Kun-Kuz, 1915-1962

    Lois Kundiger, Stanley J. Kunitz, Catherine Kunzig, R.H. Kurth, Titus Kurtichanov, Helen Kurtz, Barbara Kurz, David Kuselewitz, Richard Kuss, Susan Kusy

  • Folder: 44, General Correspondence: Lab-Lak, 1933-1962

    Mrs. Seth B. La Batte, Elizabeth La Dow, Sheila La Garde, Benjamin W. Labaree, Gordon F. LaCroix, John LaFarge, Leo Laferriere, Germaine Lafeuille, Charlton Laird, R. Lakas, Dean Lake, Dan Lakeman

  • Folder: 45, General Correspondence: Lam-Lam, 1928-1963

    Frank Lambert Jr., David Lambuth, Gordon Lameyer, Betty Lamont, Corliss Lamont, Florence Lamont, Margaret I. Lamont, Robert P. Lamont, Thomas S. Lamont

  • Folder: 46, General Correspondence: Lam-Lan, 1931-1962

    Paul Lampe, Ben Hur Lampman, Armand Lampron, Sybil Lamson, H.C. Lancaster, Cindy Lance, Robert Hunt Land, Elliott D. Landau, Adelia Lande, Benson Y. Landis, Michalina Landowska, Sir Alan Lane

  • Folder: 47, General Correspondence: Laney, Emma May, 1935-1956

    Emma May Laney

  • Folder: 48, General Correspondence: Lan-Lei, 1950-1962

    Gladys Lane, Martha D. Lange, Wilfred W. Langevin, Joseph Langland, Irene Langlie, Frederick Langmack, Elizabeth Lanier, C. Leighton

Box: 7, 1913-1963

Access Restrictions


Box: 7

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, General Correspondence: Lankes, J.J., 1927-1935

    J.J. Lankes

  • Folder: 2, General Correspondence: Lankes, J.J., 1936-1960

    J.J. Lankes, A.W. Rushmore, Clifford Lyons, Madeline Schuermann, J.B. Lankes

  • Folder: 3, General Correspondence: Lan-Lat, 1938-1963

    J. Patrick Lannan, George Lanning, Mark Lansburgh Jr., Ruby Lanton, Fred Lape, Joyce Large, Weldon Larimore, Joan K. Larkin [Holt], Thomas Larkin, T. Larsen, George Larsinos, Jens Frederick Larson, Mildred Larson, Raymond Larsson, Lois Knight Larue, Robert Lasch, Leonard Laster, Harold Latham, Thomas W. Latham, Myrtle Connery Lathem, Robert Latimer

  • Folder: 4, General Correspondence: Lau-Laz, 1930-1962

    James Laughlin, Phoebe Langtry, Dudley Lampman, N.S. Laurel, William L. Laurence, Willie W. Laurie, Paul Lauter, Richard E. Lauterbach, Julius Lauth, William Lavender, Jos. F. LaVigne, Cusick Wash, Richard Lavigne, Linwood B. Law, Dan Lawler, Francis J. Lawler, Mrs. Wm. C. Lawless, David Lawrence, Fred Lawrence Jr., Henry W. Lawrence, Joseph Lawrence, Martha Lawrence, Helen Browning Lawrie, Ruth C. Lawson, R. Vernon Lawson, L.M. Lawton [Holt], Walter Lawton, Elery A. Lay, Norma Lay, Irene Laymon, Pablo C. Layson, William P. Layton, Diane Lazarus

  • Folder: 5, General Correspondence: Le-Lef, 1916-1962

    Neal Gordon Le Bert, Maurice Le Breton, George J. Le Febvre, Henry Goddard Leach, Andy Leaf, Aden Lear, John P. Leary, Edward J. Heal, Theodore M. Leary, James A. Lebenthal, Alan LeBovidge, Louis V. Ledoux, Earle Goodrich Lee, Elizabeth Lee, Lawrence Lee, Leila Lee, Muna Lee, Paul A. Lee, Ralph C. Lee, Storrs Lee, Robert R. Leeper, Pauline M. Leet, Anita Lefeldt

  • Folder: 6, General Correspondence: Lef-Len, 1929-1963

    Henry Leffert, Robert Lefley, Arthur LeGacy, Ceci Lehman, Charlouise Lehman, Rosamond Lehmann, Robert D. Leigh, Townes R. Leigh, W. Colston Leigh, Constance May Leighton, Mary Sinton Leitch, Milton Leitenberg, Lyman Newill Lemmon, Paul Lemperly, John Lenard, Gordon K. Lenci, Charmenz Lenhart, Richard A. Lenhart, Florence Becker Lennon, Harold H. Lentz

  • Folder: 7, General Correspondence: Leo-Lew, 1935-1963

    Bill Leonard, Shirley Leonard, Stephen J. Lerman, Max Lerner, Charles A. Lerrigo, Kenneth Leslie, Robin Lessy, Walter Leuba, Margot Levary, Selma H. Levenberg, Oscar W. Lever, Joanne Levy, David H. Levin, Martin Levin, George R. Levine, Sonia Levinthal, Beryl H. Levy, William Turner Levy, Reeves Lewenthal, Ethel G. Lewine, Andrew W. Lewis, Becky Lewis, Edith Lewis

  • Folder: 8, General Correspondence: Lew-Ley, 1930-1960

    Edward M. Lewis, Edward W. Lewis, Elmer Lewis, Bess Lewis, Howard W. Lewis, James A. Lewis, May Lewis, Nancy Lewis, Theodore Lewis, Ludwig Lewisohn, Asch Ludwig Lewisohn, James G. Leyburn, Louise Leyden, Dorothy Leyer

  • Folder: 9, General Correspondence: Lib-Lin, 1938-1963

    Frederick Libbing, Thomas J. Libby, Richard M. Russell, Robert H. Morris, Lauren Libow, Rose Licari, David Dennis Licciardi, Clarence W. Lieb, Fern Lieberman, Hertha Liebhafsky, Thomas Liebman, John Malcolm Brinnin, Marilyn Liechty, Sister M. Liguari, Theodore M. Lillienthal, John Lillie, Evelyn Lincoln

  • Folder: 10, General Correspondence: Lindley, Denver, 1946-1956

    Denver Lindley [Holt]

  • Folder: 11, General Correspondence: Lin-Lit, 1927-1963

    Ernest K. Lindley, Frances Lindley, F. Vinton Lindley, H.L. Lindquist, Julian Lindsay, Vachel Lindsay, Martha Lindsey, Robert N. Linscott, Ben Lipman, John D. Lippy Jr., Herman Lissauer, W.S. Litterick

  • Folder: 12, General Correspondence: Lit-Llo, 1938-1963

    Edward H. Litchfield, Arthur Little, David M. Little, Clarence C. Little, Elizabeth H. Little, Katherine Day Little, Thomson LIttlefield, John Littlefield, Tom Littlefield, Thomas M. Livingston, David Livingstone, C.T. Lloyd, Dorothy C. Lloyd, J. William Lloyd, Ted Lloyd

  • Folder: 13, General Correspondence: Loc-Lom, 1932-1961

    Louis G. Locke, William R. Locke, Wriston Locklair, Lester Lockwood, W.W. Lockwood Jr., Karl Loewenstein, Lee Loewus, Victor Loga, Frank A. Logan, Carl A. Lohmann, Mary H. Loines, James S. Lomard

  • Folder: 14, General Correspondence: Lon-Lov, 1930-1962

    Ms. Lone, John Lonergan, Bruce E. Long, E. Hudson Long, E. C. Long, Harriet Long, L.J. Long, William S. Long, R.G. Longman, Longmans Green & Co., J. Morris Longstreth, Pare Lorentz, Elizabeth M. Lorenz, Sister Mary Loretta, Augustus Peabody Loring Jr., Elizabeth B. Loring, Adele B. Lose, Marguerite Losey, Stanley Lothrop, William H. Lothrop, Ted Lotz, Dezena Loutzenhiser, Philip H. Love, Winifred Story Lovelace

  • Folder: 15, General Correspondence: Lov-Low, 1931-1962

    Gilbert Loveland [Holt], Amy Loveman, Sidney Lovett, Gene H. Lovitz, Elizabeth Low, Harriett D. Low, Coral Lowe, Janive Lowe, John A. Lowe

  • Folder: 16, General Correspondence: Lowe, Orton, 1926-1936

    Orton Lowe

  • Folder: 17, General Correspondence: Low-Low, 1915-1962

    Victoria Linconl Lowe, Violet Richardson Loew, Amy Lowell, Charlotte W. Lowell, Robert Lowell, V. Clifford Lowell, Nina P. Lowenstein [Holt], John S. Lowes, Albert E. Lownes, Howard Lowry

  • Folder: 18, General Correspondence: Luc-Lyo, 1928-1963

    Georgia B. Loucas, Julius Lucht, Grace Farnsworth Luder, David C. Lukens, Charles C. Lund, F. Edward Lund, David F. Lundeen, Virginia Lundgren, Robert M. Lunny, R.L. Lunsford, Herman Luni, Estela de Linna Luria, Freda Lurie, Eleanor M. Luse, Gladness W. Luce, Geraldine Lust, Frank Luther, Helen P. Luther, Edith M. Luttman, Milton I. Luxemburg, William A. Lydgate Jr., Cabot Lyford, T.G. Lyman, W.W. Lyman, Arthur Lynch, Mrs. John J. Lynch, Herbert F. Lynde, Russell Lynes, Mary Lynn, Dorothy J. Lyon, John H.H. Lyon, Judson S. Lyon

  • Folder: 19, General Correspondence: Lyons, Clifford P., 1937-1963

    Clifford P. Lyons

  • Folder: 20, General Correspondence: Lyo-Lyt, 1934-1962

    Gladys Lyons, Leonard Lyons, Sylvia Lyons, Louis M. Lyons, Marion T. Lyons, Richard L. Lyons, Andrew Nelson Lytle, Charles H. Lyttle

  • Folder: 21, General Correspondence: Maa-Mac, 1927-1957

    Joachim Maass, Marguerite Mac Farland, D. Allma Mac Intyre, Lincoln Mac Veagh, Margaret Mac Veagh

  • Folder: 22, General Correspondence: Mac-Mac, 1928-1963

    Alice B. Macdonald, Charlotte P. MacDonald, Hedges Macdonald, Nancy Macdonald, Ronald H. MacDonald, Wilson MacDonald, Edward P. MacDowell, E. Macdowell, Arthur MacGillivray, Wm. L. Machmer, Leopold Machly, Claudia E. Machol, Daryl MacIntire, Mary Joyce MacIntyre

  • Folder: 23, General Correspondence: Mac-Mac, 1921-1963

    Percy MacKaye, Amanda MacKenzie, John P. MacKenzie, Mira Albert Maclay, Rebecca MacLean, Archibald MacLeish, Donald H. MacMahon, Macmillan Company, Dougald MacMillan, Betty Macneal, George A. Macomber, Walter MacPeek, Harold Macpherson, Heath Macquarrie

  • Folder: 24, General Correspondence: Mac-Mak, 1914-1963

    Elliott Beach MacRae, John Macrae, Gardner A. MacWhorten, Francis U. Macy, George Macy, John Macy, John W. Macy Jr., Betty Bartlett Madden, Charles A. Madison [Holt], Allen Madorsky, Peter Maffitt, Mary St. Magdala, Mary Beth Magnenat, Fred G. Mahler, Florence Mahoney, Gertrude Mahoney, John F. Mahoney, August C. Mahr, John Maiale, Fred W. Main, Jesey Main, L.A. Makielski

  • Folder: 25, General Correspondence: Mal-Mal, 1936-1962

    Gerard Malanga, Dolores Malaschak, Kathleen Malchar, Judy Malev, Jessica Malheiros, Wm. H. Malia, Claire Malignon, Otto T. Mallery, Matthew J. Malloy, Elaine Malmi, Dumas Malone, Miles S. Malone, Ted Malone, Francis J. Maloney, Richard C. Maloney, Raphael Malsin

  • Folder: 26, General Correspondence: Man-Man, 1932-1962

    Estelle Mandel, Bernard Mandelbaum, Maria Manent, Adeline D. Manera, Joseph Manka, Edward S. Mann, Henry C. Mann, Hiram Mann, Chas. E. Manning, Mary C. Manning, Rebecca Manning [Holt], Robert Manning, W.D. Blair Jr., Arlyle Mansfield, Mary Mansnerus, Ethel Manthey-Zorn

  • Folder: 27, General Correspondence: Manthey-Zorn, Otto, 1928-1963

    Otto Manthey-Zorn

  • Folder: 28, General Correspondence: Man-Mar, 1916-1963

    William Manthey-Zorn, Gordon Manthorne, Madeline M. Manuel, Elizabeth W. Manwaring, Debbie Marangoni, Samuel D. Marble, Ralph Marcellino, Margaret Margowan, Joseph A. Margolies, Jerome F. Margolius, Adelaide H. Marquand, G. Emerson Markhoam, Sister Carolyn Marie, Mother Marie-Helena, Luis Munoz Marin, Sister M. Marjorie, Fay Mark, Jeannette Marks, Josephine P. Marks, Mabel Hatton Marks, Clark S. Marlor, Ada G. Marls, Mrs. Joseph R. Maroney, Philip M. Maroney

  • Folder: 29, General Correspondence: Mar-Mar, 1934-1962

    Stephen Marsh, D.C. Marsh, Jean Marsh, A.B. Marshall, Elizabeth Marshall, Katherine Marshall, Rachel E. Marshall, Ena Marston, Ann Bradshaw Martin, Burton E. Martin, Charles B. Martin, D. Grier Martin, Edward Martin, Ellis Martin, Elsie M. Martin, Ephraim Martin, Ethel G. Martin, Fred C. Martin, Houston Martin, J.A. Martin Jr., Keith Martin, Marian Martin, Marianne R. Martin, Mary Martin, Richard D. Martin, William T. Martin Jr.

  • Folder: 30, General Correspondence: Mar-Mat, 1938-1962

    Phillip J. Martiny, A.S. Marx, Patricia Marx, Marilyn A. Marvin, John Masefield, Jarvis Woolverton Mason, Lowell B. Mason, Marie Massaro, H.E. Maston, Sesta T. Matheison, Kirtley F. Mather, Louis K. Mather, Ruth E. Mathews, Juanita Matthews, Alethea Smith Mattingly, Lillian Matzkin-Zimbler

  • Folder: 31, General Correspondence: Mau-May, 1937-1963

    Grace P. Maulbetsch, Mario Maurin, Pauline Manslip, C.M. Maxon, Eleanor Maxwell, Agatha Chase Maxwell, S.Pl. Woodbury, Emma Smith Turner, Baldwin Maxwell, Carolyn May, Charles W. May, Chester May Jr., Lucy B. May, Stacy May, Susan P. May, Clara W. Mayer, Harry H. Mayer, Carolyn C. Mayes, John S. Mayfield, Merrill Maynard, Raymond N. Maynard, Theodore Maynard, Ing. Mayo, Richmond Mayo-Smith

  • Folder: 32, General Correspondence: Mc-Mc, 1933-1960

    Kay Mc Carthy, Marjorie Mc Carthy, John J. Mc Cloy, Jean F. Mc Elligott, Maggie Mc Govern, A. Mc Hugh, Keats R. Mc Kinney, Nettie Mc Questen

  • Folder: 33, General Correspondence: McA-McC, 1929-1962

    Helen McAfee, A.W. McAlister Jr., Thomas F. McAllister, Margaret W. McAuliffe, Anne McBride, Otis McBride, Walter H. McBride, R.W. McCaig, Dorothy McCall, Storrs McCall, Thomas C. McCall, H. McCallum

  • Folder: 34, General Correspondence: McC-McC, 1928-1963

    Daniel L. McCarthy, Don McCarthy, Edmund S. McCarthy, Francis B. McCarthy, Helen B. McCarthy, Henry F. McCarthy, Charlotte McCartney, Jane H. McCaskie, McCay, John McChesney, Roland McClamroch, Sara McClintock, Eunice L. McCloskey, John J. McCloy, Steward E. McClure, Edward L. McConaughy, L.L. Fortier, James C. McConaughy, Joan Plowman, Teresa McCoog, Philippa Beatty, Sylvia Spearagna

  • Folder: 35, General Correspondence: McCord, David, 1929-1960

    David McCord

  • Folder: 36, General Correspondence: McC-McD, 1939-1963

    Marsha McCurdy, J.L. McCorison Jr., Charles McCormick, Elizabeth McCormack, Edgar L. McCormick, Robert McCowen, Louise McCoy, George E. McCracken, T.C. McCracken, Sarah N. McCullagh, Julia McCune, Roger P. McCutcheon, Doris McDonald, Joseph L. McDonald, Winnie McDonald, George E. McDonough, Patrick J. McDonough (Sonny), Edward A. McDowell, Gladys McDowell, Tremaine McDowell, Muriel McDuade

  • Folder: 37, General Correspondence: McE-McI, 1915-1963

    David McEldowney, Mary E. McElroy, Wm. Hugh McEniry Jr., Doris E. McEntyre, N.R. McEwen, Jarrell McFadden, Elizabeth McFarland, Arthur E. McFarlane, Ralph McGill, Mrs. O.M. McGinty, Joseph B. McGrath, Elizabeth McGregor, Sheila McGregor, Temple Harris McGregor, Gail McGrew, Julia McGrew, Bill McGuire, Paul McIntyre, Deborah P. McIlwaine, Helen K. McIntosh, Millicent K. McIntosh

  • Folder: 38, General Correspondence: McK-McK, 1931-1963

    George L. McKay,Thomas J. McKay, Newton McKean, D.M. McKeithan, William E. McKenzie, Charles McKeon, Edith McKeon, Mary Maury, Newton F. McKeon, Lorna McKinnon, Richard George McKnight

  • Folder: 39, General Correspondence: McL-McW, 1928-1962

    Alton O. McLane Jr., Lucy Neely McLane, Elisabeth McLaughlin, Ann McLaughlin, Gail McMahon, James G. McManaway, Maureen McManus [Holt], Patricia McMillan, Wayne D. McMurray, James McNally, Laila A. McNeil, Jennifer McPherson, Gertrude McQuesten, Raymer McQuisten, John R. McRae, Wm. A. McRitchie, Sally McVay, James H. McWilliams, Richebourg G. McWilliams

  • Folder: 40, General Correspondence: Mea-Mei, 1915-1963

    Harry M. Meacham, Hildreth Parison Meacham, M.T. Meadows, Elinor H. Means, David C. Mearns, Mary Mearns, Hughes Mearns, Theodosia Measday, Katherine Medelman, Everett Victor Meeks, Louis Megyesi, John Mehegan, Henry T. Meigs, Hester Meigs, Edwin R. Meiss, Ruth Mehrtens, Alexander Meiklejohn, Gardner Meisenhelder, Knud Meister

  • Folder: 41, General Correspondence: Melcher, Frederic G., 1927-1944

    Frederic G. Melcher

  • Folder: 42, General Correspondence: Melcher, Frederic G., 1945-1963

    Frederic G. Melcher

  • Folder: 43, General Correspondence: Mel-Mer, 1916-1963

    Marguerite F. Melcher, Mildred R. Mell, Gertrude V. Mellon, Paul Mellon, Marie M. Meloney, Susan E. Melville, H.L. Mencken, Douglas H. Mendel Jr., A. Howard Meneely, Thorpe Menn, Jane Merchant

  • Folder: 44, General Correspondence: Meredith, William (Bill), 1939-1963

    William Meredith (Bill)

  • Folder: 45, General Correspondence: Mer-Mer, 1913-1934

    Charles L. Merriam, G.&C. Merriam Co.

  • Folder: 46, General Correspondence: Merriam, Louie, 1950-1958

    Louie M. Merriam, Sidney M. Frost

Box: 8, 1912-1963

Access Restrictions


Box: 8

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, General Correspondence: Mer-Mer, 1937-1961

    George Merrick, Walter Merrill, William F. Merrill, Edwin D. Merry, Esther Mertins

  • Folder: 2, General Correspondence: Mertins, Louis, 1932-1945

    Louis Mertins

  • Folder: 3, General Correspondence: Mertins, Louis, 1946-1961

    Louis Mertins

  • Folder: 4, General Correspondence: Mer-Mey, 1915-1962

    Eunice Merton, Phyllis Iva Meserlian, Sondrea Messing, Roger G. Metcalf, Willie A. Metcalfe, Alberta L. Meyer, Howard N. Meyer, Walter C. Meyer, William H. Meyer, Beatrice deLima Meyers, Viola Meyne

  • Folder: 5, General Correspondence: Mic-Mil, 1921-1962

    Cynthia Michaels, Michiko, Alan D. Mickle, Betty Middlebrook, George E. Mihaljan, Alexander Milch, Herbert D. Miles, Leland Miles, Alma J. Mill, Dick Millard, Abner A. Miller, Ben Miller, C.S. Miller, Charlie Miller, Donald W. Miller, Elizabeth Miller, Emma Miller, Eugene W. Miller

  • Folder: 6, General Correspondence: Mil-Mil, 1915-1963

    Frank Miller, Helen Hill Miller, Janet Hull Miller, Jerome Miller, Kenneth L. Miller, Lewis Miller, Mary Miller, Melville H. Miller, Olga C. Miller, William Miller

  • Folder: 7, General Correspondence: Mil-Mix, 1930-1962

    Fred B. Millett, Margaret B. Milliken, Wandy Mills, Eric Millward, John E. Miltimore, Edwin H. Miner, Louie M. Miner, Barry T. Mines, Stephen Minot, Jean Minshall, Walter J. Minton, Jeanne S. Mintz, Mirick, Abel Mitchell, Ann L. Mitchell, Dale Mitchell, Elizabeth E. Mitchell, Helen Mitchell, Marion Adams Mitchell, Mary Walker Mitchell, Nicholas P. Mitchell, F. Mitsui, Donald G. Mix

  • Folder: 8, General Correspondence: Mob-Mol, 1933-1962

    Elsa Moberg, Henry Allen Moe, Jean Moeller, John Moffitt, Moh, Marion D. Mohler, Max Molyneux

  • Folder: 9, General Correspondence: Monroe, Charles A., 1932-1944

    Charles A. Monroe

  • Folder: 10, General Correspondence: Mon-Moo, 1916-1962

    Harriet Monroe, Daisy Monsky, David C. Montague, Frances R. Montbellier, Marion Montgomery, Vaida Stewart Montgomery, Fulmer Mood, Bedford Moodie

  • Folder: 11, General Correspondence: Moodie, John, 1928-1956

    John Moodie

  • Folder: 12, General Correspondence: Moo-Moo, 1918-1963

    Ken Moody, Harriet Moody, Paul D. Moody, Peter R. Moody, Ann Leslie Moore, Douglas Moore, Geoffrey Moore, Hortense Moore, John Moore, Jonathan Moore, Marguerite M. Moore, Marianne Moore

  • Folder: 13, General Correspondence: Moore, Merrill, 1931-1947

    Merrill Moore

  • Folder: 14, General Correspondence: Moore, Merrill, 1947-1958

    Merrill Moore, John R. Brooks

  • Folder: 15, General Correspondence: Moo-Mor, 1923-1962

    Nicholas Moore, Utis Moore, Richard Moore, Bobby Moore, Robert Thomas Moore, Will W. Moore, Hugh Moorehead, Margaret Moran, Russ Moro, Andrew Morebourn, Beverly Morey, Charles H. Morgan, Andrew Wyeth, Janet B. Morgan, Katherine Morgan, Philip J. Morgan, Raymond Morgan, Dorothy Munson, Anne Morin, Richard W. Morin, Samuel E. Morison, Frank W. Morley, Alonzon G. Moron, J.E. Morpurgo

  • Folder: 16, General Correspondence: Mor-Mor, 1932-1962

    Shirley Morrill, A.J. Morris, Alton C. Morris, Elisabeth Woodbridge Morris, Mrs. Elmer H. Morris, Florence H. Morris, Harrison S. Morris, Hobart Morris, Marjorie Morris, Robert H. Morris, Albert H. Morrison, Ann Morrison, Arthur Morrison, Charles Clayton Morrison, Chester Morrison, Henry Morrison, Herbert D. Morrison, Hugh Morrison, J. Cayce Morrison, Robert Morrison

  • Folder: 17, General Correspondence: Morrison, Theodore, 1928-1940

    Theodore Morrison

  • Folder: 18, General Correspondence: Mor-Mor, 1928-1963

    Elizabeth Morrow, Eleanor Morse, James Morse, Marston Morse, Minna W. Morse, Richard Ely Morse, Samuel French Morse, Quincy Mumford, Stearns Morse, J. de C. Mortimer, David Morton, Elizabeth Morton, Mildred Morton, Nora M. Morton

  • Folder: 19, General Correspondence: Mos-Moy, 1912-1962

    Seth Hamilton Moseley, Edith Moser, Jemmie Moses, Percival Robert Moses, Thomas B. Mosher, Michael Moskowitz, Frank Mott, Anne L. Motte, Thomas Moult, Harold Monro, Andrew J. Moynihan

  • Folder: 20, General Correspondence: Mue-Mul, 1928-1962

    Joan E. Mueller, Robert E. Mueller, Helen Muir, James N. Muir, William W. Muir, James Muirhead, Edna Muldrow, Prafulla C. Mukerji, George G. Mullany, Leo H. Mullany, Mary R. Mullins

  • Folder: 21, General Correspondence: Mum-Mum, 1928-1963

    Edward W. Mumford, Howard Mumford, L. Quincy Mumford, Lewis Mumford, Samuel Mumley, Madolyn H. Mumma

  • Folder: 22, General Correspondence: Mun-Mun, 1926-1961

    T. Edward Munce Jr., Gabriele M. Muncker, Karl E. Mundt, Gorham B. Munson, Cyril Munro

  • Folder: 23, General Correspondence: Mur-Mur, 1935-1963

    John S. Murdock, Nettie S. G. Murdock, Kenneth B. Murdock, Emil Murad, Mrs. C.R. Murphy, Fletcher Murphy, Francis X. Murphy, Gwendolen Murphy, Harry E. Murphy, James Patric J. Murphy, Paul M. Cubeta, Richard Murphy

  • Folder: 24, General Correspondence: Mur-Myr, 1945-1961

    Charles Murray, Irving R. Murray, John Murray, Mabel F. Murray, Allen Mussaeur, Fren Musselman, Enrica Mussi, Rajendra Nath Muttoo, Henry A. Myers, Herbert B. Myron Jr.

  • Folder: 25, General Correspondence: Nah-Nar, 1954-1960

    Horace H. Nahm, Norman C. Najimy, J. Makatsuchi, Carl R. Narveson

  • Folder: 26, General Correspondence: Nash, Ray, 1941-1962

    Ray Nash

  • Folder: 27, General Correspondence: Nas-Nem, 1931-1962

    Thomas Nason, Joseph Blumenthal, Richard W. Nathan, William H. Nault, John Layton Naylon, Winifred A. Naylor, Paul H. Neal, Helene K. Nearing, Mrs. Floy Needles, Helene Virginia Neel, Wanda Neff, Jawaharlal Nehru, Charles Neider, Elizabeth G. Nelligan, Barbara P. Nelson, Carl Nelson, James Nelson, L.E. Nelson, Diane Nemeth, Jeffry Delson, Royal C. Nemiah, Yuriko Nemoto

  • Folder: 28, General Correspondence: Nes-New, 1935-1962

    Graham Nesbitt, Fred Neter, Carolyn Nettstein, Irene F. Neuman, Dorothy Neumann, Edwin Neumann, George B. Neumann, Mary Ashley Nevers, Anna G. Newbert, Elsie Newbold, P.H. Newby, Donald W. Newcomb, Paul S. Newcomb, Marie Newdick

  • Folder: 29, General Correspondence: Newdick, Robert S., 1934-1939

    Robert S. Newdick, E.R. Rand, Paul R. Weidmer, James F. Fullington, Marie Newdick, Frederick L. Gwynn

  • Folder: 30, General Correspondence: New-Nip, 1936-1962

    Harriett Newell, M.G. Newey, James Newman, Lora Mae Newton, Walter J. Nicgorski, Louise Townsend Nicholl, James Nicholas, Howard Nichols, Carrie Lee Nichols, Marjorie Nicholson, Paulena Nickell, Beatrice Nickerson, Mrs. E.H. Nielsen, S. Peter Nikitas, John Frederick Nims, Francis S. Nipp

  • Folder: 31, General Correspondence: Nis-Nor, 1932-1963

    Mrs. Walter Nist, Elizabeth Nitchie, Bob Noble, Eunice L. Noble, Lucille Noble, Mrs. Noble, Paul Noble, R.A. Noble, Mary Noel, Agnes Nohrnberg, Dallas Fraser Nolan, John Lester Nolan, David Nolston, David Nordin, Paul Nordoff, George Norlin, Dawn Crowell Norman, Martin M. Norman, Margaret Norton, Max A. Norton, Margaret Norwood, Stanley W. Norwood, Thomas R. Norwood

  • Folder: 32, General Correspondence: Nos-Nug, 1928-1961

    Howard Lee Nostrand, Jim Notopoulos, Notre Dame Academy, Thos. A. Nourse, Novosti Press Agency, Blanche Carter Noyes, Charlotte Noyes, H. Otis Noyes, Russell Noyes, Wm. D. Nugent

  • Folder: 33, General Correspondence: Nuhn, Ferner, 1933-1960

    Ferner Nuhn

  • Folder: 34, General Correspondence: Nun-Nyh, 1912-1961

    Cassiano Nunes, Maria E. Nussbaum, David Nutt, M.L. Nutt, Jens Nyholm

  • Folder: 35, General Correspondence: Oak-O’Co, 1928-1962

    William A. Jackson, Walter Oakeshott, Oakland Public Library, Herman Obermayer, Delos W. O'Brian, Charlie O'Brien, Eugenie O'Brien, Lucy O'Brien, Marie E. O'Brien [Holt], Teresa V. O'Brien, James B. O'Connell, Thomas E. O'Connell, Basil O'Connor, Daniel P. O'Connor, Lee J. O'Connor, Mary O'Connor, William Van O'Connor, Grace O'Conor, N.J. O'Conor

  • Folder: 36, General Correspondence: Ode-Ols, 1915-1962

    Rae Odell, Clifford Odets, Kenneth O'Donnell, Bill O'Donnell, George M. O'Donnell, Susan Oehl, Elmer Oettinger, Helena C. O'Herron, A.S. Oko, Elinor J. Oldenburg, George D. Olds, George D. Olds Jr., Marion Olds, Eleanor Ruggles O'Leary, Charles H. Oliphant, Ruth Olker, Norman Olsen, John F. Olson

  • Folder: 37, General Correspondence: O’Ma-Ort, 1934-1960

    Anthony J. O'Malley, Frank O'Neill, Sylvia Opat, Robert Oppel, Bertha Oppenheim, Clarence V. Opper, J. Duane Opton, Ruth O'Quinn, Ants Oras, E. Ording, Jane D. O'Regan, Janey O'Riordan, W.P. Orrick

  • Folder: 38, General Correspondence: Orton, Vrest, 1930-1950

    Vrest Orton

  • Folder: 39, General Correspondence: Osb-Ove, 1928-1962

    Winfiled Osborn, Florence Osborn, Francis Osborn, Paul Osborn, Stella Brunt Osborn, Tony Ostroff, Anne Ostrow, Seumas O'Sullivan, Raymond Otis, Margaret O'Toole, Otero Junior College, Yuki Otsuki, M.C. Otto, Hermon Ould, Anne Overby, Winfred Overholser, B. Overstreet

  • Folder: 40, General Correspondence: Owen, Harold Goddard, 1933-1958

    Harry Goddard Owen [Holt]

  • Folder: 41, General Correspondence: Owe-Owe, 1935-1939

    Margaret Owen, William A. Owens

  • Folder: 42, General Correspondence: Pac-Pal, 1916-1962

    Desmond Pacey, Frederick C. Packard Jr., Ruth Pafford, Chester Page, Curtis Hidden Page, Karl W. Page, Donald J. Paguette, Barbara Pahl, Mrs. A. Paine, Clarah S. Painter, Elyce B. Palacios [Holt], Ernest R. Palen, Stephen Palestrant, William S. Paley, Charles S. Palmer, Doris Palmer, Elmer D. Palmer, Elwin T. Palmer, Erwin Palmer, Anne Palmer, Hugh Archer Palmer, Michael E. Palmer, Paul Palmer, Paul C. Palmer, Raymond Palmer, S.H. Palmer, W. Phillips Palmer, Walter H. Palmer

  • Folder: 43, General Correspondence: Pal-Par, 1927-1963

    Patricia Palumbo, Judy Paoli, Michael Papantonio, Mary Pappas, Avis Paradie, S. H. Paradise, Martha L. Parish, J.Edgar Park, Julian Park, Rosemary Park, John Parke, Ethan Parke, Richard H. Parke, Bob Parker, C.T. Parker, Gladys M. Parker, Harriet Parker, Helen Parker, Karen Little, Howard Parker, John Parker, Verle Parker, William Parker, Wyman W. Parker, Carrie Belle Parks, Edna Parks, Preston Parr, Edna M. Parratt, John T. Parsons, Robert L. Parsons, Robert Partridge

  • Folder: 44, General Correspondence: Pas-Pay, 1932-1962

    Janie Lowe Paschall, Lois Pascoe, Alan F. Pater, Sister Patricia, Patrons Co-Operative Fire Insurance Company, J.M. Patterson, Thomas W. Patterson, Beatrice A. Patton, Carl Patton, Cornelius H. Patton, Julia Patton, John H. Paul, Wilson B. Paul, James M. Pauli, Lois h. Paulsen, Julian F. Payne

  • Folder: 45, General Correspondence: Payne, L.W. Jr., 1929-1945

    L.W. Payne Jr.

  • Folder: 46, General Correspondence: Pea-Pel, 1928-1960

    Gertrude Peabody, Arthur W. Peach, Charles H. Peake, Charles A. Pearce, Mildred Pearce, Nell Pearce, Carlos C. Pearl, M.W. Pearl, Edward H. Pearson, Jay F.W. Pearson, Margaret Pearson, Norman H. Pearson, Sue S. Pearson, Arthur Stanley Pease, Donald Culross Peattie, Roderick Peattie, Bernard Pechter, Emilia Peck, Raymond Peck Jr., Adah Peirce, Thomas M. Pelly, Phyllis E. Armstrong

  • Folder: 47, General Correspondence: Pen-Pes, 1927-1961

    Conrad Pendleton, Chester A. Pennington, Guy R. Pennisi, Kendall S. Pennypacker, Edward C. Peple, Jane Pepperdene, M.H. Perkins, Theodore Fisher, Laurence Perrine, Bernard B. Perry, Bliss Perry, J. Robert Percy, Jen E. Perry, Lewis Perry, Robert L. Perry, W.D. Perry, Whitall N. Perry, Wilton B. Persons, Fali A. Pestonjee

  • Folder: 48, General Correspondence: Pet-Phi, 1931-1962

    Margaret Peter, William Peters, A.G. Peterson, Dana A. Peterson, Edwin L. Peterson, Henry W. Peterson, Ritia B. Peterson, Pat Peterson, Robert Peterson, Charles Pettit, Jean Petitt, Jack J. Perfect, Anita L. Petrucci, Eugene E. Pfaff, Hazel Tesh Pfennig, Clara A. Pfister, Reginald H. Phelps, Robert F. Phelps, William Lyon Phelps, Phi Gamma Delta, Charles F. Phillips, David E. Philips, Henry Phillips, Howard M. Phillips, James E. Phillips, Mary Adams Phillips

  • Folder: 49, General Correspondence: Phi-Pil, 1939-1963

    Mary Phillips, J. Marquette Phillips, Robert S. Phillips, William Phillips, Sister Marie Philomene, Kathryn B. Pichette, John A. Pidgeon, Gerard Piel, Florence Goodwin Pierce, George C. Pierce, Mary Pierce, Michael G. Pierce, William A. Pierce, Twyla Pifer, Lettie Evelyn Pike, Stanley R. Pike Jr., Ely E. Pilchick, Harold L. Pillsbury, Susan Pillsbury

Box: 9, 1913-1963

Access Restrictions


Box: 9

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, General Correspondence: Pin-Pol, 1935-1963

    Doyal Pinkard, Bill Pinkerton, Frances Bell Pinkerton, Esther Pinsker, Frank Piskor, Andre Piot, Roger Pitchford, Ruth Plainfield, Judy Platt, Frank Platt, Calvin H. Plimpton, Francis T.P. Plimpton, Ruthie Plimpton, Georg Pluck, Philip C. Plumley, Barbara Podgurski, Leslie M. Tourville, Poetry Ball Committee, Renato Poggioli, Dick Poirier, G. Polakoff, Jon Polifrone, Wayne J. Pollari, F.C. Poller, Rhoda Pollock

  • Folder: 2, General Correspondence: Pom-Por, 1929-1962

    Henry F. Pommer, James B. Pond, William Poole, Henry Pooles, Russell Pope, Eloise McCaskill Popini, Thomas Popp, C. Scott Porter, David R. Porter, Edna Porter, Gladys Porter, Jenny L. Porter, John P. Porter, Kenneth Porter, Martha Byrd Porter, Quincy Porter, William B. Porter, Margaret Porth

  • Folder: 3, General Correspondence: Pos-Pri, 1929-1962

    Carolyn E. Post, Rose Poster, Claudia Potter, Henry L. Allen Potter, Noel Potter Jr., Malcolm Chase, Russell Potter, Abbe Findlay Potts, Arthur Pound, Margaret M. Povolny, Emma Moody Powell, Pansye H. Powell, Charles N. Powers, Jean Powers, Mary C. Powers, Star Powers, William H. Powers, Edwin H.B. Pratt, John Lowell Pratt, Mrs. Sylvester M. Pratt, Walter G. Prausnitz, Margaret Prentys, Grace Prescott, Wilford Presler, Daniel Price, John Price, Louise G. Price, Robert Price, William Pritchard, Anna M. Priestley

  • Folder: 4, General Correspondence: Pri-Put, 1928-1962

    Lillian Prince, Ross E. Prince, Joachim Prinz, Herb A. Probasco, Joe Procter, Mortimer Proctor, Percy M. Proctor, Charles G. Proffitt, Frederic Prokosch, N.H. Pronko, Olive Higgins Prouty, Senator Prouty, Alan Pryce-Jones, H. Pulcifer, Hugh Dominic Purcell, Nathan M. Pusey, Donald S. Putnam, James Putnam, William L. Putnam

  • Folder: 5, General Correspondence: Qua-Qui, 1929-1963

    Yella Quaqua, S. Quasimodo, Paul Queneau, Frances Quick, Stephen Quigley, Margery Quigley, F. Quine, Nellie Quinlan, Arthur Quinn, Kerker Quinn, Thomas J. Quirk, Ricardo Quintana

  • Folder: 6, General Correspondence: Rab-Ran, 1913-1962

    G. Peter Raba, D. Radford, B. Harrison Ragle, Henry Rago, J.G. Ragsdale, C. Ragus, B. Ludwig Raimondo, Frank Rainwater, Edward Everett Rall, F. Garner Ramney, T.W. Ramsey, Cynthia Ramsing, E.K. Rand, Frank P. Rand, Marjorie Rand, Dorothy A. Randall, Somers Randolph, Comfort Randolph

  • Folder: 7, General Correspondence: Ran-Rap, 1929-1960

    McKendree Llewellyn Raney (Bill), M.L. Raney, J.D. Rankin, Ellen Ransom, John Crowe Ransom, Llewellyn Ransom, Rene Rapin, Eugenia Rapp

  • Folder: 8, General Correspondence: Ras-Ray, 1934-1962

    Jean Rasey, Hasel B. Rasmussen, Jean Moodie Rau, Lisa Rauschenbusch, William B. Ravenel III, Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, Irene A. Rawlins, Nora Sue Ray, Thelma Raybourn, William O. Raymond, Robert Raynolds

  • Folder: 9, General Correspondence: Re-Rec, 1927-1960

    Dorothy Wicker Re, Caroline Ford Read, David Read, Herbert Read, Caroline Dudley Reagan, Donald Ream, Luella Reckmeyer

  • Folder: 10, General Correspondence: Redcay, Edward E., 1947-1961

    Edward E. Redcay

  • Folder: 11, General Correspondence: Red-Rei, 1928-1963

    Mary Jane Redcay, Crosby E. Redman, Michael J. Redman, Marguerite J. Reese [Holt], Douglas V. Read, Edward Reed, Leonard Reed, Mrs. Louis Reed, Tom Reemelin, John Wolcott, James Reese, L.W. Reese, Diana Reeve, F.D. Reeve, Franklin Reeve, Helen Reeve, Joan Reeve, Bruce Reeves, Mrs. John H. Reeves, Ruth Reeves, Jo B. Regan, Bertha Regensberg, Sister M. Regina, David Reichert, Louise Reichert

  • Folder: 12, General Correspondence: Reichert, Victor E., 1944-1963

    Victor E. Reichert

  • Folder: 13, General Correspondence: Rei-Rem, 1938-1963

    Edith Babb Reid, James M. Reid, Desmond Reid, W.R. Reid, William T. Reid Jr., Maureen Reilly, B. Franklin Reinauer, Carl Reinwald, Otto Reising, Ann Kissel Reisman, John Reisman, Phillip Reister, J. Wayne Reitz, Mabel Remick, Charles L. Remington, Roger W. Remington, Margaret L. Rempel, Robert T. Remppies

  • Folder: 14, General Correspondence: Ren-Rhy, 1915-1961

    Constance Renaker, Robert H. Reno, James Reston, Sally Reston, Eleanore C. Reul, Robert Reuter, Frank Revell, Emily Rex, Vernon Reyman, Margaret Birch Reynardoon, Reynolds, Joe Reynolds, Paul A. Reynolds, Paul R. Reynolds Jr., Philip Rhinelander, Guy F. Rhodes, Maple Rhodes, Ernest Rhys

  • Folder: 15, General Correspondence: Rib-Ric, 1915-1963

    Abraham Ribicoff, Cale Young Rice, Charles Elmer Rice, Charles M. Rice, Joan Rice, John Rice, Myrtle Rice, Stanley Rice, William J. Rice, Eugene A. Rich, Harriet Rich, Louise Rich, Dorothea Richards, Edward Richards, Ivor Richards, John Richards, Paul Richards

  • Folder: 16, General Correspondence: Ric-Ric, 1928-1960

    Dorothy Richardson, George L. Richardson Jr., Ivan L. Richardson, John R. Richardson, Kitty Richardson, Laura Richardson, Louise Richardson, Norman Richardson, Stewart Richardson, Judie Richelson

  • Folder: 17, General Correspondence: Richman, Robert, 1952-1963

    Robert Richman

  • Folder: 18, General Correspondence: Ric-Riz, 1932-1962

    Mildred F. Richmond, Robert P. Richmond, Ruth Richmond, Walter B. Rideout, Mary Phillips Riis, Doris Riker, Dorothy M. Riley, Edgar T. Rigg [Holt], Jane Stewart Righter, Mary M. Riley, Katherine Rindlaub, Diane Rinehart, E.P. Rinehart, Stanley M. Rinehart Jr., Yvette Ripplinger, John C. Ritchey, Ward Ritchie, Edna Rittenhouse, Jessie B. Rittenhouse, Deckard Ritter, Mary C. Ritter, T.E. Rivers, A. Valdemira Rizza

  • Folder: 19, General Correspondence: Rob-Rob, 1933-1962

    A.A. Roback, J. Hampden Robb, Margaret Robb, J. Albert Robbins, Lincoln Robbins, Roland W. Robbins, Ruth M. Robbins, Teddar Roberg, Anne Robert, Aria C. Roberts, Donna Roberts, Huntington Roberts, Janet Roberts, Josephine E. Roberts, Lester Roberts, Naomi Roberts, R.F. Roberts, Ruby Altizer Roberts, Ruth Roberts, Walter Roberts

  • Folder: 20, General Correspondence: Robertson, Archibald, 1947-1959

    C. Archibald Robertson

  • Folder: 21, General Correspondence: Rob-Rob, 1934-1962

    Dan Robertson, David Robertson, Gladys V. Robertson, Irene Robertson, Lafayette J. Robertson, Philip Robertson, Vera Louise Robertson, A.L. Robinson, Allan Robinson, Amy Robinson, A.R. Robinson, Donald W. Robinson

  • Folder: 22, General Correspondence: Rob-Rob, 1915-1963

    E.A. Robinson, Edward K. Robinson, Edwin Bradford Robinson, Elisabeth C. Robinson, Gertrude Robinson, Horace W. Robinson, James K. Robinson, Martha Robinson, Maurice Robinson, Nettie Belle Robinson, Robin Robinson

  • Folder: 23, General Correspondence: Rob-Rod, 1928-1962

    Peggy Robson, William N. Robson, John D. Rockefeller 2nd, Winthrop Rockefeller, Lillian Frost Rodier, John Rodman, Selden Rodman, Manuel Rodrigues

  • Folder: 24, General Correspondence: Roe-Rog, 1939-1963

    Theodore Roethke, Ken Roettger, Adele Rogers, Alice Rogers, Carmen Rogers, Irving Rogers Jr., James G. Rogers, Joel Townsley Rogers, Lilja Rogers, Lillie Rogers, Milton Rogers, Miriam Rogers, Robert Rogers, Louise Bogan, Rutherford Rogers, Stephen Rogers, W.G. Rogers, William P. Rogers

  • Folder: 25, General Correspondence: Rog-Roo, 1934-1963

    Richard Rogin, Mamie E. Rohr, Muriel Rokeach, Carl P. Rollins, D. Sidney Rollins, J. Leslie Rollins, Margaret Rollins, Sparowni Romi, Edna Davis Romig, Adrian Rondileau, Marianne Roney, R.R. Ronkin, Betty Rood, Buzz Rood, Wayne R. Rood, James J. Rooney, John L. Rooney, James Roosevelt

  • Folder: 26, General Correspondence: Roo-Ros, 1930-1963

    Theodore Roosevelt, James Roose-Evans, E. Merrill Root, E. Tallmadge Root, Sarena Roowe, Winifred C. Roscoe, Carol C. Rose, Sister M. Rita Rose, Oscar Rose, Patricia Rose, Raymond Roseliep, Davee Rosen, Marcia Rosenbaum

  • Folder: 27, General Correspondence: Ros-Ros, 1938-1963

    Dorothy Rosenberg, Morris W. Rosenberg, Muriel S. Rosenbluth, Yette Rosencranz, S. Rosenfeld, Frank Rosengren, Florence Rosengren, Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy, Irving Rosenthal, Richard Rosenthal, H.W. Ross

  • Folder: 28, General Correspondence: Ros-Rue, 1931-1963

    Malcolm Ross, Norman P. Ross, Philip Ross, George B. Rossbach, Anthony Rossiter, Kelton Roten, Rochelle Roth, Janet Doyle, Leon D. Rothschild, Ethel Rothwell, C. Rorillard, Charles R. Rounds, Gertrude Roux, Edward B. Rowan, Joseph Rowan Jr., Daniel Rowe, Ruth Rowe, Steven J. Rowe, Wilbur E. Rowell, Richard C. Rowland, Edward J. Rozek, Arthur Ruark, Carolyn Rubin, Ellen Rudes, Oscar M. Ruebhausen

  • Folder: 29, General Correspondence: Rugg, Harold G., 1915-1935

    Harold Goddard Rugg

  • Folder: 30, General Correspondence: Rugg, Harold G., 1936-1951

    Harold Goddard Rugg

  • Folder: 31, General Correspondence: Rug-Ryd, 1928-1962

    Carl Ruggles, Richard S. Ruggles, Charles Rugh, Muriel Rukeyser, William H. Runge, Gayle Runke, Charles E. Rush, Gloria E. Rush, Dean Rusk, Cecil B. Ruskay, J.D. Ruskin, A.E. Russell, Ada E. Russell, Arthur Wolseley Russell, Diarmind Russell, George W. Russell, Karlene V. Russell, Leonard Russell, Nancy Russell, Peter Russell, Sherman B. Russell, Dorothy R. Russo, Alexander Ruthven, Campbell Rutledge, Alvan S. Ryan, Edward T. Ryan Jr., Kathryn Ryan, Joseph Ryback, Steve Rybicki, Elizabeth Ryder, Roland Ryden-Smith

  • Folder: 32, General Correspondence: Saa-Sal, 1931-1963

    Robert A. Saar, James V. Sacchetti, A.L. Sachar, Martha E. Sachs, Neta P. Sachs, Paul J. Sachs, Ernest L. Sackett, Vita Sackville-West, Bertha K. Sadler, Joan Safford, Bunty Sage, Charlotte Sage, Robb Sagendorph, Hugo Saglio, Stanley Sahmen, Randall Salas

  • Folder: 33, General Correspondence: Sal-Sal, 1931-1962

    Jonas E. Salk, Dorothy Salisbury, Stanley Salmen, Dwight Salmon, Isidore L. Salomon, Frances Salomon, Harry Salpeter, Frank N. Saltmarsh, William G. Saltonstall, Hester Waltz Salvage

  • Folder: 34, General Correspondence: Sam-Sap, 1939-1963

    Gustav Samak, Jeannette Sammett, Wheeler Sammons Jr., M. David Samples, Henry W. Sams, Don Samson, Jacquelyn Samul, Herbert J. Sanborn, Ladd Frisby Sanborn, Robert Alden Sanborn, Jose Sanchez, Helga Sandburg Golby, Rodney Sanderson, John C. Sandham, Jesse Sandler, Samuel Sandmel, James Sandoe, Ivan Sandroff, Charles L. Sanford, Jay L. Sanford, Russell Sanjek, G. Sannikov, Hans Stefan Santesson, L.G. Sapp

  • Folder: 35, General Correspondence: Sar-Sat, 1930-1963

    Alma Sarett, Lew Sarett, Alma Sarett, Dwight E. Sargent, John Sargent, May Sarton, Charity Sarvis, Alfred Satterhwaite

  • Folder: 36, General Correspondence: Sau-Say, 1939-1962

    Robert Saudek, Robert Saul, Sally Saunders, Marcia Bailey Sauter, Bob Savage, Jean Savanyu, Alice-May Sawin, Caroline A. Sawyer, H.A. Sawyer Jr., Lillian M. Sawyer, Josephine Saxton, Edna W. Saunders, Ford K. Sayre

  • Folder: 37, General Correspondence: Sca-Sch, 1916-1962

    Roger L. Scaife, Mary Scandrett, Richard B. Scandrett Jr., John E. Scanlan, Nina E. Scarito, Carol Schaeffner, Arthur A. Schaffer, Mary Katherine Schaefer, Rex Schaeffer, Robert H. Schanffler, Clarence Schallan, Anna Schanz, A.A. Schecter, Roy Scheele, G. Scheiwiller, Jim Schendel, William F. Scheniman, Harry Scherman, Jack Scheuer, Arthur Schlesinger Jr., Maurice D. Schmaier, Marcia Masters Schmid, Elina Schmidt, Leslyn Schmidt, C.A. Elvehjem

  • Folder: 38, General Correspondence: Schmitt, Howard, 1935-1963

    Howard G. Schmitt, Isabel Du Bois, Gustav Davidson, H. Stanley Thompson

  • Folder: 39, General Correspondence: Sch-Sch, 1930-1960

    Jane Schmitt, Elaine H. Schnautz, M.C. Schneider, Sheila D. Schneiderman, Bunnie Schnell, Maurice Schneps, Helmut Schoeck, Howard Schomer, Mark Schorer, Leonard Schrader, Martin H. Schrag, William L. Schramm, Georges Schreiber, Hope E. Schreiber, Johnanna S. Hood, H.L. Schroeder, Jack E. Schroeder, Ralph L. Schroeder

  • Folder: 40, General Correspondence: Sch-Sco, 1932-1962

    David Schubert, Erwin H. Schubert, Judith E. Schubert, Victoria Schuck, Madeline de Barthe Schuermann, Budd Schulberg, Patrice Munsel Schuler, George F. Schulgen, Miss Elisabeth Schullo, C.P. Schultz, Schuyler, George K.T. Schulz, H.C. Schulz, Paul Schulze III, Franklin Schumacher, Delmore Schwartz, Edward Schwartz, Karl Schwarz, Gertrude Clorius Schwebell, Albert Schweitzer, Frank J. Scopes, Alfie Scopp

  • Folder: 41, General Correspondence: Sco-See, 1915-1963

    Agnes Scott, Peter J. Scott, Bernice White Scott, Charles Payson Gurley Scott, Donald Scott, Dorothy Scott, Dulcie Scott, Jane Griswold Scott, Louise Scott, R. Scott, Richard A. Scott, W. Robert Scott, Winfield Townley Scott, Pat Scott-Craig, Frank Scotton, David B. Scoular, Myra Scovel, Richard P. Scowcroft, Frederick V. Seabrook, Louise Sebald, Ellery Sedgwick, James M. Seff, John F. Seekamp, Laurens H. Seelye

  • Folder: 42, General Correspondence: See-Sel, 1933-1962

    Ernest Seeman, James M. Seff, Irwin Segal, Linda Segal, Yael Segal, Carroll Seghers II, Henry Seideman, Elliot Seiden, Elsie O. Seifert, George Seldes, Eustace Seligman

  • Folder: 43, General Correspondence: Sergeant, Elizabeth S., 1931-1954

    Elizabeth Shepley Sergeant

  • Folder: 44, General Correspondence: Sergeant, Elizabeth S., 1955-1958

    Elizabeth Shepley Sergeant

  • Folder: 45, General Correspondence: Sergeant, Elizabeth S., 1959-1961

    Elizabeth Shepley Sergeant, Robert S. Newdick, Lincoln Mac Veagh, Helen Thomas, Mark Van Doren

  • Folder: 46, General Correspondence: Ser-Sha, 1938-1963

    Christopher Sergel, Audrey Sergeyev, L. Serpa, John A. Sessions, Susan Sessions, Naresh Seth, William W. Seward Jr., Pat Sewell, Charles Seymour, George W. Seymour, Ralph Fletcher Seymour, T.E. Shackett, Janet Shafroth, William Shafroth

  • Folder: 47, General Correspondence: Sha-Sha, 1930-1963

    Charles Shain, Morris Shalit, B. Shambaugh, Richard C. Shambroom, O. Norman Shands, Joseph B. Shane, Paul Shank, Gail Shaprett, Evelyn Shapiro, Joseph Shapiro, Karl Shapiro, Harlow Shapley, Ronald A. Shapo, Jerome H. Shevin, Waitstill H. Sharp, Don Sharritts, Lenore Shatton, Mrs. Maynard Shaw, Alice Shaw, Charles B. Shaw, Harold Shaw, Margaret Shaw, Wilfred B. Shaw

Box: 10, 1912-1963

Access Restrictions


Box: 10

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, General Correspondence: She-Shi, 1931-1962

    Eugene Shea Jr., Walter M. Shea Jr., Louis Sheaffer, Vincent Sheean, Dorothy Canfield Fisher, Louis Bromfield, Donald Ogden Stuart, Sheeler, L. Sheets, A.D. Sheffield, Mary Wilis Shelburne, Shelburne Studios, Ethlel Sheldon, Paul Sheldon, David L. Shepard, Elisabeth Shepard, Odell Shepard, Grazella Shepherd, Gyde Shepherd, Peter Shepherd, Paul Priest, Neil Hastie, Dave Williams, Jeff Sheppard, Archibald B. Shepperson, Morton Sher, Dorothy L. Shereff, Marion C. Sheridan, Al Sherman, Alicia Sherman, Mrs. Francis J. Sherman, Frank Sherman, James W. Sherman, Evelyn N. Sherrill, John L. Sherrill, Harrold C. Shiffler, William A. Shimer, James Shipley, Dorothy M. Shipman, Eugene R. Shippen, Henry Lee Shippery, Clifford Shipton, Masaaki Shirabe, Wayne Shirley, Paul Shivell

  • Folder: 2, General Correspondence: Shm-Sil, 1928-1962

    Verna M. Shmavonian, Edward Joseph Shoben Jr., Ervin C. Shoemaker, Lea Short, Pat Shotwell, Michele Shover, Eunice K. Shriver, Frederick Shroyer, Betsy Shuck, C.E. Shuford, Doris Shuster, H.A. Sieber, Irene Siegle, William Vincent Sieller, Carl Siembab, Anne Siewers, Josephine Sill, Luise Sillcox, Kenneth Sills

  • Folder: 3, General Correspondence: Silver, Ernest L., 1912-1938

    Ernest L. Silver

  • Folder: 4, General Correspondence: Sil-Sim, 1939-1963

    Milton G. Silver, Abraham Silverstein, Herbert I. Simckes, Dorothy H. Simmons, Lucille Simmons, Marjorie S. Simmons, Barbara Young Simms, Mrs. Cecil Simms, Richard L. Simon, Holly Simonds, Hans Simons, Howard Simons, Lee Simonson

  • Folder: 5, General Correspondence: Sim-Sin, 1913-1963

    Claude Simpson, Donald H. Horton, Elizabeth Simpson, Mildred R. Mell, Louis Simpson, Peter L. Simpson, William A. Simonds, Marion Simonds, Lee Simonson, N.C. Simonson, I. Jewell Simpson, Gladys Sims, L. Kenneth Simsarian, Gregg M. Sinclair, May Sinclair, R.C. Sinclair

  • Folder: 6, General Correspondence: Sin-Sle, 1928-1962

    Upton Sinclair, John Sindall, Maureen I. Sindlinger, D. Kurt Singer, Margaret Evelyn Singleton, Peter Sinton, B.G. Sinyard, Clara E. Sipprell, Edith Sitwell, Joseph R. Sizoo, Sigmund Skard, Michael Sklar, Carl Werner Skogholm, George A. Slade, Wm. M. Sladen, John Selby, Hervey Allen, Louise Slagle, William M. Slate, John Slawson, John Sleeman, Allen Slessor, Ray M. Skowy, Donald Slessinger, Dorothy A. Slessinger

  • Folder: 7, General Correspondence: Sloane, William (Bill), 1938-1940

    William Sloane (Bill) [Holt], J. Cayce Morrison, ERPI Classroom Films

  • Folder: 8, General Correspondence: Sloane, William (Bill), 1941

    William Sloane (Bill) [Holt], Louis Untermeyer, Garrett H. Leverton, ERPI Classroom Films, Barrett H. Clark

  • Folder: 9, General Correspondence: Sloane, William (Bill), 1942

    William Sloane (Bill) [Holt], John Holmes

  • Folder: 10, General Correspondence: Sloane, William (Bill), 1943-1963

    William Sloane (Bill) [Holt], Robert N. Linscott

  • Folder: 11, General Correspondence: Slu-Smi, 1913-1963

    Ralph E. Sluis, Jean Paul Slusser, Mary Churchill Small, Robert J. Smallenbarger, Angus Smart, M. Smart, Frederic C. Smedley, Luther H. Smaltzer, A. Calvert Smith, Alexander N. Smith, Alice Smith, Alven M. Smith, Ann Smith, Ann Chipley Smith, Arthur M. Smith, Barbara Smith, Briscoe R. Smith, C. Walker Smith, Carleton Smith, Clem Smith, E.W. Smith, Elisabeth W. Smith, Emily Smith, Emily Ann Smith, Ethel Smith, Eugene R. Smith, G. Paul Smith, George W. Smith, Gordon M. Smith, Inez B. Smith, Isabel Smith, Isadore Smith, J.C. Smith

  • Folder: 12, General Correspondence: Smi-Smi, 1932-1963

    J. Eugene Smith, James K. Smith, Leah Marie Smith, Lilian Smith, Louis P. Smith, Lorraine Smith, Lydia E. Smith, Mary Elizabeth Smith, McGregor Smith Jr., Rex Smith, Richter Smith, Robert D. Smith, Roberta E. Smith, Sidney Butler Smith, Tim Smith, Warren Allen Smith, Willard H. Smith, William Jay Smith, Winfield S. Smith

  • Folder: 13, General Correspondence: Smy-Sno, 1935-1962

    Charles R. Smyth, E. Smyth, Daniel Smythe, Jean L. Snaith, Guy Snavely, George M. Sneath, Ada Snell, Mrs. George Snell, John N. Snell, Robert Snetsinger, I. Snibt, Carol Jean Snider, Jack E. Snider, W.D. Snodgrass

  • Folder: 14, General Correspondence: Snow, Charles Wilbert (Bill), 1928-1963

    Charles Wilbert (Bill) Snow

  • Folder: 15, General Correspondence: Sno-Sou, 1915-1962

    Elizabeth Snow, Sidney B. Snow, Carol Snowman, Helen D. Snyder, Winifred D. Snyder, Peter Sobol, Eleanor O. Soden, Ronny Soderberg, Anna Soderquest, Morris Sokolove, James Sokolove, Janet Solinger, Leon Solis-Cohen, William Solzbacher, W.M. Solzbacher, Virginia Sorensen, Egbert J. Sormani, Soroptimist Club of Newark, Philip W. Sours, South African Broadcasting Corporation

  • Folder: 16, General Correspondence: Spa-Spe, 1927-1963

    Carl Spaatz, John A. Spangenberg, John Spargo, John A. Spear, Charles F. Speare, Guy E. Speare, Elizabeth P. Speck, Speer, Guy E. Speare, Margaret Bailey Speer, William Speer, Russell F. Speirs, Jean Speiser, Mrs. Richard L. Spence, Martha L. Spencer, Samuel R. Spencer Jr., Shirley Spencer, Theodore Spencer, W. Sperry, Leonora Speyer

  • Folder: 17, General Correspondence: Spi-Spu, 1931-1962

    Charles P. Spicer Jr., Theodore Spicer-Simpson, Margery Makowski Spiegel, Amy Spingan, Lawrence E. Spivak, Herman E. Spivey, Roger Spragg, Dona-Jane Spraggon, June Sprague, Marsha Sprague, Jeff Sprigman, Gerald M. Spring, Ada A. Sproul, Robet G. Sproul, Trudy H. Spurgeon, Milton J. Spurny Jr., E. Lawrence Spurr

  • Folder: 18, General Correspondence: Squ-Sta, 1925-1963

    J. C. Squire, Margaret St. Gaudens, Ruth R. St. John, Kevin St. John, Achille J. St. Onge, Mary A. Stabler, Donald L. Stacy, Warren Staebler, Betty Stafford, Robert Stahl, Charles Staller, Robert Stallman, Stanislas Standaert, Samuel Standard, Henry King Stanford, Irene B. Stanford, Barbara Stanhope, Anton Stanlisav, Al Stanley, Edward Stanley, Elizabeth Stanley, Joseph H.P. Stanley

  • Folder: 19, General Correspondence: Stanlis, Peter J., 1940-1962

    Peter J. Stanlis

  • Folder: 20, General Correspondence: Sta-Sta, 1941-1962

    Harold O. Stanton, Harris E. Starr, George W. Starcher, Ruth Stark [Holt], Barbara Blum, Geoffrey Moore, Giulio Einaudi Editore, Joseph Enos, Julian Olney, Katharine Strelsky, Rosa Starkey, Don Stauffer

  • Folder: 21, General Correspondence: Ste-Ste, 1931-1963

    Amy C. Stearns, Martha G. Stearns, Jane Stedman, Fred I. Steele, Vilhjalmur Stefansson, Mary Steffen, Wallace (Wally) Stegner, Andrew J. Steiger, Grace Steigerwald [Holt], Olive F. Conway, Hazel F. Stein, Kathryn F. Stein, Margaret Brown Steinke, Mrs. Ernest H. Steinke, Amy Stellar, Frances Steloff, A.M. Stephen, Harold M. Stephens, Jacqueline Stephens, S.D. Stephens, Vergil W. Stephen, Jenny Stephenson, A.P. Stergion, Sarge D. Sterling, Martin L.A. Sternberg, Robert N. Stetson

  • Folder: 22, General Correspondence: Ste-Sto, 1927-1962

    Clyde Lovejoy Stevens, George Stevens, Henry Bailey Stevens, Paul Stevens, Rod Stevens, Roger L. Stevens, Samuel N. Stevens, Valerie Gates Stevens, Wallace Stevens, C. Stevenson, Dana Stewart, Franz H. Stewart, George Rippey Stewart, Helen Stewart, Reginald Stewart, Hyland Stewart III, Sidney J. Stibert, Helen Firth Stickney, William D. Stidger, Lewis F. Stieg, Malachi Stifel, Jewell Stiles, James Still, Marian Stiler, E. Clark Stillman, George Stillman Jr., Gladys Stimus, Robert Lee Stilwell, Lew Stilwell, William Britton Stitt, Jonn L. Stivers, Grant Stockdale, Helen E. Stoddard, Hope Stoddard, Ada M. Stoflet, James Stokely, May Stokes, E.S. Stolman

  • Folder: 23, General Correspondence: Sto-Sto, 1932-1962

    Hope Stoddard, Edward Stone, Eleanor Joyce Stone, Emerson Law Stone II, Harlan F. Stone, Luella Stone, Martha Stone, Samuel P. Stone, Walter King Stone, Wayne B. Stone, Richard J. Stonesifer, Marie C. Stopes, Libby Stopple, Rex Stout, Floyd Stovall, Harriet Stovall, Enid Stover

  • Folder: 24, General Correspondence: Str-Str, 1934-1963

    Roberta R. Strachan, Samuel S. Stratton, Amy Stratton Mattie Straughan, Oscar S. Straus II, Robert N. Strauss, Victor Strauss, Bee Strawway, Clarence Streit, Katharine Strelsky, Edwin John Stringham, Eile Strino, Marion Strobel, Judith E. Stromdahl, L. Corrin Strong, Natalie Strong, Strong, Sylvia Strong, Annie Lee Strother, E.S. Strother, Herbert Stroup, J. Martin Stroup, Thomas B. Stroup, Michael Strumpf, Rob Strunsky, Dieter Struss, Perrin Stryker

  • Folder: 25, General Correspondence:Stu-Sut, 1916-1963

    William A. Stuer, Helen Stump, Ella K. Daggett Stumpf, Helen M. Steutevant, Arthur Stunz, Cecile Houghton Stury, Telesforo Fuentes Suarez, Ruth Suckow, Carol S. Sundhalter, A.M. Sullivan, Frank Sullivan, John Sullivan, John H. Sullivan, Leonard Sullivan, Mark Sullivan, Mary Sullivan, Paul R. Sullivan, Richard H. Sullivan, Richard J. Sullivan, William H. Sullivan Jr., Arthur Hays Sulzberger, George Summerhill Jr., Daryl Summers, Robert M. Summers, Stephen C. Sussman, Abby A. Sutherland, Alec Sutherland, Cora H. Sutton

  • Folder: 26, General Correspondence: Sve-Syr, 1930-1963

    Kester Svendsen, Ronnie Swain, Wyn K. Swainson, A. Swallow, Lillian Swan, Oliver G. Swan, Stanley Swanson, Stanley S. Swartley, Carrie Teale Swartz, Judith Weinstein Swartz, Francis Sweeney, James Johnson Sweeney, Ann K. Sweet, Jeanne Sweetland, May Swenson, Arthur L. Swift, Basil Swift, William D. Swift, Blanche Swindell, Raymond Swing, Charles S. Swope, Gerald Sykes, Richard E. Sykes, Julian Symons, Henry T. Synek, Lucy Sypher, Marie Syrkin

  • Folder: 27, General Correspondence: Tab-Tat, 1928-1962

    Margaret S. Taber, Frank Tacinelli, Robert Taft, Ernestine Taggard, Genevieve Taggard, Sarah Augusta Taintor, Pauline Tait, Herman E. Talmadge, V.W. Talley, Gilbert R. Tanis, T.B. Tanner, Marjorie Taplin, Ethel W. Tapper, Walter Tarasovis, Betty Tarr, Allen Tate, Terrell Louise Tatum

  • Folder: 28, General Correspondence: Tay-Tay, 1935-1963

    Albert B. Taylor, Albert J. Taylor, Almira Taylor, Ann Taylor, Bill Taylor, Burton W. Taylor, C. Marshall Taylor, Councill Taylor, Davidson Taylor, Edgar Curtis Taylor, Harold Taylor, Hoy Taylor, Judy Taylor, Katharine Taylor, G.C. Taylor, Laurie Taylor, Marjorie Taylor, Sue T. Taylor, Theodore C. Taylor, Toni Taylor

  • Folder: 29, General Correspondence: Tea-Tho, 1918-1961

    Henry M. Teasdale, Richard C. Tees, Joan Rix Tebbutt, Samuel Curtiss Tefft, Margaret Telford, Jane Teller, Norinne Tempest, Peter Temple, Irving R. Templeton, Richard H. Templeton Jr., Marcy Tench, C.F. Terrell, James Terrell [Holt], Lucinka Terskan, Daniel D. Test Jr., Charles Doren Tharp, Harriet Thayer, S. Thayer, Sigourney Thayer, Robert Theehan, John Theobald, E.C. Thiessen, P.K. Thomajan, Catherine Thomas, Charles Swain Thomas

  • Folder: 30, General Correspondence: Thomas, Edward, 1913-1914

    Edward Thomas

  • Folder: 31, General Correspondence: Thomas, Edward, 1914

    Edward Thomas

  • Folder: 32, General Correspondence: Thomas, Edward, 1915

    Edward Thomas

  • Folder: 33, General Correspondence: Thomas, Edward, 1915-1916

    Edward Thomas

  • Folder: 34, General Correspondence: Thomas, Edward, 1916

    Edward Thomas

  • Folder: 35, General Correspondence: Thomas, Edward, 1916-1917

    Edward Thomas

  • Folder: 36, General Correspondence: Tho-Tho, 1915-1962

    Edward E. Thomas, Gordon L. Thomas, Helen Thomas, Irving O. Thomas, Janet S. Thomas, Mary Thomas, Merfyn Thomas, Norman Thomas, Paul J. Thomas, Winifred Thomas

Box: 11, 1915-1963

Access Restrictions


Box: 11

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, General Correspondence: Tho-Tho, 1931-1962

    Athene R. Thompson, Blanche Jennings Thompson, Dorothy Thompson, Johannes Urzidil, Dorothy Barclay Thompson, Edward Thompson, Glenn Thompson, Harold W. Thompson, Helen Thompson [Holt], June Thompson, John A. Thompson

  • Folder: 2, General Correspondence: Thompson, Lawrance, 1936-1945

    Lawrance Thompson

  • Folder: 3, General Correspondence: Thompson, Lawrance, 1946-1962

    Lawrance Thompson, John Davies

  • Folder: 4, General Correspondence: Tho-Tho, 1928-963

    Willis D. Thompson Jr., Sharon Thompson, Sylvia Thomson, Joe Thorn, Joseph J. Thorndike Jr., George H. Thornley, Wilson R. Thornley, Basil Thornton, Frances Thornton, Margaret Thornton, Nina Thornton

  • Folder: 5, General Correspondence: Thornton, Richard H., 1925-1931

    Richard H. Thornton [Holt]

  • Folder: 6, General Correspondence: Thornton, Richard H., 1932-1937

    Richard H. Thornton [Holt]

  • Folder: 7, General Correspondence: Thornton, Richard H., 1938-1962

    Richard H. Thornton [Holt]

  • Folder: 8, General Correspondence: Tho-Til, 1915-1963

    Roy V. Thornton, Mrs. Willis Thornton, Olga S. Thoro, Willard Thorp, Clarence Thorpe, Nancy Throckmorton, Lenora Thul, A.K. Thurmond Jr., Benjamin E. Thurston, Carl Thurston, Laurene Tibbetts, Tierney, Thomas J. Tierney, Mary Lowber-Tiers, Laura A. Tillett, Florence R. Tillson, Ella B. Tilley, Lydia Lois Tilley, Morris P. Tilley, John Tillman

  • Folder: 9, General Correspondence: Tim-Tit, 1932-1962

    William Timberlake, Chauncey Brewster Tinker, H.L. Tinker, Margaret Tinsley, Gertrude Wilson Tipple, Frances Titchener, Harold H. Tittmann, Donald J. Titus, Elizabeth Titus

  • Folder: 10, General Correspondence: Tob-Toy, 1930-1962

    Paul H. Tobias, Richard C. Tobias, Robert S. Tobin, Ernst Tobison, Charles L. Todd, E. Bernice Todd, George R. Todd, Eveleth R. Todd, Boris Todrin, William P. Tolley, Nancy Torrenga, C. Tomkins, Tomlinson, J.K. Torbert, Toronto Star, Ridgely Torrence, Maria Toth-Kurucz, Arthur B. Tourtellot, Roy E. Towery, C.S. Towle, Charles H. Towne, Ursula Townley, Atwood H. Townsend, Marion Frost Townsend, Sadao Toyama

  • Folder: 11, General Correspondence: Tra-Tsu, 1915-1962

    John J. Tracey, Henry Tragle, Jacob Trapp, Albert F. Trask, Elizabeth Trautman, Ethel N. Travis, Jennie Trefethen, Jack Trevithick, Doris E. Trevor, R.C. Trevelyan, Emma Gray Trigg, Lionel Trilling, Clarence A. Triphagen, Miriam Tripp, A. Triulzi, Ruby Ann Trogdon, Beulah Smith Troutman, John P. Troxell, Robert F. Truesdell, Grace Gray Truitt, Andrew G. Truxal, Mary Alice Truxes, H.T. Tsiang, Shisei Satoru Tsuneishi

  • Folder: 12, General Correspondence: Tuc-Tup, 1934-1963

    Guy Tucker, J. Josephine Tucker, Robert G. Tucker, Mohammad Tufail, Elsie Tufts, Mabel Alice Tuggle, Clyde Tull, Valerie V. Tull, Ella Tunnell, Sophie Tunnell, Elsie R. Tupper, Harmon Tupper [Holt]

  • Folder: 13, General Correspondence: Tur-Tys, 1931-1963

    Eleanor L. Turnbull, Margaret C. Turnbull, Murray Turnbull, Norman Turgeon, Elizabeth T. Turner, Helen E. Turner, Howard M. Turner, Jere Turner, Miguel Perez Turner, Philip E. Turner, Sydney Tuscano, Leo Leonard Twinem, Betty Twiss, Leonard Twynham, Dorothy Tyler, Rosa B. Tyson

  • Folder: 14, General Correspondence: Udall, Stewart L., 1959-1963

    Stewart L. Udall, Conrad Wirth, Wallace E. Stegner, Frederick A. Bosworth

  • Folder: 15, General Correspondence:Ude-Unt, 1934-1963

    Udell, K. Ueno, Bernard George Ulizio, Herbert H. Umbach, Shirley Umphrey, Sam J. Underwood, Sharry Underwood, Walter Underwood Jr., Bryna Untermeyer, Esther Untermeyer

  • Folder: 16, General Correspondence: Untermeyer, Jean Starr, 1928-1963

    Jean Starr Untermeyer

  • Folder: 17, General Correspondence: Untermeyer, Louis, 1915-1930

    Louis Untermeyer

  • Folder: 18, General Correspondence: Untermeyer, Louis, 1931-1933

    Louis Untermeyer

  • Folder: 19, General Correspondence: Untermeyer, Louis, 1934-1940

    Louis Untermeyer

  • Folder: 20, General Correspondence: Untermeyer, Louis, 1941-1947

    Louis Untermeyer

  • Folder: 21, General Correspondence: Untermeyer, Louis, 1949-1963

    Louis Untermeyer

  • Folder: 22, General Correspondence: Unw-Utl, 1928-1963

    Stanley Unwin, Daniel Berkeley Updike, R.S.C. Upham, Lois Upshaw, William Hazlett Upson, John E. Upston, J. Duane Upton, Miller Upton, John Urbanek, Enrique Uribe-White, Carl Urbont, G. Usora, Elizabeth D. Ussachevsky, Frayn Garrick Utley

  • Folder: 23, General Correspondence: Vai-Val, 1933-1945

    Antanas Vaiciulaitis, Red Valens, Alan Valentine, Lucia Valentine

  • Folder: 24, General Correspondence: Val-Van, 1934-1962

    Robert Vales, J.J. Vallarino Jr., Helen Vallee, Rena R. Valz, Maurice E. Van Ackeren, Ethel Van Benthuysen, Charles F. Van Cleve, Edrie Van Dore

  • Folder: 25, General Correspondence: Van Dore, Wade, 1927-1956

    Wade Van Dore

  • Folder: 26, General Correspondence: Van Dore, Wade, 1958-1963

    Wade Van Dore

  • Folder: 27, General Correspondence: Van-Van, 1928-1962

    Charles Van Doren, Irita Van Doren, Mark Van Doren, Ruth M. Van Doren, C. Raymond Van Dusen, W. Van Etten Casey, Lillian C. Van Dyke, R.A. Van Meter, Albert D. Van Nostrand, Mark Van Schalsa Jr., Charlotte K. Van Ordstrand

  • Folder: 28, General Correspondence: Vanamee, Grace D., 1932-1940

    Grace D. Vanamee

  • Folder: 29, General Correspondence: Van-Ver, 1928-1960

    James A. Vance, Sally Vanderbilt, J.A. VanDyne, William H. Vann, Bruce Vardon, Joe Vargus, Lee Varley, H.L. Varley, Betty Vaughan, Frank Vaughn, Vera Veeder, Ralph Velich, W.R. Ventura, Scott Verner, Tede Verner

  • Folder: 30, General Correspondence: Vie-Vre, 1915-1961

    George Sylvester Viereck, Peter Viereck, Harold Vinal, Marjorie Vinal, John Vincent, Sister Mary Vincentia, Manuel A. Viray, Wayne Vitatoe, Irene M. Vock, Patricia Vogel, Irma E. Voigt, Anna von Moschzisker, Robert Vose, Elizabeth Van Fleet Vosseller, Esther Vreeland

  • Folder: 31, General Correspondence: Wad-Wal, 1929-1963

    Douglas E. Wade, Elizabeth Williams Wade, John D. Wade, Rossamond G. Waddell, Charles A. Wagner, Esther Wagner, Otto Swett Wagner, Austryn Wainhouse, Sidney James Waintrob, Paul Waitt, Eva Wakefield, Olive Lindsay Wakefield, Sue Walcutt, Ernst Waldinger, Albert Walker, Constance Walker, Dee Walker, Eleanor Johnson Walker, Franklin Walker, Harriet K. Walker, Harry Walker, Herschel C. Walker, James Walker, Louise Walker, Mary H. Walker, Stanley Walker [Holt]

  • Folder: 32, General Correspondence:Wal-Wan, 1923-1962

    Mary B. Wall, Henry A. Wallace, Malcolm W. Wallace, Ralph Wallace, Robert Wallace, Nathan N. Wallack, Louise Waller [Holt], Jonathan Newell, Charles L. Wallis, Hugh Walpole, Chad Walsh, Edwin F. Walsh, Francis M. Walsh, Joan Walsh, Lee Walsh, Rosa Lee Walston, Don A. Walter, Dorothy C. Walter, E.J. Walter, Erich A. Walter, Frances C. Walter, Raymond Walters Jr., Richard Walters, W.L. Wanlass

  • Folder: 33, General Correspondence: Wan-War, 1915-1962

    Wannamacker, Edw. H. Wannamacher, Andrews Wanning, Catharine Ward, J. Ward, J.R. Ward, Paul L. Ward, Ralph E. Ward Jr., Susan Hayes Ward, W.S. Ward, Wardwell, Jodie Warner, Sylvia Townsend Warner, Tom Warnken, Austin Warren, Dale Warren, Earl Warren, Ferdinand Warren, George W. Warren, Matthew Warren, Robert Penn Warren

  • Folder: 34, General Correspondence: Was-Waz, 1929-1963

    Abbott Washburn, Barbara Washburn, Wilcomb E. Washburn, Saul Wasserman, Margaret Wasson, Janice W. Waterbury, Stanton A. Waterman, Herbert Waters, Ella R. Watkins, Helen Watkins, Arthur K. Watson, Clyde Watson, Clyde Watson, Dorothy DeMuth Watson, E. Bradlee Watson, J. Watson, Kim Watson, Nancy Watson, Peter Norman Dingman Watson, R.L. Watson, Robert W. Watson, Virginia Watson, Charles Waugaman, Dorothy Waugh, Frank A. Waugh, Sidney Waugh, Alice Marie Way, Chester M. Way, Oliver Waye, Josephine A. Wayland, Murray Wayne, Charles Wazalis

  • Folder: 35, General Correspondence: Wea-Wed, 1937-1962

    William J. Weatherby, Winston Weathers, David A. Weaver, Charles W. Webb, Deborah Webb, Electra Webb, Webber, Margaret Webster, D. Wedermeyer

  • Folder: 36, General Correspondence: Weeks, Edward (Ted), 1932-1960

    Edward Weeks

  • Folder: 37, General Correspondence: Wei-Wel, 1926-1962

    Paul R. Weidner, Charles A. Weigel, Simon Weinberg, Ann Weinreb, Morris Weisenthal, Eddie Weismuller, Elizabeth C. Welborn, A. Weldon, H. Marion Weller, Richard Henry Weller, Donald Sultner Welles, Wellesley Class of 1957, Grace M. Wellington, Alden R. Wells, Carlton F. Wells

  • Folder: 38, General Correspondence: Wells, James R., 1928-1933

    James R. Wells

  • Folder: 39, General Correspondence: Wel-Wer, 1915-1962

    Marie Wells, Theodore W. Wells, Catherine Welsh, Ruth B. Welsh, Franklin Wentworth, Kenneth Wendworth, Michael-Peter Werlein, Ralph J. Werner, W.L. Werner, Wilfrid Werry

  • Folder: 40, General Correspondence: Wes-Wes, 1954-1963

    Glenway Wescott, Felicia Geffen, Edwin Wesely, Alice Blair Wesley, Nils Y. Wessell, Camelia West

  • Folder: 41, General Correspondence: West, Herbert F., 1935-1963

    Herbert Faulkner West, G. Almqvist

  • Folder: 42, General Correspondence: Wes-Wey, 1935-1960

    Roscoe L. West, WesternUnion Family, Charles Partridge Weston, Mildred Weston, Ray Wetherbee, George H. Wettach, Victor G. Wexler, Norman Weyand

  • Folder: 43, General Correspondence: Weygandt, Cornelius, 1915-1954

    Cornelius Weygandt

  • Folder: 44, General Correspondence: Wey-Whe, 1915-1961

    S.M. Weygandt, WHAI Radio, W. Gordon Whaley, George Whalley, Helen Smythe Wharton, Edward J. Wheeler, Ernest E. Wheeler, G.S. Wheeler, J.H. Wheeler, Paul M. Wheeler, Thomas Wheeler, John Hall Wheelock, John Wheelwright, Linda Wheelwright, Huw Wheldon, Guy E. Whelpley

  • Folder: 45, General Correspondence: Whicher, George F., 1928-1953

    George F. Whicher

  • Folder: 46, General Correspondence: Whi-Whi, 1916-1962

    Harriet Whicher, Stephen Whicher, Theresa Whistler, Ernest M. Whitcomb, A.B. White, Agnes Mary White, Charles Ernest White, Ellen Louise White, Harry White, John F. White, Katharine White, Martha White, Miriam White, Nelson C. White, True Worthy White, Viola C. White, William S. Whit, White House Telegraph Office, Alfred North Whitehead, Harold B. Whitman Jr.

  • Folder: 47, General Correspondence: Whitlock, Baird, 1953-1963

    Baird Whitlock

  • Folder: 48, General Correspondence: Whi-Whi, 1932-1963

    Harold B. Whiteman Jr., Ann Whitman, Cedric Whitman, Dorothy Whitman, Philip G. Whitman, Laura G. Whitmire, Dorothy S. Whitney, Helen Day Whitney, Henry E. Whitney, Laura Fisher Whitney, Lois Whitney, Willis R. Whitney, Gertrude Whittall, Arthur E. Whittemore, Bernice Whittemore, Lillian Mack Whittemore, Charles H. Whittier

  • Folder: 49, General Correspondence: Wic-Wil, 1916-1963

    Joan Wick, Nancy Lynn Wickiser, Stanton D. Wicks, Margaret Widdemer, Charles E. Widmayer, Earl Widtman, Fred D. Wieck, Albert G. Wiederhold, Sidney C. Wiggin, Jimmy Wiggins, Robert L. Wiggins, B. Eliot Wigginton, Malcolm Wilber, Charlee Wilbur, Carl Wilcox, Elizabeth Wilcox, Mary G. Wilcox, Amos Wilder, Vaughan Dabney, Charlotte Wilder

  • Folder: 50, General Correspondence: Wil-Wil, 1931-1962

    Thornton Wilder, Clyde E. Wildman, Elias S. Wilentz, Elizabeth Wiley, Mary B. Wilkes, C.H. Wilkins, Mildred Wilkins, Ruth Jones Wilkins, Silver Wilkinson, Oliver Wilkinson, Laurence F. Willard, Vera Dolye Willard, Walter F. Wilcox, Oliver S. Willham, Allison Williams, Charles M. Williams, Chas. Rhodes Williams, Dan Williams, Elizabeth Williams, F. Earl Williams, Glenna Williams, Harrison A. Williams Jr., Helen Williams, Ira J. Williams, Joan Williams, M. A. Williams Jr., Marie Williams, Minnie E. Williams, Myron R. Williams, Oscar Williams, Paul O. Williams, Ralph C. Williams, Ralph M. Williams, Stanley Williams, Vernon P. Williams, Virginia Williams, Walter Williams

  • Folder: 51, General Correspondence: Wil-Wil, 1928-1962

    William Carlos Williams, W.M. Williamson, Eleanor Salberg Williamson, Miriam Williamson, Joan B. Williman, William H. Wills, Calder Willingham, J.R. Willison, Mary Willman [Holt], Vernon G. Wills, William H. Wills, H. Willson, K.B. Willson, A.L. Wilm, A.D. Wilson, Charlotte Wilson, Cora McDevitt Wilson, Corine R. Wilson, Donald Wilson, Eugene S. Wilson, Garff B. Wilson, Helen Wilson

  • Folder: 52, General Correspondence: Wilson, James Southall, 1929-1963

    James Southall Wilson

  • Folder: 53, General Correspondence: Wil-Wil, 1937-1963

    Judy Wilson, Julia Tyler Wilson, Leon Wilson, Meredith Wilson, Robert Wilson, Sharon Wilson, T.J. Wilson [Holt], Vincent Wilson Jr.

  • Folder: 54, General Correspondence: Wil-Wit, 1933-1963

    Maud H. Wiltbank, Amelia Wiltrack, E. Harriet Windan, Patricia M. Joyce, J.N. Winn Jr., Freed Winninger, Thomas Winship, Ann Winslow, Henry W. Winslow, Marcella Winslow, Philip Winsor, Bill Winston, Mary Louise Winter, S.C. Winter, Herbert A. Wisbey, W. Stuart Witham, Kenney Withers, Samuel Withers, Raymond A. Withey

Box: 12, 1866-1982

Access Restrictions


Box: 12

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, General Correspondence: Wol-Woo, 1915-1963

    Susan Jane Wolfe, George J. Callis, Grayce C. Wolfe, Shirley Wolfe, John Wolfenden, James C. Wolford, Arnold Wolfers, Doris Wolfers, Justin Wolfson, Lewis W. Wolfson, Maurice Wollman, B.B. Wood, Claire Wood, Clement Wood, Dorothy Wood, George C. Wood, Madeline C. Wood, Meredith Wood, Nathan R. Wood, Richard G. Wood, Roland A. Wood, William C. Wood

  • Folder: 2, General Correspondence: Woo-Wye, 1926-1963

    Frederick J.E. Woodbridge, Homer E. Woodbridge, Lena Woodbury, Jean V. Woodhall, Mrs. C.L. Wooding, Lester N. Woodland, Lawrence C. Woodman, Katherine Woodroofe, Barbara B. Woodruff, Dee Woods, Frederick Woods, Robert G. Woods, Willis F. Woods, Carl R. Woodward, Robert Strong Woodward, Ruth M. Woodward, A. Woodhees, Floy Frank Work, C. Wormann, James L. Wortham, Alfred I. Wright, Arthur Wright, Ben Wright [Holt], Donald Prescott Wright, E.M. Wright, Katharine T. Wright, Gertrude Wright, Harold Wright, Hilda Wright, Jackson Wright, Laurel Wright, Mary Wright, Stella Wrobel, Lawrence C. Wroth, Andrew Wyeth, Helen Wyeth

  • Folder: 3, General Correspondence: Yac-Yus, 1913-1963

    Robert Yacawych, Yigael Yadin, Ruth Yagada, Nancy F. Yanger, Ralph Yarborough, Clarence Yates, Freddie Ybanez, F.S. Yeager, William Butler Yeats, George K.C. Yeh, Julia Day Yeomans, Yevgeny Yevtushenko, Mrs. Douglas A. Yorke, Dorothy M. Yost, Charles L. Young, Mrs. John P. Young, Lloyd P. Young, Marian Young, Paul W. Young, Robert Young, Stark Young, Gene Youngken, Morgan Bulkeley, David L. Yount, The Youth's Companion, Diane Yourofsky, Walter Yust

  • Folder: 4, General Correspondence: Zab-Zwe, 1934-1963

    Morton Dauwen Zabel, Barbara Zahner, Louis Zahner, Cyril Zabetta, Elizabeth Zanella, Margaret B. Zehner, John W. Ziegler, Dolores Ziff, James David Zirin, Louise Zoerner [Holt], Anthony Zois, Susan Zuch, Louis Zukofsky, Margaretha Zweegman

  • Folder: 5, General Correspondence: Not Deciphered, 1928-1963
  • Folder: 6, General Correspondence: Anonymous, 1959 and undated
  • Folder: 7, Family Correspondence: Frost, Isabelle Moodie, 1883

    Isabelle Moodie Frost

  • Folder: 8, Family Correspondence: Frost, Elinor White, 1912-1937

    Elinor White Frost, Irma Frost, Richard H. Thornton, Margaret Bartlett, Lesley Frost, Marjorie Frost, John Cone, Sidney Cox, Lillian Frost, Prescott Frost

  • Folder: 9, Family Correspondence: Frost, Elinor White, 1927-1935

    Elinor White Frost

  • Folder: 10, Family Correspondence: Frost, Elinor White, 1929-1936

    Elinor White Frost

  • Folder: 11, Family Correspondence: Frost, Elinor White, 1932-1937

    Elinor White Frost

  • Folder: 12, Family Correspondence: Frost, Lesley, 1915-1939

    Lesley Frost, Milo G. Derham

  • Folder: 13, Family Correspondence: Frost, Lesley, 1940-1944

    Lesley Frost

  • Folder: 14, Family Correspondence: Frost, Lesley, 1945-1949

    Lesley Frost

  • Folder: 15, Family Correspondence: Frost, Lesley, 1950-1962

    Lesley Frost, John Cone, Vera White Harvey, Thomas R. Coward, Jennie Russo, Pauline Smith, Vincent Burns

  • Folder: 16, Family Correspondence: Frost, Lesley, 1919-1972

    Robert Frost, Willard Fraser, Irma Frost, Vera White Harvey, Lesley Lee Francis, William B. Terhune, Dorothy Canfield Fisher, Elizabeth Sarcka, Dorothy W. Judd, Helen Fraser, Francis Brown

  • Folder: 17, Family Correspondence: Frost, Lesley, 1915-1973

    Lesley Frost

  • Folder: 18, Family Correspondence: Francis, Elinor, 1943-1962

    Elinor Francis

  • Folder: 19, Family Correspondence: Francis, Lesley Lee, 1935-1962

    Lesley Lee Francis, Robert Frost

  • Folder: 20, Family Correspondence: Frost, Carol, 1929-1936

    Carol Frost

  • Folder: 21, Family Correspondence: Frost, Lillian LaBatt, 1939-1942

    Lillian LaBatt Frost

  • Folder: 22, Family Correspondence: Frost, Lillian LaBatt, 1943-1944

    Lillian LaBatt Frost

  • Folder: 23, Family Correspondence: Frost, Lillian LaBatt, 1945-1947

    Lillian LaBatt Frost

  • Folder: 24, Family Correspondence: Frost, Lillian LaBatt, 1948-1962

    Lillian LaBatt Frost

  • Folder: 25, Family Correspondence: Frost, Lillian LaBatt, 1941-1951

    Robert Frost, Irma Frost, A.M. Meacham, Lesley Frost, Elinor Frost, Francis, Marjorie Robin Fraser, Phyllis Gordon, John (Jack) Cone, Mary Cone

  • Folder: 26, Family Correspondence: Frost, William Prescott, 1933-1962

    William Prescott Frost, Robert Frost, John (Jack) Cone, Harold Cone, Pierce Cumings

  • Folder: 27, Family Correspondence: Frost, Phyllis Gordon, 1949-1962

    Phyllis Gordon Frost

  • Folder: 28, Family Correspondence: Gordon, Marie, 1948-1962

    Marie Gordon, Robert Frost

  • Folder: 29, Family Correspondence: Gordon, Donald, 1948-1958

    Donald Gordon

  • Folder: 30, Family Correspondence: Frost, Carol, 1960

    Carol Frost

  • Folder: 31, Family Correspondence: Frost, Irma, 1931-1963

    Irma Frost

  • Folder: 32, Family Correspondence: Frost, Irma, 1926-1959

    Irma Frost, Marjorie Robin Fraser, Mrs. L.H. Bacon

  • Folder: 33, Family Correspondence: Cone, John, 1932-1953

    John Cone, Irma Frost, Robert Frost

  • Folder: 34, Family Correspondence: Cone, Ralph D., 1928

    Ralph D. Cone

  • Folder: 35, Family Correspondence: Cone, Harold, 1948

    Harold Cone, Irma Frost

  • Folder: 36, Family Correspondence: Cone, John (Jack), 1934-1947

    John (Jack) Cone, Robert Frost, Lillian Frost

  • Folder: 37, Family Correspondence: Frost, Marjorie, 1929-1933

    Marjorie Frost

  • Folder: 38, Family Correspondence: Fraser, Willard, 1933-1946

    Willard Fraser, Marjorie Robin Fraser

  • Folder: 39, Family Correspondence: Fraser, Willard, 1947-1959

    Willard Fraser, Marion F. Booth, Lucile Morris, Marjorie Robin Fraser

  • Folder: 40, Family Correspondence: Fraser, Willard, 1959-1963

    Willard Fraser

  • Folder: 41, Family Correspondence: Fraser, Willard, 1934-1962

    Willard Fraser, Lawrence M. Randall, Marjorie Robin Fraser, Robert Frost, A.L. Seitas, C.M. Hoiness

  • Folder: 42, Family Correspondence: Fraser, Sadie, 1944

    Sadie Fraser

  • Folder: 43, Family Correspondence: Fraser, Marjorie Robin, 1940-1963

    Marjorie Robin Fraser

  • Folder: 44, Family Correspondence: Hudnut, David, 1960

    David Hudnut

  • Folder: 45, Family Correspondence: Hudnut, Bobby, undated

    Bobby Hudnut

  • Folder: 46, Family Correspondence: Hudnut, Herbert, 1962

    Herbert Hudnut

  • Folder: 47, Family Correspondence: Frost, Joseph, 1943-1964

    Joseph Frost, Sherron Frost

  • Folder: 48, Family Correspondence: Frost, Elizabeth, 1962

    Elizabeth Frost

  • Folder: 49, Family Correspondence: Frost, George, 1947

    George Frost

  • Folder: 50, Family Correspondence: Frost, Ellen, 1938-1949

    Ellen Frost

  • Folder: 51, Ralph Waldo Emerson Letter, 1866-1962

    Ralph Waldo Emerson, Robert Frost

Box: 13, Correspondence about Robert Frost; Christmas Cards Received by Robert Frost, 1906-1982, bulk 1955-1962

Access Restrictions


Correspondence about Robert Frost; Christmas Cards Received by Robert Frost

Box: 14, Birthday, Greeting, Get Well, and Calling Cards Received by Robert Frost; Form Letters Sent to R..., bulk 1940-1963

Access Restrictions


Birthday, Greeting, Get Well, and Calling Cards Received by Robert Frost; Form Letters Sent to Robert Frost; Address File Cards

Series: 2, Subject Files, 1869-1977

Access Restrictions


Contains topical files arranged alphabetically, which include correspondence, clippings, bills, and printed materials.

Box: 15, 1869-1977

Access Restrictions


Box: 15

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Apple Trees, 1956-1957

    Robert Frost, Ira Glackens, Fred M. Abbey

  • Folder: 2, Bennington Family Graves, 1940-1941

    Vincent Ravi Booth, P.H. Presbrey Jr., Edward P. Mahar

  • Folder: 3, Biographical Material, 1944-1970

    Robert Frost, Lawrance Thompson

  • Folder: 4, Birthday 1962, 1962
  • Folder: 5, Brewster St., 1941-1942

    Caroline Phillips Smith, R.M. Farrow, A.C. Hooker

  • Folder: 6, Chairs, 1959

    Sam Bradley, John Walton, Minot Grose, William R. Collins, Arthur L. Swift, John Walton, Robert Frost

  • Folder: 7, Derry Homestead, 1964-1966

    William O. Douglas, John W. King, David Tatham, Wesley Powell, George D. Aiken, Lola Pierotti

  • Folder: 8, England, 1957, 1957

    William H. Taft III, Douglas Veale, Brian W. Dower, Harold E. Howland, David M. Hawke, Margaret Parry, C. Colleen, Edward Connery Lathem, Lesley Lee Francis, W. Worthington, Evelyn Hardy, James Henderson, Geoffrey Moore, Jack Sweeney, H. Jonathan Cape, Margaret Haferd, J.E. Morpurgo, Jack W.C. Hagstrom, Stella Noel Frost, Erastus H. Hewitt, Sir Ifor Evans, Janet Beveridge, T.S. Eliot, Harley J. Usill, Robert Frost, Eustace Seligman, Sherman Adams, John Foster Dulles, Norman P. Ross, Ian A. Gilmour, Ebblin Tierney

  • Folder: 9, England, 1957, 1957

    T.S. Eliot, Eleanor Farjeon, Eunice Frost, L.P. Wilkinson, Barbara W. Appleton, Beatrice Warde, C.P. Curran, Jonathan Cape, N. Coglish, Robin Alone, Douglas Glass, Emma Tindall, Gordon Wyllie, John B. Penfold, William Kean Seymour, John D. Hunt, Lane Waitt, Evelyn Hardy, Clifford Leech, C. Day Lewis, John Lehmann, Rupert Hart-Davis, Ben Bronner, R.W. Pound, J.H.P. Pafford, Basil Willey, Margaret Haferd, Stanley E. Waits, J.S. Cunningham

  • Folder: 10, England, 1957, 1957

    C. Day Lewis, Wayland Young, John Lehmann, John Lawlor, P.H. Newby, B.C. Whitney, Leslie Thorpe, James English, Philip Ballard, Margaret Haferd, N. Coghill, Jack Morpurgo, Mildred Thompson-Schwab, James Henderson, William Alfred, Henri Thomas, Geoffrey Moore, Seamus Wilmot, Mary Hotson, Beryl Key, David Garnett, Helen Thomas, L.M. Walsh, Evelyn Hardy, Archibald MacLeish, Patricia Greacen

  • Folder: 11, England, 1957, 1957

    Helen Thomas, Eleanor Farjeon, William Beveridge, J.R. Haines, Ian A. Gilmour, James Reeves, Christina Foyle, Denys Kilham Roberts, Marie Sweeney, Edward Connery Lathem, Ann Brewer Knox, Laurence Pollinger, Patric Dickinson, Barbara Schieffelin Bosanquet, J.S. Cunningham, H.A. Price, Stephen Spender, Stella Frost, Penelope Gilliatt, Janet Roberts, Colleen, William H. Taft III, Cynthia Judah, Basil Willey, Jean Mossop, John G. Murray, Gordon Wyllie, P.E. Dunn, Frank Warren, Grace Cook, W. Worthington, Rolf Jacoby, N. Askew, Terrence Kilmartin, Peter Levi, John Masefield, Catherine Abercrombie, Rupert Hart-Davis, Thomas Moult, Allen Lane

  • Folder: 12, England, 1957, 1957
  • Folder: 13, England, Greece, and Israel, 1961, 1960-1961

    C. Day Lewis, Catherine Abercrombie, Michael M. Nisselson, Bernard Cherrick, B. Mazar, Ellis O. Briggs, David Creighton, Howard Mumford Jones, Harold Howland, Ernest Henderson, Adam Mendilow, J. Peter Brunswick, Sholom J. Kahn, Theresa Whistler, Frederick A. Colwell, J.M. Patterson

  • Folder: 14, England, Greece, and Israel, 1961, 1961

    Ann Cook, Robert Edge, F.B. Sheppard, Daniel G. Ross, Raymond Adams, C. Day Lewis, David C. Creighton, Theresa Whistler, Stewart L. Udall, Margaret Haferd, David Bruce, F. Leppard, Albert Harkness Jr., Bernard Cherrick, David Fineman, Harold E. Howland, Simon Weinberg, Charles E. Feinberg, David Ben-Gurion

  • Folder: 15, England, Greece, and Israel, 1961, 1961-1962

    Tony Delage

  • Folder: 16, Farm, 1869-1940

    John Furnald, Eunice L. Noble, Winston N. Coburn, Thus. E. Boyce, W.H. Darrow, Carol Morris, Mr. Corson, A.B. Wilmot, C.J. O'Brien, Stickney Stark, F.J. Champlin, H. Philipsen, Percy E. Hampton, Willard N. Billings, T.J. Sanborn, F. Andre Paris, Theophilus C. Perley, Parker D. Cram, Katherine Damon

  • Folder: 17, Farm, 1941-1943

    William H. Chase, George Damon, Winston N. Coburn, Eunice L. Noble, Parker D. Cram, Charlie O'Brien, Walter C. Kirby, Robert Bain, Walter Averill, Rosalie O'Brien, Otto G. Koenig, George Graves, Clara S. Chase, E. Neal, William H. Chase, Virginia Dragon, Robert Dragon, George McWonough, Louis Untermeyer, O.S. Nelson, R.O. Randall, W.C. Goodson, T.F. Macauley, Tom P. Whittaker, J.C. Johnson, B.R. Baker

  • Folder: 18, Farm, 1944-1963

    Virginia Dragon, J.C. Johnson, A.J. Washburn, Walter Averill, Edw. H. Peet, W.C. Goodson, E. Neal, Rosalie O'Brien, Ella Dragon, Parker Cram, Mrs. Walter Kirby, Harry Eastman, Rena Dragon, John S. Maslack, Carolyn E. Long, William S. Burrage, Richard Dragon

  • Folder: 19, Farm and Household Bills, 1940-1947
  • Folder: 20, Films, 1959-1977

    John PIllsbury, United States Information Agency, Walter de Hoog, Bay State Film Productions

  • Folder: 21, Irma Frost, 1947-1963

    William B. Porter, W.C. Brinegar, Alma Lee Elliott, Harold K. Davison, Irma Frost, Anne E. Ostrow, Hazel Lewis, John Sloan Dickey, F. William Andres, John Cone

  • Folder: 22, Irma Frost, 1945-1950

    Erastus H. Hewitt

  • Folder: 23, Irma Frost, 1950-1967

    Erastus H. Hewitt, Irma Frost, Harold K. Davison, John Cone, Jane Hewitt

  • Folder: 24, Last Poem for Janet Forbes, 1963-1973

    Michael A. Johnson, Dorothy Lloyd

  • Folder: 25, Library of Congress, 1959-1961

    Felicia Geffen, Henry J. Dubester

  • Folder: 26, Library of Congress, 1955-1961
  • Folder: 27, National Poetry Festival, 1962

    Roy P. Basler

  • Folder: 28, National Poetry Foundation, 1961

    Carroll F. Terrell, John Frederick Nims, Allen Tate

  • Folder: 29, Pound, Ezra, 1912-1962

    Ezra Pound, Dorothy Pound, Herbert Brownell Jr., Archibald MacLeish, Geraldine Lust, James Laughlin, Marshall Clements, John Berryman, Henry J. Dubester, Charles Norman, Henry Christman, Douglass Hammond, T.S. Eliot, Ernest Hemingway

  • Folder: 30, Pound, Ezra, 1958
  • Folder: 31, Russia, 1962-1964

    Frieda Lurie, M. Rudomino, Babette Deutsch, Frank G. Siscoe, School No. 109

  • Folder: 32, Russia, 1962
  • Folder: 33, Russia, 1962
  • Folder: 34, Societies, 1960

    Lord Ancaster, Edward Connery Lathem, F.B. ff Sheppard, J.M. Patterson

Series: 3, Manuscripts and Literary Works, 1890-1963

Access Restrictions


Contains notebooks, fragments, typescripts, drafts, fair copies, and proofs of Robert Frost’s poems, plays, and prose.

Box: 16, 1903-1962

Access Restrictions


Box: 16

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Notebook, 1950-1962

    31 pages of poetry drafts and fragments, prose jottings, on blank leaves of trial binding for a book. Frost 001981, Faggen 1

    Gift of Kathleen Johnston Morrison, 1982

  • Folder: 2, Notebook, 1903

    Frost 001879, Faggen 2

    Gift of Kathleen Johnston Morrison, 1975

  • Folder: 3, Notebook, 1909-1958

    Essays: "Utopia vs. civilization," p. 27-33; "A resolution to refrain," p. 53; "Nature of poetry," p. 65-67; Preamble and Pay the piper, 116-122. Notes on a 1939 class on Emerson. Miscellaneous notes. Frost 001714, Faggen 4

    Gift of Kathleen Johnston Morrison, 1973

  • Folder: 4, Notebook, 1910-1955

    Early notebook of prose jottings; drafts of poems, mostly unpublished, but including draft of America is hard to see, published in 1951. Frost 001979, Faggen 5

    Gift of Kathleen Johnston Morrison, 1982

  • Folder: 5, Notebook, 1911

    Early notebook containing list of scenes for a poem or play, a series of topics and aphorisms relating to education and notes on characters. Frost 002337, Faggen 7

    Gift of Kathleen Johnston Morrison, 1983

  • Folder: 6, Notebook, 1913-1917

    Thirty-four leaves of notes and ideas for essays, poems. Includes sample of scansion. Frost 001725, Faggen 9

    Gift of Kathleen Johnston Morrison, 1974

  • Folder: 7, Notebook, 1916-1918

    Frost 001334, Faggen 10

    Gift of Kathleen Johnston Morrison, 1980

  • Folder: 8, Notebook, 1916

    In ms. on cover : "Two poets / A poetical boss / If art came to America." Ideas and notes for plays and stories; dialogue on poetry in England and America. Frost 001732, Faggen 11

    Gift of Kathleen Johnston Morrison, 1979

  • Folder: 9, Notebook, 1918-1921

    40 leaves of comments on literature, politics, current events, education. Notes and sketches for poems. Frost 001723, Faggen 12

    Gift of Kathleen Johnston Morrison, 1968

  • Folder: 10, Notebook, 1919

    17 leaves of ms. notes on literature, art, ideas. Frost 001722, Faggen 13

  • Folder: 11, Notebook, 1920-1930

    Twenty-two p. of notes on life and literature. Frost 001690, Faggen 14

    Gift of Kathleen Johnston Morrison, 1978

  • Folder: 12, Notebook, 1923-1924

    Ideas, notes, memoranda on literature and education -- possibly teaching notes. Frost 001734, Faggen 15

    Gift of Kathleen Johnston Morrison, 1974

  • Folder: 13, Notebook, 1924-1925

    Draft of a fictionalized dialogue between Stephen Burroughs and his wife. Frost 001170, Faggen 16

    Gift of Kathleen Johnston Morrison, 1981

  • Folder: 14, Notebook, 1924-1925

    Forty pages of student assignments and grades; 42 p. of notes and ideas, including teaching notes, and "What can you do with a poem besides read it." Frost 001726, Faggen 17

    Gift of Kathleen Johnston Morrison, 1968

  • Folder: 15, Notebook, 1926-1928

    10 p. of notes and lists; several unpublished lines, and one unpublished poem or draft: Confidentially, come right down to it. Frost 928940.2, Faggen 18

    Gift of Kathleen Johnston Morrison, 1967

  • Folder: 16, Notebook, 1928

    Circa 50 pp. of notes on poetry, literature, and life; drafts of poetry; includes "In the right," a 5 p. dialogue. Frost 928940.1, Faggen 19

    Gift of Kathleen Johnston Morrison, 1969

  • Folder: 17, Notebook, 1929

    Addresses, notes on language, reminiscences, notes, subjects taught in 1906, etc. Frost 929940.2, Faggen 20

    Gift of Kathleen Johnston Morrison, 1973

  • Folder: 18, Notebook, 1930-1940

    Notes and comments on life and religion; a few lines of verse. Frost 001730, Faggen 21

    Gift of Kathleen Johnston Morrison, 1974

  • Folder: 19, Notebook, 1930-1940

    Drafts of essays; ideas for poems, plays, short stories. Miscellaneous notations. Total of 74 leaves in loose-leaf binder. Frost 001717, Faggen 22

    Gift of Kathleen Johnston Morrison, 1973

  • Folder: 20, Notebook, 1935

    Extensive notes on life and religion. Drafts of poems, including the unpublished poem, "A sun-power rocking chair." Frost 001729, Faggen 24

    Gift of Kathleen Morrison, 1968

  • Folder: 21, Notebook, 1935

    Includes 16 p. of prose essays, 4 p. of verse; draft of "A Letter to the Amherst student", published in The Amherst student, March 25, 1935, p. 1-2. Frost 001727, Faggen 25

    Gift of Kathleen Johnston Morrison, 1974

  • Folder: 22, Notebook, 1935-1936

    Notes on education; comments on poetry, literature. Essay, "In the history of debt"; drafts of poems, including prose sketch for "Carpe diem." Frost 935440, Faggen 26

    Gift of Kathleen Johnston Morrison, 1968

  • Folder: 23, Notebook, 1936

    Loose-leaf notebook, containing 39 pages of drafts and trial lines, of poems. Frost 001896, Faggen 27

    Gift of Kathleen Johnston Morrison, 1980

  • Folder: 24, Notebook, 1936-1939

    Draft of t.p., dedication, contents of A Further range. Drafts of poems, essays. Frost 936940.2, Faggen 28

    Gift of Kathleen Johnston Morrison, 1973

  • Folder: 25, Notebook, 1937-1942

    Drafts of essays and poems; notes on contemporary affairs; draft of address, "What has become of New England," delivered at Oberlin College in 1937. Draft of essay or poem, "History of the United States," containing lines incorporated in "The gift outright," and "America is hard to see." Frost 001720, Faggen 29

    Gift of Kathleen Johnston Morrison, 1973

  • Folder: 26, Notebook, 1930-1937

    Frost 001672, Faggen 30

    Gift of Kathleen Johnston Morrison, 1978

  • Folder: 27, Notebook, 1937-1955

    Binder's dummy, of which 117 leaves contain drafts of poems, essays, and a dialogue, apparently all unpublished. Notes for his essay, The four beliefs (ca.1944). Many pages torn out. Frost 001275, Faggen 31

    Gift of Kathleen Johnston Morrison, 1975

  • Folder: 28, Notebook, 1940-1950

    Essay on the challenge of science; drafts of poems; portion of a dialogue. Frost 001731, Faggen 32

    Gift of Kathleen Johnston Morrison, 1979

  • Folder: 29, Notebook, 1940

    13 leaves of ms. material torn out. Notes on Mercy and injustice -- Jonah's puzzle; essay, Thy kingdom come; first 10 lines of "A never nought song." Frost 001721, Faggen 33

    Gift of Kathleen Johnston Morrison, 1974

  • Folder: 30, Notebook, 1950

    Trial or early draft versions of the poem, How hard it is to keep from being king, and a dialogue involving Marx, Darwin, and American Indians. Frost 001893, Faggen 34

    Gift of Kathleen Johnston Morrison, 1980

  • Folder: 31, Notebook, 1951-1952

    Drafts of dialogue poems, Pertinax (August, 1951), Cocktail bar in 45th St. (July, 1952) ; drafts of other poems, all apparently unpublished. Frost 951490, Faggen 35

    Gift of Kathleen Johnston Morrison, 1981

  • Folder: 32, Notebook, 1950-1955

    On cover, in Frost's hand, "Pursuit of a pursuit." Frost 001673, Faggen 36

    Gift of Kathleen Johnston Morrison, 1978

  • Folder: 33, Notebook, 1950-1955

    16 p. of ms. poetry, including drafts of "How hard it is to keep from being king" (p. 17), and lines from part I of "Kitty Hawk" (p. 23.) Frost 001674, Faggen 37

    Gift of Kathleen Morrison, 1978

  • Folder: 34, Notebook, 1950-1955

    Includes early draft of a speech delivered at Amherst College, drafts of letters to E.C. Lathem, R.S. Hillyer, A.C. Edwards, and "Fred", and notes on poetry and drafts of unpublished poems. Frost 001728, Faggen 38

  • Folder: 35, Notebook, 1950-1962

    Drafts of published and unpublished poetry, including The couplet (unpublished) and a very early draft of Peril of hope. Frost 001894, Faggen 39

    Gift of Kathleen Johnston Morrison, 1980

  • Folder: 36, Notebook, 1950-1962

    Drafts of unpublished poems; groupings of titles, perhaps for a collection; one page used as guest register in August, 1962. Frost 001880, Faggen 40

    Gift of Kathleen Johnston Morrison, 1975

Box: 17, 1913-1962, undated

Access Restrictions


Box: 17

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Notebook, 1960-1962

    Contains the title "Dedication of The Gift Outright to... on His Inauguration as President", and 6 p. of unpublished poetry. Frost 001881, Faggen 41

    Gift of Kathleen Johnston Morrison, 1975

  • Folder: 2, Notebook, 1950-1954

    Notebook with six pages of poetry and notes with one page laid in. Contains drafts of The Bad Island--Easter, first published in The Times literary supplement, September 17, 1954; My first rejection, an early draft of Auspex, first published in Elizabeth Shepley Sargeant's Robert Frost: the trial by existence (New York : Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1960); and Rather printed, an early draft of The draft horse, first published in In the clearing (New York : Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1962). Also contains two unpublished poems, Traces and two versions of One favored concern. Frost 002348, Faggen 42

    Gift of Kathleen Johnston Morrison, 1984

  • Folder: 3, Notebook, undated

    Notebook containing a fragment of an essay on education (p. 1) and a fragment of an unpublished poem (p. 81). Remainder of the notebook is blank. Frost 002336, Faggen 48

    Gift of Kathleen Johnston Morrison, 1983

  • Folder: 4, Notebook, 1961

    Contains drafts of "Dedication"

  • Folder: 5, Notebook, undated

    Contains poem, "Entree"

  • Folder: 6, Notebook, undated

    Contains drafts of "Loyalty in a Time Like This" and "Pod of the Milkweed" Frost 001878

    Gift of Kathleen Johnston Morrison, 1980

  • Folder: 7, Notebook, undated

    Contains holograph fair copies of sixteen poems

  • Folder: 8, Notebook, undated

    Contains holograph fair copies of fifteen poems

  • Folder: 9, Notebook, 1932-1938

    Contains draft of a short story, "Tracy and his Tracery"

  • Folder: 10, Notebook, undated

    Contains draft of a short story or dialogue, "The Woodpecker"

  • Folder: 11, Notebook, undated

    Contains draft of a short story or dialogue, "The Woodpeckers"

  • Folder: 12, Notebook, undated

    Contains reminders, lists, and addresses

  • Folder: 13, Notebook, 1938

    Contains 1938 calendar and one page of notes on where Frost plans to live. Frost 002327

    Gift of Kathleen Johnston Morrison, 1983

  • Folder: 14, Notebook, 1937-1961

    Contains five signatures and addresses

  • Folder: 15, Notebook, 1946

    Contains addresses and a list of persons to receive books

  • Folder: 16, Notebook, 1962
  • Folder: 17, Address book containing many letters and letter fragments, undated
  • Folder: 18, Poem, “Into My Own”, undated
  • Folder: 19, Poem, “In Hardwood Groves”, undated
  • Folder: 20, Poem, “The Pasture” Photocopy. Original in ML-5: Papers of MacKaye Family., 1922
  • Folder: 21, Poem, “Good Hours”, undated
  • Folder: 22, Poem, “Bond and Free”, 1913
  • Folder: 23, Poem, “Birches” Photocopy. Original in General Correspondence: Rugg, Harold G., 1915
  • Folder: 24, Poem, “Pea-sticks” (“Pea-brush”), undated
  • Folder: 25, Poem, “The Hill Wife”, undated
  • Folder: 26, Poem, “Locked Out”, undated
  • Folder: 27, Poem, “The Last Word of a Bluebird”, undated
  • Folder: 28, Poem, “New Hampshire”, 1955
  • Folder: 29, Poem, “A Star in a Stone Boat” Photocopy. Original in General Correspondence: Cox, Sidney, 1920
  • Folder: 30, Poem, “The Grindstone”, undated
  • Folder: 31, Poem, “Place for a Third”, undated
  • Folder: 32, Poems, “Plowmen,” “Fire and Ice” Photocopy. Original in General Correspondence: Cox, Sidney, 1920
  • Folder: 33, Poem, “The Onset” Photocopy. Original in General Correspondence: Cox, Sidney, 1920
  • Folder: 34, Poem, “Two Look at Two” Photocopy. Original in General Correspondence: Cox, Sidney, 1920
  • Folder: 35, Poem, “A Misgiving” Photocopy. Original in General Correspondence: Cox, Sidney, 1913
  • Folder: 36, Poem, “Silver Lizards” (“A Hillside Thaw”) Photocopy. Original in General Correspondence: Cox, Sidney, 1920
  • Folder: 37, Bound holograph manuscript of West Running Book, 1929
  • Folder: 38, Galley proofs of West Running Brook, 1928
  • Folder: 39, Holograph manuscript of a portion of West Running Brook, 1928
  • Folder: 40, Poem, “The Minor Bird” Photocopy. Original in General Correspondence: Haines, John W. (Jack), 1926
  • Folder: 41, Poem, “The Lovely Shall Be Choosers”, undated
  • Folder: 42, Poem, “The Soldier,” “A Soldier”, 1927
  • Folder: 43, Poem, “The Birthplace” Photocopy. Original in General Correspondence: Morin, Richard W., 1923
  • Folder: 44, Poem, “What Fifty Said” Photocopy. Original in General Correspondence: Cox, Sidney, 1927
  • Folder: 45, Poem, “The Egg and the Machine”, undated
  • Folder: 46, Holograph title page and table of contents for A Further Range, undated
  • Folder: 47, Poem, “Blue Ribbon at Amesbury in 1900” (“A Blue Ribbon at Amesbury”) Photocopy. Original in General Correspondence: Weygandt, Cornelius, undated
  • Folder: 48, Poem, “Departmental”, undated
  • Folder: 49, Poem, “The Strong are Saying Nothing” (“Belief”), 1936
  • Folder: 50, Trial title page for A Witness Tree, 1942
  • Folder: 51, Typescript copy of A Witness Tree, undated
  • Folder: 52, Poem, “In Praise of Her Poise” (“The Silken Tent”), undated
  • Folder: 53, Poem, “Happiness Makes Up in Height for What It Lacks in Length” Photocopy. Original in General Correspondence: Cox, Sidney, 1936
  • Folder: 54, Poem, “Carpe Diem”, undated
  • Folder: 55, Poems, “For the Fall of 1938” (“November”), “The Most of It,” “Time Out”, undated
  • Folder: 56, Poem, “Willful Homing”, undated
  • Folder: 57, Poem, “Our Hold on the Planet”, undated
  • Folder: 58, Poem, “To a Moth Seen in Winter”, undated
  • Folder: 59, Poem, “The Deserter” (“The Lost Follower”), undated
  • Folder: 60, Poems, “The Rabbit Hunter,” “The Mother Died”, undated
  • Folder: 61, Galley proofs of poems published in The Atlantic Monthly, 1946
  • Folder: 62, Typescripts of contents and text of Steeple Bush, together with proof of Limited edition notice and sample page of text, 1947
  • Folder: 63, Poem, “Spes Alit Agricolam” (“Something for Hope”), undated
  • Folder: 64, Poem, “One Step Backward Taken”, undated
  • Folder: 65, Poem, “To an Ancient”, undated
  • Folder: 66, Poem, “Till the Day Breaks” (“In the Long Night”), 1941
  • Folder: 67, Poem, “A Steeple on the House”, undated
  • Folder: 68, Poem, “Innate Helium”, undated
  • Folder: 69, Poem, “Upsilon Iota Subscript”, undated
  • Folder: 70, Poem, “Skeptic”, undated
  • Folder: 71, Poem, “Etherializing”, undated
  • Folder: 72, Poem, “The Planners”, undated
  • Folder: 73, Poem, “No Holy Wars for Them”, undated
  • Folder: 74, Poem, “To the Right Person”, 1946
  • Folder: 75, Poem, “Closed” (“Closed for Good”), undated
  • Folder: 76, Poem, “From Plane to Plane”, undated
  • Folder: 77, Galley proofs of poems to be included in New Pocket Anthology for American Verse, 1955
  • Folder: 78, Poem, “Kitty Hawk”, undated
  • Folder: 79, Preface to "Memoirs of the Notorious Stephen Burroughs." with autograph letter to Lincoln MacVeigh (The Dial Press), 1924

Box: 18, 1941-1962, undated

Access Restrictions


Box: 18

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Incomplete manuscript (printer’s copy), You Come Too, 1959
  • Folder: 2, Layouts and/or proofs, You Come Too, 1959
  • Folder: 3, Dummy, You Come Too, 1959
  • Folder: 4, Galley proofs, You Come Too, 1959
  • Folder: 5, Galley proofs, You Come Too, 1959
  • Folder: 6, Page proofs, You Come Too, 1959
  • Folder: 7, Revised page proofs, You Come Too, 1959
  • Folder: 8, Plate proofs, You Come Too, 1959
  • Folder: 9, Prints of wood engravings by Thomas W. Nason for You Come Too, 1959
  • Folder: 10, Proofs of wood engravings by Thomas W. Nason for You Come Too, 1959
  • Folder: 11, Manuscript and typescript poems, In the Clearing, 1962
  • Folder: 12, Typescripts and holographs of poems considered for inclusion in In the Clearing, 1962
  • Folder: 13, Typescripts and holographs of poems considered for inclusion in In the Clearing, 1962
  • Folder: 14, Typescripts of poems considered for inclusion in In the Clearing, 1962
  • Folder: 15, Typescripts of poems considered for inclusion in In the Clearing, 1962
  • Folder: 16, Typescripts of poems considered for inclusion in In the Clearing, 1962
  • Folder: 17, Typescript, In the Clearing, 1962
  • Folder: 18, Galley proofs, In the Clearing, 1962
  • Folder: 19, Intermediate set of page proofs, In the Clearing, 1962
  • Folder: 20, Page proofs, In the Clearing, 1962
  • Folder: 21, Page proofs, In the Clearing, 1962
  • Folder: 22, Page proofs, In the Clearing, 1962
  • Folder: 23, Uncorrected proofs, In the Clearing, 1962
  • Folder: 24, Draft table of contents, In the Clearing, 1962
  • Folder: 25, Poem, “Pod of the Milkweed”, 1954
  • Folder: 26, Galley proofs, “Cabin in the Clearing”, 1951
  • Folder: 27, Poem, “Settling with Columbus, 1950” “And All We Call American” (“America is Hard to See”), 1950-1951
  • Folder: 28, Poem, “Escapist - Never”, 1962
  • Folder: 29, Poem, “The Preface,” “Dedication” (“For John F. Kennedy His Inauguration”), “The Gift Outright”, 1941 and 1961
  • Folder: 30, Poem, “Accidentally on Purpose”, 1960

    Frost 002341

  • Folder: 31, Poem, “Version”, undated
  • Folder: 32, Poem, “A Never Naught Song” Photocopy. Original in General Correspondence: Flint, Cudworth, 1957
  • Folder: 33, Poem, “Auspex”, undated
  • Folder: 34, Poem, “Dreamt After Criticism” (“The Draft Horse”), undated
  • Folder: 35, Poems, “A Come-down” (“The Draft Horse”), “The Bad Island -- Easter”, undated
  • Folder: 36, Poem, “Doom to Bloom”, 1950
  • Folder: 37, Poem, “A-Wishing Well”, undated
  • Folder: 38, Book of poetry, “Hard not to be King”, 1951
  • Folder: 39, Poem, “How Hard It Is to Keep from Being King When It’s in You and in the Situation”, 1951 and undated
  • Folder: 40, Poem, “Lines Written in Dejection on the Eve of Great Success, undated
  • Folder: 41, Poem, “Quandary”, undated
  • Folder: 42, Poem, “All There Is to It” (“In a Glass of Cider”), undated
  • Folder: 43, Poem, “On Being Chosen Poet of Vermont”, 1961
  • Folder: 44, Poems, “The State’s a Bud,” “Easter Island” (“The Bad Island - Easter”), 1948
  • Folder: 45, Lists of poems to be included in Selected Poems, undated
  • Folder: 46, Tables of contents and lists of poems to be included in new editions, undated
  • Folder: 47, Copies of materials for a proposed volume of poetry, The Way There, undated

Box: 19, 1890-1963, undated

Access Restrictions


Box: 19

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Uncollected Poem, “An A No. 1 Sundown”, undated
  • Folder: 2, Uncollected Poem, “Colloquy”, undated
  • Folder: 3, Uncollected Poem, “Dear Stark Young”, 1910
  • Folder: 4, Uncollected Poem, “Down the Hudson by Rail”, undated
  • Folder: 5, Uncollected Poem, “Fish-Leap Fall", undated
  • Folder: 6, Uncollected Poem, “For Allan, Who Wanted to See How I Wrote a Poem”, 1917
  • Folder: 7, Uncollected Poem, “Genealogical”, undated
  • Folder: 8, Uncollected Poem, “Gold for Christmas”, undated
  • Folder: 9, Uncollected Poem, “He Said He Could See How”, undated
  • Folder: 10, Uncollected Poem, “Homology”, undated
  • Folder: 11, Uncollected Poem, “In England” Photocopy. Original in General Correspondence: Cox, Sidney, 1912
  • Folder: 12, Uncollected Poem, “Loyalty in a Time Like This”, undated
  • Folder: 13, Uncollected Poem, “Midsummer Birds”, undated
  • Folder: 14, Uncollected Poem, “The Mother Died”, undated
  • Folder: 15, Uncollected Poem, “My Giving”, undated
  • Folder: 16, Uncollected Poem, “New Grief”, undated
  • Folder: 17, Uncollected Poem, “No Reflections”, undated
  • Folder: 18, Uncollected Poems, for Old Farmer’s Almanac, 1942
  • Folder: 19, Uncollected Poem, “On a Stained-glass Medallion from Charles Connick”, undated
  • Folder: 20, Uncollected Poem, “On the Question of an Old Man’s Feelings”, undated
  • Folder: 21, Uncollected Poem, “On Tiring of Someone’s Line”, undated
  • Folder: 22, Uncollected Poem, “One of our Hostyles”, undated
  • Folder: 23, Uncollected Poem, “Pride of Ancestry”, undated
  • Folder: 24, Uncollected Poem, [The reason of my perfect ease], 1890s
  • Folder: 25, Uncollected Poem, “The Rubaiyat of Carl Burell” and other whimsical verse and prose, 1897-1900
  • Folder: 26, Uncollected Poem, “Somebody Tried to Tell Me”, undated
  • Folder: 27, Uncollected Poem, “Tendencies Cancel”, undated
  • Folder: 28, Uncollected Poem, “Trouble Rhyming”, undated
  • Folder: 29, Uncollected Poems, Verse inscriptions to John F. Kennedy (trials), 1962
  • Folder: 30, Uncollected Poem, “Winter Winds”, undated
  • Folder: 31, Latin Poem, “Animula vagula blandula”, undated
  • Folder: 32, Poetry fragments, undated
  • Folder: 33, Folder titled “Incunabula” in Frost’s hand and containing fragments of poetry, prose, letters, and a play, undated

    Frost 001694, Faggen 43, Faggen 44, Faggen 45, Faggen 46

  • Folder: 34, Play, A Masque of Reason, undated
  • Folder: 35, Play, A Masque of Reason, undated
  • Folder: 36, Play, A Masque of Mercy, undated
  • Folder: 37, Play, A Masque of Mercy, undated
  • Folder: 38, Play, In an Art Factory, undated
  • Folder: 39, Play, The Guardeen, undated
  • Folder: 40, Prose, Statement on Pinkerton Academy, 1906
  • Folder: 41, Prose, “Education by Poetry: A Meditative Monologue”, 1930
  • Folder: 42, Prose, Commencement Address, Amherst College, 1935
  • Folder: 43, Prose, Notes on Edwin Arlington Robinson, 1935
  • Folder: 44, Prose, Introduction to Edwin Arlington Robinson’s King Jasper, 1935
  • Folder: 45, Prose, “The Figure a Poem Makes”, 1939
  • Folder: 46, Prose, [The Doctrine of Excursions: A Preface], 1939
  • Folder: 47, Prose, Note on Jules Bois, 1940
  • Folder: 48, Prose, “The Testing-Time for Loyalties”, 1942
  • Folder: 49, Prose, “This is My Best”, 1942
  • Folder: 50, Prose, Essay on Kingship, 1943
  • Folder: 51, Prose, Address written for Breadloaf 25th anniversary booklet, 1944
  • Folder: 52, Prose, Preface to “Death of a Hired Man”, 1945
  • Folder: 53, Prose, Notes and fragments related to a class taught at Dartmouth, 1945
  • Folder: 54, Prose, A Sermon, 1946
  • Folder: 55, Prose, Introduction to A Masque of Mercy, 1947
  • Folder: 56, Prose, “A Romantic Chasm”, 1948-1949
  • Folder: 57, Prose, Statement on Hervey Allen, 1949
  • Folder: 58, Prose, “The Separateness of the Parts”, 1950
  • Folder: 59, Prose, “Poetry and School”, 1951
  • Folder: 60, Prose, Introduction to Ballads Migrant in New England, 1953
  • Folder: 61, Prose, The Way There, trial tables of contents and introduction, 1954
  • Folder: 62, Prose, Draft Statement to Japanese Friends, 1955
  • Folder: 63, Prose, Note from Miami, Florida, 1956
  • Folder: 64, Prose, Impressions of 2nd day in England, 1957
  • Folder: 65, Prose, “Maturity No Object”, 1957
  • Folder: 66, Prose, Preface to A Swinger of Birches, 1957
  • Folder: 67, Prose, Tribute to Merrill Moore, 1958
  • Folder: 68, Prose, Acceptance speech for the Emerson-Thoreau Medal, 1958
  • Folder: 69, Prose, Tribute to Dorothy Canfield, 1958
  • Folder: 70, Prose, “The Future of Man”, 1959
  • Folder: 71, Prose, [A Poet’s Boyhood], 1960
  • Folder: 72, Prose, On the role of the poet in politics, 1960-1962
  • Folder: 73, Prose, writings related to the inauguration of John F. Kennedy, 1961
  • Folder: 74, Prose, Statements to the press on Ernest Hemmingway, William Faulkner, and William Carlos Williams, 1961-1962
  • Folder: 75, Prose, Remarks on the occasion of the Tagore centenary, 1961
  • Folder: 76, Prose, Drafts of inscriptions in books presented to John F. Kennedy, 1962
  • Folder: 77, Prose, Remarks for the American-Israel cultural award dinner, 1962
  • Folder: 78, Prose, Statement to the Bollingen Prize Committee, 1963
  • Folder: 79, Prose, Statement for the Poetry Society dinner, 1963
  • Folder: 80, Prose, “Caveat Poeta”, undated
  • Folder: 81, Prose, On the divine right of rulers, undated
  • Folder: 82, Prose, Biographical note on Edward Hyde Cox, undated
  • Folder: 83, Prose, “The Life of Man.” Frost 001234, undated
  • Folder: 84, Prose, Message to the Poets of Korea, undated
  • Folder: 85, Prose, Draft of a preface to a proposed revised edition of North of Boston, undated
  • Folder: 86, Prose, “On a New Definition of the Sentence”, undated
  • Folder: 87, Prose, “Present-day Party Lines in Poetry”, undated
  • Folder: 88, Prose, Notes on truth and make-believe in poetry and on modern art, undated
  • Folder: 89, Prose, “Rebellion if it Succeeds”, undated
  • Folder: 90, Prose, Remarks made at Adams House, Harvard, undated
  • Folder: 91, Prose, Statement on the Book of Genesis, undated
  • Folder: 92, Prose, “The Way There?”, undated
  • Folder: 93, Prose, On the development of literature in New England, undated
  • Folder: 94, Prose, On New England, undated
  • Folder: 95, Prose, Statement on poetry, undated
  • Folder: 96, Prose, Draft of a dialogue, undated
  • Folder: 97, Prose, Notes for a proposed 3rd edition of North of Boston, undated
  • Folder: 98, Prose, On the quality of life of the poor in the United States, undated
  • Folder: 99, Prose, Statement on poetic theory and technique, undated
  • Folder: 100, Prose, fragments, undated
  • Folder: 101, Prose, fragments, undated
  • Folder: 102, List of Nieman Fellows, 1940
  • Folder: 103, Trial sheet of signatures, 1939
  • Folder: 104, Drawing of Homer Noble Farm, undated
  • Folder: 105, Lecture schedules and receipts, 1941-1960
  • Folder: 106, Notes on lecture fees, 1939, 1948-1949
  • Folder: 107, Address lists, 1935-1962
  • Folder: 108, Address lists, 1935-1962
  • Folder: 109, Christmas booklet list, 1959-1960
  • Folder: 110, Christmas booklet list, 1961-1962

Series: 4, Transcripts of speeches and interviews of Robert Frost, 1930-1962

Access Restrictions


Contains typescripts of speeches and interviews given by Frost, some with corrections in Frost’s hand, and a few items of correspondence indicating the provenance of the transcripts.

Box: 20, 1927-1962

Access Restrictions


Box: 20

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Lecture, “Education by Poetry” delivered at Amherst College, 1930
  • Folder: 2, Lectures delivered at the New School for Social Research, New York, 1931
  • Folder: 3, Lecture delivered at the 4th Annual Winter Institute of Literature of the University of Miami, 1935
  • Folder: 4, Lecture, “What Poetry Thinks,” delivered at Boulder, Colorado - The Writers’ Conference, 1935
  • Folder: 5, Excerpts from Commencement Address, Oberlin College, 1937
  • Folder: 6, Notes on a talk at the Grolier Club, 1939
  • Folder: 7, Notes on a class in Adams House, Harvard, 1940
  • Folder: 8, Lecture, “A Tribute to William Wordsworth,” delivered at Cornell University, 1950
  • Folder: 9, Interview, Robert Frost and Bela Kornitzer, for NBC program “At Home with Robert Frost”, 1952
  • Folder: 10, Dialogue between Robert Frost and Reginald L. Cook on Walden, 1954
  • Folder: 11, Commencement Address, Bread Loaf School of English, 1956
  • Folder: 12, Commencement Talk, Sarah Lawrence College, 1956
  • Folder: 13, American Academy of Poets Dinner, 1959
  • Folder: 14, Speech before the Archaeological Society, Athens, Greece, 1962
  • Folder: 15, Transcript of a talk, probably at Bread Loaf Writers' Conference, undated

Series: 5, Legal and Financial Documents, 1912-1967

Access Restrictions


Contains tax documents, checks, bills, receipts, contracts, lists of expenses, account books, a will, and a small amount of correspondence related to Frost’s finances.

Box: 20, 1927-1962

Access Restrictions


Box: 20

Box Contents

  • Folder: 16, Income Tax, 1927-1939
  • Folder: 17, Income Tax, 1940-1942
  • Folder: 18, Income Tax, 1943
  • Folder: 19, Income Tax, 1944
  • Folder: 20, Income Tax, 1945
  • Folder: 21, Income Tax, 1946
  • Folder: 22, Income Tax, 1947
  • Folder: 23, Income Tax, 1948
  • Folder: 24, Income Tax, 1949
  • Folder: 25, Income Tax, 1950
  • Folder: 26, Income Tax, 1951
  • Folder: 27, Income Tax, 1952
  • Folder: 28, Income Tax, 1953
  • Folder: 29, Income Tax, 1954
  • Folder: 30, Income Tax, 1955
  • Folder: 31, Income Tax, 1956
  • Folder: 32, Income Tax, 1957
  • Folder: 33, Income Tax, 1960
  • Folder: 34, Income Tax, 1960
  • Folder: 35, Income Tax, 1960
  • Folder: 36, Income Tax, 1961
  • Folder: 37, Vermont State Tax, 1939-1958
  • Folder: 38, Income Tax, General, 1944-1958
  • Folder: 39, Financial Papers: Contracts, 1928-1949
  • Folder: 40, Financial Papers: England, 1912-1914
  • Folder: 41, Financial Papers: Health, 1948 and undated
  • Folder: 42, Financial Papers: Lectures, 1917-1961
  • Folder: 43, Financial Papers: Ripton, 1942-1962
  • Folder: 44, Financial Papers: Ripton Account Book, 1942-1947
  • Folder: 45, Financial Papers: Royalties, 1933-1961
  • Folder: 46, Financial Papers: Royalties, 1925-1960

Box: 21, 1920-1967

Access Restrictions


Box: 21

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Financial Papers, 1920-1960
  • Folder: 2, Financial Papers, 1927-1949
  • Folder: 3, Financial Papers, 1928-1947
  • Folder: 4, Financial Papers, 1939-1962
  • Folder: 5, Financial Papers, 1942-1960
  • Folder: 6, Bills and Receipts, 1940-1962
  • Folder: 7, Bills and Receipts, 1941-1953
  • Folder: 8, Checks and Stubs, 1915-1960
  • Folder: 9, Massachusetts Employment Security Report and Vermont Life article “My Business with a Poet”, 1955-1963
  • Folder: 10, Will of Robert Frost, 1951-1967

Series: 6, Appointment and Engagement Calendars, 1940-1963

Access Restrictions


Contains annual calendars, schedules, and a set of note cards recording Robert Frost’s speaking engagements and lectures.

Box: 21, 1920-1967

Access Restrictions


Box: 21

Box Contents

  • Folder: 11, Cards recording speaking engagements, 1959-1963

Box: 22, 1940-1962

Access Restrictions


Box: 22

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Engagement Book, 1934-1939
  • Folder: 2, Schedules and Calendars, 1940-1961 and undated
  • Folder: 3, Calendar, 1940
  • Folder: 4, Calendars, 1941
  • Folder: 5, Calendars, 1942
  • Folder: 6, Calendars, 1943
  • Folder: 7, Calendars, 1944
  • Folder: 8, Calendar, 1945
  • Folder: 9, Calendar, 1946
  • Folder: 10, Calendars, 1947
  • Folder: 11, Calendars, 1948
  • Folder: 12, Calendars, 1949
  • Folder: 13, Calendars, 1950
  • Folder: 14, Calendars, 1951
  • Folder: 15, Calendar, 1953
  • Folder: 16, Calendar, 1954
  • Folder: 17, Calendar, 1955
  • Folder: 18, Calendar, 1956
  • Folder: 19, Calendar, 1957
  • Folder: 20, Calendar, 1958
  • Folder: 21, Calendar, 1959
  • Folder: 22, Calendars, 1960
  • Folder: 23, Calendars, 1961
  • Folder: 24, Calendars, 1962

Series: 7, Ephemera, 1912-1996

Access Restrictions


Contains printed ephemeral material, some with Frost's inscriptions and annotations, a small amount of associated correspondence, a commemorative coin, buttons, and a section from a birch tree.

Box: 23, 1912-1963

Access Restrictions


Box: 23

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Ephemera, 1912-1939
  • Folder: 2, Ephemera, 1940-1945
  • Folder: 3, Ephemera, 1946-1949
  • Folder: 4, Ephemera, 1950-1953
  • Folder: 5, Ephemera, 1954-1956
  • Folder: 6, Ephemera, 1957-1962
  • Folder: 7, Ephemera, 1959
  • Folder: 8, Ephemera, 1960
  • Folder: 9, Ephemera, 1961
  • Folder: 10, Ephemera, 1961
  • Folder: 11, Ephemera, 1961
  • Folder: 12, Ephemera, 1962
  • Folder: 13, Ephemera, 1963
  • Folder: 14, Ephemera, 1963

Box: 24, 1964-1996, undated

Access Restrictions


Box: 24

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Ephemera, 1964-1965
  • Folder: 2, Ephemera, 1965-1966
  • Folder: 3, Ephemera, 1967-1968
  • Folder: 4, Ephemera, 1969-1971
  • Folder: 5, Ephemera, 1972-1975
  • Folder: 6, Ephemera, 1976
  • Folder: 7, Ephemera, 1976-1980
  • Folder: 8, Ephemera, 1980-1996
  • Folder: 9, Ephemera, undated
  • Folder: 10, Ephemera, undated

Series: 8, Work by Robert Frost’s Students, 1906-1940

Access Restrictions

Access to student records restricted by federal law.

Contains student papers graded by Frost and an anthology of poetry, some original, compiled by Frost’s students at Harvard.

Box: 25, 1906-1963

Access Restrictions

Access to student records restricted by federal law.

Box: 25

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Student Assignment: Essays by Clarissa Hall, Pinkerton Academy, 1906-1909

    Use Restrictions

    Access to student records restricted by federal law.

  • Folder: 2, Student Assignment: Poetry Anthologies from Frost’s English 181a class at Harvard, 1940

    Use Restrictions

    Access to student records restricted by federal law.

Series: 9, Unsolicited Manuscripts, 1931-1963

Access Restrictions


Contains unsolicited poetry and prose manuscripts sent to Frost.

Box: 25, 1906-1963

Access Restrictions

Access to student records restricted by federal law.

Box: 25

Box Contents

  • Folder: 3, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Anonymous, 1939-1963
  • Folder: 4, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Anonymous, undated
  • Folder: 5, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Auslander, Joseph, 1959
  • Folder: 6, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Banks, Kathrina, 1939
  • Folder: 7, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Becker, Grove, 1954
  • Folder: 8, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Berman, David, 1954
  • Folder: 9, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Blankner, Fredericka, 1932-1940
  • Folder: 10, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Brundage, Burr, 1950
  • Folder: 11, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Burnshaw, Stanley, 1951
  • Folder: 12, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Campbell, Allan, 1960
  • Folder: 13, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Chalmers, Geoffrey, 1956
  • Folder: 14, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Children, 1951-1963 and undated
  • Folder: 15, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Corbin, Harold Jr., 1963
  • Folder: 16, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Covelli, Eugene J., 1959
  • Folder: 17, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Davison, Peter H., 1959
  • Folder: 18, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Dewing, Leslie, 1961
  • Folder: 19, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Dorgan, Connie, 1948
  • Folder: 20, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Fraser, Sister Mt. de Neri, 1959
  • Folder: 21, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Duna, Alfred, 1950
  • Folder: 22, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Gish, Thelma, 1960
  • Folder: 23, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Glaz, Andre, 1957
  • Folder: 24, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Goldman, Jacque, undated
  • Folder: 25, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Greenbaum, Richard, undated
  • Folder: 26, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Greenberger, Richard, 1958
  • Folder: 27, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Guy, Nancy, 1961
  • Folder: 28, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Hall, Tom Jr., undated
  • Folder: 29, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Hard, Walter Jr., 1962
  • Folder: 30, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Harrison, Howard, 1957
  • Folder: 31, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Harrison, Lewis, undated
  • Folder: 32, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Hassmer, Warren, 1963
  • Folder: 33, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Hayford, James, 1963
  • Folder: 34, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Hayward, Oliver S., 1962
  • Folder: 35, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Hazel, Robert, 1955
  • Folder: 36, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Hilgartner, C.A., undated
  • Folder: 37, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Hitchings, Sinclair, 1955
  • Folder: 38, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Holom, Bhal, 1958
  • Folder: 39, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Howell, David, undated
  • Folder: 40, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Hutchison, Robert, 1952
  • Folder: 41, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Kayden, Eugene, undated
  • Folder: 42, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Kinsley, Inez, 1960
  • Folder: 43, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Johnson, Bradford J., 1957
  • Folder: 44, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Laatz, Lenore, undated
  • Folder: 45, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Labarre, Jean, 1962
  • Folder: 46, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Lamb, Albert N., undated
  • Folder: 47, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Levine, Rosalind, undated
  • Folder: 48, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Lovington, Ted Jr., undated
  • Folder: 49, Unsolicited Manuscripts: McGimsey, Marion, undated
  • Folder: 50, Unsolicited Manuscripts: McLane, Lucy, undated
  • Folder: 51, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Mashek, Robert, 1958
  • Folder: 52, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Maves, Carl, undated
  • Folder: 53, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Merrick, George E., undated
  • Folder: 54, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Moir, Alexander C., undated
  • Folder: 55, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Palmer, Joseph M., undated
  • Folder: 56, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Parke, John, undated
  • Folder: 57, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Patrick, Johnstone G., 1957
  • Folder: 58, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Pi, Pretza, undated
  • Folder: 59, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Pickel, Charles, 1958
  • Folder: 60, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Pilgrim, Danny Joe, 1956
  • Folder: 61, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Presson, Nancy, 1963
  • Folder: 62, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Purcell, Hugh D., undated
  • Folder: 63, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Puryear, Richardene, 1955
  • Folder: 64, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Rebert, Charles, undated
  • Folder: 65, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Reeve, Diana, 1963
  • Folder: 66, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Roberts, Jane, undated
  • Folder: 67, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Rogle, Thomas, 1954
  • Folder: 68, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Ross, Eleanor, undated
  • Folder: 69, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Scott-Craig, T.S.K., undated
  • Folder: 70, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Seaver, Robert B., undated
  • Folder: 71, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Squires, J. Radcliffe, 1948
  • Folder: 72, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Stewart, Adi I., 1955
  • Folder: 73, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Stone, Thomas F., 1961
  • Folder: 74, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Storch, Jane C., 1963
  • Folder: 75, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Sullivan, Asta, 1962
  • Folder: 76, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Taylor, Rachel S., 1951
  • Folder: 77, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Tindall, Florence, 1957
  • Folder: 78, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Translations, 1948-1959 and undated
  • Folder: 79, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Wallace, Alma, 1958
  • Folder: 80, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Waugh, Dorothy, undated
  • Folder: 81, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Wells, Theodore W., 1951
  • Folder: 82, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Whicher, S., 1954
  • Folder: 83, Unsolicited Manuscripts: Williamson, Eleanor, undated
  • Folder: 84, Unsolicited Manuscripts: General, 1933-1949 and undated
  • Folder: 85, Unsolicited Manuscripts: General, 1931-1948 and undated
  • Folder: 86, Unsolicited Manuscripts: General, 1932-1938 and undated
  • Folder: 87, Unsolicited Manuscripts: General, 1932-1949 and undated

Series: 10, Writings about Robert Frost, 1900-1972

Access Restrictions


Contains essays, introductions, articles, and reminiscences about Frost.

Box: 26, 1900-1972

Access Restrictions


Box: 26

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Auden, W.H.: Introductory Essay for Robert Frost’s Selected Poems, undated
  • Folder: 2, Bacon, Leonard: Review of A Masque of Reason, 1945
  • Folder: 3, Benet, William Rose: from the Book-of-the-Month Club News, 1942
  • Folder: 4, Booth, Phillip: Robert Frost: An Examination of “Our Place Among the Infinities”, undated
  • Folder: 5, Bower, Warren: Introduction to a Robert Frost Evening, 1956
  • Folder: 6, Bricault, Charlemagne: Notes about the Frost Farm, 1900
  • Folder: 7, Butterfield, Charles: List of botanical species used by Frost in his poems, 1972
  • Folder: 8, Clemens, Cyril: Essays on Robert Frost, 1938
  • Folder: 9, Cox, Edward Hyde: Remarks made at a gathering in honor of Robert Frost, 1966
  • Folder: 10, Cox, Edward Hyde: Transcriptions of a tape with notes on Robert Frost, undated
  • Folder: 11, Craig, Armour: “Robert Frost as a Teacher”, 1950
  • Folder: 12, Davison, Peter: “Doorknobs and Infinity: Robert Frost as Teacher, 1965
  • Folder: 13, Dickey, John Sloane: Notes used in introducing Robert Frost, 1951-1963
  • Folder: 14, Dickey, John Sloane: Text of speech presenting Robert Frost with Honorary Doctor of Laws, 1955
  • Folder: 15, Dickey, John Sloane: Remarks made at the presentation of the Robert Frost bust, 1956
  • Folder: 16, Dickey, John Sloan: Introduction to a Great Issues lecture by Robert Frost, 1961
  • Folder: 17, Dickey, John Sloan: Notes for the dedication of the Robert Frost Room at Baker Library, 1962
  • Folder: 18, Dickey, John Sloan: Notes taken in hospital; draft of an article on Frost, 1963
  • Folder: 19, Drury, Michael: Noes on an interview with Robert Frost, 1966
  • Folder: 20, Fisher, Dorothy Canfield: Article on Robert Frost, 1945
  • Folder: 21, Flint, Frank C.: “A Guess at Ancestry”, 1963
  • Folder: 22, Foster, Charles H.: Excerpts from a journal recording a visit to Ripton, 1946
  • Folder: 23, Gilbert, Edgar: Introduction of Robert Frost at Morristown High School Auditorium, 1939
  • Folder: 24, Heckscher, August: Address to be delivered on the occasion of the 275th State Dinner of the Lotos Club, 1962
  • Folder: 25, Hendricks, Flora, Announcement that Robert Frost will attend Windham College commencement | 1961
  • Folder: 26, Hoeltje, Hubert H., Introduction to Robert Frost speaking at the University of Oregon | 1956
  • Folder: 27, Holden, Raymond, Transcription of taped reminiscences about Robert Frost | 1967
  • Folder: 28, Kuhn, Irene Corbally: “Robert Frost Proves Poetry a Living Force”, 1954
  • Folder: 29, Lathem, Edward Connery, and Lawrance Thompson: “Robert Frost: Farm-Poultryman”, 1963
  • Folder: 30, Lyons, Louis M.: Radio Broadcast transcripts, 1963
  • Folder: 31, McNelly, Cleo: “The Silken Tent”, 1962
  • Folder: 32, Mertins, Louis: “Robert Frost Gives All to Time”, 1942
  • Folder: 33, Morrison, Theodore: Discussion of Frost’s poetry, undated
  • Folder: 34, Morse, Stearns: Transcript of a statement on Robert Frost’s death, 1963
  • Folder: 35, Murdock, Kenneth B.: Introduction for Robert Frost at the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1958
  • Folder: 36, Murdock, Kenneth B.: Introduction for Robert Frost at the Tavern Club, 1955
  • Folder: 37, Nash, Ray: “Meeting of Mounted Men”, 1942
  • Folder: 38, Nash, Ray: “The Poet and the Pirate”, 1950
  • Folder: 39, Newdick, Robert S.: “Robert Frost’s Other Harmony”, undated
  • Folder: 40, Newdick, Robert S.: The Generations of Men, 1938
  • Folder: 41, Phillips, Mary Adams: “Lines for Robert Frost”, 1963
  • Folder: 42, Pope, Willard B.: “Introduction to Robert Frost at Burlington, Vermont”, 1961
  • Folder: 43, Powell, Charles: Notes for radio broadcasts, 1937
  • Folder: 44, Reichert, Victor E.: “Birches”, undated
  • Folder: 45, Reniger, H.W.: Introduction to Robert Frost, Iowa State Teachers College, 1960
  • Folder: 46, Reno, Robert H.: Notes on Conversations with Robert Frost, 1955
  • Folder: 47, Rigg, Edgar T.: Remarks for “The Author Meets the Critics”, 1949
  • Folder: 48, Schiffman, Joseph: “The Man We Honor”, 1959
  • Folder: 49, Snow, Charles Wilbert (Bill): Introduction of Robert Frost at Wesleyan, undated
  • Folder: 50, Stanlis, J. Peter: “Poetry in the Modern World”, 1962
  • Folder: 51, Stauffer, Donald A.: “The New Lyrics of Robert Frost”, 1947
  • Folder: 52, Stevenson, Adlai E.: Remarks at Robert Frost’s 88th Birthday Party, 1962
  • Folder: 53, Tate, Allan: “On the Death of Robert Frost”, 1963
  • Folder: 54, Thornton, Richard H.: “Robert Frost - The Man and His Poetry, 1958
  • Folder: 55, Trilling, Lionel: Reading copy of an address given at Robert Frost’s 85th birthday party, 1959
  • Folder: 56, Udall, Stewart: “Robert Frost’s Mission to Moscow”, undated
  • Folder: 57, Van Doren, Mark: “Robert Frost’s America”, 1951
  • Folder: 58, Warren, Robert Penn: Transcript of Remarks at Robet Frost’s 88th Birthday Party, 1962
  • Folder: 59, Whicher, George F.: “Out for Stars: A Meditation on Robert Frost”, 1943
  • Folder: 60, Whicher, George F.: Remarks at the Robert Frost Dinner, 1954
  • Folder: 61, Wilbur, Richard: Introduction to Robert Frost speaking at Connecticut College, 1959
  • Folder: 62, Woodward, Carl R.: Speech honoring Robert Frost with Doctor of Letters at the University of Rhode Island, 1955
  • Folder: 63, Unidentified writings about Robert Frost, 1952-1962

Series: 11, Poems set to Music, 1940-1963 and undated

Access Restrictions


Contains music manuscripts and printed scores with Frost’s poems as lyrics.

Box: 26, 1900-1972

Access Restrictions


Box: 26

Box Contents

  • Folder: 64, Anonymous, undated
  • Folder: 65, Bosquet, Madeline, undated
  • Folder: 66, Bradley, Richard C., undated
  • Folder: 67, Chapin, Paula, undated
  • Folder: 68, Elwell, Herbert, 1942
  • Folder: 69, Feliciano, Richard, 1962
  • Folder: 70, Grim, C. Hugo, 1954
  • Folder: 71, Halvorsen, Howard, 1959
  • Folder: 72, Hansen, Eleanore, undated
  • Folder: 73, Hayford, James, undated
  • Folder: 74, Hines, Sarah H., undated
  • Folder: 75, Jacob, Howard, undated
  • Folder: 76, Moody, Don, 1940
  • Folder: 77, Sanderson, R.T., 1963
  • Folder: 78, Veith, Mabel, 1957
  • Folder: 79, Wisoff, Gerald, undated

Series: 12, Copies, 1914-1963

Access Restrictions


Contains photocopies and transcribed Frost manuscripts.

Box: 26, 1900-1972

Access Restrictions


Box: 26

Box Contents

  • Folder: 80, Copy: Poem, “A Passing Glimpse”, undated
  • Folder: 81, Copy: Poem, “An A No. 1 Sundown”, undated
  • Folder: 82, Copy: Poem, “Christmas Trees”, undated
  • Folder: 83, Copy: Poem, “Dedication”, 1961
  • Folder: 84, Copy: Poem, “I am a Mede and a Persian”, undated
  • Folder: 85, Copy: Poem, “A Preview of a Possible Next”, 1946
  • Folder: 86, Copy: Laing, Dilys Bennet, “Interview with a Poet”, undated
  • Folder: 87, Copy: Letters, Grenville Clark and Robert Frost, 1937
  • Folder: 88, Copy: Letters by and about Robert Frost sent to Cyril Clemens, 1928-1963
  • Folder: 89, Copy: Letters, Kay Morrison to Paul Engle, 1940
  • Folder: 90, Copy: Letters, Charles H. Foster and Robert Frost, 1931-1963
  • Folder: 91, Copy: Letters, Robert Frost to Edgar Gilbert, 1926-1949
  • Folder: 92, Copy: Letters, Robert Frost to John W. Haines, 1914-1928
  • Folder: 94, Copy: Letter, Robert Frost to Stearns Morse, 1928
  • Folder: 95, Copy: Letters, Robert Frost to Ray Nash, 1943-1952
  • Folder: 96, Copy: Letters, Robert Frost and Carl Sandburg, 1927-1942
  • Folder: 97, Copy: Letter, Robert Frost to Wallace Stevens, 1935
  • Folder: 98, Copy: Letters, Robert Frost to Edward Thomas, 1915-1916
  • Folder: 99, Copy: Letters, Robert Frost to Helen Thomas, 1917
  • Folder: 100, Copy: Letters, Robert Frost to Richard Thornton, 1934
  • Folder: 101, Copy: Letter, Robert Frost to Carlton Wells, 1947
  • Folder: 102, Copy: Journals of Charles H. Foster concerning Robert Frost, 1938
  • Folder: 103, Copy: Journals of Charles H. Foster concerning Robert Frost, 1939-1961
  • Folder: 104, Copy: Journal of Rev. Charles H. Oliphant concerning Robert Frost, 1921
  • Folder: 105, Copy: Letter, Thomas Bird Mosher to Nathan Haskell Dole, 1915
  • Folder: 106, Copy: Letter, Katherine Lee Bates to Nathan Haskell Dole, 1915
  • Folder: 93, Copy: Letter, Robert Frost to Edward Connery Lathem, 1940

Series: 14, First Appearances, 1901-1956

Access Restrictions


Contains individual issues of magazines and serial publications in which Frost's writings first appeared in print. Frost inscribed many of the issues, often including retrospective notes about the quality or subject of his poems, or the circumstances of their publication.

Box: 32, 1901-1956

Access Restrictions


Box: 32

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, The Independent. "The Quest of the Orchis", 1901-06-27
  • Folder: 2, The Youth's Companion. "October," "Reluctance," "The Flower Boat", May 20, 1909, October 3, 1912, November 7, 1912
  • Folder: 3, The Forum. "My November Guest", 1912-11
  • Folder: 4, Poetry and Drama. "A Hundred Collars," "The Fear," "The Sound of Trees," "The Cow in Apple Time," "Putting in the Seed," "The Smile", December 1913, December 1914
  • Folder: 5, Poetry. "The Code -- Heroics", 1914-02
  • Folder: 6, The Yale Review. "The Hill Wife," "To E.T.", April 1916, April 1920
  • Folder: 7, Century. "In the Home Stretch", 1916-07
  • Folder: 15, The Amherst Monthly. "The Runaway", 1918-06
  • Folder: 8, The Seven Arts. "The Bonfire", 1916-11
  • Folder: 9, Poetry. "Snow", 1916-11
  • Folder: 10, Atlantic Monthly. "Birches," "The Road Not Taken," "The Sound of Trees," "An Encounter", August 1915, November 1916
  • Folder: 11, The Craftsman. "The Vanishing Red", 1916-07
  • Folder: 12, The Yale Review. "Not to Keep", 1917-01
  • Folder: 13, The Forge. "Locked Out", 1917-02
  • Folder: 14, Atlantic Monthly. "The Axe-Helve", 1917-09
  • Folder: 16, Harper's Magazine. "Fragmentary Blue," "Place for a Third," "Good-by and Keep Cold," "For Once, Then, Something", 1920-07
  • Folder: 17, Harper's Magazine. "Fire and Ice," "Wild Grapes," "The Valley's Singing Day," "The Need of Being Versed in Country Things", 1920-12
  • Folder: 18, The Pilgrim Spirit. "The Return of the Pilgrims", 1921
  • Folder: 19, The Yale Review. "Snow Dust," "Misgiving," "The Onset," "A Star In a Stone-Boat", 1921-01
  • Folder: 20, New Republic. "A Brook in the City", 1921-03-09
  • Folder: 21, New Republic. "Blue-Butterfly Day", 1921-03-16
  • Folder: 22, New Republic. "The Census Taker," "A Hillside Thaw", 1921-04-06
  • Folder: 23, The Nation. "The Pauper Witch of Grafton", 1921-04-13
  • Folder: 24, The Yale Review. "Maple", 1921-10
  • Folder: 25, Century Magazine. "Paul's Wife", 1921-11
  • Folder: 26, American Poetry. "Fire and Ice," "The Grindstone," "The Witch of Coos," "A Brook in the City," "Design", 1922
  • Folder: 27, Century Magazine. "The Star-Splitter", 1923-09
  • Folder: 28, The Dartmouth BEMA. "The Birthplace", 1923
  • Folder: 29, New Republic. "The Passing Glimpse," "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening", March 7, 1923, April 21, 1926
  • Folder: 30, New Republic. "Our Singing Strength", 1923-05-02
  • Folder: 31, The Measure. "In a Disused Graveyard," Gathering Leaves," "The Kitchen Chimney", 1923-08
  • Folder: 32, The Bookman. "A Fountain, A Bottle, A Donkey's Ears, and Some Books", 1923-10
  • Folder: 33, The New Republic. "A Boundless Moment," "Odysseus", 1923-10-24
  • Folder: 34, The Yale Review. "To Earthward," "I Will Sing You One-O," "Nothing Gold Can Stay", 1923-10
  • Folder: 35, New Republic. "Lodged", 1924-02-06
  • Folder: 36, The Saturday Review. "Unnoticed", 1925-03-28
  • Folder: 37, New Republic. "Sand Dunes", 1926-12-15
  • Folder: 38, New Republic. "Once by the Pacific", 1926-12-29
  • Folder: 39, New Republic. "A Winter Eden", 1927-01-12
  • Folder: 40, New Republic. "The Cocoon," "The Times Table," "Bereft", 1927-02-09
  • Folder: 41, The Dearborn Independent. "The Cow's in the Corn," "Spring Pools", April 23, 1927, June 18, 1927
  • Folder: 42, The London Mercury. "The Minor Bird," "Once by the Pacific," "The Rose Family," "The Same Leaves," "The Times Table," "Bereft", 1927-07
  • Folder: 43, The Yale Review. "Tree at My Window," "The Minor Bird," "The Rose Family," "A Common Fate (A Peck of Gold),", 1927-07
  • Folder: 44, The Nation. "The Armfull," "Blood", 1928-02-08
  • Folder: 45, The Nation. "The Bear", 1928-04-18
  • Folder: 46, The Saturday Review. "The Middletown Murder", 1928-10-13
  • Folder: 47, The Virginia Quarterly Review. "Acquainted with the Night", 1928-10
  • Folder: 48, The Yale Review. "Neither Out Far nor In Deep", Spring 1934
  • Folder: 49, The American Mercury. "Desert Places", 1934-04
  • Folder: 50, Scribner's Magazine. "On the Heart's Beginning to Cloud the Mind", 1934-04
  • Folder: 51, Scribner's Magazine. "They Were Welcome to Their Belief", 1934-08
  • Folder: 52, The New Frontier. "Provide, Provide.", 1934-09
  • Folder: 53, The Saturday Review. "Two Tramps in Mud-Time", 1934-10-06
  • Folder: 54, The Saturday Review. "Ungathered Apples", 1934-11-10
  • Folder: 55, Scribner's Magazine. "On a Bird Singing in Its Sleep", 1934-12
  • Folder: 56, The Saturday Review., 1934-12-22
  • Folder: 57, The Saturday Review. "Leaves Compared with Flowers", 1935-02-02
  • Folder: 58, The Saturday Review. "Not Quite Social", 1935-03-30
  • Folder: 59, The American Mercury. "Leaf-Treader", 1935-10
  • Folder: 60, The Saturday Review. "To a Thinker in Office", 1936-01-11
  • Folder: 61, The Yale Review. "The White-Tailed Hornet", Spring 1936
  • Folder: 62, Atlantic Monthly. "A Blue Ribbon at Amesbury", 1936-04
  • Folder: 63, Poetry. "At Woodward's Gardens", 1936-04
  • Folder: 64, The Virginia Quarterly Review. "Iris by Night," "The Figure in the Doorway," "In Time of Cloudburst", 1936-04
  • Folder: 65, The American Mercury. "The Strong are Saying Nothing", 1936-05
  • Folder: 66, Atlantic Monthly. "A Roadside Stand," "A Drumlin Woodchuck," "A Trial Run", 1936-06
  • Folder: 67, The Yale Review. "Departmental," "Voice-Ways," "Master Speed," "The Bearer of Evil Tidings", Winter 1936
  • Folder: 68, The Saturday Review. "To a Young Wretch", 1937-12-25
  • Folder: 69, The Yale Review. "Geode", Spring 1938
  • Folder: 70, Atlantic Monthly. "Carpe Diem," "Happiness Makes Up in Height for What It Lacks in Length", 1938-09
  • Folder: 71, The Old Farmer's Almanac. "October", 1939
  • Folder: 72, American Prefaces. "Trespass", 1939-04
  • Folder: 73, Atlantic Monthly. "A Considerable Speck", 1939-07
  • Folder: 74, The Virginia Quarterly Review. "The Silken Tent", Winter 1939
  • Folder: 75, Atlantic Monthly. "Come In", 1941-02
  • Folder: 76, Atlantic Monthly. "The Literate Farmer and the Planet Venus", 1941-03
  • Folder: 77, The Yale Review. "I Could Give All to Time", 1941-09
  • Folder: 78, The Old Farmer's Almanac. "Rich in Stones", 1942
  • Folder: 79, Dartmouth College Robert Frost Exhibit Catalog. "Untitled (A Mood Apart)", 1943
  • Folder: 80, City Book Auction Catalog. "The Common Eye (A Mood Apart)", 1944-02-19
  • Folder: 81, Duke University Library Notes. "A Mood Apart", 1945-04
  • Folder: 82, The New Hampshire Troubadour. "Our Getaway (Why Wait for Science)", 1946-11
  • Folder: 83, The Yale Review. "The Night Light," "Were I In Trouble with Night Tonight," "Bravery", Autumn 1946
  • Folder: 84, The Virginia Quarterly Review. "Directive," "The Middleness of the Road," "Astrometaphysical", Winter 1946
  • Folder: 85, Atlantic Monthly. "Haec Fabula Docet," "The Ingenuities of Debt," "The Planners," "A Rogers Group," "Something for Hope," "To an Ancient," "U S 1946 King's X", 1946-12
  • Folder: 86, Atlantic Monthly. "No Holy Wars for Them," "The Importer," "But He Meant It," "Etherealizing", 1947-04
  • Folder: 87, What's New. "From Plane to Plane", Christmas 1948
  • Folder: 88, Atlantic Monthly. "And All We Call American.", 1951-06
  • Folder: 89, The Coolidge Hall Gazette. "A Nature Note on Whippoorwills.", 1956
  • Folder: 90, Come Christmas, ed. Lesley Frost. "Good Relief", 1935
  • Folder: 92, The Book Collector's Packet. "One Step Backward Taken", 1946-01
  • Folder: 91, From Another World: The Autiobiography of Louis Untermeyer. "John L. Sullivan Enters Heaven", 1935

Series: 13, Photographs, 1872-1994

Access Restrictions


Contains photographs of Robert Frost. Also contains photographs of events attended by Frost, Frost's family and friends, locations important to Frost and his poetry, and exhibits of Frost's work. Additionally includes photographs of drawings, paintings, and sculptures of Frost.

Box: 27, 1874-1972

Access Restrictions


Box: 27

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Birthday Celebrations -- 70th, 1945
  • Folder: 2, Birthday Celebrations -- 75th, 1950
  • Folder: 3, Birthday Celebrations -- 80th, 1954
  • Folder: 4, Birthday Celebrations -- 85th, 1959
  • Folder: 5, Birthday Celebrations -- 88th, 1962
  • Folder: 6, Boston Arts Festival, undated
  • Folder: 7, Brazil, 1954
  • Folder: 8, Breadloaf -- General, 1943 and undated
  • Folder: 9, Breadloaf -- Frost, 1937-1960 and undated
  • Folder: 10, Breadloaf -- With Friends, 1938-1962 and undated
  • Folder: 11, Breadloaf -- Play Productions, undated
  • Folder: 12, Breadloaf -- Sports, 1941 and undated
  • Folder: 13, Camp Keewaydin, 1959
  • Folder: 14, Colleges -- Agnes Scott, 1946-1948 and undated
  • Folder: 15, Colleges -- Amherst, 1934-1959 and undated
  • Folder: 16, Colleges -- Boston College, 1962
  • Folder: 17, Colleges -- Boston University, 1961
  • Folder: 18, Colleges -- Bryn Mawr, undated
  • Folder: 19, Colleges -- University of Cincinnati, 1954
  • Folder: 20, Colleges -- Dartmouth College -- With Friends (See also oversize Box 30 Folder 1), 1927-1962
  • Folder: 21, Colleges -- Dartmouth College -- Teaching, 1943-1962
  • Folder: 22, Colleges -- Dartmouth College -- Exhibits, 1956-1972
  • Folder: 23, Colleges -- Dartmouth College -- Baker Library, Frost Room, 1962-1972
  • Folder: 24, Colleges -- Dartmouth College -- Honors and Awards, 1933-1959 and undated
  • Folder: 25, Colleges -- Dartmouth College -- Portraits, 1944-1962
  • Folder: 26, Colleges -- University of Detroit (See also oversize Box 30 Folder 2), 1962
  • Folder: 27, Colleges -- University of Georgia, 1951-1955
  • Folder: 28, Colleges -- Hebrew Union (Cincinnati) (See oversize Box 30 Folder 3), undated
  • Folder: 29, Colleges -- Hebrew University, 1961 and undated
  • Folder: 30, Colleges -- Lafayette College, 1958
  • Folder: 31, Colleges -- Lake Forest, 1957-1961
  • Folder: 32, Colleges -- University of Miami (See also oversize Box 30 Folder 4), 1950 and undated
  • Folder: 33, Colleges -- University of Michigan, undated
  • Folder: 34, Colleges -- Middlebury College, 1949 and undated
  • Folder: 35, Colleges -- Mundelein College, 1965
  • Folder: 36, Colleges -- New School for Social Research, 1951
  • Folder: 37, Colleges -- University of North Carolina, 1961
  • Folder: 38, Colleges -- Occidental College, 1960
  • Folder: 39, Colleges -- University of Oregon, 1956
  • Folder: 40, Colleges -- University of Pittsburgh (See also oversize Box 30 Folder 5), 1956-1958
  • Folder: 41, Colleges -- Rockhurst College, 1959
  • Folder: 42, Colleges -- Sarah Lawrence (See also oversize Box 30 Folder 6), undated
  • Folder: 43, Colleges -- Smith College, 1961
  • Folder: 44, Colleges -- Stanford University, 1960 and undated
  • Folder: 45, Colleges -- Syracuse University, undated
  • Folder: 46, Colleges -- Trinity College, 1962 and undated
  • Folder: 47, Colleges -- Vassar College, 1959 and undated
  • Folder: 48, Colleges -- University of Vermont, undated
  • Folder: 49, Colleges -- Yale University, 1958-1962
  • Folder: 50, Early Frost -- Infancy and Youth, 1874-1915
  • Folder: 51, Early Frost, 1900-1920
  • Folder: 52, Early Frost, 1921-1937
  • Folder: 53, England (1957) -- Cambridge, 1957
  • Folder: 54, England (1957) -- London, 1957
  • Folder: 55, England (1957) -- Old Haunts (See also oversize Box 30 Folder 8), 1957

Box: 28, 1872-1978

Access Restrictions


Box: 28

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, England (1957) -- Oxford (See also oversize Box 30 Folder 7), 1957
  • Folder: 2, Family -- Children, 1915-1968
  • Folder: 3, Family -- Elinor Frost, 1894 and undated
  • Folder: 4, Family -- Grandchildren, 1940-1946 and undated
  • Folder: 5, Family -- Jeanie Frost, undated
  • Folder: 6, Family -- Parents, 1872-1890
  • Folder: 7, Friends, 1897-1962
  • Folder: 8, Funeral and Grave, 1963
  • Folder: 9, Goodspeeds, 1961
  • Folder: 10, Homes and Haunts -- Amherst (See also oversize Box 30 Folder 9), undated
  • Folder: 11, Homes and Haunts -- Ann Arbor, undated
  • Folder: 12, Homes and Haunts -- Boston, 1938-1941
  • Folder: 13, Homes and Haunts -- Cambridge (See also oversize Box 30 Folder 10), undated
  • Folder: 14, Homes and Haunts -- Concord Corners, VT, 1936-1937
  • Folder: 15, Homes and Haunts -- Derry, 1907-1978
  • Folder: 16, Homes and Haunts -- England, 1968 and undated
  • Folder: 17, Homes and Haunts -- Franconia, 1911-1935 and undated
  • Folder: 18, Homes and Haunts -- Plymouth, undated
  • Folder: 19, Homes and Haunts -- Ripton, 1939-1964 and undated
  • Folder: 20, Homes and Haunts -- Ripton, 1941-1968 and undated
  • Folder: 21, Homes and Haunts -- South Miami, 1935 and undated
  • Folder: 22, Homes and Haunts -- South Shaftsbury, 1926-1927 and undated
  • Folder: 23, Homes and Haunts -- Miscellaneous, undated
  • Folder: 24, Honors and Awards -- Miscellaneous (See also Box 30 Folder 11), 1948-1958
  • Folder: 25, Ireland, 1957 and undated
  • Folder: 26, Israel, 1961 and undated
  • Folder: 27, Later Frost, 1945-1962 and undated
  • Folder: 28, Lawrence School Dedication, 1962
  • Folder: 29, Limited Editions Club, undated
  • Folder: 30, Manuscripts and Books, undated
  • Folder: 31, Miscellaneous, 1954 and undated

Box: 30, Oversize Photographs, 1943-1962

Access Restrictions


Oversize Photographs

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Colleges -- Dartmouth, 1943-1962 and undated
  • Folder: 2, Colleges -- University of Detroit, 1962
  • Folder: 3, Colleges -- Hebrew Union, Cincinnati, 1960
  • Folder: 4, Colleges -- University of Miami, 1959
  • Folder: 5, Colleges -- University of Pittsburgh, 1956
  • Folder: 6, Colleges -- Sarah Lawrence, undated
  • Folder: 7, England -- Oxford, 1957
  • Folder: 8, England -- Old Haunts, 1962
  • Folder: 9, Homes and Haunts -- Amherst, undated
  • Folder: 10, Homes and Haunts -- Cambridge, undated
  • Folder: 11, Honors and Awards -- Miscellaneous, 1957

Box: 31, Oversize Photographs, 1954-1962

Access Restrictions


Oversize Photographs

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Photographers -- Ruth Archer, 1961
  • Folder: 2, Photographers -- Fabian Bachrach, undated
  • Folder: 3, Photographers -- Hanson Carroll, undated
  • Folder: 4, Photographers -- Alfred Eisenstaedt, 1958 and undated
  • Folder: 5, Photographers -- Ken Heyman, undated
  • Folder: 6, Photographers -- David Horvitz, 1954-1955
  • Folder: 7, Photographers -- Gordon Parks, 1959
  • Folder: 8, Photographers -- G. F. Romagnoli, 1960
  • Folder: 9, Soviet Union, 1962
  • Folder: 10, Television Interview (Stanley), undated
  • Folder: 11, Washington -- Inauguration of John F. Kennedy, 1961
  • Folder: 12, Washington -- Nobel Prize Dinner, 1962
  • Folder: 13, Works of Art, undated

Box: 29, 1921-1994

Access Restrictions


Box: 29

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, New York Times, 1958
  • Folder: 2, Photographers -- A. Allyn Bishop, 1936
  • Folder: 3, Photographers -- Black Star, 1954
  • Folder: 4, Photographers -- Blackstone Studios, 1945
  • Folder: 5, Photographers -- Hanson T. Carroll (See also oversize Box 31 Folder 3), undated
  • Folder: 6, Photographers -- Edward Davison, 1935 and undated
  • Folder: 7, Photographers -- Alfred Eisenstaedt (See also oversize Box 31 Folder 4), undated
  • Folder: 8, Photographers -- Charles Feinberg, 1962
  • Folder: 9, Photographers -- Edward Fitzgerald, 1943-1953
  • Folder: 10, Photographers -- Manning Harris, undated
  • Folder: 11, Photographers -- Ken Heyman (See also oversize Box 31 Folder 5), undated
  • Folder: 12, Photographers -- David Horvitz (See also oversize Box 31 Folder 6), 1954 and undated
  • Folder: 13, Photographers -- George Hoxie, undated
  • Folder: 14, Photographers -- Lotte Jacobi, undated
  • Folder: 15, Photographers -- Mrs. H. M. Jones, undated
  • Folder: 16, Photographers -- Keystone View Co., undated
  • Folder: 17, Photographers -- David McCord, 1955
  • Folder: 18, Photographers -- Francisco Ortiz, undated
  • Folder: 19, Photographers -- Pan American Photo Service, undated
  • Folder: 20, Photographers -- Gordon Parks (See oversize Box 31 Folder 7), 1959
  • Folder: 21, Photographers -- PIX, Inc., 1946
  • Folder: 22, Photographers -- David Rhinelander, 1957 and undated
  • Folder: 23, Photographers -- G. F. Romagnoli (See also oversize Box 31 Folder 8), 1960 and undated
  • Folder: 24, Photographers -- Eric Schaal, 1939, and undated
  • Folder: 25, Photographers -- Howard Schmitt, 1945-1954
  • Folder: 26, Photographers -- Clara Sipprel, 1948-1952
  • Folder: 27, Photographers -- Shelburne Studios, 1939
  • Folder: 28, Photographers -- John F. Smith Jr., undated
  • Folder: 29, Photographers -- Wide World Photos, 1939-1962
  • Folder: 30, Poetry Magazine, undated
  • Folder: 31, Soviet Union (See also oversize Box 31 Folder 9), 1962
  • Folder: 32, Television Interview (See oversize Box 31 Folder 10), undated
  • Folder: 33, Touro Synagogue, 1959
  • Folder: 34, United Nations, undated
  • Folder: 35, USS Essex, USS Macon, 1959
  • Folder: 36, Washington -- Congressional Medal, 1962
  • Folder: 37, Washington -- Dunbarton Oaks, 1962
  • Folder: 38, Washington -- Inauguration of John F. Kennedy (See also oversize Box 31 Folder 11), 1961
  • Folder: 39, Washington -- Library of Congress, 1949-1961 and undated
  • Folder: 40, Washington -- Evening with R.F., 1961
  • Folder: 41, Washington -- Nobel Prize Dinner (See also oversize Box 31 Folder 12), 1962
  • Folder: 42, Washington -- Miscellaneous, 1956 and undated
  • Folder: 43, Works of Art -- Arnoldo du Chene Bust, 1945
  • Folder: 44, Works of Art -- Leo Cherne Bust, 1961
  • Folder: 45, Works of Art -- Walker Hancock Bust, 1950 and undated
  • Folder: 46, Works of Art -- Portraits, 1921-1965 and undated
  • Folder: 47, Works of Art -- Miscellaneous (See also oversize Box 31 Folder 13), 1935-1994

Series: 15, Audio/Film, 1944-1980

Access Restrictions


Contains LP, 78 records and reel to reel tape recordings of Robert Frost lecturing and reading his poems as well as others reminiscing about Frost.

Box: 33, LP recordings, 1944-1958

Access Restrictions


LP recordings

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Lecture at Dartmouth Hall, Dartmouth College, 1944-05-09

    2 copies

  • Folder: 2, Robert Frost Lecture/Reading, Dartmouth College (also CD use and master), 1947

    "Come in", "The road not taken", "The gift outright", "For Columbus day", "The courage to be you", The bearer of evil tidings", "A drumlin woodchuck", "The yellow bird", "Why wait for science", "Departmental", "Birches", "Spring pools", "Desert places", "Pacific", "An old man's winter night", "Reluctance", "One step backward taken", "Closed for good"

    Digitized: ms1178-0049; ms1178-0050

    formerly Frost Phonodisc 1353

  • Folder: 3, Robert Frost Dinner - Amherst College, 1954-03-26
  • Folder: 4, Dartmouth College Commencement, 1954-05
  • Folder: 5, Robert Frost - Speech, Dartmouth College, 1954-12-15

    Digitized: ; ms1178-0030-0033

  • Folder: 6, Robert Frost at Webster Hall, Dartmouth College, 1955-12

    Introduction by President John S. Dickey

    Digitized: ms1178-0034, 0035; 0084, 0085

  • Folder: 7, Speeches at Presentation of Frost Bust, Dartmouth College, 1956-09-26

    Digitized: ms1178-0036, 0086, 0043

  • Folder: 9, Freshman Lecture, Dartmouth College, 1958
  • Folder: 10, Robert Frost: Reading to the Public., 1958-11-19

    Digitized: ms-1178-0037, 0038, 0039, 0087, 0088

  • Folder: 8, Appearance on TV program: "Wide, Wide World", 1957

Box: 34, LP recordings, 1960-1962

Access Restrictions


LP recordings

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Robert Frost: Reading to the Public, Webster Hall, Dartmouth College, 1960-01-19
  • Folder: 2, Robert Frost Interview by Edward Connery Lathem concerning Dartmouth College., 1962

    Digitized: ms1178-0044-0048, 0094-0098

  • Folder: 3, Reading of Poems. From the national Council of Teachers, undated

Box: 35, Reel to reel audio, 1954-1962

Access Restrictions


Reel to reel audio

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Singing of two of Robert Frost's poems : Stopping by woods on a snowy evening [and] the pasture., 1961

    "Tape recording of the 6th grades of school no. 1- Public School of Fort Lee, N.J., made March 1961 in the classroom, under the direction of the music teacher, Mrs. L. A. D'Emidio." [Formerly 1306]

  • Folder: 2, Two piano concerts., 1960

    "Recorded as it was being composed at piano by Alfred Sevigny, May 6, 1960." [Formerly Phono tape 1304]

  • Folder: 3, Robert Frost at Trinity College, Hartford, Conn., 1962

    [Reel 1] An interview with Robert Frost.--[Reel 2] Frost lecture at Trinity.--[Reel 3] Frost lecture at Trinity, part II. [Formerly Phono Tape 1296]

  • Folder: 4, Robert Frost reading "A masque of reason.", 1962

    Recorded October 31, 1962 at 35 Brewster St. Cambridge, MA in the presence of Kaye Morrison and Edward Connery Lathem. [Formerly Phono tape 1293]

  • Folder: 5, Robert Frost's 80th birthday dinner, Amherst College., 1954

    Recorded on March 26, 1954. [Formerly Phono tape 1272]

  • Folder: 6, Robert Frost at Choate, April 29, 1962, 1962

    Poems read by author, plus a mention of his appointment as Consultant in poetry at the Library of Congress. [Formerly Phono tape 1297]

Box: 36, Reel to reel audio, 1956-1962

Reel to reel audio

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Robert Frost interviewed by Edward Connery Lathem., 1961

    Ed Lathem interviews Robert Frost; in 3 parts: discussion on Dartmouth career, early poems, and New England life as Lawrence, Mass., pupil and teacher; development after college; life as father and renowned poet. [Formerly Phono tape 1299]

  • Folder: 2, Library of Congress Poetry Festival, 1962

    3 parts of the program relative to Robert Frost. [Formerly Phono tape 1291]

  • Folder: 3, Franklin V. Schumaker student report, 1962

    Schumacher reads Frost poem, The road not taken, and gives a general critique. September 1962. [Formerly Phono tape 1309]

  • Folder: 4, The gift outright : read by 1st graders at Landon School, Washington, D.C., 1961

    Tape recording sent to Robert Frost from Mrs. Jeanne Johnson, Washington, D.C., Feb. 16, 1961. [Formerly Phono tape 1305]

  • Folder: 5, Commencement exercise, Manheim Township High School, Neffsville, Pa., 1961

    Commencement address; graduating class invited Mr. Frost to attend and are refused in letter from Frost; program includes reading of Frost poems, A lover's quarrel with the world, Stopping by woods on a snowy evening, Mending wall, Fire and ice, Departmental, The road not taken, and Chose something like a star. [Formerly Phono tape 1307]

  • Folder: 6, Dedication of the Robert L. Frost High School, Lawrence, Mass., 1962

    Speakers include James F. Hennessey, Supt. of Schools, Warren Ashley, architect, John J. Buckley, mayor, Beatrice Delaney, principal, and George Mayer, senior, plus Robert Frost. Recorded on January 7, 1962. [Formerly Phono tape 1289]

  • Folder: 7, Honorary degree - Dr. Robert L. Frost, University of Miami, 1961

    Robert Frost honored; George E. Whitten, trustee, presents degree. January 31, 1961. [Formerly Phono tape 1310]

  • Folder: 8, Presentation by Robert Frost at the University of Michigan., 1962

    April 2, 1962. [Formerly Phono tape 1172]

  • Folder: 9, [Critics choice : Robert Frost at 85], 1956

    Meredith Young narrates; Frost reads Great misgiving and the Objection to being stepped on; many speak of Frost, among them critic Mark van Doren and Lawrance Thompson, a Frost biographer. Recorded 3/23/1956. [Formerly Phono tape 1302]

Box: 37, Reel to reel audio, 1950-1962

Reel to reel audio

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, A tribute to William Wordsworth., 1950-04-20

    Lecture delivered at Cornell University. [Formerly Phono tape 1321]

  • Folder: 2, Choate Library dedication, 1962-05-05

    Andrew Mellon wing of the Choate Library dedicated by Paul Mellon; Robert Frost speaks. [Formerly Phono tape 1298]

  • Folder: 3, Robert Frost reading at Princeton University, 1956-12-05
  • Folder: 4, "Robert Frost's visit to Isreal", 1961-04-02

    From NBC News' Chet Huntley Reporting television program

  • Folder: 5, Robert Frost poetry set to music., 1961

    Recorded by Dr. Norman Bloom, Palisade, New Jersey. Includes: October, My November Guest, Good Hours, Stopping by the Woods. [Formerly Phono tape 1311]

  • Folder: 6, Robert Frost with Beatrice Ward and T.S. Eliot, London, 1957-06-11

    Frost is honored in London; Beatrice Ward narrates; T.S. Eliot introduces Frost; Frost recites poetry and recounts the story of his life. Reproduced from 7 inch reel tape recording. [Formerly Phono tape 1281]

Box: 38, Reel to reel audio, 1946-1970

Reel to reel audio

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Oration delivered by the Public Orator's Deputy (the Principal of Jesus College, Oxford) in a convocation held on 4 June 1957. Citation Honoring Robert Frost., 1957

    [Formerly Phonodisc 1083]

  • Folder: 2, Address given by Robert Frost to the students of Eastern Montana College of Education in Billings, Montana, 1952-06
  • Folder: 3, Project 63, item 15: Portrait of Robert Frost I, 1962-08

    Biography of the literary career of Robert Frost. Narrated by Robert Christie. Produced for Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

  • Folder: 4, Conversation with Frost at Crow Island, MA, 1955

    [Possibly with Edward Hyde Cox]

  • Folder: 5, Robert Frost reads at a joint meeting of the Chesapeake Chapter of the American Studies Association and the Folger Library Seminars., 1959-03-31
  • Folder: 6, Colby College Commencement, 1956-06-11
  • Folder: 7, Edward Connery Lathem interviews Robert Frost, undated
  • Folder: 8, Robert Frost and Dr. Douglas Southall Freeman: WRNL Richmond, Va., 1946

    Frost agrees to participate in his friend's regular feature on radio station WRNL. He says that this is the first time he has knowingly appeared on the radio and recites his Mending wall and Stopping by woods on a snowy evening. The 7 min., 10 sec. segment is repeated 5 times on the tape. Recorded from the home of Dr. Freeman in Richmond, VA.

  • Folder: 9, Lawrance Thompson speaks on Robert Frost, 1970-01-21

Box: 39, Reel to reel audio, 1963-1980

Reel to reel audio

Box Contents

  • Folder: 4, Robert Frost, a lover's quarrel with the world : a Dartmouth seminar at the Hanover Inn., 1980

    Proceedings of a seminar given in April 1980, including lectures by Professors Alan Gaylord, Donald Pease, and Harold Bond. [Formerly phono tape 1316]

  • Folder: 3, "Nat's recording of Robert Frost program on television the night after his death.", 1963-01-29
  • Folder: 2, Ceremonies in Derry, New Hampshire, relating to issuance of Robert Frost stamp, 1974-03-26

    Recorded from "proceedings of the morning and afternoon session of the Robert Frost First Day issue ceremonies" Dedication to Derry, N.H. and Robert Frost on the 100th birthday of the poet; U.S. postal service honors Frost with commemorative stamp; speakers include John Sloan Dickey, among others. [Formerly Phono tape 1300 and 1301]

  • Folder: 5, Edward Hyde Cox notes on Robert Frost done after Frost's death in 1963., 1963
  • Folder: 1, Prefessor Lawrance Thompson of Princeton, designated official biographer of Frost, Speaking on Frost, undated
  • Folder: 6, Ceremonies at Ripton Methodist Church, Ripton, VT dedicating a Robert Frost marker, 1964-08-20
  • Folder: 7, The life and work of poet Robert Frost - WKBW Buffalo, NY, 1963-02-14
  • Folder: 8, Reminiscences of Robert Frost by Robert Holden, 1967

Box: 40, 16mm film of the Robert Lee Frost School dedication in Lawrence, MA, 1962

16mm film of the Robert Lee Frost School dedication in Lawrence, MA

Box: 41, 1962

Box: 41

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Frost speaking in 105 Dartmouth Hall, 1962-04-20

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