Guide to the Papers of John E. Walsh, 1959 - 2000Manuscript MS-1193


John E. Walsh was born on August 20, 1939. He received his BS from Nova Scotia Technical College in 1962, his MS from Columbia University in 1965 and his Sc. D. from Columbia in 1968. He was hired by Dartmouth College as an assistant professor in 1968. He became an associate professor in 1974 and a full professor in 1980. Walsh taught courses in modern physics, atomic physics and electromagnetic theory. In 1985 he became the Francis and Mildred Sears Professor of Physics and in 1989 he was awarded a Fellowship with the American Physical Society. In the mid 1990's he was also the Associate Dean of Faculty for the Sciences. As a researcher Walsh focused on the basic physics of coherent radiation and nonlinear phenomena as well as the study of wavelength in the far-infrared region of the spectrum. Professor Walsh published widely in scientific journals and was also a consultant to several chemical companies and laboratories. He died in 2000.

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