Guide to the Diaries of Arthur H. Lord, 1908-1912Manuscript MS-1202

Introduction to the Collection

Contains two diaries, both belonging to Arthur H. Lord, a member of the Dartmouth Class of 1910.

The first diary recounts Lord's experiences from January of 1908 to December of 1912. The entries consist of four or five sentences, beginning with the weather for each day. From January of 1908 until June of 1910, Lord was an undergraduate at Dartmouth College and the entries chronicle his daily life, including lectures, sporting events, and leisure activities. Entries are missing from the summer of 1910, when Lord took the other diary in the collection to Europe (see below). Entries resume in the fall of 1910 when he begins living at "South End House" and working in Boston (mostly consisting of copying records and visiting homes of children).

The second diary is solely concerned with Lord's trip to Europe in the summer of 1910. Directly after Commencement in June 1910, he traveled to Montreal with two of his friends. They worked for their passage across the Atlantic as handlers on a cattle ship, landing in Manchester, England. Lord tells how they explored many different towns and cities in England, France, Holland, Germany, and Switzerland, relying heavily on Baedeker guide book recommendations. A partial list of cities Lord visited includes Stratford-Upon-Avon, Oxford, Pembroke, London, Windsor, Rotterdam, Schoeningen, Amsterdam, Marken, Volendam, Zaandam, Cologne, Drachenfels, Bingen, Heidelberg, Dilsberg, Munich, Augsberg, Oberammergau, Parten Kircken, Lucerne, Goschenen, Rifflealp, Visp, Leuk, Frutigen, Wilderswyl, Murren, Lauterbrannen, Interlaken, Argle, Montreux, Villeneuve, Boveau, Geneva, Paris, Versailles, Vernon, Rouen, New Haven, Chester, New York, and Hanover (NH). The diary recounts their daily events between June 30 and September 14 of 1910.

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