Guide to the Papers of Clifford Hayes Smith, 1875 - 1948Manuscript MS-1233


Clifford Hayes Smith was born on August 17, 1856, in Brattleboro, Vermont. He graduated from Dartmouth College in 1879, and received his Bachelor of Divinity from Yale in 1882. That same year Smith was ordained in the Congregational ministry in Pittsfield, Vt. He immediately took a missionary field in Sherborn and Pittsfield before returning to graduate study at Yale. After Yale he held pastorates in Vermont at Warren (1884-1887), Townshend (1887-1892), Pittsford (1892-1911) and Ludlow (1920) until his retirement in 1924. In 1907, he undertook a trip to Italy to study classical art and history. Smith served as Superintendent of the Vermont Anti-Saloon League from 1911-1919. He died on June 12, 1948 in Proctor, Vermont. Clifford Hayes Smith was a first cousin, once removed, of U.S. President Rutherford B. Hayes.

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