Amory Gale medical notebooks, 1822Manuscript MS-1259


Amory Gale was born on October 15, 1800 in Warwick, Massachusetts. In 1822, he enrolled in Dartmouth Medical School but spent only a few semesters at Dartmouth before returning to Warwick to teach school. In 1823, he enrolled at Brown University from which he graduated with an MD in 1824. After graduation he practiced medicine in Harding, Massachusetts, Amherst, New Hampshire and South Scituate, Massachusetts. It was in South Scituate that Gale became a great friend and admirer of Samuel J. May, who tutored him for the Unitarian Ministry. Gale preached from 1843 to 1849 in East Bridgewater, Pembroke and Norton, Massachusetts. He died in 1872.

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