Edwin B. Hill letters, 1939 - 1949Manuscript MS-1282


Edwin Bliss Hill was born in 1866, in Michigan. He was an employee of the US Bureau of Reclamation and was transferred from their Mesa, Arizona office to their El Paso, Texas office in 1918. He started printing in Arizona and continued when he moved to Texas, printing limited editions with attention to the quality of the typography and printing. Some of his printings include "Henry Thoreau's Mother," by Jean Munro Le Brun and "O Thou Mighty River," by Frank D. Woolen. Hill was also an author and published several books including "Range Tales: A Few Stories Based on Scenes and Incidents Inspired By The Arizona Country" (1916), "More Than a Memory" (1936) and "The Ancient Wood and Other Poems" (1942). Hill died in 1949.

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