Seth Williston diaries, 1786 - 1940Manuscript MS-1285


Seth Williston was born on April 4, 1770 in Suffield, Connecticut. He graduated from Dartmouth College in 1791, after which he studied theology and started preaching in 1797. Williston became minister of Lisle, New York in 1799. In 1810, he was installed at a Presbyterian church in Durham, New York, where he preached until 1828. Hamilton College gave him the degree of Doctor of Divinity in 1838. Williston also authored many theological texts including "Address to Parents" (1799-1802); "Sermons on Doctrinal and Experimental Religion" (1812); "Five Discourses of the Sabbath" (1813); "Vindication of Some of the Most Essential Doctrines of the Reformation" (1817) and "Sermons on the Mystery of the Incarnation and the Special Influences of the Spirit" (1823). Williston died on March 2, 1851 in Guilford, New York.

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