Henry Woodward sermons and essay, circa 1820 - 1833Manuscript MS-1286


Henry Woodward was born on February 3, 1797, in Hanover, New Hampshire. He was the son of Bezaleel Woodward and grandson of Eleazar Wheelock. He graduated from Dartmouth College in 1815. After graduation he decided to go west to find a position as a teacher. In 1816, he enrolled in Princeton Theological Seminary and became a member of "The Society of Inquiry Respecting Missions and the General State of Religion," a missionary organization. In 1818, he offered his services to the Commissioners for Foreign Missions at Boston. Woodward was assigned to Ceylon but preached in Newbury, Vermont and other places before he and his wife left for Calcutta, India in 1820. On February 3, 1820 they reached the Jaffna Mission in Sri Lanka. Woodward died there on August 3, 1834.

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