Edmund B. Dearborn letters, circa 1826 - 1847Manuscript MS-1290

Introduction to the Collection

The collection contains letters to Edmund B. Dearborn from former schoolmates, including Joseph Dow, Amos Tuck, S.P. Dole, John Calvin Webster, B.F. Shepard, John Wooldredge and Pillsbury L. Eaton. Solicited by Dearborn, the letters describe teaching experiences, often while the senders were still students themselves. Institutions described include Dartmouth College, Hampton Academy, Salisbury Academy, Bowdoin College and Brown University. Of note are the detailed descriptions of student and academic life, as well as the discussions of the abolitionist movement, temperance and the question of formal schooling for females. Letters from his brother Jonathan and his sister Ruth Leavitt, as well as his father Samuel informing him about the state of various other family members are also included.

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