Notes on the history of Hanover, NH, undatedManuscript MS-1299


Edwin Everett Smith was born on August 28, 1844, in Hanover, New Hampshire. He attended Dartmouth Medical School and is a non-graduate of the Class of 1868. He continued his medical education at Ann Arbor, Michigan and Long Island College Hospital, graduating from there in 1871. After graduation, Smith was appointed resident surgeon at the hospital. In 1872, he went into private practice for a year and in 1873, joined Emigrant Hospital on Ward's Island as a resident surgeon. Smith began his career in mental illnesses in 1874, working at the New York State Lunatic Asylum and continued at the State Asylum for the Insane at Morristown, New Jersey in 1876. In 1886, Smith established an institution at Norwalk, Connecticut, called "Kensett" for the treatment of patience with nervous disorders, mental alienation, alcoholic and narcotic addictions. Smith died in 1917.

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