David Dawley papers, 1963-2014 Rauner Manuscript MS-1329

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Series: 1, Personal, 1965-2014

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Includes Resumes, biographical information, company profiles, news clippings, academic records, recognitions and awards relating to Dawley’s personal life, education and career.

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Series: 2, Peace Corps, 1963-2007

Includes pamphlets, programs, news clippings, and correspondence to Dartmouth classmates, Kevin Lowther, David Butler and Bill King; also personal notes, papers, and a day-by-day journal of Dawley’s time in El Triunfo, Choluteca, a rural village in the southern region of Honduras and Tela on the northern coast during his two years as a Peace Corps volunteer. Also included are pamphlets and articles related to an internship program that Dawley conceived at Dartmouth.

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Series: 3, Dartmouth, 1983-2008

Correspondence, reports, speeches, and news clippings document Dawley’s work with Dartmouth College funding projects such as Thayer School of Engineering and Thayer Center for Cold Regions Science and Engineering. Also included are pamphlets from The Foundation Years program.

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Series: 4, Activism, 1963-2005

Includes articles, news clippings, reports, and research relating to Dawley’s involvement as a civil rights activist, a lobbyist for the Michigan Social Work Council and his objection to the Vietnam War. Included is a copy of Dawley’s Selective Service Conscientious Objector form.

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Series: 5, Writings, 1967-2009

Contains copies of Dawley’s speeches, notes and press related to the creation and publication of his book, A Nation of Lords. Also included are two movie proposals, a report on the Chicago Police Department and writings on the Vice Lords and other street gangs. The series also includes a first edition and second edition of A Nation of Lords and a laminated copy of Dawley’s interview with Buckminster Fuller.

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Series: 6, Correspondence, 1963-2015

Included is extensive correspondence home from Honduras, correspondence from prisoners, correspondence with agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation related to the Freedom of Information Act, correspondence regarding "A Nation of Lords", Thayer School of Engineering appropriation and general correspondence arranged alphabetically. Of note is correspondence between Dawley and Vice Lord member, Bobby (Robert) Gore regarding his incarceration and trial. Correspondents include: Senator Edward "Ted" Kennedy, Treasurer of the State of Illinois, Adlai E. Stevension III, Governor of Illinois, Daniel Walker, Sargent Shriver, foudning Director of Peace Corps and Adele Smith Simmons who later became President of the MacArthur Foundation.

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Series: 7, Community Organizing/Gang Prevention and Policy, 1967-2009

Includes correspondence, meeting minutes, memos, program proposals, organizational reports, newsletters, research, personal notes, and news clippings relating to Dawley’s work as a community organizer, a member of the Vice Lords gang, and his involvement and contribution to various programs and initiatives focusing on programming for youth and gang violence prevention.

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Series: 8, Photographs , circa 1963-1993

Contains photographs and negatives documenting Dawley's time spent in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Honduras with the Peace Corps and in Chicago with the Vice Lords. Also includes photographs from Acapulco, Mexico and Portillo, Chile.

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Series: Addendum, 1964-1978

Contains typescripts of "El Triunfo: A Short Study" about Dawley's Peace Corps experience and "Has Anyone Seen Bullitt?" a paper on police brutality. Also includes two photocopies of articles written by Dawley on the topics of social work and Peace Corps.

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Series: Addendum 2, 1963-2009

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