Charles F. Richardson letters, 1876-1878 Rauner Manuscript MS-1351


Charles Francis Richardson was born on May 29, 1851 in Hallowell, Me. He graduated from Dartmouth College with an A.B in 1871 and an A.M in 1874. After graduation, Richardson became engaged in newspaper work, working for the "Independent" in New York City. After six years he moved on to Philadelphia and the "Sunday School Times." In 1880, Richardson returned to New York and became the editor of "Good Literature," but resigned in 1882 when he was appointed professor of Anglo-Saxon and English language and literature at Dartmouth College. He held this position until his retirement with emeritus status in 1910. Publications by Richardson include "A Primer of American Literature," "The College Book," and "The Cross." Richardson died on October 9, 1913.

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