Ernest Martin Hopkins papers, 1866-1971Rauner Manuscript MS-1359

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Series: Correspondence, 1866-1964

Contains professional correspondence arranged in three sections to maintain original order. The first section covers primarily the years between 1910 and 1916. The second, the years from 1918 to the 1930s and the third the years from the 1940s until Hopkins' death in 1964. Some personal correspondence as well as reports, ephemera, an employee record and a list of his insurance policies are also included.

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Series: Collected Correspondence , 1909-1971

Contains correspondence solicited by the College Archives through an ad in the "Dartmouth Alumni Magazine" in October 1965. Much of the correspondence are photocopies, as the originals were returned to donors at their request. Correspondence, memos and notes between the Archives, in particular Archivist Kenneth Cramer, and librarians Edward Connery Lathem and Richard Morin, and the donors are also included.

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Series: Manuscripts and Writings, 1915-1950

Contains the manuscript of Hopkins' book "This Is our Purpose" with bibliography, as well as several writings by Hopkins. Carbons for Robert F. Leavens' "The New Dartmouth" and a paper on visual acuity by Johannes Ohm are also included.

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Series: Diaries, 1918-1957

Contains diaries, desk and pocket, with appointments as well as journals chronicling Hopkins' day-to day life.

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Series: Scrapbooks and Printed Material , 1902-1964

Contains scrapbook pages with Dartmouth Football clippings, employment related clippings and clippings concerning his election to president of Dartmouth College, as well as ephemera and magazines published by the National Life Insurance Company with articles about Hopkins.

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