Robert Sokol papers, 1940-2011 Rauner Manuscript MS-1366

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Box: 21, 1965-2010

Dart 92 Evaluation questionnaires with letter addressed to Dartmouth Students (1992); Requests for results of Dart 92 (1992); Sociology 1 Course Evaluation Data-Macintosh Project: Technical Report # 1 (1985); Sociology Common Sense Quiz blank forms and notes (Circa 1976-1979); "Protective Self-Deception of Sociology Instructors," by Everett K. Wilson (1975); Upper Valley Omnibus Survey Data, Upper Valley Codebook (1974-1975); "Report of the 1989 Survey of Seventeen College/University Affirmative Action Offices" (1990); "How Golden the Years," Professor Sokol reports on the Class of 1929 (1973); "Navigating the First Year of College: Stresses and Consequences," Research Report by Prof. Sokol (2010); "Data Card Assignments for Introductory Sociology and an Evaluation of the Technique," by Robert Sokol (1965); "An Opinion of the Alumni of Dartmouth College," Study #1331, prepared by Oliver Quayle and Company (1970); Miscellaneous Dartmouth Alumni Surveys data and questionnaires (circa 1968); Dartmouth Class of 1963 Reunion Survey questionnaires and data (1988); "Wadsworth Overhead Transparencies for Introductory Sociology" (undated); Dart 1965-2006, Data (2006); "Report of the Sociology Department Review Committee" (1994),"Department of Sociology's Response to the Report of the Sociology Department Review Committee," (1994) with letter regarding appointment of John Campbell (1996).

Box: 22, 1992

Dart 92 Completed questionnaires

Box: 23, 1996

Dart 96 Completed questionnaires

Box: 24, circa 1992-2000

Dart 2000 Completed questionnaires with questionnaire construction (2000): Clippings, magazines and newspapers including Dartmouth publications and the "Valley News" re. student issues (circa 1992-1995); Course Guide 92-93 (1993)

Box: 25, circa 1947-1985

Sociology 5, Student Course Evaluations questionnaires and data (1973-1975); Sociology 1, Student Course Evaluations, Syllabi, Enrollment Comparisons (1947-1967); Clippings, magazine and newspapers including Dartmouth publications and the "Valley News" (circa 1992-1995); Sociology 1, Student Course Evaluations questionnaires (1985).

Box: 26, 1979-1994

Sociology 1, Common Sense Quiz, completed forms (1979-1993); Student Course Evaluations questionnaires with floppy disks (circa 1990-1993); Student Course Evaluations questionnaires with floppy disks (1989-1994).

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