Robert Sokol papers, 1940-2011 Rauner Manuscript MS-1366

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Box: 1, 1957-1985

Reports, clippings, articles and surveys on US College Students and their lives; Dartmouth Office of Student Counseling reports; Dartmouth Course Guides (1969-1975); Committee on Student Life memos and reports.

Box: 2, 1965-2000

Dartmouth College Committee on Alcohol Concerns Questionnaire (Jan. 1979); Dartmouth Freshman Advising Survey ( Jan. 1979); Freshman Surveys by ACE/UCLA (1970-1987); Miscellaneous surveys and data related to student life; "The Dartmouth Student"-A Summary Report of Studies Carried Out From 1958 to 1963 Under The Sponsorship of the Lincoln Filene Human Relations Research Program by Robert Sokol and Carla A. Sykes (1963); "The Option-An Analysis of and Educational Innovation," by Robert A. Feldmesser (1969); Dartmouth Freshman Survey Results 1983; Notes on a talk to Dartmouth Trustees re. Dartmouth students (1987); Notes on talk to Dartmouth Horizons entitled "Teaching at Dartmouth"(1983); Memos; "Women in Science Project at Dartmouth" (1999-2000); "Race Matters in the University of the 21st Century," conference report (2002); Dartmouth College Recruiting Evaluation Master Code (undated); Dartmouth Student Survey Results (1967); Dartmouth College Project Impress-Ivy League Survey on Co-education-Dart 78; Dartmouth College Project Impress-Faculty Survey on Education of Women at Dartmouth-Prof 70; Dartmouth College Project Impress-Class of 1965 Panel Study-Dart 65; Dartmouth College Project Impress-Coeducation Survey-Dart 69; Dartmouth College Project Impress-Survey of Maternal and Child Health in Grafton County-MOTHER; Dartmouth College Project Impress-Smith College Student Body-Fall 1971-SMITH; Miscellaneous data for lectures.

Box: 3, 1972-2007

Dart 1952-2000, Survey Year Margins, Alpha and Positional Order; Dart 1952-2000, Questionnaires; Dart 1952-2000, Indexes; SAT's data analysis; Dart Political References, Affiliations and Parental Politics (circa 1972-2007); Code Books (2007); floppy disks with data.

Box: 4, 1997-2002

Dartmouth Publication clippings including "The Dartmouth" and "Dartmouth Alumni Magazine," as well as local news clippings including the "Valley News" re. coeducations, minorities and other subjects related to the social life of Dartmouth students and student life in general.

Box: 5, circa 1958-2015

Dart 82-2000, Margins, Variables, X-tab data; Student Valuation Sloan Study Clark W. Horton; Dart 78 data, questionnaires, notes; Comparative Dart Data and Talks (2015); Dart 82 Provisional Statistics Report (1982); Dart 86, Questionnaires, Marginals; Final Report of the Planning Steering Committee (Freedman) (1990); Dart 82 Codebook; Civil Rights Ad in Dartmouth Alumni Magazine, manuscript and supporting material (1963-1965); AA/EQ: College Survey (1989); Student Values Study (circa 1958); Class of 1971: C.S.Q. data; College Student Questionnaire, background material.

Box: 6, 1986-1990

Clippings, newsletters, memos, reports related to student life issues.

Box: 7, undated

Completes questionnaires, unidentified

Box: 8, circa 1961-2007

"Daughters of Dartmouth" Qualitative Research of the Status of Undergraduate Women at Dartmouth College During the Fifteenth Year of Coeducation, 1986-87 by Mary Garden Turco, 1987; Dart 2007 Codebook Master (Spring 2007); Project Cork Global Survey, Questionnaires (for DMS) (1978-1980); Project Cork-Practicing MD's and Others, Questionnaires, Codes, Statistics (1979-1981); Harvard Student Study (circa 1961-1965); Dartmouth Course Critiques (1963-1964); Dart 70 Codebook; Dart 72 Survey results.

Box: 9, 1940-1968

Dartmouth Student Material: Clippings, data, reports, "Cheating Studies," (1961-1969); Studies of Dartmouth Students 1940-1968.

Box: 10, circa 1958-2000

Dart 96, questionnaires, memos, notes; Class of '70: C.S.Q. data; Honor Principle Surveys (Jan. 1973); Dart 92 Codebook # 2; Dartmouth Student Surveys Codebook # 2, Comparisons; Dart 78, Code Book, Questionnaire, Tables; Dartmouth Student Survey, Tables (1958-1961); Dart Deviance: Cheating, Stealing (2000); Dart Questionnaire Lead-In Items, Academics, Intellectually; DartLove-DartLuv.

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