Faith Dunne papers, 1961-2001 Rauner Manuscript MS-1367

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Faith Dunne papers

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Rauner Manuscript MS-1367

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9 linear ft., 6 boxes


Faith L. Dunne (1940-2001), educator and professor. The collection contains reports, research, writings, correspondence and class material related to Dunne's own education and teaching as well as her study of rural and small schools.

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Introduction to the Collection

The papers of Faith L. Dunne contain class work from her time at Harvard Graduate School of Education, and the M.A.T Program at Wesleyan University, as well as reports and research related to her consultancy work on small and rural schools including "Evolutions Works" and People United For Rural Education (PURE). The collection also contains some of her writings on education and some correspondence. Of note is her article "There is no one in there but some woman: Co-education at Dartmouth in the Mid-Seventies."


Faith L. Dunne was born in 1940 in Buffalo, New York. She graduated from the University of Michigan in 1962 and received a doctorate in education from Harvard University on 1974. The focus of her research was looking into teachers as change agents in school improvement. Dunne taught at public schools in Massachusetts and New York as well as at Wesleyan University and Harvard University. In 1974, she joined the Dartmouth faculty where she was the first woman to earn tenure and was instrumental in developing the Education Department which she chaired from 1980-1989. While at Dartmouth, she conducted pioneering studies of rural school and established a reputation as an expert on rural education. In 1989, Dunne joined the Annenberg Institute for School Reform at Brown University where she was one of the designer of the National School Reform Faculty Program. She retired from Dartmouth in 1997 to put all her energy into the national reform effort. Dunne died in 2001.

Box & Folder List

Box: 1, 1963-1967; 1980-1999


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Curriculum Vitae , 1980-1999
  • Folder: 2, Miscellaneous papers on education by others, circa 1966
  • Folder: 3, Course C-3 lecture notes, undated
  • Folder: 4, "A Tussle with Tussman; A Duel with Dahl: An Emotional Analysis," by Faith Weinstein (Dunne), 1966
  • Folder: 5, "A Tussle with Tussman; A Duel with Dahl: An Emotional Analysis," by Faith Weinstein (Dunne), supporting material and research, circa 1966
  • Folder: 6, "The Peculiar Beast: Factors Affecting the Productivity of Low SES Elementary Schools," by Faith Weinstein (Dunne), 1966
  • Folder: 7, Lecture notes, circa 1966
  • Folder: 8, Lexington High School: "Reinforcement and Alienation-The Role of the School in Political Socialization-A Report to Lexington High School", undated
  • Folder: 9, Lexington High School: Student attitude research project questionnaires, undated
  • Folder: 10, Lexington High School: "How to Make it Interesting", undated
  • Folder: 11, Lexington High School: Class material , 1963-1964
  • Folder: 12, Lexington High School: Class material, 1964-1965
  • Folder: 13, Lexington High School: Blank test questions, undated
  • Folder: 14, Harvard University Graduate School: Class notes, circa 1965
  • Folder: 15, Harvard University Graduate School: Class notes, 1966
  • Folder: 16, Harvard University Graduate School: Class notes, 1966
  • Folder: 17, Harvard University Graduate School: Reading, class notes, 1966
  • Folder: 18, Harvard University Graduate School: Class notes, 1966
  • Folder: 19, Harvard University Graduate School: Psychology 148, class notes and tests, 1966
  • Folder: 20, Harvard University Graduate School: Psychology of Adolescence, class notes, 1966
  • Folder: 21, Harvard University Graduate School: Urban Education papers, 1966
  • Folder: 22, Harvard University Graduate School: Interview Transcripts, 1966
  • Folder: 23, Harvard University Graduate School: Description Class C, class notes, 1966-1967
  • Folder: 24, Harvard University Graduate School: Reading Disabilities, class notes, 1967

Box: 2, 1973-2001

Education, Correspondence, Lectures, Consulting

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Harvard University Graduate School: "Political Survival for the Radical Teacher...," by Faith Weinstein (Dunne), thesis, 1973
  • Folder: 2, Harvard University Graduate School: Thesis appendices, circa 1974
  • Folder: 3, Harvard University Graduate School: Commencement program, 1974
  • Folder: 4, Harvard University Graduate School: Qualifying paper, circa 1974
  • Folder: 5, Harvard University Graduate School: Thesis proposal and summaries, circa 1974
  • Folder: 6, Harvard University Graduate School: Miscellaneous class notes, circa 1974
  • Folder: 7, Axelrod: Correspondence: Andrew B. Axler with notes, 1983
  • Folder: 8, Axelrod: Brookline Interview excerpts, undated
  • Folder: 9, Wesleyan University: M.A.T. Program: "Developing a Course in the Strategies of Survival in Public Schools," proposal, circa 1970
  • Folder: 10, Wesleyan University: M.A.T. Program: Problems of Educational Change, Annotated Bibliography, circa 1970
  • Folder: 11, Wesleyan University: M.A.T. Program: Strategic Journals, circa 1970-1972
  • Folder: 12, Wesleyan University: M.A.T. Program, 1970-1972
  • Folder: 13, Wesleyan University: M.A.T. Program: Schools as Systems, class notes, 1971
  • Folder: 14, Wesleyan University: M.A.T. Program: Initial exercise for MAT66 , 1971-1972
  • Folder: 15, Dartmouth College: Proposal for Education 85 Project with response, 1975
  • Folder: 16, Dartmouth College: Teaching course for faculty women, notes, circa 1980
  • Folder: 17, Dartmouth College: Education 1/20 paper, undated
  • Folder: 18, Dartmouth College: Student Course Guide, 1987
  • Folder: 19, Dartmouth College: "Who will win the Battle for Dartmouth's Soul?" article in "Boston Globe, 1990
  • Folder: 20, New England Consortium for Undergraduate Science (NECUSE): Dartmouth College: Graduate Education in Mathematics, proposal , 1990
  • Folder: 21, New England Consortium for Undergraduate Science (NECUSE): Outlines and notes, 1992-1994
  • Folder: 22, Correspondence: Letter from C.F. Lehman (University of Michigan), 1968
  • Folder: 23, Correspondence: Letters from students, 1975-1993
  • Folder: 24, Correspondence: Re. Dartmouth Employment and Tenure, 1975-1996
  • Folder: 25, Correspondence: Letters from readers in response to articles, 1976-1987
  • Folder: 26, Correspondence: Letters from colleagues , 1978-1992
  • Folder: 27, Correspondence: Letter from Johnathan (North Carolina REAL Enterprises) , 1990
  • Folder: 28, Correspondence: Re. I.M.P. , 1996-1997
  • Folder: 29, Lectures: Friends of Education at Dartmouth College, talk, undated
  • Folder: 30, Lectures: Samuel Betanees-Educating the Underclass, talk, notes, undated
  • Folder: 31, Lectures: Russian talk, notes, 1988
  • Folder: 32, Lectures: Benedum Lectures, flyers, 1991
  • Folder: 33, Lectures: MacNamee talk, notes, 1992
  • Folder: 34, Consulting: Correspondence, 1990-1991
  • Folder: 35, Consulting: "Evolution Works": "Foundation for Excellent Schools", 1998
  • Folder: 36, Consulting: "Evolution Works": Current, 1998-1999
  • Folder: 37, Consulting: "Evolution Works": "Foundation for Excellent Schools", 1998-1999
  • Folder: 38, Consulting: "Evolution Works": Hamp Video, 1999
  • Folder: 39, Consulting: "Evolution Works": Dewey Project, 1999
  • Folder: 40, Consulting: "Evolution Works": Business Records, 1999
  • Folder: 41, Consulting: "Evolution Works": Franklin High School District, 1999
  • Folder: 42, Consulting: "Evolution Works": Dartmouth College Mathematica and Humanities Courses, 2000
  • Folder: 43, Consulting: "Evolution Works": Hartwick, 2000
  • Folder: 44, Consulting: "Evolution Works": Locust Valley, 2000
  • Folder: 45, Consulting: "Evolution Works": Vermont School Reform Organizations, 2000
  • Folder: 46, Consulting: "Evolution Works": Rural School Community Trust, circa 2000
  • Folder: 47, Consulting: "Evolution Works": Notes, 2001
  • Folder: 48, Consulting: "Evolution Works": Lucent Project, 2001
  • Folder: 49, Consulting: "Evolution Works": Hartland Elementary Schoo Strategic Planning , 2000

Box: 3, 1975-1990

Consulting and Projects

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Consulting: REAL: "A Thumbnail Sketch of REAL's Rural Schools-Incubated Enterprise Program and Proposal , 1990
  • Folder: 2, Consulting: REAL: Summer Institutes Evaluations, 1990
  • Folder: 3, Consulting: REAL Conference material, memos, proposals, reports, circa 1989-1990
  • Folder: 4, Consulting: "Community Studies and Case Studies of Homeless Children and Youth in New Hampshire," TBA Consulting Group, 1990
  • Folder: 5, Consulting: Miscellaneous evaluation material , undated
  • Folder: 6, Consulting: Integrates Curriculum Institute, notebook, 1992
  • Folder: 7, OECD: OECD paper, bibliographies and notes, undated
  • Folder: 8, OECD: New Hampshire General Notes, undated
  • Folder: 9, OECD: OECD paper (Toby's Draft), undated
  • Folder: 10, Project: Options: "Attitudes of Rural High School Students: Perception of Work, Marriage and School," , 1978-08
  • Folder: 11, Project: Options: "Profile of Occupational Interests Survey: A Users Manual", 1978-08
  • Folder: 12, Project: Options:"Curriculum Evaluation Report: Pre-Post Test Results, 1978-08
  • Folder: 13, Project: Options:"A Career Development Project for Rural High Schools: Final Report", 1978-08
  • Folder: 14, Project: Life Planning, undated
  • Folder: 15, Project Proposals: Administrator's Questionnaires Coding , undated
  • Folder: 16, Project Proposals: NIE Grant: "Improving Education in Rural America", 1977
  • Folder: 17, Project Proposals: "Is Small Beautiful?", 1979
  • Folder: 18, Project Proposals: Notes on the Roles of Women in Public Schools", circa 1972
  • Folder: 19, Project Proposals: "Position Paper for a Colloquium of the Department of Education of the University of Chicago", 1987
  • Folder: 20, Project Proposals: Correspondence: Daniel Stein , 1975
  • Folder: 21, Project: Unnamed: Teacher Professional Satisfaction , undated
  • Folder: 22, Project: Unnamed: Utilities , circa 1981
  • Folder: 23, Project: Unnamed: New data from phone, letters, census, undated
  • Folder: 24, Project: Unnamed: General Brainstorming, undated
  • Folder: 25, Project: Unnamed: Regional Differences, undated
  • Folder: 26, Project: "Game of Life: Choice and Chance": Game meter , undated
  • Folder: 27, Project: "Game of Life: Choice and Chance": Monitor's Instructions, undated
  • Folder: 28, Project: "Game of Life: Choice and Chance": Life History Sheet, undated
  • Folder: 29, Project: "Game of Life: Choice and Chance": Possible Identities List , undated
  • Folder: 30, Project: "Game of Life: Choice and Chance": Score Sheets, undated

Box: 4, 1961-1989

Rural Schools

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Thayer High School, Winchester, NH, undated
  • Folder: 2, Miscellaneous, circa 1979-1980
  • Folder: 3, "Revitalizing Rural Education and Small Schools in Iowa," by James D. Jess, 1979
  • Folder: 4, "A Measure of Change: The Process and Outcomes of Planned Changes in Ten Rural School Districts," by Sheila Rosenblum et. al, 1978
  • Folder: 5, "Improving Education in Rural America: Past Efforts, Future Opportunities," proposal , circa 1978
  • Folder: 6, People United for Rural Education (PURE), 1978-1979
  • Folder: 7, People United for Rural Education (PURE), 1980-1981
  • Folder: 8, People United for Rural Education (PURE) Case, 1979
  • Folder: 9, People United for Rural Education (PURE): Case notes and drafts, circa 1980
  • Folder: 10, "Federal Initiatives and Rural School Improvements: Findings from the Experimental Schools Program," by Robert Herriot, 1979
  • Folder: 11, "Effects of Schools upon Rural Communities," by Donald E. Voth et. al, 1980
  • Folder: 12, "Bread on Water-Education in and Isolated Mountain Community", 1981
  • Folder: 13, North Dakota's New School Program, undated
  • Folder: 14, "Improving Rural Schools," with notes, circa 1980
  • Folder: 15, Arnold, Nebraska, 1974-1981
  • Folder: 16, Arnold, Nebraska, circa 1981
  • Folder: 17, Arnold, Nebraska, circa 1981
  • Folder: 18, Publications on Rural Schools, circa 1961-1984
  • Folder: 19, Publications on Rural Schools, 1974-1981
  • Folder: 20, Publications on Rural Schools, 1978-1981
  • Folder: 21, Publications on Rural Schools, 1980s

Box: 5, 1977-1985

Small Schools Project and Writings

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Small School Project: South Umpaqua School District # 19-Experimental School Project, Final Report, 1977
  • Folder: 2, Small School Project: South Umpaqua Experimental Schools Project, circa 1977
  • Folder: 3, Small School Project: "Cooperation and Conflict in Long-Term Educational Change: South Umpaqua, Oregon," by Lawrence Henningh, 1978
  • Folder: 4, Small School Project: West Bend Community School, 1978-1979
  • Folder: 5, Small School Project: "Summary of Research on Size of Schools and School Districts," research brief, 1974
  • Folder: 6, Small School Project: "Testimony Before the Joint Economic Committee of Congress", undated
  • Folder: 7, Small School Project: Statistical Info Analysis, circa 1985
  • Folder: 8, Small School Project: Other Small Schools Studies, undated
  • Folder: 9, Small School Project: Educational Support Professional (ESP): South Umpaqua, 1978-1979
  • Folder: 10, Small School Project: "Wether to Consolidate..., case study, 1981
  • Folder: 11, Small School Project: Questions about Differences related to Affluence, undated
  • Folder: 12, Small School Project: Interview transcripts, undated
  • Folder: 13, Small School Project: Questionnaires, final draft, undated
  • Folder: 14, Small School Project: "A Typology of Rural School Settings," by Tom Gjelten, 1982
  • Folder: 15, Small School Project: Assorted data with variables and analysis , undated
  • Folder: 16, Small School Project: Outlines and notes, undated
  • Folder: 17, Small School Project: Curriculum Quality, notes, undated
  • Folder: 18, Small School Project: Arkansas City, 1980-1982
  • Folder: 19, Small School Project: Arkansas City, 1980-1982
  • Folder: 20, Small School Project: Arkansas City, 1980-1982
  • Folder: 21, Small School Project: Custer County Case, undated
  • Folder: 22, Small School Project: Clinch, Tennessee case, 1982
  • Folder: 23, Small School Project: Iowa Equalization Report, undated
  • Folder: 24, Small School Project: Case Studies, undated
  • Folder: 25, Small School Project: Case Studies, undated
  • Folder: 26, Small School Project: Case Studies, undated
  • Folder: 27, Small School Project: Miscellaneous, undated
  • Folder: 28, Writings: Award for article "Liberal Arts Colleges and Teacher Quality" in "American Educator", 1985
  • Folder: 29, Writings: Oral history interview of Faith Dunne in "Reflections on the Harvard Graduate School of Education, 1984-1985", undated
  • Folder: 30, Writings: "Today's Rural Women: More Than Fresh Pie on the Windowsill," by Faith Dunne in "PTA Today", 1979-1980
  • Folder: 31, Writings: "Women and Work in Rural America: A Challenge to Education," by Faith Dunne in "Compact", 1980
  • Folder: 32, Writings: "How It's Done at Dartmouth," Barbara Neufeld interviews Faith Dunne in "Colloquy", 1988
  • Folder: 33, Writings: "Places in the System: New Directions for the Vocational Education of Rural Women." by Faith Dunne, 1985
  • Folder: 34, Writings: "The Bold Quest for Quality," cover story in "Time" Magazine with correspondence, 1983
  • Folder: 35, Writings: "Poor os Poor - And More Won't Make it Better," by Faith Dunne and Beth Hannah in "Education Week", undated
  • Folder: 36, Writings: "Commentary" in "Education Week" with correspondence, 1984
  • Folder: 37, Writings: "There is no one in there but some woman: Co-education at Dartmouth in the Mid-Seventies," by Faith Dunne, undated
  • Folder: 38, Writings: "Good Government vs Self Government: Educational Control in Rural America," in "Phi Delta Kappa" Magazine, undtated
  • Folder: 39, Writings: "Selective Liberal Arts Colleges: Sources of Teachers, Past, Present and Future," by Theodore R. Mitchell and Faith Dunne, undated
  • Folder: 40, Writings: Letters in response to articles by Dunne, 1984-1993
  • Folder: 41, Writings: "Small Rural Schools: A Portrait," by William S. Carlson and Faith Dunne, reprint, 1981
  • Folder: 42, Writings: "Correlates of Professional Satisfaction Among Teachers in Small Rural Schools," by Faith Dunne, undated
  • Folder: 43, Writings: Book Preface, undated
  • Folder: 44, Writings: Outline for Book, 1985
  • Folder: 45, Writings: AERA paper with notes and research, circa 1984

Box: 6, circa 1985-1990

Small School Project data sheets; Note cards with lecture notes

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