Samuel Morey papers, 1793 - 1860Manuscript MS-150


Samuel Morey was born on October 23, 1762 in Hebron, Connecticut. In 1768, the family moved to Orford, New Hampshire. From early on in his life, Morey experimented with steam power and in 1790, was able to harness steam from a kettle to turn the spit in his fireplace. In 1793, he used the same principle to design the first steam boat with paddle wheels. By 1797, Morey had designed a crank-motion engine and build a steamship with side panels. However, it was Robert Fulton who took home the commercial success of steamboats. Morey also patented wind, water, and tide mills, made improvements in steam engines and boilers and in 1826, patented an internal combustion engine. He also devised a series of locks to aid navigation on the Connecticut River. Morey died on April 17, 1843.

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