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Josiah Bartlett papers, 1774-1888Rauner Manuscript MS-181


Josiah Bartlett was born at Amesbury, Massachusetts in 1729. Around 1746, he began the study of medicine and started practicing in Kingston, New Hampshire in 1750. In 1756, he was elected to the Colonial Assembly and in 1767, he became a colonel of his county's militia. He was also appointed justice of the peace by Governor John Wentworth. In 1774, Bartlett joined the Assembly's Committee of Correspondence and began his work with the revolutionary leaders of the other 12 colonies. In 1775, he was selected as a delegate to the Continental Congress where he served on the Safety, Secrecy, Munition, Marine and Civil Government Committees. As a delegate he was one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. Bartlett was re-elected to Congress in 1778, and served on the committee that drafted the Articles of Confederation. In 1788, he was made Chief Justice of the New Hampshire Supreme Court and was among those that adopted the U.S.Constitution at the New Hampshire Convention. From 1791 to 1792 he served first at the chief executive of New Hampshire and then as president. In 1792, he became governor, a position he held until 1794. Bartlett died on May 19, 1795.

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