Guide to the Papers of Nelson P. Brown, 1894 - 1945Manuscript MS-189

Introduction to the Collection

The Papers of Nelson P. Brown consists of trial notes, personal correspondence, photographs, a photographic album, newspaper clippings, diaries, and a manuscript of a legal glossary. While the collection spans the majority of Brown's life, the papers primarily document his time as a Massachusetts Supreme Court judge, his oratory career, his college years, and his relationship with Dartmouth College throughout his lifetime. Items of particular interest is a 24-volume set of trial notes authored by Brown, which contains personal records of appeals and jurors, trial related correspondence, sketches of members in the courtroom and newspaper clippings about trials. Other items include personal correspondence with Dartmouth President Ernest Hopkins, self-bound speech transcriptions, a copy of his unsigned will, a telegram announcing his death, and sections of a manuscript for an unpublished legal glossary. Personal items such as diaries, expenses, correspondence with his wife and loose photographs of a trip are also included.

Finding Aids