Papers of Paul de Kruif, 1938 - 1948Manuscript MS-226


Paul Henry de Kruif was born on March 2, 1890, in Zeeland, Michigan. He graduated from the University of Michigan with a B.A, in 1912, and a Ph.D. in 1916. He served in the Army as a Private in Mexico and as a Lieutenant in France during World War I. After the war he returned to Michigan where he became an assistant professor at the University of Michigan. He also worked for the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research before giving up teaching in order to become a full time writer. In 1925, De Kruif assisted Sinclair Lewis with his novel "Arrowsmith." He was also a staff writer for "Ladies Home Journal," "Country Gentleman," and "Readers Digest." Between 1922 and 1962, De Kruif published several books including "Microbe Hunters" (1926), "The Fight for Life" (1938), and "Life Among the Doctors" (1949). De Kruif died on February 28, 1971.

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