Guide to the Papers of Paul Sample, 1931 - 1975Manuscript MS-458


Paul Sample was born in Louisville, KY, in 1896. He graduated from Dartmouth College in 1921. After graduation he studied with the neo-impressionist painter Jonas Lie at Saranac hospital while recuperating from tuberculosis. He moved to California in 1925, where he lived, painted and taught at the University of California until 1938, when he became artist-in residence at Dartmouth College. He served on jury panels for institutions at the Corcoran Gallery and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. During World War II, Sample worked as an artist-in-correspondent for Time-Life. However, after the war interest in Sample's conservative style of painting diminished and by 1960, his work was only followed in New England where he was painting at the time. Sample died on February 26, 1974.

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